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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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years ago today. that is how fox reports on this friday, july 19th, 2013. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. i'll be back this weekend for fox report. for now, the factor. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said this could have been my son. another way of saying that is that trayvon martin could have been me. president obama now inserting himself in the controversy. do his comments help or hurt race relations in america? we have a debate. >> many, if not all of the survivors of the benghazi attacks along with others at the department of defense, the cia have been asked to sign additional nondisclosure agreements. >> mike: new allegations that the survivors of the deadly benghazi attacks have being forced into
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silence. what's the obama administration trying to hide? we will have the latest on this scandal. ♪ chanting] >> governor huckabee: far left outrage in texas a controversial abortion bill becomes law in that state. what are they so angry about? ♪ chanting] cauti on, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> governor huckabee: hello, i'm mike huckabee. i'm in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the value of life in america, that's the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. this afternoon, in an extraordinary moment, the president interrupted the white house daily briefing to enter the fray over the verdict of the george zimmerman case and he made race the centerpiece. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that
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this could have been my son. another way of saying that is, trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. and when you think about why in the african-american community, at least. there is a lot of pain around what happened here. i think it's important to recognize that the african-american community is looking at their through a southwest experiences and a history that doesn't go away. >> governor huckabee: i don't begrudge the president his deep visceral reaction as to what he obviously sees as injustice and that somehow our soety devalues the life of back children and even black adults but i respectfully disagree because the trayvon martin case was not about race. at least according to the
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fbi, the trial judge, and even the prosecution. of course, there is a devaluing of human beings in our country and sometimes it is racial. but it is sadly much more universal. we have embraced pornography as part of our culture and of objectified women and dehumanized into someone's toy or play thing, treated them as a mere object of lust then disposed of them when the coke bottle figure becomes the figure of a dr. pepper bottle. and somehow we act surprised when women aren't treated with respect and instead treated with contempt? we welcome vial profanity into our homes, our ears and every day conversations and then seem stunned at the coarse and crude culture in which women are freed to as hos and bitches the vitriol spewed anone husbandly by cowards who hide behind acute moniker and blogs most vial assaults on another person without using a legal weapon.
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we react with shock when some people then act out the language of hate with a life of hate. our movies? they glorify the most graphic violence and treat the dismemberment of human beings as a form of entertainment. and then we have the audacity to lament violence in our communities. we cheapen human life and demand the right to terminate an unborn child for any reason at any time under any condition and then we question why we don't value human life. we declare marriage, family, and the presence of both a mother and father to be irrelevant. and no longer significant, even for the child's well being. and then we lament the lack of responsible fathers involved in the raising of their children. the president may have a point when he he talks about the plight of black children growing up in america. it's not just children of color who have being treated as disposable and expendable and the results shouldn't come as a surprise. and that's the memo. now for the top story at the briefing president obama also made this point
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about the zimmerman trial. >> folks understand the challenges that exist for african-american boys. but they get frustrated, i think, if they feel that there is no context for it. and that context is being denied. that all contributes, i think, to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that it from top to bottom both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different. >> governor huckabee: here to discuss all of this from los angeles dr. mike sayier studies in political science at clay. dr. sawyer, first let me let me ask to you react to
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some the targets. am i on target or off base. >> you are way off base. governor, i followed you for a long time and so and i talk about, look what devalues life in our country is actually is poverty and neglect. so let's look at arkansas where you were governor. child poverty went up between 2000 and 2007 by 5%. your state was 46th in the nation -- the 46th worse in preventing cardiovascular disease deaths. so that was real people dying as a result of government and institutions neglecting who they were. child poverty kills kids. it's not, you know, a parent can turn off pornography and turn off violent movies. i do it myself. i'm a parent. we have control of that. that's not what's devaluing life. it's the processes of poverty and things like that that we don't -- that we don't care. >> governor huckabee: i'm not going to try to defend all my record because i have got a lot of awards from aarp and "time" magazine and others for
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reducing child poverty and increasing healthcare availability. i want to speak to specifically what the president had to say today when he invoked the trayvon martin case into a discussion on race when that wasn't a part of the trial itself. was that an appropriate position for the president to be taking? >> yeah, of course it was appropriate. i mean, everyone -- if you don't believe that zimmerman, in part, besides the racially profile trayvon martin because he is black, and that being black makes him perceived to be automatically suspicious, you are denying the experiences of most young black men have in this country. and they experience it. and it's a visceral experience and the president articulated that. that's what make a race conversation hard. because people are talking about things that happened to them, the incidents that they have had in their life and they know it when they see it and people want to turn a blind eye to it and it's bad faith and you know
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what that is. >> governor huckabee: you don't think pornography which objective phis women do you hue nice particularly women in this country. >> we dehumanize women when we don't give them equal pay. we do you humanize women. >> governor huckabee: so treating them as an object is okay as long as we pay them well for being an object? >> i mean, there is a whole thing, i know some women who do scholarship on pornography and about the ways in which women choose to participate in sex work. i mean, these are grown women who make choices. that's a whole different thing. that's it. you may not like it, whatever, but they are making -- they are grown women who make choices and the men are just as objectified in it. you can talk about some of the content that doesn't cause sexism. sexism existed poor pornography. the way we devalue women is
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about the way we don't value their work, we don't clean pay them for cleaning up the house. if they work outside the home we pay them less. profe ssor, thanks for being here: next on the rundown what will the president's remarks be? survivors of the benghazi attack allegedly being forced into silence. why would the obama administration try to keep them quiet? that's next. (girl) what does that say?
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of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me, at least before i was a senator. >> governor huckabee: well, let's talk about the political fallout from his comments. joining us now is mark hanna, a democratic analyst and former campaign aid for barack obama and john kerry. and from d.c., brad blakeman, a republican strategist. mark, let's start with you were the president's remarks appropriate today? is this what a president should do inject himself into a local criminal case? >> i think the president was addressing something that at love americans were seeking some sort of explanation for. i don't think it was so much a political comment he was making but i know that where i was when i heard this verdict i was on the small town where i grew up spending time with my folks and people, regardless of their political stretch flabbergasted at this maybe a smile step in the wake to that i think it's a great opportunity to talk about race relations in this
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country. it's not that the president was making race an issue, necessarily. race is an issue. i think he was using his own personal experiences to illustrate that and how we move america forward. >> governor huckabee: brad, race is an issue in this country. race was not an issue in the trayvon martin case. at least according to everyone who took a good honest hard look at it. my question is wouldn't it have been better for the president to stand up and say race was not an issue in the trayvon martin case so we shouldn't bring it in to it. but race. >> there is no question about it, governor. there are marches planned and there are demonstrations planned over this verdict that are strictly racially toned. he knows that for a fact why demonstrations and add gas to a fire that should woo never have admit. as you correctly pointed out there was not one scintilla of evidence introduced at this trial that said there was race as motivation. as a matter of fact, the only evidence of race being
5:15 pm
injected into this tragic event was from trayvon himself who called george zimmerman a creepy ass cracker. other than that, there was no evidence at all. >> how do you explain that most americans who are watching this case though proceed? in some cases when it comes to race relations perception is reality. i think to some extent the americans that were watching this trial. the common station -- people like this in the media talking about it we're talking about race and making that a story. >> perception is not reality in a court of law. fact and law. >> right. but the president. >> in a criminal trial. >> the president made the comment and defended and spoke highly of the judicial system here. he called -- he made sure that he included in his comments calls for peaceful protests wherever pro-says was going to happen. >> the president should never inject themselves to begin with. this had nothing to do with the race. the president knows there are demonstrations happening this weekend. if anything, the president incited, incited any violence that takes place over this weekend by his comments that race was
5:16 pm
somehow involved. >> brad, that's really convenient as scapegoat the president for any. >> governor huckabee: mark, should the president have tried to diffuse the situation, specifically to related to trayvon martin? instead, why we bring that case? n.? great opportunity to talk about racism. wouldn't it be great to deflect it rather than to play into that sentiment that you talked about, why not stand above it and say, folks, the sentiment may be there but let's tie it to reality. let's tie it to facts. that's not a fact in the trayvon martin case. >> look, i think the president was channeling the anger and the frustration. >> governor huckabee: is that a leader's role. >> of the african-american community and was identifying with his constituents and that is the role of a leader to identify what the anxiety. >> it is not. >> the fear and anger and frustration. >> the president leads a country and not the community organizer. >> he did diffuse it without sweeping it under the rug. he confronted it head on and these are complex issues and did it in a appropriate way. >> the president should
5:17 pm
have given the speech he gave today on the street of chicago where black-on-black crime was the all time epidemic. not the proper remarks to make on the zimmerman case. the facts don't bare out what the president spoke about today. >> governor huckabee: brad, mark, appreciate you bof both for being here. >> thank you, governor. >> governor huckabee: next forcedrundown the into silence. what doesn't the the obama administration want the american people to know. police officer releases these pictures of bloodied boston bomber. now he is being punished. is it fair? those reports coming up. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> governor huckabee: in the impact segment tonight, a bombshell allegation from virginia congressman frank wolf about how the obama administration is treating
5:21 pm
survivors of last year's terrorist attack in benghazi. >> according to sources that have contacted my office, many, if not all of the survivors of the benghazi attacks, along with others at the department of defense and cia have been asked or directed to sign additional nondisclosure agreements about their involvement in the benghazi attack. >> governor huckabee: but earlier this year the white house insisted it had nothing to hide. >> the white house is certainly not preventing anybody from having access to any of the survivors of the benghazi attack. >> governor huckabee: and today a state department spokesman denied congressman wolf's agencies. >> as parts of their employment, most department employees send the classified information nondisclosure agreement. however, the department has not asked employees, i would stress not asked employees to sign any separate nondisclosure agreements regarding events in benghazi. joini ng us now fox news military analyst colonel david hunt,
5:22 pm
author of the novel "terror red." and from washington fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters, author of the new novel hell in richmond. let me start with you colonel hunt. any big deal about being asked to sign nondisclosure agreements. >> benghazi is a big deal and we lost four americans and the way we didn't prepare and go after them. the nondisclosure is signed by everybody. the issue is that this government -- this administration has not made available people who were in this fight to help understand what really happened. but the nondisclosure issue specifically is a nonissue. >> governor huckabee: some of them though were signed as recently as this summer. is that a little too late after the fact to sign these agreements? i understand in advance of one's career or an assignment, but after something like this has happened, is that the appropriate way to go back and ask them to put a lid on it? >> my bet is that it was administrative. again, the issue is we're not getting them -- allowing people to talk. agency people could be
5:23 pm
talking and declassifying debriefings and et cetera. it's overshadowing the fact that it's a disaster heading into benghazi didn't rescue them. this is over a year we are still talking about this over a year. not very well handled and still we don't have the answers we need. nondisclosure though is pretty -- is fairly straightforward when you work on classified operations overseas. colon el peters weigh in on this. we have no clue what really happened and why we didn't send forces in to at least make some noise. nothing happened that night. >> certainly nothing good happened that night. first of all, congressman wolf isn't one of those hair on fire get on both sides of the aisle in the house. is he very level-headed business-like. really solid american admired enormously by his constituents, of which i am one by the way. so i would certainly say he wouldn't have launched on warning on this one. but, this administration, governor, it's cynical,
5:24 pm
exuberantly do you duplicitous administration that has made an art stone walling until the loses interest. that's certainly what they have done in this case. they do not want anyone drudging this back up or talking to anyone that was involved. they don't want us to know what wasn't done that night. they don't want us to know what requests may have urgently been made and denied. they don't want us to know what additional requests for security were made in advance of it. what concerns were expressed. basically, this administration believes it's very post modern, that the truth is infinitely malleable and the truth is what they say. and the rest of us can just take a hike. anoth er issue that surfaced today is over a cia operative wanted by italy for relationship to a rendition situation. found in panama, apparently is now back in u.s. hands. did the united states mishandled that situation
5:25 pm
colonel hunt this happened in 2003. operation by the italian government, the u.s. government, the cia and the cia's counterpart in the italian government. we took a very bad guy off the street and -- gets released another mistake. but the italian government approved. the judicial part of the italian government went after a cia guy. he wound up -- panama. state department now gets in charge. he has been released. the problem is that these great guys, men and women serving like this, we 9/11 but certainly since 9/11 deserve better treatment than to be on an interpol most wanted list for doing their damn jobs. this was, again, an approved operation and so terribly handled and italian government has kind of said okay, but how dare panama and italy, our friends, even think about doing something like this. it's outrageous. colon el peters, weigh in on this. is this symptomatic of
5:26 pm
something bigger in the administration? or is this just one big goof up that we had with -- a misunderstanding with the italians? >> i think this is the way international diplomacy and relations really work. he was on interpol list. he had been tried in 2003 because he was a station chief in millan when we snatched extraordinary rendition, a radical mullah off the streets and carted him off. and the italians tried -- 23 americans and others in be a sten shah. this guy, station chief mr. leahy got nine years, later reduced to six. lingered on the list. it's about italian politics. the italian left and some elements of law enforcement have that interpol active hit and wanted to get him. the italian government, i think, was probably blindsided when he was actually picked up in panama. the perfect solution, panamanians didn't want him. they gave him to us. they said oh we tried. >> governor huckabee: on
5:27 pm
that i have got to say arriver -- both god by to both of you. now the sergeant who released pictures is facing real reper repercussions. should he be punished? we will have that debate when we come back. ♪ ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' ♪ ♪ come in, cats ♪ and check your hats ♪ i mean this joint ijumpin' [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints
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let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! yep, and no angry bears. the perfect place is on sale now. up to 40% off. only at >> good evening from america's news headquarters i'm adam housley. the coroner in san
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francisco now confirming that one of the victims of the asiana airlines crash was killed by a responding fire truck. the 16-year-old chinese girl was lying on the ground but buried by foam that was used to douse the flames. the july 6th crash at san francisco international airport killed three people. a wildfire here in southern california is spreading in three direction forcing more people to evacuate from the mountains above palm springs. seven homes already destroyed and 39 square miles burned and it's only 15% contained. and across the pond tonight, reports that the security detail for prince william and the duchess of cambridge has left buckle berry where she has been staying. kate middleton is expected to give birth at any time in london but fox news cannot yet confirm if the future queen is in labor. i'm adam housley, now back to the o'reilly factor. for all the news >> in the factor follow-up segment tonight after "rolling stone" magazine glorified boston bomber
5:32 pm
dzhokhar tartar november by cover. police leaked a different set of photos to the press. they show the accused terrorist bloodied and defeated the night he was captured. now the sergeant is being investigated by the state police for releasing images without permission. he has been temporarily relieved of his duty. joining me for reaction from boston talk show host and jeffrey criminal defense attorney. michael, let me start with you. did this guy do a great service by saying hey there is another side to this bomber and it's not so handsome? >> there is a guy in boston who will never buy another beer for the rest of his life and that is sergeant sean murphy. this is the most popular guy in boston right now. and after the who horror of seeing this picture -- not only was the terrorist glamorized on the cover but listening to the -- i don't know, self-described -- some call them you don't understand this is art, this is journalism. this is important. no, what sergeant murphy did in a single moment and
5:33 pm
he didn't -- leak is kind of an unusual word. he went straight to boston magazine and said here take these photos. remind people that are photos that tell a completely different story. he beat these people at their own journalistic arts game. jeffr ey, if it's a good thing to put photos out there. why not put all the photos throughout and let the world see who this guy is and how his story really ended rather than this picture that looks like a young jim morrison on the cover of "rolling stone"? >> governor, the point of it being there is going to be a trial and these pictures should come out in the course of the judicial process and not by some massachusetts state police sergeant who, in my humble opinion, probably sold them for personal profit and so i think he has infected the criminal justice system and for this reason, he should be booted off the force, in my opinion. >> governor huckabee: if he gets off the force, michael -- >> -- governor.
5:34 pm
>> governor huckabee: go ahead. >> i don't know sergeant murphy. i talked to people on the force who are familiar with him. i have not heard anybody and maybe there is a media story i have missed. i have not heard anybody saying anything about him selling the story. his job is to liaison with some of the victims of this bombing. he was so upset the way they glamour rised. >> why we he put his career at risk to put himself out there? why wouldn't he do it unless he t. was for money. >> because he cares about the family. >> why we risk his career and his pension in he cares that much he is going to ruin the trial over his. jeffr ey, don't you think he might have done it because is he a bostonnian and people outraged one of the most important events in the city of boston that is known the world over were brutally and viciously and savagely attacked by this monster? wouldn't that be a good reason for him to say i don't want to see this guy line niced as some hero. i want him to know what he really looked like when we found him. >> no. governor, i think he just decided to take this matter
5:35 pm
in his own personal hands for his own personal profit as well. >> governor huckabee: you don't know if he got any money for it? >> i don't know. it's just that i have been in the system a long time, governor. i know what is going on here. this is dirty. this is cop taking matters into his own hands and it's not fair to this to this particular defendant. i don't care what he did. what he deserves is a fair trial in this city and is he going to get a fair trial. he will get a fair trial when this particular police sergeant is kicked off the force and he deserves it. goff gof michael how fair is it if this wonderful, glamorous picture is posted everywhere if people think that that is who this guy is? >> well, i'm not worried about that i mean the horror of what happens lingers here in boston the and the fact is one of the store is refusing to sell it, a food shop that has locations inside the sites of the two bombings. i have got to say photos released by the officer and he absolutely broke the rules. give a slap on the wrist and give him a day off to enjoy the hot weather that we rarely have here in new england.
5:36 pm
the idea they are going to effect the trial. all they show is a guy coming out of the boat. there are about 500 cops in three or four news networks who were witnessing that as it happened as well. these photos will have no impact on the trial whatsoever. that is just nonsense. >> mike: jeffrey, how does this really effect? it's not like they are showing autopsy photos and things that are grotesque. they are showing the actual event. i guarantee if you a news cam ha rah had been there and could have captured it. it would have been live on every news channel on america. >> because what he is trying to do is taint the prospective jury poll. the clever little cop that he is and then is he going to make sure that the case gets booted around to some other part of massachusetts so it can't even be heard in massachusetts. and that's a dirtiest trick. >> look, there are a lot of different ways to look at a story. i understand the principle of both following the rules of evidence and following the rules of the cops but the idea of calling sergeant murphy dirty is
5:37 pm
just simply ridiculous. everything that we have heard from b. him from boston magazine which was his only source he could have gone up to the enquirer is he was so hurt by the words he heard from the family members that he acted and i will tell you he is one of the most beloved people in massachusetts today. jeffr ey, i'm not sure you get all those free beers but i'm pretty sure michael is right, sean murphy gets all he wants. he sits behind home plate at fenway at any game he wants to. i'm pretty sure of that thank both both of you for beig here. plenty more ahead as the factor moves on this evening. abortion bill outrage in texas. we are going to have a nice little debate. then, it's our evergrowing nanny state destroying america? ben stein has some thoughts on some disturbing facts. you better stay tuned for these reports. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform,
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>> governor huckabee: thanks for staying with us. i'm mike huckabee in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, despite weeks of protest for the far left, the texas bill banning abortions after 20 weeks has finally become law. signed the legislation yesterday amid continued outcry from abortion activists. ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ no
5:42 pm
♪ no we're going to ♪ we're not going to take it anymore [chanting] >> the blood of texas women is on your hands. >> governor huckabee: here now to explain why this law has left the left so enraged is kristen lepage who reproductive advocate the author of the book "how the pro-choice movement saved america." that's an interesting title, christina, how it saved america. so how does the pro-choice movement saving america? >> the pro-choice movement is saving america by doing all the things that the pro-life movement claims to do. it results in lower abortion rates it results in happier families and wealthier families and healthier children. >> governor huckabee: i'm hearing ethel saying everything is coming up roses. 56 million babies have been aborted in the last 40
5:43 pm
years. how can we say we are somehow better off when we have ended the lives of the equivalent of one sixth of today's american population. >> let me ask you something. >> governor huckabee: ask away. >> isn't it disturbing that the countries of the lowest abortion rates in the world are the most pro-choice and the countries with the highest abortion rates in the world are the most pro-life? what's happening in texas is example as to why pro-life laws have a counter intuitive effect is 20 weeks too soon? should there ever a point we say it's too late to make the abortion situation. >> well, roe v. wade is the guide that everyone, including the medical establishment is very comfortable with the fetus doesn't feel pain until 29 weeks. docto rs feel it's much sooner than that.
5:44 pm
>> all the recent studies are 29 weeks. >> governor huckabee: extend it to 29. >> there is no proposal for that ask this question which goes that baby become a human being? >> when it's viable. >> governor huckabee: viable is constantly changing not so much. >> why are you so concerned with the 2% of abortions that happen after 20 weeks and rather than try to prevent the 98% that is very preventible. why is it that the pro-life movement, entirely, there is not one pro-life organizationed in the united states that supports contraception even though it's the only way to prevent abortion. >> governor huckabee: there is another way. that's responsible sexual activity that would prevent
5:45 pm
the pregnancy. but even. >> what does that mean? >> governor huckabee: even if there was, once the baby ask developing once 23 male and 23 female chromosomes come together and life is started and it is life. it's separate from the mother because it doesn't have her d.n.a. schedule why don't we at least do everything possible to protect that life as a testament to our understanding that every life has value and worth? i would answer that question if it weren't for the fact that what's happening in texas which you support, you were down there. >> governor huckabee: yeah, i was. >> you were rallying. absol utely. >> is going to result in more late term abortions. >> governor huckabee: you say if we allow more abortions we have less abortions? >> no. what i'm saying is if you eliminate providers and you say we are going to take away 8 providers in this state and just leave five and all the women who would normally be served by those
5:46 pm
have to now rely on fewer, what that causes is delay. and in pregnancy delay happens very quickly, a week, two weeks, and also gets very expensive. so, now you are snow balling. now what was $500 procedure becomes $1,000 procedure and then that becomes a $2,000 and then you have to leave. >> governor huckabee: i wish we could carry on the conversation. believe me, i would love to do it but unfortunately we have to go away. coming up on the factor, half of all american households now taking a handout from the government. is that driving america's decline? and then, what caused detroit to go bankrupt? jesse watters paid the city a visit. he has got some answers. those reports when we come back. . test. test.
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>> governor huckabee: in the personal story segment tonight, as the factor has been reporting an astonishing 49% of u.s. households are now receiving some kind of government benefit. that's up from 30% in the hold are now receiving some kind of government benefit. some fear that number is just going to get bigger and bigger. which begs the question, how can america who's already sad md with $7 trillion in debt -- ben, is that number a staggeringly disturbing number to you? >> it's extremely disturbing. obviously some of those people are getting medicare, obviously that's not bothering them there's so much wrong with in the boston's entitlement system, it's unbelievable. every single person knows people who are on the government dole who are lying about being
5:51 pm
disabled, lying about being unemployed. it's just a continuing fraud. and more and more weight are being put on those that do work and more are being put on the should hands of those who don't work. >> ben, how much of the problem is because people are cheating and how much because we just have a lousy economy and people actually need some of these benefits. >> a lot of people do need benefits, a great many retired people do need their benefits, a great majority of people do need their benefits who are poverty stricken. it's so easy to get food stamps. i had a friend who was an heiress, who thought it was a
5:52 pm
joke to go and get food stamps and now she newses food stamps to get very expensive pata. it destroys initiative, it destroys the ability to even think of working hard. it's a rare person who's coddled and given things for free who's going to want to work. >> we have got about 30 seconds, what is the way to fix this? >> what we have to have is moral sway, i just saw president obama this morning saying we have got to set a better example for young black youths and we have to set a better example that work is the key in society at large. work, work, work. >> work is a good thing. and ben i know you work very, very hard at everything you do. and maybe talking about work will encourage some people.
5:53 pm
>> work is always a good thing. it never hurts. next on the rundown, detroit declares bankruptcy in the face of billions of dollars in debt. we sent jesse waters out to the motor city to see just how bad the situation really is.event the report is just two minutes away. preci sion handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix,
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. . . . . . and in the waters world segment, yesterday detroit became the largest city in u.s. history ever to declare bankruptcy. the motor city faced nearly $19 billion in debt and it's been piling up for years. has anyone liked the detroit of five years ago or ten years ago or 15 years ago? how long has this gone on and people have not stopped to say stop kicking the can down the road and do something. we are doing something. >> jesse waters recently talked to the people in detroit about how their city ended up in such dire straits. >> it's been a violent two weeks
5:56 pm
in detroit. 32 murders in 15 days. >> detroit is the poorest big city in america. 40% of the people here are on food stamps. the jobless rate is 11.3%. >> it's bad, it's bad. the crime, you can't get ems. let's just be real about it. we can put billions and billions of dollars overseas and rebuild people's economies but not put one quarter into our cities. >> there's five things that people want, a clean city, a safe city, a smart city, education, and also protection, police and fire. >> we found out that it's never been inspected, all the ladders are grounded. so good luck getting up. guys will answer calls, and while guys are answering calls, people grab the hooks, the ladders, the chain saws because there's no police unit available to back them up. >> reporter: what do you do for a living? >> it could be safer.
5:57 pm
>> people complain that 911 calls aren't going answered. >> i think that's probably the case. >> my house got set up three times. >> you call 911, you're talking 25 minutes, 30 minutes, sometimes they don't come at all. they're able to throw the kid's body in the back of a police car with the father crying over it. it's unconscionable. >> do you take care of yourself? >> damned right. >> you're a victim of a crime, they're going to be waiting for the police to show up. >> corrupt politicians destroyed this city, you can't afford to live here, and you can't afford to leave. they can't borrow anymore because the credit rating's junk. >> i have had a hard time looking for work. it's like i went to school almost for nothing. >> i wouldn't want to come to detroit, put stock in a store and it's stolen in the next 20 minutes. >> 100 years of dependence on
5:58 pm
the auto industry. general motors goes, along with the city. >> we lock up and go in the basement so somebody don't just come in and kill us. >> cash, you can't sell your house, you burn it, collect insurance. >> a lot of the neighborhoods are being burned out and people are running out. and drugs got a big parking plan now. any time you're addicted to drugs or cars or whatever, once they dry up, you go through withdrawal pain. >> we have failed leadership in this town and we need some new blood from somebody that's going to make tough decisions. we need to blame ourselves for being dependent on democratic government. >> i think it's being mismanaged. >> nobody's accountable for taking money and mismanages money, i think. >> what were the charges against him, racketeering?
5:59 pm
corruption. >> giving money to his friends. stealing from the kids. kickbacks, you name it, he was doing it. >> there was a lot of things happening with the mayor. he just got caught. he didn't do anything different than all the rest of them are doing. >> reporter: you're not excusing his behavior? >> he's wrong as two left shoes. >> we don't have to look like this, we can do better. we're americans and it ends in i can. >> before we go, let me remind all the factor viewers that bill o' is having a big summer sale. everything is marked down and premium members get an additional 20% off if they sign up or reup. in addition if you get a premium member or reup. you get killing kennedy, killing jesus which is without in september. i share bill's love of history and the series of videos designed for children is one way to help your kids know america's story. details are at learn our
6:00 pm huckabee in for bill o'reilly. and please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. welcome to this brand-new special studio audience edition of hannity, now we're looking at race relations and the george zimmerman trial. and now that the case has been closed and the defendant has been found not guilty, the controversial topic is once again been thrust to the forefront of the debate surrounding this trajs. . >> you know, when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been any son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35


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