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tv   America Live  FOX News  July 23, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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see in a minute as to the question of when we will see this baby. you think he changed any diapers while he was there. and looking forward to seeing the new little royal highness, everybody. namerica live starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert on what the secretary of housing is calling a big deal. we get new details, the administration gets serious on ethic diversity and punish towns that fail to comply. welcome to america live. i am shanor in for megyn kelliy. this is from secretary of housing development shawn donovan. he talked about the fair housing act that uses his agency to investigate whether minorities are getting equal opportunities
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in communities with reported problems. he said those investigations could spread to any community in the united states whether or not the folks living there thinks there is a problem. >> that's why hud is enhancing the enforcement techniques and narcoticing investigations without waiting for individuals to file complaints. we have tripled the complaints that we filed since 2008. but perhaps, most importantly for the first time ever. hud is providing information and data to every single neighborhood in the nation. and detailing what access african-american families and other members of the class have had to the community assets that i am talking about. jobs and schools and transit. >> joining us now. host of power play on fox
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chris, what is the program? it sounds sweeping in nature and involves federal regulation all about? >> hi, shannon, you know that oftentimes, much vaunted programs by the government are less than advertised and don't do the things they wanted and this is a case where people are concerned about the unintended consequences of what the administration is talking about here. essentially what they have done is use census bureau dauta and given every america a dot with a color on it. saying is your household an african-american household or a caucasian or nonhispanic whites and hispanic and asian and color coding the country in little dots and this is a report card or scorecard for the
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regulation at how well they are integrated and in the old day it was punishes people who excluded minorities from white neighborhoods. illegal covenants and you may not sell to people this type and that type. and realtors who refuse to show african-american certain housing. this is different than that. they want to encourage diversity for diversity sake in neighborhoods. it is not just punishing people for keeping folks out. it is punishing people for failing to bring folks in. >> if we see a large concentration of an all white neighborhood the feds wanting to see different colored dots and see reverse. minorities live together, will they push those communities to
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integrate to be racially diverse? >> one would think not. there are african-american neighborhoods that are affluent and even in those places there is enough overlays on the map and say they are more disadvantaged than these people and where the enforcement comes in and where there is consequence in the proposed new regulation from the administration, if your voting permit office and county commission and state housing office is not doing things that look like they helping affirmatively fair housing and rekrauting and urging people in new neighborhoods. if they are not affirmatively seeking housing, maybe they are funding and donovan pointed out funding could be in danger. it could be a sanction for people who were not following the administration directive to
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seek diversity in the neighborhoods. >> with the supreme court with obama care and telling the states if you don't expand there is a danger you could lose your medicaid funding. the supreme court said you couldn't do. it what do you think? you can't threaten people by saying we'll take away the federal funding to coerce you. >> they have every state in the union to raise drinking age to 21 but with holding funds. there is racial diversity in neighborhoods. it is going to stand there and public comment period and congress could get involved. it doesn't go right in the period. there is a precedents they have used with holding federal fund from state and local agencies to get a tool to
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do what washington wants. >> check out the regulations at regulations.goff, including this one. we'll see you tomorrow on the interweb. there is new video in capitol hill. new investigation in the terror attack in bepg beng. just a short time ago, law makers unrolled what some believed to be the largest petition presented to congress. a 60 to the long scroll featuring signatures of veterans that want investigations to happen. kathryn? >> as you mentioned a short time ago. special operation speaks and this is operation vets that had a petition in favor of a select committee. we have had a half dozen committees on capitol hill
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investigating the attacks that left four americans dead. the idea of a select committee, it has broad jurisdiction and bring together investigators from foreign affair ands intelligence and armed services and the idea that no stone would be left unturned and there are no clear answers to why there was no military response and no effort to secower after the attack and why we have never heard of members of the survivors at the consulate and annex where the cia was located and the critics explain it to the administration for that. >> the state department refused to release a lot of witnesses from the commitments that they signed in oath and secrecy and asking the state department to allow them to come forward and stop interfering with the investigations. >> four americans were killed on 9/11. and two-thirds of the
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republicans on the house side are in support of a select committee. it comes down to the house speaker, john boehner who until now has not bought in to the idea. >> i asked him and he had his own reasons and they are not shared adequately to me other than he believes that the other committees are adequately addressing. it i can tell you they are not. if they were, we would have been to the bottom of it by now. >> we have never heard publicly from the survivors from the consulate who was evacuated to the cianex. and the contractors are no longer speaking to members of congress because of signing book deals that prohibit them doing so. >> emergency crews. managed to remove the southwest
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jet that run into laguardia last night. now come the questions of what went wrong and that is where trace gallinger picks up. >> the experts say it is unlikely that the pilot knew he had a landing gear problem before setting the nose down. witnesses saw the thing coming over in the end, said that when it came in, everything appeared to be fine. here's one, listen. >> it looked normal, yeah. it looked normal, all three wheels were down. >> if the pilot knew he had a nose problem he could have held it up and sat it down. it is coming in at 125 miles per hour and theinose gear collapses and kids 2500 feet to the position off of the runway and
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sparks and flames all over the nose. unclear if they were hurt in the skid or because they slid down the emergency chutes, but some did not know the extent of what happen to the plane until they got off. >> people are going to be freaked out and is it going to get. all in all, hey, we walked away with no fire or deaths. >> and those injuries by the way was whiplash injures and back and neck injuries. and some were taken to the hospital. you can see the mraen towed off. fa a a cowed southwest airlines of trying to hide safety problems, but southwest has been only involved in one fatal accident in chicago when the plane ran off of the runway in a winter storm and a young by was killed in a car that the
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plane hit. laguardia has reopened and the ntsb is on the scene trying to figure out what happened to the plane. >> they are very busy these days. >> cries kyle kyle is author of american sniper and a navy seal and celebrated war hero with a scary number of enemy kills until he was murdered. why was the former minnesota governor sowing him and why did he get permission to go after his widow. >> we'll show you what touched off the original concerns and what some in washington are trying to do about it. >> and bill o'rielly with controversial talking points that challenged the president and leaders to talk about the role race for america. we'll talk to the daughter of martin luther king for her thoughts. >> you want a conversation, you
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>> fox news alert. we are awaiting the first public glimpse of the royal baby that could come any minute. you are looking live at st. mary's hospital where prince william and the duchess of cambridge could watch out with the baby any moment. prince charles said the baby is marvelous and you will see in a minute. and parents telling reporters they left the daughter's bed
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seat and the baby is beautiful. the a arrival of the royal baby was sflashed all over the british news papers. the sun filled with an answer instead of a u. when the nows breaks. we'll get a first glimpse of the baby and royal couple. >> there is a new push in congress for the military. suggesting that religious beliefs are under attack and that group believes that there is an active effort to make the military more secullar. they are fighting for an amendment to the budget that protects religious beliefs, actions and speech. thank you for your time today. >> hi, shannon. >> tell me why it was necessary. what sparked your amendment?
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>> shannon, since the days of george washington, military members have been fro to express themselves religiously and certainly chaplains, and even in the days when i was in the navy, i could cope a bible on my desk and not a problem. but with the obama administration and in the last 2 or 3 years we have had threats of judicial and administrative actions against the chaplains and military members for sharing their faith and having a boibl in their private space or desk. at walter reed hospital they took all of the bible out of the roms. first time in decades that that happen. there is a threat against the military members especially the chaplains who have to get their prayer preapproved by the command and a christian minister, a chaplain was going to say a christian prayer at a christian service and the word
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jesus was marked out. >> let me ask you this. critics say those are raising questions are really only trying to enforce what they call christian privlem and only a move to protect the christian faith and wont be the same to protect jewish or muslim faith and those kinds of things, what are your protections going to protect everyone. >> the amendment said nothing about specific religions. military members are entitled to their beliefs and also in religious expression and in taking action as long as it doesn't affect the morale military discipline and doesn't affect military necessity. and there is no coerciveness in that. and nothing about a specific religion with judiam and islam
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and christianity. and up until recently it was not necessary. when they infringed the freedoms, we had to come back to the first amendment and that is freedom of religious expressions and when they put on uniform don't take away the first amendment rights. >> the defense apartment spokesman said they celebrate religious diversity and they have the full right to exercise religious beliefs as long as doing so does not negatively affect the military's mission and other people's rights when they get in trouble is expressing they don't agree with same- sex marriage. and now we have a domma decision and military decision to recognize that is where it is legal and the states that accepted and ratified same- sex marriage, how do they find a balance member when the military said we will respect the rule of law and respect the
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administration's guidance and many people in the military that doesn't square with religious beliefs. >> my amendment is solid on gay marriage and don't ask and don't tell or homosexuality. what every people want to express, they have to be limited by good order and discipline. a military member can't say adverse things to other people on religious practices or sexual practices and again, the statute is solid on that and all it does is restore the constitutional rights to military members for where they had been and lost ground in the last 2 or 3 years. >> there are measures and we'll keep our viewers updated. >> now details on the family that george zimmerman helped to
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>> breaking news from london. we are getting word to expect the appearance of the royal baby in the next 20 minutes or so.
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you are looking live at st. mary's hospital where prince william and katherine, the duchess of cambridge. we are on it and prince charles said the baby is marvelous. and kate's parents are saying that the baby is absolutely beautiful and both the mother and baby are doing well. any movement we so we'll bring it live. new deat a it is on the family that george zimmerman helped to rescue. we are hearing the 9/11 calls and the reaction erupting on line. >> trace? >> shannon, that crash happen in rush hour on interstate 4, a mile away from where trayvon martin was killed. a dad driving an suv was trying to merge and he lost control.
10:26 am
the suv rolled over. george zimmerman and his body guard didn't see the crash, but they came up right behind it and they jumped out to help the family get out, the parents and the two kids. listen to the 9/11 caller who watched it. >> looks like the car is on fire now. >> it is on fire? >> yes, it is smoking pretty bad. >> they did get everyone out. two kids and looks loc a woman who is her mother or father or grandfather. nzimmerman had a fire extinguisher with him and the sheriff arrived on the scene and zimmerman gave a statement and two days later he never mentioned the incident. >> it is not unusual. this is the guy i extolled the virtues and the mentoring program with two children and living with two black children
10:27 am
in the house when he was younger. this is just who he is. >> at a na a cp there was a lot of skepticism and people who said they don't believe a word of it. and there is not a lot of love for george zimmerman. it is snashgy and doubtful and one quote on twitter saying, zimmerman can pull machine from a burning car and can't push a 17-year-old by off of him. so george zimmerman saved a family from a car crash. i don't believe it at all. one word, staged. and zimmerman's brother said people should be less vindictive. >> to people who if he hadn't stopped and taken the time to help someone who needed help getting out of the car? >> and the people we haven't heard from is the people inside of that car. they have not yet commented on
10:28 am
this. shannon. >> trace, it is interesting. it was a custody fight that got national attention. the supreme court rowelled against the man who wanted to take baby veronica from the partners that she had ever known. today we will give you the painful twist in that case. and new drama in the pope's trip to brazil. his motorcade was nearly run by excited crowds. and after turning to the nfl. american li buyerians and nfl to help sell obama care the administration is enlisting help from hollywood. we'll she you how they plan to get the celebrities to help america takes its medicine.
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>> we're keeping an eye on the front door of st. marys in london. the minute we will see anything we'll bring it to you live. ♪
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what are you doing? my daughter is in there. >> you got my baby high. >> baby high. hold on a second. i don't think they get high. the man is a former member of the white house team. he is one of the hollywood stars recruited to help sale the unpopular obama care. opera finery and a listia keys and bon jofi trying to convince the americans that it is a good thing. chris plant recollects radio host of the chris plant show. welcome to you both. >> chris, the administration told us we needed to know what was in the law and people could exercise the benefits. why not explain what is in there? >> a- list. i kid, ca l pen came to
10:34 am
washington and worked for the obama administration and he was mugged in dupont circ and he will went back to hollywood. he wants us to take giant bong hits and sign up for obama care. i think of health care, i think of amy poiller. this is a can of spam obama care. and they have enlisted hollywood types to sell it to us. everything else failed. unions turned against it. and moderate democrats as they exist on capitol hill turned against. it and max ba cchus said it was a train wreck and harry reid said it was a mess. one last desperate effort to so if that works. >> lesly, kids ever influenced by the celebrities and they need young people to sign up. that is the funding base to
10:35 am
subsiddize people with high risk and preexisting conditions. is this about convincing young people. i go to the emergency room and i am not worried about it. >> that is the problem and has been the problem. that was agreed upon by the left and right and decades agreed upon. we saw what it was doing to our economy. people say i don't need insurance and i will wait until i am critical and the bone sticking out of the my leg. and that is a huge problem. we are educating our young to a new way of thinking that is healthy not only for our bodies with preventative care. unfortunately, they look up to a lot of people as heros and role models more than they do politicians and like you and me and shannon and chris, all of us and they will listen. i met ca l penn that is
10:36 am
a character he playing and not him. he worked in washington a year and he did have films in the works and i met him in a fund raiser and he is a very, very noise man and very, very intelligent. >> chris, from the inception of the law and passing and drafting and implementation. there are parts i have a hard time understanding the exchanges. how can celebrities get it down and boil it down and make it down in a way to makes sense to people. >> this doesn't make sense to the people who allegedly wrote the bill. it is thousands of pages of incoherent of government insanity and the lawyers and unions can't figure it out. no one can figure it out. health care officials can't figure it out. i am not sure it is figure outable. the idea here is that just celebrityize it.
10:37 am
as they celebrityize everything and part of dummying down of america. it is what republican and democrats agree we ought to do reform, but not this. we need it put it behelped us and start doing sensible things. no one can figure it out. they can't explain it but want to convince people to buy it. it is a scheme. and redistribution of wealth scheme. that doesn't work if the young don't buy into it. you have to convince them something they don't want to do is something they need to do. and congratulations to young people all over america. we are taking their money away from them and transfer it to old people who need health care. that is a good short explanation for young people they are trying
10:38 am
to convince buying in. >> does the administration want to push this. the less popular it is? >> well, quite frankly, shannon, maybe because i am sitting 20 minutes from hollywood. people on the right are jealous that democrats have celebrities in our pocket and write big checks. it is not a surprise get-out-the-vote et cetera, buddies like chris on the right get up set with us. you are educating the kids about prescription. there was a time we didn't want warning labels for cigarette. it is get for the overall health of the nation and going forward and we are retraining the youth to change the mined set of what many of us and our parents and gand parents are having. i will deal with it when we are critical.
10:39 am
you prevent and you can live healthier and longer and not damage the economy in the process. >> it is brain washing and celebrityitizing it and they go to the emergency rom and maybe there will be a series. harry and kuma r go in to primary care. it is the last desperate. >> maybe it will be a maurp maurn dispensary. >> good to see you both. thank you. >> the doj said it is not going to prosecute anyone over accessing the political candidates confidential tax information and going after a youth group that uses the word "church" in the meetings. and chris is a decorated seal and war hero and someone murded him last winter. why was the former governor of
10:40 am
minnesota suing him and why did jesse venatura get permission to go after kyle kyle's wife? >> and a controversial talking points that challenged the president and civil right's leaders to look at role race problems in america. we'll show the entire thing and get reaction. >> the thugs that sell hard drugs no matter what color they are deserve to be put away for a long period of time. they sell poisons and sells a product that enslaves and killed and when was the last time the congressional black caucus say that? how about jackson and sharpton and how about president obama? . has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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here. he is suing to clear his names and those facts are remained to be determined. and because of the false and defamatory. assume that jesse venatura did
10:46 am
not have a fight and he made it up, why should jesse venatura chlor his name. that's all he wants to do. it is not about money. he's not going after the widow but the right to clear his name. wont that result in a benefit for ventura. >> jesse ventura was a pro wrestler. >> here is how it hurts. he said that jesse ventura was in the bar and spewing anti- american sentiment. and talking about president bush and the war and saying that and he got punched in the nose and maybe that upsets jesse ventura the most. if those things are not said. you have to right to go forth and preponderate facts to clear your name. he is a political figure also. >> it does appear going after
10:47 am
the estate equates to going after the widow. jesse ventura has made a lot of bold statements, how would you advoice him to proceed knowing if he won the legal battle, he may lose. >> that is the best point. even if jesse ventura has a right to go after the estate, and going after the widow, you have to actually look how much he will lose monetarily. they call him skrug face. and later coil kyle admitted that is who he was talking about. how much money and reputation does jesse ventura stand to lose as perceived by going after the widow? >> it is not just going after the widow. he is saying who ever owned the claim in this bock and statement, whatever. that is part of the book.
10:48 am
that is a legal mechanism to get him in. everything i have read, who ever owns this claim that is false and deflamatory and makes me out anti- american. >> i got that. >> and i get that punch. all of that, he wants it cleared and this is a fact- finding process f. he is wrong and not accurate that will come out in the facts. but turns out that fight never occurred he has a right to clear his name. my understanding if they agree that that was false and that was defamatory, i think the lawsuit goes away. >> we are all lawyers. we know that people don'ts inially like lawyers. this is the coined of stuff that makes american people frustrated with the american legal system? >> i understand the optices. you are suing a widow of an
10:49 am
american war hero. and the people shouldn't loosely throw other people's names under the bus and make them out to be something they are not which is aspect- patriotic. if it is true he has a right to sue. >> we were in the grown room and who could get the widow's case and i won. >> great to see you. new drama in the pope's historic visit to brazil. his motorcade was nearly overrupby excited crowds. we'll show you what is happening now. >> your first glimpse of the royal baby is expected. we'll take you there live. stand by.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
the most anticipated baby appearance in a while is shaping up right now. we're not just talking about our o own beloved megyn kelly. this is st. mary's hospital perhaps in the next five or 10 minutes or so. the moment we see movement we will bring it to you live. developing now, growing concerns over pope francis' security on his first overseas trip. within minutes of touching down in brazil, the pope was already creating a frenzy when his driver took a wrong turn and thousands of faithful rushed that car. we're learning new details about an explosive device found at the site where pope francis is scheduled to visit tomorrow. hello. >> security was a big concern even before the pope touched
10:54 am
down in rio and it proved challenging for brazilian authorities. and francis' first night was met with protests and while most were peaceful, there were people guarding him and leaving brazil's president and other dignitaries. on his arrival to rio, pope francis greeted enthusiastic crowds but the driver's wrong turn put his car in a congested street and the faithful lining the way rushed the vehicle reaching the pope's open window. still, the vatican is confident of brazil's ability to protect the pope. pope francis is in brazil for world youth day, a gathering of 2.51 catholics. he inherited the event from his predecessor in february. he is putting his own stamp on the trip by altering the iteniary to include a visit to a
10:55 am
brazilian slum, the largest catholic country in the world mark an historic visit by the first latin-american pope. >> it comes at a time when latin america is facing a host of challenges. his message to latin america is that i'm one of you. i am from argentina and also a latin-american, in the broad sense -- >> pope francis' challenge this week is to inspire the youth at a time the church is facing more competition from property accident evangelicalism and his first test if he can be the pope of the pour spells the pope for a new generation. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we have been watching this hospital live all hour and will get a good look at the new baby and the new dad. also ahead, bill o'reilly created quite a stir last night with controversial talking points. the challenge to the president
10:56 am
and civil rights leaders to what o'reilly called the real race problems in america. we'll show you the entire fiery thing and get reaction from the niece of martin luther king. >> you want a conversation, you got it. you want a better situation for blacks, give them a chance to revive their neighbored and culture. work with the good people to stop the bad people. pumping money into the chaos does little. you can't legislate good parenting for responsible entertainment. you can fight against the madness with discipline, a firm message and little tolerance for excuse making. uity delicus! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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fox news alert. almost 2:00 p.m. in these. almost 7:00 p.m. in london. we expect to get our first look at the royal baby any second now followed by we're told we're going to be joined by the new dad. welcome. the most anticipated baby
11:00 am
appearance is shaping up right now at st. mary's hospital in london. we're told to expect the newest addition to the royal family last hour. we're standing by looking at the doorway. let's check in with amy kellogg on the scene there and in london for us. the expectations are high. >> reporter: i know, shannon. there has been so much looking at that door and i'm simultaneously listening to some english programming in my hear so we get the shot when it happens. we're on the edge of our seat. this will happen at any moment now. we will get the first glimpse of the baby, the little boy who one day will be king and the first glimpse of the happy couple. we understand and we've heard from them although not in their own words. oop, i think we're getting the door. no. we're getting the cars. we're getting a motorcade now, shannon and people are running up the streets. i have to say it is absolutely jammed with people on either
11:01 am
side of the barrier, not obviously the press, but the public desperate to get the first glimpse of the little baby who one day will be king of this country and also the couple who the public is really it has to be said, widely enamored of. the duchess of cambridge and duke of cambridge. kate and will more familiarly known. they've been in the hospital now just over 36 hours. the baby was born 24 hours ago. we didn't know, shannon, whether or not they would be leaving tonight. it was prince charles, who upon his recent visit here let slip that we would all see for ourselves how beautiful this baby was any moment now. it hasn't been any moment now, it's been the better part of an hour we've been wait hearing. we are assured they will come out and holding the baby in their arms, one of them will be. at some point they will take a few questions from the press, most likely prince william will answer those questions, then they will slip back inside,
11:02 am
transfer the baby into a car seat, reappear without engaging any more and take off for kensington palace. that also answers questions as to where they would spend their time after having had the baby. they're going to kensington palace and possible they will move at some point as their proper home is not refurbished, a two bedroom apartment they have. unfortunately we don't think we will get the name. that has been the source of so many different bets in the agencies across london that have been taking bets on names. james, george, the two top ones for a boy. we will get some emo titive sen some words from at least the prince. nope. another false alarm. it's staff that's coming out. of course, this is an active hospital, shannon.
11:03 am
so there are people that are going in and out. right up by the door there is hospital staff. they were corralled into that prime position about an hour and a half ago to make sure that they would have a chance to actually say their regards and so that the royal couple could give them thanks. they have actually -- kate and william have thanked the staff that delivered the little baby yesterday. there were a lot more people involved in one way or another. i have seen people with what appear to be chef's outfits in that crowd, too, those who prepared meals for them. they've been incredibly grateful to all of them. >> amy -- >> more staff coming in and out, shannon, at this point. yes. >> we will have you stand by because we're keeping a very close eye on those doors. we see a frosted glass panel and see a little bit of movement and everybody gets crazy and it's maybe not who they were expecting. stand by with us, we will bring in author and entertainment
11:04 am
reporter imogen lloyd webber. we're standing by for our first glichl glimpse. what does that mean? there's bells tolling today and all those things. what does it mean? >> this little boy could be our monarch to take us into the 22nd century. that's extraordinary. the monarchy is there to stabilize our security for years to come. we have that stability in england, we know who our head of state is going to be. this is an incredibly exciting moment. in 1982, when prince william was born, we had that excitement and came on the steps held by charles initially and handed over to diana. we're reminiscing on that moment, looking at history. >> how much pressure is on this young couple. anybody with a newborn baby has to find their way, especially the first time. for them, they have to do it in
11:05 am
front of the whole world. >> huge pressure. for a few hours we didn't hear the baby was born and it was just them. that's what william has always done with kate and very protective of her. obviously he saw what the media did with diana. it's that balance. yes, they will do this photo call and go back to kensington palace in a tiny cottage called nottingham and where they will be spending the night. it's that balance he's trying to get for his family. >> amy kellogg, live in london mentioned it may be a while before we get the name. it is very important and this is a po tensional future king. what process influences them? >> reporter: we don't know. wit william, it took a week. they have a short list of names and will discuss it with the
11:06 am
family and queen. they want to get it absolutely right. there's been some talk of james but that might be a little bit controversial. james was the initial king that combined england and scotland in 1663, but they're having a referendum next year whether the scottish want to be joined to england. it sounds strange. it might be a political hot potato. a little built of questi-- bit question mark there. it will be royal and multiple names. >> at least four, especially with the recent births the last century or two m.. i want to bring amy back in. we're waiting on pins and needles. can you tell us about those who have gathered. sounds like some singing. >> shannon, basically a lot of media and members of the public. i'm sure they're all watching television and hearing this is
11:07 am
imminent, this photo opportunity. they've been flooding over here. there's really not a lot of space for them. it's quite crammed, on sidewalks on either side of the barrier. they're excited. they know they're not going to get a really good look because we're all kept at a certain distance but it's a moment in history, isn't it? a lot of people want to take their picture by this hospital and say, i was here when the duchess of cambridge gave birth or was in labor and on the steps. it's a personal moment in history. i think for those people who are very attached to this family and remember princess diana and the grief prince william went through as a child, they're kind of overjoyed about his happiness and apparently very happy reunion and the fact he's now a father. there was a moment a short while ago when prince charles and camilla came. when you think about it, there were three kings, three future
11:08 am
kings in a room. they were getting to know each other as a group for the first time. that was kind of an exciting and moving concept, actually, even though we weren't privy to any of that, shannon. >> stand by with us as we try to get a super ultra close look and peer through the windows. immogene, what role will kate's parents and her family play with the baby's life? >> it's absolutely key. they're the first visitors. she has a very close family and william even called michael middleton "dad" apparently and will be hands-on. at the moment, kate doesn't plan to have a nanny and expect carole to be doing a lot of baby-sitting. they will be spending quite a bit of time with the middletons in the house. they live in a small place, two up and two down and kate wants
11:09 am
the support of her parents. she always says she feels safest when home with them. they will be moving into an apartment at kensington palace. they didn't finish the job before the baby was born and moving into apartment 1a, a beautiful four story house. interestingly, william was brought up at kensington palace argumentses 8 and 9 where diana lived after her marriage to charles and after her death. and there will be memories when he sees his child brought up in the same environment. >> diana was always about the boys having as normal a childhood as they could being normal heirs to the throne. do you think that will have a big influence as to the father he is. >> absolutely. diana was about makeing the boy more accessible and normal life. they are about keeping it royal but real. and get that from diana.
11:10 am
kate does her own shopping and wearing main street brands. your viewers would have seen those photos from the harry potter studios where kate was in a maternity top shop dress with pol polka dots. it sold outside in an instant. yes. expect the baby to be wearing clothes, baby gap and all those sorts of things and occasionally wear designer special occasions, obviously the biggest special occasion coming up is the christening. >> when will that take place? something that will happen before the end of the year? >> it will probably happen after the annual holidays for the que queen. she was talking about that last week. >> she wants them to hurry up. >> she loves going to scotland, spends the whole of august. probably the week after that, where william was baptized. i believe from the water of river jordan. i think i'm correct on that. all very historical because this baby will one day be head of the church of england, defender of the faith.
11:11 am
>> how much leeway do you think or room do you think the press will give kate in the uk to find her way as a mother in this process. everybody wants every snippet and did bit of information and we know prince william has been very defensive about her and not long ago before her pregnancy, a photographer captured pictures of her topless when she thought they were private and alone, how much space do you think she will be given? >> william will be very protective. he's fiercely protective of her. on many levels he believe the media helped drive diana to her death, an incredibly tragic moment in his young life and he's determined the same thing will not happen to kate and hat that smiling hatred of the media. expect an uneasy balance. the media was more respectful and william saying we have learned the lessons from the past. kate will be reflected and
11:12 am
allowed to be a flexi-time royal as it were with engagement. don't forget diana was married to the heir to the throne, charles. charles is still the heir to the throne. they have a bit of buffer zone diana didn't have. >> it is different in some respect. we see movement inside those doors. we understand prince william and the duchess will come out. do we know how much they will speak and what they will say and questions, and if so, who from? do they have access to say yell across the street? tell us about the positioning there. >> reporter: no. the thing about prince william, the press was talking about his difficult relationship with the press. i have not met prince william, what i have heard from people who have if you are polite to prince william you get results. if you shout questions from across the street, you will possibly scare him away. if you are polite and patient, you will probably get a polite
11:13 am
response. my since is that not my sense, shannon, actually what i've been told, there will be three questions from members of the british press to be redistributed. >> it looks like -- >> reporter: and we will get access to them. >> some more folks exiting, several of them. still not the royal couple. sorry to cut you off, amy. every time that door cracks open, it is a wave of excitement. >> reporter: we're jumpy. it's been like this some time now. >> real quickly, joining us now on the phone, christopher anderson, author of "william and kate" a real love story and christopher, this is the next chapter in that story. >> absolutely. i covered for "people" magazine and ran the coverage the birth of william 31 years ago. very different. if anything it's more exciting now. we really didn't know diana, 20 years old and charles was a rather stuffy character. boy, have things changed since
11:14 am
diana tipped over -- >> we need to interrupt. >> here they come. >> the baby comes now. >> oh, boy. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
11:15 am
>> he's a big boy. he's quite heavy. we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. it's the first time we've seen him really and having a proper chance to catch up. very emotional. >> very emotional to spend some time, thick for any parent, to know what this is feeling like. >> very special. our reminder of his tardiness,
11:16 am
he's a bit older and i know how long you've been waiting outside and hopefully we can get back to normal and look after him. he has her look, thankfully. >> wait and see. wait and see. we've done that already. >> he has way more than me. thanks a lot. >> all right.
11:17 am
the first look at the royal couple there, the new royal heir, the third in line to the throne. beautiful baby boy. saw a little bit of his hand there. we don't yet know a name. the royal couple said they're still working on that. christopher said he has a good pair of lungs, the prince did and said it was very special moments, it sounds like in response to a question about the moment he arrived. christopher, are you there with us? >> i'm here. >> w what you could see or hear of the prince there. seemed very cordial and taking the baby right over to where folks could get a good look and he could answer questions and talking about the very personal moment the baby arrived. >> any new father, very tentative and a little bit worried about the baby. you're very protective. i think that's very touching. i honestly feel if you compare this to the reaction of charles and diana coming out with william 31 years ago, there's an affection here and enthusiasm about this couple that did not
11:18 am
exist for charles and diana. i think very heart-warming and moving, really, and poignant, too, because diana isn't here to see this moment. the cameras came in on the ring that kate is wearing. that's diana's engagement ring. very moving moment, i think. >> interesting, as we have the pictures up there with little baby william, when he was introduced to the world and looking at this couple even a much more casual approachable sort of presentation, no suit and tie. >> right. >> kate seems to be in a relatively casual dress i'm sure will immediately sell out as soon as we figure out who it's made by. >> exactly. i'm sure it's something that isn't a designer thing, from a mall that any can buy. that's the kind of person kate is, very down-to-earth. again, you're right. it's casual, modern. this is the wave of the future. i'm sure most brits i -- i know most polls show most britains would like to see king william sooner than king charles. they'd like william to be the next king. that's not going to happen.
11:19 am
he has a connection, i think, with the british people that no other, you know, royal has ever had. >> i want to bring in amy kellogg there, who is there on the ground live in london to watch this all play out. all right, folks, have got an look there now, amy. what is the reaction? >> reporter: well, of course, the reaction was so joyous here, i think everyone wanted to see them looking happy. no one had any doubt but that they would be beaming, that the duchess of cambridge would look glowing and prince william would look very happy and emotional. that's what we got. i think we got what we hoped for, was a very happy couple. it was hard to get a glimpse at the baby because the baby was bundled up. that's usually the case. we were told, shannon, about the good pair of lungs and the baby having more hair than william does at this point and taking after his mother in terms of looks. prince william also saying jokingly he would remind the
11:20 am
baby when the baby gets older about his tardiness, since apparently -- i guess that is confirmation this baby came late. we never did know the due date of the baby, but we were told it was mid july and the baby was born yesterday. there had been so much speculation it was even earlier. and possibly there was a little trick going on so we wouldn't all be clustered here waiting when the moment happened. >> here they are again. >> they have the car seat and a return back out. looks like he's coming out now. again, a very modern picture of the prince carrying his little boy in his car seat for his first trip out into the world. >> my words exactly. [ cheers and applause ]
11:21 am
>> kate now joining them apparently there, as they drive off on to their new adventure, with their brand new baby. and the prince there said that it would be nice to get back to life as normal. i guess for royals it isn't completely different. normal than we have, but a chance for them to go home, spend some time with their little boy and enjoy this time as newborn parents. want to bring back imogene. the prince talked about how emotional it was when the prince arrived and to see him. you have to wonder how many times they practiced the car seat and get it clicked in quick. that's not easy to do that for anybody who's ever tried to do it and it gave a chance for people to see them. >> that's what the royals sort of do. they're very good at the show business, the theater of it all
11:22 am
and part of their job on many many levels. we only got a little glimpse of the baby. we will be getting official photos in time. i don't know who will be taking them. and there were the beautiful engagement photos of kate and william and we will be seeing proper photos in the next few weeks, official photos. they will be hiding that baby now for the paparazzi. that is our moment for the media and i think that moment to stand down. >> how important for th them -- they did this introduction. people did get a look, as far as maybe buying them a little bit of time, a little bit of breathing room? >> exactly that. this is the future monarch, heir to the throne. the queen called monarchy an improbable privilege and this is a privileged baby and its destiny and trying to find that balance and give that baby an extraordinary childhood and, of course, it will have an extraordinary life. >> christopher, i'd like to
11:23 am
bring you back in with us, author of "william and kate, a royal love story." what you know of them and their public persona, what kind of parents do you think they will be in this next step? >> i think they will be hands-on parents. any who thinks she won't have a nanny is sadly misled because she has roles to perform. but it will be a very different upbringing for them. diana is the person who was the bridge. she wanted to spend time with her sons. she had to fight the palace bureaucracy and men in gray who controlled the monarchy, as she called them. kate won't have to worry about that. she has support from her husband and from the people around her and from her own parents, who are essential to the upbringing of this child. he will be a very different sort of royal. >> all right. christopher, amy and imogene, we
11:24 am
thank you all as we watch and historic moment millions watching for, the first glimpse of the royal baby. the name still nto come. but prince william said he has a hearty pair of lungs and still working on names and get back to life as normal. still ahead, why the department of justice is going after a youth group whose big crime is apparently the youth used the word "church" during meetings, a no-no. plus, bill riley's laydown and we'll talk about it an get reaction. >> the thugs who sell hard drugs no matter what color they are deserve to be put away for long periods of time. they sell poison and sell a product that enslaves and kills. they are scum. when was the last time you heard the congressional black caucus say that! how about jackson and sharpton? how about president obama! [ male announcer ] this is george.
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bill o'reilly created quite a stir last night with the controversial talking points. bill challenged the president and civil rights leaders to address what he called the real race problems in america. we want to play this segment for you now in its entirety and then get immediate reaction. listen. >> president obama and the race problem. that this is subject of this evening's talking points memo. on friday, the president
11:29 am
delivered surprise remarks to the press about the trayvon martin case and race in general. his main point, a plea for understanding. >> there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping at a department store. that includes me. i don't want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experience inform how the african-american community interprets what happened one night in florida. >> and that's true. many black americans harbor at least some resentment for past injury. but what president obama surely knows is that you cannot reach a fair criminal verdict or design effective public policy that resolves present problems by dwelling on sins of the past. talking points believes the president was correct in addressing the race issue and framing it with the martin case. he's the leader of america and the country is talking about
11:30 am
this. by the way, when you hear a pundit or politician saying, we should have a "conversation" about race, that means you're in for a sea of bloviating which will likely lead nowhere. the sad truth is from the president on down our leadership has no clue, no clue at all how to solve problems within the black community and many are frightened to even broach the issue, because race hustlers and the grievance industry have intimidated the so-called "conversation," turning any valid criticism of african-american culture into charges of racial bias. many in power simply walk away leaving millions of law abidie ing african-americans to pretty much fend by themselves in violent neighborhoods. you want racism. that's racism. thus, it is time for straight talk. i hope the president is listening tonight because we need him to lead on this issue. trayvon martin was killed because circumstances got out of control. he was scrutinized by a
11:31 am
neighborhood watchman, george zimmerman, because of the way he looked. not necessarily his skin color, this's no evidence of that, but because he was a stranger to zimmerman and was dressed in clothing sometimes used by street criminals. it was wrong for zimmerman to confront martin based on his appearance. the culture we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black american men are so often involved in crime. the statistics overwhelming. but here's the headline. young black men commit homicides at a rate 10 times greater than whites and hispanics come been inned. when presented with damning evidence like that and like the many holocaust in chicago where hundreds of african-americans are murdered each year, the civil rights industry looks the other way or makes excuses. they blame guns, poor education,
11:32 am
lack of jobs. rarely do they define the problem accurately. so here it is. the reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the african-american family. right now, about 73% of all black babies are born out of wedlock. that drives poverty. the lack of involved fathers leads to young boys growing up resentful and unsupervised. when was the last time you saw a public service ad telling young black girls to avoid becoming pregnant? has president obama done such an ad? how about jackson or sharpton? has the congressional black caucus demanded an ad like that? how about the pc pundits who work for nbc news? white people don't force black
11:33 am
people to have babies out of wedlock. that's a personal decision. a decision that has devastated millions of children and lead to disaster both socially and economically. so, raised without much structure, young black men often reject education and gravitate towards the street culture, drugs, hustling, gangs. nobody forces them to do that. again, it is a personal decision. but the entertainment industry encourages the irresponsibility by marketing a gangsta culture, hip-hop movies, trashy tv shows to impressionable children. in fact, president obama has welcomed some of the worst offenders in that cess pool to the white house, when he should be condemning what these weasels or doing. these so-called entertainers get rich while the kids who emulate their lyrics and attitude destroy themselves.
11:34 am
and then there is the drug situation. go to detroit and ask any living on the southside of the 8 mile road what destroyed their city? they will tell you narcotics. they know addiction leads to crime and debasement. but what are the race hustlers and limousine liberals yell about? the number of black men in prison for selling drugs. oh, it's so unfair, a non-violent crime and blacks are targeted. that is one of the biggest lies in the history of this country. the thugs who sell hard drugs, no matter what color they are, deserve to be put away for long periods of time. they sell poison, they sell a product that enslaves and kills. they are scum! when was the last time you heard the congressional black caucus say that! how about jackson and sharpton? how about president obama? the solution to the epidemic of violent crime in boar black
11:35 am
neighborho neighborhoods is to actively encourage pregnancies outside of marriage, impose strict discipline in schools and mandatory school uniforms and zero policy on prison time for the offenders. finally, challenging the entertainment industry to stop pedalling gashing badge. listen up, you greed heads, if a kid can't speak proper english, uses f word in every sentence, is disrespectful in his or her manner, that child will never, never be able to compete in the marketplace of america. never. and it has nothing to do with slavery, it has everything to do with you hollywood people you derelict parents. you're the ones hurting these vulnerable children. you want a conversation, you got it! you want a better situation for blacks, give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture. work with the good people to
11:36 am
stop the bad people. pumping money into the chaos does little. you can't legislate good parenting or responsible entertainment but you can fight against the madness with discipline, a firm message and little tolerance for excuse making. it is now time for the african-american leadership, including president obama, to stop the nonsense. walk away from the world of victimization and grievance and lead the way out of this mess. that's a memo. >> for more on this, let's bring in david webb, host of the david webb show, and civil rights activist, dr. king, and niece of martin lu th martin luther king jr. welcome to you both. dr. king, i'll start with you. there's a lot there. your initial reaction. >> my initial reactions, i'm glad bill does recognize it is the president's job and responsibility to advance this conversation about race. i do want to remind the president that my uncle, dr. mar
11:37 am
t martin luther king junior said we must learn to live together as brothers and i added sisters or perish as fools. in order to be brothers, we must admit that we are one human race, acts 17:26, one blood. as to bill's comments about the african-american family, i agree. and i do agree that we must strengthen our fathers and giving them equal opportunity in the marketplace to be able to advance and to help their families. i do not agree, though, with bill, that it is a choice, that our african-american families have fallen apart. we need much more support. and, finally, i believe that instead of berating our children and talking about how bad they are, we love all of our children and we love our families. i believe that rather than sending our children to their grave graves, we should be taking them to church and to jesus christ. i think we can help our families but it should not be the
11:38 am
christian church only divided into separate categories, like black church, hispanic church, latino church, white church, all of that but it should be the christian church period. as christians we must learn to live together as brothers or sisters or indeed we will continue to perish as fools. >> david, a lot of conversation there about fathers and about the family core and the african-american community. bill cited 73% of children now in the african-american community are born to unwed parents and he expressed great concern about fathers' involvement here. how do you begin to have those conversations within the community, david? >> well, first, maybe we should make bill o'reilly the president of the naacp and that would be a starting point. it's not a quip to be taken lightly, because the leadership is what i'm talking about. there are some things i absolutely agree with because it comes to accountability, responsibility and culture and
11:39 am
reality we deal with in this country and all communities but in the black community. we can separate. i don't want to get into the spicks an data. he uses top line, 30 foot view, the birthrate is actually about 50% with blended families, et cetera for the black community, but that also reflects a split between the urban environment and the suburban environment, which began when more college graduates came out of the '80s. overall, we have lost our way when it comes to the family structure and the family structure that then is followed by the educational structure. we have a generation of parents biologically, they may be patien parents, but educationally, they weren't always the best qualified parent. we see that playing out in the you younger people. we talk about the influence of hollywood, their idolization of basketball players, rappers, football players, when in fact
11:40 am
there's much broader in this american mosaic, a variety of people to choose from. by the way, to go to dr. king's message about church, yes, the family culture is important, yes, the church structure is important. here's the reality. if church was the only solution, and yoi don't think she propose that j a part of -- >> no. >> one of the facets of this we should have a new bussing program to bus them all to church. what we need to do is get the black community to buy back into the value proposition that is america that is our success, that has made others, regardless of ethnicity, a successful part of this country. we've lost that. the leadership has failed. the president may be able to open the door with a microphone but it really has to be held at the community level. we have to put aside the leaders and those that claim to be leaders and sit down as families and as people and begin to have honest real and open
11:41 am
conversations. >> i want to bring dr. king back in. please, go ahead and then i have a quick question for you. >> i'd like to add quickly, there's one of the young ladies, the twin girls on "sister sister" and one is married to a fox news commentator as well m. she said she waited until she was 29 years old to have sex. she had sex one time and then she said, this is not what i want to do. i want to be married when i have sex. then they got married and she's only had sex with one person and now they have a child. so that model is -- we know that model. that model works. i think we just need to encourage our young people to re-examine human sexuality, the purpose, what they want to do with their lives. i did not mean to just say church had the only example. there's a way to strengthen our community and the world community, the global community, with these types of examples and media. she is a tv star. we do have to have better music,
11:42 am
better examples in our film and all of that, i agree with that as well. >> i want to get to something and give you both a chance to respond to this as well. we know bill cosby has often launched these conversations. he's spoken many times about his criticism of parents he felt like weren't involved enough in lives and talking about african-american children. he's taken a lot of heat when he's spoken out many times which he has the right to do. do either of you worry about concerns if you try to raise these issues and have these conversations, there is going to be backlash? dr. king, i'll start with you. >> we must have these conversations and raise these issues. we get a backlash sometimes but life is very important. the family is very important. the natural family, from conception until natural death. learning to care about the babies in the womb, the children, once they're born, the adults, the elderly, the grandparents. the grandparents can teach the young children a lot as well. we don't need to discredit or push aside any part of our
11:43 am
community. but to bring all of that together. i think that along with the conversation about race, we must continue the conversation about family. >> david, not a lot of time left but i want to give you a chance to weigh in as well. >> we do need to focus on the family in the communal level. but we also can't ignore the reality. the reality is that in the community, you have got to get into the streets, as it were, and talk to all levels of people. we also have to face -- you talk about backlash, i get backlash on a daily basis. don't worry about it. i'll get backlash for this. because we have to realize that we will be able to save, help and advance some, and there will be some that will not get the message, go along or advance themselves. if we don't face that reality and help as many as we can, and that helps the next generation, that is an unselfish way to take a look at the future. help everyone we can, enable
11:44 am
them to help others and not just dealing the, i guess the ether on this issue. >> i hate to leave it there but we have to wrap you up, david webb and dr. elvida king, thank you very much. more news after the break. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
11:45 am
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growing outrage for the department of justice after they pulled tens of thousands of dollars for young marines in louisiana because of student led prayers and the word church and marine oath. former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush, he knows it inside and out. what do you make of this. this was initially a decision by the louisiana law enforcement and they doj came to investigate and said the money is gone. >> it's crazy and makes you
11:48 am
question the obama's law enforcement priorities. you have a situation for whatever reason there are public officials determined to extrica extricate any mention of the word god in the puck square, not required by the constitution and public law and crazy policy. >> the doj says it is and worry about public money with something that mentioned the word god. and the youth problem involved here say they encourage kids to be in the church of their faith, their choosing. doesn't say which one but the fact there is encouragement being involved in religion, doj says no dice. >> i think that's wrong. i don't think that's supported by the law and not commanded by the constitution. there are people in the constitution or louisiana government troubled by any mention of god even something as in ock cuous, in god we trust or so help me god, our most common phrases in our language public officials say all the time upholding our oath of office and i think you may have people
11:49 am
bothered by policy grounds on the mention of god and tried to transform their opposition to political objection. >> even if somebody can argue technically on legal grounds they can strip-away this money for this group the sheriff says this is helping kids potentially can get in trouble and give them something positive to do. the doj has been battered of late tracking reporters and doing all kinds of things. why this decision? do you think they think about the pr side of it? >> it's a very strange battle for them to choose to engage in. i think what you have people who got wind of this and feel passionately to get rid of any program with the slightest involvement in religion, they push this agenda hard and that kind of responsible adults at the justice department or elsewhere in the administration, should have pulled back and say wait a minute, this is a great program, benefits youth, build
11:50 am
character and strengthens law enforcement, let let's it go. my guess is when wiser and 16er and cooler heads get involved i'm hopeful they will prevail and the funding will be restored. >> there's a big rallying point and there may be private fund ing that gets involved and gap. the sheriff said that essentially he was told he'd have to sign something that said they would not have these voluntary prayers and they would not talk about god. is that what the constitution says? >> absolutely not. it really is kind of the worst stereotypes of hard headed bureaucrats demanding towing a party line which is wrong, unlawful and unconstitutional. i'm hopeful when people look at what actually happened and they look at the facts, they will say this is not a battle we need to fight. we're wrong on on the law. restore the money. >> we'll watch it and see. thanks so much. our brand new evidence. dolphins not only communicate, they call each other by name. this remarkable discovery and a whole lot more about what those
11:51 am
dolphins can do straight ahead. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's
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a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ a new study finding dolphins are so smart, they actually have their own names using individual whistles to identify themselves and to keep in contact. chris gallagher has more. >> we've long known dolphins have had whistles and clicks and buzzes they have used to communicate with each other, but this is the first time that we've ever seen the signatures like you called them or finger prints or even their names.
11:55 am
scientists took underwater recording devices to record and track the wild dolphins and then they played those whistles back to the dolphins who own them. hear are some of the sounds. [ dolphins ] >> here is the cool thing. when the dolphins heard the names that were called back to them, they responded. when they heard their name, right? kind of like that was their signature. hey, i'm here. well, the strange dolphins didn't reply. but their family and friends also replied to the same whistle. so the theory is dolphins can learn each other's whis i wills and mimic them to communicate with each other. they say the findings draw parallels between human language and dolphin language because only humans and parrots and now apparently dolphins can take in new sounds and differentiate
11:56 am
them. so dolphins are actually smarter than we thought they were and now they have their very own signature name, shannon, that they apparently answer to when played back to them. >> maybe they have their own play lists, ipods, who knows. thank you, trace. >> sure. well, tense moments for southwest airlines flight after it was forced to make a belly landing at new york's laguardia airport. coming up, you'll hear live from two people who were on board that plane.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
today we played a controversial round of talking points from bill o'reilly talking about what he calls the real race issues in america, calling on the president and civil rights leaders to step up for a different kind of dialogue. and we talked about it and you weighed in on twitter en masse. you said you're glad that we had it, awesome segment with dr. king and david webb. brad baker says bill o'reilly was spot on. and also cindy 416, great
12:00 pm
interview with dr. king and david webb. bill's talking points were spot on. thanks so much for weighing in and thanks for watching. studio b with shepherd smith starts right now. happy tuesday to you. the news begins anew. something about a baby, blah, blah, blah. so kate here, ladies, those of who you have had a baby, can you imagine 27, 28 hours after you had said baby having to let a billion people stare at you when you're going i thought this was supposed -- you know what i mean? baby, blah, blah, blah. we'll get to that. because it says we do. plus police taking action after a state police photographer released photos that show the capture of the accused boston marathon bomber in retaliation for that rolling stone cover. why police officials now say his job is safe for now.


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