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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 20, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> don't have a baby until after cashing in. >> please. we have to leave that. can we do this? >> i'll let you know. >> i'll let you know. welcome to "red eye." it is like game of throwns if by thrones you mine spin the bottle with a drifter who has no idea what i did with that bottle. now to andy levy with a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks. our top story, are health websites giving your search terms to third parties ? yes it does and that rash needs to be treated asap. and should video gamers be granted visas to professional athletes? the story that will have a massive affect and you will wish you are the last of us. and finally what happens when we send bill schulz to major league baseball's pre allstar game extravaganza known as fanfest? hopefully people will grow
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tired of the questions and they will pick up the bats lying around and drag his semiconscious body to a batting cage and turn on a pitching machine and ramping up the speed where a 95 mile an hour fast ball is hitting him in the body and causing massive internal injuries until the angle is adjusted slightly upward and one final pitch hits him squarely in the nose and driving into his brain and ending his misery and causing the crowd to go wild. greg? >> that's a lot to ask for, andy. >> you know, hope springs eternal. >> that it does. 1k3* if we all hope together, it can happen. >> yes. >> all right. pray for his death. go away. >> let's welcome our gist. >> she is so hot that microwaves use her to repeat dinner. >> i am here with janna. >> and he is the guy that
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>> her new book the golden age of mtv, why aim reading reading it she is naked on the cover. it comes out july 30th. i am losing my mind. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg, i got a new pullout couch if you are interested. >> no. all right. can a genital wart land a website in court? well, the leading medical sciences are leaking our most personal search information to third party trackers. fast company, a magazine, reports that a business school researcher has found that seven leading health sites leaked search terms to companies interested in your health issues.
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third party tracking, if you don't know, is common for on-line businesses. it is why often there are targeted ads for muzzles and house boys. the researcher believes health data is completely different. he knows ominously -- i like when they note ominously -- imagine if a woabs bought stv data. it could -- st d-day tau. it could crimp your lifestyle. with this fear of exposure, should you stop searching for your private part needs? and should you trust the information instead to a helpful talk show host who is looking out for you? ponder that question while you ponder this. >> the watermelon injected with cyanide. >> i thought it was roofies. >> that comes later.
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>> i am more of an optimist. >> you are. kennedy, does this worry you? i mean, you must search for certain sensitive things on the web. >> i am a high pro con dree yak of the -- hypocondriac of the highest order. checking for coochie warts is not the same thing as saying i think have i a [whistle]. this is not sacred information. there is a generational gap.g pt only does everyone know their private information on the internet, they don't think privacy exists. they are not surprised. old people are terrified by it and edward snowden proved them right. conspiracy theorists and golden americans. the gummers of the universe have the only practical information. >> can i sue? >> no. you can't sue. here is the thing. hipa which is supposed to protect our health information
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does not apply when you are searching on the internet. 2* only applies to the people in the health care profession. now, it is cool in a sense because if you are in the health care profession and you leave bill's file where the janitor can see it, then he can sue. he is not getting much. you are not getting much. on-line, nothing on-line is private. >> you know what, on bill's facebook page where the ads for me are specified and things come up like zappos. for bill it is mopey wiener cream. >> guys, we are starting off on a bad track. >> you deserve it. jesse, you actually contracted hepititis when you were piercing navals at the mall in new brunswick at the piercing pagoda. >> piercing 14-year-old girls? >> that's all he does. >> no, i got it in the navy. that's how i con account trayed whatever disease you -- contracted any disease have you given to me.
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>> thoughts, concerns, wearing blue underwear as well? >> i am dressed exactly like you tonight. i got my shirt in the men's section. >> nicely done. i cannot beat that one. go ahead, lurch. >> i don't ever use web md -- i used web md twice and both times it diagnosed me with a disease that was extinct for a hundred years. cholera? what do you know about cholera, internet? >> neanderthals came down with it of the. >> nice pronunciation. you know there will be an nih mole who will come out with the secret health data. they will seek asylum in myanmar. >> that's true. bill, everybody says that you have it all. when it comes to diseases, they are absolutely right. you might have the -- you might have the most to lose because you tend to have most
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inside you at this point. >> i lost you at the end there. you were fading away. a lot of the std's mind you go away. >> i was losing interest in the question. >> i am losing interest in this story. are we surprised this is happening? i assume any time i put anything on the internet whether at home or at work i am being tracked, being judged, being catered to by any type of ad. proving once again that "minority report" was the most prophetic movie ever made. tom cruise would go into the subways and then the ads would mold to what he liked. for example, if you went in the subway it would be ax body spray or piano time. it would mold to what interested you. that's what will happen. we will go down to time square some day and embarrassed by what we like. >> johnny, you raised an interesting point. there is an issue i have with a pharmacy -- and i don't know if this is a cultural thing because of the privacy issue.
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when you pick up a prescription, they are not supposed to say what it is when there are people in line? >> what are you getting? >> it is not the point what i am getting. >> herpacin? greg is getting herpacin. >> i wish that was the case because it is over the counter. that has to be bad. >> that's a violation of hipa. that is part of the health care contingent. they are not supposed to -- and that's when you go to the pharmacy and you order your prescription over here and pick it up over there. that's to help protect you. but the problem is like in bill's case you don't get any money. you can sue, but you get nothing. >> just somebody loses their job. that's no fun for me. well maybe it is. >> can we sue them for being jerks. pharmacists are kind of jerks. >> they are angry because they thought they would be more fun dispensing drugs than it is now. >> this is great there is nothing else going on in the world that we are talking about mean pharmacists. >> we are moving on shortly. i keep thinking that jesse is
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about to say something. >> i feel like i need to rebut his piano tie reference and point out that bill can't be advertised to in the future because the things he likes are cocaine and cocaine doesn't advertise. >> i thought you were going to say he had no future because he is dead. >> cocaine is ensuring that my future -- >> cocaine is ensuring that he is not in the future. >> i am wearing shades burkts not because the future is bright. does the leaker of lies deserve a prize? edward snowden has applied for temporary asylum in russia. citing concerns he will face the death penalty if he faces the u.s. his long stay in moscow could be coming to an end. a swedish professor has nominated the nsa leaker for the nobel peace prize for his heroic efforts and great personal costs. stephen noted that know den's bravery has helped to make the
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world a little better and safer. as a sociology professor, go clam dip, he is qualified to send nominations to the committee. other qualified people are members of the government, past recipients of the prize and directors of peace research institute and this guy. >>- q. i you can't find your -- >> you can't find your food under all of your big hair. maybe i will help you out. old on. not that that i care. >> it is good to see that after quitting coke robin williams has found something to keep himself busy. jesse, were you recently nominated for employee of the month at auntie anne's in the mall. >> thanks for acknowledging that. >> i was proud. your name is up there for at least a month. >> it was for the b we got for
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our health check. >> hey, it is not a c. >> because you don't wash your hands. that puts things in perspective. snowden is getting a nobel prize and you get nothing. >> i don't know if you saw what the prove said. he likened it to the nuremburg trials. >> that did not make any sense. >> he was saying that snowden has put an end to the idea that you can't just say you were following orders anymore. i think that's a pretty accurate description. the government occasionally peeping at people's facebook posts is exactly like the holocaust. i think he nailed it. >> i am getting tired of this guy. he is not going to face the death penalty. that's bs. he will be fetted is that the word? >> filleted? >> they want to kill him. we want to kill him if he can get him back here. i did a little homework. two people since 1942 we killed for committing
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treason. >> you think this guy -- half of america thinks he is a hero. >> i know. >> you think he is still in danger of death? >> not really. >> i like how you held fast to your principals. >> he is never going to come back here. >> never? >> i don't think so. >> i think he is disqualified from the nobel peace prize for having a horrible end game. when your asylum is sit in the moscow airport like tom hanks in "terminal" and drinking the bad, curdled vodka. when vodka curdles you know that is nasty. >> how does vodka curdle? >> i don't know it does, but i assume -- >> you are not a drinker jie. it does in a white russian. >> thank you, thank you. and now he is a white person in russia, so what they said absolutely holds true, greg. i think my point has been proven for me. >> i think so. you know, bill, you were recently nominated for most improved urine smell by hobo magazine.
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congratulations. >> this is the closest to a complementary question you have given me in the six years of the show's existence. >> i have always thought it is a flawed idea that hobo magazine, because where do you send the subscription? >> they are free. hobos are supposed to sell them to you. that way they make money. >> bill, quickly. >> i think this will be the first time in history the former nobel prize winner, president obama, is hunting a nobel prize nominee. i think that is very interesting. that is a peaceful version of "the hunger games" and i would watch the f out of it if it was a reality show jai. he is not formally nominated. not until he becomes a rythmic gymnast in russia which are the conditions of asylum. >> if we wait for him to be formally nominated and he is not, we don't have a story to fill a block. do the math. >> you just said fillet. >> again. from crooks to books she
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lost her deal through twitter zeal. the woman known as juror b37, not her real name, jesse, surprised a lot of people when she signed with a literary agent two days after quitting george zimmerman. one twitter user was outraged and tweeting, hey, charlene martin, please drop junior -- juror b37. don't help the person who let a murderer get away profit. she continued to tweet at martin and launched an on-line petition that garnered over a thousand signatures. a few hours later the agent posted after careful consideration of the book project with zimmerman juror i decided to rescind my offer of representation. then she tweeted a statement from the juror herself saying "i have realized that the best direction for me to go is away from writing any sort of book and instead to life as it was
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before i was called to sit on this jury." for more let's go live to "red eye as' chief legal correspondent. >> what did i say? gay marriage, now cats with slinkies. a slippery slope, people. you let it happen. kennedy. >> yes? >> is this person with this kind of influence kill a book deal? >> no, it is annoying. it stirs up the sense of false outrage. let the market decide and not a thousand people who have a political agenda and trying to over simplify a case that raises a lot of questions. but turning it into this emotional moment -- >> i agree with you. i am amazed this woman caved when the agent should have caved. a thousand people on twitter is not a thousand people.
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it is nothing. it is like two people in real land, right? i thought i would make the peace sign. >> the point is this kind of behavior scares businesses and it affects a lot of people's lives and not to mention those who receive death threats. >> jesse, twitter campaign tried to stop you from writing your book about being an assistant manager at club monaco. and that could have -- you could have made a lot of money, but you didn'tment -- but you didn't. >> eventually. >> you don't even care. >> you are so over the twitter campaign. >> it is just lazy. >> i am. i am moving this week. >> you could be a drug addicted sequential hemaphrodite so count your blessings. >> there are so many angles on me. you only hit the one. there is nothing on you with your height and alcoholism.
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does that get real? >> yes. >> i find your alcoholism so charming. it is one of my favorite qualities. >> i may have to call you up to go drinking when nobody wants to drink with me. >> the list has dwindled. >> let's get back to the story. >> i don't know how i feel about this kid. you have written several books so you know exactly how hard it is to convince a publisher to let you write a book with toddler fingers. they probably say we have to get him a special laptop. how will he bang that out? the keyboard is like eight inches long. >> you are absolutely right. because i am so successful -- >> you look like the guys from big with the piano. >> don't laugh at that. >> i can't help it. >> is it best for a juror to not write a book? >> no, they should all write a book. the publisher is a wimp and
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the juror is a wimp. george zimmerman can write a book, why? he is not guilty. she not a murderer like she stated in her stupid tweet. in this day and age, are you involved in a high profile case and you are going to cash in. there is no other reason to get on a jury half the time except for that process. >> i was a juror in a dui case, and oddly enough the book didn't sell. it was a page turner. >> that's because i pleaded no contest. >> it was a very short book. >> bill, you signed a book deal wherefore $20 strangers can throw large books at your face until it bled out. >> there is pleasure in pain, greg. i actually wrote a book during a dui case. as a result i was kicked out of the court. i thought that was at best use of my time. i don't remember the guy's name because i was writing my book. >> i think it was bill
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schulz. >> we are through the looking glass right now. coming up, what are the hot new trends in fall fashions? jesse joyce discusses bolo ties parachute pants. good for you. but first, what did bill schulz learn at the allstar games' fanfest? that he couldn't get tickets to the game.
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can you be pro at nintendo? video gamers from other countries can now qualify for a visa because they are, quote, professional athletes, end quote. thanks, obama. the creators of league of
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legends, seen here, successfully lobbied the agencies that handled the visa applications to talk about their competitive games meaning x box jocks will be allowed in temporarily much like real foreign athletes who plays for something called the san antonio spurs and the great david beckham who plays for a sport nobody cares about. >> take it back. >> nobody likes ping-pong. and foreign athletes are steel being denied visas. >> you know what they say, amazing in bed. you know what they say about
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gymnasts? it is an old, cliche joke. >> i am an old gymnast. it is not cliche. >> so it is what? >> real. >> you learn something new about the guests every day. learned nothing about you because you are just the same, sad poorly dressed sale associate at game stop. are they athletes? >> totally. they have vastly stronger forearms from incessant masterbating. i think if it does become a sport then mountain dew will be considered performance enhancing. >> are you even giving up on your own joke. >> they make great baby formula. diswroo -- >> kennedy, save this segment. >> they are not athletes. who is giving them asylum.
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i was in las vegas and there was a video game convention. they are interesting, dynamic creatures. they were smart, mostly young men. they were dressed as japanese super heros. they are not athletes because you play games. that is not athleticism. we have to make up new words if we are running low on terms we cannot con flat people who play real sports like soccer. >> do you like soccer? >> have i a daughter named pele. >> you named your daughter after a brazilian soccer player? >> i d if it was a boy he would be ronald dino. that's four people who are watching. >> these are not athletes. they are wonderful people and they are dedicated and they are skilled. they are again interesting. that's like saying anybody who plays a game is an athlete. poker, not a game filled with athletic type. >> hardly.
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just strange, strange people. what do you think? >> i think it is another end run around our immigration policy just like professional shoe tier and professional napper and professional beer bong player. >> that's what it is. >> this is all a trick. >> bill, some of the video gamers make $100,000 a year. meanwhile fox pays you in twizzlers. ever wish you weren't such a loser that nobody likes? >> just letting it wash over me. i am for any type of loophole that will allow people to get a visa. they are so difficult and there is so much beurocracy and getting the green card is becoming a citizen and they can find someway to dance around this, i am all for it. and i too love the game of soccer which is why i named my
12:27 am
daughter, soccer. >> and if it was a boy, soccer. >> the funny thing is, when you traveling in europe you call him futb ho l. futbol. >> that's why i named my god son gay football. >> that's terrible. it is actually a lovely export. lovely sport. i believe the gamersers are american heros. even if they are not from america. i had no opinion on the story so i figured i would call them american heros. >> if you figure the type of people up at 3:00 in the morning watching this dog and pony show are playing the game. >> are you half dog and half pony. >> and that max me a dony. goats eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.
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a kid will eat ivy too. it is something bill hemmer wrote on the wall over and over again. he is freaking the hell out of me. what does kennedy reveal in the new mtv memwior. if it doesn't involve the word kurt loder and latex body suit i don't want to know about it.
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well, the mlb or mlb
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allstar game is over. and boy did i not watch it. sorry, there was a "designing women" marathon on and it is on the designing women channel. check it out actually. the game was held at citi field in new york city and only real reporters with cool names like rick and shep were allowed to attend. lucky our show was granted access to the mlb fanfest and we sent bill schulz to participate. sadly he came back alive. >> thanks, greg, or as they would have called new 1951, eddie goodell, google it. very exciting. i am wearing a vin 10 jersey, but it is wool and my nipples are chafing. let's do this.
12:33 am
♪ [laughing]. loser. who's that? >> you are a leftiment does that bother you talking to fox news? >> not at all. >> is the 1986 team not here because of the bats? very exciting. we have here the first time allstar matt harvey from the hometown new york mets. let's see if we can get a couple of words. how do you feel about your first game? >> feel pretty good. >> do you think you will start in. >> i don't know. >> what is the groupy situation like here today? >> come on. >> not so hot. >> thanks very much. >> as you can see from the book, they were called the trolley dodgers because the people in brooklyn used to dodge trolleys as folks went to see them in the game. >> why not change the name to the los angeles unemployeding
12:34 am
a teres. i am here with pin man. how did you get your name? >> i started putting pins on and somebody yelled out pin man one day and i decided to go with it. >> are you wearing pins now? >> just a few. >> i am not going to look like an idiot on my own show. >> i may take a quick timeout. quick timeout. all right, okay, p.e.d., this is for the m-e. oh hurts so good. let's bring the thunder. fall co. falco. >> this is very exciting. they have a bronze bust, only three in existence of joe dimaggio and that is exactly how he would look right after he would have sex with marilyn monroe. a lot of people don't know that. before baseball was invented it was a, throwing rocks at immigrant, c being racist.
12:35 am
>> a and c. what was b? >> all of the above. >> perfect. >> it was a simpler time and a time when you you couldn't vote? who hit the first homerun in 1933? a, babe ruth, b, hack wilson, three, lou gehrig and dhoolihan. >> babe ruth? >> you got it. he did it in a little place i like to call comiskey, pa. that's where the white sox used to play. it used to be a team. >> this is steal a base, steel a taco. it is very controversial. is steel a taco is baseball euphemism for not paying for a hooker. >> looking a little tired. >> i'm good. >> do you want to finish? >> i'm good. i can do all 9. >> i'm good. >> do you think in the dead ball era it should have been
12:36 am
more alive? >> if we have learned anything from this year's fanfest is people lick me get stuck in the center and rick legal ven that will gets to -- leventhal so he can go to the game. don't put me in coach. i am not ready to play today. >> that guy, john franco, he didn't like you too much. >> i was the first walkoff. and then we had to speak to publicists. i spried to explain that the only person that looks dumb in these things is me and now we have the proof. >> you threw 37 miles an hour. a four-year-old could do that. >> it was 36. >> i was pleased with that. i think we added a couple numbers to the miles per hour and you are welcome fanfest. >> we have to take a break. don't think of leaving me now. we will talk about kennedy's new book next. and it is going to be just as good as "the joy of hate"
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autographed copy. see how excited i am about selling that.
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she was the one vijah who could brighten your day. sour, kurt. and now she has written a memwior about her time at mtv in the mid90 when's they played videos and they interviewed our favorite rock stars like rockwell. it is called "the kennedy chronicles, the golden age of mtv through rose colored glasses." let's ask her about it and stuff. the cover, can we just put the cover on? >> i love that cover. >> that's a donkey. >> you're naked. was that your concept or did somebody say -- >> that was not my concept at all. i was at a photo shoot for "us magazine" in 1994. >> that's from >> yes. and i went from a nice young man from the mtv press
12:41 am
department and he made sure i was all set and he is like, peace out. then 4:00 in the afternoon they pulled me aside and i assumed i insulted someone and getting a reprimand from the photographer. he said i have a great idea for a shoot. i want to do a photograph of you on a donkey. i said that's so funny. i have declared my republicanness. they said how clever. he said without clothes. we argued for 20 minutes -- >> it looks good. it works. you can't see anything. >> he is an amazing photographer. the way he uses light and shadow -- the only thing i asked when he went to air brush the photo in the early to mid-nineties, i asked for huge boobs and he didn't. i wanted volleyball boos. >> he shot me once, but he didn't have to give me boobs. i am well endowed. you have a lot of stories in york book. one was picked up.
12:42 am
the michael jordan story, for those at home he played basketball. whatwhat happened? >> this was 1995, michael jordan. >> he tried to get you back into his room and take your virginity. there. why did i just do that? >> here is the thing about michael jordan. i wasn't wearing my placard walking around the east village saying, hymen in tact. handle with care. i wasn't wearing that around my neck. i didn't tell him because we hadn't gotten to that point yet. >> were you in a room? >> we were at dinner with russell simmons and me. which of these entities does not belong in this picture at all. circle me, l, a, la, la. and he hadn't started talking to me yet. i wanted these attention because he was a beautiful, perfect creature. i had three dice in my pocket, and it just flipped the light
12:43 am
switch. he got crazy eyes like beautiful, sweaty, michael jordan head. you know the story. you are from chicago. >> you know who doesn't like the story? juanita jordan. not a fan. >> they were be troated -- betrothed back then. >> he had moved on from the relationship $800 million in a settlement with no pre up in later. you can thank me juanita. we are playing dice and the game is about even and i ask him, what are we playing for here? he said if i win you come with me back to my hotel room. i was like, oh my god. that's going to be painful. there will be end trails and body parts coming out of -- >> top there. stop there. >> and so the last thought in my mind was ahmad rashad pushing knee in a shopping cart into a new jersey hospital parking lot. i was so s
12:44 am
going to happen. i said if i win can i have tickets to the nicks game? can i get floor seats? he said no, baby, i'm married. oh i forgot. you are mr. morality over here, of course. >> so he wanted to have sex with you -- >> he didn't say that, greg. >> you were just going to go and look at his etchings. >> he would have looked like his road jersey after that one. >> i don't understand. >> i don't either. let's just move on. >> he didn't want to give you the tickets because his wife would be there? >> his wife would see. i'm sure she can scout out who had the michael jordan seats. if it is veronica web and me, i'm sure juanita is not thinking he totally nailed the pasty mtv girl with bad fashion sense. no, she should be thinking -- >> it is the one walking funny. >> never mind. >> i only have like 30 seconds left. anybody else?
12:45 am
>> i got nets tickets. >> did you ever fool around with eric nies? >> i did. >> did you? did you really? that's amazing. >> he probably just went through everybody at mtv, right? not an insult. you are a divine person. >> i was a super horn dog. i was trying to throw this at anybody who would take it. anyone? no? the only game i had was making out on camera. i smooched eric nies while shooting at the beach house. he was a really good kisser. >> he was a good looking guy. what about pauly shore? >> no. >> how about ed lover or dr. dre? >> still doing it. it is part of the marital contract. >> mark goodman? >> i was his intern at the radio station. >> that means yes. >> he wasn't at mtv. >> nina black wood? >> i don't even know her.
12:46 am
>> serena? >> i think every man, woman and child had fantasies about serena. she was so pretty. >> who did she marry? >> she does wonderful colorful con men terry. >> are you asking if i made out with them or if i knew them? >> did you make out with them 1234* i don't care if you knew them. >> john and i -- no john and i were opposed politically, but we shared a lot of fashion tips. i love him very much. >> that was code for me. do you have any off the record stuff that people are -- that people would be pis se d off about in the book. >> tell me something. >> everything was vetted by a lawyer because people have disclosed their drug problems publicly. but i get into personal first happened stories. people witnessing or trying to buy drugs from me. >> i cannot wait to read this
12:47 am
book. it is 1992 through 1997. >> did you ever hang out with faith no more? >> yes. >> i love those guys. >> he started to drink his own urine from a boot on stage. >> that is a lie. >> not at all. he is the best singer that ever lived. >> he can be the greatest soldier and drepg his own -- drink his own pea pea. >> i already know everything about him. kennedy's book "the kennedy chronicles" hits stores every where -- everywhere. i am buying six copies for each superfluous nipple. coming up, andy levy. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum -bum ♪
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game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. health websites giving search info to third parties. hippa doesn't apply and the data collected is anonymous which is why hippa doesn't apply. but what if we didn't know before that? even you gather it up it danonymize people even if i made up the word. >> it sile still doesn't matter. but you are correct, andy. >> kennedy, you said it doesn't worry that this is not
12:52 am
private information. even knows whatever you do on-line isn't private. why do we accept this? >> exactly. >> we are too dumb to put privacy on saw far re. >> the only time i don't use privacy is when i am looking at porn. >> by the way, you are not getting much privacy from saw far re. >> exactly. >> you have to use tour. go to tour project .org. >> is that the nurse -- the nurse god of thunder? >> it is slow, but hard to track. snowden requests asylum from russia. jesse, i agree that comparing this to the nuremburg trials is ridiculous. but then they look at people's facebook pages. that's just stupid. >> i needed 20hyperbole the other direction.
12:53 am
>> stupid. >> i agree with you. >> you said snowden could face the death penalty and you said two people have been executed for treason. you should point out that ease see yen nog which is -- espionage and treason are two charges. >> you don't think they will trump it up? >> i don't think they can get a treason charge to stick because he hasn't given information to anyone we are at war with. >> give it time. >> we are not really at war with any nations? >> aren't we? >> we are at war with the world. >> the rosenburgs were executed after being convicted of espionage and not treason. >> if we trump the trial up it will be the clasiest trial of trials. >> by the way, the professor who nominated snowden, he says, quote, the decision to award this prize is to help save the peace prize from the disrepute conceived to give
12:54 am
barack obama the 2009 award. >> wow. i leak the cut of this man's jib. >> suddenly you think he is pretty cool. >> i knew he couldn't be a vurulent liberal if he was with owe bough may's -- obama's foreign enemy. >> juror drops idea for a book. kennedy, you said the market should decide about the book. >> no, the market didn't decide. a few overly emotional twitter hounds who are associated with media matters and associations like that that target people politically. if the market were going to decide then people would buy the book. >> right, but okay -- >> or not buy the book. people would have at least been -- and i think by the way this juror came outweigh too soon saying i am writing a book. give it a rest. the graffiti paibt -- paint is not dry.
12:55 am
>> that's what offended people. as you said, stuff is not even dry yet and she is doing this. >> they are not exclusive. you can make a bad decision and say i am writing a book. it doesn't mean a book should not be -- should be written because george zimmerman is guilty. it just would be interesting to get the glimpse of the decision of the jury. >> their freedom of speech allows those people to be super attended that she is prove fitting over the death of a teenager. >> i think it is part of market forces if people want to complain about something. >> that's not the market. that is not a large faction of people interested in the case and are talking about the case. 245* is a minority -- that is a minority of people. >> now it is racial with you, kennedy? >> why do you have to be like that? >> every time. every time. i am just tired. i have to say a lot of men have been writing on you wrong
12:56 am
the verdict s. i am tired of seeing these men mansplaining why the all woman jury was stupid. >> so if jesse was on the panel you would have been okay? >> absolutely. kennedy you said they should not be treated like soccer players. soccer is the worst sport in the history of man inned could. >> we have all had a genial relationship, but now? >> afghanistan goat polo thing is pretty [bleep]. >> if they are coming to enter into competition, why is that different? why is granting them visas different from granting athletes visas. the problem is not they are getting visas. i don't care if cooks are coming off to compete in competitions. they are not athletes. my problem is with the word choice. give them all visas. >> i am done.
12:57 am
>> bye, andy. bill schulz, jesse joyce, kennedy, that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. i will be moving. you know who will be hosting tomorrow? dana. scary.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said this could have been my son. another way of saying that is that trayvon martin could have been me. president obama now inserting himself in the controversy. do his comments help or hurt race relations in america? we have a debate. >> many, if not all of the survivors of the benghazi attacks along with others at the department of defense, the cia have been asked to sign additional nondisclosure agreements. >> mike: new allegations that the survivors of the deadly benghazi attacks have being forced into sinc


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