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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 20, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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vigils planned across the country coming almost one week after the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. hello, everyone. >> good to have you here. this is a brand-new hour inside of "america's news headquarters." demonstrations are scheduled today in 100 cities. including new york, miami, washington, d.c., and atlanta and philadelphia. all of this after the florida jury found the former neighborhood watch volunteer not guilty in the death of trayvon martin.
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trayvon's mother is expected at the rally in manhattan. >> reporter: that's right. it is time to move on past the verdict and move forward. that's what everyone here is doing. take a look behind me at the crowd. it doubled its size. probably more. estimating more than 500 people are here from less than an hour ago. people are holding up stand for justice trayvon martin cutouts and holding posters. they are bringing their kids and holding umbrellas. it is 90 degrees out here. it is really hot. we are getting out from our first heat wave. people are here and are energetic. we spoke to one protester who came to new york city as a tourist and found herself in the middle of everything when she jump flood the crowd. >> the rallies prior to the verdict were focused on getting justice and trying on bring the country to an aware must of what takes place in many neighborhoods across the country. and i think now the focus is
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more so on trying to prevent this from ever happening again. and to try to persuade the department of justice to bring a case in this matter, to try to still get justice for trayvon martin. >> reporter: that's exactly what these 100 vigils planned 100 vigils across country are meant to do. meant to move forward past the verdict. that's what organizers and here are telling me. they are not only here in new york city. you mentioned before. we have protests in philadelphia and in d.c. and atlanta where the crowds are said to be growing from a few hundred and very vocal. using bullhorns and chanting. this is a far cry from the protests we saw a week ago in los angeles, for instance, when they were described as more violent and protesters went in on the highways and watched interstates. but here right now at the vigil especially in downtown, new york city, there are -- talking to the crowd and crowd is energetic and it is about moving forward. part of it is the main thing is
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that they really want to put pressure. want to put pressure on the department of justice to really look into civil possible civil rightsvilleations that george zimmerman may have had when he shot ray vonn martin. putting more pressure nap doj said they have an open investigation but that's really what these vigils are meant to do. here you see it. in new york city, downtown, people are holding their signs and it is about moving forward and, you know, it is -- it is hot and yet they have shown up in numbers. >> all right. thank you so much for the report. we will check back with you to see what's happening at least at the one in manhattan. monitoring all of them. thank you. >> politicians of both parties have been dealing with race issues since the founding of the country. let's take you back, if you will, lou history to show you how one prominent democrat, robert f. kennedy, handle ad crucial moment in race relations in america. back on april 4, 1968. that's the day dr. martin luther
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king jr. was assassinated. >> what we immediate in the united states is not division. but we immediate -- what we immediate in the united states is not hatred. what we immediate in the united states is not violence and lawlessness. but is love and wisdom and compassion towards one another. justice to what those still suffer within our country whether they be white or whether they be black. >> robert f. kennedy jr. was urged by police not to announce mlk's death at that campaign rally but was insistent but went ahead anyway two months later he was also shot to death in los angeles. we are one step closer. word now that prince william and
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kate middleton reportedly arrived in london as they await the birth of their first child and next heir to the british throne. the couple making the journey from the duchess ' -- parents' home yesterday afternoon in order to be closer to st. mary's hospital where the duchess is set to give birth any day now. more details about the royal birth. >> reporter: hi, kelly. in the meantime, the wait has been a very good excuse for the press to take many walks down windsor memory lane and this insert today in one of the up ins has all sorts of royal baby pictures. different shades of cute, kelly, including a fantastic one of the queen looking a bit like shirley temple. now ineantime we continue this wait outside st. mary's hospital and when kate finally does give birth and prepares to leave st. mary's, there will be
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yet another royal photo-op. duchess of cambridge made a favorable impression on the public even before the fascination with her pregnancy. she's been a patron of power for charities here, children's hospices and art room which is an organization to help children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. all of this leading to the assumption she and prince william will be loving parents. they have both shown an easy and empathetic attitude towards the kids they met in their travels in london a special high tea with a little history lesson on the side is being offered complete with photos and anecdotes about the royals including how strict the queen was with her grandchild, prince william, as he headed off to boarding school at eaton. >> ten commandments. putt cannot drink, you can't kiss any girls. you can't smoke.
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month drugs. really -- made sure that everybody behaved properly towards him as well. >> reporter: kelly and speculation about the due date just keeps changing. it has gone from july 13 to the 19th. apparently kate's mother has spoken about baby being a leo which would put this event a few days off. we continue to wait here outside of the lindo wing which some are calling the limbo wing of st. mary's hospital so that we can be here when the event happens. when the duchess of cambridge arrives to give birth to the heir. >> all right. >> back to you. >> thank you very much. she has a great assignment. breaking news this morning. helen host, one of the true pioneers of journalism, has died. she was the first woman to serve as a white house bureau chief.
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she was also the first female officer of the national press club where women were once banned. helen host started her career in 1943, upi wire service. she began reporting on presidents with an assignment to cover john f. kennedy. she also accompanied president nixon on his landmark trip to china. she was a fixture in the front row of the white house briefing room for decades. something thomas called her ringside seat to history. this statement just coming from the president. goes on to state michelle and write saddened to learn of the passing of helen host. helen was a true pioneer, opening doors and breaking down barriers for generations of women in journalism. she covered every white house since president kennedy's and during that time she never failed to keep presidents, myself included, on their toes. what made helen the dean of the white house press corps was not just the length of her tenure but her fierce belief that our
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democracy works. when we asked tough questions and hold our leaders to account our thoughts are with helen's family, friends and colleagues that respected her so deeply. she really kept her opinions to herself payment usually sparring with white house press secretaries with one even calling her questions torture. she stopped covering the white house in 2010. she died in her washington apartment after suffering health complications. helen host was 92 years old. there's some stun anything testimony in the irs scandal and the investigation. let me tell you about carter. a retired irs tax law specialist. and he now ties an obama appoint knee major democratic donor to the targeting of tea party groups that applied for tax exempt stat with us the irs. william wilkins is name he raises, irs chief legal counselor. according to hall, wilkins' office was included in the
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meetings where he was given unusual instructions for how to handle tea party applications. >> summer of 2011 i recall attending two meetings related to the tea party applications. in july 201 i attend ad meeting with miss lerner, miss candell and chief counsel office present. miss lerner said the application should be referred to ad adversary and not tea party. >> has the testimony given a clearer picture of how high up the irs targeting scandal goes? let's ask ohio congressman mike, member of the house oversight committee p good afternoon. >> thank you. >> this has been going on for a long time now. a lot of questions have been asked. has your committee gotten different answers? more compelling and more
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introspective answers based on the testimony? where do you go from here? >> well, you are absolutely right. the testimony we received yesterday was instrumental and tying the washington, d.c., office and ultimately obama appoint he to the issue of how did this start, who did it, who orchestrated it. if you recall we were originally told by the irs and obama administration that these were a bunch of rogue agents in cincinna cincinnati. they testified this did not original mate in cincinnati, not a dotted line to washington, it is a solid line. mr. hall, as you said, testified further to say that it was higher-ups, including an obama appoint he who was orchestrating and directing the issue of the irs targeting american people based on their political beliefs. >> so that's william wilkins. certainly he knows a lot about tax law and he was in private practice. he actually did tax exempt work in terms of investigating the
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laws and advising people on it and he's -- my understanding only one of two appointees within the irs. is that the relevance or is your investigation going to continue a step further to see if the white house actually had any play in this. >> absolutely. our goal of the investigation is hold those accountable who were involved and make certain that this doesn't happen again. the investigation will lead to whoever was involved. those that initiated it or orchestrated and it those who knew. all of which need to be held accountable. as we know both the irs and the obama administration even democrats on the panel said no, no, no, this occurred in sin sxoynl clearly it did not. clearly involved a broader scope and our investigation will continue until we find all of those who were involved and hold them accountable. >> the inspector general's report concluded there is no evidence at this point or at all of the white house or president having anything to do with this. what's your opinion on that?
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what have you pound? what evidence do you have? >> well, that's why you do an investigation. just because there's no evidence currently it means things have not been fully investigated or fully uncovered. if we stopped as the white house wanted we would be believe thing happened. those that disagreed with the president and so certainly american public deserve to know who was involved and who knew and the fact that we now have evidence that is contrary to what they were saying, this was orchestrated out of washington and now that we have an obama appoi appointee, they know the investigation must continue. >> peggy noonan write on friday that the inclusion of the washington office beyond cincinnati was a bombshell. is that in and of itself significant? >> it is because it shows what the information that we are getting, both from the white
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house and from the irs, is not true. when they tell thus was only mapping in cincinnati and find out that it is -- not, that -- untruthful must certainly questions all of the answers we received both from the white house and irs on this issue. it gives us the importance of going poured. it is also questionable so many say this was not politically motivated. when you target people based on their political beliefs it is absolutely politically motivated. this certainly targeted conservatives and tea party groups and those of which trying to oppose the president and now we have an obama appointee involved in the chain of command here. we certain sly to continue and get to the bottom of this. >> i want to make clear some liberal groups say they were targeted as well. what do you have to say about that? >> george said the initial evidence he received did not indicate groups were targeted. that's something that came forward now as a possible offshoot. i think certainly it is suspect that it has been -- such a delay before this issue has been raised. i think it certainly doesn't
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detract from the fact that we know that these groups in particular were targeted for the political beliefs and it was systematic and done at a time when the presidential election was unfolded and -- certainly these groups oppose the president. >> mike turner, thanks for joining us. interesting discussion today. >> thank you for having me. we are on royal baby watch right now. live look outside of st. mary's hospital in london where the duchess of cambridge is expecting to deliver possibly at any time now. and as the world watches and waits for new addition to the royal family we will speak to a "new york times" bestselling or who wrote a book about the royal couple and their romance. that's just ahead. >> hear the prince will be changing diapers, too. we are learning new and somewhat disturbing details about a horrific roller coaster accident from witnesses who were there. they watched a mother fall to her death in front of her kids. >> we have new reaction to president obama's remarks yesterday about the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman
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trial and race. now new questions over whether the president's remarks could impact the possible department of justice's investigation into the case. we will debate that, next. >> when trayvon martin was first shot i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
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last year's tragic events tested us as individuals and as a city. it is for to remember that one senseless act does not, cannot, and will not define us as a community. >> that's steve hogan, mayor of aurora, colorado. marking one year since the deadly movie theater massacre. 12 people died and dozens more injured when a gunman tossed canisters tear gas and opened fire on an unsuspecting audience. mad to reading the names of the 12 people killed, read the names of more than 2,500 people who have been victims of gun
10:21 am
violence since the tragedy. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that, trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> that was president obama on friday delivering his most extensive reaction yet following last week's not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. the comments now sparking a heated debate over whether the president should have injected his own personal experience in such a recovecontroversial case. ladies, thank you for joining us this afternoon. so let's get right to it. did the president step in to a situation so controversial making it more political than it was before?
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debbie? >> i don't think so. i think that what he was doing -- i'm very proud of him. i think he went in and spoke as a human being to the country about an issue we immediate to be talking about. i think that this case has put us front and center and said expect -- set expectation this has been a state issue. we can't not talk about this. the same we this happened we filed for bankruptcy. i'm a detroit girl. the city of detroit filed for bankruptcy. some of the discussions that needed to happen haven't happened because this country is afraid to talk about race. and at the same time, the zimmerman trial was going on in chicago over the fourth of july weekend, 72 people were shot. we have got to talk about these issues in this country. he came out and put a human face on an issue we have to deal with. >> looking at -- if you recall what the president was talking about yesterday, he did not reflect to talk about that issue of the violence, black on black crime, issues of that.
10:23 am
interjected himself into the controversial case. what do you say about his involvement in this? >> what i say is this. listening to black leaders across america, the president's family should up for populous this actually elected him overwhelmingly. he stood up talking about the ray vonn martin case. however, what about black on black crime in chicago? that's been happening over decades. what about black on black crime in memphis, tennessee? what about the hot high unemployment rate in the black community? the president did step up to the plate but i think that he utilized race and it is a little too late dealing with the fact that we have been facing these problems for years. with the trayvon martin killing people compared this to the killing of medgar evans, the civil rights leader. i think it is great we are talking about race but i think we should have been talking about this a long time ago. just not dealing with this case. >> let's go back to what the
10:24 am
president says saying during thatppearance before washington white house reporters. had is a statement he made about moving it forward and having to do some soul-searching debbie was alluding to earlier. >> i think it is going to be for for all of us to do some soul-searching. you know, will has been -- talk about should we convene a conversation on race? i haven't seen that be particularly productive when -- you know -- politicians try to organize conversations. end up being stilted and politicized and -- folks are locked into the positions they already have. >> the president having said that, as talking about politicians getting involved and perhaps not producing the kind of fruit that america is looking for, blacks and whites have a division. but looking forward now to what is going on with the doj, what the president's comments yesterday that this -- this put
10:25 am
more pressure on the department of justice to come up with a civil rights case against george zimmerman in that assumption would be that trayvon martin's civil rights had been violated the mignight he was killed. >> i hope the department of just tlis look at this and end effects having nothing do with the president said yesterday. you know what i think the problem is in this country? people script politicians too much and nobody is allowed to be human anymore. i think an african-american man who experienced some of the same things that other african-american men in the country came out as human being because everybody had been screaming all week he hadn't said anything. maybe if we had for real honest, raw conversations between each other and instead of being so afraid of what would be on 24-hour cable news, we start to address the problems. >> we are getting into the weeds here. bottom line is this. eric holder has been investigate thing since last year. does it take a whole year to see if trayvon martin's civil rights
10:26 am
were violated? the bottom line is that the president making the statement, kelly, he made, eric holder speaking before the naacp, it raises expectations but i don't believe that the justice department is going to look at this or are we going to allow for a double jeopardy for zimmerman? >> what about looking at the stand your ground law? >> when president made clear we immediate to look at the -- stand your ground law and need to do it. we have state rights versus practical rights. that's what people immediate to sxre this was a case, an active -- court in the state of florida. we have state rights versus federal rights and that's something everybody cares about. republicans, democrats, liberal conservatives. >> if stand your ground law is in your state and you don't like it, then you need to lobby your governor. you need to state your grievances. it is great we are having all these rallies, but what's that going to do? >> all right. we thank you both for your perspectives. quite a topic we will be
10:27 am
discussing, obviously, for the coming days and weeks. >> thank you. at this hour we are waiting the next heir to the british throne to arrive. we are life outside the london hospital on royal baby watch. before they go from married couple to a family of three we are going to take a look inside will and kate's fairy tale romance. plus, your next rip through the airport security line. it may go a little quicker. we will tell you about big changes coming to our nation's airports that will speed things up. at security checkpoints. we will be back. wait for it... wait for it... [ laughs ] you know, i'm not trying to be ungrateful here or anything... but i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system
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my day now, maybe even any minute, you are looking outside the hospital where no one wants to miss the duchess of cambridge, who reportedly has past her due date. we are going to give -- she will give birth to the future king or
10:32 am
queen of england. we love that they changed the rules so that girls can be part of that, too. it is unclear when exactly that will happen. we are told buckingham palace will make an announcement as soon as kate is admitted. we will get a little heads-up. thanks so much for joining us, christopher. >> my pleasure. >> seems like buckingham palace and the queen are trying to throw things off. her not even sure it is going to be this hospital. maybe kate has moved in to london now. what are your sources telling you? >> it will be in the window wing of st. mary's hospital. william is following a script here, william and kate. i think they want to pretty much follow what their mother did. i think we are going to see with that with this child as well. william was the first royal, first royal heir to be born in a public hospital, the first to be breast-fed, the first go to nursery school and primary
10:33 am
school. a lot of firsts to january a. i ran "people" magazine's coverage of william's fwhirth 1982. this is so reminiscent. amazingly more exciting now because they were stuffy back then and diana injected life into the royal family. >> it was for to january a, i heard it as with this young couple as well to sort of give their child as normal a childhood as they can. so i'm curious, do you think that the duke could be changing nappies any time soon? >> you know, i would like to think that could happen. but i don't really think that's going to go that far. i think he will definitely be a hands-on dad. and -- kate, of course, is -- you have to look back at what diana had to put up for. she had to fight for every minute as she could with her child. she was up against the firm, as they call the royal family. it is very different ball game for william. i think the queen has changed
10:34 am
her attitude and whole infrastructure of the royal family of the monarchy is different. even though he may not be changing nappies he will definitely be taking a role in his's or daughter's life. >> you brought up diana up very early in this conversation and coverage i have seen of the impending birth, i have only heard diana's name mentioned a couple of times. do you think that since he was so devoted to his mother as she was to him that william and even kate would consider diana as at least one of the names this baby has? >> absolutely. however, it is such -- to have this great birth, imagine some child having to live up to the legacy of diana. a huge diana fan. i wrote a number one book about diana called "the dayan a died." i think that would be awful lot to expect of a child. however, if certainly is in the running as is elizabeth. i think elizabeth is strongly -- from my standpoint.
10:35 am
if it is a boy i think philip because -- william and kate are both in awe of the queen and her husband. >> elizabeth would probably be a pretty smart choice for that child's future. >> i think so. >> what is the plan? is william there yet? i understand he only gets two weeks off. >> he hasn't started his paternity leave yet. he's probably going -- his tour of duty as a certain much and rescue pilot is -- has been winding down. it is perfect timing for him to step up and take on more royal duties. i think now on we will see him basically in london. as far as the actual birth is concerned, i remember very well that diana practically -- you know, just prior to her actually giving birth the press learned what was going on, i think there was -- the idea -- monarchy is very good at hiding this stuff. we won't know really million just prior to the birth what's -- in the hospital for some time before we know. >> it so far they -- have been
10:36 am
pretty good at keeping secrets. twitter and all the social media they themselves use, who knows, you know, how early on we will hear. quick question, i heard and was reported that the doctors who will be attending to her have been told don't drink, don't go out at night, not only be available but have your wits about you as probably elizabeth, the queen works say. how big a medical team are we talking? >> two doctors, actually. both -- one is the queen's former gynecologist and current one. they are indeed waiting by the phone like everyone else. special encrypted phone they both have. they will get a call from the hospital and they will be there when diana and william get there, actually. everyone has been waiting. i don't know if -- i don't think people realize how -- what a surprise this is to royal watchers it has taken so long. we were almost all certain it would happen on the 13th or 16th.
10:37 am
lit happen my minute. >> it has taken in terms of the time they have been married to have this child. it is big business for london. no question about it. thank you so much. great to meet you. some good news for air travelers. soon you might be seeing shorter wait times in airport lines. that's because the government is expanding a tsa screening program for passengers at security checkpoints. live in washington to explain this topic. >> reporter: >> yeah. who would have thought a seamless pass through airport security. may in the future for millions of travelers. the government is announcing an expansion of what's now the free t tsa pre-check program. it will be available for all pass enskwloers sign up for the program. fliers will be able to pass lou security and expedited line, one they don't have to take off their shoes, belts, light
10:38 am
jackets, or even pull out those big laptops. the $85 fee covers background checks and allows travelers to participate for up to five years. >> that's our way of dealing with the risk based security. one-size fits call and let's focus on those that we can pre-screen. everybody in this room and those who -- share a little bit of information, yeah, let's do their so we can expedite your physical screening at the checkpoint because we have a high confidence that you are not a terrorist. >> there you hear travel experts say this is an effective way to manage and screen riskier travelers. tsa sorting out travelers for more expedited service. >> it is a win-win. win for the traveling public because you will have faster security screening but also a win on the security side because you let those low risk travelers go through and can focus resources on the areas where you know a little less about travelers and those scarce government resources that -- scarce taxpayer dollars and can
10:39 am
be used in the most effective way. >> when will this be in an airport near you? goals to expand the program to cover a core of all travelers by the end of the year. that's about 12 million travelers already in the pre-checked program. that juxtaposed to 1.8 million people to people that fly every day. it is a very small number. enrollment centers are scheduled to open at select airports in the fall but the program, like i said is scheduled to expand nationwide and hope to see that in the next year. >> thank you. new details about a deadly roller coaster accident that happened in texas. we are going have much more on that. witnesses are saying that a mother fell from one of the steepest roller coasters there. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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10:44 am
the park not confirming how the woman died but witnesses say that they saw her tumble from the ride after her safety bar released mid air. some saying the staff did not properly secure her. >> do you believe the affordable care act is dragging the economy or slowing the economy down at all with the transition that we are going through and the effort -- >> it is hard to make any judgment. you asked about the part-time -- one thing we hear -- you know, in the commentary we get is that some employers are hiring part time in order to avoid the mandate. >> that's federal reserve chairman ben bernanke talking about the impact of president obama's health care law on the economy. newly released labor department report shows number of full-time workers dropped last month while the number of part-time workers soared to record levels. so how can we expect the job
10:45 am
market to respond to the big changes coming from obama care? ed joins us to weigh in on this issue. it is good to have you. let's get right to it. what do you see on the horizon of obama care as it relates to our economy and also what employers will decide to do in the future? >> yeah. mine, i tell you the a great subject. you don't immediate your phd in economics to understand that reason we have more part-time workers is because the economy is really slow and because of this obama care tax. i am an employer and look to hire people and sometimes i hold off a little bit because of this. i'm not -- i'm not anything different or anyone different out there. we all have dash a tax, problem, lit slow hiring and going to see more part-time hiring without any question. >> isn't part of the problem in the sense that the obama administration, through the obama care law, actually stipulates a full-time employee is one who is working 30 hours
10:46 am
as opposed to traditional sense of working 40-hour workweek? >> yes. no question about that. >> how does that impact as an employer? >> well, it is going to force me, for instance, this summer instead of hiring full-time employees, i have no problem saying i went out and hired a lot of interns and they worked part time. i did not have to go out and bring on full-time staff. when they go back to school i'm not sure what i'm going to do but it impacts me. in all the years i have been in business think about hiring somebody and how much that insurance is going to cost me because it costs me a lot of money. you know, you think bit if i hire somebody and pay them $50,000 it costs me $10,000 to pay for their insurance. that goes up and went up 30% this year and projected to go up 30% again more next year. >> the clients that you have, what are they saying to you about this stipulation that -- 30-hour workweek is a full-time employee when traditionally it
10:47 am
was part-time worker. >> yeah. i worked with a lot of different people. all different wealth and businesses. and -- you know, they -- it is across the board. everyone talks about this. it is a problem. they work around at this time best they can. and the other problem is there's so much lack of clarity going forward. that's the other reason we are not seeing a lot of hiring because people don't know how it is going to impact their business and -- they still don't. even after what two, lee years of this, we still don't know exactly what obama care is. >> on that, you are getting back to something we used to talk about quite consistently during the recession and that is the high degree of uncertainty that's out there. is this degree -- certainly looming large as we move forward with this obama care? >> it continues to. i mean, you know, we hear about it non-stop. no one knows when it will be implemented and who it will impact. each business it impacts differently. the lack of clarity creates inherent inertia. no clarity with the exception those right now, my plans and other people's plans are going
10:48 am
up 30%. that's the only clarity we have right now insurance is costing us more money. >> no clarity and means no jobs in the long run. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, ed. potential medical breakthrough we want to tell you about in the war on cancer. coming up we will show you a new tool that surgeons say could make a huge difference. when yoe joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doct if you're prone to infections,
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you saw about david sumati in his white lab coat there. he is here live dressed as a civilian. he has great information for us about a brand-new medical breakthrough and tool that may actually help surgeons detect cancer. it is called the smart knife. it may help them to cut out only cancerous tissue and leaving all the healthy tissue behind. did you know that dr. david sumati is part of our medical a-team the chair of urology at lenox hill hospital. now we shared with people all of that we don't have time for the segment. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> this smart knife looks like a -- you use it in surgery but also you might -- use to remove
10:53 am
things. what makes it smart? >> as exactly what you said, when you use it creates smoke and this is obviously experimental knife. this is coming from uk. what they are doing is they are taking this and analyzing it. there is a machine that if it is green, after it takes this smoke and analyzes it, that's a good tissue. if it is red you are cutting through cancer tissue. you want to go beyond and cut a little bit more. right now what is going on in surgery -- let's say you are doing liver resection or brain resection, if there is suspicious tissue you can cut it out and send it to path i justice of the peace. that's called frozen section. get a margin and find out if you are leaving any cancer behind or not. with this particular one, as can be seen on the monitor, they start calleder i cauterizing it. it is done on 91 patients, i'm skeptical of what the future is
10:54 am
of this but in the patients it was accurate in almost the majority of the cases. we tell you whether there is cancer or not. still have to wait for clinical research much and clen cinical trials. >> the picture they saw they were cutting tissue out of the body and when you say margins, explain to people that means when you cut enough of the cancer to make sure that you have non-cancer surrounding it so get all of the cancer hopefully. >> absolute. >> i but is this used in the body? or once you resect and take tissue out? >> excellent question. right now what they are doing is doing it outside of the body to find out exactly -- efficacy and accuracy of it. you can do this once it has gone through the clinical trials. you can do this during the surgery. let's say on the liver resection, especially brain surgery, lot of times you may not see the difference between a good tissue and cancerous tissue. you will be able to just put the knife there and see what this smoke is going to analyze and be able to go further. that would really make our
10:55 am
margins much lower and chance of leaving cancer much less. you don't want to use any kind of that on sensitive nerves which is what we do with reboughtic surgery. brain surgery, liver, and certainly pancreas and other things this -- >> interesting. it a ton of time because the tissue does not have go to pathology while the doctor waits to do or does a second surgery to get more. >> exactly right. analyzes it very quickly. your point about what the margin is and the way we send the tissue, cut it out and look at the surrounding part, no cancer behind. this may actually be another tool to help us amid getting the entire cancer. >> more exciting. what impresses me is the degree of technology actually entering into the medical field. robotics and now this new knife. it goes on and can only help you and assistant you. >> 100%. look at the way we were doing --
10:56 am
surgery years ago and using our hands and -- feedback and the touch, having all the blood in the field, to now you don'ting this fancy robotics where you can really magnify and see the detail of the surgery, with had smart my and everything that's coming lou the operating room, it is changing the whole field of surgery. it is very exciting. >> we are going to talk a lot more about medical news from this week tomorrow on "sunday house call." 10:30 tomorrow. they are on facebook and tweeting. you don't want to miss all of that great information. thank you so much for joining us. we are going to be back at 3:00. >> join us again at that time. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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