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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

11:00 pm 100% right not half right, dead wrong, whatever but poll is on now, youngsters living at home, just like europe. what are we coming to. find out about it, 9:20 a.m. eastern, varn ey and company. hello, greg gutfeld, with bob beckel, dana perino, and andrea tantaros. 5:00 in new york city, and what about that baby! so the zimmerman trial was a coup for the obama administration. think about it. jump in the time machine that's your mind, go back six weeks, ponder the stories of the day before all of that happened. the irs, the doj, benghazi, tanking economy, health care bill that rivals the hindenburg,
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a dark board of disgrace. instead, stories seem as distant as 8th grade spin the bottle. unlike those memories, these were dead serious, exposing government corruption, intrusion, coverup. it is replaced with sideshows like stand your ground and seated moral authority to people like al sharpton, kirstie alley, miley cyrus. before you blame obama, stop. even though he commented on the story early on, he didn't choose to cover the damn thing 24/7 that was made by a media that felt the trial was indicative of a greater truth about society. now that we swam so far out to sea on this, hard to swim to shore and pick up where we left off. we can hardly see benghazi, and i can't remember who the hell james rosen is. not only does trumped up racial division obscure the vision of all americans, unlike the liberals of our time, we let
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crises go to waste. thank god for the royal baby. i wonder what he thinks about the zimmerman case. >> great liberals of our time? >> great liberals of our time. title of my next book. >> yes, it is 12 pages. so eric, daily caller article, big deal, irs counsel met with the president two days before targeting tea party groups. obviously a coincidence. >> and the white house is pushing back on everything about that article. i saw the author of the article standing by his story. but it keeps going. carter hall was one of the chief counsels in washington, d.c., they found out that the reason they found this out is two people, remember there would be rogue agents in cincinnati, they said we don't like being rogue agents, wasn't our call, it was carter hall. he said it goes up the ladder, up the chain. the monologue i assume is saying we have been distracted by the
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trials and what's most important is stay on some of the scandals because we need to have answers. totally agree. >> yeah, that's a problem. seems to me, andrea, the american public is being treated stupidly by the administration. they assume we cannot handle these things, so they figure they can outlast them with every new story. >> and when there's 24 hour news, there's no news. people don't know what's news any more, unfortunately. but you know, it is interesting. a lot of the reporters as you mention in your monologue, they stopped covering it, even though the president wasn't talking about zimmerman every day. that's not their beat. their job was to keep their nose to the grindstone on these stories, many of them quit because i think, greg, except for associated press and fox news scandal that involved them, the media, they were disinterested in these stories from the get go. took months for them to cover benghazi. took months to get involved in the irs story. and begrudgingly. it was one reporter at abc news.
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so they're all too happy to stop and get back on everything but the scandals that hurt their beloved. >> dana, this irs thing, so they meet obama, the next day they sent additional comments on draft guidance. >> yeah. you can't imagine how that would happen. and let's just say, give them the benefit of the doubt, say it was completely innocent. the problem is for them, for the white house, these scandals and the way that they all came at once has taken a toll. if you look at the mcclatchey approval rating, 41%. president had gotten us out of two wars he said he was going to. the economy is roaring back, giving a speech on that tomorrow. i think bob is an expert, but if you look at the general feeling of the public, the distaste for what happened with the irs has
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taken a toll on them in the poll. >> bob, i remember must have been five or six weeks ago, you were a different person. you were sad. you were broken. weren't you broken? >> i still am! >> but now it is like you've been away for three weeks in acapulco. >> listen, i think the irs scandal and the nsa rose above the zimmerman trial. there's no question about that, and it sinks in. i said this many weeks ago, irs was the one scandal i think would hurt obama and i think it does and is with people, because if you go into it, even before the scandal broke out, ask people in polls what do you think about the irs, they don't think it is fair. they think they were giving favoritism to someone else. did they get a break with zimmerman? yes. i know you're not going to like this, benghazi, i don't think there's anything anyway. holding hearings up there, nothing has come out of it. >> i don't necessarily fault the
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white house for this, they have been dragged around by the news cycle. president obama would like us to go into august thinking obama care is going to work. wants us to sign for exchanges october 1st. that's his signature legislation. every time he goes to give a speech, something else seems to happen that gets them off track to the point they have to do bells and whistles to make it happen. the approval rating makes it more difficult at 41%. interestingly, you don't hear a lot of that echoed through the punditry, 41% approval rating is where president bush was in early '07. >> dangerous level. there's been a thing if you get below 40%, hard to get back up. >> his base has eroded. what did that if look at the numbers, nsa scandal, report they're tracking license plates, that was something that stayed intact, his base was always with him. now it slipped. and i have to say i don't think him weighing in on the trayvon
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martin issue, saying that could have been him, helps him. told a lot of democratic voters, maybe you'll disagree, a lot of people gave him the benefit of the doubt, he would have had a racist friend, he would have tolerated remarks and the homophobic remark and done the same. a lot of people said i don't appreciate being called racist. >> i think as a black man, he had to absolutely say it. >> had to say what he said? >> i think he did. >> no, he didn't. >> why that, bob? >> can i ask you the question? do you know the rod eric scott story in new york, a black man who used self defense to kill at the time a 16-year-old white kid he said was charging him, hadn't been hit, but shot him in self defense, and he was acquitted, the black man. what about that one? it is the same exact thing.
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opposite of trayvon martin. >> they're not following that case, that's the difference. >> so the president follows the press? >> i think it is fair to say every white house in one way or another follows the news cyclee concept. i hope not. >> well, it is a little difficult to get out from underneath the news cycle in an overwhelming story. dana i think would agree, it is difficult to see if -- >> i think to talk about it later, but the initial comment -- >> hold on. what i am saying is the president chose that trayvon martin case to get involved in. the press wasn't implicating the white house or tying it to the white house, calling the white house racist by any means. he is the one brought himself in it. >> i don't think there's a black man in america that doesn't feel the frustration of being tagged and i think he wanted to say it. wanted to try to explain it to the country. >> the racist country -- said people don't have the right to defend themselves, that's unfair to blacks in florida who used stand your ground
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disproportionately more than whites. why would he do that, make those comments, bob? >> i think he is trying to explain to people, very much like eric holder was, if you're black and male, you're going to be targeted to be stopped for no reason whatsoever. >> you know what the end result, the piece you sent around in daily caller, a princeton professor says her two black children cried and feared zimmerman was coming to kill them once he was acquitted. whose fault is that? that's the parent's fault. you're scaring the hell out of your kids saying this guy will come kill them. >> i had that dream myself. >> saving people from a car crash instead in florida. >> we should get to that at some point, but i don't know much about it. >> ever notice there are a lot of those, lot of people saving people from car crashes. >> i guess they shouldn't stay in the cars sometimes. >> tom cruise, mark harmon, charlie sheen did it.
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>>. >> theory it was set up by public relations people, stage car crashes so they can save you? >> it is an elaborate staging. you have to get the car to turn over. last question, eric. one thing we didn't talk about, benghazi. you have former head of u.s. forces in africa saying everybody knew it was a terrorist attack. however, that's kind of news, but nobody is reporting it. >> what's it going to take, is there a capitol hill testimony that we can come back to and start talking about it again or is it going to be 2016. >> some evidence. >> some evidence? >> yeah. >> where are the survivors? >> ask hillary who called for the stand down order. i would still like to know. >> where are survivors and why are they asked to sign nondisclosures? why can't they speak? we have heard more about trayvon martin than the deaths of americans in benghazi. >> the speech on friday. >> one is a federal issue, one is a state issue.
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>> one is way more substantial than we heard from on benghazi in which four people died. i think we're going to stop now. coming up, bill o'reilly, you know that guy on tv, does a show, it is okay, kind of yells a lot, tall. always in some zone. >> who? >> o'reilly, that's it. he takes on president obama and the civil rights movement. >> the thugs that sell hard drugs, no matter what color they are, deserve to be put away for long periods of time. they sell poison, they sell a product that enslaves and kills. they're scum. when was the last time you heard the congressional black caucus say that? how about jackson and sharpton, how about president obama? >> all right, i'll get off your lawn! anyway, hear more from bill when we get back. ♪
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♪ i almost danced to that. fantastic music.
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welcome back to "the five." in his talking points memo last night, bill o'reilly took on president obama and the civil rights establishment for dealing with problems in the african-american community. take a listen. >> the sad truth is from the president on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all, about how to solve problems within the black community. young black men commit homicides at a rate ten times greater than whites and hispanics combined. the reason there's so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the african-american family. right now about 73% of all black babies are born out of wedlock. that drives poverty. and lack of involved fathers leads to young boys growing up resentful and unsupervised. the solution to the epidemic of
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violent crime in poor black neighborhoods is to actively discourage pregnancy out of marriage, to impose strict discipline in public schools, including mandatory student uniforms, and create zero tolerance for gun and drug crimes, imposing harsh prison time on the offenders. >> that's bill o'reilly last night on talking points memo. i was out last night, and while he was on at 8:00 p.m., i started getting a lot of e-mails from people saying wow, i never comment on o'reilly talking points memo, but it really struck people. this morning sent a note to the producers, they said they never had as much response to a talking points memo as last night. what did you think? >> i have to tell you, bill has to stop doing that. you will never catch him if he does that. he was spot on, passionate. he was right. he really brought it and brought it perfectly. you know, he said what it was. take a little issue, he blamed the plight of the
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african-american community, blamed homicide rates on two things, hip-hop community, slash parenting and hollywood. as far as hip-hop, not sure that has to do with it. there are 14-year-old white kids that look up to the hip-hop community. >> let's play that, it is only 17 seconds. i liked this part of the talking points memo. >> the entertainment industry encourages the irresponsibility by marketing a gangster culture, hip-hop, movies, trashy tv shows to impressionable children. the entertainers get rich and kids that emulate their lyrics and attitude destroy themselves. >> i have to say it is hard to listen to bill o'reilly talk about that music because i think the music is great, but i understand that we live in a
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time when we have essentially the greatest country that ever was, and we have pockets of society that reject its greatness. and why do they reject its greatness, it is because they're being pushed a persona of criminality that's romanticized. o'reilly is right. you can reject establishment ways of achievement as being white, why study, that's white, why do these things, it is white, this is the way to go. however, it gets you noticed and get you some money, but you get old. nothing more pathetic than an old gangster, whether you're mafia or in the krips, it doesn't matter. that's the problem. this is a new version of the mafia in my mind and it is going to run out for all these guys. and o'reilly is right. he is not the one they're going to listen to. he looks like a guy on his front lawn shaking a rake. >> what he was saying that leaders in the african-american
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community and civil rights should be saying things that he is saying. >> but you have to be young, they have to be people within the hip-hop community. >> bill cosby is not going to do it. andrea, do you think bill o'reilly painted too broad a brush when it came to his comments? >> no, i think he was right on with a lot of them. i don't agree with everything, but i do think lack of fathers is a big deal, not just for young african-american men but also women, the importance of girls and their relationships with their fathers. if they don't have a father around or healthy relationship, it effects every relationship they have with men. i think it makes everything cyclical. i also think the difference, too, is in the absence of a father, these young black boys end up in gangs because they get the loyalty and family sense that they don't have at home. the difference may be with white kids, if you don't have a father and you're white you'll probably have issues as well, not saying this is just the african-american community, but
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the difference is they seem to only have the rap music, and i would encourage the way bill did some of these african-american athletes and others to stand up, these good dads to stand up and say listen, don't listen to this music, here is the example. but i think they're afraid, dana, honestly, i think they're scared they'll be attacked the way bill cosby did, and it is a real shame because the exact message that would help the black community is the one that would hurt the politicians. >> bob, last year, there's a lot of passion from bill o'reilly, you have been on his show quite a bit and seen that. do you think is he speaking to most of america or half of america or small percentage with a message like that? >> i think it reflected what a lot of nonafrican-americans think, what he was saying is something they would say to themselves. let me say, jesse jackson deserves some credit. many years he talked about
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babies having babies, gone in the black community to do that. i think they're afraid to go in there and do that. at the heart of all this, at the heart of it and o'reilly touched on it, drugs. drugs rip apart families, drugs are the reason they have gangs. drugs are the reason people get shot. drugs are the reason for the most part, for the fatherless families. >> he says that, talks about the narcotics and is there a supply and demand issue on the drug piece? >> for me, it seemed like the whole talking points memo was a set up for final comment, time president obama and jesse jackson and other african-american quote, unquote leaders to lead the way out of this, quit blaming slavery decades ago. lead the way out of it. the only way to do it is emphasize the family. >> thank god for grandmothers, by the way. >> at this point with 73% of babies born out of wedlock at
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this point and growing for hispanics and whites, we have a national problem, but maybe it is exacerbated. >> why does president obama decide to go the other way with it? >> i think part of the thing is also that other things in the news cycle get in the way. so president obama i think it was father's day this past in june, he did give a speech, it was very -- i thought it was very well done, he got a little coverage for it, but not a lot. i think somebody like bill o'reilly using his platform to deliver the message last night was very effective. >> two things i want to say quickly, it is not news worthy, news won't follow that kind of story. secondly, what are in fact they going to do about it. i am not sure it fixes things -- >> he is the perfect person to do it. his father left him when he was two years old, he studied, pulls his pants up, speaks proper english. barack obama is an excellent example, an excellent father. but if he keeps everyone united, they make it on their own two feet and leave the democratic party. >> he was talking about it, very
11:24 pm
passionate. talked about his own father. >> do last word to greg. >> two issues are hitting like this, shelby steel calls one the prospect of black wrath, which scares people from a hate fact, which is what o'reilly did. he spoke hate facts, facts that are true that people hate. the other side, fear of being called a racist. therefore, when you say the hate facts, you're called a racist and fear of black wrath. these together create a paralysis in the black community, it will take young black leaders to break it. coming up, the world gets their first glimpse at a possible future king. take a listen. >> got her looks thankfully. >> we will show you the rest of that touching moment outside st. mary's hospital in london in a moment. ♪
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♪ welcome back. do americans have the right to defend themselves? it is a topic rekindled since the zimmerman trial. even attorney general eric holder is looking into it. 28 people were shot in chicago just last weekend alone, and if you live in detroit and need the cops to protect you, the wait time is about an hour. so does all of this make us more vulnerable? when danger strikes, we fear for our lives. is it okay to defend ourselves any more? eric, i go to you first on this one. what are we supposed to do if we are in danger now? they're trying to get rid of stand your ground laws, trying
11:30 pm
to push through gun control yet again because of the zimmerman verdict. what are we supposed to do? >> i think the law has been in place, every state has the law, every state has self defense, what the zimmerman case was, self defense. stand your ground, president obama, eric holder, al sharpton are trying to inject stand your ground into a case that had nothing to do withstand your ground because it is divisive. they're race merchants, they're doing the same thing. president obama friday talked about stand your ground. in no uncertain terms, had a lot of problems with that law. yet we talked about it yesterday briefly in 2004, he co-sponsored the illinois sb bill to bring stand your ground, to expand stand your ground in the state of illinois. how hypocritical can the man be to say on one hand, never mentioned he did this back in 2004 and thinks it is wrong, he said hey, stand your ground is wrong. >> what should we use scissors like janet napolitano said or let him finish? let him beat us? >> the interesting thing, we
11:31 pm
talked about this a couple weeks ago, the cdc government report, a comprehensive look at gun control after the sandy hook tragedy. they found that armed victims are less likely to be hurt in an attack. if they had shown the opposite, that story would have been everywhere. it would have been turned into law in a matter of weeks. but because they found the opposite and that having a gun helps, it disappeared faster than a line of coke in front of charlie sheen. it just went away. nobody talks about it. >> you can only find it on little blog posts. >> centers for disease control. >> if they're against stand your ground laws, they haven't given alternative to what we can and should do in situations, especially women. >> in some situations, this is the problem in search of an answer. they found the stand your ground piece, said that's then, because the zimmerman case fell apart from the prosecution standpoint, but they had to have something. they went after the stand your
11:32 pm
ground piece. what i don't think that they are realizing is that while that might play well on the national stage, most of these state legislature s are run by republicans, most governors are republicans, and i think it will be a futile effort to try to repeal those. >> didn't joe biden give the advice to go buy a shotgun? >> can i make a point, this is the third segment and i don't want to feel like there's something wrong with me here, but i have been the last to ask a question. makes me feel a little inferior or something. >> oh, we will go to you first on the baby. >> yeah. couple things. one, the stand your ground laws eric refers to, he is right, they're in a number of states but they're different. for example, the majority of the states, you can stand your ground on your own property, used to be in your house, then they expanded to the street, some to your block. some places like florida, you can carry it with you. stand your ground goes with you wherever you go.
11:33 pm
that's one point. the other thing about stand your ground, you consistently said, so did other people, zimmerman trial had nothing to do withstand your ground, when a juror said that was one of the reasons she made up her mind. >> then she's wrong because it wasn't prosecuted on it, wasn't defended by zimmerman, stand your ground is simply self defense. can you explain how president obama could co-sponsor a bill in illinois to expand stand your ground within the state and then eight years, nine years later -- >> leaves him open, no question, to being hypocritical. >> if they had somebody that worked with him in illinois and chicago that was still in the white house and maybe valerie jarrett just missed this, it actually would have been a stronger point for him to say look, i co-sponsored a bill. when i was state senator. but i changed my mind. that would have been more effective. >> that law is not the same law as florida, and all the people being killed in chicago, virtually every one in a drug war. >> the most dangerous thing society can do is relinquish the
11:34 pm
right to self defense because it actually helps everybody stay in line, good and bad, just to know it is there and you can die. >> their excuse why he voted for this, he didn't know it was in the bill. >> he didn't vote present, he was co-sponsor of the bill. >> all right. ahead, prince william and his beautiful wife kate show their new baby boy to the world this afternoon, a great moment for the royal family. we have it for you. bob is up next. don't go away. ♪
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♪ you know, i picked that song before this happened, there was breaking news on anthony weiner
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again, it is not good. the new york city mayoral candidate sent more texts and photos online after he apologized to his wife and after he left congress. the correspondence was posted on a gossip website and led to another may a can you pa from pooener. he said i said other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. these things that i did were wrong and hurtful to my wife, and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from congress. this behavior is behind me. we are focused on moving forward. for the record, anthony weiner is at a podium somewhere talking now with his wife standing in ex-to him. would love to hear what he is saying. greg, you want to run. you should definitely run for mayor. >> he is making me think about it. talk about seduction. he was -- he offered this girl an apartment. it speaks to his ego.
11:40 pm
he is willing to humiliate his family, he doesn't want to work for a living. he would rather run for office. >> andrea, you read some of these i think he called himself on the website, this website, i think phone is ringing, danger. >> greg said he is no stranger, he was carlos danger. this is what stinks about this. the time line on this one. this young girl whose identity has not been revealed says that after, this is ex post facto, after apologizing on twitter, and until last summer. why he would continue this behavior only tells me one thing. he is not stable. he will never change. and shame on him for dragging his wife to the podium. really, the fact she would go up to the podium with him, when politicians do that, it is gross. it is really terrible. >> you want to go to bob?
11:41 pm
>> i don't know either of them personally and i don't know why she would stand there, except that when he says that i said there was more that was going to be coming out, i have no reason to believe he hadn't told her that, when she stands next to him, maybe there's a lot of love there, they went through challenges and they have put it behind them, but this is what i don't get. if they knew they were going to come out eventually, why not have done this three months ago when they did the press with "the new york times." why not do it then. >> any slack for anthony weiner because allegedly, so far all it is is texts and pictures, not like spitzer meeting client number nine in a hotel room. >> i am not sure there's a great distinction, especially for people that start out not liking the guy. he did say in his defense, said there are other texts and pictures will come out. >> the assumption it was before the scandal. >> that was the assumption.
11:42 pm
assumptions don't matter. once weiner got out, story died. nobody went looking for other pictures or texts until he gets back in. >> it was in between. he made it sound like -- >> i understand that. i am saying he did say that, and if i were the press, i would go out and try to find out where they were. >> i would just delete it. wouldn't even read them. they're disgusting. >> they're as explicit as explicit does. he may have an issue. they're so explicit, you may have a case he has a problem. he admits fully he has a sexual addiction problem. >> he is a deeply flawed individual, his words. >> you want a deeply flawed individual running your city? >> i don't. i know the city is forgiving when it comes to issues of sexual indiscretion. please, ladies of new york,
11:43 pm
let's not elect a sicko. >> has he broken any laws? >> he hasn't. eliot spitzer. >> i am quite sympathetic to people that have these types of problems for some reason. and i think that look, it is going to beat him. talk about pure politics. he is not going to survive this. you may end up with somebody as bad as quinn. >> i guess he didn't break any laws, but he broke a promise. if he broke it to his wife, he is probably going to break it to us. >> what is the next thing. >> he likes his shoes. >> is that in the text? >> his own shoes or somebody else's? >> dana, you're so sheltered. other people's shoes. >> there are pictures of his own feet though. >> then i'm done. >> is that when he crossed the line? the other pictures were okay, but when he took pictures of his
11:44 pm
feet, you're like i've had it. all right, ahead. the moment the world has been waiting for, a glimpse at another possible future king of england, will and kate walked out of the hospital earlier with their bundle of joy and spoke to reporters. you'll hear from the very proud parents next. ♪
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test test.
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welcome back to "the five." the world got their first peek at a future king. prince william and his lovely wife kate stepped out st. mary's in london to show the world their son. >> he has a good pair of lungs, that's for sure. he is a big boy, quite heavy. we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. probably a chance to catch up. got her looks thankfully. >> no. it is a special time, any parent sort of know what the feeling
11:49 pm
feels like. >> that gives you some indication listening to the chaos around them, what that kid's life is going to be life. i am not so sure i feel happy for him, given the fact that the british press, greg, you lived there, really they don't have any decorum at all, do they? >> yes. why did you come to me first on this? >> i thought it was great. they obviously adore one another and the baby is going to grow up happy, healthy. i don't like that everyone was yelling at them. i think this couple is feeling the love of the world coming towards them and it shows on their faces. it was a great moment, greg. >> no, i'm sorry, greg, i was just asking about the press. you lived there. >> i thought we decided i would not be speaking this round. >> let me ask you, andrea, do you agree this couple that looks very much in love? >> i do think they look very much in love. i thought it was so cute when she handed him the baby, i thought that was so sweet.
11:50 pm
but i always think of diana. i loved princess diana so much. i wish she could see him now. she would be so proud. such a sweet moment. >> it is, no question about it. >> greg, speaking -- eric, sorry. >> you have greg on the brain. >> i do. eric, you made this point about the royals and does it add up for the queen of england. look at that. is england getting more attention than this. say the sun never set on the british. >> if they won the world cup. >> my wife called and said did you see the baby. i said yeah, i saw the baby. she said is it cute? i said as far as babies go it is cute. >> not when first born. my son was ugly looking. >> it is an evolutionary technique created by natural selection. >> puppies are cute. >> that's so you don't drown them. >> they're not cute when they first come out.
11:51 pm
>> babies are very cute. >> not the first 30 seconds, they're not. i'm telling you, man, ew. they have stuff all over them. >> doesn't she look great, kate middleton? >> i think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, i really do. >> what about the woman you ran into on the street. >> close second. now what's happening to me now is i'm supposed to countdown exactly the minutes, probably have to be careful. i wanted to ask greg -- >> yes. >> i don't want to ask you a question. >> i lived in england. that's why i asked you the question. >> they have interesting take on their own royalty. a lot of people don't take it seriously, some do. >> that's the thing. i asked that question last night about the percentage, it used to be a lower number supporting royalty. and if you keep talking in my ear, i am going to miss the point. i forget -- i don't know where i was going. >> the royals are very popular now, and it has been a good
11:52 pm
thing for england, good thing for freedom loving people around the world. >> right now, i have to say one more thing is up next! ♪
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♪ all right. i swore i wasn't going to run for mayor, but i'm like al pacino in the godfather, i keep
11:56 pm
getting pulled back in by mr. weiner. turns out you don't have to beat weiner, he just beats himself. so i'm back in running for mayor. >> gutfeld for mayor. >> there you go. all right. >> how do i follow that? >> with something wonderful. >> okay. i have something wonderful. that's good. for a long time i have been saying civil rights leaders like sharpton and jackson picked the wrong case, consistently picked the wrong case, here is a great case. bob did this a couple weeks ago. man named reginald griffin is being held in prison in missouri, he was just released on bail for a murder he did not commit. he was initially convicted of a robbery charge, he spent time in prison, he served his time. then he ended up getting convicted for a murder in prison that another inmate committed and then admitted to committing, served 10 to 12 years over his sentence, he has been let free on bond. time for the attorney general of
11:57 pm
the state of missouri to let this man go, dismiss the charges, dismiss this case. this is a case that matters. this is a case of racism. if the african-american community wants to get on board like sharpton and jackson, this is the case for you. if you want to make a difference, go to sign a petition. it will go to the attorney general's desk, put in reginald griffin at to sign the petition. >> bob? >> okay. the results are in. in the 2012 election, the candidates backed by national rifle association lost 76% of their races in the house. in the senate, 26 senate races, nra rated these candidates the lowest 21, the higher six lost. >> what are you complaining about. >> big bad nra everybody is so afraid of aren't worth the spit they're made of. >> how did the union do? >> all right. >> you have nothing to complain
11:58 pm
about. >> case closed. >> they need to have the guns for self defense. >> that's right. >> eric? >> very good. can we put the full screen up? roll a little videotape. jessie ventura started a career as a pro-wrestler, jessie the body ventura. you hate that name, i will call you that anyway. you were elected governor of minnesota. after a short career, spent the rest of your time and days claiming 9/11 was an inside job, when bush, cheney, the rest of them purposely imploded the world trade center, not the sign of terrorists flying into the tower. you're a moron. suing the wife of chris kyle over a comment in a book he wrote, you're shameless, gutless, clueless. and by the way, jessie, that mexican village you live in called, they want their idiot back. >> chris kyle, rest in peace.
11:59 pm
>> you know who i adore, dirks bentley did a great thing last night at the concert. ♪ been a long, hard ride, got a ways to go ♪ >> bob, that's who that dude is. that's dirks bentley from arizona. he went home because our affiliate didn't have the video of him. he did a benefit concert last night for 19 firefighters that died in the yarnell hill wildfire. he raised $476,000, there were about 6,000 people there. he is amazing. >> yes. nothing to do with the fact he is gorgeous. that's it for "the five." thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next!
12:00 am
welcome to "red eye." it is like two broke girls if by two you mean three and by girls you mean men who are not afraid of a good pair of pan tee hose. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, anthony wiener, duh. and breaking news. celebrities lining up to help a democratic president sell his agenda. wait. and ads on women's thighs? guess what country this is happening in. if you didn't guess japan we taught you nothing over the past sikh and a half -- six and a half years. greg? >> thank you. who is the happiest man in america right now? >> let's see. well there is me. >> no.


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