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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 23, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ detroit wants a federal bailout, so do a lot of other cities and states. so what to do and what is being considered? this is "special report." good evening, i am bret baier. as president obama prepares a speech on the u.s. economy, the bleak situation in detroit and its hopes of federal bailout has threatened to muddle the message. and on top of the optics, there's the practicality of it. detroit's situation is hardly unique. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the lead story
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tonight. >> reporter: fox news learned that president obama's aides under pressure from labor unions have quietly been discussing options on possible federal bailout of detroit, according to three people familiar with the conversations. one of the sources, an official close to organized labor cautioned a bailout of the bankrupt city seems unlikely because administration officials believe there's no traction for what would be a highly unpopular move. administration officials stress any such conversations are just running through scenarios, today white house press secretary jay carney poured cold water on a possible bailout, but didn't completely rule it out. >> we have no plans to provide the kind of assistance you're talking about, the city has to and state have to work that out with the city's creditors. >> reporter: no plans gives the white house some wiggle room to help detroit down the road, though a democratic source close to the white house says administration officials are concerned the public is so sour on bailouts that backing another
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would overshadow mr. obama's planned series of speeches on the economy, which starts wednesday and teed up at an event with supporters last night. >> the idea if you're willing to work hard, if you're willing to put in the effort, willing to sacrifice, make hard decisions and delay gratification, if you do all those things, you can make it here in america. >> reporter: decades of mismanagement by officials in detroit left it in decay. >> that's what happens when you have corrupt government that doesn't look forward. >> reporter: some are pushing for a federal bailout. >> this is a serious pending crisis. >> reporter: they fire back that taxpayers around the nation shouldn't be on the hook for propping up cities marked by ineptitude, there are others in serious distress from debt. a bailout in michigan could set a precedent. >> it is one of the most unionized states in the nation, the poorest provision of public
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services, yet public employees have about the highest pay as well. >> reporter: republican david vitter is pushing a bill to ban state and local bailouts, but a top white house official said that bill is not necessary because they're definitive in the white house they're not approving a bailout. they say any conversations going on are focused on what economic moves they can make that help detroit not pay the bills but help them grow economically. >> more on this with the panel, ed, thank you. it is often said time is everything. in this case, the timing of an irs official at the center of the scandal involving targeting conservative groups and his visits to the white house. doug mcelway has both sides of the story. >> according to your testimony, you met with chief counsel's office, is that correct? that's correct. >> reporter: house republicans believe that exchange with carter hall during the oversight hearing could point to direct political involvement by the white house in the irs scrutiny of conservative groups. >> we don't have any evidence
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directly yet, but we continue to do depositions, do the interviews and work up the chain of command. now we know it is in the chief counsel's office. >> reporter: republicans believe linkage to the chief counsel's office is significant, it is one of two political positions at the irs, william wilkins appointed by president obama in 2009. wilkins is a former lobbyist at the law firm wilmer hail. swiss banking was in the president's cross hairs in the 2012 campaign when it came to light mitt romney had accounts in swiss banks. >> just what you would expect from a guy who had a swiss bank account. >> reporter: he led jeremiah wright's defense team when the irs investigated his church for violations of tax exempt status. this past may, white house press secretary jay carney was asked whether wilkins who had been briefed in 2011 about the pending inspector general's report on targeting of conservative groups ever shared that information with the white house. >> i can tell you what i said
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yesterday, the president found out about it through media reports friday, that's how i found out about it. >> reporter: two days before oofrg new rules on tax exempt applications. a senior administration official told fox news that meeting appeared not to be about irs targeting, but was about generic administration issues and included a slew of officials from other government agencies. bret? >> doug, thank you. stocks were mixed, the dow added 22, s&p 500 lost 3, nasdaq ended down 21. the defense authorization bill is giving lawmakers an opportunity to do something this town hasn't seen in a while, work across the aisle. the impetus? nsa leaks. mike emanuel has details. >> reporter: as the house considers amendments that restrict national security agency's targs it to get electronic communications and collect and store data, they
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were in private meetings with general keith alexander. he told reporters he wanted to give facts about the program and help inform the debate. one amendment considered would cut money to the nsa for surveillance of phone records. >> debate comes down to whether we want to allow the nsa to collect the records or deny funding to do so. >> reporter: 100 amendments are considered with $512 billion defense spending bill. another republican says a bill to fund the military isn't the time for the fight. >> to try to change these on a dod appropriations bill where we can't legislate isn't the right way to go about fixing something that's broken. >> reporter: senior gop member of the house intelligence committee says this is dangerous. >> i would argue to my colleagues that would support that amendment that this in fact makes america less safe. the risk is in heat of the conversation you let slip things that shouldn't be talked about. >> reporter: senator ron wyden, member of the intelligence committee, warned all will live
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to regret it if lawmakers don't seize this moment to reform surveillance laws. >> this means the government's authority to collect information on law abiding americans is essentially limitless. >> reporter: he says the obama administration said they would detrikt fisa court opinions to educate the public but hasn't lived up to the transparency pledge. >> the administration agreed with me that the rulings needed to be made public. in the last four years, exactly zero opinions have been released. >> reporter: bipartisan leaders of senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, saxby chambliss say any attempts to defund it would not be wise. that's not likely to stop lawmakers seeking to squeeze the nsa. bret? >> mike, thank you. rebels fighting the civil war in syria, that's claimed by some estimates more than 100,000
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lives desperately need things to turn around and turn around fast. the obama administration has said as much and aid is coming, but how they go about it and whether it would even make a difference remains unclear. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest. >> reporter: amateur video purported to show syrian rebels with the first victory in weeks, as they seize three villages in the northern province of aleppo. after the free syrian army entered the town, some groups worked to see that soldiers would defect. they are vague in pledges to ramp up direct military aid to rebels who have been badly outgunned by the fighters for the regime. >> part of it is expanding scope and scale of aid on the ground. and i promise you, i wish i could speak more to that, but i just can't detail it. we are a slice of the pie, we're
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not the entire pie. we are focused on stability, but we are working with our regional counter parts to continue to coordinate and increase aid. >> reporter: house intelligence committee chair mike rogers, michigan republican, says the panel harbors strong concerns about the strength of the administration's plans, but that the committee with reservations now a sense to them. other lawmakers, however, drafted amendments to a pending defense authorization bill aimed at forcing the administration to adhere to the war powers act and not deploy u.s. troops, absent congressional authorization. minority whip steny hoyer told fox news that would not cause great problems for the white house, but other democrats demanded more input. >> give us a vote. let us debate. let us meet our responsibility. there will be men and women that will go into harm's way, stumbled ahead because we did not stand up and take
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responsibility. >> reporter: the how's top republican offered terse support for the anti-assad program. >> i think their effort to help the right set of rebels in syria is in our nation's best interest. >> reporter: beyond fears of the u.s. wading into another mid east war, lawmakers express concern that american supplied weapons could fall into hands of syrian rebels aligned with al qaeda. others on the right fear the administration is doing too little, too late. >> thank you. the world has seen the future king of england, prince william and his wife kate showed off their newborn son outside st. mary's hospital in central london. here is the proud father. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him for sure. he's a big boy, quite heavy. we're still working on a name, so we'll have that as soon as we can. first time we have seen him really, have a proper chance to
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catch up. >> no name yet. another sexting scandal for anthony weiner. press conference just wrapped up. this time his wife is speaking out. we will bring that to you. first, a live look from wfld, fox affiliate in chicago, the skyline there. the big story there, massachusetts governor deval patrick in town to settle a bet made with pat quinn on stanley cup finals by volunteering at a food bank. and a wave warning issued for lake michigan, they expect waves ten feet and higher. doesn't look bad now. that's tonight's look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. my mantra?
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here we go again. new york city mayoral candidate
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admitted to sending more lewd text messages like the ones that led to his resignation from congress in 2011. julie banderas is following this from new york. >> reporter: it was a political news conference no one saw coming. anthony weiner, addressing the press regarding yet another sexting scandal that follows the previous one which ended his congressional career. the new york city mayoral candidate and disgraced former congressman joined by his wife. listen. >> my wife and i as i said are moving forward together. to some degree with 49 days left until primary day, perhaps i'm surprised more things didn't come out sooner. i'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place, but in many ways, things are not that much different than they were yesterday. >> when we faced this public two years ago, it was the beginning of a time in our marriage that
3:16 pm
was very difficult. and it took us a very long time to get through it. our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and its downs. it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. >> reporter: despite three of his rivals for mayor immediately calling on weiner to drop out of the race, weiner says he will stay in it for the middle class, this after admitting that inappropriate relationship lasted long after his resignation in 2011. the news conference prompted after the leak today on the night life sight the dirty which posted images of conversations that allegedly came from weiner under the pseudo name carlos danger. she said the relationship lasted six months and he promised her
3:17 pm
many things, notably a condo in chicago. she said the relationship carried on until august, 2012, well after his resignation in june, 2011. a year after. if you remember, weiner publicly apologized to the public and vowed he would get help, learn from his mistakes. as for his future political career moving forward, that's in question again due to timing of the messages. a poll conducted by "the new york times" sienna college earlier this month showed if the democratic primary were held today, lead candidates would be christine quinn, 27%, first place, anthony weiner, 18%. that could all change now. we will have to wait and see, bret. >> to be clear, two things, julie. one is these texts or lewd messages are believed to be from the first batch or -- >> that is correct, from the first batch, yes. >> and everything he said today seems to indicate he is going to stay in the race. >> reporter: he is going to stay in the race, says his wife was
3:18 pm
well aware of the text messages, he was surprised they didn't come out sooner, they're old text messages, but a year after his resignation, which we all remember, he came forward, vowed he was going to change. took him about a year to change. we will have to wait and see if he will change before he could potentially win this race in new york city. >> julie banderas in new york, thank you. virginia republican governor bob mcdonnell has repaid two loans from a political booster, totalling more than $124,000, made to his wife and a business he and his sister owned, in a statement today mcdonnell said the loans broke no laws. he also apologized for the embarrassment he and his family brought on the commonwealth and asked for the trust again of the people of virginia. atheists push for a military chaplain dedicated to no belief. you heard right. atheist chaplains. stay tuned. which would be fine if bob were a vampire.
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pope francis faces multiple challenges during his visit to brazil. security has been an issue so far, and the real task looms to make sure the most populous catholic country is keeping the faith in the eyes of the vatican. religious correspondent lauren green has more. >> reporter: even with a rock star reception, pope francis' arrival for world youth day got off to a bumpy start. last night's protests at the presidential palace forced the pope to leave the reception by helicopter. earlier, a driver's wrong turn put them on a street, and they reached the pope's open window. brazilian authorities found a homemade explosive device in a
3:23 pm
toilet near a shrine elvhe wil will visit tomorrow. >> we are not worried about security, the worry is that the enthusiasm is so big that honestly it is hard to respond to so much enthusiasm from the pope and from the organization. we have no fear or worry. >> reporter: the real battle is for the soul of brazil, the most populous catholic nation in the world. many have left religion all together, many have converted, joining an active, protestant evangelical movement. a poll in a brazilian newspaper says six years ago, 64% over 16 called themselves catholic. today, the number is down to 57%. brazil is a microcosm of what's happening globally and it is banking on francis and his more personal style to turn the tide. >> his message for brazil is one for the whole of latin american
3:24 pm
world. francis, much as he did as the archbishop in bu an he is air east has ideas where to go forward as church and community, and also as continent itself, into the future, certain through the 21st century. >> reporter: tomorrow, his mission begins in earnest. he will attend opening of a hospital for recovering drug addicts. thursday, the welcoming ceremony with one million people on cope a ka ban a beach. >> thank you. now a story you'll only see on fox. an effort to get the navy to accept chaplains that don't believe in god. that created controversy. tonight, first reaction from the defense department and effort to hire atheist chaplains. here is jim angle. >> it is nonsense, the idea of
3:25 pm
having a chaplain that's an atheist. >> reporter: it sounds like contradiction in terms, but the first time ever, a group of atheists and humanists want chaplains that share their belief that god doesn't exist. >> what they tell you about the afterlife, there is none. when you die, you're dead. >> reporter: you need an atheist chaplain when they want one. those supporting change say there's a difference between chaplains and others like psychologists and psychiatrists. >> in the military, a medical professional or counselor sometimes has stigma attached. >> reporter: might effect advancement. collins says on active duty he serves everyone, including atheists. >> so many times people need someone to listen, to care. if i can't be anything but that, i fulfilled the role that's very
3:26 pm
valuable. >> reporter: he says it is not that they don't help atheists, they don't reach out to them. >> don't provide that outreach and support and facilitating of services they do for all of the beliefs that aren't their own. >> reporter: getting atheist chaplains approved faces an obstacle. >> you can't show up at the recruiter's office, say i want to be a chaplain. you have to have an endorsing faith. >> reporter: such as methodist or catholic church, for instance. he says the humanist association is already recognized by the irs as a religious group, that should suffice. those that oppose the notion suspect politics at play. >> this is pushing an agenda that is really trying, although not overtly, sub versively, trying to undermine the chaplain role in the military. >> reporter: one atheist already applied. if he is rejected, he suggests problems ahead. >> if that's the case, i think the chaplain system will be in
3:27 pm
trouble with church state conflict. >> reporter: today, the navy tells fox the defense department doesn't recognize the humanists as a legitimate group to endorse chaplains. so first try goes nowhere, more battles to come for sure. royal baby madness in the 24 hour news cycle. we will explain in the grapevine. and people using food stamps to feed relatives back home. grapevine is next.
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now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. as we reported earlier this month, almost one in three americans receives food assistance of some kind from the government, including programs like free school lunch, food stamps, and ebt debit cards. but new york post reports those programs are also feeding ineligible people that don't even live in this country. many welfare recipients use government issued cards to buy food to ship to relatives in other countries like jamaica, haiti, and dominican republic, according to new york officials. it is so prevalent in the caribbean neighborhoods, grocery stores sell large shipping barrels. department of agriculture spokeswoman tells new york post this is improper use of cards intended to feed needy americans. a middle school principal in boston is apologizing for doing
3:32 pm
something that would earn students a zero on an assignment. she copied someone's work and passed it off as her own. the principal at lyle a frederick pilot middle school plagiarized a column in forbes magazine in attempt to inspire her staff. a teacher got suspicious, googled text, finding large sections were lifted word for word. the school system says the punishment would be a private personnel matter. finally, it was dubbed by some the royal kate wait. for enthusiasts, the hysteria came to a head kate middleton, duchess of cambridge, gave birth to the future king. filling hours of coverage proved difficult. reporters and anchors were speculating about royal genes, astrology, praising kate for her ability to have a boy. >> it is good they brought in some good, hearty peasant stock
3:33 pm
to revitalize that hopeless royal blood. >> i think the best word we got was that kate middleton's mom said the baby would be a leo. leo starts tomorrow. any time after midnight would make carole middleton right. my money is on her. >> this is how royal kate is, there are women through british family history panicked not able to deliver a boy. here we are, kate did it first time. >> fair and balanced, have to include our own comments on it. newspapers got into the baby craze. the sun changed the spelling of its name for the day. another newspaper went more minimalist with the headline woman has baby. the distance in time from the terror attacks in benghazi continues to grow. been nearly a year. lawmakers interested in getting
3:34 pm
answers are finding them in short supply. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has an update. >> reporter: there is renewed push from the nation's elite to investigate the benghazi terror attack as the one year anniversary approaches. they gathered a thousand signatures from vets, believed to be the largest petition presented to capitol hill. they support a wide ranging probe that would bring together investigators from all the committees with jurisdiction, including foreign affairs, intelligence and armed services, but the goal that no stone left unturned. special operations over the offer of the former head carter hamm the attack was over too if i can -- too quickly to respond. they respond to the sound of gunfire, not away. >> i know my come patriots were chomping at the bit to be
3:35 pm
launched. we need the guts to try. sends a message to those on active duty, to those that served, that we will never leave you behind. >> reporter: since the death of ambassador chris stevens, former navy s.e.a.l.s tire own woods and shawn smith nearing a year ago, house speaker has yet to give approval before the idea goes to the full house. >> i asked him and he has his own reasons and they haven't been shared adequately with me other than that he believes that the other committees are adequately addressing it. i can tell you, they're not. if they were, we would have gotten to the bottom of it by now. >> reporter: the state department insists it fully cooperated with the independent investigation known as accountability review board, and the state department insists there are no significant issues that are outstanding, bret. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. three american service members and five others were killed in a roadside bombing in
3:36 pm
eastern afghanistan. officials tell us insurgent riding a donkey detonated the bomb as americans and afghans were conducting a joint patrol close to the highway. the anti-hacking office is a complete disaster. that is according to an unusual scathing inspector general's report. lead office for cyber security is so dysfunctional and technologically out of date, the department may be open to cyber attack. ig said the office is unequipped to monitor $79 million in contracts and has no mission statement among other things. on the positive side, the inspector general identified a number of problem areas before any of them could really develop into a crisis. even the possibility of a bailout for detroit has many other cities licking their chops at the prospect of possible federal pay day. what about this? is it reality? we will talk about it with the fox all stars when we come back. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating...
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test test test test
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when it comes to the matter of the city's insolvency, it has to be resolved by local leaders and creditors. >> you say the federal government can provide assistance, is assistance another word for bailout? >> absolutely not. the kind of assistance we provided to cities that in terms of creating investment opportunities or dealing with blighted neighborhoods -- we have no plans to provide the kind of assistance you're talking about, the city has to and state have to work that out with the city's creditors. >> no plans, according to jay carney, for a federal bailout or push for such. however, fox news learned from three different sources under pressure from labor unions, president obama's aides have been working through several scenarios, including some
3:41 pm
assistance. how could that work, how would congress receive it, could it be done without congress? let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, marla wives, and charles krauthammer. steve, obviously if you did something like a bailout, it would have to start in the house of representatives. it would have to go through and get passed and in the current environment, that wouldn't happen. some have been talking about using the existing money from t.a.r.p. to do something that's already through congress. >> or money already designated to go to detroit, allowing detroit to make its own decisions about how the money will be used. look, god bless ed henry trying to get jay carney to acknowledge the administration would be considering a bailout. he is never going to do that. they won't call it a bailout. the president of the united states is not talking today about new stimulus, yet he is going around the country, talking about additional
3:42 pm
investments that he thinks the federal government needs to make. the question i think after we get beyond this sort of semantic game is what is the federal government prepared to do. jay carney is right, the state and the city are going to have to get through i think the early stages of bankruptcy proceedings, which could last, there's talk of kevin orr, the manager, speeding through this, but still, likely to last at least a year. so jay carney is right, just in a descriptive way, they have to deal with those things immediately in front of them. the question i think is what does the federal government do then, will there be a political environment more conducive to the federal government stepping up. i don't see how that's possible between now and then. >> take a listen to some of the union representatives talking about detroit and what needs to happen. >> the constitution guarantees people with vested and accrued benefits they won't be
3:43 pm
diminished, and somehow our governor is allowing our constitution to be set aside and taking those issues into bankruptcy court. we believe all along that this effort in terms of dealing with the finances in the city of detroit has been a sham. >> this state, this government has a responsibility to live up to the promises they made to those workers and those pensions shouldn't be cut and workers health care should not be cut. >> okay. >> the union pension funds are creditors, just like bond holders and other people. they're going to be duking it out in bankruptcy court. that's what bankruptcy is, a legal proceeding to figure out who should get paid and by how much. i wouldn't be surprised if everybody has to take a haircut, including the unions. but michigan has a strong history of big labor unions. there are some laws in michigan that give the unions rights to appeal certain decisions made in bankruptcy proceedings, i think
3:44 pm
this is what you're going to see going forward. i agree with everything steve has said. the federal government is not going to bail out detroit in any way, shape or form. there might be some assistance, but not anything that approaches a bailout. >> you say some kind of assistance. >> maybe some funds that detroit was going to get anyway that they might get on expedited fashion, but there's not going to be any kind of anything that resembles an auto bailout, a wall street bailout, anything that means taxpayers are going to be sending new dollars to the city of detroit. >> frankly, charles, there are a number of cities in the same predicament or hanging on the brink. >> that's why for political reasons, the administration would like to help detroit because it is a union town, it is a democratic town. there's a sense in detroit that it is sort of owed to them in some sense. we heard that from a city
3:45 pm
council woman a fear years aw y. the problem is the administration understands if they establish a precedent here, it will be a disaster. there are 100 other cities in debt that understand that they can't sustain the promises, pensions, health care they had promised in the past, and once you set a precedent with detroit, it opens the flood gates and there's no -- and a lot of them are democratic cities, of course, so in the end, the administration understands they can't do anything that will look like a bailout, that will involve cash. so i think that's right. the word will never be used and cash isn't going to be appropriated. however, they're looking to find dozens of ways to do it in a noncash substitute, for example, suspension or lifting of taxes, moratorium. you call it enterprise zone or whatever, there are ways to funnel money in for support.
3:46 pm
pensioners that won't be getting pension in ways that will not look like a bailout, i'm sure we will hear about these one after another, heard jay carney saying we'll give assistance, not a bailout, that's exactly what they're looking at now. >> say that's set up, enterprise zones or lifting taxes comes out of taxpayer money. >> it will be a slight of hand. it will be how much can we transfer indirectly in a way that will not look like a bailout. >> meantime, steve, you look at the latest abc, "the washington post" polls about the president, his job performance, approval 49%, under 50% disapprove. 44% handling of the economy, upside down, disapprove 49%, approve, 45%. and this question, is the country headed the right direction, you see right track, wrong track, 60% wrong track in the latest "the washington post" poll. >> it is interesting. those are not good numbers for the president, obviously, and consistent with what we have seen in polls across the board
3:47 pm
from polling organizations. i think that's one of the reasons the president isn't going to be in position to make an argument on behalf of detroit and on behalf of pensioners and unions. he is not in a politically strong position. i agree with what charles said. i have one point. i have one point. the president wants
3:48 pm
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moving forward. >> bret: so, to the people of new york. we're back with the panel. marah? >> i just don't see how he can survive. this this happened after he resigned took responsibility for his actions and was remorseful and wasn't going to do it again. to say this tortured construction the public thing we had happen to us. whoa, he did this. you know, it's kind of like mistakes were made. >> bret: we didn't push send. >> we didn't push send. i think this has to be the end. i just do. this -- now he is talking about. this he is he not talking about his vision for new york. and and i know he is in the top two in the primary, but i would -- i hate to make predictions but i predict
3:54 pm
his numbers will drop. >> steve. >> i'm not sure new yorkers want to see his vision for new york if it includes stuff like this. marah makes the key point, this happened afterwards, you think about the judgment involved. let's say that you are not troubled by this on a moral basis, he knows that what he had done just cost him his job, nearly cost him his marriage, led to extraordinary public humiliation and he kept doing it. >> he did it again. >> for months and months and months he kept doing it if nothing else, i think new yorkers have to stop and say we can't possibly consider this guy on that basis alone. >> bret: but will new yorkers say that? >> i think they probably will. but i would predict he stays in and loses. but i -- to be as analytic as you can here, number one rule, if you are going to reenter the arena, make sure you get everything out, all the information out. he shouldn't have a second surprise. so before he ran, he should have gotten it all out.
3:55 pm
comparing him with spitzer and sanford, the other come back kids, one of the rules is wait a long time. spitzer and sanford waited almost half a decade. this is two years, which is short. and i think there is one other element. if you are going to come back, seek a lesser position. the governor of new york, the governor of south carolina are seeking smaller positions, controller of the city of new york, sanford is going to be a congressman whereas wiener wanted to continue ascending after his scandal. i think all of that bodes very evil for his campaign. i do think he will stay in. i do think he will lose. >> bret: so you think he stays in but loses? >> i agree. >> probably right. >> you seem so enthused. >> yeah. really? yeah. i hope we don't have to talk about him. it would be great if he got out so we wouldn't have to do this again. >> bret: did you want to do this panel about the royal
3:56 pm
baby. >> we prefer the royal baby. >> bret: by the way -- go ahead. >> that's why you have got to be analytic in all of this. stay out of the yuck and stand back and observe it. >> bret: just to wrap up the future baby it would be the future king of united kingdom not england. biggest step in fighting obesity. co well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> bret: finally tonight he may have lost the battle of the big goip but mariucci michael bloomberg is not done yet. his latest push for healthier living take the stairs. one late night show is noting all of the alternatives are apparently not new to new yorkers. >> welcome back. here are some the other stories making news today. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering crusade against unhealthy living. now urging new yorkers to take the stairs. even going so far as having architects design more stair centric buildings. create innovative ways of getting from one floor to another. [ laughter ] s passenger powered taxis and escalators that only go
4:00 pm
down. [ laughter ] >> bret: maybe. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the disgraced former congressman anthony weiner who resigned in shame after a sexting scandal now in the middle of a new one. another woman. new pictures. more pictures, and coming up, weiner's wife speaks. plus, another punishment for the police sergeant who released photos of the accused boston bomber. >> shepard: the sergeant says he released the photos to show a different side of "rolling stone's" cover model. bombing survivors are supporting him. and his son says dad did the right thing. >> i couldn't be prouder of him. >> shepard: but his superiors say he broke the rules. >> no one should be making


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