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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 23, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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interview with dr. king and david webb. bill's talking points were spot on. thanks so much for weighing in and thanks for watching. studio b with shepherd smith starts right now. happy tuesday to you. the news begins anew. something about a baby, blah, blah, blah. so kate here, ladies, those of who you have had a baby, can you imagine 27, 28 hours after you had said baby having to let a billion people stare at you when you're going i thought this was supposed -- you know what i mean? baby, blah, blah, blah. we'll get to that. because it says we do. plus police taking action after a state police photographer released photos that show the capture of the accused boston marathon bomber in retaliation for that rolling stone cover. why police officials now say his job is safe for now. and we're getting video from
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inside that southwest airlines jet that took a very hard landing at laguardia yesterday here in new york city. the front landing gear collapsed, but thankfully everybody survived. we'll talk to the people who shot a video as the plane was landing. they will be live in studio unless breaking news changes everything. on studio b. and of course the breaking news of the year, after months of crazed anticipation the prompter reads, the moment for which royal fanatics have been waiting finally came just moments ago. prince william and his wife, the duchess of cambridge, emerged from hospital in london with the royal baby there. and the little thing just kind of sat there like babies do and did its baby thing. and will and kate did speak to
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the crowd. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy. quite heavy. but we're still working on a name. so we'll have that as soon as we can. but first time we've seen him really, so a chance to catch up. very emotional. >> yes, very emotional. such a special time. i think any parent probably will know what this feeling is like. >> very special. a reminder of his tardiness when he's a bit older because i know how long you've been out here. so hopefully the hospital can go back to normal now. >> who does he look like, you or katherine? >> he has her lips thankfully. >> no, no, no. >> so to recap, he looks like her, he's a big boy, and he's tiny and he'll be reminded of that and he has no name. and with history as our guide, the sheriff from true blood had four children, one of them survived, that fourth child i think it took three episodes before that child ever get a name and it got a lot of names
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like this child probably will. so with true blood as our guide, four weeks from now we'll have a name. prince william and the duchess of cambridge looking very casual. did he the driving with the baby in the car seat in the back thank good tnesgoodness. it's important to note -- it's not important at all, but might be interesting for some of you for me to note that those are the same steps down which these two walked down their marriage and had their baby following the pirt birth of the now prince in 1982. amy kellogg is outside st. mary's hospital and now she's smiling. how is it there? >> reporter: well, it's quieted down quite a lot as you can well imagine. the royal couple as driven themselves away from here with said baby without a name yet. and they are going to kensington palace. we don't know how much time they
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will spend. it's a two room apartment that they have. they will probably need a little bit of help at this point. there is a lot of speculation that once prince william goes back to his search and rescue helicopter duties in wales, she may very well, the duchess, may want to go stay with her parents because there she will be relaxed and really well looked after and will learn the ropes of motherhood. but all of that is speculation. she could end up hanging out with the queen. the queen takes her annual vacation and she's heading out of town at the end of the week. >> and the people there were obviously jubilant. >> reporter: yeah, they were jubilant. there was a huge crowd here. you saw the media gaggle that was here for three week. when the public got word that the baby would be revealed to the public, they just crammed into every corner that was left between the barricades and the walls of the hospital here. it was madness. champagne corks flying last night. and then all day there were 41
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gun salutes and 62 gun salutes at the tower of london. elaborate ceremonies around the changing of the guards. and bells tolling for hours and hours at westminster abbey. the young couple is very well liked by people here it has to be said. and i think that image of prince william putting the baby today in the car and then hopping in to the driver's seat and heading off into the sunset just kind of tells it better than a million words really. it's just that casual young modern image that appeals to people so much. and also of course they're very affectionate given the tragic history of prince william's life and the death of his mother. they have watched him grow up and are really just kind of rooting for his happiness at this point. >> everyone is. certainly everyone is. and we'll have just as the sheriff gave us the name of the child on true blood, we'll soon have the name of his royal highness the baby. here you go. breaking news just into our newsroom in new york city. the new york mayoral candidate
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anthony weiner now admits he sent additional explicit photos and texts to a woman online. the new lewd correspondent posted yesterday by the gop sip sight the dirty. the woman involved was not identified. anthony weiner resigned from congress in june of 2011 after acknowledging that he did have sexual conversations with at least a half dozen women. >> yeah, we all know and it's no news to any of us in the news business or outside of it that anthony weiner has a bit of an odd sex fetish when it comes to texting, photographing himself, sending it to women other than his marriage. in fact that's what ended his congressional career. these inappropriate sex fetishes now exploding because we're getting more information about the disgraced congressman now. new york city mayor hopeful, he's in hot water again, and as now as far as we know, he resigned due to those illicit texts. now there are more.
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the question is whether or not these text messages were sent during or after his resignation. remember, he came out and issue that had heartfelt apology to not only his wife but to the public for disgracing and embarrassing not only himself, but the women involved whom we do not know. well, now a statement comes out from weiner's office and i'll read to you. this is speaking on behalf of anthony weiner himself. in response to these latest text messages that were on the dirty as you called it, the website appropriately named. here is his statement. i said that other texts and foe toesz were likely to come out and today they have. as i have said in the past, these things that i did were wrong and hurtful to my wife. and caused us to go through k458 thinks in our marriage that extended past my resignation from congress. while some things that happened posted today are true and some are not, there is no question what i did was wrong. this behavior is behind me. i've apologized to uma and am grateful that she's worked through these issues with me and for her forgiveness. i'm very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these
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messages and the disruption that this has caused as my wife and i have said, we are focused on moving forward. we are attempting to get more of those photographs as much as we're almost afraid to see what's in them. there were questions, though, as to when this exactly happened. he did apologize and say he was seeking help and he publicly admitted his wrongdoings. we also have to note that of course this is someone who was running for mayor of new york city. and up until the most recent polls, he was polling pretty well. he possibly had a very good chance. how this will affect that or not, he thought he was healed at least he tried to convince the new york city public that he was the healed man and was making it up to his wife and trying to move on. so this is coming obviously at a horrible time for his political career. we'll have to wait and see what more comes out of this. >> julie, thanks. i've taent liberty of going to the and at the, the -- well, the headline is exclusive image in
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all caps:anthony weiner penis pictures and time line. and they have a picture there and it's him standing up and you see his feet down on the ground. like he's doing like this and it's all blurry, the part that would take you to that site that you don't see it. but i'm sure you can move on and find more of those pictures of the man who in some polls is leading in the mayoral race in new york city. arthur knows him. you went to his wedding. >> he went to his wedding. >> his wedding by the way was at the home of bill and hillary clinton in chappaqua. well attended. >> and i've known him since 1997 when he ran for congress. >> he never sent you a picture like this. >> no, he's never september me a picture like this. i'm trying to keep a straight a picture like this. i'm trying to keep a straight face. what an notithony weiner was ab
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prove was at this point the people of new york city looked at the field. >> and the photo. >> and before the sexing scandal with weiner, he was the leading mayoral candidate by far. and they were willing to put it aside and say, okay, look, you did some weird stuff on the computer. it's behind him. and he came out of the gate gang busters. he has the money, the name recognition. he has the polling numbers. and then spitzer comes in, took a little bit of the wind out of anthony's sails because he wasn't on the front page of the paper anymore. that's all you want right now. >> well this, will help. >> now he'll be back in the front. not for good things obviously. . >> now he'll be back in the front. not for good things obviously. some of the things are true, some are not true he says. in my opinion, it's the it time line that will count temperat. e did it happen last month, a year ago. it's unclear from his statement. whether the citizens of new york don't care and this country has a history of not caring about
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people's sexual -- >> parts of this country. >> well, i'm talking about presidents of the united statess. >> everywhere. yeah. >> what jfk was doing wasn't exactly a secret. what lyndon johnson was doing wasn't exactly a secret. and spitzer is leading the poll as well and he clearly cheated on his wife. anthony is not alleged of touching another human being. spitzer clearly cheated on his wife and he's leading in the polls. what does that say about new york city? what does that say about society? >> he was accused of crim actually, eliot spitzer. and don't think this comptroller job is not a big deal here in new york. it's a big, big deal. and with spitzer as comptroller, hypothetical world, and weiner as mayor in this same hypothetical word, there's a lot going on there. >> and they are working together all the tile. comptroller is the stepping stone to being the next mayor. so i don't know what this says about everyone, but anthony is handling the press correctly because he has a real shot at being mayor. >> does anyone else care to weigh in on this?
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>> as steven company b colbert said the other night, shouldn't somebody you running for comptroller have a measure of self >> i can just imagine every woman behind the ballot box sitting there who should i choose for mayor. the one wouho went like this? i don't think so. >> everybody thought he had a lot of problems when all this happened and all this news. and then i think you and i were even talking about it, you were like, no, no, no, this manhattan borough president, each borough has a president, the one who is the president of manhattan running for mayor. >> comptroller. >> comptroller. been running for comptroller since fluff was a kit ten. >> he was sitting pretty drinking iced tea the other day and eliot spitzer comes out of the woodwork. but people are looking at competence and everyone believed anthony weiner was the most competent guy.
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>> if you don't trust someone who does look like that, there will be a big issue of whether he can win or not. >> when client number nine is running for comptroller, and anthony weiner is -- there's just too much there. too much available material. as a result, i propose that after a commercial break, we return to the royal baby. and what i will be doing during the commercial break is looking up the four names name of the sheriff's surviving daughter, there were four, we're now down to one because jessica fed on them. and one of them died. all three of them died and one has survived. all get that name for you as we speculate about the name of the baby coming up. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events
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♪ visit to learn your risk. sparks flew on the runway yesterday at laguardia when the landing forced the airline to
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land nose first skidding across the thing. and now we have video from inside the 737. showing that very rough landing. watch it. >> we are not there. please take your seat. >> no, you are not there. you were there, but not in the right there. brian foster shot this video. he and his wife were visiting new york or on the way to visit it, they were coming in from t baton rouge. the impact knocked his camcorder out of his happened. passengers said they had gotten no warning that anything was out of the warning at all. no brace yourself or anything. they said that after their jet slammed on to the runway, smoke filled the cabin and anything they had not secured just went
12:18 pm
flying all over the place. cell phones, books, whatever. aviation officials say at least six passengers and the sikx cre members went to hospitals suffering minor injuries. brian and calista foster are with us now. we should get out of the way first, you were breaking the rules. you had your camera on during landing which we know is a felony. i'm kidding. it is illegal, but i'm glad you did it. because we have an idea now of what was going on. y'all got no warnings. >> no. >> and you're thinking you're just coming to new york, so you video as you land. and then what did you think when the thunk happened? >> i videoed all of the taking offs and landing that we had done because we had caught a connecting flight from new orleans to nashville and then that flight from nashville into laguardia. and i was just filming business as usual. and next thing you know, we hit
12:19 pm
already. i'm looking around wondering what in the world is going on and then i put it back out the window and then you can see the sparks flying. >> did flight attendants seem to know what had just happened? >> no, they didn't. actually, i think you can hear the flight attendant said take your seats, we're not there yet. i told them i don't think we're going to move unless we got a tow truck because the engine is on the ground. because i can see it out the window. >> we now know that though you were not told of this as passengers, we now know that before they left nashville, the 737 from southwest airlines, they had had a bit of a delay, having something to do with the nose gear. >> we had no idea. >> we didn't know. >> we didn't know anything. >> nobody seemed concerned about it. >> no. >> some people got hurt. how were they hurt, just from the impact? >> yeah. actually probably impact because the impact threw me far. it was enough to throw me and my
12:20 pm
knee is still sore now. that's what knocked the camera out of my hand, it threw me forward. my son -- >> how old is he? >> he's 20. and he's complaining about his arm because he put his hand up so he couldn't hit the seat in front of him. it was a hard jar. >> so now you're on the ground and it's time to get off this plane. how did they handle that? >> a lot of confusion. first i think on the film you can also hear one of the attendants saying open the door on the right hand side. one guy opened the emergency door over the wing, but the emergency personnel was telling everybody to go to the back. so we opened that door and the firemen hit us with the hose, so we had water coming in. >> gushing into the plane. >> wow. i'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. >> no. because we could smell smoke. we knew something was burning. and the only thing you could think of is, wow, we hope the engine doesn't explode. really we didn't know what was going on. >> how could you.
12:21 pm
what kind of announcements did you get? it sounded like the one thing that the flight -- the plane to the terminal or whatever they took you. >> you can always hear me saying here come the police. we saw the emergency vehicles coming. and because the guys got out on the wing and was looking around after we opened that emergency door. it they were telling us come out the back, we have a slide in the back. they said come out the back. so everybody finally started coming in sliding down the slide. >> and into the it terminal? >> yeah, and then we got on a bus. waited for a while. emergency vehicles, they wanted to find out if anyone was hurt. a few people had to have some injuries looked at. and after that, we were finally taken into the terminal. >> it shut down the airport, laguardia, for a long time last night and created all kinds of havoc in the air because there are so many planes coming into and out of new york city.
12:22 pm
now you have the circling planes and diverting planes, so it was a disastrous monday night. but worse for y'all than most. glad you're good. we'll be back in a moment and i'll have answers on baby names from true blood. the others will come in due time.
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25 past the hour. massachusetts state police have met with the police sergeant who says he released pictures of the capture of the boston marathon bombing suspect because he was outraged over the controversial rolling stone cover. today's hearing is over and for now, he'll keep his job. that police photographer is sergeant sean murphy. he leaked these pictures to boston magazine last week shortly after rolling stone published this cover photo of the accused boston bomber
12:26 pm
dzhokhar tsarnaev. that attack killed three and wound more than 250 others. sergeant murphy sold the magazine glamorizing the face of terror insults the families of the victims and could also be an incentive to maybe those who are unstable to try to get their faces on the cover. state police spokesman said sergeant murphy was not authorized to make the images public, but his son supports him. >> he's always been a huge hero to me and throughout this process, he's shown the characteristics that i hope to model myself after. if i could be one fourth of the man he is now, i'll be more than happy with my life. >> according to the reporting of our station fox 25 in boston, sergeant murphy walked into police headquarters today saying life is good. jonathan hunt is on this. explain how the police are handling the case. >> massachusetts state police officials say they have a well
12:27 pm
established and very specific procedure that they will now follow. they say the investigation into the release of those photographs by sergeant murphy is likely to take several weeks. in the meantime, he's assigned to administrative duties while on restrictive duty. he's being transferred from the office of media relations to the division of field services. he's had his weapons taken from him and his badge. and colonel alban said today that all police officers have to follow the rules. listen. >> if we get into a situation where we allow employees to cherry pick and to choose what confidential information can be shared with the public, with the media, in pending investigations or prosecutions, then we've lost the integrity of the massachusetts state police. >> but it was also interesting
12:28 pm
to hear the colonel describe sergeant murphy as, quote, a man of character and a man of honor. >> the sergeant's lawyers telling -- speaking out at least. >> yeah, basically sergeant murphy's lawyer said today that it is complete nonsense to suggest that the release of these pictures will in any way affect the ultimate trial. listen. >> not going to do anything to the trial. i do understand why the lawyers are upset. i get upset when i'm doing a trial and somebody is releasing stuff. but, no, it won't affect the trial in the slightest before sergeant murphy would never do anything to damage the prosecution of this terrorist. >> the lawyer said that sergeant murphy has also been getting a lot of support not the least of which has come from some of the victims of the bombing. take a look at these pictures. you remember this man? he is 27-year-old jeff baumann. he lost both legs.
12:29 pm
just this past weekend, jeff heard sergeant murphy was nearby, he invited him to lunch and that is a picture of the two of them together. jeff baumann one of the victims of the boston bombing expressing his support for sergeant murphy. >> interesting. let's take this to the legal eagles. can he do this? >> he's not supposed to, but i think his lawyers hit it right on the head. how is this going to affect the trial. tsarnaev's due process, up in of these pictures will affect whether he get as fair trial or not. it's the way police departments are run. paramilitary. rules are the rules. you can't bend they will. but in this case, you need to. >> you know how important it is for the integrity of the case to be maintained.
12:30 pm
and that's what the colonel said. he goes this is about our integrity. we can't have workers cherry picking saying this company ticked me off. yes, this is an open and shut case, but what if the next case isn't so open and shut. and that piece of evidence is crucial. they give us the evidence as defense attorneys. the nature before trial sometimes. if that was a huge picture that was a big piece of evidence in i get it six months ahead of time, i get to hire experts and do an analysis. >> in this case it doesn't matter. >> it's not about this case. it's about the future. >> they will look at this sergeant, 25 years on the force, stellar employee, no issues. no complaints. this is a good guy who tried to do a good thing. even the other colonel said he's an honorable guy. given those circumstances, they will say we'll slap on the wrist. don't do it again. >> the truth is this doesn't affect this case. >> correct. >> so why can't you just say if
12:31 pm
you ever do this again, you're out. >> same reason why you're double parked as a fire hydrant and there is no fire, it's not affecting anything. but one day if there is a fire and somebody dies, they have to write you that ticket to stop you from doing it in the future. they're not firing him. they're giving him a slap on the wrist. i'm proud that his son is proud of him, but -- >> doesn't seem germane in any way. but we got some sound from him. >> but if your cop just released a big piece of evidence, and urt prosecutor, you're furious. >> the prosecutor is happy about that. these pictures -- >> he shouldn't be happy about it. >> the prosecutor would say let him look like the monster he is. this is tsarnaev bloody with the little spot in his eye where the sniper will say move and you're dead. >> there is a weird fan club for dzhokhar on line. it is really weird. people sending out pictures they shouldn't. we all know -- i can think of
12:32 pm
many. anyway, nice to see you. i've been saying we'll get back to the baby and now we will. look at that. big house. rich people. that's kensington palace. baby talk next. [ female announcer ] it balances you...
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couple where his imagimajesty t baby in mom's arms. later they would come out in a little karcarriage thing like y do be daddy got in the front right and drove which is always weird, but how they roll. and now they will go be royal and they will have a lot of help and it will be wonderful. and you can't but -- the thing we still don't know is the baby's name. if you've been listening to all these royal people, the people who love the royals, you know that the baby they think might have four names. because the more royal you are i guess the more names you need. and the same is the case with sheriff's four ferry daughters. of course jessica fed on three of those daughters until they expired. and the fourth daughter of course this is on true blood, the fourth daughter was finally named in episode six. so it took six episodes of true
12:37 pm
blood to name her. anyway, the surviving ferry baby is adeline braylon charlene danika. something tells me that will not be the name of the baby. >> i think they might go brooklyn chase addison jonathan. brooklyn being a tribute it to the real royal family, victoria and david beckham. >> the last we were here, i believe it was episode six of baby watch, you were speaking with mum over there in metro super metro. >> you're still having trouble with mum. it rhymes with hum. >> and there she is. has she weighed in on today's extravaganza? >> she was so excited today. as soon as they saw the baby, she texted me and she said, oh, we are so both enchanted to see
12:38 pm
them. proud to let us all have a peek at their precious baby. i cried with joy. it was one of the most special moments of my life. which leaves knee question what she thought when i came into the word of cour world, of course. >> your mom is a sort of normal person. >> somewhat suggest that. >> is this to suggest that all the normals, aka commoners across the kingdom, is everybody like this? >> i think there is a whole lot of people who really are. as mum was saying to us last week, they feel that kate and william have brought what consume called a freshness to the monarchy. they had had all those troubles with diana and charles and all of that. they needed freshening and this is part of that. a whole new beginning. >> i'm just thankful that it's happened now when there is no news in the world.
12:39 pm
i mean -- >> this is all the news that matters. >> i think it's important now at this moment for us to go back and listen to mr. and mrs. majesty as they discuss for 44 seconds all the news of the baby. listen to the news. >> well, he has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy. quite heavy. but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. but first time we've seen him really, so a chance to catch up. very emotional. >> yes, very emotional. a special time. i think any parent can probably sort of can know what this feeling feels like. >> very special. i'll remind him of his tardiness when he's a buiit older. i know how long you've stood out here. >> who does he look like, you or katherine? >> he has her lips thankfully. >> no, no, no. >> greatest concern here to me
12:40 pm
of course is the contradiction. within 44 seconds on tape, his majesty william has contradicted himself. first he said he's a very big boy, he's quite heavy and then he said years to come i'll remind him of his tininess. these are incongruous. and i'm concerned we're being fibbed to. >> i think you may be thrown off by william's accent there. >> i didn't understand one thing kate said. >> i think he said his tardiness because he followed up by saying i know you guys have been waiting out here a long time. so i think he said his tardiness as in he was late arriving. >> so there is no fib. >> there is no fib. i don't think prince william has ever or will ever fib in his life. >> one can be both big and tardy, one cannot be big and tiny. >> that's a live shot there of kensington palace. it's about a ten minute drive from st. mary's hospital to
12:41 pm
kensington palace. prince william was driving and they haven't shown up yet. i don't know what that says. but i'm worried. >> might have hit a drive through or something. >> maybe. >> i would guess they would have some sort of royal escort. >> one would think. and a royal he is cescort not i eliot spitzer sense. one would imagine they would make that drive in five minutes rather than the usual ten. >> one would think. maybe we should check in with mum on this mayor throughotter. so today so far we have eliot spitzer and when's his name again? >> anthony weiner. >> anthony weiner. we have a royal baby. and we have the true blood future. i'm much more concerned about her future than i am about this royal baby's future. adalina has a rough road to hoe. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> you have to start walking the
12:42 pm
true blood. he's agreed to give it up. don't drink the v. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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the al qaeda affiliate in ra iraq has claimed responsibility for deadly raids on prisons outside baghdad. and the group claims those raids freed more than 500 inmates from knows poli those prisons. here are the two locations. they include abu ghraib. it claims it spent months planning the attacks. fox news can't confirm how many prisoners escaped and there are conflicting reports on how many died. abu ghraib are where members of united states military are an accused of abusing militaries prisoners. anyway, iraqi security forces have locked down areas around each of the prisons surgerying for the attackers and escaped
12:46 pm
inmates. robert young peloton is author and filmmaker who has been over there and knows some of the players. this would happen not a big shock, is it? wonder how it happened. >> first of all, prisons over there are much different and prisoners are much different over there because prisoners are exchanged. there is usually negotiation or payments. big prison breakouts have happened in afghanistan like in kandahar in 2007 where 500 people escaped through a tunnel. somalia had 60 break out. but these are a bit unusual. it won't make much difference in the problems in iraq. >> i've been reading that the guards aren't highly paid and they can buy somebody out inside. is that accurate? >> right. but there are usually two compounds and they have to get through the inner gates and outer gates. but they still have to get from the inner cells.
12:47 pm
so that's usually with the help of a guard that has been paid off. or his family might have been extorted. >> you said this wouldn't make much of a difference. as if thinking would have. nobody here is -- i mean it's horrible. and it will stay horrible, right? >> yeah, the people that captured are actually sentenced to death. so they had to make their move rather quickly. these would not be necessarily the most senior, but they would be senior. but you're seeing the breakdown into civil and having 500 people on the street is not going to make that much difference. it's typical for that area. >> is there anything that can be done there now? >> well, normally you have real prisoners like for example eric karoon the kid who got caught fighting in syria. he's in solitary in a big real prison. but the prison is there. just high walled areas with
12:48 pm
jails inside. very easy to breach. some of the jails they can walk around because their families come and visit. it's not like an american jail where people are locked down all the time. >> robert, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. major league baseball's commissioner called steroids a thing of the past. that was three years ago. remember? now another scandal has a player suspended for the season and a lot of spectators asking who is next. my question is who is not. hi. i'm henry winkler.
12:49 pm
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he was at one point the most valuable player in the national league and now he's on the bench. major league baseball yesterday suspended the milwaukee brewers star ryan braun for violating its drug policy. braun will miss the rest of the season and won't earn a dime.
12:52 pm
braun issued a statement "i realize now i have made some mistakes. i'm willing to accept the consequences of those actions." mistakes. it's interesting how everyone calls everything a mistake. a mistake is when you accidentally sign your name on the wrong line. taking steroids is different. this is not the first run-in with the drug policy. the league tried to suspend him back in 2011 when an arbitrator overturned that ruling on appeal saying the urine sample was mishandled. braun claimed his innocence at the time. in this case he's not appealing. analysts say that's a clear win for the league. >> they've been unhappy since he was able to get out of a suspension on a technicality when he was able to say that the procedure was flawed, which it was, but so was the test and he denied, denied, denied. he lied to his teammates. lied to the public. lied to ownership. lied to the commissioner.
12:53 pm
now he's in the same category as lance armstrong. >> same category as lance armstrong. we get more now. some say braun got off easy here. >> here's why. ryan braun has had a mediocre season. he's been hurt much of the past two months and the brewers are dead last. they are way out of the pennant race. ryan braun now forfits money for the rest of the year. while he might take a hit to his image, unlike lance armstrong who you just talked about, ryan braun gets to keep his career and main believe he already lied to us last year when he said this. listen. >> if i ever made any mistakes in my life, i've taken responsibilities for my actions. i truly believe in my heart and i would bet my life that this substance never entered my body at any point. >> by the way, a part of this deal we do not get to know what drugs ryan braun was alleged to
12:54 pm
have taken or how long he's taken them. >> this is the beginning or somewhere in the middle. this is not the finish line, is it? >> we're talking about as many as 30 other players and they are all linked to that bibiogenesis anti-ageing clinic in florida. anthony bosh agreed to cooperate in this investigation and to turn over the goods on as many as 30 major league ball players. the biggest name tends to be alex rodriguez of the yankees and the report says the evidence against a-rod is way beyond what they have on ryan braun. some believe baseball might finally getting to the bottom of this. listen. >> alex rodriguez has done some remarkable things on the field so for baseball to go after these guys and go after them because it felt that there was significant evidence against them, that does speak volumes and it does show that there is no one safe from the testing.
12:55 pm
no one safe from investigations. and that baseball will pursue these matters to the fullest. >> and baseball players union says it will not defend anybody who has overwhelming evidence against them. >> he kind of threw that forfeit x guy right under the bus, didn't he? >> he did. and a lot of others. a lot of others. >> i bet the rest of the players are concerned that he's about to turn a mobster kind of thing and cause trouble. >> and don't forget that a-rod will say he tried to extort me before he came out with goods so a-rod may battle this and not sit quietly and take the rest of the year off. >> what do you think the baby's name is going to be? >> pete? >> it's possible. speaking of names, i have a tease for you home viewers now. according to this website that's
12:56 pm
reporting on the anthony weiner stuff that he now confirmed, he had a particular name he was using online. i'll have that right after this. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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there they are on the right-hand side. that's a live look on the left-hand side. looks like bikes out now. on the right-hand side majesty the royalness and we have done some research and if the child is king pete it won't have to be king pete the i. there's never been a king pete. jonathan, you don't need a first if it's the first. >> you don't need a first. it would be king pete. only pete the i if there was ever a pete the ii. >> if he's king carlos danger, he would be have to be the second because carlos danger according to the website is anthony weiner's facebook name
1:00 pm
as he was sexting with somebody. anthony weiner admits he's deeply flawed. usually we find out mayors are deeply flawed once they are already mayor. in this case we know in advance. i guess that's a positive. just hours after the white house tries to write-off the d.c. scandals with this -- >> some phony scandals that have captured the attention of many in washington only to dissipate. take scandals or things like that. >> did you hear hadthat? phony. fake. strong words from the president's spokesman but a new report says the irs scandal is very real. welcome everyone. this is area "your world." a new time line about the irs scandal. this puts the white house front and center because


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