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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 24, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: want a conversation? you got it you want a better situation for blacks? give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture it. work with the good people to stop the bad people. >> bill: intense reaction for my call for more hun necessary city among civil rights leaders and for president obama to try to solve the black crime problem. we will follow up tonight with charles krauthammer. ♪ with my were. >> a report says kanye west, jay-z and madonna will boycott florida because of the stand your ground law. we will debate the worthiness of that. >> i have got 99 but the --
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hit me. >> bill: you say you knocked jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. >> well, i knocked him down. >> tonight the late chris keil told the factor he was angry with ventura for disrespecting the military. now ventura is suing his widow. is this horrendous or what? is it legal on the case. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. huge reaction to my memo last night about why the black crime problem is not, not being addressed in america. and that is the subject of talkingning's prime points memo. first of all, if you want to see what i said last night, please go to bill o' or also my remarks are all over cyberspace today. the gist of my memo is that the civil rights industry
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and our leadership in washington will not take on the black crime problem because in order to do so, black culture would have to change. any thinking person knows the zimmerman/martin case was unintended consequence of fear. zimmerman thought martin suspicious because of the way he looked. so far there has been no credible challenge to what i said last night because facts are facts. young black men commit murder at 10 times, 10 times the rate of whites and hispanics combined. the country's failure to deal with poverty and crime in the black precincts is a disgrace. that is true racism. and there are other problems that could be solved as well. but our leadership lacks the will. two big examples. gun crimes, the solution is not seizure clear violation of second amendment but punishing thugs who carry illegal guns. each state should be free to make its own gun laws but the feds should criminalize all gun crimes and impose strict mandatory
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sentences on conviction. for example, if a stop and frisk operation here in no, takes illegal gun away from somebody, that somebody gets a mandatory five years in a federal pen. if that somebody commits a robbery with a gun, he or she gets 10 years. assaulted with a gun? 15 years. that zero tolerance policy would drastically reduce gun crime throughout the u.s.a. how about illegal immigration in the solution here is to make illegal entry into the united states a crime. not a civil beef like it is now. overstay your visa or sneak into the country, $10,000 fine. you can't pay it, six months in a detention center. if you deport and come back here, 10 years in the federal pen. you want to stop illegal entry, that will stop it. also, a business owner hire illegal aliens, $10,000 fine for each person. there you go. i just solved the gun and immigration problems. but there is little will in washington or in the media tomorrow brace tough solutions. it's much easier for politicians and pundits to
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mouth all kinds of platitudes and theory have a conversation. meantime, people are dying. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. a response to my talking points last night. the national urban league holding a big conference this week. joining us from philadelphia the head of that organization mark first of all i believe the black crime problem in the america is the disintegration of the african-american family. do you agree? >> bill, i think you are missing the point, and you are missing an opportunity that you have with your considerable platform to help with the conversation about whether it's the crime problem, the unemployment problem, and the like. and the reason why is, you can't start the conversation by simply name calling, castigating and attacks. i believe you have talked with great force in the past about the need for there to be civility about this set of problems that this nation faces. so your platform could be a
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platform that could help us bridge the divide. >> bill: maybe you didn't understand the question. i agree that the black crime problem, which is very intense, violent crime, the reason that's happening to the extent that it is, is because of the disintegrations of the african-american family. do you agree with that? >> i think that the disintegrations of the traditional african-american family has caused great social problems in the black community and in america at large. but, bill, we see the disintegrations of the so-called nuclear family throughout all of america, not just in the black community. >> bill: not to the extent of 73%. not to the extent that the african-americans and particularly in the poorer precincts are experiencing it. you know that 73% is -- it's a catastrophe. all right. so if you agree with me about that this is a driving factor not only of crime but also of poverty. >> it's a factor.
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>> bill: okay. if you agree with that, i think it's the primary factor. why isn't there more emphasis on solving that problem? why are there no public service announcements from your organization or other civil rights organizations telling black girls don't become pregnant? that's not going to lead to anything good? >> well, here is where i think i would extend invitation to you to come down. >> bill: i don't want invitation. i want to know why you haven't put out a campaign to fight against these pregnancies that are leading to crime and poverty. why haven't you done that? >> bill, you are not hearing the messages that go on in the community every day in the houses of worship, in the meetings that we hold and the programs we are undertake. >> bill: obviously you are not getting through. >> no. you focus on the headlines that may be on cable television and also the headlines that may be in the newspapers. the reason why i invite you in is because there is a whole conversation that takes place beyond the
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mainstream media in the community, which is deeply concerned. talks about these problems. >> bill: it's not working. do you not understand, mr. morial, i'm sorry. >> morial. >> bill: do you understand what you are doing is not working. >> no, what we need. >> bill: come together from the president on down, stop the b.s. stop the diversions, stop, you know, accusing people of one way or another, and come to some solutions and the first solution is, you have got to stop young black women from having babies out of wedlock. you have got to discourage that actively. and the second thing is, you have got to demand discipline in your public schools in the inner cities, particularly, get the unions out of there. have the kids in school uniforms, and demand standards in discipline. i don't hear any of that from jackson or sharpton from you or from president obama. i don't hear any of it from
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you guys. >> bill, let me tell you something. obviously, you haven't been listening that closely to the work that we do in the national urban league. >> bill: show me where it is? show me the campaign. show me. >> it's not about -- bill, it's not about an advertising campaign. that's not what it is about. it's not about fancy ads or slogans or branding. what it's about is the work that we need to do in our community and we do have deep problems. let me say. this of the problems that african-americans face are no different than the problems that america faces. it's just that they are deeper. it's just that they're more significant, whether it's unemployment. whether it's a desire for our children to achieve educational outcomes. whether it's a desire to live in safe and wholesome communities. those aspirations are the same. our problems are similar. they just happen to be deeper. i agree that much of what we have been doing may not be working. in some cases it's because we are not doing enough. my invitation is for you and i to continue this conversation for you to use your considerable platform
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and if we discuss it in a civil manner, i'm sure we could find common ground. for example, i'm for school uniforms and championed that as far as -- as long as ago as 20 years ago. i think that's a good idea. >> bill: that's right. >> i'm sure we could find some common ground on some very important issues that face the nation. >> bill: it's not a matter of you and me agreeing because we both want the same thing. you and i want the same thing. we want civility. we want safety, and we want prosperity for all americans. particularly those who are disadvantaged there is hustle going on in the civil rights industry. there is a grievance industry that makes a lot of money offer the vision. it's not being challenged by anybody but me. and i'm taking a lot of heat for doing it last word. >> bill, let me say. this americans do have an opportunity to express themselves, to express their grievance against the
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government, against the nation. but we also have a responsibility to work to find common ground. if you and i can agree, that will send a signal. >> bill: but i don't think we agree on the solutions. >> about the need to file. >> bill: i don't think we agree on the solutions. i think we agree on what we want but not the solutions. >> you and i -- but you and i need to talk more because i'm sure we could find common ground. because i think when people talk they can find common ground if we agree. >> bill: a lot of people dying while the chatting is going on mr. morial. we appreciate you coming on. and you are welcome to come on any time you want to come on this broadcast. >> thank you. >> bill: charles krauthammer on the failure to solve problems like black crime. later ben carson on the grievance industry in america. also ahead senator marco rubio on obama care. will try to deny funding for the new law. kate and william make first appearance with the new
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joining us from washington fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. did i advance the so-called conversation, a word i hate, about race or did i divide people further with my talking points memo? >> that can't be the criteria. criteria is one speaking the truth was obama speaking the truth when he spoke last week or not? look, when you talk about the development of character, it happens in three places. it happens at home, it happens at school, and it happens when you receive stuff from the general culture. and each of those areas you have the beginning of the pathologies of what's happening among young black males, the high crime rate, the high rate of homicide against them. they are dying in the streets. at home, we know what the catastrophe is, single parenthood. in d.c., where i live, it's almost 90%. then you have got the
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schools that we know are a disaster. d.c. has the highest expenditure for public schools per capita in the country, and the lowest test scores. and we know what the problem is here. it's the unions, one of the first thing obama did when his administration came into office is he stopped the voucher program which was allowing a few kids to actually have a decent education, black kids have a decent education two' of them last we all know is the culture and we all know of the sikkema sage chauvinistic angry messages that a lot of kids, white and blacksorb from the general culture. that's the root of the problem. >> bill: what are we to think then of president obama, sharpton, jackson, i don't know if our previous guest, mr. morial falls
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into that category or not. i do know this. there isn't anyone trying to solve these problems. they want to have a conversation. they want to b.s. about it. okay? but, we, you, me, others, we know that for every problem there is a solution. but the solutions are to get tough. and to call people out. >> i don't agree with that not all problems have a solution. it's sort of the american way. we always assume that is true. the middle east is an excellent example. there isn't a solution it will come one day but you and i are not going to be around. >> bill: are you going to write off the african-american communities in the inner city. >> no. there are one or two solutions. the one about education and the schools there is an answer, school choice. wisconsin has given it a shot, we know it works. >> why does president obama oppose it? >> we know why because the biggest supporter, one of the largest supporters of
1:17 am
democrats for the last 30 years is the teacher's union. >> are you saying that the president is selling out his own race because he political currency? >> he is not selling out a race. what he is doing is, he is accepting the policies of a major constituency of his. >> bill: the policy of failure. is he accepting a policy of failure. >> we have made that argument. when it comes to the other part of it, though, the part about the family, you don't have a solution. even you don't have a solution. >> bill: if everybody would rise up and say pier pressure might turn around. >> you mean a conversation, bill? >> bill: no, i'm talking about public service announcements? >> come on, bill. >> bill: just ram it down their throat. have people go in. >> public service announcements on drugs for 50 years. it doesn't accomplish anything. it gives you a sense well, perhaps we are doing something. some problems do not have easy solutions.
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they are generational. >> go against this catastrophe of single parenthood. if pier pressure, i mean from people that, like jay-z and these people who exploit the situation to get rich. if that would turn around, i think it would have, at least some benefit. but you are writing the whole culture off right now. >> i'm not writing them off. i'm saying that some problems are cultural, generational and will take a long time to change. dan quayle raised the issue you raised. the murphy brown case of the way that the rich white hollywood celebrates single mothers. that's lovely if you have a lot of money and you are famous and you are an actress and you are on television and you are fictional. it isn't a funny story. it's a tragedy if you are young and black. so, there are -- this problem is not new. some of them have a solution. the others will require a change in the culture that will require a generation. >> bill: we have got to
1:19 am
start to speak out about what the root causes are and stop all this diversion crap' that they are trying to pull. >> start with the conversation. i'm sorry, there are policies and there is talk. i would rather do the policies. start with school choice. let's make a difference there. >> all right. charles. directly ahead, senator rubio on obama care and whether republican also try to sink it then prince william and kate appear with the baby prince. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, as you may know obama care may soon begin and now some republicans are threatening to defund it. >> if republicans in both houses simply refuse to vote for any continuing
1:23 am
resolution that contains further funding for further enforcement of obama care, we can stop it. >> bill: joining us now from washington, senator mark rubio of florida. so are you on board with sabotaging obama care in this way? >> well, first of all, i wouldn't call it sabotaging, i would call it actually helping the measure people. sabotaging our economy is the obama care law as it is being implemented every single day new news reports harm it's doing particularly middle class and working class americans the very law the claims to help. i was in a round table friday with small businesses and they were talking about me about the impact it will have on janitors and ride operators and epit tonal of the middle class. it's going to cost them the health insurance they have now that they are happy with force them into exchanges that don't exist. raise premiums for small businesses that are going to cut back on hours. people working 32 or 40 hours are going to be down to 35 hours. it's a disaster. >> bill: let me play devil's advocate here. i'm no obama care fan.
1:24 am
i said from the beginning it should be in the marketplace and set up an exchange for people who can't afford it but you should let the insurance companies compete. however, you are sabotaging if republicans indeed do this because it is the law of the land. it was voted in by both houses and signed by the president but you are playing a guerrilla wore fair here. look, if we can't win the debate, which you didn't because it's law, we're gonna not fund it in a round about way creating all kinds of unintended consequences. wouldn't it be better to let this thing unfold and people will see what the is it and midterm elections. >> if someone is analyzing it from a political point of view it's a valid conversation. i'm worried about the people lose their jobs and lose their doctor patient relationship. i'm worried about the people who are going to lose hours. working 35 hours now, get knocked down to 25 or 26 hours. i don't want these things
1:25 am
to happen to them. you are right, bill, in an ideal world the president would say look i supported this law and it's not working the way i thought it would but we will suspend it and cancel it and come out with something better that learns from these mistakes. instead of doing that he is doubling down. he wants the law to go forward and have him union laterally pick which parts is he going to implement or not. >> bill: sure. >> is he not going to sign any bill we pass that repeels it. >> bill: i'm not sure this is the way to go about it. if i'm a republican, and i'm not, as you know, i'm an independent. i let the disaster happen so everybody can see it and then the folks will say, you know what? the republicans were right in the beginning, this is crazy. they will vote the democrats out of power. and then you have a clear victory. if do you it this way, the republican party is going to be labeled as a subversive group who won't uphold the law and finding a loophole to destroy it and it could go right back on you. >> well, a couple things, first of all, in the meantime real people are
1:26 am
going to be hurt. >> bill: i got it but that's our system. >> here is the other point. even labor unions are now against this. there was a letter signed by no one less than jimmy hoffa the son who asked the president to put this aside it's going to hurt people. >> bill: we know that. >> here is the point this is the only chance and last chance that we have. one thing that does bother me is there are people in washington that love to say we are against obama care. how can you be against obama care but vote for a budget that funds its implementation when you know the harm it's going to do. i would much rather the president come down from his prideful position and basically say look the law is messed up. is he not going to do that obviously. >> bill: he is not going to do it. >> this is a fundamental issue. this is not disagreement about small piece of legislation. this effects a sixth of the u.s. economy. >> bill: you have got to look at the big picture. if you guys do this, and refuse to pass any budgetary bill, that contains money for obama care, you are going to shut the government down. chaos on all fronts. >> first of all it's going to be chaos if obama care
1:27 am
goes. in second point i view it differently. i view that someone who refuses to fund the government simply because it doesn't fund this out-of-control experiment, that's the unreasonable position to say look, we will decide to shut down the government unless you fully fund a program we know is not going to work and it's hurting real people. that's the crazy position. >> bill: are you ready for the backlash though on this? because you know the media is going to come after you. you know they are going to do that they are invested in obama care, most of the media. >> they are doing that already. the bottom line is they may be defending the administration it's indefensible to defend this bill. every single day there is new evidence of it. they are going to what a disaster it is. by the way if you are going to attack people defund obama care attack labor unions some of the most vocal opponents of the law because of what it is doing to the 30 or 40 hour workweek how it is hurting working class americans. the president says he is focused on the middle clas, sne of the most important we can do to help the middle class right now is defund obama care.
1:28 am
impact it's going to have on millions of americans health insurance and happy with it dramatic and painful. you can't let that happen. >> bill: very lively debate. always nice to have you on the program. thanks for taking the time. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. will jay-z, beyonce, kanye west boycott florida over the travon martin case. sues the widow of chris keil, the navy seal. judge says the case can proceed. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight, as you may have heard the city of detroit is bankrupt. no surprise it has been out of money for decades. steve crowder parodied a public service announcement by tim allen that tried to bolster detroit. mr. crew der sees it differently. >> city eating itself alive and run by democrats. republican scapegoat just as allusive as any end in site a crystal ball future of the country in a city likely to change as its students are to graduate high school. it's why even as the city declares bankruptcy, you can always count on to be waiting for you on one hand out and the other ready to shoot you -- >> bill: here now to react, fox business anchor john stossel. have you been studying detroit. what's the primary problem there? >> they grew government
1:33 am
faster than the private sector could grow. >> bill: okay. so there was a democratic controlled everything in the cities. series of corrupt mayors. >> that adds to it. >> bing is a good guy. these guys before kwame is in jail. >> he is not in jail now. he went to jail. he may go again. spent money on limousines and night clubs. hired his friends and relatives. >> bill: i submit because i do know people that live there that narcotics destroyed the city on the street and people just moved out thereof because they just didn't want to deal with the violence and the chaos and then the tax revenues went down because the people were making money left and moved to the suburbs. >> you don't mean narcotics you mean all the crimes caused by your law against the narcotics. >> bill: if you are addicted to drugs you are going to have people causing trouble whether it's legal or illegal. >> people addicted to cigarettes cause trouble. >> bill: it's not the same thing. legal. no if you are going to
1:34 am
addicted to methamphetamine, miami, your behavior is going to change you are anybody celebrated. >> you don't shoot people. >> bill: i believe that this had a tremendous deleterious effect on the city. >> it didn't help. >> bill: mismanagement of the city money being stolen and nothing ever getting done because they wouldn't go to the root of the problem. all right. now, let's talk about happier things. i know you are very very emotionally involved with the first, the royal family i should say over there. kate and william the prince made their first appearance with the little boy. >> he has a good pair of lungs on him that's for sure. is he a big boy. is he quite heavy. still working on a name. we have that as soon as we can. but, first time we have seen limb really so having a proper chance to catch up. >> bill: that's a nice story, right, stossel even for a libertarian like you. >> i'm happy they have a baby but why are they screaming? >> bill: who? >> the crowds around.
1:35 am
i was went to the tv sets what's going on? >> bill: prince william and kate middleton are rock stars over there they're like the beatles over there. >> why do americans care so much. we fought a revolution to get rid of royalty. >> bill: now they are our friends in great britain. a lot of people would like to live in windsor council. you are a glamorous guy. >> it sells. back to detroit. government can't cut anything. that's a real problem. they still have a horseshoer in the water department, even though they don't have horses. >> bill: a horseshoer? >> we ought to care about that not about the royal 3 third in line baby. >> bill: corruption in detroit and try. >> new york and philadelphia and every place else, yes. it's a baby. people have babies. >> bill: but you are has been for the couple? >> certainly. it's also lookism. kate is good looking. >> bill: there is a people aspect to it john stossel,
1:36 am
everybody, i'm glad he is happy. when he is happy we are happy. when we come back jesse ventura suing the widow of navy seal chris keil. will there be a big boycott in florida. factor will return in just
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>> thanks for staying with
1:40 am
us bill o'reilly is it legal segment tonight, navy seal and best selling author chris keil was murdered last february by a deranged man in texas. months before that i talked with mr. keil about his confrontation with jesse ventura. >> you say you knocked jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. now, you don't mention his name but everybody knows who that is. number one, that happened? you knocked him out? >> well, i knocked him down. >> bill: knocked him down. why? why would you punch ventura? >> i was in '06 was the year we lost our first two seals in iraq. we came home. we lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar there in coronado and he was there. >> bill: so he was bad mouthing the war, right? >> bad mouthing the war. bad mouthing bush. bad mouthing america. >> bill: and you took exception? >> i did find a problem with it. >> bill: so ventura sued for defamation even though the navy seal is dead. the judge said the suit
1:41 am
against his widow and estate can continue. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. what do you think about this suit? >> legally the judge is right. it can go forward even though the alleged defamer is now dead. will it actually result in money for ventura? absolutely not. get in front of a jury with this case and say this man, who was a hero now is dead in front of his widow? no jury -- a jury might give him something. >> bill: give him a dollar or something. >> exactly like a dollar. >> bill: how do you see it. >> i think lis is 100% correct. legally correct. the judge would be right in determining this. but the jury is not. >> bill: if somebody harms you and defamation. >> actual malice, too. >> bill: that person dies you can go ahead with the suit. >> proper party is what it is called and tya keil proper party. sympathetic in front of a jury. >> actual malice though. >> bill: i told mr. keil's widow that i thought jesse ventura was harming himself by continuing this. >> yes.
1:42 am
>> bill: ventura will say, listen, i have a rip station. and i didn't do what mr. keil says i did in print in his book and i deserve to have my reputation be put back so you can't really deny him the opportunity to do that navy seals come forward and factor spoken to a number who present actual malice because you have got a public figure. >> i said not to ventura himself he is such a loon can't have him on. he goes all over the place. i said to him it would be a lot better for you as a man of honor to not pull the grieving widow. >> let it go. very good advice. >> the department of justice has been presented with evidence that the irs did illegally leak information about some
1:43 am
political candidates, right, guilfoyle? >> that's correct there are 8 instances alleged. >> what instance according to senator chuck grassley has overwhelming evidence that it happened? yet, the doj under attorney general holder will not prosecute? is that it? >> which is inappropriate. why shouldn't there be a complete investigation? where is the transparency? so, you have the taxpayer at a disadvantage here because the berne who has been harmed and the allegations are willful. that's the problem wouldn't you like to know if it was you. willful -- access. >> bill: the person who was harassed by the irs should come forward. but right now holder is not going to do anything about it. >> right now talking about criminal charge here. at the very least, a grand jury should be convened, this is willful unauthorized. >> bill: who can call for the grand jury again? >> the department of justice. >> bill: he is not going to do it. that would make the irs look bad. >> pressing the point and putting everything in writing. >> bill: see, politics is intruding on the justice system. >> that's the problem,
1:44 am
wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. >> bill: six flags in texas, may i have heard, 52-year-old woman fell out of a giant roller coaster. roll the tape. >> they were screaming when they came back and they were trying to get out of the restraint and they were screaming my mom, my mom. we have got to get my mom. she is gone. >> bill: she fell out? how many kids. >> a couple of kids with her. it was 14 tiered arer coaster. here is the thing, she got in this roller coaster, as she was getting in she said this safety doesn't feel like it's very safe to me at all. and lady just go on. but the problem is there is no state or federal regulations on these amusement parks. more than 4,000 kids under the age of 18 have been injured every year not killed but injured. >> i don't know if the problem is going to be solved by more regulation. >> there should be some regulation. >> i think this family is going to be able to sue six flags for a bundle of money. >> millions of dollars. >> move the story forward a little bit and say what's next? regulation. regulation. be. >> they said directly
1:45 am
caused by a loose restraint and the medical examiner said she died from multiple injuries. >> bill: 14 stories, she is dead. >> how is this safe? >> bill: i don't oppose regulating rides and there should be people who are looking at the rides but it comes down to the six flags and they will have to fork out about 10 or $20 million. >> they are investigating the matter. >> and they should. going to run a high risk ride you have got to make sure everything is solid. >> you are going to pay when it fails. >> how about do something so it doesn't happen again? >> bill: thanks as always. in a moment, dr. ben carson some threats that some big time pop stars will boycott the state of florida over stand your ground. talking jesus this morning. handle that on the factor tip of the day upcoming. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight as i said last night in the talking points memo. there are elements in the entertainment industry absolutely harming black children because they put out garbage songs and movies ♪ >> bill: that song entitled n word in paris, how nice. well, now there is a report by the american you urban radio networks, that says kanye west, jay-z and others are going to boycott the state of florida over the stand your ground law. dr. ben carson author of the book america the beautiful. obviously you are not boycotting florida because you are down there. i came down on hip hop and culture last night very hard. am i overstating things, doctor? >> i don't think so. because you have to recognize that children have to develop an
1:50 am
identity. where does that identity come from? because that really formulates the kind of adults that they are going to be. now, in the past, you used to get your identity from your family. as you correctly pointed out in your talking points your talking points earlier, as the family disintegrates. the young people are still there, still looking for some place from which to derive that entity. we need to be careful about what we put in there. you have to understand the human brain is an incredible organ system. it remembers everything you've seen and heard. it does not go away. there are operations you can do where you place electrodes in certain parts of the brain, they stimulate and can recall something they heard 50 years ago. we need to recognize that all that stuff is going in there, it's having an effect. let's put the good things in, as opposed to the other kinds of things. i'm not saying we have to totally boycott all those things, which is something else you're saying, certain artists
1:51 am
threatening to boycott, how does that fair. there are a lot of people in florida. and a lot of them would even agree with those people who want to boycott it, why would you be doing something that would hurt them. let's come up with less reaction airy things. >> i challenged all of the civil rights groups and the grievance industry people. i want to be up front. i think the reason they don't see it your way and my way, and try to deal with the cultural and family problems and all that, is because they make money from the division. the more disenchanted blacks are against white america, the more money and power they assemble. am i wrong? >> you're right, and it's not just the racial issue. it's on a whole multitude of issues that there is a divide and concur mentality. all you have to do is read rules for radicals, you'll understand exactly what's going on. it's very important that the
1:52 am
american people are not each other's enemies. but we have to be informed in order to make accurate assessments of what people are telling us, and to come down on the right side of things. i outrage in the trayvon martin case, you say an innocent young man walking home ends up dead. i understand that, but you have to look at all the facts, that's why we have a legal system. more and more things will come out, and it will become much clearer over the course of time. >> there doesn't seem to be any champion to clean up the problems in a are harming black children. there doesn't seem to be any champion. >> no, a degree with you. i talk about it all the time. i talk about the pregnancy rates, i talk about having respect for yourself, for the young black man, women. and about the consequences of actions. but i don't hear a lot of other people talking. >> i recommend your book for everybody. check out dr. carson's book, and
1:53 am
we appreciate you coming on tonight. you and jesus, the tip moments away. time for tip of the day about you and jesus in a moment. first the mail, i was glad to hear someone like you address the problem of fatherless homes. you'll be attacked as racist for speaking the truth. riley, who do you think you are telling blacks how to live their
1:54 am
lives? as much as you right wing silver spoon white males want to believe slavery has nothing to do with the current situation you are wrong, you are a despicable racist. mark clay burn, east vale california. it's troubling our leaders don't key in on the truth. simon ole sung city, arizona. you call and karl rove and bernie gold better berg are not black, therefore you can only assume the difficulties of being african-americ african-american. bill, you're exactly right about black children, it is shameful our leaders have done little to encourage the restoration of the black family. kelly herbst in wisconsin, you
1:55 am
are blibd to your own sex iism. sorry you can't handle the truth. the problems all begin out of wedlock pregnancies. only one person at a time can stop that. my heartbeat faster and tears ran down my face as i listened to your talking points. i want to be able to read them over and over. theo nader, you were disrespectful to kate and william, when you suggested their baby might be named spike. constance from bethlehem, pennsylvania. i sent my grandson lincoln's last days i plan to send him kennedy's last days as well. thanks for making history fun. on the way to sweden i red keep
1:56 am
it pithy. if you will buy any of my best selling books on billo' we donate a dollar for each purchase to the fisher house for military families. if you become a premium member on billo' free of charge. i was on the imus program this morning, carried on the fox business network, we were discussing my upcoming book killing jesus which is out in september. he takes exception to some evangelical evangelicals who say the only way to get to heaven is to be born again. >> there's more than one path to where it is everyone thinks they're going. >> the catholic religion of roman catholicism has an interesting passage they very rarely publicize. it's called baptism by desire, if you're not baptized formally with water on the head and all
1:57 am
of that, you can still get to heaven if you lead a good life. >> very good point. >> if you're a theologian and you look into it seriously, you find that it's -- the theology of christianity is based on one thing. one thing. treating other people the way you want to be treated. and if you do that and you live in new guinea, i think you're going to make it. >> the new guinea reference i said there were people who had never heard of jesus. and god wouldn't assign them to hell. i do not use my position here to tell people what to believe. that would be wrong. it was an interesting discussion and i thought you would like to hear it in the factor today. that is it for us tonight. check out the foxnews website which is different from billo'
1:58 am
o' name a town if you wish to opine. do not be misanthropic when writing to the factor. i allowed a letter in that used an obscenity to show you what kind of mentality is out there. we usually throw them away as soon as we see anything like that. that was the exception, we will not see another one like that. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. it's july 24th. a natural gas rig explodes burning in the gulf of mexico. as workers are evacuated if just
1:59 am
in time. if you thought the irs learning how to dance on your dime was bad it just not even worse. brand-new abuse. and if you're looking to save money on your next trip, look no further, we have the list of the cheapest airports to fly from. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ sunlight ♪ rock with you all night a little music to make you start the day dancing. >> good morning, you're watching "fox and friends first" on this wednesday morning. i'm heather childers. >> and i'm ainsley e earhart. >> we begin with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, a fire breaks out on a gas well in the gulf of mexico, off the coast of
2:00 am
louisiana. now the coast guard has been out overnight trying to put out the flames, having trouble trying to contain the fire. this comes hours after 50 employees had to be vac waited because the well blew out. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. happening today, aaron hernandez will be back in court. even more trouble is looming for the tight end. police believe that hernandez was with the victims the night of the murders at the club, an suv connected to the case was recently taken from the home of hernandez's uncle. today's hearing is a probable cause hearing in the murder of odin lloyd. growing cause this morning for anthony weiner to drop out of the new york


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