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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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segment tomorrow because of the controversy. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops rightefinitely looking out for you. this is a fox news alert. it is a boy. the wait is finally over for the duke and duchess of cambridge. a few hours ago kate delivered a little baby boy at st. mary's hospital in london. the baby's weight a healthy 8 pounds, 6 ounces. joining me in london at this ungodly hour, kitty logan. kitty. >> that's right. the future king is here at last. the weight is over. the baby was born 4:24 local time here in london. the royal couple wanted privacy and time to bond with their baby
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before they made the official announcement which came ho later. with the press statement that caused excitement and then the traditional showing of the announcement on an easel outside buckingham palace. a crowd there rushing up to the easel to take a look to see the details of the newborn baby boy. great day of excitement in london. it's been a hot night. people have been pouring over to the hospital, to buckingham palace, cheering and waving flags. the queen is delighted at the news. so the prince charles. david cameron also issued his congratulations. the royal couple themselves are said to be very happy. absolutely delighted with their newborn son. we understand they will be spending the night at this hospital. we'll have to wait and see when they emerge. perhaps tomorrow at the earliest and also we don't know yet, sean, what the baby will be called. we'll have to wait and see to find out what the name is. >> all right kitty. good news for a change. thank you so much for being with us. we're going to go back to london later this hour for more on the birth of the royal baby boy but we fwin tonight with a
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exclusive, for the first time on national television one of the four alternate jurors in the george zimmerman murder trial is breaking his silence. he is known as juror e-54 and is agreed to appear on the program in silhouette in order to protect his privacy. sir, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> you were an alternate. were you disappointed you were an alternate? >> yes, i was. i was hoping to be able to go back and deliberate with the other jurors. >> you would have agreed with them. i know you were interviewed and you agreed with what the jury verdict was? >> that's correct. i did. yes. >> what evidence stood out the most in your mind? >> well, you know, it's several things. one was the call by george zimmerman. his manerrisms on the call.
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the 911 call. the witnesses. the eyewitness testimony but mostly, i think the biggest thing was the injuries. >> tell us why were the injuries so important to you? because you didn't need injuries in this case for justification or use of force. >> well, that's true. but i think it demonstrated that there was a physical attack going on by trayvon martin to george zimmerman. >> are you convinced the 911 call was george zimmerman? >> i am by the -- by using some of the other testimony and some of the other evidence that i am convinced that that was him, yes. >> yeah, the law and the jury instructions that were given were very clear. it says you have to believe force is needed to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. do you believe that george zimmerman believed that in that moment? >> i think that he did and i
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base that on the fact that i believe that's him screaming. just the nature of the screams made me believe that he was -- he felt that he was in imminent danger. >> what did john goode, the only eyewitness in the case, what did his testimony mean to you? >> i think that gave evidence that trayvon martin was on george zimmerman. he identified that zimmerman was on the bottom. >> rachel jeantel. you said her testimony was important to you, why? >> well, i was able to take some of her testimony based on when her call with trayvon martin ended and when they reconnected. some of the conversations she was having with him at that time
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placed him out down by where his father was staying and at the same time -- and george zimmerman's phone call with the emergency at the same time frame he was still up at the top of the tee. >> let me go back to the 911 call for a minute. there was conflicting testimony and you think it with tas the injuries and john goode's testimony that told you it was probably george zimmerman screaming? >> the screaming and john goode's testimony. >> there was a weekend of protest. i'm not sure if you're aware but probably you are and there's a push for civil rights charges against george zimmerman. what is your reaction to that? >> well, as far as the protests go, i completely understand and i can appreciate the public's passion toward trayvon martin. you know, but the public has the opportunity to judge the case on
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the basis of using their emotions and feelings and sympathies. and jurors -- as a jury you're not allowed to do that. i think it's important for the public to realize that the jurors in this case had to use just the evidence that was presented to them in court. had to apply it to the law. and that was applicable to the case and then the jury instructions. there was no place -- and even the jury instructions specifies that there was no place in there for your returning a verdict for the use of your emotions and feelings and i know it had to be hard for those jurors to overcome that. >> some are now even calling for the release of these jurors names. what is your reaction to that? >> well, i think that should stay -- they should stay private as long as they can. as long as the court will allow. >> you're not identifying
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yourself here tonight. are you concerned for your own safety? >> yeah. i am concerned still. my family is still concerned. i think -- and there's no reason to add -- you know, to add anymore by becoming public. >> how aware -- i'm just curious, how aware, during the trial, were you that the country was watching? you knew there were cameras in the courtroom but how aware were you that the country was watching? >> well, i think we knew that they would be watching. we knew it was a high profile case. but there was no -- we had no visibility into it other than the cameras in the courtroom. we could not see what was going on outside. we did not get any news or anything at all while we were being sequestered. we had no information at all coming in. >> you had no radio, no television, no access to the newspapers? >> correct.
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whatever we had was monitored. if we got a newspaper, pieces were clipped out of it that were pertinent. tv was monitored on what we could watch. >> did you gather any information of any racial animosity or racial profiling in this case. >> no. i didn't see any evidence that was presented in court that there was racial profiling. he justified trayvon martin was a suspicious guy and i don't see anything in there related to race. >> one interview in this case was my interview with george zimmerman and the other was the day after when he went with the police without a lawyer. did george zimmerman's testimony in his own words have an impact on you? >> no, i did not use those testimonies in my evaluation. i based it solely on his actual
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direct evidence of his telephone conversation in the emergency call. >> what about the -- a lot of people saying george zimmerman should have just stayed in his car. at one point, the 911 operator said where is he now and later he said we don't need you to do that meaning following him. how did you interpret that. >> i think he got out of his car to observe. he lost sight of him and wanted to get an idea of where he was headed. he did tell the operator that he was headed down to the back entrance and he lost sight of him and i don't think he followed him. he had every right to be there where he was. >> let me ask you this and it will be my last question to you. i have my own theory because i think this is a terrible tragedy but i believe the jury came to the right verdict legally based on the injuries et cetera as you do. i think it was a terrible misunderstanding that night. i think george zimmerman, his neighborhood had a lot of crime so he saw somebody he didn't
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know close to a house and i think he was rightfully suspicious. i have in my own head an idea that maybe trayvon martin was next to the house because it was raining heavy that night and then for whatever reason trayvon felt threatened or didn't want to run away and he attacked george and this is what the result is. do you have any thoughts on my theory or your own theory? >> well, both parties had the right to be where they were. trayvon was innocent up until the point where he physically attacked or punched, you know, or beat george zimmerman. and, you know, so he might have just been staying out of the rain. he was just talking to rachel jeantel and just -- it just -- for some reason he came back to
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meet up with george and things happened the way they happened but they both had an opportunity to make other decisions that they didn't do. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate it. i hope they don't release the names of jurors. i think it's unfair, especially in a high profile case but thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for serving. also straight ahead tonight on hannity, the royal baby has arrived. a baby from the duke and duchess of cambridge. but first, president obama made a rare unexpected appearance in the white house press briefing room. liberals are not happy over my commentary. i'll explain up next. now it's time for you to explain the video of the day. option number one, she is the grandma drummer. if you want to see more log on with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day.
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...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. when trayvon martin was first shot i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> all right. that was the president on friday, made a rare appearance at the white house press briefing room and put himself yet again in the middle of the george zimmerman trial clearly not knowing the facts and while many on the left were quick to praise the president as usual, what he had to say, i wasn't so sure the commander and chief's
9:16 pm
unexpected address was appropriate and liberals began feigning outrage over what i said on my radio program. you can listen to my comments that made them so unhappy. >> now the president said trayvon could have been me 35 years ago. this is a particularly helpful comment. is that the president admitting that, well, i guess because he was part of the gang and smoked pot and he did a little blow, i'm not sure how to interrupt that because we know trayvon was smoking pot that night. i'm not sure what that means. the left wing so-called journalists, the al sharpton network didn't see my point and decided to twist what i said. >> it seems we keep hearing that trayvon had it coming because he had pot in his system. i keep hearing this from people like sean hannity and others on the right. really? is that the new standard? would we like to go across college campuses in america and
9:17 pm
tell all those with marijuana in their system that they're fair game? really? really? in 2013, sean? come on. whatever excuse there is to say this young black man had it coming to him, that is the defense because there is no defense for shooting down a young black man in a middle class neighborhood with skittles. >> all right. joining me now with reaction, look, it's not really worth angela responding to liberal joe and his under 400,000 viewers or whatever he has. he's kind of -- his radio show failed. his tv show is failing. he has kind of sold his soul, you know, on a liberal network and he attacks con sservatives d is used as a prop. i never said anything like that. >> no, you didn't.
9:18 pm
you didn't say that trayvon had it coming and apparently his ratings are falling and he needs more eye balls to come so what does he do? he attacks you. >> he's used as a prop by the washington insiders oh, joe said about other republicans and he's used on a daily basis. the president could have said respect the jury's verdict. the president could have known this case is not about race. there's no evidence in this case presented of any racial animos by george zimmerman. >> the jury is still out in the jury of american public opinion. i've heard a lot of people go back and forth about this and dr. king posed this question almost 50 years ago, where do we go from here? as we are about to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington we're still asking that question. dr. king described in the first part of his speech the nightmare that americans were living, all americans were living.
9:19 pm
and at the end he said i aspire to this dream. and my question is after all of the talking, after all of the shouting, how do we get to the dream? how do we get there? >> but this is more important, i'll throw this to angela. this is three times the president -- he's a lawyer supposedly. cambridge police acted stupidly. my son would look like trayvon. this could have been me 35 years ago all imlying that this case was about race. now if there was evidence to suggest that i would listen but there's a mountain of evidence that shows george zimmerman was not a racist. >> but sean, this is bigger than the case. you have the leader of the free world that steps up to the podium and reluctantly so. this was not an impromptu press conference. he doesn't do anything impromptu. he had a grand opportunity, sean, to actually address the systemic problems that plagued our community for decades now and, instead, he personalized this tragedy. this child who is dead.
9:20 pm
he personalizes it for his own political gain and i think -- i'll let you finish -- >> pardon me. >> i think it stirred more of the racial pot and caused more racial division. we have hopelessness and despair in our community. the unemployment rate is over 7% nationally and the black community it's over 13%. where is he on those issues? but yet he talks about trayvon martin. >> the fact is the president personalized this as always presidents do. our politics, are products of our personal experiences. i don't have a problem with that. what i do have a problem with is the back and forth we're doing. we act as if racial profiling is not an issue in the african american community and broader community. >> i didn't say that. >> what i'm saying to you is what is more deep is the context that was taken out of this case. there are many unanswered questions about george zimmer n zimmerman -- wait one moment if
9:21 pm
you don't mind. if i may say this. we have not heard the racial profiling he is accused of doing in the past. that having been said, although the verdict was returned, the jury is still out. they are still many questions that are unanswered about this case. >> but why, 61 people died in chicago, and i have their names right here. and i have been reading them on the air on my radio show by the way, i'll send you copies and tapes of my radio show. >> i read it. >> but the point is, all of this has been -- is being ignored and a fixation on this case that has no evidence. george zimmerman mentored black children in his spare time. that does not fit the profile of a racist. >> also according to -- everybody has that bug in the united states of america. he is also accused of having profiled a skinny, young black boy 7 to 9 years of age in his neighborhood who was suspicious.
9:22 pm
look, i want us to get beyond all of this and stop this pain from happening to any american. >> instead of playing the race card, what we need to do is actually solve the problems that plague our community and the president had a great opportunity to do that but yet he personalized a dead child. >> he should have personalized it because this happened in chicago at the turn of the last century. it was white on white crime. let's stop this and solve the problem of violence in america. >> we can start in chicago. where a lot happened even this weekend. >> this is seen as an american problem sean. >> let's start in chicago. >> start around america. >> and then we can go to los angeles and every big city. >> in america this is not seen as a -- >> i'll promote them and support them because i don't like to see god's children killed period. >> i don't like to see god's children killed. >> none of us do. >> but in america we see this as a problem florida but around the world this is an american problem. so let's deal with that. >> still ahead tonight, we'll return to london where just hours ago the prince of
9:23 pm
cambridge was born and he and his mother kate are reportedly doing just fine. we'll have the latest on the royal birth later on this hour. but first -- >> shame on you. shame on you scum of the earth. >> a conservative journalist goes inside one of this weekend's anti-zimmerman rallies only to find out how intolerant the left really is and protestors went after the fox newschannel. we have that video coming up next. speaking of, you get to pick the video of the day. here's option number two, incredible footage of a flash flood in utah. log on to [ brent ] this guy's a pro, herbie. [ herbie ] there's no doubt about it brent, a real gate keeper. here's kevin, the new boyfriend. lamb to the slaughter. that's right brent. mom's baked cookies but he'll be lucky to make it inside. and here's the play. oh dad did not see this coming. [ crowd cheering ] now if kevin can just seize the opportunity. it's looking good, herbie. he's seen it. it's all over. nothing but daylight.
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9:28 pm
city and it proves that liberal political forces were driving these events. protestors spotted our very own fully clothed in the crowd. >> [ inaudible ] -- you're the reason why we're in this -- disgusting. >> what are you doing here? >> fox news, get fox out. >> get fox out. that's not all. brandon darby was verbally assaulted by the protestors in houston. all of that caught on tape. >> shame on you. shame on you [ bleep ] scum of the [ bleep ] earth. despicable human being. [ bleep ]. pretty unbelievable.
9:29 pm
joining me now with reaction, joe pollack and democratic strategist back with us. good to see you both. your reaction to some of the rhetoric that was used. a lot of it was over the top. i said it was going to happen. >> well, do some people show up at protests with their own agenda? absolutely. there was a pro-zimmerman rally in texas where a woman showed up with a sign that said racist and proud and that was in the newspaper today. so certainly there are people who show up who behave badly at protests and that's not something you can control for but the bulk of people there are genuinely concerned and one thing i feel totally overlooked and missed in this argument is that black people are hurt by this decision. we are literally hurt. and so this is not about scoring political points, this is about us feeling like we are, once again, not as important. that our lives don't have value. that is the legitimate sense.
9:30 pm
>> do you really believe that's what this case is about? because you have an eyewitness. you had injuries to george zimmerman. eyewitness that put trayvon on top of him and the law for justification of use of force. there was no other decision here. none that the jury could make. >> i think had they filed different charges we might have had a different outcome. >> justification of force would have held. >> if you look at zimmerman he had two domestic violence complaints against him. >> do you want to bring up trayvon's past. >> assaulting a police officer. >> what about trayvon's past. do you want to bring up his school records and all of this. >> joel. >> some of the intolerance at the protest is because the intolerance was under the foundations of the protest. you're talking about a proversion of civil rights. a defendant was found not guilty, george zimmerman and yet the entire forces of the federal government, the fbi, the department of justice are going against him to try to find some excuse to try him a second time on civil rights violations that we know didn't happen that the
9:31 pm
fbi already investigated that didn't happen and what priethens me is to see a man acquitted. whether you agree what he did. all of that is immaterial. we have a person scapegoated for these other grievances who are legitimate but he can't walk anywhere and he has to wear a bullet proof vest and he's the target of these nationwide protests. part of the intolerance is because the purpose is intolerant. we're not accepting the result of the court. >> but he's still alive unlike trayvon martin he's still alive. so i think he's far better off. and the reality is i understand your point but look at other things that have happened in the rodney king situation, george herbert walker bush had the justice department look into it. people have a right to rally in this country. when are we not allowed to rally. that sounds like a double standard to me. >> there were two very different reactions if you want to go down the past and you say the black
9:32 pm
community is hurt by this verdict. >> yes. >> even though i don't see legally any other verdict. i think it's a tragedy. i want to be clear and i said it many times. what do you make of the different reactions along racial lines to the o.j. verdict? what do you make of that? >> well i think, i was kind of young at that time. >> but you know, if you talk about rodney king you know about o.j. simpson and the black community responded overwhelming one way and people were outraged at the way the black community reacted to that. >> there was a belief that o.j. simpson was not guilty. i don't share that believe. i believe if you can hit a woman you can kill a person. any man that can put his hands on a woman can do worse. that's why i believe o.j. did it and george zimmer acted with malicious intent. >> you talk about the black community feelings about that but there was a reaction when the verdict came in. >> people brought a wrongful death suit against o.j. simpson.
9:33 pm
>> do you get the point i'm making. >> i think so and i have been to naacp meetings. i went to the 2011 convention and one of the most important things was the right of criminal defendants and not seeing them railroaded through the criminal justice system. he got railroaded through a criminal justice system. there was no probable cause to arrest him and charge him. because of political pressure he was pushed into that situation. he was acquitted and they still won't let him go and what's really ironic, in any other situation if the person that died had been white there would be outrage at how a member of a minority was being railroaded through to satisfy, in a mob, vigilantes. >> a mob? >> this is mob justice. >> is there any evidence -- there's a mountain of evidence that i think is exculpatory for george zimmerman in terms of his
9:34 pm
not being racist. tutoring minority children, taking a black woman to the prom. that does not seem to me to be the actions of a racist. any evidence in this case that shows it in your position. >> i believe racism can be situational. you can be in a situation and prejudge a person based on their backgrou background. >> what evidence? >> people said, some of his neighbors confirmed that he made a lot of comments about young black men coming into the neighborhood and doing these terrible things so i think racism can be situational. with respect to the point that you were making earlier about this case, i think that, again, the african american community has not just been -- had specific reactions about this but there was an incident in my home state of new jersey where jewish churches were being defaced. when a mexican man was beaten by black teenagers the black community stood with the mexican american community in this
9:35 pm
country to say that was wrong and participated in those rallies so. it's unfair for you to act as if we're just standing up in this situation and you don't have the information and the facts. >> where are the protestors. i have a list here of names of chicago kids killed. >> tragic. >> tragic. >> awful. >> nobody knows any of their names. >> and that's a shame. >> now i have been listing them on my radio show. i did it all last week. it is a shame. where are those protestors in chicago? that makes me think that the zimmerman case is selective and political. >> i'm from chicago and i wish we had the nationwide protests you had for this case to improve conditions in the black community to talk about education reform. >> is it selective. >> it is and it's done my politicians and leaders who want to get people up against each other. this is community organizing 101. you create outrage and conflict. >> thank you both. good to see you both. still ahead tonight, we head live to london where prince william and his wife kate are spending their first night with
9:36 pm
their brand new baby boy. why do the british put so much emphasis and attention into the issue of the royals, but first. >> we refuse to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way. >> so much for that campaign promise. detroit is now officially bankrupt and the liberal drum beat for a federal bailout of the motor city is growing by the minute. is that where you want your tax dollars to go? we want to hear from you. log on to you get to vote for the video of the day and tell us what you think of the show. nikki haley showing off serious fire power.
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welcome back to hannity.
9:41 pm
last year detroit sought federal bankruptcy becoming the largest city to ever do so. they began calling for taxpayer funded bailout of the motor city but after the obama administration claimed it would not intervene, detriot mayor had this to say about what he wants from your federal government. watch. >> well, i do think once again that i've had some conversation already, i'll be more specific in the days and weeks ahead. i'm not sure exactly what to ask for. i mean, money is going to help, no doubt about that, but how much. there are a lot of things. we have to have an organized plan is we know whatever we get is going to be invested so we can maximize the run on investment. >> while it remains unclear how much the obama administration will intervene we must not forget, this is a president that campaigns on the fact that he would quote, save detroit. remember this. >> when my opponents and others were arguing that we should let
9:42 pm
detroit go bankrupt, we made a bet on american workers and the ingenuity of american companies and today our auto industry is back on top of the world. >> we refuse to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way and four years later, they're broke. here with reaction, our fox news contributors. you 50 years of democratic control. what happened from the salvation from obama leslie? he ran on that, didn't he? >> well, first of all i do feel that the auto industry was bailed out. did that help the entire city of detroit, not. >> he said detroit. >> i agree with that. however when you look at what brought detroit it's not just the auto industry. you're looking at a tax revenue that was decreased. you're looking at poor management of a city and you're looking at high crime but you
9:43 pm
have to remember if we look at crime alone, crime alone used to be number one and murders number two. do you say to a police officer that put 150 people behind bars, thank you for your service. you have to figure out what to do. you're going to lose your house and not get your pension, your retirement? is that the way we thank our first responder who is are there when we call 911. >> katie, it seems to me predictable. all the other cities are going bankrupt as well. is this a preview of coming attractions for america? >> first i wore black tonight because i heard we were going to a funeral for a city named detroit. i see leslie is also wearing black tonight. all over the country, 61 cities are hooking at their fiscal problems and not willing to deal with them properly. detroit isn't an issue of simply less tax revenue. let's take a look at why the taxes weren't able to keep one the city employees.
9:44 pm
because they tax people out of town. the increased property taxes made 78,000 buildings in detroit become abandoned. they didn't allow for new innovation for capitalism to thrive in their city. instead they had a mess. the only thing that's going to save detroit is a free market system and not another bailout. >> first of all, black is slenderizing. as you get older you'll see you have to wear black more. i'm from new york so black if my favorite color. >> oh, boy. >> when we look at the city of detroit, here's my take, look, do i want -- did i favor the bailout of wall street? no. many people left and right didn't but i did favor the bailout of the auto industry. one of the reasons i did is i believe in believing in and investing in the american worker. i believe in giving back and i i believe an investment in detroit is better. if we look at the 70s, and a few
9:45 pm
years later under carter with the extension. the investment in that city lead to jobs being built. more businesses that came into the city, into midtown manhattan again. more condos being built, rented and sold. >> i'm so sick of liberals throwing around the term investment and not understanding what that means. detroit for 50 years tried to invest in their education system and now 47% of adults are functionally illiterate. stop tosses around the world investment as if it's something you throw money at. yes other cities invested but they also looked at their pension programs and brought in new capitalist ideas and new companies and invested in new innovation and they haven't been slaves to unions like the city of detroit has. it's important moving forward, it better be willing to open up their markets to new ideas. >> thank you for being here. i wore a dark, dark blue jacket for the reasons that leslie mentioned. >> thanks. >> coming up next, live to
9:46 pm
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fox news alert. the wait is finally over for the duke and duchess of cambridge. kate gave birth to a baby boy. he was born at 4:24 local time l highness and the child are both doing well. they will remain in the hospital overnight. the baby's name will be announced sometime in the next few days. so a big day. >> it is a big day. how often do you do you get to lead your show with some good news? happy good news that everybody can relate to. and this is a historically significant baby. the queen is a figure head to 2 billion people around the world. that's a third of the world. this will be the 43rd monarch
9:51 pm
since 1066 when william the conquerer created my homeland. >> how are things down in london? >> it is amazing. as imogen said, how often do we have good news to talk about. i can imagine when the baby's name is announced, the world's press will be back here tomorrow trying to find a spot to obviously see the brand new royal baby and of course, his parents. >> yeah. well, and there is a lot of betting going on. i don't get, as an american, and this is -- you probably hate this. this is why some people in britain -- oh, scoff at americans. >> i would never scoff at you, sean, i wouldn't dare. >> well we could argue about healthcare again if you want. i don't get the fixation. it is like everybody is projecting and living their life. they are so obsessed with the royals, i'm not.
9:52 pm
>> i think that it is a unifying force, would you say? >> obama? >> yes. is that a trick question? >> our head of state, she is there above politics, she is thereof a symbol of continuity, national identity and pride. that is what the queen does. the monarchy cost 82 cents a year to run in the uk to run per person. 82 cents. that's it. she is above politics. so yes, this is why it is so obsessive. she has an approval rating of 90%. does obama have an approval rating of 90%? >> no. no. >> there is a lot of betting going on, with a boy or girl, and weight. and the name is taking in some money still at this point. when will we know the name? do we know? >> i think the thing is, obviously, there are new laws changed and put into place and the queen did announce that whether the baby was a by or
9:53 pm
girl that that child would be third in line to the throne. maybe it would be a girl, but turned out to be a boy. so we will have to wait a couple of days. i think they will see what the child looks like, who he resembles and characteristics before they announce his name. he will be called prince, his name, of cambridge. so it is -- >> of cambridge -- poor prince harry is now fourth in line. that means he can go and do anything he wants in vegas at this point. >> exactly. i think prince harry would be thrilled in succession. and he had more freedom anyway. he got to fight for his country in afghanistan. william, even though he is military, hasn't got to do that. he is in search and rescue. >> we know the tragedy withadia. right now, kate is popular.
9:54 pm
but they want, at some point, they want to try and take her down. >> that's a very british thing to do, and you're absolutely right there. william has something of a smiling hatred of the media. i've been talking about that all day because he does believe the media drove diana to her death. and he is very, very protective of kate. but it's been very interesting. >> she handles it very well. >> she has. >> and since diana's death, they have done a better job of protecting kate middleton and the future of the royal family. >> thanks so much. thanks for getting up so early and coming up. your choice for video of the day is next here on hannity. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on.
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9:59 pm
carolina nikki haley, showing off serious firepower. take a look. >> we came to celebrate another one of our manufacturers. we saw fm manufacturing. what a sight this is for south carolina and me. for me, it is particularly personal because they manufacture the m 249s, all which michael is using right now in afghanistan. this is one of our great manufacturers in south carolina. they happen it manufacture guns. right now they are doing very well and the fact we have a lot of manufacturers looking ats south carolina, whether they are gun related or not, continues to speak highly for our state. >> i did get a chance it fire a gun. a few. quite a few. and it was a good time. and i did it in heels. >> pretty good shot. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being with us. the news continues. gretta is standing by to go on the record. we will see you back here tomorrow night.
10:00 pm
gretta, take it away. >> tonight, hear what new dad, prince william, and new grandpa, prince charles, have to say. and more. >> the wait is over. kate middleton, duchess of cambridge delivering an 8 pound 6 ounce boy at 4:24 local time in london at st. mary's hospital. >> very, very exciting. i was hoping for a boy. >> very excited about it. >> very, very excited pl i'm here from morning until now.


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