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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 21, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> eric: what do you give a royal baby? >> martha, you will know just what to get. >> the great kate wait is on in london, as people wait to hear when the dutchess of cambridge will give birth. detroit's downfall, the city's emergency manager said it had no choice but to declare bankruptcy and that, quiet, we dug our own hole. some are calling for the federal government to step n. environmental overreach. attorneys across america saying i the epa is ramping up business-killing federal regulations. we will get to the bottom of it with tax attorney greg abbott and a contest that highlights the amazing work ever service dogs and servicemen and sweys-women.
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i'm shannon bream.vo1 we gip with the royal baby watch. william and kate are reportedly back in london, waiting out the royal pregnancy. the media, royal enthusiasts are standing by for the next heir to arrive. even grandma is getting impatient. we go live to the scene in london for the latest. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, the queen has said that she will be around until friday. she takes off for her annual holiday. she is going, no matter what and when you take a look at why, it's quite an operation, just as it was in the old days to move the center of court from buckingham palace, it's something they do every year. it involves a lot of operations and a lot of people moving their base of operationsful they are going no matter what on friday. she is going to pick up prince
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phillip who has been ailing in a country house. he is 92 years old. they will head up there, either way. if the baby's born after that, but we are hoping for the baby in the next couple of days, it could be that great-grandma doesn't see the baby until october. william has to go back to work. he is with the r.a.f., a rescue helicopter pilot. he will be heading back in 2 weeks. so kate is on her own with her baby in buckleberry with her mom and dad, where she has been waiting out the final weeks of this. >> shannon: martha, you talks about the family members. what about prince harry, is he ready to become a royal uncle now? >> reporter: well, you know, the reports say that he is really excited about the baby. he and william are very close -- he and kate are very close. there were crazy stories about
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how harry had helped her to pack her bag because william had been at work and he prepared a playlist for her at the hospital. who knows. but we are also hearing that harry has had his request fulfilled to go back to afghanistan. he may be going back after the end of the year, for a third tour of duty here, after he becomes an uncle. >> shannon: all right. the only person who will really know how this feels and plays out for this chile is william himself, being the heir to the throne. and because of the law changing there, whether it's a boy or a girl, the child is likely to go through the same scrutiny he d. he has to have an appreciation for that and certainly, i have to think, feel practice extraprotective over this baby? >> reporter: absolutely, shannon. he knows what it's like to grow up with all of those eyes on
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you, as a future royal heir. it's different. watching william and harry grow up. harry life has been very different. and there is great expectation. one of the really interesting things that has come out this morning is that even though england has changed its rule and a first-born daughter would be in line for the throne after prince william. but 15 realms have to approve that. so it could be that england accepts a baby girl, but if a boy comes after that, several parts of the realm around the world might not accept the girl. we could be a challenge to this child, if it's a girl, which could be fascinating. >> shannon: i say girl power, martha. we will have to wait and see, boy or girl, this time around. thank you so much. >> reporter: all right, take care.
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see you later. >> shannon: see you soon. ditroit's manager manager says the city has only itself to blame for the long line of money issues that -- forced it to declare bankruptcy. >> now that the city has filed an historic bankruptcy case with $18 billion in debt, what's next? the process will be a lengthy one, involving more than 100,000 creditor, including the police and fire retirement system and the 20,000 general city retirees. all city workers, curcht and retired could see pension cuts. >> we will have a dialogue with the pension funds approximate about what we can do. there are two funds. police and fire and general services. they may have different levels of funding. all we are talking about in the restructuring is the unfunded component of the pension funds. >> reports are that pension holders will make the argument
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that the government could not make a chapter 9 filing that could affect their pensions or would call on a bankruptcy judge to get the retiree interest. relations are already strained from both ises of the aisle. the national debt is well over $16 trillion and the federal government is struggling under re-constraints. but the governor says that the feds are the city's biggest ally. >> i will give you one illustration of tangible things. this is not just writing checks. this is about improving detroit. one thing i am proud of in that we are working on blight removal. >> reporter: the and the members of the team continue to closely monitor the situation in detroit. but they haven't given any indication that a bailout is in the agenda. >> thank you very much. it is your turn to weigh in from
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home. we want to know, do you think the federal government should have bailed out detroit. tweet us. we will read some of your responses, later in the show. >> lawmakers and politicos are reacting to the president's surprise marks on the zimmerman verdict on the polarizing issue of race in america. steve centanni has more on the conversation. >> reporter: hi. some of president obama's strongest support is coming from a key republican. while an outspoken democrat is highly critical of the president, after the president made a surprise appearance on the briefing room on friday to highlight the differing perspectives of white and black americans. his very personal remarks were also aimed at triggering a greater dialogue about race in america. for this, he won the approval of senator john mccain. listen. >> we have made significant progress. but i think that recent events have obviously highlighted the
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differences that remain. what i got out of the president's statement, which i thought was very impressive, is that we need to have more conversation in america. i need -- i as an elected official, i need to talk to my hispanic organizations in my state. >> reporter: calls for justice in the case of trayvon martin, the man who killed him in self defense, george zimmerman, of course, was acquitted. the president addressed underlying differences in racial attitudes. some say he didn't go far enough. >> when he left the podium, he had not answered the most important question -- where do we go from here? that question remains unanswered from the perspective of the president. he has to step into his moment. i don't want him to be like bill clinton, regretting that he didn't move on rwanda and to realize he didn't do as much as he could have in this critical time. >> reporter: the justice department, of course, deciding whether to file civil rights
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charges against george zimmerman. >> shannon: steve, thank you very much. a cleveland man is in custody for a possible connection to the murder of 3 women whose bodies were found in trash bags. no charges have been filed. the suspect is a registered sex offender. authorities believe he may have had a fascination with a serial killer who hilled 11 women and hid their bodies around his home. generations are remembering one of their own, veteran reporter helen thomas died on saturday at the age of 20. the president of the gridiron club said that quote, helen thomas was the force behind the charge in the party gender membership policies she was the first member of the white house correspondents
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association. >> do you think the public has been publicly misled by assertions that cincinnati was to blame. and your response was? >> yes, i believe so. there are more questions than answers, that's a reaction from a number of lawmakers, following another hearing into the irs decision to target conservative group who is requested tax-exempt status, about who knew what was going on. republican congressman jim jordan had plenty of questions and he is here live. thank you for your time today? >> good to be with you, shannon. >> reporter: tell us what you learned -- not today, but this week in the hearing. anything new there? any new concerns that rose for you? >> i think there were two big take-aways. first, the line that the white house ands -- this narrative that they came up with that it was two rogue agents in cincinnati, that was dispelled by the testimony. you know twasn't just about cincinnati. it was about washington. second and probably most
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important, shannon, we "happening now" -- know that this went to the irs chief counsel's office, a political appointee, mr. wilkins. that office looked at the two tea party test cases -- when they were recommended that they actually approve one and deny the other, they said no, we are going to take the cases from a 48-year veteran of the irs, the expert in this area, we are going to take them from him and give it to someone who had been at the irs 4 months. when theyda they dthey never made a decision. that's how they really harassed the tea party groups, they never gave them a resolution, we know that that went to the chief counsel's office. you mentioned the chief counsel. william wilkins is a political appointee. is it plausible that he didn't share to the white house or someone in the obama administration at some point about this specific issue? >> yeah. we don't know.
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mr. wilkins will be coming in for his disposition. that's where you find out, when they near, under oath and we get the chance to ask them questions for a long period of time, that's when you find out these things and others in that chief counsel's office. we will bring in and depose them. then they will be in front of the full committee as a witness and a congressional hearing. so we don't know, but we are going to talk to these thing folks. we do know that carter hull, 48-year veteran made a recommendations on the two test-party cases, one was to approve and one was to deny. once he had decided on his recommendation and once he had met with the chief couple's office, that's whether they took the cases from him and assigned them to a four-month employee -- an employee at the irs for four months. that shows something from somewhere denying the expert, they it taken them from him. we need more hearings and
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interviews. we are going to do that and get to the truth. >> shannon: you mentioned that you for going to speak -- presumably under oath, william wilkins about what he knew about who else knew and when. any concerns that he would take the fifth and not testify as we saw with lois lerner, another key irs employee? >> yeah. you are always -- with what we have seen, you are always glad when someone from the irs doesn't take the fifth. it seems to be a pattern. the most high-profile has been lois lerner. there has been no indication of that. we don't know. what we do know is that this government took information from american citizens and used that to target those citizens for their political beliefs. that's why this is so important. we will get to the bottom of this, no matter how long this takes. this is fundamentally wrong, what this administration did. >> shannon: quickly, any timeline on talking with
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mr. wilkins and others? >> it will be -- it will be soon when he is brought in for an interview. i mean, that's important. he is one of the two political appointees at the internal revenue service t. will be sooner, rather than later. >> shannon: keep us updated. great to see you. thank you. >> we will. thank you. >> shannon: texas attorney general greg abbott is among a group suing a key federal agency he says is doing an end run around congress. i will ask him about the efforts to rein in the epa. and in southern california, wildfires with will carr. >> reporter: hi. good news, the area got a lot of rain overnight. but there is a lot of destruction, homes are destroyed. now residents know exactly what started this fire and they are not happy. i'll tell you what, coming up after the break. [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist.
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>> shannon: it appears the heat wave that has been gripping the northeast is finally breaking up temperatures will be 20 degrees cooler. hot and humid in the
9:19 am
mid-atlantic with a chance of storms and showers as a cold front stalls. cooler weather and much-needed rain in southern california is helping them battle a massive wildfire near palm springs. it is 49% contained. but it has destroyed 6 homes and forced 6,000 people to evacuate. will carr is live, near the fire with the latest. >> reporter: hi, shannon. firefighters tell us the good news is that they got a lot of rain overnight, helping them to get the upper hand on the fire. the fire has cost $12 million. a handful of homes have burned. i am standing next to one. this is where the garage was. you can see the garage door, folded up on the ground. if you move to the left, you can see the hot water heater sticking out of the house. besides that, there is not much left. the fire burned 28,000 acres and cost millions of dollars. we know it was human caused. we don't know if this was an
9:20 am
accident or arson, but for sure, lightning did not cause this fire. we spoke to several resident who is say that now that they know someone started this fire, they definitely have some choice words for that person. >> in in regard to the person wo started this, i give them forgiveness. but we need to take accountability. i pray for them, honestly. hopefully, they can find who did it. there is a lot of loss and a lot of hurt caused by them. >> reporter: for that reason, residents are asking people in the area to be extra cautious to make sure they don't start any other fires while they have this fire 50% contained. and firefighters are continuing to battle. the last thing that they want is another fire in the area. back to you. >> shannon: will, thank you very much. a group of attorneys general from across the country says the federal government is using regulations do todo an end run
9:21 am
around congress. texas attorney general greg abbott explains why he happenings it is time to bring this bags to court. and we are on the royal babe watch. what is kate's real due date. what will she name the heir? we will talk with the royal wasmer after the break. ♪ ♪ honey, is he too into this car thing? [ mumbling ] definitely the quattro. ♪ honey? huh? a5. what? [ sighs ] did you say something? ♪
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>> shannon: all eyes are on one london hospital for any sign that a royal baby is officially on the way. but the world is waiting and guessing, when will kate give birth to the next heir? joining us, theñ of life & style weekly. let's start with the hospital. what do we know about kate's
9:26 am
accommodations? when will we find out she's there. >> reporter: the accommodations are very top notch. it has at that time light tv. it has all the luxuries a princess would expect. >> shannon: all right. will catch her going? will the palace let us know? >> reporter: there is a secret entrance to the hospital. but there are 200 camera crews and photographers waiting for any sign of the princess. >> shannon: including our own martha mccouldcowan. once the baby is on the way, kate is in labor, what is the official announcement, when we find out, is it a boy, is it a girl? what will the name be? how will the public find out. >> reporter: one of the first people to find out will be the queen. once the queen has found out, a royal aide has been summoned to take the announcem, which will be formal and fit into tradition
9:27 am
and they will take it and place it in a guilded frame, outside buckingham palace for everyone to display. following that, even the royals have kept up with modern times, there will be a royal tweet announcing the birth. >> shannon: it's such an interesting marrying of traditions -- old and new -- in something like this. now, what about names? i know they have been taking bets on whether it's a boy or a girl. traditionally, the royal family doesn't go with moon unit zappa. people from the 80s will know what i am talking about. >> reporter: you are right. the royals are very traditional. we are not going to see an apple or a northwest or a blue ivy. the bets on the names are the fact that if it's a boy, it will be possibly george, one of the favorites, or henry. and then -- or james is a top contender. then, if it's a girl, the top
9:28 am
bets with the bookies in england is charlotte,axexandra or even elizabeth. >> shannon: beautiful names. now we stand by and continue to wait for word that the official things are underway. thank you for a little inside peek on what to expect. detroit's financial crisis has shaken the municipal bond market with bond price falling sharply on friday and growing concern that this could have a wider effect on all michigan localities. we will have that and more top stories. >> that's right. white house officials say they have no plans to bail out detroit. the president's team maintains they are monitoring the situation, but detroit is the largest american city to ever file for bankruptcy. meanwhile, the san diego sheriffs office has established a hotline for sexual harassment claims gans the mayor. resignats
9:29 am
increased. there are no formal charges, but flinner says he welcomes an investigation by authorities. a deadly roller coaster accident in texas. a woman fell riding a roller coaster and there seems to be no foul play. details surrounding the cause of the fall have not been released. superman and batman will unite on the big screen. the man of steel's director made the announcement at comicon in san diego. the release is expected for the summer of 2015. those are the top stories. i have two brothers, so i will admit that i am very excited about that. >> shannon: i want to say at that convention, it exploded when that announcement was made. we have to wait 2 years, so we will do so.
9:30 am
>> okay. thanks. >> shannon: in just the last 90 days, the federal government has posted 6,513 newly proposed regulations. our next guest says the administration is using federal regulations to go around congress. he has joined even other states to sue over one issue, in particular. greg abbott announced he is running for governor. he joins us live from austin. great to see you today. what is this lawsuit about? >> well, this is outrageous, what the epa is doing, this is part and parcel of the obama administration's attempt to be the most secretive in the history of america. he promised he would be transparent. but he's not. what's going on, the epa is secretly entering into settlement agreements with liberal environmental groups, suing the epa to impose new regulations on the state. as you suggested, this
9:31 am
circumvents the normal process of rule-making and circumvents the state's authority to decide what the regulations are in their state to comply with the cleaner act. the attorneys general have file aid lawsuit against the epa to demand transparency about these otherwise secret agreements the epa is entering into. >> shannon: i know this goes to a broader issue. ure have had other dust-ups with the administration. is it your -- is it your position that essentially this administration on a number of levels is using administrative tools to get things done that they know wouldn't pass on the hill and they know states are going to push back, i think about the moving the employer mandate drd line for the health care law? >> well, on that one, you just mentioned, of course, the white house is writing new law into obamacare by circumventing the legal starn for what the health care mandate. the same thing is happening with the epa, but in a slightly
9:32 am
different way. are in the forward epa to impose new regulations on the state, they valid to go through the normal rule-making process and defer to the state. edinstead, they are entering ino secret settlement agreements with environmental groups like siary club and imposing new regulations on states that we have to comply with. we are suing the epa, demanning that this be uncovered. but one last thing about this, that is that it shows that the epa is acting like the irs, with regard to ideology. the epa provide this is informs to liberal groups, but deny this is kind of information to conservative groups and states. >> shannon: you mentioned a number of groups involved, siary club and other environmental activist groups. is it your suggestion that they are in cahoots with the epa. they know what they are doing and then if they are settled secretly and you don't have access to them, where does that leave the states?
9:33 am
>> well, to coin a legal freeways, yes, they near cahoots with the epa because in one of these instances, the lawsuit was filed on the same day the epa entered into a settlement agreement with the liberal environmental group. they are in cahoots to impose the new regulations that they would be unable to impose if they had to go through the normal process required by the clean air act. i want to ask you because texas in recent weeks has been the scene of brutal fight over new abortion restrictions as the attorney general there, should that particular law that was passed get here to the supreme court with a current makeup of the court, do you believe it will withstand constitutional and legal muster? >> well, now the new abortion law in the state of texas goes from the statehouse to the courthouse, where i will be defending the state of texas. i believe it will go all the way to the supreme court. i believe the law can be upheld
9:34 am
as consistent with row versus wade. 1, it does do a good job of protecting more innocent life. and it also does a good job of protecting the health care of women. if you go back to the row versus wade opinion itself, one of the key components was insisting that states have a legitimate interest in insuring the safety and well being and health care of women and assuring the very stringent standards in accomplishing that goal. we think that this makes women more safe and prevents things like cerementit -- like kermit gosnel from happening in the state of texas. >> shannon: mr. attorney general, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> shannon: the man brought in to resolve detroit's money problems says that the city has to fix its own problems on its own. but others are saying, there
9:35 am
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>> shannon: earghtdline college is closed so officials can assess the damage of a tornado. a wall at the student athletic center collapsed and cereal other buildings were heavily damaged. the good news, oak a few students were on campus at the time and none of them were injured. as detroit teeters on the brink, some are calling on the federal government to step in and bail out the city. but others say it did that with the auto companies and it's up to the city to right itself. joining us for a fair and balanced debate, the former chief of staff to the summit conference and the national director for the democratic national committee.
9:40 am
i suspect that you may have agreement on this. this is a lot of hesitation for the federal government to be giving money to bail anyone else out. do you think those calls will come? >> they are not coming at all because the federal government is working on its own finances. they are going to be voting soon on increasing their own debt ceiling and trying to get their own fiscal house in order. it is unlikely -- even if they wanted to be to, to be able to bailing out detroit. and what does that send to the taxpayers and the cities that have well-managed pension funds and finances? that would set a very bad precedent. there is a lot of other cities that are aligned behind detroit. >> shannon: david, there are a lot of institutions, even if we are not talking about cities, that have gotten themselves into trouble. how do they say no to detroit in this case? >> i think you have two laws, chapter 9 and chapter 11, with regard to the private sector, i
9:41 am
think you are making researches to the auto industry, where you had a market meltdown. you could not get liquidity or capital into the auto industry because the credit market his frozen. there wasn't access to capitol. so you needed help from the federal government to see them through. the ripple effects, which are different. the ripple effects of millions of people going unemployed with -- the suppliers to the auto companies going bankrupt or out of business. seit's a different situation. i might add that with bankruptcy, which may be the right course to take, it allows detroit to have -- hit the pause button with regard to its creditors and others to get their financial books in order and to make sure that all the stakeholder are accounted for in a restructuring of detroit to
9:42 am
make it through. the governor isn't calling for a bailout. and there are not many others, even in the detroit -- michigan delegation, congressional delegation calling for a bailout. >> shannon: there is no mistaking that it's a city in crisis. when you look at the thousands of by blighted buildings and pee set fires for fun. the fire department and the police department are barely funded. there is no tax base to get scmowt help people in trouble. kevin orr office fox news sunday and he is the city manager who filed the bankruptcy and said it's 60 years of deferred action. so how did detroit get into this? and are other cities in darren? >> i am impressed with the manager manager here. it's been a long time coming. you have had a manager base which was the power of detroit. detroit is a massive land base, it fits in chicago and manhattan
9:43 am
and all of these other cities combined. what have you is a combination of mismanagement of how they structured deals with the unions with the pension and the retiree funds, which is a little over half of their bankruptcy issue, $19 billion. have you that, along with a declining tax base. people are fleeting the city without going to privatization of their services, without figuring out a way to restructure their deals. this is a situation they are in. it's a main to other cities across america that have the problems that look at detroit, this is coming if you don't handle your own finances. >> shannon: how much are unions to blame? first. >> first of all, i don't think you get to solutions by laying blame. i think detroit is more the exception than the rule between 2009 and 2011, you had 43 municipalities get their pensions in order and to meet
9:44 am
obligations. i think that this is as ron alluded to, for 60 years, this has been in the making almost with regard to detroit. i think, though as i mentioned that it's a pause button with regard to filing bankruptcy, to get its house in order and it's the exception, more than the cruel and most states, especially with the market at 20%, higher than it's been, will help on the investments of pension funds and other assets that the city has. >> all right. great to see you both. >> thank you very much. all right. this is a fox news alert. you are seeing a picture here eye am trying to warn you, we get tweet when is we tell you too much about sports. but there's the picture. golfer phil mickelson has won the british open. this is his first british open title, for all of you phil fans out there. here's the good news.
9:45 am
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>> the cleanup and repair could last through the weekend in a california neighborhood after a broken water pipe caused sirchtion holes. the inspectors say the hillside is safe and residents were allowed to go home last night. travelers beware, you need to think twice before using the free wifi at your hotel. senior business correspondent brenda buttner has more. this is very serious. i'm guilty. >> yeah. absolutely. heads up, consumers, including you, shannon, thieves are hitsing up hotels to steal your private information. more than a third of all credit card fraud involves the hotel industry. here's the scam. the criminals create safe wifi hot spots to fool you into giving up your credit card information i. they do it in hotels to get informs from people in their rooms. they could be in the bar at the
9:50 am
hotel network the conference center. they could be sitting next to you. half the time, you don't even know. >> the thieves create a mirror image of the hotel's web site with one critical difference. one is real and the other is there to scam you. >> they make sure it's the strongest signal in a particular area. and a lot of people have their settings so that they automatically connect to whatever the strongest wifi is. they don't take the time to pick and choose what the right wifi network would be. >> you can protect yourself, setting up a virtual private network connection. >> you can do this yourself. you can get it through work, sometimes through your university. >> it also helps to get your hotel's wifi name on check-in. >> what is the name of the system? if it says hotel free wifi, as opposed to a specific name of a specific hotel. they may misspell the name
9:51 am
oredad another word. be precise, find out from the front desk, the in your desk in your room. >> it is not just free wifi in hotels that put you at risk. >> anywhere that is a public area, whether you are in an airport, you are in the lobby of a business complex, you are in a coffee shop, a restaurant, a conference center, any one of those places wherever you are out there, in the midst of people doing whatever you do, you know, don't think that wherever you are is your specific castle, it's more like a mine field. >> shannon: travel with your own wireless hot spot device that packs fast internet advice -- internet access. they are becoming more affordable and you can prepare for the service. >> shannon: all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: with summer in full swing, millions of us are hanging at the pool. but are your little ones as safe
9:52 am
as they could be? a mother who turned tragedy into a mission. the great kate wait is on. we go outside the hospital where kate will give birth and more on the speculation. we will check in with her right after the break. the pursuit of a better tomorrow is something we all share. but who can help you find your own path? who can build you a plan,
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> when it's so hot outside, what better way to cool off than to head to the pool? a simple swim can have tragic
9:56 am
effects. that's what's driven a mother's efforts to make sure kids stay safe. the zach foundation was established to honor zachary archer cohen who drowned when his arm got caught in a pool drain at age sixties. i spoke with zachary's mother and cofounder of the zach foundation about her efforts. >> my husband and i started the foundation after we lost our 6-year-old son zachary in a pool drain entrapment in our backyard pool. his arm actually became stuck in the pool drain. so we -- zachary was a really good swimmer. we didn't know that could happen. and so we began our journey to teach, you know, other families throughout the country how to be safe. >> and you have so many different ways you're doing this. very informative website, by the way. >> thank you. >> folks can check it out. you have camps to make sure that
9:57 am
people know how to swim safely, to be aware of the dangers that you said yourself your family didn't know this could pose such a problem. >> yes. so we started these camps that originally were greenwich, connecticut, which is where we live. after having them for two years, we had the opportunity to partner nationally with the boys & girls clubs. the zach camps actually consist of three components. there's in the water swim instruction. there's classroom water safety instruction. there's a curriculum that we have. then there's a first responders portion, where they actually -- the first responders come in and give their own safety lesson to the kids. >> shannon: very informative. all right. i love this adorable book that you've put together. it has a great story, talks about a frightened polar bear who is afraid of swimming, but learns what he needs to know so he can enjoy it. >> yeah. thank you so much for showing the book. zachary -- what we tried to do,
9:58 am
zach was the inspiration. he's the inspiration for everything that we do. he had a stuffed polar bear that he carried around with him everywhere. the most important lesson to take away from the book are the a, b, c and ds of water safety. a is for adult. so if you -- if a child is swimming, they always should have an adult with them. if you are an adult, you should never swim alone. b is for barriers. so barriers should be, you know, a fence or gate around any body of water. and then c is for classes. everyone should know how to swim. and then d is drain safety. and drain safety, of course, is the hallmark of our foundation, because that's how we lost our son. there are three components of drain safety that are very important. one is if you have long hair, when you're swimming, you should have your hair pulled back. two is when you are swimming, that you really shouldn't swim near drains. then three, is that if a drain cover comes loose or is broken,
9:59 am
that that pool should be shut down. >> well, it's such vital information. this is the time of year that we hope people are paying close attention. quickly give us the web address for folks who want to check it out. >> yes. it's the book is also available on and and >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me on today. >> shannon: all eyes are on this door of this london hospital where the duchess of cambridge could arrive any minute to give birth to a royal heir. crews have been camped out for days to catch a first glimpse of will or kate as they enter st. mary's hospital. i'm shannon bream.
10:00 am
we begin hour two of america's news headquarters in london. >> shannon, how you doing? yep, we are waiting. we continue to wait until the baby is born. there's been so much folk on what the baby will be called. until the baby is named -- i'll have more on that in a second -- the baby will be referred to as baby cambridge, the daughter or the son of the duke and duchess of cambridge. little baby cambridge may not get a name for some time. prince william was not named until he was one week old, but prince harry was named on the day he was born. so are speculating that because there's been a wait for baby cambridge that the name has been chosen, whether it's a boy or girl and will come along on the day that the baby is born. we're also learning more about the celebration, what will take place in london when the baby is born. we know that the fountain, trafalgar situation, the famous
10:01 am
fountain in london, will be lit up in pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby. we'll learn that on the evil outside of buckingham palace as soon as the child is born. also there will be a 62-gun salute, which is traditional when a new heir to the british throne is born. that will happen at the tower of london. there many be a huge board and bells ringing across the city that will be lit up over the city that will announce the birth of the child as well. so believe me, shannon, when this baby is born, everybody around the world will know it. back to you in washington. >> there will be no mistake it. martha, thank you very much for the update. in other royal news, after 20 years, king albert of belgium is retiring. today he abdicated the throne to his son phillipe, sworn in this morning during an elaborate ceremony. king albert only announced his plans three weeks ago, so no foreign royals were able to attend today's events. they will have to try to unify the politically divided country.
10:02 am
issues being raised in the light of the trayvon martin verdict, changes in the stand your ground law, whether the federal government will pursue civil rights actions against george zimmerman. the president avoided making direct comments about an investigation itself, but the timing is raising concerns that his remarks could influence the justice department in some way. let's talk with former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzales who joins us now with thoughts. sir, thank you for joining us today. your initial reaction to what the president had to say this week. >> well, he had a lot to say this week. quite frankly, i think some of the things that he talked about, for example, the issue of race, is one that is very, very important in this country. we've made obviously significant progress. we need to make more progress. one of the dangers, of course i that when the president speaks, he speaks to multiple audiences at the same time. and one of those audiences, of course, are the political appointees and the career
10:03 am
bureaucrats, career prosecutors, in the civil rights division. whether or not they'll take some of the comments as a signal that they should be more aggressive in deciding whether to prosecute the case, that's something you're always concerned about. hopefully you've got the leadership at the department of justice that will ensure that the decision that's ultimately made about whether to do an investigation is one based solely on the merits, not one based on politics. >> well, let's talk about that, because we know there's been an fbi investigation. more than 30 witnesses were brought in. the fbi's ultimate decision in ruling in that particular investigation was that race did not play a motivating factor in the death of trayvon martin. it wasn't a motivation for george zimmerman to act, according to the fbi. a jury has cleared him of the legal charges against him. so what would the doj investigation be about? >> well, of course, we're now looking at different charges. these are now federal charges. civil rights charges. and the reporting seems to indicate that the fbi investigation has been completed. but, you know, it could be that
10:04 am
after the verdict, after the outcry that we've seen in the african american community, perhaps the attorney general, the press, an official said let's go back and double-check everything that we've looked at. perhaps a witness said something to the fbi that's not as i understand it with what was said in the trial, and they want to go back and reinterview the witnesses. there are a number of reasons to go back and double-check what's already been done. you want to make sure in a high-profile case like this that no stone is left unturned. at the end of the day, based on what i understand the facts to be, that the department of justice is not going to move forward with civil rights prosecution, but i think given the high-profile nature of what happened here, it's understandable they would be extra careful in ensuring that they don't leave any stone unturned. >> shannon: you mentioned that there's been a lot of public pressure, the president speaking out, a number of civil rights organizations very concerned, and also publicly calling for
10:05 am
the justice department to carry out this investigation, but if it concludes, you know, as you speculated, that we keep hearing -- the hints of how it possibly will conclude, with no charges against george zimmerman, what do you think will be the backlash to that decision? >> i think so that our federal officials, state leaders, i think they need to be -- they need to come out and talk the importance of staying columbia. i think it's important to take this as an example. the discussion about race that comes from this case, i don't think race was part of what happened here, but the discussion of race flowing from the outcome of this case is healthy for this country, one we need to have. as i said before, we've made progress, we need to make more progress, but that progress can only occur when people are calm, rational thinking, and very rational and debate about the problems that exist in this country. >> what do you think of the
10:06 am
attorney general eric holder speaking out about the stand your ground laws that are on the books in many states, which essentially allow someone who believes that they're being threatened in a certain way to use extreme force, in some cases lethal, to defend themselves? they're state laws. what role does a federal official have in, you know, cast aspersions on them, saying states need to get rid of them, or suggesting they need to at least be thoroughly reviewed? >> well, i think as a chief law enforcement officer of the country, i have no problem with the attorney general speaking out on law enforcement policy generally. that's part of the job of the attorney general of the united states. if there's evidence that the stand your ground laws do in fact contribute to more violence, i think that evidence should be shared with state legislators. at the end of the day, that's a decision made by the representatives of these people of the various states. if in fact the attorney general has evidence of that, that should be shared with the state legislators. then they can make a decision of whether or not the laws should be repealed, or tweaked in some
10:07 am
way. >> all right. former u.s. attorney general, alberto gonzales, thank you, sir, for your time today. >> shannon: a cleveland man is in custody for a possible connection to the murder of three women whose bodies were found in trash bags. no charges have been filed yet. east cleveland mayor gary norton says the suspect is a registered sex offender. authorities believe the suspect may have had a fascination with a serial killer that killed 11 women and hid their bodies around his cleveland home. journalists across generations are remembering one their own this weekend. veteran reporter helen thomas died at her home saturday at the age of 92. in a statement, the president of the gridiron club, an organization for reporters, said, "helen thomas was the force behind the change in the club's gender membership policies. helen not only broke through that barrier, but went on to lead the club as our first woman president." she was also the first female member of the white house correspondents association. last week the house voted
10:08 am
for the 38th time to repeal or delay obamacare. our next guest says he has a plan to completely replace the president's bill. joining us physician and congressman tom price. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> shannon: before i ask you about the employer mandate of the healthcare law, set to kick in, calls and votes as well as about whether the individual mandate as well should be delayed. do you think that's going to get any traction? >> well, the administration itself actually delayed the employer mandate. the employer mandate and the individual mandate is the requirement of the law that every single employer provide health coverage for their impose if they have more than 50 employees. every single individual in the country has to purchase health coverage that the government wants them to buy. this past week the house of representatives said that the administration, the president, had it right, we ought to delay
10:09 am
the employer mandate, but also the individual mandate. businesses ought not to have something that individuals don't. we ought to make it fair. individuals ought to have the same kind of delay. once that happens, once we're hopefully able to get that delay, we need to move forward with real positive patient-centered reform, where patients and families and doctors are making medical decisions, not washington, d.c. all right to that point, i want to play a little bit of what the president had to say about others throughout who have ideas about healthcare claw. across the partisan spectrum, folks agree things need to be changed. here's a little bit of what the president had to say. >> if the folks who have been trying to make political hay out of this thing, if they had some better ideas, i've already told them, i'm happy to hear them. >> shannon: it sounds like what you're offering up now, congressman, is what you view as your better idea. tell us about it. do you think the president will listen? >> well, you talk about political ideas, the president announced his employer mandate
10:10 am
delay until after the 2014 election. set that aside. look, this is exactly what the president said, that is he wants to hear from everybody. during the whole debate, 2009 and 2010, at that time we had a positive piece of legislation, an alternative. we asked the president every single week, i was chairman of the republican study committee at that time, asked him every single week, sit down with us, hear our ideas, because we believe again that you can fix these challenges without putting washington in charge. the president never ever met with us. i'm not holding out a whole a lot of hope that he'll do hit time. hopefully if and when he does, or somebody in his administration, they'll recognize that you can get folks covered, solve the insurance challenges, and save hundreds of billions of dollars in this healthcare system all without putting washington or insurance companies in charge of those decisions that ought to be between patients and families and doctors. >> shannon: all right. so how do you go about doing that? we've spent thousands of pages apparently not solving those problems. what's your plan? >> that's right. the plan that we have, hr-2300
10:11 am
is a comprehensive piece of legislation, makes it so that every single american has the financial feasibility to purchase the coverage that they want, either through tax deductions, credits, refundable advancable credits so everyone can purchase the coverage they want for their family, not that the government wants them to buy. then there's portability or pre-existing. you ought not lose your insurance if you change your job or lose your job. you ought to be able to take it with you. that's an easy one. make it so everybody owns their own coverage just like a 401(k) plan. if they change or lose their job, they take it with them. the pre-existing illness challenge is huge for folks in the individual and small group markets. they should be able to pool together so they get the purchasing power of millions so that it doesn't change the cost for anybody else, including that one person. those are solutions that put patients and families and doctors in charge, not washington, d.c. you don't have to have washington running the show to be able to have a healthcare
10:12 am
system that works for patients. >> shannon: we're out of time, but i want to quickly ask you a question, will you have any democrats, do you think, sign on to this effort? >> i sure hope so. we've been trying to educate folks, assuring them it's a solution that works for patients, families and doctors. i call out to my democratic colleagues, and republican colleagues, to get on board. there are positive solutions to these challenges we face. >> shannon: congressman and physician, tom brings, great to see you. >> thumps, shannon. >> shannon: time for a sports spoiler alert. if you're recalling the british open, do not listen. plug your ears. mute us. go away, but come back. all right. here it is. golfer phil mickelson has won this year's british open. he finished at three under par. tiger woods finished tied for sixth with zach johnson. did the doj violate the constitution or uphold it by defunding a youth organization because it has voluntary
10:13 am
prayers? a fair and balanced debate coming up. the emergency service manager for detroit says the city dug its own hole. what does he say about how it will get out? and good news for crews battling a massive wildfire in southern california. what's helping them get the blaze now halfway under control. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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>> cooler overnight temperatures and much-needed rain are helping crews battle a massive wildfire in south california near palm springs. officials say they've managed to contain about half of the fire, which spans about 42 square miles. the fire was started nearly one week ago, burned six homes and forced thousands to evacuate. officials say they do believe it was started by a human, but they do not know who that person is. >> you saw in the peaceful demonstrations, hundreds of them yesterday, it's really clear that people want -- not only want justice, but they want change. >> so often we take all -- any kind of situation that occurs today in america, and we get on the different sides of it, and we hurl hand grenades at each other rather than engaging in intelligent discussion.
10:18 am
>> shannon: that was democratic congresswoman donna edwards and neurosurgeon ben carson discussing reaction to the trayvon martin vender. earlier this morning, i sat down with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace to talk about his exclusive interviews. chris, with the president having weighed in this week on the trayvon martin case, the discussions go on about race. you have two key voices to talk about that. >> we did indeed. ben carson and donna edwards. edwards, interestingly enough, not going as far as other democrats and civil rights leaders, says i hope that the justice department will do an investigation when it comes to hate crimes, or a possible civil rights violation, but seemed to indicate that as the president hinted on friday it's very unlikely that there is going to be actual -- an action taken by the federal government. she talked a lot about the other things we need to do, particularly to help
10:19 am
black-on-black crime in the inner city. amazing statistics. 93% of the blacks killed in this country are killed by other blacks. it's not racist profiling. ben carson, somewhat more conservative said, look, there's real issues here. he fully sympathized with the president's remarks about profiling. he clearly has experienced himself when he was a young black man, but he said he feels that some of the civil rights leaders are throwing handgren grenades, using it for division. >> shannon: you talked to somebody who has a tough job ahead when it comes to detroit. >> absolutely. the detroit city emergency manager. he's basically the guy running the city of detroit now. they of course filed for bankruptcy. largest municipal bankruptcy filing in the history of this country. $18 billion to $20 billion in debt. he talked about the fact at some point they may have to ask a lot of penningers, city workers who worked for the city for decades,
10:20 am
to have to scale back on their pensions, even health benefits. talked about the fact they may have to sell off the municipal airport. some of the parks, the treasures in the detroit institute of arts. he says it's going to be tough, but he seems confident, i have to say, that they can turn the corner in maybe 15 months that, the city could come out of this. interesting to see whether that happens. >> shannon: an optimistic timeline. thank you, chris. >> you bet. >> shannon: catch the exclusive interviews with ben carson and congresswoman donna edwards along his interview with kevin orr on the fox news channel that airs immediately afterwards "america's news law." wheadquarters." brian says, how is possible? if the city candle reform locally, throwing money at the problem won't help. it's a city, not a company. basil says if it can be arranged
10:21 am
as a loan detroit has to pay back to the government with interest, i support it. keep tweeting your answers to @anhqdc. an update on the deadly roller coaster in texas. it's confirmed she did fall while riding the coaster. details are still under investigation. three women found dead in ohio and police fear there could be more victims. what they believe inspired the suspected killer. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. rescue workers had to contend with as they desperately tried to save mom always got good nutrition to taste great. she was a pic eater. we now i'm her dietitian... ...anlast year, she wasn'tating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great! [ male announcer ] boost drink has 26
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10:25 am
>> all eyes on one london hospital for any sign that the royal baby is on the way. we're waiting for any clues about when kate may arrive, but we won't hear anything from the royals until she's checked out by a doctor and comfortable
10:26 am
there. official word of the baby's birth will be first be posted outside the palace on an easel. as for the royal heir's name, most likely named after another member of the royal family. >> time now for a quick look at a few stories making headlines today. police are investigating what happened to three women whose bodies were found in trash bags in and near an east cleveland home. a suspect is in custody, but no charges have been formally filed yet. the mayor says the suspect is a registered sex offender and may have had a fascination with serial killer anthony sowell. sowell killed 11 women and hid their bodies around his house. a judge will deliberate the fate of bradley manning next week. the army private gave reams of government information to wikileaks. on thursday, the judge refused to dismiss the charges aiding the enemy. if convicted, manning could face life in prison without parole. and three arizona children are safer after being caught in
10:27 am
a dangerous flash flood in tucson. fire officials responded to several calls requesting help for the children who were trapped. the kids were stuck on a sandbar in the middle of a fast-rising rushing river. rescuers say they made the right decision by sticking together and not trying to swim across that water. the justice department has defunded a louisiana organization aimed at equipping young people with important life skills. that's the stated goal. the sheriff says it was because of the group's voluntary prayers and the mention of the love of god, were their constitutional rights violated? here for a fair and balanced debate allen combs and mike gallagher. welcome, gentlemen. great to see you both. >> how are you? >> i'm very good. michael, i'll start with you. why should the business be in an organization that has prayers
10:28 am
and talks about god? >> because we're a nation that has a judeo-christian foundation. this offends the sensibilities of every decent america. imagine, the marines not being able to serve god and country. this particular program has assisted already over 1,000 at-risk kids in louisiana. so we have an obama justice department that's on record as saying we don't want you to help at-risk youth in this county in louisiana because you dare to have voluntary prayer and acknowledge we serve god. this is what all of us on the right have been worried about in the second term of the obama administration, they'll try to get away with this kind of gross attack on the sensible principles of most americans because of all the other things swirling around americans can't keep track, but we are keeping track. this is an absolute outrage. i'm hoping that people pay attention. >> allen, mike says no decent american could agree with how this is going down? >> i guess i'm not a decent
10:29 am
american. >> yes, you are. >> thank you, mike. i appreciate that. look, this was a decision made by the louisiana commission on law enforcement enforced by the department of justice. it was a local decision. of course the doj has regulations about funding religious activity. this is against what those regulations are. if it were a muslim group, a atheist group, a church of satan, would my good friend mike who supports the defunding of this support these other groups who would want the same thing? either the government is in or out of religion. >> shannon: mike, if it's an organization, the main goal is equipping kids with good life skills, that's what they say, helping kid get their fact back on the right track, regardless
10:30 am
of religion, would you? >> this is a radical response. we can't lose sight of the fact -- the truth is, alan, it's not about muslim, about the church of satan. this is a government that starts every session of congress with prayer. this is a country where we have the words "in god we trust" on the dollar bill. >> it shouldn't. >> but it does. we're a judeo-christian nation. >> no, we're not. we're not defined that way. >> let's forget the left, right, democrat, republican. >> yeah, great. >> from a decency level aren't you bothered that over 1,000 at-risk kids are impacted by this. >> do it without the government fund religion. a democratic senator is on your side of this issue, because it's -- >> because she's bipartisan, thank goodness. >> let's talk about what the founders believed. the founders believed that government should be neutral when it comes to religion.
10:31 am
>> shannon: what the oath and principles of these youth organizations say is that they encourage people to attend the church of their choosing, and the faith of their choosing. they don't say it's for christians. they don't say it's jesus. they just say attend the church of my choosing so i can live a clean life, be of help to those around me. basically the sheriff was told he had to sign a letter that nobody would pray, these are voluntary prays, never a mention of god. he said, quote, it's not going to happen. so these programs go away. if you sign up to serve this military in the country, take an oath as a judge, you take the oath "so help me god." >> i'm a purist on this, god on coins, in 10 commandments in courts. they don't make us a more religious nation, but demean religion by sticking it everywhere it doesn't belong. it's not the role of the government to fund religious
10:32 am
activities. >> we can't lose sight of the fact that alan's view is a radical one. this defunding is radical. >> why would a conservative want the government more into your life? >> one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, my friend. >> shannon: alan, mike called you radical and decent. >> and godless. >> mike and i are good friends. we can be both. >> shannon: it's been nearly seven years since the bodies of four women were found dumped on the outskirts of atlantic city, new jersey. no arrests have ever been made. police tells fox news
10:33 am
exclusively that they recently contacted police in two other states for possible connections to serial killings there. here's more. >> sun, surf, and glittery casinos. that's the image atlantic city puts out to attract millions of visitors and billions of their dollars. but this is another side of atlantic city. november 20th, 2006, two people stumbled across the body of kibble rafo. when police arrived they found three more women's bodies, no more than 50 yards, separating them. >> this fits the fbi definition of a serial killer. >> kimberly was a 35-year-old former pta mom who moved from florida to atlantic city. tracy ann roberts, 23, was from delaware, and moved to atlantic city for a job dancing. barbara brighter was 42 and 19-year-old molly dilks, the youngest victim, arrived in
10:34 am
atlantic city just two weeks before she was killed. after finding the bodies here, one of the challenges investigators faced was that the elements had dramatically reduced the amount of recoverable evidence in the case. >> these were ladies who had a particular lifestyle, a lifestyle that caused them to want to live below the radar. >> all four women worked as prostitutes. they were also all mothers. police have never identified a suspect in these murders,4hñ but they have more than one person of interest and consider the case active. this is one of those men terry olson. he and his lawyer, james leonard, agreed to an interview. >> did you murder these four women? >> i absolutely did not have anything to do with it. >> olson claims he's been cooperative from day one, submitting his dna, agreeing to an interview without a lawyer. while investigators won't comment on olson specifically there's circumstantial evidence that led police to him. >> without any disrespect to mr. olson, he's not mackerelly,
10:35 am
he was simply answering their questions, presented them to an attractive target. >> detectives in recent weeks have contacted police in missouri and alaska for possible connections to killing of prostitutes there. >> everybody counts. youdyd know, every person is a child of god, and we -- you know, we view every person, every victim of every crime, particularly, you know, crimes of violence like this, as worthy of our best efforts. >> kristina corbin, fox news. >> shannon: anyone with information about the murders is urged to call the atlantic county prosecutor's office, the number 609-909-7800. visit for more in-depth coverage. coming up, we'll tell you about a government agency that has no idea what it's supposed to be doing. the scathing report on the state department's, quote, critical
10:36 am
agency. and unions are now saying the president's healthcare may not be a good option for the middle class in america. our next guest explains what's behind their change of heart. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members,
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>> on thursday, three of the country's largest labor unions outlined their increasing concerns about how obamacare could affect middle-class architectures and the concept of a 40-hour workweek. thank you so much for joining us today. i want to start with this question. a lot of people say that, you know, the unions are changing their tune, they really backed this law. are they changing their tune? did they know this was coming? what do you make of it? >> they're definitely changing their tune, but they also knew this was coming. they basically were involved in writing this law. they were in the white house every other week talking with the administration, talking with congress.
10:41 am
they knew this was coming. i was wondering about this when i wrote my piece for "forbes." they knew this was coming, why are they getting so upset now? a lot of union members wrote into me, and gave me an idea that i hadn't considered before. what's happening now, a lot of rank and file members in these unions are getting their hours cut, losing their benefits. they're saying, union leaders, you asked me to lobby for this law and now my hours are getting cut. what happened? >> shannon: they're reaching out to democratic leaders in the senate and house, but not the white house directly. why is that? >> that's an interesting point. they did reach out to the white house. they were hoping, like the old waivers for favors from a couple years ago, they were hoping the white house would create exception for them, so their workers would be exempted fromse white house refused to do that, because in this case exempting
10:42 am
them would c>st billions of dollars in tax subsidies. because the white house refused, they're going to pel pelosi andd to get changes through. >> shannon: obviously the machinations are being played out, still fighting about fixes on the hill, where we go. >> there. there may be room for the union to get the attention of legislators still on the hill working on this, and the regulations as they roll out, those kinds of things. what happens to this relationship? unions were key in backing this legislation. they're also key in getting those democratic leaders elected to congress, and the president to the white house. you know, if they don't get what they want with the healthcare law, it's not like they're going to start backing conservatives. >> yeah. i think the relationship between labor unions and the democratic party is so deep, decades-long, generations long, it's not going to necessarily disrupt that, but i think what you will see, what you may see, is a lot of rank and file union members, the former reagan democrats, as you
10:43 am
will, they're the ones who are going to say, you know what, the labor union leaders betrayed me, i'm getting hurt by this, and they might vote for somebody else. >> is there anything less that these leaders could do -- anything left that these leaders could do, as the unions are pressing publicly for some changes? >> yeah. it's very difficult to envision. the one thing that you might see them support is a repeal of the employer mandate, the provision in obamacare that requires firms with more than 50 employees to offer health coverage to a lot of their workers. that's creating a lot of these disruptions. if they sign on to that kind of effort, maybe republicans and democrats will agree. there's no way republicans are going agree to give unions special treatment so the. a lot of what they're asking is unrealistic to ask congress to do, which is why they went to the white house first.
10:44 am
>> shannon: a lot of good insight on why the unions don't like obamacare now. good to see you today. >> my pleasure, shannon. >> shannon: we want to know about from you today. do you think the federal government should help bail out detroit? tweet us your answers to @shannonbream. check this out. a wall at the school's athletic center collapsed and several other buildings, including the school's science center and library were damaged. only a few students were on campus at the time and no one was hurt. this is not good news for the state department. 1 of its agencies is in shambles. what an audit found. and there's a special contest underway to honor service dogs that help their owners. coming up, we'll introduce you to charlie boy and his owner
10:45 am
jesse and tell you their important and touching story. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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>> an agency is in shambles according to a new report from the inspector general. what's more, they're charged
10:49 am
with security checks on a state department system. it's a story getting a lot of clicks on today. we're live in the newsroom with more. >> shannon, the 22-person agency has a lot of approvals on the system they're supposed to be monitoring, and they let them laps. in several cases, security systems went without approval for a couple of years. in some cases, the trouble dates back to 2007. the report describes how employees and contractors have failed to document their work on keeping tabs on ballooning costs. read the full audit on also a story about a new york woman accused of stealing almost a half million dollars from the fund for boston marathon bombing victims. the 26-year-old was arrested after submitting a fraudulent claim to the fund. authorities busted her after receiving a tip she may not even have been in boston during the attack. a woman who went missing more than 50 years ago has been found alive in canada. last month police highlighted
10:50 am
the cold case of lucy ann johnson in a news release, and her daughter put an ad in the newspaper. she was contacted by a half-sister she doesn't know existed. in fact, she has four half-siblings, looking forward to reuniting with her mom. for more trending stories, log on to shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you, elizabeth. a special competition going on right now honors service dogs, called the hero dog awards, and celebrates all different kinds of service dogs, including military dogs and guide dogs. joining us now jesse acosta and his dog charlie boy in the running. it's great to have you both with us remotely today. tell us a little bit about the two of you, how you came together. thank you so much for your service to this country, sir. >> we came back abased on my injuries i sustained in iraq. i came home -- i got hit in 2006 in iraq from a bomb.
10:51 am
i lost my eyesight and other injuries. i went through a private school in west l.a. for the blind who endorsed me to get charlie boy. they hooked me up with the seeing eye out of morristown, new jersey, and that's how we came together, charlie boy and i. >> we have wonderful pictures of the two of you. here's there in the studio with you as well. tell us about how he's impacted your life and your recovery. >> not only is he a guide dog, helps me navigate and travel wherever i go, whether it be here locally, in california, southern california, or to other states. i fly a lot to the east coast and back, raising money for our injured warriors. that's just as a guide dog. but what has he done for me as far as my situation goes? i'm severe ptsd.
10:52 am
he knows when i'm having a bout or i'm not feeling up to par, he will come and -- with his nose, he will nudge me to let me know that i'm there, of course, because i can't see, or when i'm having a hard time dealing with pain, he also comforts me. he lets me know that he's there with me. believe it or not, he will not leave my side when he knows i'm down and out, you know, depending on my situation. in this case, i just had surgery last week at the naval base, and he realizes that. he's been with me every single day. >> now, is he able to be with you when you have medical treatments and surgeries like that? can he stay close by? i would imagine he would be upset about being separated, too. >> yeah. as far as emergency rooms, yes, he's allowed to go in there. when there's surgeries, of course, no, because they don't want any germs, anything like that that that can be
10:53 am
transported by anybody, or an animal. he's always close by with me. he's there to greet me when i come out of my surgeries, and whatnot. >> all right. we want to make sure thanks know, because there are a lot of wonderful dogs out there doing important work. of course you got a lot of fans around here. greta van susteren, jennifer griffin, they're fans of you and charlie boy, and determined to help you with this reward. the website is thank you for sharing your story with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, shannon. we aappreciate it. >> shannon: st. louis wants to become the silicon valley of the midwest. local leaders announced last month that $100 million will be invested to start up companies over the next five years, trying to help them catch up with major cities. one of the companies benefiting from this push is a catering
10:54 am
concierge company. google is already one of their clients. your twitter responses on detroit, whether they should get a federal bail-out coming up. after the break, why this big boy is celebrating. goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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>> all eyes on 1 london hospital for any sign that the royal baby could be on the way. we're awaiting clues for when kate arrives, but we won't hear anything from the royals until she's been checked out by a doctor. official word of the baby's birth will be posted outside the palace on an easel. clarence house will tweet out the good news as well. if kate gives birth during the night, we won't get word until the next morning. >> ♪ happy birthday >> institutey the manatee turns 65 today. it's a big deal, because the average manatee only lives 10 years. he's living out his golden years on lettuce in bradenton,
10:59 am
florida. prankster guest dustin ray put in a special request for 3-m&ms and a picture of bacon for his room. to him and his girlfriend's surprise, the request was fulfilled. the resort says they're happy to fulfill any request. we've been asking today, should the federal government help bail out detroit? you weighed in. james writes, no, they need to learn to live within their means. what do they learn from being bailed out? nothing. robert says, i think we should be bailed out if we can put in a conservative government that can run detroit. jim disagrees, bad precedence, giving all municipalities more reason to be more reckless with their pension. another viewer says, i was never in favor of a bail-out, but if
11:00 am
it means people get their retirement, then yes. up next, "fox news sunday." i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching fox news where we remain fearless. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. protesters demand justice for trayvon. demonstrations in the wake of george zimmerman's acquittal. how civil rights leaders are calling on the justice department to end the country's stand your ground laws. >> we're going to keep raising the temperature to turn around stand your ground. >> while president obama asks americans to do some soul searching. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> we'll discuss the fallout from the zimmerman verdict with


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