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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night. gretta, take it away. >> tonight, hear what new dad, prince william, and new grandpa, prince charles, have to say. and more. >> the wait is over. kate middleton, duchess of cambridge delivering an 8 pound 6 ounce boy at 4:24 local time in london at st. mary's hospital. >> very, very exciting. i was hoping for a boy. >> very excited about it. >> very, very excited pl i'm here from morning until now.
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>> a future king. >> what you are seeing right this very second is the royal confirmation being handed over. so it can be taken into the queen. it will then come back and brought back out into the buckingham palace court yard there and placed right there on that golden easel. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow and nobody can deny ♪ >> our royal highness, the
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duchess of cambridge, has safely delivered a son at 4:24 p.m. he is a prince and royal child. >> this is a wonderful, wonderful moment for the whole nation. ♪ happy birthday, royal baby ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> wonderful news and i'm sure that right across the country, and indeed right across the world, people will be celebrating and wishing the royal couple well. >> so the line of kings. the line of monarchs stretching right back with all these ups
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and downs of that extraordinary history. a new chapter in due course. >> and tonight prince william saying we could not be happier. correspondent kenny logan is live in london outside the hospital where kate and the baby are spending the night. kitty, what's the latest there? >> well be a. >> now know, it's a boy and here at last. born at 4:24 this afternoon. we didn't hear about it until around 8:00. the couple wanted to spend some bonding time with their baby until the official announcement came in the full blair of the world media. outside buckingham palace, that traditional process of putting up the official announcement on the easel. the crowd rushing forward and waving flags. people have been coming in their hundreds of thousands to buckingham palace to celebrate
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this news. and the royal family is celebrating too. the queen said she is elated to hear about the birth of the future king. prince charles says he is really looking forward to being a grandfather. even prime minister cameron congratulated the couple. and prince williams himself saying the couple con be happier at this time. we do believe they will spend the night here at st. mary's hospital in london. we understand it is possible they could leave here tomorrow. everyone is waiting for the first public glimpse of the baby. we will have to see when that might be, gretta. >> is the baby healthy? the doctors issued a report that all is well with the child? >> yes. on the easel, the doctor's signatures were on the easel. we know the dutch says well and the baby is well. we understand the baby is healthy. 8 pounds 6 ounces. we know they will be staying overnight in hospital.
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so at the moment, the duchess knows she will want to rest up well before coming out in the blair of the media, who is dieing to get a view of her and prince williams. >> is there any other family visiting today? >> not today. we know that the couple did call around to the family before the official announcement was made. and there has been reaction from several members of the royal family. but so far there have been no official royal visitors here. of course there is a back door but certainly in and out the front door, there have been no visitors. and to be honest, the couple probably wants quiet time to bond with their baby before they get visitors. we understand after they leave here, they will go to kensington palace, but after that, they may well retreat to kate's parent where they have more privacy, where they can get to know their new born son as family.
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>> kitty, we saw all of the crowds outside the hospital, outside buckingham palace. we know there is a lot of media there. my colleague, martha, is there. i'm curious, how about the paparazzi. which is a little bit different brand of the media and which dogged so much princess diana. were they to be seen? were they hanging around trying to get the first picture of kate middleton and the child and the father? >> oh, yeah, the media, paparazzi included, have been camped out here for weeks since the beginning of july. they didn't want it miss a thing. as we know, particularly wince william has a delicate relationship with the media. there was an official press release from the palace before the traditional announcement was made outside buckingham palace. but yes, they will have to balance the life of their new born son in private with of course the public interest. huge public interest in a young man who will be a king in
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future. he is third in line to the throne. it is a difficult balancing game and there is huge media interest, paparazzi included. >> now that's the hospital where this baby was born today. is that the hospital where prince william was born? >> absolutely, right. this follows royal tradition. both prince william and prince harry were born here. this is, for some reason, why the duchess of cambridge decided to come here. prince william is staying the night tonight with his wife and new born son. we don't know how long they will stay in hospital but they have followed royal tradition by coming here to give birth to the future king of this country. >> kitty, thank you. very exciting day and morning and the uk. kitty, thank you very much. and the newest royal, just a baby, already has a busy schedule planned. where is the baby headed after
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he and kate are released from the hospital? expert eloise parker joins us. welcome. >> thank you. >> he has a busy schedule, that baby, already. what are the plans? >> that's correct. we do expect the baby will go back to kensington palace. but right now, their apartment is just a two bedroom and it is suspected kate will retreat to her parent home and spend the first few weeks of motherhood there. of course prince william will join her. he is currently on paternity leave. there is a small chance the couple could join the queen in the scottish highlands for her annual vacation. she is generally there until early september. it would be a good place for the couple to get away from the eyes of the press and just parent in
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privacy. but it seems they do that in berkshire also, which is where kate spent the last couple weeks of her pregnancy and managed to stay away from photographers for a month. >> the media didn't leave diana alone. how about this young woman? >> the media does seem to give kate a certain amount of space. she certainly seems to be able to go about her daily business in london and buckleberry with minimal from the press. there is a blackout during certain times. for example, prince william's adjustment to life at university, there was a press blackout then. of course, with so much of the world press now interested in the royal family, it'll be interesting to see whether the rules will remain. >> do you have any information of how the queen was notified? was that a phone call from her grandson or first phone call go
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to the grandfather, prince charles or to the grandmother, kate's mother, do you have any idea who got the first call. >> the first call would go to the queen. that's protocol. william would have made the call from an encrypted phone. then his press secretary, at hospital, not in the delivery room, would be responsible for notifying other dignitaries of the royal family. since prince william is a very modern young man, i'm sure he made a few of those calls himself. >> and no one else is there other than the mother, father and child? that's sort of unusual. maybe not. but what do you think? >> well, that's right. we've nod confirmed sightings of any members of the middletons or royal family. we do believe the middletons are in london and may be expected to visit in the morning. prince charles, of course, is up in yorkshire, northern england, attending to royal duties. the queen is at buckingham
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palace. she is not expected to visit the hospital. in fact, kate will have to make an appointment to see her at buckingham palace. she can't just drop by. not protocol. >> so will the queen leave friday for her vacation? sounds like if kate -- if she wants it meet her grandchild, kate better hurry up. >> absolutely. we do expect kate to leave the hospital tomorrow. diana left 24 hours after she had william. assuming there is no complications, kate should be settled in kensington palace by tomorrow night and perhaps able to make a visit to buckingham palace on thursday or perhaps shortly before the queen leaves on friday. >> there is a big wait when the bib bib baby would be born, now a wait for the name. any indication when we will hear the name of the child. >> it t did take several days for charles and diana to name the baby. there is a good chance they will want to get to know the baby a
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bit. does he look like a george. it took them a while to name their dog, so hopefully it won't take that long. >> people of london are excited about this. >> absolutely. there is excitement over there. this is such wonderful good news story. and we don't get too many of those these days. >> indeed we don't. indeed we don't. eloise, thank you. >> thank you. >> shortly after the birth was announced, proud grandfather prince charles releasing this statement. both my wife and i are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. an incredibly special moment for william and ka catherine and wee so thrilled for them on the birth of this irbibby boy. grand parenthood is a unique moment in anyone's life as countless kind. so i am enormously proud and happy to be grandfather for the
7:13 pm
first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby. >> now new father prince william was introduced to the world in the same door way. >> princess diana smiling. looking simply radiant. a new baby, 21 hours old. i think they are coming over. i think she is taking the bibby. and will she bring him over here, i wonder? >> how are you feeling your highness? how are you feeling? >> i think she is taking the bibby straight into the car. >> there is no doubt about it. prince william and kate's love affair lead to a rekindled love affair with the british monarchy. so why the worldwide fascination with the royals?
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dan wakeford is editor in chief with life and style and in touch weekly. he joins us. >> thank you. >> it is safe it say that many across the world and here in the united states and the uk have a fascination with the monarchy. why? >> well, americans have different reasons, they haven't got a monarchy. so americans love to project their fantasies on the royals and project the fantasy after fairy tale lifestyle. enjoying the idea of a prince charming and beautiful princess living happily ever after. >> it seemed so exciting. i remember when princess diana came on to the scene, got married and had a child. then the fascination hit the skids for a while. there were problems there. >> definitely. after lady diane why's death. the british public became very
7:15 pm
disillusioned with the monarchy, also because the queen is older, younger british people found the monarchy old-fashioned and a little tired. so when kate came on the scene, the british public became much more interested in the monarchy again. they started to be excited because they found kate relatable. she is actually a commoner, what the british call not a member of the royal. she is very relatable. she does the same things as the regular royal people. she wears similar clothes. she actually accentuates being a people's princess similar it diana did. >> diana danced at the white house. that was fun for americans. and then there's a lot of fascination with her, equally with kate. if you are to compare and contrast, what do they share? >> they certainly share and
7:16 pm
elegance and common -- both of them aren't afraid to accentuate their faults and to be very honest and open with the people of britain. >> did people take sides after the divorce between prince charles and diana. a lot of times after divorce, people takes sides of the spouses or wife. >> absolutely. the british public were very divided. there were people who were very staunch diana supporters and people who were very pro charles. people were very split. >> how about the relationship between kate and the royal family. soured with diana and the royal family as time marched on. what kind of relationship does kate have? >> kate has a much better relationship. but she is a royal rebel. she is going to do her own way of things. she is going to her own home. she is very strict about wanting to do things the modern way.
7:17 pm
>> what will we see from her, though? after the baby starts to grow up and stuff, what do you foresee as the future of kate middleton? >> kate has the future of the monarchy in her hands, literally this evening. i see her role as goiding her new son's life and making sure that he does live a -- the life of a normal teenager and normal boy. and then while raising the next future king of england. >> does she have a relationship with the queen sni understand she has it make an appointment to see her. i guess that's not particularly unusual. but what is her relationship with the queen? >> she has a good relationship with the queen. i imagine it is quite intimidating. but she has prince william at her side, being very protective and helpful. >> and he has a good relationship with his grandmother? >> he has a great relationship with his grandmother. but he is strict in protecting his wife and making sure she is happy. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now to the hot button issue.
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do you expect the paparazzi to hound kate like they hounded princess diana? yes or no? vote in our poll. and a terrifying scene at new york's busy la guardia airport tonight. you are looking at live pictures. nose gear of southwest airlines collapse during landing. the plan just arrived from nashville and tonight a port authority spokesperson saying, a wheel popped off the landing gear after landing. now 150 people aboard evacuated. ten people received minor injuries and ntsb is sending an investigator to the scene immediately. if you are traveling to note, expect delays at la guardia or flights originating from la guardia. stay tuned for the very latest on this breaking news. straight ahead, much more on the historic birth of the royal heir. is kate ae style different from
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i took her out somewhere nice in kenya and proposed. >> he is a true romantic. >> yes, it is my mother's engagement ring. i thought it was quite nice. obviously she won't be around to share in the fondness so this is my way of keeping her close.
7:23 pm
>> okay, admit it. you are one of the millions around the world by smart phone, ipad, computer or television paying attention to the big news, the royal birth. but today was chapter 2. chapter 1 is william and kate whose love story captured the world's attention from the very beginning. mark mccullum report on how it all started. >> reporter: in 2001 when prince william decided to go to college in scotland, applications rose by 44%, applicant from america making the greatest influx. women wanting an education and possibly a shot at the title was a shy brunette from buckleberry named kate middleton. >> i had four years to form a relationship. where there was no media intrusion. >> she quickly became a member of william's inner circle but apparently took a fashion show
7:24 pm
fund-raiser and this see-through dress to get william to in the all of her assets. but as in any good fairy tale, there's that moment when it looks like it will all fall apart. >> i think william and kate took a time-out during that period, intense period of their relationship. to think to themselves, can we survive without each other? do we really miss each other? >> they split in the spring of 2007. william putting kate on hold to pursue his military career. to her credit, the broken harlted middleton took a stiff upper lip and said an word to the press. >> so sweet and so loyal so far. a figure of the royals love people who are loyal. they don't like people who sell stories to the paper or make a spectacle of themselves. there were other girls during the break up. the time apart did the trick.
7:25 pm
on the concert for dia diana, f her ten-year anniversary of her death. william finally popped the question on a romantic trip to africa, giving kate a ring that was already well known to the rest of the world. >> and five months after announcing their engagement, prince william and kate getting married at westminster abbey. >> with this ring, i thee wed. >> with my body, i thee honor. and all my worldly goods with thee i share. in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost. amen. >> the royal bride to royal mom, all eyes on kate to see how she
7:26 pm
brings up her baby boy. christopher anderson is the author of "william and kate a royal love story." a special edition will be out by the end of the week. good evening. >> how tough is it going to be on this young couple to raise this baby? the life of a royal, it sounds like a fairy tale but it is not all that easy all the time, is it? >> no, not at all. i ran people magazine's coverage of william's birth in 1982. and i see diana in the background of all of it. she would have been so thrilled that this would be the first heir born to a commoner. and if you set out to shake things up, i don't think, in her wildest fantasies, imagine something like this. this will be the last monarch of the 21st century, probably. but along the way, you're right. it would be tough and i think the one great thing about his
7:27 pm
upbringing is that he is not going to be in the same position william was. william's parent hated each other and william and harry were caught in the crossfire of that marital war between charles and diana. in this case, his parents truly love each other. >> i didn't get the sense, at least at the end, that diana was fully embraced by the royal family. she always seemed a little bit of an outcast. even in the beginning with stories of the infidelity of prince charles with camilla. it never seemed like a true love affair. and that just seemed from the outside. it is different when you're there with kate being a commoner, does that put special pressure on her or what? >> well she is truly indeed a true commoner. people called diana a commoner, but she was from an affluent family. she was a spencer.
7:28 pm
so her father was a coal miner. they didn't get wealthy until kate was about 13 and they hit it big with an internet business. i think she can connect in a way that diana did. but diana was punished for that. the royal family wasn't used to having someone break the rules. diana broke the rules all the time. and they learned their lesson. i think they will do whatever they can to welcome this new child and kate into the family. >> it is, i mean, the fact that diana's engagement ring was used, with william and kate, i think it is sort of fun. at least for us adds spectators. >> absolutely. and they are continuing all of the traditions. i'm sure, william was the first heir to the throne, or royal actually, to be born in a public hospital or go to kindergarten. or stand in line at the movies. do the normal things that people
7:29 pm
do. i'm sure that kate and william will do the same thing. give them a taste of what it is like to be a real human being and not closed up in a palace. >> christopher, thank you. we look forward to the new chapter and new part of the book. thank you, christopher. >> thank you, gretta. >> coming up, what about the very popular prince harry? did he just get bumped by the new baby? how is that? find out next. >> we want a family. so you know, we have to start thinking about that. about carving your own future. and no one will try and -- no one is trying to fill my mother's shoes and what she did a fantastic. kate will do a good job. and we will spend the rest of our lives together. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. ny i need to redeem some recent travel expense i want.e. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm.
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on this day, the 22nd of july, the year 2013, a future king, a firstborn -- >> the son of william and kate is a prince and one day will be king. what does that mean for the future of another popular prince, prince harry? eloise parker is back to tell us. a lot of people like prince harry and now he is bumped out of line a little bit because of succession, right? >> he has been bumped from third to number four by the new royal prince. although, i shouldn't imagine he is shedding many tears over this. he is very passionate about his military career and is showing
7:35 pm
no great ambition to be king. in fact, it isn't surprising if he already booked his next trip to las vegas to celebrate. >> well, i will take a pass on that one. the queen wasn't too wild about that one. but are both brothers extremely popular with the brit ib subjects? >> they are indeed. i think that's partly a product of their upbringing with diana. she did very much bring them up to be men of the people. they both have a great sense of humor. they are both very comfortable in social situations. prince william and prince harry and make a joke with reporters and members of the public alike. and that hat earns earned them of points. >> it seems after princess diana died, and prince charles with his deep problems with princess diana, he stepped up and seemed very present in their lives, rather. >> yes, absolutely. charles has been an enormous presence in the boys' lives during a crucial period, during
7:36 pm
their teenage girls. he not only helped them with the usual conundrums of teenagers. he also guided them in what would be a life of duty. charles is very well versed in royal protocol. he spent much of his life as king in waiting and i think he was able to pass that on to his boys. >> how popular is camilla these days? >> well i think public opinion of camilla has softened. she has kept her head down, towed the line, hasn't tried to compete in any way with diana's legacy and her and charles seem to be genuinely happy. >> you know, the queen seems to be much more -- you see more of the queen, at least publicly, or maybe the cameras are following her more. >> yes, definitely. the queen is 87 years old. but she certainly is going strong. there has been talk about
7:37 pm
whether she would a -- as we saw king albert do over the weekend, but i think there is no sense of that. i think being a monarch is a job for life, not something you retire from. >> how is prince albert? >> he was released from the hospital yesterday and is home with the queen and is looking forward to seeing his great grandson. great, great grandson. no, great grandson. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much, gretta. >> coming up, under fire about the employer mandate. one very unhappy pizza franchise owner is here, and you will hear his story. then you tell us if you agree with him. next. and, what has george zimmerman doing since the acquittal? you will never guess this one. that, two minutes away.
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george zimmerman showing up for the first time since his acquittal. he showed up at a car accident and rescued a family. tonight police are releasing a 911 call from a crash. >> i'm just driving, i just saw that it just happened, a ford looked like it flipped from its side. there are other people stopped in the road. i'm not able to stop pds one person who did stop, george zimmerman. police say one of the crash victims identified zimmerman as the man who pulled him out of the wreckage. zimmerman and another man pulled people out of a car. does this change your opinion of george zimmerman? yes or no? go to gretta we are back in two minutes. go to peace of mind is important when you're running a business.
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delay was going to help business, it thought wrong. bob westbrooke says obama care is still forcing him it sell his piazza why franchises and he is here to tell us why. nice it see you, sir. >> good evening, gretta. >> so why did the mandate force you to sell your three pizza franchises? >> i've been a ccs franchisy for almost 20 years. i als always look feared way to grow the number of unit that we had until the passage of the affordable healthcare act. >> and what has that done and why did that force you to sell them? >> in 2010 i was president for the texas restaurant association and it was my job to track it and for the senate it pass the bill and find out what was inside it. when it passed, we looked at penalties involved because there were so many other unknowns within the 10,000 pages of that law. and so, when i calculated
7:44 pm
personally on how it would affect me, i had 96 full-time equivalent employees at the time. and the penalty, which has now become a tax, was at the time, calculated at $2300 per full-time equivalent employee. well, that came out to almost $221,000. my three restaurants were top performing restaurants within the franchise. and that would have cost me $78,000 more than what i made out of my restaurants -- >> so what is your thought now that you hear that obama administration has delayed the employer mandate for one year? what's your thought about that? >> i think there's still so much confusion in the document itself and in thousands of pages of the law, that they postponed it just enough to try to get a little more comfortable with enforcing that. however, for me, as a
7:45 pm
franchisee, i can't put my faith in that congress will reverse that decision. >> you sold your -- sold two franchises last fall. the other one closes, third one closes august 1. if you knew it would be delayed, would that have changed your business decisions in any way? >> i don't think so, gretta. i couldn't have put faith in the fact that congress was going to make enough changes in the law to where it would be beneficial to my particular business plan for my franchise. >> so anyway, so your franchises are sold and i imagine you're not particularly happy with how this worked out. >> no, not at all. it is a crying shame when government actually causes to you shrink your business rather than grow your business. >> bob, thank you. good luck, sir. snrs. >> thank you. >> and there is much more healthcare news. get this, the obama care czar is
7:46 pm
begging for your trust. they are looking for personal health information. >> i also want to assure you and all-americans that when they fill out their marketplace application, they can trust that the information they are providing is protected through the highest privacy standards and technology underlying process. it has been tested and is secure. >> diane black joins us. good to see you. >> great to be with you again. >> it is hard to hear the word trust when we had edward snowden, apparently someone we should have trusted, had access to data and spilled some of the data. >> or the irs. >> or the irs. >> and what recently happened. >> and here is a reason why i don't have trust in what they are saying. i was at this committee hearing and had the opportunity to ask the acting director questions as well. about what they say, does not
7:47 pm
match what they write and put out in rules. we've seen this over and over again. >> meaning what? >> recently, that they would delay verification. verification is one of the strong tenets of that bill. verifying someone's income. or their citizenship status. or verifying they have health insurance to get subsidy. they came out the day after fourth of july, hidden in there. there is a piece in there that they would delay the verification process. can you imagine how many people will get on the exchanges with subsidies without any verification? >> that is the money side of it, right? and i'm not discounting that at all. but it seems to me there is also information hub site where we are going to be giving personal information about our health. and in part to see whether or not we qualify for subsidies. but the question i have, is that
7:48 pm
you know, i hear we are supposed to trust that who has access to that hub and that's why i go back to my snowden question. and you said, the irs. sound like everyone dips in takes a peek at stuff. >> we all have assurances in any of the rules they put out so far. because you've got a lot of people who have access to this data hub. there is this largest group of data or personal information about the american people that's ever been in one place. so we've got a lot of hand in this. a lot of movement back and forth from the states. from contractors. from various employees and agencies. and they really are not assurances in this law, at least that we've been able to discover so far to give you us complete confidence that our personal health information is not going to be shared. again, they say in committee, no, that's not so. but when you read the rules they have written, you can see there aren't good assurances there. there is still a lot of
7:49 pm
uncertainty there. >> since the nsa looks at stuff they aren't supposed to. and the trust department, the inspector general saying people look at tax records without permission, it is hard to just swallow the just trust me line from this witness. >> that's the reason why i do have a bill. hr 2022 that says under perjury of law that they would certify each agency, that our personal information would not be misused. and used for political purposes. >> nice to see you as always. >> nice to be with you. >> straight ahead, now that great kate wait is over. now we come up with the great baby headline. a look at some of the wild ones next. ♪ [ male announcer ] some question physics. some question gravity. and some... even have the audacity to question improbability. with best-in-class towing
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>> greta: okay everyone it's time to hash it out. only a matter of time celebrities taking to twitter to comment on the royal baby here are just a few tweets joan rivers tweeting congratulations on the birth of their baby boy. so relieved his name won't include the names ivy or apple and joan's tv co-host tweeting god bless our future king. very proud to be british right now. from twitter to the news stands, newspapers scrambling to get out the best baby headlines. sky news tweeting out first
7:54 pm
times front page printing welcome to the world and includes prince women yim's only quote so far, we cannot be happier. and the sun changing its name to son, s.o.n.. and the daily star going with "it's a boy". the daily express printing "rits a boy", and prince and mother are doing well. thousands take to the streets to celebrate birth. now check out the front page featuring prince charles. the headline, oh, boy. a grandpa. and daily telegraph simply printing it's a boy. hash it out with us and coming up, they are talking about it all over the world. next. my mantra?
7:55 pm
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7:59 pm
buckleberry, england. you can see their excitement. >> really happy for them. so pleased. didn't matter to me whether a boy or girl. i just think it's great. >> our message is have a great time we're so happy. buckleberry is so happy for you kat. we're having a big party. >> it's like a wedding and a brilliant atmosphere, now the baby is here, it's a really special village. so it's just made it really nice and such an atmosphere. just the village pulling together and celebrating. >> greta: and middleton favorites may get to meet the baby soon when she'll be heading to buckleberry to stay with her parents. we're putting up a special
8:00 pm
open thread. you can talk about anything you want, health care, the royal baby, you name it. taxes. i know. good night from washington go to i'm harris in for shep. now the factor. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are very few african-americans who haven't had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her beth until she had a chance to get off. >> bill: why is that so, mr. president? why are african-american men under such scrutiny? tonight we will tell you. in a no-spin talking points memo. >> i'm not a witch. >> bill: but apparently the irs thought christine o'donnell was a threat and the agency scrutinized her possibly committing a crime. we have a factor investigation. welcome humble duty future


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