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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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down. [ laughter ] >> bret: maybe. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the disgraced former congressman anthony weiner who resigned in shame after a sexting scandal now in the middle of a new one. another woman. new pictures. more pictures, and coming up, weiner's wife speaks. plus, another punishment for the police sergeant who released photos of the accused boston bomber. >> shepard: the sergeant says he released the photos to show a different side of "rolling stone's" cover model. bombing survivors are supporting him. and his son says dad did the right thing. >> i couldn't be prouder of him. >> shepard: but his superiors say he broke the rules. >> no one should be making decisions unilaterally
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about what information can be shared and what cannot. >> shepard: they have already suspended him and now you will hear what they say about his future on the force. plus, terrifying moments as a passenger jet's nose gear collapses. >> i saw him coming in. he was kind of low. >> next thing you know, we hit and we hit hard. >> it landed like on its nose and it started skidding. >> i saw a wheel pop off of the plane. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are not there you need to take your seats. >> now, you will hear from those who were on board when it happened. but, first from fox this tuesday night, anthony weiner, or carlos danger as he apparently calls himself online. the former sexting congressman admits that he did send more graphic photos and more very graphic text messages to a woman who was not his wife. and that woman reportedly claims it happened more than a year after he quit congress.
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so, he sexted, he got caught. he resigned from congress, then he kept sexting to strangers. he apologized to them for any inconvenience. then announced he is running for mayor of new york city. tonight he is refusing to quit that race. he is the frontrunner in most polls or at least was before we got all this new information. and his wife is standing by him in a very public show of support. anthony weiner resigned from congress two years ago, after he admitted he sent this picture to another woman who was not his wife. in one of the newly released photos, anthony weiner decided to ditch the underwear. tonight he apologized and his wife defended him, even spoke at a news conference. >> our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and it's downs. it took a lot of work, and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive anthony.
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anthony has made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from congress and after. but i do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage. we discussed all of this before anthony decided to run for mayor. so really what i want to say is, i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and, as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> let me just reiterate to my wife how sorry i am that i did these things and how sorry i am to the people that got these messages for any inconvenience or embarrassment they caused accept shep weiner's wife is a friend and long-time aide to secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton. the weiner's were married at the clinton home. mrs. clinton famously defended her husband during
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the 1992 campaign and monica lewenski scandal. tonight anthony weiner says the behavior is behind me. is his life in politics behind him as well? julie banderas live in our new york newsroom. were we expecting anthony weiner's wife to appear at this news conference? >> no. it was quite a shock, actually, to everybody in the room and all of us watching it here in our tv screen. political news conference who no one saw coming with his wife. the new york city mayoral candidate and former discuss graced congressman disgraceful scandal which ended his congressional career. listen. >> i'm glad these things are behind us. i know that this was a very public thing that we had happen to us. but by no means does it change the fundamentals of my feelings here. and that is that i want to bring my vision to the people to the city of new york. i hope they are willing to still continue to give me a second chance.
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>> it was not an easy choice in any way. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. that was the decision i made for me, for our son, and for our family. i didn't know how it would work out, but i did know that i wanted to give it a try. >> and so despite three of his rivals for mayor immediately calling weiner to drop out of race. he says he will stay in it for the middle class. news leaked on the site dirty which posted those images, conversations that came under carlos danger to a 22-year-old woman. the woman says the relationship carried on until august of 2012. well after weiner's resignation june of 2011. the web site posted that picture allegedly taken by weiner or his namesake if you will. in it he is nude shooting down at his feet. we are not going to show
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that picture. and we are not going to read those messages either. >> oh, no. >> shepard: what now for the campaign. >> according to quinnipiac poll released another anthony weiner leads the pack 25% of the vote. slight margin over christine quinn who is supported by 22% of democrats. due to the time line of the alleged messages, we have to wait and see if voters will change their minds. if you remember, when weiner resigned, shep he publicly apologized to the voting public. he publicly vowed he would learn from his mistakes and then did he this. >> shepard: no reaction from client number 9. the former new york governor eliot spitzer. resigned five years ago after a prostitution scandal. is he also trying to make a political come back running for new york comptroller. in a new campaign ad eliot spitzer says and i quote i failed big time but he is asking voters for a share shot. eliot spitzer is also leading in that same
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quinnipiac poll by 15 points over the manhattan burrow president. one poll says notoriety is helping anthony weiner and eliot spitzer or as the pollingsters call them the tabloid twins. former new york city city hall staff says the mayor once asked her to work without panties. and on another occasion inquird about when she might consider getting naked. now she is suing for sexual harassment. the former communications director filed the suit against the mayor yesterday, again, the mayor of san diego. she is the first person to publicly claim to be a victim of his ad advances. after a series of anonymous allegations, the mayor there, bob filner, admitted that he did intimidate women who worked for him but he denied sexually harassing anybody. and he says he is going to fight these claims. critics have called for mayor filner to step down. he has thus far refused to do so. thankfully, the royal baby looks like mom.
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that from prince william and his wife as they presented their newborn son to the world today and in london crowds roared with approval. [cheers] a lot of screaming outside the hospital as the royals appeared for the first time since the birth. it was little tough to seat baby there here are a few closeup photographs. william told folks his son already has more hair than he does. and he says that's not the only encouraging sign. >> he has got a good pair of lungs on him for sure. is he a big boy. is he quite heavy. we are still working on a name. we have that soon to come. >> shepard: do get on that. after a quick chat with the reporters. william and kate was back in the hospital for a bit. but then emerged minutes later with william carrying his unnamed son in a car seat, a rather undignified mode of transportation for the heir to the british throne, but, still it served its purpose. with prince william at the wheel they all headed off
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to kensington palace to begin their first night home fromtal, their first night as a family. amy kellogg with the news live for us this evening in london. hello, amy. >> hello, shep. well, no, we didn't get a name. we didn't get a whole lot of information about the cambridge plans. quite frankly, shep, a lot of people just wanted to catch a glimpse of the couple and see the future king of england and also 15 other countries who recognized the sovereign and that look they obviously got this evening when the duke and duchess of cambridge came out smiling, beaming for the cameras. the little baby boy as you mentioned a bit harder to see under all the folds of his blanket but his little hands kept kind of popping out and moving. at one point it almost looked like a little regal wave. in any event william who often has a tense relationship with the press acknowledged this evening that it's been a bit of a long stretch for the group outside the hospital, too. >> i remind of his
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timeliness when he is a bit older. hopefully you guys can all go back to normal now and we all look after him. >> and, shep, william proved that he is not too posh for pampers, acknowledging also tonight that he has changed his first nappy. >> amy kellogg. when prince william walked out of hospital, he was following in the footsteps of his father more than 30 years ago. the year was 1982, prince charles stood in that very same spot as his wife princess diana held the newborn prince william in her arms. boston now. and the state police taking action against the sergeant who handed over photos showing the capture of the boston marathon bomber or suspect at least at this point. in retaliation for that controversial "rolling stone" cover. but, for now, his job is safe. sergeant sean murphy released those photos last week. they first appeared on the web site for boston magazine. he said at the time this guy is evil. this is the real boston
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bomber. not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of "rolling stone" magazine. state police say sergeant murphy was not authorized to make those photos public. today, we saw the sergeant outside state police headquarters. did he not speak to reporters, but his son did. >> throughout this process, he has shown the characteristics that i hope to some day model myself after. if i can be one fourth of the man he is now, i will be more than happy with my life. i couldn't be prouder. >> shepard: sergeant murphy's son calls his dad a huge hofer. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is live with more now. jonathan, what happens next? >> massachusetts state police say they have strict procedures for how this goes ahead now. sergeant murphy is placed on restrictive duty. his gun and badge taken away while this investigation goes on into the leaking of those photographs that's likely to take several weeks. colonel album said no one officer can make a union lateral decision to release
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that kind of evidence. he also said, quite clearly that he believes sergeant murphy will keep his job, listen. >> in the realm of possibilities, we have a very specific organizational chart that we follow for disciplinary matters. it could, you know, conceivably the idea of termination could be out there. again, i'm the colonel of the state police, i'm going to say to you that that is not a realistic option in this case. >> colonel called sergeant murphy a man of character and a man of honor, shep. >> shepard: sergeant murphy's lawyer spoke today, right, jonathan. >> his lawyer said he hopes ultimately investigators will understand sergeant murphy's motivations. he also dismissed the idea that the release of the photos could effect the trial. listen. >> i understand why the u.s. attorney is upset. we all want to control this stuff. but the concept that this pictures will have anything to do with the trial is preposterous. the guy was captured live on tv.
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helicopter shots. so the concept that a picture of him is going to do anything to the trial, it's not going to do anything to the trial. >> but a few weeks now before we get the results of the investigation, shep? >> shepard: jonathan, thank you. we're getting a look inside the passenger jet that smashed its nose in the ground while landing. you'll hear from passengers who say they didn't know what was happening. and from witnesses who watched it all unfold last night. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. ready for you first day, little brother? i guess. did you download that book i sent?
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prompting emergency evacuation right on the runway. it's news that was breaking this hour last evening. now we are hearing stories from some of the people on board that jet, including a man who shot a video of the whole thing. [[beep] >> the impact from the landing so strong, it knocked the camera right out of the guy's hand. >> we could smell smoke. we knew something was burk. -- burning. we thought wow we hope -- really we didn't know what was going on. >> he continued to record as the plane skidded to a stop. in the first frantic moments the flight attendants were apparently unaware that the plane would not be taxiing to the gate. >> open the doors. >> calm down. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are not there you need to take your seats, please, take your seats. >> shepard: today, crews towed the damaged jet to the runway as those who describe what happened described what they called a frightening scene. >> the mane was coming and my husband noticed that it was out of shape, like it
4:18 pm
wasn't supposed to land that way. >> kind of like a -- noise. it wasn't too loud. yeah, that's scary. >> and then what happened? >> he crashed. >> shepard: they say sparks flew as the plane touched down. that's when airport officials say the nose wheel collapsed. >> the aircraft skidded down the run way on its nose and veered off and came to grass in a grass area between the runway and taxiway. >> shepard: southwest flight 345 came into new york from nashville. passengers say the airline delayed the departure blaming an issue with one of the tires. but they claim the pilot didn't give them any indication of a problem before slamming into the ground. >> a little scary but, you know, since nothing happened, yeah, i was shaken up. >> shepard: a lot of them were. emergency crews report treating several people for minor injuries. >> first thing that goes through my mind is like are people going to be freaked out? is it going to get -- you know, all in all, hey, we walked away, no fire, no
4:19 pm
deaths. >> shepard: there were about 150 people on board the jet. federal investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. southwest reports its last inspection was thursday. attention smokers. the feds say some cigarettes may be more dangerous than others. we'll tell you exactly which ones and why. plus, there is a push to keep the feds from collecting your phone records unless they actually suspect you of doing something. but the effort is facing opposition on both sides of the political aisle. why is that? well, it's next. [ female announcer ] imagine a match made in skin heaven.
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>> shepard: here is one for you. the feds should not collect your phone records unless you are a target of an investigation. that from a congressman who is trying to limit the national security agency power to spy on americans.
4:23 pm
fox has learned the head of the nsa went to capitol hill today to personally ask lawmakers to vote against the measure. how do we know how those meetings wept any amendment going after the nsa. general alexander told fox that he wanted to talk to lawmakers about the facts about the nsa phone program to help inform debate. he says every time he speaks with members, it is helpful but clearly there is some bipartisan support building for cutting off money for nsa surveillance. >> the debate really comes down to whether we want to allow the nsa to collect these records or whether we want to deny them the funding to do so. >> i certainly think that the american people want to sibert oversight and want to see, frankly, these programs reach a better balance between our privacy rights and our security. i think they have gone too
4:24 pm
far over into the security side. >> beyond this particular amendment, you can expect this debate to continue into the fall as the house takes up spending measures on things like intelligence. shep? >> shepard: but some members of each party are saying that it's really dangerous to mess with those programs. >> well, that's right. we have heard from some lawmakers who worry that the actual debate on the house floor could lead to more secrets leaking out. then there are those who argue that this amendment itself would send the wrong message to professionals in the intelligence community. >> i see this amendment as an amendment that really is -- it turns the switch off and on. it turns the switch off, which would not allow, you know, our intelligence community and our defense to protect our country from attacks. >> the risks are that in aid of the conversation you let slip things that shouldn't be talked about. and, the opportunity for additional misinformation to be communicated to the american people is greater. >> tonight, the top members
4:25 pm
of the homeland security committee judiciary armed services, and intelligence committee in the house have all penned a letter to their colleagues urging them to vote no on this defunding amendment, shep? >> shepard: mike, president's plan to start arming some rebels in syria. now the top military officer is revealing the other options on the table and their price tags. general martin dempsey is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he says it could cost us up to $1 billion per month to establish a no fly zone to protect the rebels. another 1 billion-dollar option would be to set up buffer zones giving safe areas to organize and train. that would require thousands of u.s. troops on the ground. general dempsey says the late -- the last, i should say, the least invasive option would be to simply train, assist, and advise rebel fighters. that would cost us roughly $500 million per year. continuing coverage of his royal lineness, the baby.
4:26 pm
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>> shepard: health news. menthol cigarettes pose a greater public health risk than regular secrets cigarettes. that according to the food and drug administration today. the feds say an independent review finds that the minty flavoring leads more people to smoke and makes it it harder to quit i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news prince william and the duchess of cambridge and royal son palace spending first night at home. earlier today the couple emerged from royal hospital young prince in london. while folks around the world have finally gotten their first glimpse of the royal baby, the new parents still apparently have not come up with a name. our resident brit jonathan hunt has been following this for us. what about a name for this prince? when will we know? >> they don't seem to be in any hurry to tell us, shep. william and kate are taking their time as, of course, is their royal privilege to do, which gives brits plenty of time to indulge
4:31 pm
in second favorite past time after drinking. that would be betting. the favorites for names so far are george followed by james, arthur and alexander. the royal couple are really struggling they could do worse than going to the new anthony weiner sexting pseudonym generator that has popped up on 00 web. i helpfully plugged in baby cambridge it came up with ignasio gamble. a name clearly fit for a king. >> shepard: you are out of your mind. we have turned to your mother for commoner's view on this. what did mom have to say? >> mum is terribly excited like some people she was glued to her tv screen today waiting for the doors to pop open and see the royal couple and she was delighted. there she is with stepdad mike as usual. i texted mum and said how do you feel? she replied oh, we were both enchanted to see them.
4:32 pm
proud to let us all have a peek at their precious baby. i cried with joy, said mummy, which, mummy, if i remember correctly is something you very conspicuously did not do when i was born. >> shepard: that was not joy. >> no. something else entirely. >> jonathan, thank you. he once said he would bet his life that he did not take a performance enhancing drugs now he is out for the year for violating. suspended milwaukee brewer star braun without pay. he will lose half of his 8.5-million-dollar salary and not first run-in either. officials tried to suspend him back in 2011. he appealed and won. he strongly innocence then. >> if i have made mistakes for my life i have taken responsibility for my actions. i truly believe in my heart that this substance never entered my body in at any point. in this case he is he not
4:33 pm
appealing. experts say if ryan braun's career were not tarnished before it is now. >> he denied, denied, denied. he lied to his teammates, lied to the public. lied to ownership, lied to the commissioner. and now he is in the same category as lance armstrong. >> shepard: braun is reportedly at least one of a dozen players linked to a florida clinic accused of distributing performance enhancing drugs. trace gallagher with more from our west coast news hub. if you had to take a year off this would be, well, a good one. >> a good one for ryan braun because is he having a bad one anyway. his numbers are very average. he has been hurt for the last couple of months. if you check the standings, the brewers are dead last. he is well out of the pennant race. he forefits the rest of the season and $4.5 million. his contract says is he set to make $113 million and unlike lance armstrong, he gets to keep his career. braun issued an apology that reads, in part, quote: i'm not perfect. i realize now that i have made some mistakes. i'm willing to accept the
4:34 pm
consequences of those actions. i'm very grateful for the support i have received from players, ownership, and the fans in milwaukee and around the country. and one of those who believed in ryan braun was the packers quarterback ryan rogers who actually bet a fan his entire salary for this year if braun was juicing. aaron rogers might miss that 10 million bucks. shep? >> shepard: who is next, arod? >> yeah, i mean alex rodriguez is the top of the list. the evidence against arod is actually a lot stronger, a lot stronger than of that of ryan braun. his suspension might even be worse. 30 other players could also be involved. all connected to buy owe genesis, which is a florida antiaging clinic. the founder of that collin clinic, this man anthony bausch has agreed to cooperate with major league baseball. analysts believe baseball is trying to get to the bottom of this. listen. >> alex rodriguez, of course, has done some remarkable things on the
4:35 pm
field. so, for baseball to go after these guys and go after them because it felt that there was significant evidence against them, that does speak volumes. and it does show that there is no one immune, no one safe from the testing. no one safe from investigations. and that baseball will pursue these matters to the fullest. >> and the players' union now says that it will not defend any players where the evidence against them is overwhelming. shep? >> shepard: trace, our viewers probably remember that the formerrer senate majority leader george mitchell conducted an extensive investigation into performance enhancing drugs in baseball. since the so-called mitchell report became public in 2007, the league has suspended about a dozen players for positive tests. others linked to doping. well, we were expecting to soon hear from the people who george zimmerman helped rescue. yesterday, police confirmed zimmerman helped pull a family from their overturned suv after a crash last week. a spokesman for zimmerman's
4:36 pm
defense attorney says the family will hold a news conference tomorrow to talk about the rescue. that was the first time anybody reported seeing zimmerman in public since the jury acquitted him of killing the teenager trayvon martin. or murdering him at least. we are also expecting to hear from trayvon martin's father tomorrow. a lawyer says tracy martin will speak in washington at the first ever meeting of congressional caucus on black men and boys. we are hearing for the first time police dispatch calls that offer new insight into a deadly home invasion in connecticut six years ago today. that's when police say two intruders brutally killed the wife of dr. william petit and their two daughters who were 17 and 11 years old. cops say those home invaders beat dr. petit with a baseball bat and left him to die but he managed to escape. a jury eventually convicted the two men you see here for crimes including murder and rape. they are death row. but now we're learning about dozens of calls among police that july morning,
4:37 pm
raising new questions about how officers responded to the situation. laura ingle with the news live in our new york city newsroom. laura. >> hi, shep, all along family members have voiced frustration with what they have called the lack of urgency by police the morning of the crime. the calls obtained by hartford current paint a chilling account of the critical moments after jennifer hawkeye petit left the bank with the cash she was ordered to withdraw from the two men holding her family hostage. one call between the responding police lt. at the bank and police dispatch revealed police questioned in hawkeye petit was really in trouble or was just trying to get a bunch of cash out of her husband's account. as the situation evolved, cheshire police sergeant and hostage negotiator eric began was called into dispatch asking if he was needed
4:38 pm
>> not at this time. other police dispatch released swat members also called in to ask if they should suit up and head over to the scene of the house. they were also told not at this time. jennifer hawkeye family members have repeatedly asked police about the way the home invasion was handled but have never received a response. not even a call back. police still have not released a review of this incident. shep? >> shepard: laura ingle, thank you. pope francis is just a couple of days into his first international trip as pontiff. already, there have been some major security concerns, including this: we will show you how one wrong turn turned into a mob screen next. [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me
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that happened as the pope toured downtown rio in a vehicle without bullet proof scene. it a driver made a wrong turn and wound up in the middle of this. the pope in the backseat of that fiat there. windows rolled down. as people just swarmed the car. a precarious scene with no clear way toes escape in case of danger. we also heard reports yesterday that security forces had discovered a homemade bomb at a shrine the pope is due to visit. lauren green is our religious correspondent. she with us now. he didn't even bring his bullet proof pope mobile on this trip. >> this is his style. open air jeep. headed for security. pope francis prefer no, sir barriers. this is what people like. when the driver turns down the wrong way as we just saw, and then protesters scuffling with police outside the presidential palace. pope forced to chopper out. but, still, the vatican
4:43 pm
expressed confidence that brazilian security can protect the pope. take a listen. >> we are not worried about security. the worry is that the enthusiasm is so big that honestly it is hard to respond to so much enthusiasm. we have no fear or worry. >> well, next up tomorrow, he opens a hospital and then on thursday the big welcoming on rio's fame coca cabana beach. >> the pope's visit security for brazil as it gets set to host the soccer world cup next year and the olympics in 2016. chaos in one capital city as protesters say they are standing up against government corruption. that tops our news in 80 seconds. peru. demonstrators marched on governor buildings in lima and faced tear gas and water canons from riot police. those protesters accuse
4:44 pm
officials of cronyism and bank lenders with questionable pasts. mexico: widespread flooding in the north forced crews to rescue a family stranded on top of an overturned truck. firefighters had to use a helicopter and a harness to air lift them all to safety. local officials say an entire year's worth of rain fall has hit the region in just the last three days. china, a 5-year-old girl trapped in the window bars of a 24-story apartment building in the central province. the girl reportedly climbed outside the window some 200 feet up after her mother left her alone. rescuers finally cut the bars and brought her to safety. officials say she is fine. ireland. ♪ [cheers] >> shepard: a new guinness world record for the longest line of river dancers. ♪ >> nearly 1700 people from 44 countries took part in the dublin event.
4:45 pm
more than 600 people had set the previous record in nashville, and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. getting the best back-to-school deals on devices. that's powerful. >> shepard: special op.s veterans say they want a new investigation into the terror attack on the u.s. consulate of benghazi and they brought congress what they call is the biggest petition ever. at least to congress. we're live in d.c. but, first -- a weather alert. flood warnings andvisories remt tonight out west and along the east coast. janice dean the weather machine in the weather center. >> yes from new england down south, the deep south, the mid south and the ohio river valley seeing some showers and thunderstorms and as you mentioned across the west where we have flash flood watches and warnings posted again this evening, for the threats of heavy rain fall and threat for strong severe storms. you can see we have several severe thunderstorm watches and within those watches and around those watches we
4:46 pm
have dozens of severe thunderstorm warnings. so do be careful. keep an eye to the sky and of course we will watch the weather and more news for you when fox report returns. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math right? uh-uh. english? her. splanker, pretend we're not related. oh trust me, you don't want any of that. you got my map? yeah. where you can sit can define your enti year. and what's the most important thing to remember? no face to face contact until we're off of school property. you got this. sharing what you've learned. that's powerful. verizon. get the samsung galaxy stratosphere ii for free.
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$15,000 to help cater the wedding of governor mcdonald's daughters, plus a $15,000 shopping spree for the wife maureen and $6,500 payment for a rolex that she gave to her husband that donors heads up a company that makes dietary supplements. governor mcdonald says he has repaid the money in
4:50 pm
full and he adds: i want you to know that i broke no laws and i am committed to regaining your sacred trust and confidence. keep in mind, before the scandal broke, analysts had considered the republican governor of potential frontrunner in the presidential race. is he set to continue his term in less than six months. benghazi now, special operations veterans are demanding more answers about the attack on the u.s. outpost there. that attack killed the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the state department officer sean smith and two former navy seals. tyrone woods and glen dorty. catherine herridge is live in our d.c. newsroom tonight. explain for us if you could what these special op.s forces are requesting. >> the shep the group operation speaks gathering a thousand signatures from veterans and believed to be the largest petition ever presented to capitol hill. the vet supports what's called a wide ranging probe that would bring together investigators from all the house committees with jurisdiction, including foreign affairs, intelligence and armed services.
4:51 pm
with the goal that no stone is left unturned. >> the american people respect losing confidence in their government. how will history judge the actionsor inactions of the obama administration and the response of the congress to the benghazi attack? >> critics say the current congressional investigations into the military style attack that came without warning on 9/11 with the first attack at the consulate there and the second at the cia annex five hours later are just two narrowly focused and fragmented to get the whole story, shep. >> shepard: catherine, u.s. military commanders have defended the response. >> there special operations vets bristol operations offered over the weekend from the former head of the africa command carter ham at the security conference that the attack was over way too quickly for the military to respond and conditions on the ground were too chaotic.
4:52 pm
the vets say special forces run to the sound of gunfire not away from it. >> i know my compatriots both retired and those that are on active duty were champing at the bit to be launched. we need the guts to try. that sends a message. it sends a message it those on active duty. it sends a message to those that have served that we will never leave you behind. >> while the majority of house republicans support a select committee. it will need approval from the speaker john boehner before it goes to the full house, shep. >> shepard: catherine, dramatic video now as a train plows right through a building and tops our news across america. colorado. railroad officials say crews were doing a switching move in a denver yard when four cars on a freight train derailed and plowed through a maintenance facility. they destroyed some heavy equipment before stopping on the other side of the building. nobody hurt. virginia. police and firefighters
4:53 pm
south of richmond trying to find whoever stole a fire engine and took it for a ride. a cop found it, banged up and abandoned in a ditch. fire officials say the suspect had to jump a fence to take the truck from a maintenance lot. >> california. santa clara county's newest source for clean water is a sewage treatment plant. the pretreated waste water flowing into a 68-million-dollar purification center in silicone valley. the three step process makes the water perfectly drinkable. but they also say folks just aren't ready to swallow the toilet to tap idea. so the purified water will go to fire hydrants, landscaping, decorative fountains and a cool power plant. d.c. folks have been lining up at the u.s. bow tan nic garden to see and smell the rare flower. 8-foot tall rain forest plant from indonesia known for awful odor. experts say it could bloom
4:54 pm
for a week before it collapses and dies. that's the fox watch across america. officials in norway plan to give a single spot of sunlight during the winter to city that sets in the dark. they dual it using three enormous mirrors. fountains surrounding a town cast a massive shadow over the winter. word is the plan to position the mirrors in the mountains and send a beam of light into the town square which they will turn into ice skating rink. a town in italy uses a similar system already. you know you are a celebrity baby when the muppets welcome you into the world. we will hear from kermit the frog and miss piggy.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
duke and duchess of cambridge newborn. all the royal baby talk has miss piggy in the mood for her own little prince or princess. >> kind of makes me want to have a royal child of your own, doesn't it kermi? >> no, not really. >> couldn't you hear the pitter patter of cat feet. >> they don't have feet. congratulations william and catherine. >> you really know how to kill a beautiful moment, don't you? congratulations. >> shepard: the muppets are currently in london shooting the next movie the royal baby made his first appearance outside of london today to wild cheers from waiting crowds. updating some of fox top stories. anthony weiner said today he is not dropping out of the race with his wife by his side. weiner admitted exchanging even more graphic texts and images with a woman who was not his wife and he admitted having done it after he had resigned from congress over his first sexting scandal. and the sergeant who violated procedure and gave boston magazine photos of
4:59 pm
the cap tougher the boston marathon bombing suspect still has his job for now. but a massachusetts state police have placed on on restricted duty. he says he did it to protect "rolling stone's" -- protest "rolling stone's" cover. gunfire erupted in inside new york city hall when a politician shot and killed a city councilman. investigators say the gunman was hoping to challenge james davis at the polls but failed to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot. officials say he entered the chambers with davis apparently bypassing metal detectors as a guest of the city lawmaker. he pulled out a pistol and fired. a cop shot back and killed the gunman. mayor michael bloomberg called it an attack on democracy after an assassination in new york that happened 10 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, july the 23rd, 2013.
5:00 pm
and quite a news day it was. my goodness. i will report. you decide. we'll be back tomorrow. mr. o'reilly is next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: want a conversation? you got it you want a better situation for blacks? give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture it. work with the good people to stop the bad people. >> bill: intense reaction for my call for more hun necessary city among civil rights leaders and for president obama to try to solve the black crime problem. we will follow up tonight with charles krauthammer. ♪ with my were. >> a report says kanye west, jay-z and madonna will boycott florida because of the stand your ground law. we will debate the worthiness of that. >> i have got 99


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