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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 22, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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bill hemmer alongside of martha maccallum who is in london town waiting for the baby and so are we. make it a great monday, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. >> right now brand knew stories and breaking news. the royal baby is coming. the newest heir to the british thrown could arrive any minute. word that kate has gone into labor. new report raising questions about the security of u.s. marshals. the service losing track of thousands of high-tech encrypted radios. a scary new studies on kids and tv it is not about how much or what they watch. new information you need to know. it's all "happening now." the royal baby is on the way. hello, everyone, welcome to patti ann brown, i'm in for jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the people are buzzing. prince william's wife kate has gone into the hospital and gone into labor.
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officially known as the duke and duchess of cambridge, officially entered st. mary's hospital before dawn. they slipped in through a back door to avoided the news media camp outside the main entrance. amy kellogg is live in london. amy, she reportedly has been? labor for several hours. do we know where things stand now? >> reporter: oh, jon, nine or 10 hours by our counting. she and many other people are hoping that soon it will be very time for all the bets to be paid out and for the glasses across this country to be raised. and in fact we know at one pub in windsor they have jumped gun and already handing out pints of a brew called heir-raiser. when the birth is announced it will be posted outside of buckingham palace. also the fountains at trafalgar square will be dyed blue or pink depending on the gender of the baby. the btt tower will have 12,000
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led lights lit up. the union jack will be raised at all government buildings and defense buildings and naval installations and other defense installations. there i will will be celebrations obviously breaking out all over the place. but in the meantime all we can tell you is that things, as far as we know, from what we've been hearing from representatives of kensington palace are going along at a normal pace. labor continues and once, once the baby is born, the queen will be notified and then the rest of the world will find out pretty fast, jon. jon: whatever happened to the town crier announcing it in the middle of trafalgar square or something? what about the protocol? there are all kind of protocol surrounding a royal birth, right? >> reporter: you know, you would think so because this royal family is really about the pomp and the ceremony. there will be a baptism at some point and the baby will be baptized in something called the lilly font. each royal baby wears the same
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christening gown. there is one that is passed from generation to generation. but other than that i think a lot will be up to this couple in materials of what they do, where they go next. you know, i think it is a good time as we wait to bring up a little bit of history, jon. there used to be an firm present at these births and how awkward must that have been for the wives of sovereigns. when the wife of king james ii gave birth in the 17th century, there were 42 witnesses to had to check out the baby because there were all sorts of palace intrigues and suspicions of babies being smuggled in who were not the rightful heir. obviously times have changed. as far as we understand, at this particular juncture it has just been the duke of cambridge and at his wife's side as she gives birth. in the last hour or so there has been a bit of activity. it is a possibility that some middleton family members have entered the hospital but for the bulk of the time today it has
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been just the two of them and the very highly skilled staff the lindo wing of saint mary's hospital. it's a hospital known for its high level of care. it is not particularly fancy but there is a very high level of care here. that is why the royal family has chosen it and princess william and harry were born here as well. that is the latest outside the lindo wing which we've been calling the limbo wing as the wait continues. jon, back to you. jon: everybody is still waiting in limbo. we hope everything goes well for her and the baby. amy kellogg, thanks. >> she may be saying good-bye to the royal baby bump but the economy may say hello a financial bump that will accompany the royal birth. they think it will get a 400 million-dollar boost from new arrival to the heir of the thrown. they expect a large part of that to come from toasts. revelers will spend estimated
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$94 million on alcohol alone. the sale of souvenirs and toys will account for a bigger chunk of money. 121 million bucks expected in those categories. books and dvds expected to rack up another $115 million in sales. add it all up and that is quite an expensive birthday bash. the wait something nearly over and waiting along with everyone else is "america's newsroom" anchor martha maccallum. she is live in london, or i guess good afternoon there now, martha. jenna: hey, good afternoon, patti ann. yep we're waiting outside of st. mary's hospital. she pulled up in the early hours of the morning. in earls stages of labor. past that nine 1/2 hours so far. we'll see how long it takes for her to give birth to the next royal heir. but there is a lot of excitement here obviously. the way it is going to work a letter after child is born will be brought down. that letter will be happened to a waiting car that will drive over to buckingham palace.
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then the letter will be framed and put on an easel in front of buckingham palace. this is the protocol only when it is someone in the direct line to be the future king or queen of england that was done when william was born. they used easel and william and kate said yes, they would like to use that protocol for their child as well. then what is going to happen is a huge celebration all over the city of london. there i will will be champagne popping everywhere as you were talking about. they will turn the fountains, the trafalgar fountain, pink or blue with the lights of the fountain depending on what the sex of the baby. there will be a 41-gun salute in the park and 62-gun salute which has military meaning in terms of the numbers. that will take place at the tower of london. the big moment will be when kate and william walk out right behind me with the baby in their arms to present the baby to the world. that is the beginning of their lives as a family. we're hearing that kate will go back to bucklebury to her mom and dad's.
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william mass only a couple weeks off from the raf duty as a helicopter pilot. his duty will be the same as everybody else gets in england that is part of the effort of the couple to be as much as possible like everybody else as much as possible, patti ann. >> william is making a point of being there in the room for the actual birth and, another bow to modern times i guess. after the announcement on the easel i understand it will go out on twitter as well. so can't get away from the social media. >> definitely, it will go on twitter. and he is going to let his grandmother know we're hearing too. >> right. now the rules of succession, whether it's a boy or a girl, this baby is going to be third in line to the thrown. that is due to some changes a couple years ago. >> yeah. it's a fairly recent change and it's big deal because it has always gone down through the male of the family. if a girl is born first and a
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boy, she would get bummed over and the boy is one to come in line. in this case, england has had some of the greatest kings and rulessers of england have been woman but only because there was no boy to take the thrown. you have queen victoria. queen elizabeth ii and queen elisabeth the ii who reins now. queen elisabeth said boy or girl the first born child in this generation should have the right to take over and it's a big deal here. lot of people are talking about that. >> there are conflicting stories about kate's due date. we were hearing anywhere from july 11th to the 19th. in any of case she seems to be slightly past it. we understand she went into labor naturally, not induced and statement so far everything is progressing normally if not slowly? >> yeah. you know as well as i do these things are completely unpredictable. and i think it's probably likely her due date was closer to the
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19th in the end because her mother had always said, according to reports that the baby was going to be a leo. leo starts tomorrow. and she didn't come back from bucklebury until the 19th. seems like it would make sense they would decide, you know what? when your due date arrives, we will drive back into town and you go to kensington palace to wait closer to the hospital for the baby to be born. from everything we've been able to surmise, this baby is only a few days late, maybe two or three days late. >> interesting. martha maccallum, keep us posted. thanks so much. >> will do, thanks. jon: right now there is word of a disturbing new breakdown at the government agency responsible for protecting federal judges, overseeing the federal witness protection program and tracking down fugitives as well. the sj reports that the -- "the wall street journal" reports that the u.s. marshal as service lost track of 2,000 encrypted the two-way radios worth
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millions of daughters. steve centanni is live in washington. what do we know how this happened, steve? >> reporter: according to an internal report obtained by the "wall street journal" the marshals knew about this problem as early as three years ago. the u.s. marshals is a service that protects judges and houses, operates the witness protection program and apprehends federal suspects and it uses these encrypted radios as a mainstay of its operations. according to this internal report it is apparent negligence and incompetence resulted in a grievous mismanagement of millions of dollars of usms property. simply put the entire system is broken and drastic measures need to be taken to address the issues the the report outlines the scope of the problem as well. saying that the agency lost track of at least 2200 items, most of them radios. others put the figure at more than 4,000 or more. each of these radios cost the marshals anywhere from 2,000 to $5,000 and the toast loss to
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taxpayers if all the radios are never found would be about $6 million. while there is no evidence anyone has been harmed as a result there is the potential that secret operations of the marshals could be compromised. jon? jon: and this isn't the first time the marshals have come under fire, right? >> reporter: no, that's right. last year "the wall street journal" reported that the agency had to confiscate dozens of cars used by administrators who apparently saw their vehicles as a perk and didn't actually use them for law enforcement purposes. in response to this latest incident a spokesperson for the agency told "the wall street journal," poor record-keeping rather than lost equipment is the real problem. we contacted the marshals for a comment and they say they're working on a statement they will put out later, jon. jon: okay. we'll wait for that. what a story. steve centanni. thank you. >> reporter: you bet. >> a fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference in ohio where investigators will reveal the latest in the discovery of three women's bodies. the suspect, michael madison, is
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expected to be formally charged today. crews spent part of the weekend scouring the neighborhood where those bodies were discovered wrapped in trash bags late last week. no more victims were found a medical examiner says the remains were so badly decomposed it will take days to identify the women and determine how they died. we will continue to follow the developments in cleveland and bring you the latest. jon: well the speaker of the house john bainer is not mincing words about the congress's priorities. what the top republican in the house had to say about what he and his colleagues should be doing. and as we just told you royal baby watch is very much on. the duchess of cambridge is in labor right now at a london hospital. we're all awaiting the arrival of a new heir to the british throne. stay with "happening now" for the latest updates.
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patti ann: right now, some international he had lines we're following for you. the european union adding the military wing of hezbollah to its list of terror organizations. the move marks a dramatic shift for the e.u. and comes after years of pressure from israel and the united states the e.u. freezing all hezbollah assets in the region. a strong 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocking a remote region in northwest china sparking landslides and destroying or damaging thousands of homes. we're told at least 75 people have died. pope francis arriving today in brazil, marking his first trip overseas as pontiff. more than a million catholics are flocking to rio de janeiro to catch a glimpse of the first south american pope. jon: house speaker john boehner is speaking out what he consist an important role for the people that work for you. over the weekend the ohio republican said congress's goal should not be to create more laws but to reduce the number of
8:17 am
laws already on the books. listen. >> we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. we ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal. we've got more laws than the administration could ever enforce. and so, we don't do commemorative bills on the floor. we don't do all that nonsense. we deal with what the american people want us to deal with. jon: congress takes its summer vacation beginning august 5th but collectively lawmakers will not be leaving the capitol on a high note. according to the latest "gallup poll," 78% of the americans does approve the way congress is handling its job. the 113th congress is on the pace to become the least productive congress since record-keeping began in 1947. we have a national correspondent for the "national journal." i suppose if you're not going to be productive, a good way to sell that to the american people is to say what the speaker just said.
8:18 am
listen, we're not passing new legislation. we should be about getting rid of the old stuff. >> well that's right, jon, and this certainly plays well with republicans who look at it say i want a block and a repeal of the obama agenda front and center in the house of representatives where it becomes a bit more of a problem for speaker boehner on some of these thorny issues like immigration and fiscal mess that will come this fall. there will need be to be some kind of negotiation with the white house and the congress and set number two leader in washington. right after the president is the speaker of the house and him leading from behind really opens him up you some of the charges that republican threw at president obama that he led from behind on libya and now they're leading behind domestically. certainly it does play well with the republican base. jon: the president was in the east room of the white house on thursday talking about this whole argument over obamacare and he seemed to, i don't know,
8:19 am
score some political points. he certainly got chuckles from a hand-picked crowd when he said this. i want to play that for you. >> republicans in the house of representatives voted for nearly the 40th time to dismantle it. we've got a lot of problems in this country and there's a lot of work that congress need to do and yet instead we're refighting these old battles. i -- [laughter] sometimes, i just try to figure out why? jon: but, well, hand-picked audience aside, chris, a lot of people think obamacare is just a bat idea and should be repealed? >> well, certainly republicans feel like it's a very good step to use dismantling piece of obamacare to help them get there. when the president opened the door and said he needed to delay
8:20 am
the mandate that required employers to implement health care insurance republican ran with that. they put bills on the floor, not only put that into law and also delay the individual mandate that will force people to buy insurance and pay a penalty because they had a great political message there, to say if it is good enough for big business to be delayed, why aren't we helping individuals and people as well? that has been a really successful message for republicans to carry forward. a lot of democrats felt like the president getting out there last week was a little bit too little too late. jon: well, is that why his own job approval ratings are not so strong? i mean they're under 50%, if you look at the latest gallup daily tracking poll. his approval rating, the president's job approval rating stands at 48%. less than half, obviously. the number of people who does approve of the job he is doing are at 44%. so i guess the does approval doesn't match the approval
8:21 am
rating but still not great marks for a chief executive. >> not great marks and the white house will always point out at least we're doing better than congress here. certainly, this is, when people look at washington, this is what they see. a dysfunction where they look at a president who is not getting much done. they look at a speaker of the house who is saying he is not going to lead and become more after discussion moderator than a leader who says this is where we need to go. we look at a democratic senate that has passed some things but certainly has its own problems and its own inability to work together. i think people really want to see washington get something done but until these parties can decide what that is we're going to see low approval ratings and gridlock continue. jon: they're going on vacation quickly. chris frates, from the "national journal." >> thank you, bill. patti ann: how will officials get wheels turning again in the motor city? they hope bankruptcy will help detroit shed some of the city's
8:22 am
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patti ann: right now, a fight underway to stop debt-ridden detroit from going bankruptcy. city workers and retirees continuing their challenge to the city's chapter 9 filing today. they say using bankruptcy to renegotiate their pensions would be illegal under michigan state law. detroit faces more than 100,000 creditors and has more than $3.5 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. joining sus bob massi, fox news legal analyst. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> detroit's pension fund are suing governor snyder and the city manager orr they say this
8:26 am
would violate the state's constitution to use bankruptcy to try to reduce the pensions which are poise ily r -- supposedly guaranteed to the workers. the judge ruled in favor of the workers. the state is appealing. what do you think? is it legal to use bankruptcy to negotiate pensions? >> certainly. it has been used before. chapter 9 bankruptcy, patti ann, is not use ad lot but specifically designed in reference to municipalities government entities such as this. what happened on friday, the judge on friday was a state court judge i understand, before that ruling came in they filed a chapter 9 bankruptcy. that gives preemptive right that is congressional right they have through the chapter 9 bankruptcy code. what you're going to see in this type of thing everybody is posturing from the pension holders to the bondholders, to concerns of public employees, the unions. it will be a major chess game all i which plays out of course in the court of law. patti ann: and those taxpayers
8:27 am
still. 40% of detroit's revenues go toward retirement benefits and to debt accrued to pay for those pensions. they have $18 billion in debt and where are you getting that money? detroit residents pay the highest property tax, highest income taxes in the state. what other options does detroit have? >> well, this whole process, the reason why the unions are upsetting everybody else because they feel this all should have been a process of negotiations on filing chapter 9. what happens essentially. i talked to a couple specialists oaf the weekend who do a lot of chapter 9 bankruptcies there is not a lot filed in this country. they said, bob, look, everybody ultimately will have to sort of take a seat and figure out the priority claims on this. it's distinctly different than a chapter 11 bankruptcy because in a chapter 11 bankruptcy the courts are more involved. in chapter 9 bankruptcy, because it government involved the congressional intent try to let the sovereignty of the
8:28 am
municipalities sort of take care of it themselves. what you're going to see is a lot of pension funds and creditors looking for the blessings of the court in court orders on a lost these issues. how it will play out, honestly, patti ann, this type of bankruptcy could go on for years. the big thing is going to be what will we do about the men and women who are retired public employees, who anticipated receiving these pensions and they're only guaranteeing them full pension i believe they said until the end. year. what in god's name will happen to the people and how it will affect their lives. that is the travesty in all this it did not happen overnight. patti ann: yeah, they chose these jobs partly because of the pension benefits. >> certainly. patti ann: now the rug is being pulled out from under them. to your next question, how did we allow this to happen? what went wrong? how did we get here? "the wall street journal" says, quote, in detroit, unions and creditors helped to perpetuate a borrow, tax, spend cycle at the expense of city residents. the party is over.
8:29 am
douglas mack tire saying if the residents of detroit want to blame any person or organization they only need to look as far as unions that controlled labor there and politicians who ran it over the last four decades. what do you think about that? >> well, certainly we have government. we elect officials. we have people that are supposed to manage our monies. they're supposed to invest the money properly for pensions and security of public employees. they're supposed to make sure. i grew up in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this happened in the '70s in pittsburgh. they rye organized it and believe it or not made it a great city because of this. what we have here is literally decades of mismanagement. people looked the other way. nobody wanted to take accountability, like giving someone an aspirin for a brain tumor. at some point it will come back. it's a cancer. years later, people that worked for years and dedicated their time are going to suffer the consequences of mismanagement. i'm going to tell you something.
8:30 am
if there's ever been a time there should be a look at criminal culpability in some of the actions of these, some of these officials over the years, that mismanaged the government, honestly somebody needs to step in because this should not happen in our country anymore. but other cities are looking at what will happen in devoight because of what the consequences could be. patti ann: they should be looking at it. >> absolutely. patti ann: bob massi, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, patti ann. jon: here is another outrageous story. a norwegian woman faces jail time in dubai after reporting a rape to police. that story sparking outrage around the globe. an important update next. plus dangerous flash flooding prompts dozens of rescues and the threat of severe weather is not over. here is meteorologist, maria molina. >> jon, you're absolutely right. we're looking at risk of flash flooding and severe storms that could produce damaging winds and large hail this afternoon or this evening. find out if you live in one ever these areas coming up after the
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>> and a fox extreme weather alert now. strong storms rolling through arizona over the weekend producing some severe flash flooding in spots. several homes were flooded in scottsdale and several drivers also had to be rescued. a corvette was actually carried a a quarter mile downstream after trying to drive through a flooded street. residents reacting to the flood. >> i'm looking through the
8:35 am
window and it's just a constant pour. >> the leaves are flowing through the backyard like a river almost. >> freaking out saying uninfluencing everything in your room. get everything up. you don't want it messed up. up, up, up. >> it's all gone. furniture, everything. >> meanwhile, in ohio a tornado packing 110 mile-per-hour winds damaged a college campus near cleveland on saturday. the ef 1 twister damaging several campus buildings and the athletic center there. thankfully, few students were on campus and nobody was hurt. our meteorologist is now in the fox extreme weather center with more on us. hi again, maria. >> hello again, everyone. we're talking about severe storms across parts of the country. you just saw those images out of ohio. we had multiple reported tornados across sections of the midwest and even in the northern plains over the weekend and that incredible video of flooding
8:36 am
across parts of arizona, that was only triggered by about two to three inches of rain in those areas so pretty incredible to see the extensive flooding that occurred across parts of arizona due to just a little bit of rain and that's really because it's a desert area. they're not used to seeing that much rain and any amount of rainfall can really cause -- can be in the form of runoff out there and also caused some extensive flooding. for today we're looking at more severe storms possible in sections of the midwest and also down in the plains states like kansas, missouri all the way to even sections of arkansas. damaging wind gusts possible in excess of 60 miles an hour, large hail and even tornados. east of that we're going to be seeing showers and storms as well. maybe not severe but they will be producing several inches of rain today, tomorrow and even into your wednesday. anywhere from parts of the northeast into sections of the tennessee valley and down into parts of the gulf coast. so pretty watchful area out here expecting showers and storms for a couple of days. we're expecting several days of
8:37 am
unsettled weather across the east. otherwise, flash flood watches remain in effect throughout parts of southern california, nevada and parts of arizona because again, it just takes a little bit of rainfall out here to produce flooding in these desert areas and we are looking at more rain in the forecast coming up throughout the day today. otherwise, expecting hot temperatures in parts of the plains states. 97 degrees for your high temperature in dallas. 96 in san antonio. kansas city, hot for you as well. 95 degrees. but parts of the northeast, finally a relief from the hot temperatures that we saw last week. we're talking 100 degrees in new york city. today 81 degrees. a little bit below average so it feels nice out there. just grab the umbrella. >> all right. me ma -- maria, thanks. jon: you might be having sticker shock at the pump. analysts expect that trend will continue as summer rolls along. according to the aaa, national
8:38 am
average for a gallon of regular unleaded, $3.67. that's up six cents from last week and a spike of 20 cents from this time a year ago. in hawaii, filling up costs the most. $4.35 there for regular. it's a little more than a buck cheaper in south carolina. home to the lowest gas prices overall, aaa expects prices will continue to tick up everywhere in the days ahead. contributing factors pushing up the costs of crude oil and gasoline include increased summer demand, the unrest in egypt and production hiccups here in the u.s. and some other countries. still today's average price is nowhere near the highest ever recorded average price. aaa says back in mid july of 2008, it hit $4.11 a gallon. i paid $4.45 yesterday for premium. the stock market ticking up again after setting some new records last week. nicole is live in the new york
8:39 am
stock exchange. >> we're taking a look here at markets that has all up arrows across the board. it's been a record setting week last week and even today as well. we're seeing the markets move to levels we've never seen before so not only are we waiting for kate middleton's baby and making records there abroad but records right here at home so if you have 401k's and ira's you're feeling good about the fact you've seen a runnup of four straight weeks in a row. for both the s&p 500 and the dow jones industrials, this year has been a great year thus far. all three major averages are up roughly 19%, give or take. as for what traders are saying going forward, so far, corporate profits have mostly topped analyst expectations. this latest quarter, many of the traders say maybe you want to take some profits, take some money off the table but they don't really feel comfortable to short the market. they're not ready to say it's going down but they may be
8:40 am
nervous to say it's going to head even higher because we have really seen some runnups. just a couple of things to note, we got in our existing home sales today which pulled back a little bit, though still remain fairly high so that's good news and we're watching apple with bigger screens, mcdonalds, weak sales and some concerns going forward and netflix which will come out after the bells today. back to you. jon: and some kind of skeptical or down beat assessments on the economy on the front page of the "wall street journal" today as well. >> a norwegian woman who told police in dubais she was raped was sentenced and arrested for prison time. now they're having a change of heart. julie is following this now from the new york news room. >> it's a case that clearly highlights the stark differences between the west and islamic
8:41 am
based legal codes and in dubais, very opposite beliefs. a woman claims she was raped in march by a co-worker, was charged with having sex outside her marriage after reporting the crime to police. she's been pardoned after officials dropped her 16 month sentence and free to leave the country and now she's not only happy to be free but to finally tell her story. listen. >> i woke up and realized i was being raped. they asked me, are you sure you want to call the police? and i thought, of course i want to call the police. that's a natural reaction. spread the word because we've been thinking about calling the press for quite some time but we were worried that that would affect my case for the worst. it could be that they would make me an example, showing that in dubais, we have our rules. you have to follow them. >> her decision to go public
8:42 am
about the sentence and give several interviews about the matter has put pressure on authorities in dubais and now there's talk it could damage the city's reputation, including the high profile bid for the 2020 world expo. no word from dubais officials on this matter and whether her pardon was linked to traditions of clemency during the islamic holy month of ramadan. back to you. >> thank you. the candidates for virginia governor go on the attacks swinging away in their first debate. why the gloves are coming off. also new insight on the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. what was going on in the pentagon during those first critical hours? the great outdoors...
8:43 am
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>> new next hour an ohio man will be charged with aggravated murder after the bodies of three women were found wrapped in trash bags. a news conference wrapping up moments ago in cleveland. what we now know about the
8:46 am
victim coming up in a live report. move over, texas. more states like colorado and wyoming are joining with domestic oil boom but the energy industry says things could be better. find out what they say is holding production back. and family fun turns tragic when a mother dies in a fall from one of the tallest rollercoasters in the world. what went wrong at this texas amusement park. we'll have the latest on the investigation. jon: a tight race for governor in virginia. candidates facing off in their first debate over the weekend. they're clashing over character credentials and confidence. chief correspondent live in d.c. with a look at that. james? >> you know it's election season somewhere if the fact checkers have sprouted from their gopher holes and this morning finds one of them giving mcauliffe the dez
8:47 am
i guess nation of pants on fir during the debate, former d.n.c. chairman claimed that a recent report by an independent prosecutor concluded that the attorney general, republican candidate, should have been prosecuted for violating the state's financial disclosure laws but that the commonwealth laws are insufficient. the report exonerated him and nowhere suggested he should have been prosecuted. it was just one flash point in an often contentious debate. >> the last four years we've seen a social, he had yoe logical agenda that's made late comedy shows, virginia a laughing stock. we want everybody to come to virginia. he says one thing and does something else. you are the true trojan horse of politics. you should be willing to put your finances out there and let people see them. i put eight years out.
8:48 am
mcauliffe, what have you got to hide? release your tax returns. >> recent polls in virginia have shown each candidate with an edge. mcauliffe enjoys a small lead in the clear politics average of statewide polls taken the last month to six weeks. cuccinelli challenges obama care. mcauliffe has a lot of financial baggage. in short as november approaches, this race is going to get nastier and more expensive. stay tuned right here to follow every jaunt. jon: we will do that. thank you. >> new health concerns about kids and something you can find in more than 95% of american households. a television. what you need to know if you have children or care for them. and fox news gets a first look at boeing's new spacecraft.
8:49 am
the company set to unveil the capsule it hopes will be chosen to send astronauts to the international space station. we'll be live with a preview.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
jon: a fox news alert. you're looking at live pictures inside the courtroom in cleveland where a serial murder suspect named michael madson is facing charges. there you see him in the blue shirt at the defense table. he has been charged with murder in connection with the death of one woman whose body was apparently found over the weekend, stuffed in a plastic garbage bag in a neighborhood of cleveland.
8:53 am
authorities, according to reuters, the reuters news agency are identifying her as angela deskins. we've been told it will take some time to verify the identities of the other two women's bodies found because they were so badly decomposed. but there you see michael madson who is being charged with capital murder in connection with the death of one woman whose body apparently was found over the weekend in the cleveland area. patti ann: right now startling new statistics every parent or guardian of children needs to hear. every day dozens of children are treated in emergency rooms across the country for television related injuries. that's according to a new study released today. julie is live in our new york news room with more on this. >> it's sad we even have to talk about this. it seems to obvious if you're a parent or guardian. the study shows that more than 17,000 children are treated in emergency rooms in this country for tv related injuries each
8:54 am
year. that's one accident every 30 minutes. and the problem has nearly doubled in two decades. most are tube tv's that aren't secured to a stand or wall and come down on the child. it was prompted by incidents in chicago and encourages stricter safety standards. in the chicago area alone, close to 400,000 children were rushed to hospital er's from 1990 to 2011. injuries include concussions, lacerations and traumatic brain injuries. most vulnerable, children ages five and younger. most recent example, a tragic case this weekend in hartford, connecticut, a 32 inch tube style television fell on to a 2-year-old boy, critically injuring the toddler. he was found beneath the tv after it fem off a piece of furniture while there were adults in the home at the time. the boy underwent emergency surgery. that appeared to be an accident and no arrests have been made but hopefully stories like this
8:55 am
one will prevent accidents from happening since they're so easily preventible. securing the tv to the wall is the best way to keep the children out of harm's way. patti ann: thank you. jon: we'll have more on that possible serial killing case in ohio. a cleveland man charged with murder after three bodies wrapped in trash bags were found in suburban cleveland. police are fearful there could be more victims. an update on the case of michael madison, the victims believed to have disappeared in the last eight to 10 days that have been found so far. plus we're live in london with the royal baby watch. kate middle ton has gone into labor, we're told. we could deliver news of the baby's arrival in the next hour. you never know. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
8:56 am
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8:59 am
jon: brand new stories and breaking news. some new details emerging about the deadly terror attack in benghazi on september 11. the first person account that is contradicting the original white house version of events. we'll get a live report. plus one of america's most notorious accused crime bosses back in court today. his former partner takes the stand again after shocking the court on friday describing the cold blooded murder he says bulger ordered. our legal panel weighs in on the whitey bulger case. and finally, something to celebrate for the future of america in space. boeing unveils its new prototype to get us back to the stars. but we begin with a fox news alert. breaking developments in the royal baby watch. right? patti ann: welcome to the second
9:00 am
hour of "happening now" and we're live at st. mary's hospital in london awaiting the birth of a future king or queen of england. kate middleton and prince william arrived at the hospital's private wing in the early morning hours without a police escort, sneaking in through a side door. kate is in labor and the couple's spokesman says things are progressing as normal. prince charles, about to become a grandfather, talked about the new baby with a young royal fan. >> thank you very much. i'll see that i can do. patti ann: amy kellogg is live in london now. hi, amy. what is the latest? >> what i have to say, it seems that the way to get information out of the royal family is to send a little child to ask some questions because they do seem to respond and they do seem to
9:01 am
answer. in any event, we figure it's about hour 11 of labor for the duchess of cambridge and that is right about the average time that it takes the first baby to arrive in a natural birth but we don't know anything more than that. we know that the kensington palace press office has set up a mobile office behind us in the wing of st. mary's hospital but they tell me and i just bumped into one them that it's on a separate floor and they do not have office hours, they're not serving tea and do not serve champagne and we don't expect to hear anything from them until the birth has happened. the queen has been notified and other key family players have been notified and the first announcement we've been talking so much is spirited off to buckingham palace to be revealed to the world probably just with weight, time of birth and gender and then possibly a few little
9:02 am
anecdotal notes. when prince william was born, he cried and that was put upon the announcement but the name we probably won't know for some time. it is possible that prince william will spontaneously decide to burst on to the steps here behind me and give a casual remark to the press but that would only be something he would do after the birth, after everyone in the family had been notified, only if he was up for it. we know that he's not a big fan of the press and then, of course, once they're ready to leave the hospital, they will do a photo op on the steps. that will be clearly very overwhelming for them with this huge spread of journalists all up and down the streets. apparently when princess diana stepped out and showed william to the world, she smiled and she looked great but when they pulled away from here and turned the corner, she burst into tears. people who know kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge say
9:03 am
she's composed and probably do just fine when that moment arrives. patti ann: the baby better get used to the cameras. that's the whole lifetime. so many folks are betting that this baby is a girl. they think they know something. explain that. >> well, yeah. and it's really not clear because the palace has more or less said that the duke and duchess don't know the gender of the baby. they want to be surprised like many couples do. but there is the impression that the duchess made a little slip some time ago when she was offered a gift, sort of indicated she would be giving it to a daughter. here is how it played out.
9:04 am
>> so any way, that is apparently why all the bets have been put on a girl and i lost track of the oddd because the betting companies come dancing down here with their boards to show us the latest but clearly, the betting public believes it's going to be a girl. we've spoken a lot about names. there have been bets on those. elizabeth, victoria, alexandra topping the pops but those who said they look at royal genealogies say there's been exotic names, including dagmar, gertrude, mabel so i think it's possible there will be something unusual woven into the four name sequence that eventually will be placed upon the little prince or princess. become to you. patti ann: they get four names, at least they have several opportunities. thank you for all those details. jon: it is pretty fascinating what happens when this kind of royal birth comes along. when kate middleton went into
9:05 am
labor early this morning, the news sparked a big jump in bets as amy just told you on the name of the future king or queen. 50 you 50,000 bets so far alone. alexandra the top for the girl. james is top for boys. this is a royal couple that's going to break with tradition but we'll see. patti ann: i happen to like james. we'll see. in other news, fox news alert, a new benghazi bomb shell. the former head of u.s. forces in africa saying it was clear, almost immediately, that the attack on the u.s. consulate was a terrorist strike and not some street protests that got out of hand. chief intelligence correspondent has more for us on that. hi, katherine. >> thank you. the former head of africa command was at the pentagon for service chiefs on 9/11 when they got an alert from forces that
9:06 am
the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya was under attack and there was no sign of a demonstration being involved. general hamm addressed the question. >> dunk it was a terrorist attack? >> i don't know that that was my first reaction but pretty quickly as we started to gain understanding within the hours after the initiation of the attack, yes. and i don't think anybody thought -- at the command, i don't think that anyone thought differently. >> general hamm said he immediately told leon panetta that it was under attack. it became a recovery operation by the evening and like panetta and others, the commander says it would have taken at least six hours to reach the site in
9:07 am
libya. that is disputed by the administration's critics. nearly a year after the murder of chris stevens, foreign service officer smith and woods, the retired general says no one has been charged or prosecuted for the terrorist attack and it's a reflection of libya's weak government. >> it's a very, very complex issue and i think it is more that, the feeling between the government of the united states and this emerging but yet fragile government of libya that has impeded any significant progress on bringing to justice those who killed our friends. >> this week is part of a renewed push for the special operations speaks that will be delivering to congress a petition signed by a thousand special operators calling once again for an independent investigation into the benghazi terrorist attacks. patti ann: thank you. >> you're welcome. jon: for more on the impact of the general's assessment of the benghazi terror attack, let's
9:08 am
bring in the chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. president obama famously promised that the people who killed our ambassador and the three others would be brought to justice. so where does that stand? >> well, it hasn't happened yet. we think there are five people who are the ring leaders in this. we believe that one of them was in the custody of this libyan government and they let him go. in march they said they didn't have enough evidence. we're frustrated about this. remember, it was months, weeks and weeks and months after this september 11 attack before f.b.i. investigators got to the crime scene. and it just sat there and any evidence that might have been there was gone and now you just heard general hamm refer to the libyan government as fragile. a mess would be a better description. there's really nobody for us to deal with in the way that we might deal with a country that has a stable government if we
9:09 am
were looking for criminal suspects. jon: president obama offered american air support in dislodging the libyan government. one would think that there would be some better
9:10 am
>> there was a shooting outside of the c.i.a. headquarters in the 1990's. two people were killed, three wounded. the killer got away.n pakistan, several years. one night he went to bed in his hotel room in pakistan. then he was on a plane for the united states where he was tried and convicted and executed. so the united states has the ability to do this and i think if this goes on for quite a while, you will hear at least republicans in congress saying we ought to do something on our own. jon: and ronald reagan, famously went after muammar qaddafi with an air strike back when he was believed to have been involved in things that the u.s. didn't much like. >> this is a little more complicated than that. libyan government, we paved the way for them to be in power such
9:11 am
as they are right now. we actually made that happen by getting rid of muammar qaddafi and there was a lot of talk at the time saying who are we helping here? who are the rebels in libya? are there terrorist factions inside this rebel forces? and none of those questions have turned out particularly well. and this government is, i think, at best what general hamm called fragile. jon: we will see whether those five suspects that the f.b.i. has identified, whether anything happens to them. thanks. >> thank you, jon. patti ann: brand new information on a possible serial killing case unfolding now in cleveland. police just wrapping up a news conference. what we're learning about the charges for the suspect and the victims. we're live with that story. the investigation into that deadly rollercoaster accident. what witnesses are saying and reaction from the popular amusement park. plus the president's comments on race relations after the verdict in the trayvon martin case
9:12 am
sparking even more controversy. how did the media cover it? our fox news watch panel weighs in. >> so often we take all -- any kind of situation that occurs today in america and we get on the different sides of it and we hurl hand grenades at each other rather than engaging in intelligent discussion. george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ we're so choosy about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards that only a slow-motion bite can capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national.
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9:15 am
patti ann: new information on a tragedy at a texas amusement park. the german company which made the rollercoaster involved in a death is now heading to six flags over texas in arlington. this after a woman fell to her death from the popular texas giant rollercoaster. witnesses say the woman expressed concern about the coaster's safety bar not completely engaging just as the ride started. the medical examiner now confirms she died of multiple traumatic injuries. jon: and a fox news alert out of
9:16 am
ohio. officials holding a news conference just a short time ago as a suspect is charged with aggravated murder after police found three women's bodies wrapped in plastic trash bags last week. garrett is live in chicago. the suspect just appeared in court. tell us what happened. >> yeah, jon. this is the first time we've seen michael madison since he was arrested on friday. the judge officially charged him with three counts of aggravated mur, three additional counts of kidnapping so he could potentially be facing the death penalty here in this case. now, the bond for michael madison was set at $6 million. police said at a press conference that very much an on going investigation. there could be one or two more bodies that were there in the east cleveland neighborhood. there's a big search effort that came out with volunteers from the neighborhood. they searched more than 50
9:17 am
abandoned homes, 12 streets there. they did not find any bodies but the mayor said they're looking to expand the search efforts just to make sure they cover all of the ground there and ensure there are no other bodies. jon: and we know now the identity of one of the women that they believe they found? >> we do. the county medical examiner came and said that the victim they had been able to identify is 38-year-old angela deskins. they were only able to identify her based on fingerprints they were able to get. when the medical examiner found the bodies in garbage bags, they were so badly decomposed. the other two bodies, they said it would take at least several more days before they would be able to identify them as well as find a cause of death. >> we're also working on d.n.a. profiles for the sdeddescedents.
9:18 am
>> there have been a lot of people in the area that have been coming forward to police with family members missing, asking if this could be one of them and the medical examiner saying -- asking the families to hold off on that and they will release more information when they do get those test results but of course, all of this came about on friday when a neighbor called and reported smelling something in a garbage near the apartment and that's near where michael madison was staying. they looked to find two additional bodies and the search is on going as they look for possible other bodies, jon. jon: and after the ariel castro case, another difficult crime case really for cleveland to handle. thank you. there is word that madison may
9:19 am
have been inspired by a convicted serial killer named anthony sowell. he was sentenced to death for the murders of 11 women two years ago. their bodies found in and around his home in cleveland in october 2009. he was also found guilty of attempting to kill three other women who survived. patti ann: clean up on aisle nine. after shocks following a massive earthquake could be felt for days. also we could see the defense for reputed mobster whitey bulger this week as federal prosecutors wrap up their case. our legal panel will tell us what to expect after days of gruesome testimony and we'll ask if they think bulger himself will take the stand. >> he's a born rat and he's not taking the stand because he couldn't withstand the cross-examination and don't believe anything otherwise. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus
9:20 am
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9:23 am
jon: happening now in new zealand, no end in sight for the after shocks that are following a minute long, 6.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the island nation halting trains, knocking items off store shelves and damaging the parliament building. seismologists say new zealanders could experience the after shocks for days. patti ann: right now prosecuteors say they hope to rest their case this week against reputed mobster whitey bulger. his former partner details the many grisly killings by bulger's gang and he said by bulger himself. right now we have the former prosecutor and defense attorney. thank you for joining us. i want to update viewers. interesting morning so far in
9:24 am
court. current witness is known as the rifle man. he's bulger's former partner and friend and he testified friday. he was back today. and the brother of a woman who bulger is accused of killing screams at fleming while he's on the witness stand saying you're lying about me. and fleming says, oh, i apologize. i mixed you up with your brother. i apologize for that remark. and the judge says that davis, the guy who was screaming, could stay in the courtroom as long as he stays quiet. what does the jury make of all of this? >> i guess the jury just saw some very effective cross-examination from the audience which is highly unusual. it's also highly unusual that that individual that's screaming in the courtroom is still there. the jury's perception of this is going to be, well, they have to have some less confidence in this particular witness because he basically just admitted he got it wrong. so what else is he getting wrong? what else is he not going to be caught on that he's going to
9:25 am
say? it undermines his entire testimony. >> i think in general in this case, we have a witness on the stand whose life sentence, his death sentence was commuted to life to testify against whitey. so already the defense is saying, and will say, consistently in his cross-examination and in their closing that this man just got basically paid. he got given his life to give the testimony and look at all the inconsistencies. he even got confused with someone's name because the defense will say, he's making it all up. that's what the defense will say. patti ann: the prosecution is going to wrap up its case this week and the defense will start. do you agree that the credibility of the witness $ going to be a key defense? >> it certainly will be but let's face it. he's going to be convicted and spend the rest of his life in prison. he's already conceded to that. his own defense attorney got up and can see to the fact that he's a criminal. he's guilty of a lot of what he's charged with.
9:26 am
what this seems more likely to be is a trial about this man's reputation. he doesn't want to be accused and found guilty of killing women or being an informant for the f.b.i. because the reality is, there's so much evidence against him and including eyewitness testimony, including his own statements, audio reportings of himself that he knows he's going in for the rest of his life. this is simply his attempt at rehabilitating his reputation. patti ann: you're shaking your head. you're not sure about a conviction. >> do you want to know? because so many of these antics happening in the trial, this isn't the first time there was a blowup. he himself, the defendant, blew up at fleming on the stand a few days ago and the judge allowed this. what that can do to a jury is make them pull back so much and make them get very confused as to what's happening in the courtroom. so much so that they may just say, well, we don't even want to make this decision here. is there reasonable doubt?
9:27 am
they may just get very confused as to credibility on a lot of these witnesses. there may be a mistrial at some point because so much of this is going on. we've seen that in other testimony and other trials with reputed mobsters, mistrial after mistrial with john gotty. that happened. it took quite a while to finally get a conviction because so many antics in the courtroom, timely a judge might have to say a mistrial or the appeal. appellate court might just say this was too graphic of a situation, that the judge didn't reign in. patti ann: does whitey bulger take the stand? especially about his reputation? >> that's a good question. in that sense, if my recording of the case is correct, he may take the stand simply to explain his position on a lot of these counts so he can set forth his own vision or what he wants to communicate to the jury but really to the wider audience which is the entire world, every person who is viewing this case.
9:28 am
as to what, in essence, what a good guy he was. he was a bad guy but a good guy in the sense that he didn't kill any women but he did work in the community. they could fill that up. it's hard to say. for the most part you don't want to put your client up on the stand but in this case, you may see him up there just basically trying to do some self promotion. patti ann: we have heard some of what steve was saying, that he had a reputation of a robin hood. he did things for the poor kids and kept the neighborhood safe and all of this. does this come out, if not now, during the sentencing portion of the trial?e any impact? >> that's a great point. during sentencing if he's convicted, they -- of course, the defense will try to bring up all of his good deeds, community actions, all of his help even with the f.b.i. which went astray and awry to bring up his sentence should be lesser. there's so many reasons to say why he's a good guy, not a bad
9:29 am
guy because you want the least amounts. in this case, he's facing life and i don't think there's going to be any reduction because of the amount of the counts, the racketeering and homicide accounts. if he gets guilty, it looks like life will be the only option. patti ann: the testimony has been gruesome, hard for the jurors to erase that from their mind. thank you for joining us. jon: president obama has been speaking in very personal terms about race after the george zimmerman verdict sparked protests nationwide. so how did the media cover the president's remarks and the demonstrations? our news watch panel next. plus a powerful storm rolls through nearby phoenix, dumping heavy rain and causing some serious flooding. the latest on the clooef uu uup cleanup still ahead. >> i have two eight foot doors and the water started rising, rising, rising.
9:30 am
water came in around the sides and two minutes after that, the doors burst in, burst open and a wall of water came through my basement. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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or supplementing what you already have, call now and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here. jon: new fallout from the president's comments from the wake of the trayvon martin shooting. president obama speaking out nearly a week after george zimmerman's acquittal saying among other things that martin could have been him 35 years
9:34 am
ago. his comments sparking even more controversy among some in the media. with the former press secretary to president bush, questioning the wisdom of the president's choice of this particular shooting as a topic to involve the office of the president and not another crime. >> i think that when a president speaks, it's to multiple audiences so from the prism of self defense, if you think of the young mother whose 2-year-old son was shot in the face by the two black teens that approached her in atlanta, why do presidents choose to speak about one case and not the other? it's why it's better not to maybe talk about any of them. jon: take up dana's point, jim. why does the president fixate on
9:35 am
this one particular case and why are the media? >> well, i think that the president spoke on friday and then for three nights running, friday night, saturday night and sunday night, nbc news ran clips of the president. they're trying to give that friday message the same treatment they gave the reverend wright speech five years ago which is to turn the guy into another moses. what the president said wasn't strong enough but the rest of the media said, listen. the president just instructed us about how we white people should think about black people and that's one narrative that the media completely embraced. the other narrative is the one that taken a prino and chris wallace yesterday brought up which is there's a merit of the fear of crime. and the president, of course, didn't speak to that and the media ifltself don't speak to that. jon: is this the right case for the president to focus on? >> only this president could have made the speep he made.
9:36 am
he did it without a teleprompter. he spoke from the heart and talked about his own personal experience. here is a president who gets so often criticized for not being empassionate enough and here he is and i thought no one had it right when he said that he asked people to challenge their own biases and tommy christopher, had a very good point and some people don't like when you bring up bush but there is a double standard. when george w. bush got involved in the terry shaivo case and wanted to change the law so she could have the tube reinserted, when this president speaks from personal experience, i think it was a teachable moment and he was -- it was so important to hear what he had to say. i think it's probably -- it will be historic speech. jon: if the president wants to tamp down trouble between races, wouldn't this be where to start? >> that's what he was doing. he did this on the eve of demonstrations taking place and
9:37 am
he said we've come a long way in terms of race. we still have a long way to go. by talking about his own experiences, clutching purses in elevators, i believe he was explaining to people that may not have the black experience what it's like to be black in america. if anything, tamp down some of the possibility there could be a problem in the demonstrations that we'll have for the next day. jon: but it seems like the media are missing the point, that race didn't come up in the trayvon martin trial. the jury rejected the notion that trayvon was killed because he was blk. he was killed because he was wailing on this guy that was underneath him and had a gun. >> right. and zimmerman is half hispanic and took an african-american girl to the crime some number of years ago. they're stuck on that one. they still want to see him get thrown in jail and want to go to larger discussions about racism and the issue for urban america, the issue for much of america is
9:38 am
crime. it's fear. it's the terror of being mugged or carjacked or robbed or whatever. we're seeing cases every day like that, that concern that, and again, as chris wallace said, it's substantially black to black crime and yet all of that is washed away so that the president can get president with allen and others for lecturing us about how we're paid and when to lock the doors. >> race was not part of the trial but it was part of the national dialogue. it was part of the immediate i can't recollects the way the media covered the trial, whether or not it was part and parcel of the trial itself so you can't ignore the fact this was a water cooler conversation that took place all over the country based on this trial. what better way, what better time and what better president to address it than this one? >> but the liberal media put it? . >> not just the liberal media. >> and the facts didn't sustain them at all but they still keep doing it and as you're saying,
9:39 am
alan, they're now not covering the facts. they're covering their own coverage. we called it racism? okay. now let's talk about racism. >> conservative bloggers, kefbtive editorials and all over the media this became a political football in certain effect and the race conversation. it happened on all sides of the media. it's not just the liberals who made this about case. jon: when the martin family attorneys came out and said, you know, trayvon is another emmitt till, shouldn't the media take a look at those cases and really do a fair comparison? i don't think there's much interest in going after a family that's suffering a loss of a son. >> there is, there should be interest because there's all the difference in the world. and the case where the guy was obviously in truancy trouble at a minimum and suspected of
9:40 am
robbery as well. those are worth knowing, alan. wright called it crime. >> you're saying when the parents come out and peek in a heartfelt manner about the loss of their son and how they view it, the media should take those parents who lost that son to task. jon: what i said, alan, is that the media should do a fair comparison between the cases. >> the media is not just one thing. there are many parts of the media. if you look at everything in total, you had all sides covered. jon: we'll have to leave it there, gentlemen. a good discussion as always. thank you. patti ann: it could be a new consequence of obama care. the number of part time jobs has hit a record high while full time jobs decreased. some say the affordable care act is driving this trend because it increases the cost of full time workers, thereby enhancing the value of the part-timers and
9:41 am
that's having implications for the overall economy. rich with fox business network is live in washington. hi, rich. >> good afternoon. some executives, especially those in the restaurant and retail businesses, say the cost of the health care mandate will force them to cut full time hours. the law says many of them must offer their employees coverage if they work at least 30 hours a week. critics of that law say that means businesses will simply cut worker hours to 29 or less per week to avoid the mandated. hospitality businesses will cutback hours because of the health care law and one in 10 businesses across the economy plan on doing so. more than 20% say they'll make no changes to worker hours because of the law. 2/3 say they already offer health care to employees working at least 30 hours a week. one economist says there may be a relatively small shift from part-time work to full time. it's just too early to tell. >> as the economy recovers, people will be hiring as they
9:42 am
are now and very small increments and increasing hours worked in very small in krkre k skrems and i suspect many of them will pause when they hit the obama care regulation. >> as for the recent spike in part-time work, some economists say slower growth, college graduates entering the work force and government furloughs have all played a role. white house denies the health care law will reduce worker hours, saying it provides subsidies to make health care more affordable. back to you. patti ann: thank you. jon: boeing is flying high, unveiling a new spacecraft. casey has a preview for us. casey? >> yeah, jon. a story up your alley. check it out, boeing cst 100 could be the next spacecraft to take folks to the international space station and we'll take you inside when "happening now"
9:43 am
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jon: a new frontier for boeing. the company unveiling its first ever full sized spacecraft or maybe a model thereof. it is similar to the apollo capsule and it will be able to transport up to seven astronauts into space. casey is live from houston with more on that. >> yeah, jon, it's a little snug fit but this is a boeing like you've never seen before. we want to get you up close and personal with the cst 100. it stands for crews space transportation and they've had an astronaut in here all morning with an actual pressurized suit and doing tests. this thing is more than 26,000 pounds and wil top of an atlas five rocket to be launched into outer space. now, boeing is currently in competition with two other companies. one of them being space x for
9:47 am
nasa's commercial crew program because remember, since the shuttle program retired, u.s. no longer has a space transport vehicle to get astronauts and cargo to the international space station. we're currently paying russia lots and lots of money to hitch rides. >> the current contract is $63 million per seat. the united states just signed another contract for, i believe, six flights for over $70 million per seat. and if we do that -- if we perform that business here in the states, we can do it for less than that. >> last year congress approved $406 million for nasa to explore this particular program. and the space agency hopes to have a capsule flying by 2017. pretty impressive. jon: save a lot of money, it sounds like, at $70 million a seat. >> that's a lot. patti ann: just half an inch of
9:48 am
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jon: now this fox news alert on some new information out of the pentagon regarding the fate of some of the detainees held at guantanamo bay prison in cuba. 71 of the detainees will get parole style hearings, hearings to be conducted by periodic review boards. they were mandated by the president's 2011 executive order. the goal is to determine whether detention is necessary for certain detainees to protect against the continuing, significant security threat to the united states. we are hearing that the number of 71 detainees could change and
9:52 am
none in that group are currently facing charges or have been found guilty in the military commission. patti ann: right now, what a quick half inch of rain can do in america's southwest. flash floods in phoenix have flooded homes and streets, trapping motorists in their cars. amazing scenes coming in of emergency rescues. adam is live now with more for us. adam, emergency responders, sounds like they had their work cut out for them. >> yeah, they d. this is the exact opposite of the dust storm video we see that rolls across phoenix. this time of year it's about the rain. in some areas as much as two inches of rain fell. more on that in a moment. first of all, to the video. amazing scenes across the basin there in the southwest, across the sun valley. nine people arrested is the latest official number n. scottsdale, apache junction, paradise valley, scenes like this, people being lifted out.
9:53 am
a lot of homes were flooded. meteorologists say this was the biggest, wettest storm of the monsoon covering a wide area. more than two inches in many locations east of phoenix mostly. residents and people really need to be careful at this time. take a listen. >> i have two eight foot glass doors and the water just started rising, rising, rising. water started coming in around the sides and two minutes after that, the doors burst in, burst open and a wall of water came through my basement. >> people in the southwest are used to the monsoon season but i have to tell you, a lot of homeowners, it surprises you when it hits certain areas because it might hit another part of the valley and you may be 15 miles away and not you as badly. you saw from the video, it really came through and i want to mention the signs. they say tun around, don't drown. don't drive in a lot of the washes and drivers do. they see the sign and they still drive through. that's what causes some rescues.
9:54 am
patti ann: thank you. jon: so what is in the forecast today for the folks out west? janice dean jon:s us -- joins us with that. >> we're into the monsoon season which is their wet season, a seasonal shift that brings moisture to the southwest. this is desert territory. half inch of rain to an inch of rain is going to cause some problems. this is what we saw in and around the phoenix area. half inch to inch of rain and of course, it just quickly flooded those very dry areas, very dry rivers. people were just caught off guard. this will continue for parts of the southwest. the phoenix area will dry out over the next couple of days but we're still going to see the continued threat of more showers and thunderstorms and some of those thunderstorms could be flooding rainfall. so just keep that in mind. this is the forecast through wednesday and you can see the rainfall around the southwest, especially portions of
9:55 am
california through nevada, also areas of around the arizona area into new mexico, up to utah and colorado. so this is their wet season. they're used to it. but of course, a lot of rainfall in a short period of time could cause some massive flooding. the phoenix area, we'll see hot, dry conditions return with a slight chance of rain but again, this is going to be a drying out period for the folks around the phoenix area. but the flood advisories are in place where we're going to see moisture across california, parts of nevada and northwest portions of arizona. so certainly we'll keep you posted on that. back to you. jon: thank you. patti ann: a fox news alert now. fox news has confirmed george zimmerman briefly emerged from hiding to rescue a man from a wreck. police confirming to us and abc news reported that zimmerman, who has been in hiding since the acquittal in the death of trayvon martin, emerged to help
9:56 am
someone trapped in an overturned truck. sanford police department captain telling abc that zimmerman, quote, pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over at the intersection of a florida highway last week, apparently. florida highway patrol is handling the case. that crash occurring at the intersection of i-4 and route 417. this is the first known sighting of zimmerman since he left the courtroom following his acquittal last week on those murder charges in the death of martin. zimmerman, of course, 29 years old, shot and killed martin, 17, in sanford, florida last year. jon: the great kate baby wait is in full swing. the eyes of the world on a london hospital. they are waiting, the whole world is, really, for an announcement that a future queen or king has been born. it could happen any minute now. we're live with an update next.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> the most watched dorin the world. kate middle ton went through the door and inside and about to give birth. >> it has been 12 hours now. it is a by or girl heir to the throne? thanks for watching. >> we begin with a fox news alert. with his approval numbers sinking to new lows the president met with the democrats for a top strategy. welcome to america live. the president will attend an event for advocacy group orgnoise for america. along with harry reid and nancy pelosi. it is made up for compain staffers. and tonight's summit will focus on strategy as congress heads in the summer


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