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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> you get the first hug. >> daddy. >> bret: thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. this is the fox report. tonight, the monarchy has a future. that's how the people of great britain are describing it. one of the most talked about pregnancies in the world ever. and now the waiting is over. [cheers and applause] >> the royal baby is finally here. >> welcome a future king. >> i'm more excited than ever. >> it's a once in a lifetime event. >> it was worth the wait. >> for crowds camping out at the hospital. >> it's for the baby. >> i will see what i can do. >> now we are about to get our first glimpse of the future king.
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also,. >> unbelievable. >> harris: a wall of water takes aim at home. >> the door burst open. >> harris: and traps drivers in their cars. tonight, monsoon season in the desert. and tragedy at six flags. a mom plunges to her death from a roller coaster right in front of her children. >> they were screaming my mom, my mom. we have got to get my mom. she is gone. >> now, there is word the victim had complained about her safety bar. and the amusement park is apparently investigating itself. aim harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. first, a fox urgent. a southwest plane has landed at laguardia airport without front landing gear. the faa confirming to fox news a short time ago the landing gear collapsed and
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so far they say no reports of injuries but that could change as they learn more. can you see the nose of the boeing 737 resting there on the tarmac. and a slew of emergency crews congregating around that plane. southwest airlines reports this is flight 345 which came in from nashville. here you see a map of its flight path. it landed in new york about one hour and 15 minutes ago. the runways at laguardia airport are shut down for now. a number of people on twitter complaining about being stuck in the tarmac other planes. a live report coming up inside "the fox report." well, we could not be happier. that's what prince william tonight said after his wife kate gave birth to their first child. the future king of england. our sister met work sky news says he called his grandmother the queen about the baby. and then word went out to the crowds who had been waiting outside the hospital for days. >> on this day the 22nd of
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july, in the year 2013, we welcome a future king, the first born of the royal highness the duke and duchess of cambridge. were the third in line to the throne. may he be happy and glorious and one day reign over us. god save the queen. [cheers] >> harris: and with the traditional pomp and circumstance there it is a spokesperson for the royal family says the baby was born at 4:24 p.m. london time weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces. prince william was in the room with kate for the delivery. he was s. reportedly spending the night in the hospital. we have team fox coverage, jonathan hunt our expert on everything british. amy kellogg live outside the hospital in london. amy, when do we expect to
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get our first look at the prince? >> >> hopefully tomorrow, harris. we had hoped to get a lot of love. all of us had hoped for a little bit of love i would have to say from the big prince tonight. we had hoped that maybe prince william down and grace us with his presence. he did spontaneously dive into the crowds a night before his wedding joyously working the crowd. tonight, as we said, he couldn't be happier and he is hunkered down bonding now that baby makes three up in the lindo wing up behind me here in paddington, london. the word of the announcement today is that the duchess of cambridge was delivered of a boy which was a huge surprise to all of those people who seemed to be for some reason convinced that it would be a girl. a bouncing and bountiful baby at that 8 pounds, 6 ounces. the name, of course, to be anamed and frankly we believe it will be probably up to four different names
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that will be bestowed upon this royal infant. congratulations coming from all over from within the family, prince charles expressing his delight to the royal park, the latest congratulations coming out from the royal park of the united kingdom. new prince's backyard. they are hoping he has many adventures in london's royal park. >> harris: i'm curious what was going on behind the scenes. moments before they changed the process in which they would do it. >> well, you know, harris, this is a country that is very tradition-bound and very proud of all of its traditions. we had been told from many weeks ago that we would hear when she went into labor and then we wouldn't know the results until a -- an announcement was posted on the forecourt of buckingham palace. that was the drill and then it all changed at the last
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minute, harris. of course, the easel still was relevant. i think buckingham palace was very much worried that some sort of tricky tweet would trump tradition and they wanted to control the release of the announcement. so it went out from them first. it took off before the footman left the hospital here to post that announcement. so, again, it was all unveiled in the esell in the end. there was a change at the last minute because social media has become so powerful and the palace wanted to be the one to put out the news first, harris. >> harris: completely understandable there. what other rituals can we sees a they welcome the new prince? >> well, the -- there will be a baptism and something called the lily font, the traditional christening robe that every member of the, every royal baby wears. that is probably some months down the road. i think that we are waiting for the photo op. which we presume will be tomorrow
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when we get to meet the little prince and see the duchess and the duke. and then we don't really know whether they will be spending their time in scotland with the the queen or whether they will go to berkshire to the middleton family residence. they will be finding that out though soon enough amy >> harris: the b. ask communications tower in london scrolling the message it's a boy and london eye the ferris wheel lit up in red, white, and blue at this hour. live in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, we haven't seen the royal family tonight as amy was just saying but we have heard from them. >> yeah. a lot of people rushing towards buckingham palace. as soon as the announcement was made. perhaps in hopes of seeing the queen appear on the balcony there. not much chance of that ever happening as you watch a live look at buckingham palace right now. the queen is going to give kate and william the chance to appear first in public.
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but a tweet was issued in her name, which read, and i quote: the queen and prince philip are delighted at the news of the birth of the duke and duchess of cambridge's baby. prince charles now a grandparent for the first time also issued a statement saying both my wife, camilla, of course, and i are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. it is an incredibly special moment for william and catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. and, on this side of the atlantic, president obama issued a statement saying, in part: michelle and i are so pleased to congratulate the duke and duchess of cambridge on the joy us occasion on the birth of their first child, we wish them all the happiness and blessings, parenthood brings. so everybody is very happy and the good news tonight is that mother and child are also very healthy, harris. >> harris: so that will do it for the royals in britain. what about what they call the commoners there? >> yeah. quite the party going on on
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the streets of london. ever since that announcement was made. he they have been out in force. the british commoners as you say partying alongside a lot of tourists. some of them americans. listen here. >> i think it's very exciting, a boy will be great for great britain. i think it's very exciting for will and kate. i can't wait to hear the name. >> i could not be more excited if i tried. i'm not from here. but i am so thrilled that kate and will had a baby boy. it's amazing. >> now, what y'all really want to know, of course is, how mum reacted. well, apparently, as soon as she knew kate was in labor, she went out and got her hair done just like it is right there. doesn't she look lovely. and then after the birth, mum texted me, it is lovely for the con -- country, i think they will be modern parents and royals which in this day and age is lovely. mike and i made our little
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toast to the newborn. can i tell you that is a lie. it was not a little toast. they say that the brits are going to spend 100 million extra dollars on alcohol to celebrate. it's a fair bet that 95 million of that will be spent by my mum on champagne and chardonnay, harris? >> harris: making the party of 2013 sound a whole lot more interesting than 1999. jonathan hunt, thank you. adorejoins me from outside the hospital she is a royal watcher and british tv commentator. we see the hats and dancing going on in the streets. what is the true meaning of this birth to the people in britain? >> hi, good evening, harris. i mean, it's a very significant birth. obviously we were thinking that maybe it would be a girl given the fact that the queen did change the rules saying whether it was a boy or a girl that young child will be a heir to the throne. obviously prince, prince of cambridge very happy. very significant birth.
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obviously is he third in line to the throne which is huge at the moment. many people in line for this top john. >> harris: reading today that the london has some plans what do we expect to see over the coming days? >> well, at the moment, obviously, we have heard that he has arrived. i'm standing outside the wing of st. mary's hospital. can i imagine there are lots of people as you can see behind me shouting and screaming. i'm sure that kind of good feeling is set to continue. >> harris: adora oleh thank you very much. we appreciate your perspective from london. a bomb at one of the locations pope francis is set to visit in brazil. the homemade device described as homemade. a mom plunged to her death from a roller coaster in front of her children. she complained her safety bar was not completely secure. one witness says the victim lifted her arm just as the ride dropped.
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>> harris: we are learning about a potential bomb scare on the historic visit to south america by pope francis. it happened in southern brazil about 160 miles west of rio. police there say they they found a small homemade explosive in a parking garage near a shine where the spoken scheduled to visit this week. the reuters news agency plastic pipe and wrapped in tape and that bomb squad safely detonated it. this is his first international trip as pontiff. also the argentine's born pope trip back to the continent since his election back in march. six flags offer texas is investigating itself after a woman fell out of a roller coaster and died at the amusement park in arlington. witnesses say the woman had complained before the ride started that her safety bar was not working. moments later, they say she flew out of her seat on the first turn of the texas
4:16 pm
giant, which is the park claims is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. six flags issued a statement saying: it is committed to finding the cause of what happened. it apparently has to do so on its own. we are told texas has no governmental agency which inspects amusement park rides. trace gallagher live for us in los angeles. trace, who does inspect those rides? >> well, at six flags in texas, harris, it's the state department of insurance. they actually come in and' in the rights and make sure the park has full insurance. they offer no oversight at all. they are not libel for any kind of problems and they are not responsible. on top of that, there is also no federal oversight. there used to be but apparently some years ago congress lifted those regulations. now some safety regulators believe they should be put back into place. listen. >> what is needside a uniform system that is equal in all 50 states, that all amusement rides are inspected to the same standards and guidelines, all incidents are investigated to the same
4:17 pm
standard and guidelines. and when something goes wrong, that information is shared with other states, other inspectors. >> so while places like disney and six flags have no oversight, those traveling carnivals that come to your town, they do have federal oversight. harris? >> harris: what more are we learning about the accident itself, trace? >> we are learning apparently as the cars got to the top of the roller coaster that she really was putting her hands up in the air as a lot of people do. that's when she fell out of roller coaster there was speculation early on that maybe she suffered some other otype of illness or ailment. the autopsy shows that she died of multiple traumatic injuries from, of course, falling off the roller coaster. and what makes the case even more horrifying is that her kids were apparently riding next to her. here is a witness. they were screaming and trying to get out of receipt restraint. my mom, mine mom, we have got it get my mom. she is gone.
4:18 pm
>> six flags say they cannot speculate on what caused this accident. they are investigating but their prayers go out to the family. harris? >> harris: just the thought of those young kids, trace gives me chills. in ohio, another disturbing case in the cleveland area. this time three women are dead and the man you see here is facing murder charges. officials say he may have followed in the footsteps of a previous notorious cleveland serial killer. that's next. first, the entertainment world mourning the loss of dennis a real life police officer who also played one on tv. >> what girl? this girl. jennifer clark, a years old. you grabbed her mother out of the car and snatched her from the backseat. we have live witnesses who put you at the scene. >> best known for role as detective in law and order. he also showed comedy skills for portraying mob get shorty and midnight run. publicist says doctors found a blood clot in his lung and he died this morning in hospital in
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>> harris: a registered sex offender made his first appearance in court today on murder charges. investigators say he killed not 1 but at least three women and wrapped their bodies in plastic garbage bags. it is just the latest in a string of gruesome cases involving missing women in the cleveland area. in fact, these three bodies turned up just 10 miles away from where police say ariel castro held women captive in his home for nearly a decade. the mayor in cleveland says the serial killer anthony sowell may have influenced this new suspect. investigators say seoul killed 11 women, decapitating some of them. the court handed sowell the death penalty in 2011. now
4:23 pm
prosecutors say three more women are dead at the hands possibly of this latest suspect. police have identified only one of those women, they say the other two bodies are too badly decomposed. gator continue any is live for us in our midwest newsroom. garrett, the woman they identified went missing about a month ago. >> that's right, harris, 38-year-old angela was last seen on june 7th. her family reported her missing when they hadn't seen her in more than three weeks. the county medical examiner say they were only able to identify her body using her fingerprints. and officials say it could take up to several more days before they are able to other two victims. one of whom they say may have been killed and stuffed into a garbage bag as many as nine months ago. >> these individuals were unfortunately very decomposed at the time that they were recovered. for this reason they can't release a final cause of death at the present time nor can we release identification of the other
4:24 pm
two unfortunate victims of this crime. >> medical examiners are now using dental and d.n.a. analysis to try and identify those two remaining victims. harris? >> well, what have you been able to find out about the suspect? >> well, harris, michael madison, he is a registered sex offender. he was a record going back as far as 14 years ago. in addition to a string of drug-related offenses, the 35-year-old served four years in prison after he pled guilty to attempted rape in 2002. and currently he is facing three counts of aggravated murder and an additional three counts of kidnapping. harris? >> garrett continue any reporting. thank you very much. ed southward snowden could be spending his final hours at the moscow airport. that's according to an airport that says he helped snowden apply for temporary asylum in russia. the form national security contractor leaked documents and secret phone and internet surveillance programs on millions of americans.
4:25 pm
the attorneys say but snowden could have papers to let him leave the airport by wednesday. u.s. officials say snowden is an accused criminal who should get a one-way ticket home. >> russia still has the opportunity to do the right thing and return him to the united states where he can face justice. >> harris: the state department would not comment on whether the u.s. could arrest snowden once he leaves that airport. and fox coverage of the arrival of the royal baby. we'll go back live to london this time with martha maccallum for the latest reaction there and what people are saying about princess diana. laguardia airport in new york city partially shut down at this hour. plane landed with problems. one woman on the plane describes the ordeal as very scary. and she says she saw smoke fill up the cabin. that's next.
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4:30 pm
>> what's the intersection number? >> it's okay, sir. it's okay. >> ma'am, what's the nearest exit number? >> harris: the sheriff reports all four people in that vehicle got out alive and unhurt. this marks the first time anybody has confirmed seeing george zimmerman in public. since the jury found him not guilty of murder and manslaughter in 17-year-old trayvon martin last year. according to the reporting of abc news, zimmerman's attorney says their client has been wearing a bullet-proof vest whenever he does go out into public last week we heard they hold the hold on to gun as they consider civil rights charges against zimmerman. today, sanford police confirmed they have delivered boxes of evidence from last year's shooting to the fbi. a wisconsin judge sentencing a man to spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a teenager over an alleged break-in. prosecutors say this 76-year-old milwaukee man accused his 13-year-old neighbor of stealing
4:31 pm
weapons from his home. his attorneys admit the man shot the boy in the chest as his mother watched buy did not find the ming weapons. sentenced the 76-year-old man to life without parole. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. people across the united kingdom celebrating much anticipated arrival of the british baby, the royal baby. the duchess of cambridge gave birth to a boy in london a few hours ago. so far the royal family no, sir not announced the names of the little one. protocol to that. third in line to the british throne behind his father prince william and prince charles. u.k. prime minister david cammeron speaking a short time after the birth calling it wonderful news. it is an important moment in the life of our nation but i suppose above all it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple
4:32 pm
who got a brand new baby boy. >> harris: the british prime minister can stand in line with all the celebrations because a lot of people are doing it tonight. it's also worth noting kate middleton gave birth in the same private hospital wing where princess diana gave birth to prince william and prince harry. martha maccallum arrived in london a few days ago and waiting with the rest of the world and finally the wait ended, martha. >> indeed it did, harris. it was quite an afternoon outside of the lindo wing outside of st. mary's hospital. everybody was anxiously awaiting this news for many reasons. many of which had been out there the course of the whole week and waiting for kate to go into labor. we got that word about 5:30 this morning. then at 4:24 we learned several hours after that she had given birth to a son which was a surprise many were expecting a
4:33 pm
little girl. tomorrow there is quite a few things on the agenda. we do expect there will be an appearance in the morning by prince william and his wife the duchess of cambridge, kate and also baby cambridge who will be known as his royal lineness prince of cambridge. it's a big handle for a little baby but get its first introduction to the world this child has no idea sort of what family he has been born into yet and what lies ahead. foam will be his first introduction to the world, harris. >> you know, you can't help but make some comparisons to the journey here. i had mentioned to our viewers, martha that princess diana had given birth twice in that same hospital wing. what are people saying about her tonight? >> i think it's tricky. i think prince charles and camilla put out out a statement he said he and my wife are thrilled to have a grandchild, our first grandchild and to welcome him into the world. i think everybody sort of read that statement and thought, that, perhaps, in a different situation it
4:34 pm
would have been a welcome from prince charles and princess diana. that was not to be. she obviously was not here to see william have his first child and no doubt that is a difficult thing for him. but, you know, it's worth pointing out that william and harry have both really, i think, welcomed camilla into the family. they are glad that their daddy is happy. and they have all, i think, moved on to the extent that they can. we're seeing a lot different. back then they were wondering whether the whole family was worth it and keep the monarchy. now they are in a he very different, much more positive place. people were genuinely you saw david cammeron earlier. people like this couple. they like being represented by them. and it is a very positive moment for great britain. >> harris: you know, martha, i heard you report something before i let you go earlier.
4:35 pm
princess diana induced because she couldn't take the pressure in the late stages of her pregnancy. kate middleton made the point if she could she wanted everything to be natural. >> they are in such different place. diana was very young. she was 20 years old. she was not surrounded by her family. kate, the duchess of cambridge is in a very different situation. she is college-educated. she spent many years sort of working and growing into the mature version of herself before she settled down and got married. supportive family she spent time with that helped her prepare for this moment. they are just very, very different people at very different stages in their life. i think that, you know, kate has benefited from that so the pomp and circumstance in earnest tomorrow martha maccallum thanks for being here and being there all along. >> christopher anderson is an author of the book "william and kate, a royal love story.
4:36 pm
i want to talk with him a little bit more about what martha just mentioned. you are with us tonight, christopher? >> yes, harris, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. it's interesting the kind of privacy that this couple had in their 10-year courtship. i'm curious to know whether or not that will change now with the birth of this baby. >> well, you know, they have had their battles with the press, as you know. not that long ago there was topless photos taken of kate, for example. that caused quite a scandal and she had to deal with the press and william have always had a very strained relationship. he knows how to work them but he still blames them for the death of his mother diana. yes, it's going to be a huge issue how they deal with it this will be the most famous child in the world bar none. the british tabloid press is very, very aggressive. even though there will be periods, i'm sure, where they hold back because they know public opinion wants them to ultimately, this child is going to be pursued just the way diana was and just the way william and kate were at a
4:37 pm
certain point. >> harris: i have just learned martha maccallum is still able to get to a microphone. if you want to chime in here, go ahead. >> i think christopher is absolutely right. i do think you will see this child traveling with the parents you all remember the pictures of queen elizabeth six week trip overseas it looked like when she bent down to shake little prince charles' hand that he barely recognized who she was. princess diana clearly broke that mold. she traveled with her boys and traveled with them quite a bit. you will see that from william and kate as well. there is talk of them going to australia or new zealand or canada on the first family trip. the press interaction with their child no doubt will be extremely controlled. and it will be on their terms and i think that they will remain very private and really try to control that to the greatest extent that they can. >> harris: again, author ever the book "william and
4:38 pm
kate a love story." christopher, what is it about this couple that makes them so lovable not just in london but throughout the united kingdom and really such a difference than what we have seen with previous royal couples? >> martha hit it right on the head. it's all because of diana. she transformed the monarchy. she turned it from this stuff i can't institution that didn't connect and really it was evaporating. diana was a kind young rom woman who was trapped by it and she, you know, nurtured this young man. she exposed william to a as close as a normal life. she made him stand in line at the movie. she took him to mcdonald's and the amusement park. harry as well. she took him to aids clinics. homeless shelters. he got a glimpse of real
4:39 pm
life. incredible young man but his wife is equally incredible. she is a real commoner. people talk about diana commoner. she was from one of the greatest families in england. this is the first commoner in 350 years to give goit a future king. >> christopher anderson tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> fox you are sent you. emergency crews, few passengers have been injured in an incident at new york's laguardia airport. this is where we started tonight. let's catch you up and give you what's new. we reported the news at the want to hour. the port authority which runs the airport now is telling us there are several reports of minor injuries. mostly involving back and neck pain. a few people have had anxiety attacks. and all of this. authorities say there were about 149 people on board that plane when it took off from nashville. and that when it landed in new york, the front landing gear appeared to have collapsed. laura ingle is covering the
4:40 pm
development for us live from laguardia airport. laura, bring us up to speed. hi harris. very scary landing indeed for those passengers of flight 345. nerves are frayed of those passengers and family members waiting here waiting at baggage claim and passengers upstairs trying to get tickets and get their flights out of here a lot of problems for air travel out of lawrlgd. we want to show you some the new pictures we have here. you can see from them that the plane is leaning forward. you can see those slides deployed. one man i spoke to whose mother was on the flight told me she described the incident as a crash landing, at least that's what it felt like to her. saying the cabin she said filled with smoke before passengers were evacuated down those emergency slides. he said his mother was in tears when she called him, explaining what this h. happened. the federal aviation administration releasing this statement a short while ago, the plane reported possible front landing gear issues before landing.
4:41 pm
the plane's nose gear collapsed as the aircraft landed on run way 4 at 5:45 p.m. the plane safely came to a stop and no injuries reported. the f.a.a. is investigating. of course we are getting information now that injuries were reported minor as you mentioned possible neck and back injuries. the woman that i just described the mother who was in tears apparently hurt her leg when she was coming down the slide. also heard some reports of some injured ankles. 10 aided passengers. four treated on the scene. six we have been told taken to the hospital for observation. that is coming to us from from the port authority tonight. news conference coming up just a few moments from the airport. can you see behind me these are some of the passengers that have been brought down from the bus. we were told that they were taken off of the plane. on to a bus, observed by medical staff and now we're coming here, filling out paperwork trying to get their bags and get home. harris? >> harris: as the news breaks out there with the news conference we may come back to you.
4:42 pm
laura ingle. thank you very much. it is monsoon system in the country. punishing amount of rain. flooding. look at in this is a coast guard rescue. a punishing amount of rain. the flooding near phoenix, a live report from where this is happening ahead. another round of severe weather to hit parts of the united states. janice dean will join us live inside "the fox report." which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards. and with the fidelity cash management account debit card, you get reimbursed for all atm fees. is that it? oh, this guy, too. turn more of the money you spend into money you invest. it's everyday reinvesting for your personal economy. ♪ and now there's a new way to do the same for your dog.
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well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >> harris: stunning video of arizona's monsoon season after one storm dumped several inches of rain over the weekend in the phoenix area. can you can see a couple of inches can make a whole lot of difference in the desert. authorities rescuing several motorists who became trapped inside their cars after trying to drive through the floodwaters even though they tell you not to do that no word of anybody hurt, fortunately. first alert forecasts say one lifted the rainfall total above the entire state's average. adam housley wit news live in our los angeles newsroom. adam, just how busy were
4:46 pm
those emergency first responders? >> a lot of rain in a short amount of time. you showed some of those cars. those cars were on roads. drivers tried to go into those waters and they washed cars away. causing nine rescuers and through apache junction, scottsdale, phoenix, paradise valley. the wettest storm of the year so far according to meteorologist in the monsoon season more than two inches of rain in many parts of east of phoenix, especially. and first responders will tell you as they lifted people out via helicopter, people not only need to be careful for themselves and their own safety but also those who are rescuing them. >> the most dangerous rescues that rescue teams will respond on large per is he search damage of fatalities are rescuers or would be rescuers. there are more people that die from flash floods than any other natural disaster in the united states there
4:47 pm
are a lot of warnings. turn around don't drown. if you are at fault for your regulation could you, basically they can charge you for it. >> adam housley, thank you very much. let's go now to janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center. january anything, it's monsoon season, we know that but the flooding is epic it? >> really is as you mentioned this is the desert. very dry. a lot of this moisture can't be absorbed properly. so an inch, inch and a half is going to cause a lot of flooding. a lot of problems across the southwest. we're going to kin to see the threat for flooding throughout the next several days. really for the next couple of weeks. can you seat moisture that he we're going to get through wednesday in this area. flash flood watches and warnings posted for the four corners in towards portions of nevada and california where we also have flash flooding in effect. this is going to be ongoing situation throughout the rest of the workweek. and taking a look he at the potential for severe weather across the upper midwest and the central u.s. today. we have lots of severe form
4:48 pm
watches in effect, harris. keep you posted throughout "the fox report." back to you. >> janice, thank you. get ready for more bickering over the economy. white house planning a slew of speeches coming weeks. what the saying about the president and economy. >> after a raid at one of the world's most infamous prisons. we will tell you where next. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math right? uh-uh. english? her. splanker, pretend we're not related. oh trust me, you don't want any of that. where you can sit can define your entire yea and what's the most important thinto remember? no face to face contact until we're off of school property. you got this. sharing what you've learned. that's powerful. verizon. get the samsung galaxy s3 for $49.99. [poof!]
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>> harris: stocks settled all time high. dow and s&p 500 both up slightly from the records they broke on friday and the nasdaq composite also up. but even as wall street hits new records, our leaders in washington are bracing for even more battle battles over the
4:52 pm
economy. they disagree over what to do about the so-called debt ceiling and budget cuts which kicked in this year. the white house will turn his attention to those issues among others with a series of speeches which are scheduled to begin on wednesday. ed henry is at the white house for us tonight. ed, will cece anything new from the president. >> harris, we are told by white house aides we will not see anything new when the president kicks off speeches this wednesday in illinois. that frustrates republicans they have heard the president say things before this b. the economy. he they also know that white house aides are acknowledging it's unlikely that a lot of the the president's initiatives will get done on capitol hill. take a listen. >> there will be speeches there have been speeches. there will be events there will be initiatives launched hopefully action taken both here in the executive branch and in congress. >> i would argue the president's policies are getting in the way of the economy growing whether it's obama care or whether it's all these needless
4:53 pm
regulations that are coming out of the government. >> white house officials say while there will be nothing new this week, they say the president could spend up to the next 12 weeks giving at least one speech a week about the economy. individual ones like housing, education, retirement, security, and in those later speeches we'll likely have some new policy details. harris? >> harris: i would imagine, ed, it's hard to mexico anything about the economy and collosal failure in detroit this week. what does the white house and other officials say about a potential federal bailout. >> it's interesting because jay carney today sort of left the door open to a possible federal bailout by -- he didn't use the word bailout. he said the federal government could provide assistance. although he did make clear that the white house's preference is to have creditors in the city of detroit work it out. but take a listen to this answer from the mayor of detroit on that question. so no federal bailout? >> not yet. you know, i know the
4:54 pm
president has a lot on his plate. >> not yet. in terms of a federal bailout. that means the door is open. fairs. >> what a precedent to set because you have other cities that are said to be on the financial brink as well. >> deep trouble. >> harris: thank you very much. iraqi security forces have locked down areas around the infamous abu ghraib prison and another detention facility after hundreds of detainees escaped. stormed firing mortar shells and detonating bombs. dozens of people died including at least 25 members of iraqi security forces. among those who escaped reportedly senior members of al qaeda. and trouble for a major league baseball player, the nation's league most valuable player two years ago who narrowly avoided a 50 game suspension last year suspended yet again. this time for the rest of the season. we'll tell you why baseball is punishing milwaukee brewers outfielder ryan
4:55 pm
braun. enar ch.oolcexpe i want to make things more secure.
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only from venus and olay. >> harris: a one time most valuable player benched. major league baseball has suspended milwaukee outfielder ryan braun for violating its drug policy. no word on exactly what he did wrong. braun will miss the rest of the season without pay. he says he is willing to accept the consequences of his mistake. more suspensions could be followed. florida clinic accuse of distributing performance enhancing drugs to players. updating fox top story tonight. the birth of the future king of england. 8 pounds, six ounce, no name for now. that's protocol. we will find out within 10 days. historic day in london and the u.k. and around the world as the official announcement made its way from the hospital to buckingham, palace. [. [cheers and applause]
4:59 pm
>> i love just listening like a bug on the wall. no talking necessary. just listen. in tonight, prince william said, quote, we could not be happier. no word yet on when we will get the first look, we are expecting to he see the couple at least tomorrow. hopefully maybe the baby. maybe the picture of it.
5:00 pm
buckingham palace is reporting her royal heinous and her child are both doing well tonight. plus the family. that's how fox reports this monday, july 22nd, 2013. i'm harris in for shep. now the factor. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are very few african-americans who haven't had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her beth until she had a chance to get off. >> bill: why is that so, mr. president? why are african-american men under such scrutiny? tonight we will tell you. in a no-spin talking points memo. >> i'm not a witch. >> bill: but apparently the irs thought christine o'donnell was a threat and the agency scrutinized her possibly committing a crime. we have a factor investigation. welcome humble duty future


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