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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 20, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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[ laughter ] >> jon: that is wrap this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again next week. >> gregg: vigils going on right now as demonstrators make their voices heard nearly one week after the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. hello, i'm kelly wright in for gregg jarrett. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. those demonstrations have been going on all day in a hundred cities. and in miami, showing you new york, atlanta and philadelphia. look at the screen. numbers have multiplied a florida jury acquitted
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zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. brian, what are you seeing? >> reporter: really was an energetic showing in downtown manhattan. for more than 500 people gathered to not only listen to trayvon martin's mother but also civil rights activists who are calling to try to put together what to do next after the verdict. when you looked at it there were people with posters and umbrellas to block themselves from the summer heat. we went through the summer heat wave. they were there with their kids and very peaceful and positive. she spoke for the first time and she really said, you know what, this -- it doesn't matter. not guilty for her murder. she said it's not about the not guilty verdict. why dpount take a look at her spot right now. >> trayvon is not here here to speak for himself. it's very important that
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parents to speak up for these children. [ applause ] >> reporter: this was just one of hundred vigils that was taking place and in miami where trayvon martin's father spoke. vigil says meant to put more pressure on the federal government to investigate possible civil rights violations. one of them is racial profiling. we spoke to one mother that traveled from maryland maryland with three generations of her family including her young son? >> i want my kids to understand that you have to fight for what you feel is right. you don't have to get violent. i want them to correlate with martin luther king what we went through to sit on the bus. i told him this situation, i made them come. you come here today and feel
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what their struggle was to get used to what you have everyday. >> reporter: multiple generations of families to a positive event. it's been a week long full of protests and rallies in new york city and times square as well as los angeles and california where rallies were a little more violent blocking the interstate. the verdict has passed but time to move forward to other major issues, stand-your-ground laws and other race issues like racial profiling. >> jamie: great report. thank you very much. >> kelly: politicians of all parties have been dealing with race issues since the founding of this country. let's take you back through history how one prominent democrat robert f. kennedy handled a crucial moment back on april 4th, 1968. that was the day that martin luther king was assassinated.
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>> what we need is not division, what we need in united states is not hatred. what we need in united states is not violence and lawlessness, but is love and wisdom and compassion toward one another feeling of justice of those that still suffer within our country whether they be white or whether they be black. [ applause ] >> kelly: he said that time was not to divide the country but bring the country to unity. he was urged not to announce mlk's death but he went ahead anyway but two days later he was also shot to death in los angeles.
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and it's royal baby fever in great britain. it's sky high has everyone awaits for baby to arrive. all eyes on the london hospital where the duchess is likely to give birth. future king or queen of england so the we. amy kellogg is there and letting us know if anything has happened. >> it's not any minute but hopefully soon and relieved by the reports that the duchess has left her parents home and has come back to london because the longer she stayed out there, the more likely it was a contingency plan would have to be activated in an emergency for to her give birth out there. the any not any by the press has gone past full term was
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broken briefly by some imposters who at that lovely evening hour, pulled up to the ward, with drivers and ear pieces and hurried in like a married couple only as the cameras moved after them like a school of fish. they revealed themselves as a publicity stunt. people seem certain that kate will make a great mother begin the interests she has shown in children so far and particularly vulnerable children. she has been known in the past couple of years, very personal attention to some of the sick children. he has said he wants to be the delivery room with his wife. prince philip playing squash when charles was born however the story goes that he quickly high tailed it over to see the queen and presented with flowers and champagne. she wasn't a queen at that
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point. some other royal news that has been lost in the shuffle this week. the duke and duchess of cambridge baby with the queen's great-grandchild but expecting a fourth great-grandchild, princess anne announced her that she is expecting this week. jamie back to you. >> jamie: amy, thank you. take care. >> kelly: major passing in the world of journalism. helen thomas who broke barriers for women has died. she became a white house reporter when the profession was dominated by men covering every president going back to john f. kennedy she was never afraid to ask tough questions putting presidents on the spotted at news conferences
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but in later years, her career was marred by controversy. she resigned from the hearst newspapers after sparking an uproar with comments on jews living in israel. the president releasing a statement today, what made helen thomas the dean of the white house press corps was not just the length of her ten ui but her fierce belief that our democracy works best when we ask tough questions and hold our leaders to account. she died at her home in washington. she was 92. >> jamie: growing concerns this week about the implementation of president obama's healthcare law. falling care act. we have seen lots of changes to it. from the delay of the employer mandate and pushing back to other key parts to the critical supported of unions. does president obama need a new strategy what is rolling out to be his signature plan? let's bring in washington
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times columnist, charlie hurt. how are you. good to see you. what is the state of affordable care act at this time? >> i think most important changes we have seen have occurred in recent weeks with president obama declaring he was going delay the employer mandate for a year. that to me was very much sort of a recognize n igs there are severe problems in the law -- recognition there are several problems in the law. without that component you do not have obamacare. the whole thing doesn't work without that. for him to delay that and crucially the delay will be until after congressional elections. if you step back and look at the whole law when he passed it in the first place. he made sure that none of the unpopular parts of the bill took effect until after he won reelection in 2012. well, that was probably very smart because it would have
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been much more difficult for him had a lot of these unpopular parts took effect before. now people on the hill that are concerned, he is facing reelection next year and if the employer mandate and other unpopular positions take effect, they are going to have be the ones defend it. so what we're seeing is a real crumbling of support among his own party. the truth about the law in my opinion is starting to come out. >> jamie: what about the employee mandate. are you hearing or finding that unions are also concerned that one the mandate is in place, employers will perhaps have an incentive to hire lower hour workers, not 40 hour workweek workers. do they have something to lose here? >> absolutely. i think you put your finger right on it.
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the big signal that a lot of changes was about to happen, you have seen more and more unions step out and publicly condemn the law and demand changes be made. any time you are talking about democrats, when you get the unions involved and they started pushing democrats around, you know that democrats are in real trouble. you know they are very scared because without the union support, democrats are going to have a real hard time in the election. that is exactly what has happened here. the problem is when president obama delayed the implementation of the penalty for employers who fail to provide insurance, he didn't provide the same delay for individuals. so it's one of these situations where you have basically help coming in president obama and democrats are willing to help big companies but not give it to
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individuals? it raises questions about the influence of corporate influence and influence of lobbyists in this town. i think it puts president obama in an unfavorable light and puts democrats in a real bind when they are out on the campaign o campaign trail. >> jamie: appreciate your help today. >> kelly: we're just getting started. secretary of state john kerry shuttle diplomacy takes off as israel and palestinians agree to new peace talks but the devil is in the details. >> jamie: plus heartbreaking new information on the plane crash in san francisco. what investigators have found and released. >> kelly: motor city running on empty and serving as a warning to other cities teetering on the edge. how the bankruptcy is being felt nationwide. >> if anybody is think 40-year-old trees going
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headlines, coroner reveals one of the three victims in the asiana plane crash in san francisco actually died from a fire truck that hit her, not the crash. san francisco fire chief has apologized to the family. >> jamie: a mother falls to her death while riding a rollercoaster at six flags in texas. she was riding with her daughter and son-in-law at the time. >> kelly: u.s. navy jets dropping four unarmed bombs near the great barrier reef. it forced the pilots to make the drop because they were running low on fuel. they are looking into whether the bomb can be retrieved. >> jamie: push for peace in the middle east is getting a boost. israel and palestinians will resume direct negotiations next week hoping to resolve a conflict that has defied resolution for decades. here is secretary of state
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john kerry. >> i am most hopeful because of the positive steps that israelis themselves and palestinians are taking on the ground and the promise that those steps represent the possibilities of the future. the path to resolution of this longstanding conflict in this critical corner of the world, that path is not about fate. it's about choices, choices that people can make. >> jamie: conor powell has more on this live from jerusalem. >> reporter: the fact that john kerry is able to convince the israelis and palestinians back to the, in table it's a significant accomplishment of itself, but some of the historical problems that have plagued previous peace efforts are starting to reappear. despite the demands, israelis are not agreeing to halt the
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construction of jewish settlements and disputed territory nor are they agreeing to the 1967 borders as the basis for negotiations and future palestinian state. the israelis are releasing hundreds of palestinian prisoners. israel is entering these negotiations fearing that the palestinian authority can't guarantee an overreaching agreement that will end the blood have i details violence. hamas is not part of these talks so any agreement with the palestinian authority may not cover hamas which would sort of dent the overall enthusiasm. kerry will have to convince them to make serious concessions and there is not a lot evidence that they are willing to do that. the fact they are beginning talks is seen as a positive step forward. representatives will meet sometime next week in washington, d.c.
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expectations are low for the talks but john kerry is taking a long approach but expectations are so low is because the reason for the extra optimism. >> jamie: conner, thank you. meanwhile, u.k. and everywhere. >> kelly: royal baby fever hitting a high pitch. the media camped outside the london hospital are getting anxious as they waited for signs a royal heir is on the way. latest live from london. >> jamie: also dangerous conditions as firefighters keep an eye on changing conditions. a wildfire is raging in the mountains of southern california. forecasts say they will be battling this fire for a whierld while. live report next. how mu protein
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>> kelly: as we've been telling you the waiting game is on. never mind buckingham palace the hospital is getting the most attention in london because it's where kate middleton is expected to give birth to a future heir to the british throne any day now. and weighing on this wonderful issue, great news that everyone is anticipating the birth of the royal heir. >> it continues. i think we're getting close. when we saw kate come back from her parents' residence and make the drive down to london and she is now, we believe, at kensington palace that is short drive from st. mary's hospital. police escort when it does happen. i think the excitement is building because we're very
12:26 pm
close. >> kelly: anyone that has been to london, you have to enjoy the respect they have for the royals. kate and prince william have garnered a lot of praise because they have been so down to heather? >> completely. something very special about this couple. and they've been together almost 12 years now. they are very solid, they met at university in scotland at andrews and they are down to earth. that has captured the imaginations not just the brits but here and around the world. >> kelly: so when the baby is born, boy or girl, you have to understand, queen is going to be extremely excited. nay names? >> a few. alexandria, victoria. >> kelly: not elizabeth? >> that is there. if a boy, alex and ser a favorite as well. >> kelly: prince william
12:27 pm
adored his mother and entire world did. he knew her first and foremost. do you think there will be any tribute to princess diana? >> i think that is going through their mind. i'm sure they wanted her to be here. i'm not sure they will make that name diana. i'm sure that foremost in their thoughts. >> kelly: colleagues are camping out. they are excited, as well? >> i just got off the phone and they are in the lindow wing. they are conformed space. what was very funny yesterday. british tabloid, they brought a couple look-alikes down to the hospital. and gave everyone a giggle. they are ready for the baby. >> kelly: what is interesting. you need comic relief when
12:28 pm
you are waiting. they are finding out what it is like to be a father to be walking on pins and needles as ahe awaits as well as kate -- i remember my wife saying i'm ready to deliver. it's time to deliver. it will be relief for them, as well. >> you have to bear in mind the whole of u.k. has gone through austere times with the economy and coming out a tough period. great summer of weather and now the baby. >> kelly: you bring that up, u.k. has been through so much lately. what do you think it will terms in lifting the spirits of the people living all throughout the u.k.? >> i remember when the royal wedding happened a couple years ago. that lifted the spirits of so many people coming out such a tough time. a lot of tough stories and
12:29 pm
this is great story. it's a great news story and lift everyone's spirit. >> kelly: we could all use that and around the record world. >> and kate is revered almost as much as diana. so many people like to talk about them and discuss them. we can't wait for the baby. >> kelly: good of you to join us, sir. thank you so much. >> jamie: good news to report as firefighters make ground, gaining traction on a wildfire raging in palm springs. it has dropped in temperatures but now they have a threat of thunderstorms hand that could help or pose new problems. will is live around hemet, california. how are they doing? >> reporter: they are doing as good a job as you can imagine.
12:30 pm
the majority of destruction out here. some homes completely untouched and you have buildings like this burn to the ground. it's hard to make out what was in the building. there is a filing cabinet. a lot of rubble and debris here. this fire has burned half a dozen homes several buildings and 28,000 acres, but firefighters do tell us they are optimistic today they are getting the upper hand. first palm springs is in the clear. they have the fire about 25% contained. with the weather today, it's overcast, high humidity, they are actually able to get in some areas and lay some lines that are very tough to get in to. same time they do tell us they are hoping for some rain in the area throughout the weekend. >> we have cooler temperatures, a chance of precipitation that will help the firefighters out on the ground. keep their heads up on the wind and lightning. >> they are doing such a good
12:31 pm
job of staying on top of this and gives you a lot of confidence when you see all the fire trucks. >> to show you an example of that confidence this was a storage shed obviously completely burned to the ground. you can see the fears path leading up here. this is a summer camp and the fire went up here and these firefighters were able to completely save this building. i spoke to residents every time they hear about a building like this being saved, they are completely grateful. >> jamie: those are incredible pictures there. wish themstice department is stepping up investigation of george zimmerman. could the man acquitted in the death of trayvon martin be facing a federal civil rights case? our legal panel weighs in next.
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>> kelly: closely following the financial disaster in motor city that has led to the biggest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. city of detroit that gave birth to the mighty auto industry can't pay its bills. entire neighborhoods are turning into ghost towns and a city that helped drive america's economy. detroit is nearly $19 billion in the right turn. what does it mean for people living and working in detroit and other cities across the country. cal is partner of harrington capital management. detroit, wants the mighty city, what has gone wrong here? >> for one, it's not a surprise to me. they have doubled the national unemployment rate. they have 78,000 buildings that have been abandoned.
12:37 pm
one out of three people right now want a to basically leave the city. tax revenues dry up. the credit rating is decreasing. what has to happen the discourse is important. the narrative going forward needs to be an examination of the income statement that the city has in an effort to shore up some of these liabilities and debt issues. one of the things i think needs to be focused on is these pension liabilities. we need to address the issue of how we can either curtail or adjust pension fund liabilities in an effort to fund these at a regular rate. that is major problem for the city. by the way, kelly, it seems to be an issue throughout the united states. i think the shoe has dropped. now, we have to address these issues. >> kelly: is there any chance that the white house or congress might bail detroit out? they bailed out the auto
12:38 pm
industry, what about the city? >> i think that probably will be a topic discussed in the coming weeks. how many times can we bail out whether it be the auto industry. we've seen the issue in stockton, california, san bernardino, california. there is a theme and pattern here that quite frankly i think the expenses exceed the revenues. we need to figure out ways, locally and nationally to shore up income statements in an effort to remain solvent and remain the currency in the country that we have been historically. feds you highlighted in the beginning, this was the birth of the auto industry. what a fantastic city and industry. now, we are in a situation where we need to adjust liabilities and obligations. >> kelly: as you talked about earlier, there are other cities that could be looking at the same kind of possibility. we're talking about large cities, chicago is having the own share of financial problems. not that they are near
12:39 pm
talking about a bankruptcy. they have a revenue problem that so many other u.s. cities throughout the country. >> there is no doubt about it. when you look at the facts of detroit. a third -- 40% of the street lights did not work for the first quarter of 2013. homicide rate is an extreme high. a lot of these things are linked. when the financial issue becomes prevalent you have safety issues the. you see a lot of people fleeing cities like detroit in an effort to find a more secure area to live. >> kelly: where do you see the answer? as you just mentioned when you have problems in terms of cutting services, lights for example, the children can't walk home sliafl it is dark. police issue in trying to quell the sense of lawlessness that exists there. is there a remedy in store for detroit. what can they do to turn this around? >> there needs to be a
12:40 pm
detailed discussion and plan outlined by say the local mayor as well as the state, as well as nationally. we need to come together and figure out a way to quell this storm. i think it starts with examining the pension fund obligations that we've promised historically to people that have retired. kelly, you can't retire -- i'm talking police and firemen, 20 years on the job and then collect a pension check -- people are living longer. you live to 90 years old. you will be collecting a check longer than you have worked. i just don't think that math works in terms of servicing that debt. we are seeing that here in detroit. >> kelly: and that the flies started. perhaps the pensions trying to get that turned around. kyle harrington, thank you for your insights on this. >> jamie: there is new developments in the aftermath
12:41 pm
of the george zimmerman murder trial. you recall zimmerman was acquitted last week in the shooting death of trayvon martin. knew the justice department is putting a hold on all the evidence in the case and also asking the public for tips indicating it may be weighing a federal civil rights. what might happen. tad nelson is a defense attorney and former prosecutor and rachel self is a trial attorney. thank you so much. tad, is the justice department obligated, is it mandatory for them to do an investigation in this case because the f.b.i. already did and determined that george zimmerman did not racially profile. >> not only is it not obligated, it's ridiculous. this is out of control. we got a police department that said there is nothing here. we've got a d.a.'s office there is nothing here. we've got a state attorney's
12:42 pm
office that cheats and still loses. >> jamie: what do you mean, accusations? >> the evidence held it under. a person got fired base he exposed that they cheated. bottom line, this is political. you've got brother barack obama and eric holder are pushing this because they are pandering to their people. >> wow. i'm going to ask you this. >> jamie: i'm going to ask you to stick to your legal expertise. president asked for america to come together as a nation. rachel in terms of the actual case, i was impressed because the president said yesterday the jury did its job. the judge ran a proper trial and jury instructions were correct. they made their decision.
12:43 pm
what is it, rape ole, that the justice department will look at that this jury did not. i wanted folks at home to understand. >> because george zimmerman was not charged with any hated crime. he wasn't actually charged with a hate crime. so what the justice department is examining is whether or not, there was an actual civil rights violation by george zimmerman against mr. martin. in that what they are looking at was trayvon martin killed because of his race? if they determine that george history zimmerman has a history of this behavior -- here is my point, i don't think. >> jamie: factually based they won't find it? >> yes. mr. zimmerman has a longstanding history of working with people of other races. he went to prom someone of another race. he spoke out when a homeless black man was beat up in sanford, florida, we need to
12:44 pm
apply the law equally to everybody. the law is not gray. he really has always seemed to not care about color. in fact it was the 911 digs patcher who brought up race in the first place. he said i believe he is black. he didn't know or any determination i know he is black. >> jamie: okay. thank you. >> we have nothing to lose by investigating this because the people of america, millions of americans are outraged, a young boy was walking home and was unarmed and he was killed. absolutely we have nothing to lose by looking into this further. i don't think he is going to be charged, but think it's very good that we care enough to look into it. >> jamie: speaking a member of his family, tad, he welcomed the investigation. he said please do. i wonder what the implications of the doj
12:45 pm
looking? is it really all about stand-your-ground laws, that florida is one of the states that has stand your ground. and didn't play a role in this case because the defense attorney chose not to raise it. given the judge an opportunity to decide it before it went to the jury, but its controversial law, stand your ground. do you think when the doj looks at it they will at least impact the future of stand-your-ground laws? >> absolutely. they are going to impact it. you just hit the nail on the head. stand your ground despite it being the number one issue throughout the country right now, o all the talk shows had zero to do with this case. this was a strict, straightforward self-defense issue. that is the problem what is going here. we have taken a non-racial situation and turned night race because of who the players are. everywhere you look,
12:46 pm
everybody is pandering to their people. it's posturing. >> i don't agree with that. >> jamie: quickly, thank you, tad. but holding up the evidence, is that appropriate. not that mr. zimmerman wants the get his gun back but asking public for email tips. what is the point the justice department is trying to accomplish? >> what they are doing is preserving the evidence so if they determine that there is a civil rights violation they can prosecute him and have all the evidence going forward. so it makes sense for them to do that. >> jamie: thank you so much giving us insight into the future of this case. all the rallies are going on today. a lost support for the martin family, as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> kelly: up next, accusations of a possible cover-up in benghazi, libya. a congressman says he has
12:47 pm
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>> kelly: there are major new developments on on the investigation into the deadly terror attack in libya. a republican congressman claims the obama administration is trying to silence the survivors by making them sign non-disclosure agreements. a state department spokeswoman denies that allegation. >> as part of their employment, most department employees find classified signed the non-disclosure agreement but they have not asked employees to sign any separate non-disclosure agreement regarding events in benghazi. i will repeat again the department has not and would not prevent any employee who wants to tell their story to congress from doing so. >> kelly: steven yates is the former deputy assistant to the president of national affairs and ceo of d.c. national advisory. why y what do you think is going on here?
12:52 pm
>> kelly, there has been a long pattern of withholding information about the attack in benghazi. most americans by now are very familiar with the fact that we lost four distinguished americans the night of the attack. what is astonishing there were 33 others evacuated. we heard so little about what their experiences were. they've had few witnesses that were seen as whistleblowers come before congress, many months after the attack. but really we had a slow drift which seems to give an indication there has been an effort to control information. >> kelly: you talk about a slow drip. they are calling on the obama administration to explain why the survivors that you mentioned to sign non-disclosure agreements. if these records are accurate, it would raise serious questions about additional restrictions the state department has placed on those who have acknowledge of with a took place in
12:53 pm
benghazi. steven, what are you hearing out there. have you heard what 33 people might testify to if they go to copping? >> i got myself among many who would be very interested and find it abnormal to have this much time transpire without having some amount of witness testimony on this. some. you would expect people that have proper clearances in executive and legislative branches of government to have been fully briefed and that apparently hasn't happened. any average sampling of 33 americans someone would have talked. >> kelly: what about lindsey graham is talking about of south carolina. he said if you recall back in march he was trying to get information. he was told that many of these 33 people have been told not to talk. they've been told to be quiet. >> that is consistent with
12:54 pm
what the former deputy of chief of missions, hicks testified to. members of congress were asking for information and fact finding, that they had received calls from the secretary of state chief of staff among others encouraging them to be circumspect in sharing information with members of congress. there seems to be an effort to withhold that info. >> kelly: what do you think the obama administration has bon done here. do you think they are trying to cover something up? >> it's very unclear who the main actors would be other than people who had a political stake in the story being told. department of state as an institution wouldn't have any interested in keeping this information going forward if it is about keeping diplomatic facilities safe. so someone with a political motive in my estimation. >> kelly: so in the best interests of country and obama administration, what
12:55 pm
should the white house be doing at this point? >> the white house white house ought to be making good what they have been saying. more than that they should make them readily available to members of congress who have been conducting an investigation. there have been several investigations, congress has trying to conduct seeking information and haven't been forthcoming from the executive branch. this one should have been less controversial than it has been. >> kelly: there was were systemic failures related to benghazi. white house has admitted that. state department has admitted that. c.i.a. -- everyone involved admitted that. what do you think the white house has been doing to clean up that mess? >> they tried to fightly control the narrative about what happened and why. that is going -- it hasn't been undone. i don't think that is the right thing to do. they haven't put forward any kind of explanation what the
12:56 pm
national interest in keeping the truth from coming out a little bit more quickly. there is timing of national election that seemed to be very sensitive and coincidental but with the passing of the general election we should have had more information faster. >> kelly: steven yates, who is the ceo of d.c. international advisors. thank you for your perspective. that will do it for us. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. you want to stay right where you are because greta is coming up. see you tomorrow. have a great day. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. when he said "everyone gets health insurance"?
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♪ >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except in self-defense. >> ultimately change something in justice system. >> we are very, very saddened the jury's verdict in this case. >> this is no


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