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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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called elizabeth. thank you and go night. >> been i'm hoping mum gives you the inside. the dow almost broke even today. that's it for "studio b." >> high taxes. entitlements. pricey union benefits. look at where it got detroit. where could it be taking us? >> welcome everyone. happy friday to you. i'm in for neil cavuto today and this is your -- "your world." in detroit, $18 billion in debt is driving the motor city into bumps is washington watching? because the country is tackling the very same issue as the nation's debt races toward $17 trillion. cato institute says washington better wake up. >> we better wake up. whether you're talking about
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what happened in detroit, the cities in california that have declared bankruptcy, whether you're looking at the european welfare states, all these things have the same basic underlying causes. when you have a very bad ratio of people who produce compared to all the people who have their snouts in the public trough you wind up with a financial disaster. with the federal government it's more entitlements with state and local governments, it's more very bloated government work forces and overly generous unfunded pensions but comes out to exactly the same results. this was the most predebilitiable chrysler in the world for detroit, just like a very predictable crisis for greece, and if don't do anything to control entitlements here in washington, it's the most predictable crisis for america. >> some might sale the comparison doesn't work. greece, some said, would really cause a problem for the entire unite it nations. -- european union but does
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detroit fully pose the same threat for the united states of america? if the city goes bankrupt, does it have that same effect? >> i don't believe in that contagious argument. if greece -- when greece went bankrupt it didn't threaten the european ewanown anymore than detroit going bankrupt threatens michigan, or if california goes bankrupt, that doesn't threaten the entire united states. the analogy instead is that if you have a mismatch of people who produce compared to people who try to live off the government, sooner or later that's going to catch up with you, and all of our cities, states, nations, however you want to measure it, with aging populations, you can't have these unfunded schemes, whether it's for entitlements or -- >> how do you fix it. >> benefits for government workers. i you're detroit or the state of michigan or any other city or state government, you switch to a system of defined contribution
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retirement, which means basically personal savings accounts, like you have in countries around the world, and if you're a country, whether you're greece or whether you're the u.s. or france or japan, you have to reform your entitlements. you need to move toward something called prefunding. that means instead of an unfunded tax and transfer entitlement like social security or medicare or medicaid you move to a system of mandatory savings. >> how difficult is that -- >> it's worked where it's been done. >> how difficult to do that? reality? and how do you do it with the unions? >> well, on the state and local level, the unions are the big obstacle, especially since they're the big funders of the political machines in states like california and cities like detroit. how you overcome that? i hope bankruptcy will give detroit chance for a second renaissance by getting out from under a lot of these contracts. in terms of how you fix it as a country, well, we did have a budget in the house of
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representatives that's been passed for three years in a row that at least deals with the giant multitrillion dollar up funded liables of medicare and medicaid. unfortunately the senate and white house are opposed but we have a little bit of time. as bad as i think our numbers are, nationally, for the united states, we're not going to go belly up before france goes belly up, before japan goes belly up, and everytime another country gets in trouble, money flows to the u.s. as a safe haven. so we have a little breathing time. >> i'm glad you said that. it would have ruined my weekend. nice to see you, dan. thank you. >> in the meantime, a michigan judge is saying not so fast and is issuing an order blocking detroit's bankruptcy filing and that, governor rick snider and detroit's emergency manager, must not take any further action. that's what the jump is saying. the judge is claiming what is going on in the city of detroit violates the michigan
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constitution, which prohibits actions that would lessen the pension benefits of public employees. it's against the constitution, the judge says. is the judge right or wrong? let's ask attorney mercedes on the phone. does the judge have a point in can this bankruptcy file going through? >> the real issue is strictly in the stuff. says the acued financial benefits of each pension plan or retirement him in? the state shall be contractual obligation, and that's what is key. it talks about the guarantee of these public pensions to be a contractual obligation. everyone knows when it comes to bankruptcy, be better to -- can't simply can't pay the contractual only gigs i have. -- obligation i have. in this instance, if the states say we can't fund this pension. we have $18 billion of debt so we're going to file bankruptcy, and because it's couched as a
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contractual obligation, it can be discharged in bankruptcy. and, therefore, it's not unconstitutional. and i think this judge in this particular proceeding missed the point. it's not an unfettered guarantee to pay these pensions. it's considered a contractual obligation. right there in section 4, article 89 of the michigan constitution, and she simply saw it as something different. frankly, with -- i'm sorry. >> let me just jump in. it's a little cop fusing when we talk about detroit going into bankruptcy or filing bankruptcy. it's different than detroit actual he getting the title saying we're in bankruptcy and there's a period of time that the city a, they have to put forward a plan. walk us through the process and tell us how what the judge is saying may or may not slow that down. >> that's a good point. essentially it's a notice to the creditors. we're going to file for bankruptcy, and there's a waiting period by which creditors -- in this case the public employees with the vested
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pensions -- come forward and say, here's my claim to be paid to me. the only creditors would come forward and have to put in a specific filing after the money is owed to them. and then at that point there would be a bankruptcy judge that would evaluate these decisions by these creditors and evaluate which would be honored, which would be diminished by however the formula the bankruptcy jumps use, and when all is said and done, either these will be paid, not paid, or lowered. >> who is left with nothing? that the big question. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. with detroit on the ropes,es the government bailout in the cards? >> i don't have -- we're obviously going to work with detroit moving forward, to help it move forward. but i don't have a specific idea
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to present to you today. >> can we help detroit? we are now going through exactly in detail what -- we had a meeting yesterday, just getting a brief on the status. the question is, we don't know. >> says detroit deserves the bailout, and sherry disagrees with that. so, steve, bailout. we're going to say the b word on a friday here? why do you think this is -he rio right now. >> at first i have to say when i heard about it i said, detroit made its own mistakes. let them go bankrupt. but i thought about it in terms of the bailouts of wall street in 2008. >> the big banks issue automaker. >> these are folks who failed at their core competency and we still bailed them out these private companies and didn't work out so bad. we got most of that reimbursed and the companies are now doing farley welch these are public sector employees who were promised a certain benefit. in some sense a deal is a deal.
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they didn't do anything wrong. and now we're saying, oh, you have to. bear the brunt of these mistakes by the people who have run the city of detroit, when we bailed out these folk whose were making millioned of dollars. >> he is point ought the slippery slope. we picked on certain companies to bail out. we're not going to bail out one of our biggest cities? >> as was discussed before it's not going to affect the united states that much. not the domino effect. but here's the other thing. shows poor political leadership that this was allowed to happen. the voters can vote in political leadership that will stand up to the unions who are getting all of these goody ins a unsustainable situation which the taxpayers can't afford. you can says the public employees are owed this. this is promised and it's not their fault. well, that doesn't really matter because it's not the fault of the taxpayers, either. it's not the fault of the rest of us to have to bail out this city that has messed up. i don't really agree with you.
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i feel sorry for these folks and god help us, i hoe the rest of the country doesn't end up like detroit and everything turns out well but it's not our job to do it. >> what about the -- is it true when you look at the financial crisis, sure, the big banks had a role, but consumers had a role as well. that had personal responsibility for getting involved in bad debts and things like that, and what sheris saying the citizens of detroit had a responsibility here, maybe they didn't hold up their end of the bargain. >> there should be consequences, and i'll tell you what they should be. they shouldn't be the folks leak the firemen who have been protecting the city of detroit, they shouldn't be the police officers who are protecting the city of detroit who have dealt with a city that is like one of the most dangerous city's the country, if not the world. the'm consequence should be dish understand the point it's note fault of the rest of the folk inside the country. the consequence should be if the federal government bails out
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detroit, the entire leadership of the city gets terminated essentially. >> some really like the current mayor and one of the best guys. >> dedoesn't seem like a bad guy but we are where we are because of failed leadership. i agree on that point. but it's still a situation where these folks have worked their whole lives, been promised this benefit. folks like firemen and police officers -- >> sherry, how -- >> what happens if they brought in -- instead of a bailout with actual money, and there's a question where we would get the money -- what about sending leadership to detroit? >> the private sector but if the federal government is talking bat partnership, should the federal government have a arrival one of the biggest cities in the country is facing such a -- >> first of all, does the federal government set such a great example where we really want to -- >> i get your point. >> maybe we can find somebody else. this is a political fight and this is a lesson in terms of the overly strong unions that are
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coming in and demanding benefits that simply cannot -- >> but the city agreed. not like the unions said, i'm going to get all this by myself. city officials signed the dotted line. >> there needs to be political upheaval. we have seen this in other states where the public unions -- >> this -- [overlapping speakers] >> might not work. we bailed out two of the three auto companies and they filed for bankruptcy anyway, and now i'm hearing they probably going to be okay through all of this. i'm just -- i don't know what -- >> [overlapping speakers] >> we dent know if they're going to keep on doing the same thing. >> employees didn't lose their jobs -- >> we have this slide of our show mascot. i don't know what that means. glad to have you both here. >> thank you very minute. >> never know what's going to
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>> from cover boy to coward. photos of the boston bombing suspect capture being seen by the public for the first time. this after massachusetts state police sergeant sean murphy released them in protest of the "rolling stone" cover. he says he wanted to show the world who the real boston bomber was, and now that of faces suspension for this move because he didn't have permission to share that photograph. and that's against the rules. is that fair he is facing any sort of punishment? attorney vicky siegler says rules are rules, casey says we have every right to see those photos. >> the public should have access
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to the pictures, and the reason is because they were taken by a police officer who was an employee of a police department or law enforcement agency and the photos were taken of the course of a police investigation and apprehension of a suspect, and in any criminal trial the photos are going to be ordered disclosed to the public for the trial. >> so we'd see them any. >> not necessarily. we have the freedom of information act but there are exemptions and if there's an ongoing investigation and releasing the pictures would impede on the investigation, they would be withheld. >> it's not just the photos from the sergeant but the "rolling stone" cover as well. how is that going play into the trial? >> from on emotional standpoint, it's horrible. i think it's glorifying a rock star that is really a terrorist and for young people looking at "rolling stone" magazine, we don't want to uplift people who
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do these thing. >> doesn't rethe sergeant releasing the photoses only increase this man's celebrity because now there's even more photos and it's very -- i don't want to use the word glamorous but you see him with the sniper red spot on his forehead. doesn't that also increase his celebrity? >> i think the officer's intention from the statement he has given, i want you to see the real side of what this criminal suspect looks like, not glamor side. this is an investigation and arrest photos are always taken during an investigation. they're always released. there's nothing more dramatic on less dramatic about these photos other than the fact he is bloody. >> they're putting him on suspension right now. >> i understand. he is a department employee and you have to answer to the rules of your employer and if you don't have direct authority to release something to the public, you shouldn't be able to do it.
1:19 pm
but like vicki said, these photos can be subject to freedom of information request. >> we just had some pictures and his face covered in red, the sniper shot on his forehead. obviously they didn't pull the trigger. but as an american do you think we actually need to see more of those photos to understand the enemy we're facing? >> we didn't see osama bin laden's dead body for a reason. we don't want to make this issue worse than it is. think we have to understand, how do we stop terroris and keep young americans -- this is not the way to be elm want to love our society. i always believe in a teachable moment but i necessarily don't think it was the police sergeant's right and it wasn't his responsibility to disseminate. >> what aboutth about being fired? >> i don't think he should be fired. think he emotionally felt as though it was need. he should be suspended without pay for a period of time.
1:20 pm
a good guy, liaison to the families that lose -- when officers lose their family members. hees a good guy and it was just an emotional response to that horrific picture we saw on "rolling stone." >> he is a veteran of the community. good to have you both. >> thank you so much. >> maybe you feel the heat wave blanketing the united states. you're about to pay for it no matter where you live.
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>> scorching, blistering, dangerous, and deadly. mother nature cranking then nation's thermostat to uncomfortable levels yet again today. when will it end?
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meteorologist rick, i have no idea how you stand felony a suit. >> at it so cold inside the studio. the only reason. and i'm thankful for it because it's so hot and humid for so many people and has been. todayed day six, tomorrow day seven, and then we're done. there's relief coming. in fact chicago you're at 99. and detroit, 101. tomorrow, that changes for you. so today is your last day there look at what happens on the trend near new york city. you can say the same for boston, philly, and d.c. today this last warm day. tomorrow is above 90 and we are going be to right around 8 4. but we'll have big showers. this is a look at the next 48 hours. red on the map. that's he high temperatures. the yellow is cooler, and then the green, where the rain is. so this afternoon, the cold front dips down through chicago and detroit. going to be seeing showers or thunderstorms, maybe a little
1:25 pm
severe weather tomorrow morning, and then goes to tomorrow evening, big storms from boston, through new york and d.c., still feeling warm, but by the time we get in towards the day on sunday, the front goes through d.c. and we'll be feeling into the 80s, even 70s for some people. but overall, one more day to get through. it's saturday. stay inside, go to the mall, do something. >> go to the mall. >> sunday is better. >> 70s seems frigid. thanks for the good advice. >> as temperatures rise power companies are asking people to turn it down. electricity usage is soaring so americans will be dealing with higher gas prices and now will be dealing with higher utility bills. come on, you're just piling on. >> i feel terrible about it but i have no choice. i mean, i'm looking at this record demand, and mother nature -- it's not my fault. mother nature won't give us a break. i thought that we'd see low
1:26 pm
energy prices this year. but last winter we had that cold winter, we used all the natural gas, all the electricity demand, supplies fell below normal. then june came, we thought the temperatures are mild, we debit have to turn on the air conditioner. things will be fine, and then we get this long sustainedded heat wave, a sustained heat wave that is driving power demand in new york city to record highs in chicago they're running air conditioners and we're seeing the power prices jump. >> who is going to get hit the hardest and how long will the effect of the heat a with a last when we look at our bills? >> i think anybody who heats their home w gas or electricity is going to see those prices jump. the good news is, the prices moderate a little bit we'll see the prices come down. and we're coming off relatively low electricity prices from a historical basis. but this summer is far from over.
1:27 pm
we have hurricane season. we could get hot again and supplies of natural gas almost got back to normal. not quite there. if we gate hot end of the summer we could see the prices edge up again. >> thank you so much. attention millions of air conditioners cranking but not everyone is lucky enough to be in the air conditioning, not even one of our own, rick levin d'thal. what are people doing to stay cool? >> surprisingly there are mow people on the walks now than today. it is blistering another out here and the city is worried about the homeless, among others. they're actually sending crews out to find homeless people who may not have enough water to drink or may need a cool place so go and they're encouraging them to good to cooling shelteres. there are hundreds of them across the city in homeless shelters and libraries and other places and passing out water as
1:28 pm
well. you know how hot it is? >> how hot is it, rick? >> go ahead. >> how hot is it? >> it's so hot, the pill gruesome nuclear power plant had to reduce its power output because the heat wave heat up the water in cape cod bay so it was too warm to cool the reactor. the bay water was too warm to cool the reactor at the nuclear power plant so they had to reduce the power outage there. apparently things are cooling down up north and they're able to get back to full power there. of course, across the city, we have seen a lot of'em in fountains fountain -- people in fountains and pools. it's been rough on folks out here. in fact so bad the governor asked not just people but businesses as well to cut back on their power usage. they're asking buildings, including fox's headquarters on sixth avenue, turning off lights in the lob clerk down escalator has been turned off and raised the temperature to 78-degrees to
1:29 pm
accommodate the power grid. they're concerned it might be overloaded. we talk to some folks how they're trying to stay cool in all this. >> yeah, it's refreshing. it's cool, it's nice. provides a nice environment. so it's fun to hang out with friends and just try to boat the heat. >> just staying cool and relaxing. i live in the bronx and this is like a citywide sauna right now. it's horrible. >> you know who benefits from is? the people who sell ice and bottled water. doing great business today. >> our crew realizes we knee what is really the tipping point, it's really hot when you see all the people dressed as a smurf or elmo in times square and they take off their head, right? of the costume? >> we saw that earlier. it's shocking. >> there's a real person in there. >> people behind the cart tan. >> i never knew. >> how hot do you think it is inside that spongebob right now?
1:30 pm
>> i don't even want to know. i just don't. rick -- there's spider-man right there. look at all the nice people in times square. thank you very much. appreciate it. there's still doing business out there. still getting paid to get their photos taken. so who knows josh from the heat wave to what would be a cold war. is the white house finally ready to get mad at vlad? the inspector general who exposed the irs scandal under fire from the democrats but is not backing down. >> i'm a little concerned this type of forum could have a chilling effect on the operations of inspectors general. >> you know, the ig, should never -- don't ask him a question, don't -- no, no, no. that's not how it operates. m goo power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see?
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>> welcome back. hearings at the irs scandal and there's a new point man. his background should be raising some questions. what do we need to know about this guy? >> since the beginning of the irs scandal, since the irs came out and apologized for targeting of conservative groups, we heard from the irs and from the white house that this was only a few low-level rogue employees in cincinnati but according to testimony by carter hull, long-time irs attorney, directions and instructions how
1:35 pm
to target conservative groups actually came from the top of the irs and the irs chief counsel's office, mainly chief counsel william wilkins, now, he is a long-time democratic donor, has been loyal to democrats since the 1980s. in 2008 he actually represented former reverend wright, proopinion know, and now we have heard that he actually was in charge of coming up with these tactics to target these groups. >> let's get to that point. i read he also donated to g.o.p. lawmakers, too, that were active in tax law, even though he does have a democratic background. so, how unusual is it, just taking a look at the structure, how unusual that the chief counsel of the irs would be involved in this sort of level of screen if you want to use that word? >> well, it's not particularly unusual, but the point here is that they blamed it on
1:36 pm
cincinnati, and said that no political appointees were in charge. william wilkins was appoint it bid president obama to the irs and we heard these indicates were kicked up to him when they were first coming out after the 2010 house election when tea party groups got the republicans to take over the house, and then they were kicked back down to these employees in cincinnati, who were given orders and they were just following through with the orders. >> we're going to stay on this story. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> didn't say a word about bolos you knew were about progressive or liberal organizations even though you just admitted today that you were aware of that as of your may 22nd testimony. aim correct in that, mr. george? >> are democrats trying to take eyes off the target by targeting the inspector general instead? after being grilled by democrats for hours. this is russell george's response.
1:37 pm
>> i have to admit i'm a little concerned this type of forum could have a chilling effect on the operations of inspectors general. if it were an allegation of personal wrongdoing on my behalf or my organization's behalf that's one thing, but to just try to suggest that an audit could have been done differently, this is unprecedented, sir. this is unprecedented. >> is the ig the one who should be coming under fire sneer democratic strategist says yes, the conservative columnist says no. so, ebony to you first. is this the democrats deflecting, look over here, don't look at the targeting? >> absolutely not. this is simply the democrats doing their job. that is the job, is a understand it, of the house oversight committee to ebb courage transparency and accountable and that what they'ring too. >> what do you think? shouldn't they be asking at the wees. >> russell george had to defend his political leads and had to say before i was a republican,
1:38 pm
was a democrat and talked in college he organized a college democrats club and he worked with the dny back in the day. that is absolutely ridiculous, especially given that the irs has already apologized for these actions and have already come out via lois lerner and said, we tearinged controversitives. >> ebony, so, russell george at one pound worked for bob dole. does that disqualify him? >> i don't think it disqualifies him but his political leanings are relevant. it's typical washington beltway politics and it's vary partisan and that is fair game. >> he is reviewing something that the irs0s own personal report said. this isn't anything knew. i don't understand why everyone is upset for him and are future ig's going to be afraid to get
1:39 pm
involved in politically sensitive material? >> all the hearings we have seen, there has been a failure to identify a single person in the irs or in the white house that gave the direct disto target -- directive to target the tea party group. is that part of the scandal nice, smoking gun? >> we're trying to get to the bottom of it. attempts to ask lois lerner questions failed. the attempt to get to the bottom is not success. , not the fault of the republicans. now the left wings groups are saying the progressives were targeted as well. the reason this story is front and center is conservative and tea party groups came out and said we had all that's paper work, look what we had to do go through. if folks on the left were targeted i have a problem, but let's hear from them. >> ebony, you yous aimed.
1:40 pm
>> the tea party groups and the progressives. where are the progressives? the ig himself, out of his own mouth, said, i have information showing that the term progressive was indeed also a search term. so there's absolutely some outrage and accountability. >> 19 progressive groups, 292 conservative groups. let's look at the proportion and hear from these. i want to see the proof. i do have a problem. no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. i you're being targeted by the irs it's a problem. i want to hear from the witnesses. >> we'll see what we hear. this isn't over. thank you very much. have a great weekend. eliot spitzer is eyeing a political comeback. how do you like that transition. is his past coming back to haunt him? charlie has the consider story. -- the cover story.
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>> we all totally get it. eliot spitzer is running for a gig to protect taxpayer cash but a new report is revealing just how he spent it as governor. charlie is reporting that spitzer's tax-pair funded trip to washington in february of 2008 wasn't all about work. shockingly. averaged for a meeting with an escort at a hotel the night before he testified on the hill to circle of friends author -- different circle of friends. >> we should point out i did not write that headline. that's the best laid plans? >> you would have written a better one. >> you can't get better than that. i think the best thing to say about eliot spitzer -- injury the besting? >> i buried my hatchet with him. >> this is a loving report. >> i wrote a very fair he is a multitasker. think of it -- >> are you saying that with a
1:45 pm
straight face. >> think what he did in february 2008. he was running new york state, very complicated state. running around the state, up in niagra -- >> this better be good. >> he was trying to arrange a tryst with a prostitute and rank so it he can get into the hotel room. >> did he -- >> then he is arranging to speak before a senate panel that originally didn't want him. he demanded to be on. some talk about him not being on -- >> do you think he demanded to be on so he could be in washington, dc? >> he says no. it was coincidencal. i'm just laying out the facts. i cannot tell you that he arranged the trip. >> did he use taxpayer money? >> he did. he went down there on a plane. he stayed a night. he brought a trooper and two aides the night before. then the next day he gave testimony. >> i know you're giving him great credit as a multi tasker.
1:46 pm
>> mike garcia,. the u.s. attorney at the time, didn't believe that anything improper -- that -- all done -- >> as far as the multitasker, do you think he had -- talking about the way taxpayer money was actually used. not just by him but other people that were helping him. >> i would say this. if he really felt the burning need to speak before this committee -- >> what was the topic? >> municipal bond insurance. >> something i'm sure he felt passionately involved with. >> what was crazy, his insurance commissioner is already invited to talk about this. so the whole thing looked weird. i thought it would lay it out straight. he says the hooker thing, the committee thing, it's not related. thesare unrelated things. >> do you trust him? >> here's what i would just point out. this guy is running to be new york's chief fiscal watcher. very powerful. people think it's a joker position. you're one of the top institutional investors in the country. you run the city's budget.
1:47 pm
this is a guy that was running a state, trying to get in on a hearing, and if you read what i wrote in the -- he was going through all sorts of machinationses to get a prostitute in a hotel. >> we'll let our viewers make up their minds how much credit they want to give to him as a multitasker, et cetera, et cetera. let me ask you. keith cohen, a billionaire hem fund manager, famous for his investments. we learned an hour or so good that the sec is going to file civil charges. >> we should point out that steve cohen is the best -- on paper the best investor over the past 20 years, better than warren buffett. and there's a story we first reported last week they were ramping up an investigation into failure to supervise. what they're saying is there was so much funny business going on, insider training, he didn't take the proper steps to stop that.
1:48 pm
and they have a come -- compelling case. he won't go to jail. this is a secures and exchange case. but that means they'll bar him from the business. >> changing the nature of oversight. >> they're looking to basically end his career as a public fund manager. basically looking to put him out of business, managing other people's money. this is a pretty big case, and what is interesting is that they're going at it not with a the charge you think is explosive, but because at it they have so much in their arsenal they can basically throw him out of the business. >> we'll watch for your report on that, charlie, along with the one on spitzer. what a multitasker. thank you. all legal. all legal. charlie, thank you very much. >> nit n my contract. the morality clause in my contract. >> after the snow job with snowden, is the white house thinking about putting america's
1:49 pm
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so breaking news on a big story that i know is particularly of importance to all of you, our viewers. we just got word from the director of national intelligence that says that the fisa court just renewed its authority -- the government's authority to collect metadata from americans, from your telephone conversations. what i'm seeing here on reuteoi well is part of the reason they're announcing this is to create greater transparency with the american public as to what they're doing and when they're doing it. ka mcfar land is joining us. what do you think about this move? they're going to tell us what they're doing, but they're going to continue to collect the metadata. >> this is in fact a really good thing. we want to have this metadata.
1:53 pm
what it means is it's not records of your telephone calls, a transcript of them, it's the fact that the telephone calls were made. so for example when you have the boston bomber, you know he's a bad guy, you know he's done things. you want to -- once you get him you want to be able to go back and look at who's he called in the last six months? who did he call a year ago? maybe that leads to other people that we can uncover and the trail continues. so you want the ability to do that, but the problem of it is in this context we don't trust them. >> let me ask you, kt, because we're also asking about edward snowden, he's in russia, he's the one that started all this. are we giving too much away to our enemies by saying, oh, by the way, we're continuing to do that? >> no. you know what happened, jenna, what snowden has already told everybody this, not only did he have data he was giving them, intelligence data, but the really important thing i think he gave the russians and chinese, he told them how we collect the data. they now know if they do this,
1:54 pm
they're going to be watched. if they do this, they might be watched. >> i only have about 30 seconds, but we were going to talk about russia before we got this breaking news. you say the president should cancel his trip later this year and not go to russia. why? >> no. i think he should go to the g-20 summit meeting, which is in st. petersburg. what he ought to cancel is the trip he was supposed to take right before that to go one-on-one to visit putin. tell putin no thanks as long as you've got snowden in that airport, i'm not going to that same airport. have the president go to the meeting but not the meeting with putin. >> and some lawmakers are asking that meeting to be, well, to be rescheduled, to be moved out of russia because of some of these reasons. we'll pay attention to see what they do. k.t., thank you for your perspective. the president's space exploration plans looking rocky after a manned mission to an asteroid was just shot down. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars...
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1:58 pm
manned mission to an asteroid. mike emanuel with where the program now stands. mike. >> well, hi, jenna. another blow in the future of u.s. manned space flight is seriously up in the air following the retirement of the space shuttle and now funding fights here on capitol hill. the house science committee voted to eliminate all spending on a manned mission to an asteroid, which was a key component of president obama's space exploration program through 2025. in a nasa funding bill with a price tag of $16.8 billion, lawmakers are telling nasa they are not allowed to proceed with the asteroid project. lawmakers are pushing nasa to lay out steps in order to get a mission eventually to mars in the next 20 years or so. the chairman of the house science committee told us his reasoning. >> it's a fiscal issue because it's $2.5 billion that we can better spend elsewhere, particularly in this era of budget constraints. but it's a misguided effort too. it's just sort of a waste of resources, a waste of talent.
1:59 pm
and nasa's own advisory committee recommended against it. so i don't know what the administration was up to other than just throwing something out there, but we need to come up with better programs than this. >> but a key house democrat who's actively pushing for more money for nasa says it is critical. >> if the united states want to lead, if we want a true innovation agenda for the 21st century, we have to make the kientd of robust investment in space in our launch vehicles and the technology and earth sciences, in the multimission function of nasa as a space exploration agency in order to make that happen. >> the senate has an $18.1 billion nasa funding bill, but these days on capitol hill with debt being such a huge concern, funding fights are huge at this point. so beam me up, jenna. >> i was going to say, guess all your future reporting gigs are going to be firmly in
2:00 pm
washington, d.c. so far. >> absolutely. >> great to have you, mike. thank you. appreciate that. and thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. now to my favorite group of folks, "the five" is next. this is a fox news alert. this afternoon the president of the united states once again put himself and his office in the middle of the trayvon martin controversy and the heated race debate. listen. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. and when you think about why in the african-american community at least there's a lot of pain around what happened here, i think it's important


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