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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 24, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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83% of those surveyed gave congress thumbs down in the "wall street journal" poll. >> thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. have a wonderful day. ♪ >> we made it to the middle of the week. it is wednesday, july 24. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. this morning evidence that could have blown the lid off the i.r.s. scandal. vanishes into thin air? what happened to the records that showed initials snooped on christine o'donnell's records. officials say we lost them. will americans buy that excuse? >>steve: busted sending smut again. busted lying again. now he -- the guy with no shirt on -- wants your forgiveness again. can voters ever believe anything anthony weiner has to say? >>brian: is this a repeat from last year?
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>>steve: i wish it were but it's not. >>brian: excuse me, gretchen. >>gretchen: that guy's head was in his mouth. sorry. >>brian: when crocks attack, gretchen screamed about it -- a crocodile bites down on a trainer's head in front of a horrified tourist. queue him. action. >> by proclamation of the royal family, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox & friends" >>steve: how great is that? from 48th and 6th avenue. we saw the town crier announcing the birth of the little baby over in london and we said that town crier was great. we've got to get us one. there's ours. good morning, sir. >>gretchen: i have a
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sneaking suspicion that our town crier was george washington a few weeks ago. he's cracking up. >>brian: how big is that page for just one line? that's a huge -- anything else on there? >>steve: it's the first time we've ever had the cold open on a scroll. >>gretchen: we all started in the news business; we were using scrolls. at least i was using a type writer for the first year. here we are. we're pretending like we've got the royal family. >>steve: we have our own town crier because today is a big day. there's the baby, the prince of wales. >>brian: he has something else to say. >>steve: okay. >>steve: o yea! a proclamation on the 27th of july in the year of our lord 2013, we welcome a future king, the
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first-born of their royal high necessaries, the -- royal highness, the dutschke and duchess of cambridge, may he be happy and glorious one day to reign over us. god save the queen! >>gretchen: a prognosticator too. >>brian: you put the camera on him long enough, he'll read something. >>steve: i like the fact that the people of new york city walking by are like i see that all the time. we've got our own town crier today. >>gretchen: we'll tell you the name prediction. we'll tell you what people are saying about the name because that's still the unknown in that whole equation. we have to do some headlines. while you were sleeping a fire breaks out in the gulf of mexico off the coast of l.a. the coast -- coast of louisiana. coast guard having trouble putting out the fire.
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it comes after workers had to be evacuated because a well blew up. today aaron hernandez will be back in courts. prosecutors reportedly presenting evidence to a grand jury for a 2012 double homicide. police believe hernandez was with the victims the night of the murders at a club. an saoefrb -- s.u.v. connected to the case was taken from the home of hernandez' uncle. today's hearing is a probable cause hearing in the case of odin lloyd. also happening today, the house is going to vote on defunding the n.s.a. to stop its spying on americans. the amendments are part of a defense spending bill. the effort to halt the spying bringing together democrats and republicans. >> the debate really comes down to whether we want to allow the n.s.a. to collect these records or whether we want to deny them the funding to do so. >> this means the
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government's authority to collect information on law-abiding americans is essentially limitless. >>gretchen: overnight we learned edward snowden, the man who leaked how widespread the spying is could be granted temporary asylum today in russia, according to his lawyers this. prince william and kate middleton revealing their baby boy to the world. the future king of england managing his first royal wave. right on queue he waved. the proud parents say they still haven't settled on that name. >> he's a big boy, a little heavy. but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. >> i think any parent knows what this feeling is like. >>gretchen: the duchess paid special tribute to the late princess diana.
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i didn't realize this when i saw the first photo but look closely. she had on a pollka dot similar to the one diana wore when she walked out of the same hospital wing 31 years ago. >>steve: they took the baby after the photo op and put it in the ranger and drove off to the castle. meanwhile, president obama is set to deliver a major speech on the economy today as he lays out his vision for the middle class. there are also reports that the white house is trying to figure out how to lend some assistance to the broke city of detroit. we're live in washington, d.c. where down there they were talking bailout, weren't they elizabeth? >> yes. in several pending speeches this week the president wants to remind americans he's focused on the economy. the white house is exploring on how to lend assistance to the now bankrupt city of detroit. the administration's latest
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initiative kick off today as president obama travels to illinois and missouri where he will be pushing new policy proposals in a series of follow-up speeches planned through september, most of which will target issues such as housing, retirement, security and of course the younger generation. the president will make an argument that the economy is on the right track but the government still has a lot of work to do. >> and in order to do that, we need to make wise investments in education and innovation and infrastructure. and not cut those programs and decimate those programs so that we can protect special interests. >> so far there has been no indication of a bailout for detroit, and the idea has very little to no public support. the administration may have to provide assistance, though, to union supporters who are in fear of losing pensions to the city's chapter 9 filing. of course a bailout is something the white house has not completely ruled out. >> no plans to provide the
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kind of assistance you're talking about. the city has to, and the state have to work that out with the city's creditors. >> conservative critics argue nationwide taxpayers should not be responsible for backing cities that have failed, especially since there are about 100 other cities around the nation reporting to be in some serious distress from debt. gretchen, steve, brian, back to you. >>steve: thank you very much. >>brian: we write that check, we're going to be writing checks into oblivion. can't do it. >>gretchen: later on we'll tell you they're not going to call it a bailout. they're going to massage the wording of it so it doesn't sound as bad. bailout with most americans doesn't rate very well. >>brian: free money had a we don't have -- free money that we don't have. >>gretchen: let's talk about delaware. state officials -- remember christine o'donnell, she ran for senate three years ago -- i think so. there was a big story that came out as she was launching her campaign that
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she had a lien on a piece of property. it turns out now that the i.r.s. apparently investigated her without her knowing that and it was completely probably illegal to do that. >>brian: not only that, it was wrong. they put out a missive that said she owed money, a lien on a house, property she didn't have. she tried to tell people that, but instead the narrative became christine o'donnell, the woman who wants to reform the economy and rein in debt but can't get her personal checkbook in line. >>steve: she was told in january by a department of treasury official that her tax records were tapped by somebody in the state of delaware, the same day she announces she's running. a little fishy. here she is on our program explaining it. >> someone working for the delaware government illegally accessed my tax records. now coincidently on that same day the i.r.s. fired -- filed an erroneous tax lien with new castle county.
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they later dismissed it as a computer error, but that tax lien followed my campaign. if someone is abusing their power at the i.r.s. and inappropriately accessing the records, the private personal record of political candidates and then using it to damage them, we need answers. i am completely dumbfounded as to why the criminal investigators have not only closed my case but why eric holder says there is no reason to look any further. >>brian: no problem. all tough do is go to the records and look it up and find out who opened the case and where the taxes are -- >>steve: i've got bad news. apparently chuck grassley, the senator from the great state of iowa, he's investigating. he's been told by investigators in delaware that they only keep computerized data for three months. it's gone. now they've got to truf the people who actually -- they've got to trust the
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people who allegedly tapped into the tax records that they did it for legitimate reasons. >>gretchen: they would be able to get in e-mails from three years ago. it would take a little bit longer to figure out what the communication was. apparently it happened on a saturday which wasn't necessarily normal for people to be discussing business on a saturday and looking into people's records. it might take longer to get to the bottom of it, but they probably will. >>brian: i was watching old footage of anthony weiner's conference when he admits to sexing. >>gretchen: hard to believe anthony weiner would be talking about another sex scandal. this is months later after
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-- >>steve: he quit the u.s. congress two years ago. then last year, last summer he started a relationship with a 22-year-old girl, progressive activist from the state of indiana. >>brian: called buxom -- >>steve: the relationship apparently -- the relationship apparently ran through november. at one point, according to the website, the dirty, weiner said to her you've got to delete all that stuff, those messages i sent you. by the way, i'm going to get you a condo and a job in chicago. >>brian: wait a second. he went to rehab, he went out of sight, lost his seat. he runs for mayor. for some reason he's winning in the recent polls. then it turns out as late as april 13 of this year he's still sexting with a 22-year-old who finds his
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sex talk crazy and his wife is still there. >>steve: the good news is he's not dropping in. staying in to win. good luck. >>gretchen: ray kelly is coming on the show. he is chief of police but there are rumors he may be running for mayor. we'll ask him his thoughts as well. coming up, it's been nearly a year and four americans are dead. will we ever find out what happened in benghazi? lawmakers are using a new tactic to get to the bottom of it. >>brian: allen west here to explain is that. >>steve: a crocodile bites down on a trainer's head in front of horrified tourists. what happens next? >>gretchen: i thought that image was you. i thought that was you putting your head -- ♪ putting your head -- ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes,
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>>gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. it's already been ten months since the benghazi attack. new exclusive information this morning. fox news located one of the security agents gravely injured in that act. his name is david offen, credited from saving a body that night. he is now recovering at walter reed medical center. a group of lawmakers using a tactic called a distinguished discharge petition. the 60 foot long scroll was rolled out yesterday with signatures of 1,000 special operation vets but it needs 218 house signatures. former congressman colonel allen west has signed it and he joins me now. good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing, gretchen? >> very well. what does this petition say? >> first of all, the petition that was signed by special operation speaks is
3:18 am
directing a lot of unanswered questions we have with reference to the benghazi incident. you have the basic question what was ambassador stevens doing on september 11? who were the individuals who ordered the stand-down. we know forces could have been there perhaps not in time to save the ambassador but definitely in time to save the two former navy seals. but the most important thing is you have house resolution 36 which is really asking for a select committee to be appointed. right now the investigation is spread out over four different committees. we want to see a unit of command, unit of effort. the discharge petition is trying to get to our 19 house member signatures so we can get house resolution 36 up for a vote which for some odd reason seems to be blocked in getting to the house floor. >>gretchen: many americans are watching this morning and they're saying ten months have gone by. at least for the families of these four americans killed, why have we had no arrests? there are five suspects
3:19 am
supposedly. why have there been no arrests? and why are people not on capitol hill demanding that something happen? >> that's the real question, you know. without a doubt, there has to be seen as a coverup and everyone that is complicit in this to include the media and those not willing to sign the discharge petition or h. res. 36. most importantly, this is not about arresting people. this was an attack on sovereign u.s. soil. we cannot see the loss of an ambassador being the new normal. and we also cannot, you know -- we have this mantra of leave no man behind. we turned our backs on men who were defending american soil, who were under attack. and that is reprehensible. that is not speaking to the better angels of our nature. for all the men and women in uniform, all those state department employees working in consolates and embassies, they need to know the people in washington, d.c. have their back. >>gretchen: so many
3:20 am
unanswered questions. keep us posted as to how many signatures this petition gets. it made its mark yesterday by rolling out had a scroll. >> can i say one thing? i have a dear friend, howard "mad max" mullen being inducted into the ranger hall of fame. i want to send him a special shoutout for his induction. >>gretchen: have a great weekend. you've seen them in action. swat teams, sometimes they hit the wrong house even used for pranks. should our police be acting like the military? a fair and balanced debate next. we'll show you what happens when sleeping passengers on an airplane attack. does he not know that person? oh my gosh! [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office
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>>brian: just days after a woman fell 75 feet on her -- to her death on a roller coaster, six flags is shutting down a second similar roller coaster. inspectors won't say what they found on the iron rattler at a six flags in san antonio. it is also made of wood and steel. >> when it comes to city versus countries, it turns out country living is more dangerous. a study finds the risk of death is 22% higher in the country. researchers say it is because people are more likely to die from an unexpected reason like a car crash. the good news is no subway accidents. steve? >>steve: we have seen them in action. swat teams with military grade weapons like soldiers on a battle field in our own neighborhoods. they are here to protect us, but sometimes mistakes are made. like this week when a police swat team in florida
3:25 am
busted into a woman's home working on a tip. a suspect was inside at the time. >> out of my peripheral vision i see movement. i look up. there is a "rambo" kind of guy with a vest and a gun pointing at me with a white light. i think it's a home invasion. i thought there were bad guys after me. >>steve: police eventually arrested the man they were looking for in another apartment complex. so is it time to end the militarizeation of our police force? here is radley balko, author of the rise of the warrior cop. joe mathews, retired detective sergeant. he joins us from florida. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. detective sergeant, let's start wufplt why do we need swat teams? >> i think things would be so much worse if we didn't have it. it's just like the space shuttle. we've obtained so much
3:26 am
information, it wasn't just landing on the moon but it was all the technology that we acquired as a result of that. yet, in normal law enforcement, they have learned so much from swat techniques. >>steve: i understand that. radley, the bad guys have really, really big guns these days. what's your problem with swat teams? >> my problem with swat teams, i'm not opposed to them in principle. i think there are occasions where they're justified, where that sort of force is justified. my problem is the overwhelming majority of swat raids today are breaking into people's homes to serve warrants for basically drug crimes. the appropriate use for a swat team is when you're using violence to defuse an already violent situation. an active shooter or bank robbery, hostage taking that sort of thing. when using them to serve drug warrants you're creating confrontation where there was none before. that is my objection.
3:27 am
>>steve: joe, what do you have to say? >> the drug war in south florida is the most dangerous warrant that you have to, you know, serve. they are all carrying guns and they all are career criminals. it would be the recommendation of most police departments that swat is involved in all search warrants. >>steve: we've got a graphic that shows, radley, how many swat teams we started. back in the 1970's, the first one was in l.a. to essentially combat after the watts riots. now there are over 5,000 swat -- 50,000 swat team raids each and every year. you say one of the problems sofpb times innocent -- is oftentimes innocent people are killed. >> innocent people are killed, innocent people are raided. we're seeing mission creep with swat teams. i've reported on cases where swat teams have been sent into bars where they suspected there was underage drinking going on. swat raids on neighborhood
3:28 am
poker games. in orlando they were doing swat regulation inspections on barber shops to see if they were licensed to cut hair. it's a case of you have this hammer and now all of a sudden every problem starts to look like a nail. >>steve: sure. joe, what do you say to that? there are a lot of instances, it sounds like, where perhaps you don't need all that fire power to go out and grab somebody. >> you know, it's remarkable how when we do a search, we don't know what to expect. there's swat teams at every police department throughout the united states. if they don't have their own swat team, they have access to one. and the amount of times that there are incidents where someone gets hurt or a wrong house is searched, those are so few compared to the overall amount of work they do. and the amount of police homicides -- in 2012, 1,600 police officers were killed in the line of duty, over
3:29 am
500 were shot. 70-something were swat officers. can you imagine how many more officers would have been killed if they didn't use the swat techniques. >>steve: you make a good point. radley, real quick. >> those numbers, there was nowhere near 1,600 police officers killed last year. it is not even anywhere close to that. 2012 was the safest year for police officers since the early 1960's. >>steve: radley and joe, we're going to have to end it. gentlemen, thank you very much. next up, the pwoepld -- the obama administration wants to map out american neighborhoods by race so it is fair. should the government be social engineering with your money. stuart varney on deck with his thoughts. then a croc attack. you have to see it to believe it. open wide. oh no. ♪ ♪ ♪e dla
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>> experts are predicting that the royal baby could pump $380 million into the british economy. $380 million, yeah. the question now is, how do we get this kid to move to detroit? >>brian: that would be interesting. a lot of that money is coming from betting. a lot of people feel as though they have an
3:34 am
inclination of who the baby will be named after, what the baby will be called. >>gretchen: lear are the real odds -- here are the real odds. you have the name george at two to one. james at four to one. listen to that music. alexander seven to one. louise and henry 12 to one. here's why it won't be james, i think. because james hewitt. remember james hewitt? i think varney just passed out. >>steve: here's why it won't be george. george castanza. >>gretchen: here are our picks for what we think the name will be. >>steve: i think the child could be named chutney because i've been to england a number of times and the people there love chutney. >>gretchen: frances alexander. frances because that's
3:35 am
diana's middle name and it could go for a boy as well. >>brian: i pick randy in honor of randy jackson. after ten years on "american idol" he now has moved on. >>gretchen: what does that have to do with the royal family? >>brian: the idols in england are the royal family. >>steve: the british have a problem with that scandal, that randy-andy thing. >>gretchen: let us know what you think the name might be. >>steve: give us suggestions. the odds are 50 to 1 for elvis and 500 to 1 for north. north windsor. >>gretchen: new video. moments a southwest jet plunged nose first into the tarmac at la guardia airport. watch this. >> that was the impact. >>gretchen: investigators saying when the plane touched down, its nose gear
3:36 am
collapsed up and into the jet's fuselage. the plane's data and voice recorders are at the ntsb labs in washington and hopes to provide clues as to what caused the nose gear to break. >>steve: you're supposed to have your phone off when you land. looks like somebody had their phone on. the boston cops released photos of the accused boston bomberer's surrender was stripped of his badge. he is not being fired but is on desk duty while police do a full investigation. murphy was not authorized to release the photos but did he did it in response to the rolling stone cover featuring tsarnaev. his son calls his dad a hero. >> throughout this process he's shown the characteristics i hope to someday model myself after. if i could be one-fourth of the man he is now, i'll be more than happy in my life. >>steve: murphy getting
3:37 am
support from victims of the bombing. this weekend he met with a man who lost both of his legs. >>brian: maybe he shouldn't have done it, but he stood there and took it and said i'm will to suffer the ramifications because it's worth it. the craziest video you will see all day. a crocodile snapping its jaws shut while that trainer's head was inside its mouth. the horrifying stunt happened in thailand. this is the most predictable horrifying accident i've seen. the 27-year-old escaped with bite wound on his face and neck but amazingly was not seriously injured. let's see if he does it today. >>gretchen: note to brian, be careful when we have alligators or crocs on the set. >>brian: people were in danger and i jumped on an alligator. >>gretchen: the friendly skies got way too friendly
3:38 am
for one passenger. this could be the most awkward flight ever. this unfortunate flier wound up with a woman falling asleep in his lap. the woman is out cold. look at that! he's not sure how to handle it. he tried a dozen times to lift her up. eventually he lucked out and gets the tired traveler to sit up in her seat. he's relieved but it was not long before the woman found someone else to lean on. what is around her neck? >>steve: that's a clear shot. if anyone knows who that woman is -- female is -- >>brian: i admire that guy's expression. >>steve: let's go to maria molina for a look at the weather coast to coast. >>brian: maria, did you ever fall asleep on somebody's lab? >> no. that's why you're supposed to get the window sleep. fall asleep on the window.
3:39 am
she must have been tired. good to know that man she fell asleep on kept reading with that very concerned look on his face. let's look at the weather conditions across the country. i want to start in the northeast. out here we're talking lower humidity. take a look at some of these high temperatures. very unlike summer. 69 degrees for a high temperature in buffalo and syracuse. temperatures below average, low humidity. beautiful out across the interior sections of the northeast and also across sections of the great lakes. 76 for your high temperature in detroit. texas on the high side. 97 for your high in dallas, 100 in san antonio. showers and storms expected across southern plains and the southeast. let's head back inside. steve, gretchen and brian. >>steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. in a new social engineering project undertaken by the federal government, the dim wants to map every neighborhood in america by race to make sure there is enough public housing in every town to go around. >>gretchen: if towns fail to diversify, they could be
3:40 am
denied federal funding. stuart varney is here to weigh in on this program. what do you make of it? >> it is a huge social engineering project using your tax money to influence where people live. let me repeat this. the government is creating these maps of every neighborhood in america, and they will identify residents by race. if you don't have the right racial mix in your neighborhood as determined by the government, then they will take corrective action, namely, withholding federal funds to your area, your state, your town, your neighborhood. that is social engineering. it was announced on july 16. sean donovan, secretary for housing and urban development, said we've got these new regulations using this massive data base to add, quote, protected classes to predominantly white neighborhood. >>steve: who at the federal level is going to be the ones saying you need this ratio of -- >> that's the important question. i don't know what the correct demographic spread is supposed to be.
3:41 am
it will be defined by the government. and i don't know what it's going to be. >>gretchen: what kind of dollars are we talking about? >> billions of dollars. i can't give you a precise number but it is all those dollars, federal dollars which flow to localities to provide housing or to support housing or development of some kind. you don't get them if you don't have the right racial mix. >>brian: i would not be surprised if you follow this story at 9:20 on the fox business network. >> a very big story. >>brian: we'll watch you fill in for neil cavuto at 4:00. >>gretchen: what are your picks for baby names? >> i think the middle name would be spencer, lady diana's family name. i reject utterly the idea that he would be called louie. we will not have a king louie in britain. period. do i make myself clear? >>gretchen: that's what i like about you.
3:42 am
>>brian: louie, louie, he's got to go and so do we. >>steve: straight ahead, before you dip into the salsa at your next summer barbecue, better check out the jar. turns out there may be glass inside. we've got details. >>brian: he was the lightweight champion of the world when one knockout changed his life forever. ray mancini opening up about it all. it was a great book, will soon be a movie and now to be coming to the couch.
3:43 am
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or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions, or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >>brian: he was the light heavyweight champion -- the lightweight champion of the world and one of the most promising fighters of his time. that was until one fight at the age of 21 changed his
3:46 am
life forever. after a grueling 14 rounds, ray mancini landed a knockout blow in the 15th that would put out his point and would put his opponent into a coma. >> i fought to fight for the honor of my father. after that fight it took the love away from me, took the honor away from me. there was nothing righteous about it. >>brian: the good son is a documentary focusing on the first time ray mancini meets the son of the man he killed in the ring 30 years earlier. ray "boom boom" mancini joins us live. it is so much more, about your family, where you came from and what you accomplished which is unbelievable. that moment when you were sitting on the stoop and up comes the boy who never met his father who died in the ring fighting you, that was a real moment. >> we were -- first, they told me that his son wanted to meet me, i said
3:47 am
absolutely. i thought it was important for me to meet him and him to meet him, to have closure for him and maybe myself. i always wondered about him and his mother. they said he wanted to meet me. i said great. he comes in. they're saying they're on their way, be there in ten minutes and this and that. finally i said to my director, i said jesse, you've got one shot to get this. i can't do this. you've got one shot so you better get everything you want now. there was a free camera shot. when he got there, he pulled up the car, he came out. i hug and kiss everybody. i didn't want to cross that line because of the asian culture, i know they're very conservative. i look a bit awkward obviously when i hugged them but it was nice. we embraced. we introduced his mother. she was loving, wonderful and gracious. finally we went in the house and ient dued my children -- i introduced my children and went in the
3:48 am
house. finally the guards started coming down on everybody and we went to dinner that night and it was great. >> he said i hated you for awhile. he found out what happened in the ring but then he watched the fight and understood the torture you went there and he said don't feel bad about it. the story of the good son written by mark kriegel is the story about a father who goes to world war ii, he gets blown up. you said i'm going to become the lightweight champion you couldn't do. what was it like accomplishing that and to be able to give your dad that belt? >> a great feeling. other than seeing my children born, there will be nothing in that life to give me that same euphoric type of feeling. it was an unbelievable feeling. even to this day i could feel it, i can remember it. i got it. just, it was the greatest feeling ever, the greatest moment of my life.
3:49 am
we shared it. it was just -- i love it. when i see it, i relive it again. the greatest feeling. >>brian: for a period, ray, sinatra was ringside. stallone was calling you. the documentary is awesome. go to i-tunes, download it or wait for theatrical release, august 9. still can't take you in a fight. >> i don't mess with heavyweights. >>brian: i'm not a heavyweights. doocy is the guy with the hands. better watch out for him. steve, stay back. he's our guest. ray mancini, congratulations on your career and where you are right now. thank you for coming in. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. states fighting back against the n.s.a. what texas is doing to keep its residents safe from spies. are you ready for the ultimate workout? anna kooiman crossfit
3:50 am
challenge. live on the plaza. you do crossfit; right? go out there. put on your leotard. ♪ ♪ for pain and swelling? apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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this i[growl]e valley. we used to live with a bear. we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well,
3:52 am
go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep. tempur-pedic.
3:53 am
>> gretchen: have you ever heard of cross fit? it's a hot fitness craze. teens will be battling it out for the title of cross fit champ. >> brian: how can you benefit? anna kooiman is on the plaza and does cross fit. some say she's doing it now. >> i'm in the middle of kettle bell swings. good to be back. with amy from a local manhattan cross fit gym or box. we're in the middle of the cross fit games going on in carson,
3:54 am
california. this is so intense. tell me exactly what is cross fit? >> cross fit is constantly varied functional movement performed at a high intensity. we take varied exercises from the bar bell, weightlifting, to gymnastics or conditioning exercises and combine them in many different ways to form various exercises. >> we're in the middle of kettle bells. tell me the form. >> up to take the kettle bell, first pick it up with two hands and when you bring that kettle bell between your leg, you're letting your for forearms touche inside of your legs and your glutes. >> my heart rate is through the roof. one thing about cross fit is some of your workouts are five minutes long. >> yeah. >> let's move here to thrusters. >> this is a great one to emphasize for the five-minute
3:55 am
workout. you're going to pick it up and bring it to your shoulders. bring those elbows nice and high. and we're going to come did you know into a nice low squat. as you come up, push it overhead and then bring it back down to the spot. perfect. there you go. >> that's tough, too. that's strength and conditioning. >> move over here. this is insane. these are focusing on explosive movements. >> yes. tell me what my form needs to be on this. >> your form, you want to make sure you're opening up all the way at the top of the jump when you're on top of the box. and all the power is going to come from that initial jump off the ground. a lot of power from the hips. >> all right. so the rower. a lot of people think the rower comes from the arms, but it's really coming from the legs. you're going to use your legs to really drive back when you hold on to the handle. >> we've got a minute, not even.
3:56 am
>> use your legs on the initial drive back and then pull your arms. there you go. this again is another total body conditioning workout. >> as we go, just talk about how it's military inspired as well. >> sure. a lot of our military servicemen and women use cross fit to train, it's very functional. and it really prepares them to be prepared for anything out there. >> in a short amount of time. >> i'll tell you, i have a loft friends who do this, but it can transform your body in a really short amount of time. it's incredible. back to you. >> steve: it's what all the kids are doing these days. kettle bells and what not. >> brian: yeah. keeps everything fresh. meanwhile, anna will go out there and continue to work out maybe for the next 2 1/2 hours. straight ahead on our show, the president says no bailout for detroit. we just learned about some secret talks that say something else could be coming down the pike and it's all to keep the unions happy. >> steve: i guess they're not so secret anymore. >> gretchen: beyonce attacked by
3:57 am
an electric fan. it goes horribly wrong. oops.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, july 24, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your busy day with us. this morning evidence that could have blown the lid off the irs scandal vanishes into thin air. what happened to the records that show officials snooped on christine o'donnel's tax records in delaware? the official answer right now is they were lost. do you buy it? >> brian: nsa stored them with all the other mega data. you think he might have learned his lesson the first time of the but anthony wiener caught in another sexting scandal and he wants forgiveness again. guess who gave it to him. >> gretchen: on national hot dog day. >> steve: mr. wiener on hot dog day? >> brian: right. everyone contributing to my called open read. >> steve: meanwhile, our own ainsley earhart abducted by
4:01 am
terrorists? >> oh, my gosh. where are you taking me? i'm an american citizen! don't take me. >> steve: she's going to teach us how to escape navy seal style if that happens to you. somebody get that license plate number? this is "fox & friends" live from new york. >> by proclamation of the royal family, "fox & friends" starts right now! (bell tolls) >> gretchen: there he is, our own official town cryer of new york city emblematic of the town cryer that we saw in london who was announcing the royal baby was important although i don't think they call him a town cryer. what do they call him? >> brian: loud guy? >> gretchen: loud guy nobody
4:02 am
could understand. >> steve: there screen right you can see the moment when kate and william brought out the little baby whose name to be determined shortly. >> brian: steve, while you were talking, guess what i just learned? the queen came to see the royal couple and the baby this morning. >> steve: over atkinsington? >> oyay. >> gretchen: he's saluting the queen. i also learned that the queen's gynecologist is the same doctor who delivered -- >> oya, oyay. >> steve: we should call him the town interrupter. it's all to put us in the mood of things. do you have a suggestion for the royal baby name? e-mail us. right now james and george are the two leaders. but we bet you've got a better suggestion. >> brian: who in your family
4:03 am
interrupts a lot? write us. because right now our favorite interrupter is -- >> steve: out on the streets. >> gretchen: a fire off the coast of louisiana. coast guard has been out overnight trying to put out the flames. having trouble trying to contain this fire. comes hours after nearly 50 employees had to be evacuated because the well blew out. no injuries reported. happening today, aaron hernandez back in court. even more trouble looming for him. prosecutors are reportedly presenting evidence to a grand jury for a 2012 double homicide as well, also in boston. police believe hernandez was with the victims the night of the murders at a club. an suv connected to the case was recently taken from the home of hernandez' uncle. the hearing is a probable cause hearing in the murder of odin lloyd. there is usually a probable cause ruling before the grand jury issues an indictment. that sums up to a lot of trouble for that young man.
4:04 am
more shame this morning for anthony wiener. this morning there is growing call for the disgraced democrat to drop out of the new york city mayoral race. he was forced to admit that he exchanged explicit photos and messages on-line with another woman under the alias, carlos danger. this happened a year after he resigned from congress, but he can't say that he win. >> i can't say exactly. sometime last summer, i think. in the early days of the campaign, people were pressing me for is there more out there and i said yes. i said that there was and so to some degree, this was something that we had in front of us. it's something we knew might come up. >> gretchen: his poor wife standing by him there, says she forgives hip. she took to the podium. it was amazing. she said she forgives him, she
4:05 am
loves him and they have a child together. tough spot for her. beyonce attacked by a fan at her concert in montreal, but it's not what you think. take a look. ♪ >> gretchen: the singer's hair got caught in one of the large electric fans on stage during her song. but beyonce kept belting it out as she and a couple stage hands worked to yank her strands out. the 31-year-old suffered no injuries and even joked about the incident later on instagram. those are your headlines. that's what happens when you have that long beautiful hair. >> brian: that's why i don't sing. >> steve: that's what happens when you're that close to a fan. let's tell but this, we had christine o'donnel on the show last week talk being how she discovered from a department of treasury official, she was told her tax records had been tapped by the state of delaware, the same day she essentially went
4:06 am
out and decided she was going to run for joe biden's open senate seat. here is the update. according to chuck grassley of iowa, the senator who is looking into this particular scandal, apparently there are no records that currently exist because apparently they only keep the computerized data for three months, then it's either erased or recycled. doesn't exist. so you got to trust them. >> brian: yeah. unbelievable. state officials told congress they likely were destroyed, destroyed the computer records that would show us exactly how they accessed christine o'donnel's personal tax records and they do admit the only justification for looking into them and for snooping into her background was a newspaper article. >> gretchen: can anyone actually believe that the irs only keeps documents for three months? >> brian: file it under naivete. >> gretchen: no way. there is a way to get these
4:07 am
records somewhere on some server with some subpoena, somebody can figure out where they are. >> brian: was there a sound bite that lasts 44 seconds that would encaps slate how she feels about this probe? >> steve: in a word? yes. >> someone working for the delaware government illegally accessed my tax records. now, coins dents leal on that same day, the irs filed an erroneous tax lien with new castle county. they later dismissed it as a computer error, but that tax lien followed my campaign. if someone is abusing their power at the irs and inappropriately accessing the records, the private personal records of political candidates and then using it to damage them, we need answers. i am completely dumb founded as to why the criminal investigators have not only closed my case, but why eric holder says there is no reason to look any further. >> steve: does look like she was
4:08 am
talking -- keep in mind, somebody at the state level e-mailed their supervisor on a saturday, hey, i just read about this lien in the paper. we should tap into her records. apparently they said yeah, go ahead and do it. the state says we didn't do anything wrong. you got to trust them. >> brian: they got the wrong house. >> gretchen: yeah. and you can never get back how that affected her candidacy. you just can't because that put doubt in voters' minds that she couldn't pay her rent and that there was this lien against the property that turns out she didn't even own. so what kind of case does she have? that's what i want to know. >> brian: bill maher killed her with that witch comment taken out of context. >> steve: did. continuing with the tax lien, let's talk about the irs. we have told you on a number of occasions how the irs inex olympicably, it seemed, was targeting conservative and tea party groups. as it turns out, now initially it was rogue agents in cincinnati. now it goes all the way up to a
4:09 am
presidential appointee by the name of william wilkins. he is in the office of chief counsel. he and lois lerner apparently were forwarded the applications by tea party organizations from carter hull who testified last week. yeah, wasn't just me. i wanted to approve them, but i had to send them up to washington. that's mr. hull who fingered mr. wilkins. now, what exactly was mr. wilkins doing at the white house just before the guidelines on how to target organizations came out? >> brian: how this? on april 24, doug shulman goes to the white house, meets with the chief of staff, who by the way, the former chief of staff, jeff sites, who is still in south africa on vacation. he would have a lot to say. they meet for 8 1/2 hours. the next day, april 25 and after that they give out guidelines for analyzing and green lighting or red lighting or putting into the delay of game category all those 501 c 3 organizations that might have tea party
4:10 am
affiliations. the next day in comes william will conditions convince who -- wilkins who met with the president and put additional comments on the draft for guidance. it all goes into play the 24 and 25th of april where these two head, showman and wilkins go into the white house. >> gretchen: yet the white house is telling reporters asking questions that those two gentlemen were there not to discuss the targeting of tea party. >> brian: they were there for the easter egg roll. >> gretchen: you remember that answer from doug shulman. he had been to the white house for countless times and he said to go to the easter egg roll no inn a snide way. if you're at the white house for eight hours and then the next day these guidelines come out, are you really talking about the easter egg roll or obamacare? >> brian: we can go to the former office of management and budget director and find out what they talked about. but we can't find him. >> steve: he's still on vacation. meanwhile, later today, it looks like the house of representatives could vote on an
4:11 am
amendment that would essentially limit surveillance of all the phone records here in the united states of america. today the amendment on a defense department bill would defund the nsa's bulk collection on people's meta data. keep in mind, these are people who are not under investigation. if you go out and get a warrant, people don't have a problem with that. but it's just the bulk wholesale spying on everybody in the united states that has a lot of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worried. so they're going to try to defund that. >> gretchen: some states are taking it in their own control to do just that. so montana and texas now banning spying by local and state authorities. so unless you are suspected of a crime, they apparently now cannot look into your phone data or any kind of electronic device. so it's already happening in states, regardless of what the federal government is going to do. >> brian: this is a republican congressman who pushed this. he put it out there and general
4:12 am
alexander, who is running nsa, scrambled to capitol hill and said, guy, you got to rethink this because the mega data storage, we're not going to touch it unless you blow something else, we can find out who you've been calling, they want to explain this further, the technology without exposing the entire program. so those who know and are involved in intelligence are really worried about this. but this is republicans and some republicans and some democrats. this is relatively bipartisan. not all, but some. >> steve: so that's what's going on at the national level. the states of montana and texas actually came up with these new rules cracking down on spying before the nsa stuff hit the fan. good for them. >> gretchen: coming up, the president says no bailout for detroit. but we just learned about secret talks that say something else. and could it be to keep the unions happy? >> brian: plus we all went crazy over their tree climbing skills, me especially. it turns out goats know how to slide, too.
4:13 am
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> brian: detroit's bankruptcy could make even more history today when a judge is expected to rule if it's even legal to go bankrupt. but you know, our next guest, well, you know him well and he knows all about detroit. he's a columnist for the detroit free press and author of "the five people you meet in heaven" and another book. upstanding author and columnist joins us now. mitch, first off, do you believe that bankruptcy is the only choice? >> i think it was inevitable sooner or later. i don't know if it was -- if it
4:17 am
had to be right now. but you look at the financial situation, i don't know that they had any choice. >> brian: here are some the facts. unemployment rate triple since 2000. lost half its population, and named one of the most dangerous cities in america. you need an ambulance, you got to wait almost an hour to get it. how did this happen? who do you blame? >> well, america always likes to point a finger and say this guy is to blame. it's not one person. it's not one thing. it's 60 years of mismanagement, of a manufacturing city, place where people work with their hands entering an era where people don't do that anymore. and once in 1950, we had 2 million people living here. now we have 700,000. we're still built for the 2 million, but we only have the 700,000. so you're delivering electricity and water sometimes out to a single house on a block of abandoned houses. so we need it to shrink and unfortunately the industry that supports us, the auto constantlg
4:18 am
since 1950 with ups and downs. >> brian: where do you put the blame on unions in all this? did they have too much power over a city and not acknowledge the diminishing manufacturing base that supported the city? >> well, everybody has to take a little bit of blame. unions, too. but we're a town that's very proud of its hard work and we're a town that's mentality is if you put in 30 years of work and they promise you a pension, that's the reason you put in the 30 years of hard work and then you expect that pension to be paid. now what people are being told here is that the retirement money that they worked all those years for is going to have to go and their 70s and 80s aren't going to be funded like they were promised. i don't think that's the unions' fault. i think that's bad forecasting and bad management all around on both sides. >> brian: in the big picture, i guess no one had the foresight maybe pittsburgh or san francisco or other communities were able to see where they made
4:19 am
the pivot, made the adjustment with the changing global economy. >> well, that's probably true in hindsight. but neither one of those cities are dependents on a single industry as much as detroit is on the auto industry. and they've been able -- san francisco has got a lot of other things. pittsburgh is a different story, it's a smaller city. so detroit is somewhat unique, but we're not that unique. the thing i try to get across to people is we're a really good hard working people. we've been looked down at and spat at and made fun of and jokes on talk shows at night constantly over the years. three years ago everybody had us buried with the auto industry and the people here are still resilient, hard working and detroit's not going to go away. its people aren't. they may have to change its management and financial structure burks the people, like myself and others, still believe in this city and we're not running.
4:20 am
>> brian: they got a special emergency manager there trying to work things out. for those look down at detroit t could be a city near you next, maybe chicago. good luck with your book that's coming out in november. i'm sure it's going to be a best seller. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks so much. >> brian: straight ahead, before you dip into the salsa at your next summer barbecue, better check out the jar. it turns out there may be glass inside. and our own ainsley earhart was abducted by terrorists. >> oh, my gosh! why are you taking me! don't take me! i'm an american citizen! >> brian: more americans want to go learn how to escape situations like this perhaps, so she found out for herself from the navy seals. how to get away from terrorists before it's too late
4:21 am
check out huge savings on great gear during the storewide clearance sale at bass pro shops. and bring the kids for our pbr family event
4:22 am
this weekend. where you can meet a real rider or see a real bull at select stores. plus kids' activities, all for free.
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4:24 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. the royal baby addition for that, let's go out to our royal baby town cryer. >> first the 120 years ago, the last serving monarch met a great grandchild born in direct succession to the throne! god save the queen! >> steve: keep going. >> next 25,000. that's how many tweets were sent immediately following the announcement of the royal baby's birth. >> brian: finally.
4:25 am
>> finally, $1 billion. that's how much the new prince of cambridge stands to inherit based on an estimate of how much his royal family is worth! god save the queen! god save the royal child! >> steve: there you go. we got our own town cryer. they have one in london, we got one in new york city. >> brian: ours is better. >> gretchen: a billion bucks, i don't know if he needs any savings. >> brian: i'm pretty sure he's got his own passbook. >> steve: moving on, when companies are looking at team building exercises, one wouldn't think training with navy seals, but that is what the organization, united states continued service offers. >> brian: ainsley earhart got to experience it firsthand. how do i know? i talked to her in the break. >> yeah. it was really cool. you have to watch this piece. let me explain first how it works. former navy seal, jonathan, hires these veterans and then they use their skills to teach company executives some team building exercises. they basically go through a shortened boot camp. we heard all about the program.
4:26 am
we traveled to the mountains of west virginia to experience it firsthand. in the deep woods of west virginia, a group of senior executives had been getting the experience of a lifetime. they're training with navy seals. >> what we wanted to do when the ceo approached me was take these five individuals and take them to a point that military veteran s, seals, go to in their minds, where they have to take everything that's important to them in life, set it to the side and only concentrate on the here and now and the man that's next to them. >> for the first time, they weren't as serious about it, smoking cigar, now we're a few days into it, what kinds of change have you seen? >> one of the biggest changes is they understand and appreciate the guy next to them. they knew the guy next to them. now they understand him. >> you were the boss. is it hard for these guys to see you broken down? >> yeah. it's hard to fail.
4:27 am
we failed here. make no mistake about it. each one of us failed at a lot of things and we paid the physical price for it and your team members see you fail but that's important because people fail in the business world, too. we had 24 hours of misery and these guys really took us to our mental end and today it's about can we take everything we absorbed in the last 24 hours and learn and apply it? >> executives will be teaming up with the navy seals to perform their final mission. they will be rescuing a hostage and that happens to be me. but before i am captured, i'm taught basic survival skills. i would just think once i'm duct tape, there is no getting out. >> we're going to show you how it get out. let's take you up. >> the thing to remember when you're bound with duct tape is keep tension between your arms. >> one big movement hard like this. >> oh, yeah. if the bad guy uses chains instead, the either period of times say stay calm and create a lot of space between your arms. >> what you want to do is play
4:28 am
up that slack. >> there you go. >> okay. >> coming up in the next hour, i'm going to show you the team's final mission. i'm taken hostage of the you saw a clip of that. and then i have to try to escape using those tools and the students have to use their new training to come and rescue me this this abandoned house. >> steve: i think we know how it turns out since you're alive here. >> yeah. honestly, i have a great appreciation for the seals. if you are taken hostage and god forbid that ever happened, then these guys come into these countries. they rescue these americans and you're safe. amazing. >> steve: we look forward to the next hour. >> thank you. >> gretchen: if you thought the irs learning how to dance on your dime was bad, it just got even worse. new abuses from the already embattled agency to the tune of a million bucks. >> steve: plus, we all know brian is a big fan and if you couldn't get enough prancercizing, don't worry, the
4:29 am
prancercizing lady is back. brian, look at the grin on your face. >> brian: that's the happiest i've ever been in my life bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:33 am
in trees and i didn't believe it. now how about goats on slides? this time it's the ultimate mash up of baby goats slipping and sliding all over the place, just having fun like kids. >> steve: oh, i get it. kids. >> brian: i just got that, too. there should be two d's. this video now going viral, which shows how bored america is this summer. time for the goat video again, i guess we can't go to the beach. >> gretchen: two d's in kid for goat? >> brian: isn't it? i put two d's. >> steve: you think it's jason kidd. >> brian: he wasn't named after the goat family? >> steve: how do you spell potato? >> brian: none of your business.
4:34 am
>> gretchen: oe is acceptable if you want to go that way. >> brian: all right. so goats can climb and slide. >> steve: they're everywhere! they're doing everything. they're just like other animals. >> gretchen: can they prancercize? >> brian: if they focus on it. now through your headlines. something else can follow that story. just when you thought the irs learning how to line dance on your dime was bad, well, bad news, the waste just got even worse. a new report from the inspector general reveals the scandal-plagued agency spent $4.7 million on executive travel in the fiscal year 2011-2012. 15 executives alone accounted for $1 million in travel expenses. a dozen were on the road for more than 200 days. i'm out of stuff to say. >> gretchen: all right. then i'm going to tell folks to check their pantry because the make of salsa sold nationwide recalling the product after glasses -- chunks of glass were
4:35 am
found. >> steve: meanwhile, today on capitol hill, a vote that could affect 37 million american homes and businesses. the house oversight and governmental reform committee is voting on a plan to phase out door to door delivery by the u.s. postal service. >> gretchen: oh! >> steve: how would you get your mail? it would be delivered curb side and to neighborhood cluster boxes. >> gretchen: that's a bad idea. >> steve: it's a move to help stamp out losses at the agency. the postal service spends $30 billion a day on mail delivery. it lost $15.9 billion last year. they've got to do something. >> gretchen: can't get enough of prancercizing? we all know, brian is a big fan. here he's showing off his skills last week on the show. well, the founder releasing a
4:36 am
brand-new video she calls x rated, uninhibited fitness. >> steve: is anthony weaner wean this? youtube.en: her last video had she's hoping this one is a hit, too. i just -- can she put on a few pounds -- she's a little thin. >> steve: she looks good in that prancercizing. all right. mr. kilmeade, somebody is tap dancing. >> brian: yes. i got to tell you, and it's got to do with a third baseman on the yankees. alex rodriguez could be out of baseball for life. it's reported a rod may be suspended forever for allegedly buying performance enhancing drugs from an antes aging clinic in florida and then trying to cover it up. others say he's trying to cut a deal. it comes just days after fellow superstar ryan braun was suspended without pay for the remainder of the season for doping. braun also just lost his sponsorship deal with quick stop convenience stores across the
4:37 am
midwest. get this, matt kemp who finished second to ryan braun as the national league mvp in 2011 now calling on the mlb to strip braun of the title and why not? lance armstrong fighting back against a lawsuit from the justice department. the suit claims he violated the contract with the postal service by using performance enhancing drugs. he claims the statute of limitations has run out and the suit should be dropped because the postal service made millions sponsoring him. and it's a dance-off on the diamond. >> using grass as a dance floor. the group showed off the moves during the korean baseball league all-star game. yep. it was last night. sorry you missed it. we saw everything, from back flips to shuffles, even break dancing. congratulations. by the way, coming up on kilmeade and friends between 9
4:38 am
and noon on your fox news radio app and local station, colonel allen west will be live. martha mccallum will come on with bill hemmer and we'll have other special guests all on kilmeade and friends. but first steve, actually maria is outside next to the planter over your right shoulder. >> yeah, that's right. next to the planter and right outside of our new york city headquarters. we're talking about the weather right now because we have a beautiful day on tap for anyone across the northeast with temperatures right where they should be at this time of year or even a little bit below what's average. like in cleveland, 69 for your high temperature. upper 60s across parts of new england and even across parts of upstate new york. 76 over in caribou, maine. texas, you're still on the hot side. 97 for your high in dallas. san antonio at 100. you're currently under a heat advisory in dallas. up to 108 heat index values. showers and storms companied across the southeast and farther west into the four corners region. typical of this time of year
4:39 am
during the monsoon season. i want to take you into the atlantic well out into the atlantic. we have tropical depression number 4, which is forecast to strengthen and by later today or early tomorrow morning, we could have our next tropical storm system and it would be named dorrian. right now winds at 35 miles per hour and should remain a relatively weak tropical storm over the next several days as it continues to head westward towards the caribbean. now let's head outside to steve who is outside also very close to me. >> steve: that's right. thank you very much. listen, deroy murdoch, a columnist has a great item. he quotes margaret thatcher who said socialist spend time seek new titles for old beliefs. and he said that liberals essentially are switching phrases that are used often to make things sound better. so we're out here on the streets of new york city and we're going to kinds of put things to the test to find out if people know what things are.
4:40 am
let's see, there is the town cryer. hi. >> hello. >> steve: how are you? >> just fine. >> steve: all right. this is a new term, it's called carbon pollution. what do you think that used to be? >> i think it was just plain pollution, i guess. >> steve: no! it was plain carbon dioxide! >> all right. >> steve: which is actually good for plants, but they didn't want to do that, so instead they came up with carbon pollution. brian and gretchen got one for you. right now we hear a lot of talk about investment. but what is that really? >> spending. >> steve: that's right! and debt. >> brian: by the way, we're a lot quicker than the town cryer and much more into it. >> steve: do you have just a second? hi there. excuse me, do you have just a minute? i guess not. >> everybody is in a hurry. >> steve: ma'am, can i ask you a
4:41 am
question? the word climate change is used a lot these days. what do you think it used to be? >> nothing. never existed. >> steve: that's right. >> you'llly used to be global warming. >> steve: the planet hasn't warmed in 15 years. they can't use that. >> brian: steve, if you walk backwards, your calfs are going to be so sore tomorrow. >> steve: gretchen and brian, maria got the town cryer's bell. >> brian: why don't you ask maria something? >> gun safety legislation. that used to be gun control. >> steve: right. people don't like the idea of control of anything. so then they talk about safety. but it's the same thing. >> why don't i ask you one? >> steve: i know the answers. >> all of them? >> steve: yes. these days they talk about executive action. that used to be executive order. people don't like to be ordered
4:42 am
around. obamacare is what they call it. >> the affordable care act. >> steve: yeah. exactly. >> brian: you silenced the town cryer. >> steve: the final one, town cryer, you can get in on this. now they're referred to as progressives. but they used to be liberals? >> ding, ding, ding. >> steve: ring the bell. (bell tolls). >> steve: we have a wiener running for mayor. thank you very much, mr. town cryer. >> you can have your bell back. thank you. >> steve: okay. that was fun. [ laughter ] >> brian: i got to tell you, steve and maria, you get back in here. >> ring the bell. >> brian: i love the bell. >> gretchen: for the last hour we should have the bell. >> brian: can we go over time? >> gretchen: talk about a scrooge.
4:43 am
>> brian: this judge sentencing a woman to five christmases in jail. >> gretchen: what led to this unusual and unruly punishment? >> brian: then, is your budget in check? >> gretchen: dave ramsey break down the money mistakes you're making right now. >> brian: and he says they're all in your head. yep. that's what he says. >> hear ye, hear ye! this loud bell is causing my heading to hay wire! how about you uh-oh! guess what day it is??
4:44 am
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sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaoma, or can not empty your bladd, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swells. toviaz can cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and decreased sweating. do not drive,perate machinery or do unsafe tasks until you ow how toviaz affects you. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. talk to your doctor about toviaz. >> steve: we have made an investment in some headlines and here they are right now. lawmakers working to suspend the pay of army major nidal malik hasan. house introducing legislation that would allow the military to stop paying members who commit capital offenses. hasan allegedly gunned down 13 servicemen in fort hood in 2009. we know he did it.
4:47 am
he's been paid around $300,000 since the attack. and an ohio judge sentencing a woman to spend the next five christmases in jail. the judge calls the sentence the holbrook holiday. lawmakers forced to spend their favorite day behind bars. tina young got the sentence for giving fake licenses to illegal immigrants. and that's your news. gretch? >> gretchen: you looking to tackle your money mishaps? could whatever be holding you back actually all be in your head? here to explain is personal finance expert dave ramsey. good morning. now you're going to be money expert/psychologist, right? >> well, i guess i always have been. for 20 years we told folks that 80% of handling money is behavior. only 20% is head knowledge. >> gretchen: yep. so put on both hats 'cause here is the first e-mail. ava from tennessee says this, my husband and i make $73,000 a year. we have $28,000 in debt and our mortgage is $1,300 a month.
4:48 am
our son is also in private school and that costs $580 a month. we've been talking for years about getting out of debt, but haven't managed to do it yet. where do you recommend we start? >> well, what's interesting is any of us can achieve almost anything if we have a big enough reason. the problem with this situation is they're stuck like a rat in a wheel. they're just run, run, run, go, go, go and getting nowhere. they've got no traction. so you've got to get on the dreaded b word, the budget, and write it out, but you have to have a real reason to do that. the problem is sometimes okay is the enemy of the best. so this is simple overspending. >> gretchen: so that's a money mistake all in their head. here is aaron in texas. let's see what the issue is. my 21-year-old daughter is a single mom. she owes me $2,300. am i wrong for expecting her to pay me back? all right, dave. what do you say about this issue? >> yes. i would probably forgive that debt and then i would stop
4:49 am
loaning her money. you're enabling her -- this is a classic enabler, co-dependent situation is what a psychologist would call it. but you've got to really step in and teach her to stand on her own because there is going to be a day when you're not there. and loaning your kids money is a really bad idea 'cause it changes the relationship. it makes thanksgiving dinner taste differently. >> gretchen: let's not go there. lot of things can happen on thanksgiving dinner. here is mandy from south carolina. my husband and i are living paycheck to paycheck. we tried to pay off debt burks end up in a bad place. what should we do? >> this really ends up being a sense of denial and you've got to step in and really attack it. once again, we've got to lay out a game plan and we've to have something where we're aiming at a 5 or ten or 20 year goal. not just friday. oh, god it's monday. >> gretchen: thanks for being so concise and helping people out and hopefully they can get past those thing in their head. have a great weekend. we'll see you next week.
4:50 am
>> you too, thank you. >> gretchen: busted again, anthony wiener caught lying to voters. now he wants your forgiveness again, a second chance. but can voters ever believe anything he has to say? then an adult son refuses to get a job and his parents keep footing the bill. is that normal or nuts? the guy who is inside your head, dr. keith ablow, with the diagnosis coming up next what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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4:52 am
4:53 am
>> steve: normal or nuts? 's a question we ask ourselves every once in a while. and it's a question that dr. keith ablow answers every week. good morning to you, keith. >> good morning, steve.
4:54 am
>> steve: first question from some guy, my widowed dad met a woman on-line three weeks later he drove ten hours to meet her. then within 48 hours, she proposed. he accepted and she set the wedding date. she hovers near him on phone calls so no one can speak openly to him. is this normal or is this nuts? >> this is nuts! why? because this guy has lost h mind. first to the internet with this internet dating, then to lust. if he isn't careful, i would wonder whether he's going to lose his money, too because i don't know how old this woman is, how old he is, but it's not sounding good when somebody restricts loved ones from hearing what you're saying to your lover. >> steve: sure. >> it's all accelerated and sounds going down a bad path very fast. >> steve: you got to worry about the gold digger. all right. next one, grandmother won't prepare a will. says my great grandmother is worth lots of money, but she refuses to write up a will or
4:55 am
estate planning. she thinks she's going to live forever. i'm not after her money. i just don't want the state to get it if it's not allocated properly. is she being nuts? >> listen, it's normal to fear death. so many of us do. but it's nuts to pay the estate tax when you don't have to. here is an unfair tax that can deplete your family's resources and if you fear something so much that you can't take normal action, we're going to call that nuts. >> steve: okay. two nuts in a row. finally, my brother refuses to grow up. he's never held a real job and every time my parents help him out, they say it's the last time! are they nuts to keep rewarding bad behavior? that's certainly how it feels to me. >> well, they should stop saying it's the last time, 'cause it isn't. but they're not nuts. i'm going to call it normal because here is what we don't know. we don't know whether their son or the sibling of the person asking the question here is capable of doing better than he's doing and so you want to
4:56 am
hit that fine line where you're encouraging someone every bit you can, but if they're incompetent, whether by personality or mood disorder, whatever it is, of sustaining themselves, what do you do for your kid? you keep a roof over your kid's head. >> steve: sure. all right. dr. keith ablow, if folks have questions, you can e-mail him. we'll pass it along to the doctor up in bean town. keith, thank you very much. >> all right. take care. >> steve: it is now a little before the top of the hour. breaking news out of russia. nsa leaker ed snowden may be on the move. details in moments. and the president said he'd like him as homeland security secretary. but will new york top cop take the job? ray kelly here to set the record straight as "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york city the great outdoors...
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, july 24, 2013. that's steve's head right will. >> steve: i'm sorry. >> gretchen: i'm gretchen carlson. >> brian: that's my arm. >> gretchen: thanks for sharing your time this morning. evidence that could have blown the lid off the irs scandal vanishes into thin air. what happened to the records that show officials snooped on christine o'donnel's tax records in delaware? the official government answer right now is that they lost them. >> steve: meanwhile, busted again. oy. busted again. now he wants your forgiveness again. can voters in new york ever believe anything anthony wiener, pictured right there with no shirt on, what he has to say? >> brian: right. this was an additional to the other. has this ever happened to you on a plane? we'll show you what happens when sleeping passengers attack.
5:01 am
>> hello. >> steve: hello, anchor. >> hi. >> brian: cry something. queue him. >> ladies and gentlemen, town cryer on the streets of new york city to start our show. go ahead, town cryer. >> viewers, e-mail, keith, allison, the name should be steven carlson. >> steve: there you go. very nice. we have a town cryer and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: live from new york city, we just two days ago saw the town cryer announcing outside of saint mary's hospital. we saw him announcing that there was a baby. >> gretchen: he just woke up! >> steve: so we brought in a town cryer and so far it's
5:02 am
worked great. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: wait a minute. town cryer, can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you now. >> gretchen: between 7 and 8, did you go to the pub? >> actually no, i did not. >> gretchen: okay. >> just not used to being up this early. that's all. >> steve: we understand. this is a night owl town cryer. >> brian: he read what was in the prompter for us. >> steve: he did. god bless him. it's a little confusing looking at the teleprompter. we did ask you some of your suggestions, we were asking you about what kate and will should name that baby that was introduced to the world yesterday before the father put him in the baby bucket and put him in the back of the range rover. we have suggestions. >> brian: we heard some of it from the town cryer who leaked it out. >> gretchen: he did, she was steve, brian carlson. >> steve: there you go. >> gretchen: that was one. also this is from gary, james francis spencer. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: i like that. >> brian: nick has an idea.
5:03 am
i have a perfect name for the new prince. how about lucky. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's already taken from "general hospital." >> steve: thank you, town cryer. >> you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> steve: good job. you know why they always go hear ye? it's hard to hear ye. >> brian: hear ye or her or anybody. >> gretchen: we have a fox news alert. moments ago we learned nsa leaker edward snowden has been given approval to enter russia even though he's been there for how long now? like a month? that means he can actually leave the airport in moscow. i'd hate to know where he's been for that period of time. anyway, he applied for political asylum in russia last week. it can take one to three months for a decision. his lawyer says he will deliver the documents to him today. he's been holed up at the airport, but we don't know where, since fleeing hong kong
5:04 am
to escape extradition on espionage charges. other fox news headline, a fire breaks out on a gas well in the gulf of mexico. check out this brand-new video off the coast of louisiana. coast guard has been out overnight trying to put out the flames, having trouble trying to contain this fire. this comes hours after nearly 60 employees had to be evacuated because the well blew up. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. happening today, aaron hernandez will be back in court. even more trouble looming for him. prosecutors reportedly presenting evidence to a grand jury now for a 2012 double homicide in boston. police believe hernandez was with the victims the night of the murders that took place at a club. an suv connected to the case was recently taken from the home of hernandez' uncle. today's hearing, probable cause in the murder of odin lloyd. there is usually probable cause ruling been the grand jury issues an indictment. ever get frustrated with a
5:05 am
store policy and need to vent? one woman caught on camera expressing her frustration at the apple store. >> i can walk in the store and get it! >> gretchen: the town cryer. the woman apparently annoyed she couldn't buy a part and install it herself. they said she needed a genius bar appointment. yes, yes, yes. her tantrum now going viral on-line. and those are your headlines. >> steve: they want you to schedule things on-line. make it easier. >> brian: let's talk about christine o'donnel. she was the republican nominee for the senate, a seat that many republicans thought was going to be theirs. it was a failed candidacy. she won the primary, but did not win the senate seat. as you know, because she never got out of the box. just as she announced and emerged, it turns out there was an irs investigation and they revealed all of a sudden that there was a lien on her house and all her credibility as somebody who is supposed to
5:06 am
reform things and get our fiscal house in order, well, it just -- she had no credibility on the issue. the problem is, she did not have a lien on her house. they had the wrong house. who did the irs investigation? now we find out that we're never going to find out because after three months in delaware, they destroy the records. >> gretchen: i think we're still going to find out. >> brian: you do? >> gretchen: yeah. because i don't believe for a second they destroy records after only three months. that's what their claim is. that's the convenient claim. come on, we have servers and subpoenas. someone is going to be able to subpoena to get those records off some server. they're not gone after three months. >> steve: chuck grassley, i think he's pretty much furious because he's trying to piece together who -- it looks like a hit job on her, where somebody in government at the state level in delaware the day she declares she wants to go ahead and fill joe biden's empty senate seat, it is revealed that she's got this problem and that a treasury
5:07 am
department official told her that her federal tax records were tapped by somebody at the state level. and now the state says we don't have those any more. we only keep them three months. she was with us on friday. she detailed what happened. she's furious, too. >> someone working for the delaware government illegally accessed my tax records. now, coincidentally on that same day, the irs filed an erroneous tax lien with new castle county. they later dismissed it as a computer error, but that tax lien followed my campaign. if someone is abusing their power at the irs and inappropriately accessing the records, the private personal records of political detainees and then using it to damage them, we need answers. i am completely dumb founded as to why the criminal investigators have not only closed my case, but why eric holder says there is no reason to look any further.
5:08 am
>> brian: we'll follow it. i can't believe this, anthony wiener in a sex scandal. the congressman who left in shame a couple of years ago now wants to be mayor. winning in some polls. now we find out even after the debauchle that destroyed his career, that carlos danger, aka anthony wiener was out there sexting various people, including a 22-year-old brunette. >> steve: that's the latest instance. yesterday wiener essentially said look, look, if there is no news in this press conference because i told you there could be more women out there, more texts out there, and there were. but just the time line you need to remember, two years ago he resigned his seat in congress and then last year, right up through november, he was involved in a dirty relationship, a dirty on-line relationship. >> brian: found on >> steve: exactly. with a woman from indiana who apparently things started to
5:09 am
fizzle out in november and he demanded that she delete those e-mail. earlier he had promised her a condo in chicago and a job. which kind of sounds like a bribe, doesn't it? he would be perfect as mayor of new york city. >> gretchen: don't you remember when the did the people magazine sort of coming back out article where it was beautiful pictures of anthony wiener and his wife and their baby. well, if you go back and look at the time line, this was just starting now with this new woman when that article was coming out. how does he come up with the name carlos danger? you find out what your name would be by doing your first pet's name and the street you grew up on. fleetwood river. >> brian: and i am not sydney letters. that's her name. that is her name. so this is amazing. let's watch this press conference. here is what's different about it. his wife is not only standing by him after the first scandal, and
5:10 am
after the second scandal, she actually looks happy. listen. >> i'm glad these things are behind us. i know that this was a very public thing that we had happen to us, but by no means does it change the fundamentals of my feelings here and that is that i want to bring my vision to the people of the city of new york. i hope they're willing to still continue to give me a second chance. i hope they realize that in many ways what happened today was something that frankly had happened before, but it doesn't represent all that much that is new. >> what i want to say is i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and we have said from the beginning we are moving forward. >> steve: what is she doing? why is she there? >> gretchen: i think this all comes down to having a child. and we don't know exactly, but i
5:11 am
think it would have been a lot easier to just dump him if she wasn't pregnant when the first thing came out. >> steve: we're up to the second thing. >> gretchen: i know. i'm speaking from being a parent that it's -- i'm not defending what she did. i'm saying as a parent and you have a baby at home, then it makes it more complicated. >> steve: i just know that if i were that guy standing there yesterday, my wife would not be in the same time zone with me. >> gretchen: yeah. i know. i'm just saying i'm thinking about the child. >> steve: the guy is a dog. >> brian: how could you possibly trust him as mayor? >> steve: you can't! >> brian: people are giving this guy high marks! up until this moment. >> steve: if you can't trust him as mayor, can you trust him as a husband? apparently she does. we asked you about -- we have some tweet. interestingly enough, that was kind of an emergency press conference yesterday. this is a tweet from bill west at bill west. the guy behind the cubicle at this press conference is cracking me up for some reason. he's wilson from home
5:12 am
improvement. >> gretchen: this was the only thing funny about the whole press conference yesterday was can we show the video where we can see cubicle guy there? he got like his own twitter handle. here is cubicle guy. i laughed out loud 'cause i didn't pay attention to this when i was actually -- there he is. cubicle guy. >> brian: like why step around? i can watch from here. >> gretchen: here is a tweet from josh robin. wiener and houma behind us, unfortunately is this guy over the cubicle. you can laugh about it. >> steve: another one, the cubicle behind wiener, henceforth be known as the carlos d. oh, boy. prairie dog style. >> brian: is that his head or are you calling hq? >> steve: no, it's not. he was apparently appearing at that location to do something a little later on. it is apparently the gay man's health crisis being. so it was just an impromptu news
5:13 am
conference. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: okay. there used to be more than 1,000 murders in new york city each year. now that he's in office, it's less than 200. but critics say commissioner ray kelly's tactics target people by race. it's talk, stop and frisk. >> brian: then when crocks attack, you have to see it to believe it. a crocodile bites down on a trainer's head in front of horrified tourists. after all, the trainer did put his head in his mouth what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours.
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5:16 am
>> steve: many people in the united states are outraged by the big stories in new york city like soda bans and salt intake. but 20 years ago, the biggest problems were muggings and murders.
5:17 am
that changed largely thanks to our next guest, police commissioner ray kelly with his tactics that some view as controversial. >> gretchen: so one of those tactics, the successful stop and frisk program, let's police officers search potential suspects based on their appearance. but critics say it's promoting racial profiling. >> brian: commissioner ray kelly is here. first off, the whole stop and frisk with the george zimmerman, what are we doing to stop crime in different areas? first up, how would you define stop and frisk? >> well, it is a practice by police officers who are out in america that allows them if they see someone, they have reasonable suspicion that someone is about to, is or has committed a crime, to stop them, to ask questions, and to do a limited pat-down if they themselves can articulate a perception of danger. this is, as i say, a practice of
5:18 am
law enforcement. it's fundamental to law enforcement because you have to have the ability to inquire, to ask questions. that's what you pay the police officers to do. >> steve: sure. the other thing is, it works. you wrote an op ed in the "wall street journal" yesterday where you talked about essentially that in the last 11 years, 7363 lives have been saved in some measure by stop and frisk. >> well, again, i think it's overblown. it's part of the practices and strategies that we use to keep the city safe. but what we tried to show in that article was the dramatic reduction in murders. 11 years before mayor bloomberg took office. and also that those lives saved are largely young men of color. that seems to be lost in the debate. no one seems -- >> brian: because 90% of the murders that you found out, i read in the article, they were
5:19 am
black and hispanic. >> and 96% of the shooting victims are black and hispanic. that is the reality. that's the harsh reality on the streets of this city and other major cities. >> gretchen: so the fear is that a democrat will be elected mayor, because they've already come out to try and stop the stop and frisk program. and that the fear is 20 years of hard work and reducing crime and murders will be thrown out the window. >> well, it's not clear what they have in mind. people want to amend it, change it, but they're not specific. and i think -- as a matter of fact, there was an article written today in the "new york post" that says precisely that. what are your proposals to control crime in the city? and clearly public safety is the foundation to everything positive that's happened in this city. the rents are skyrocketing and not great news for everybody, but the economy here relative of the city is booming and the mayor has said, and i certainly
5:20 am
agree, that the foundation, so much of this is rock solid public safety. >> steve: you mentioned the mayor. there are a lot of people in this town who would love to see you go ahead and run for mayor. we got an election coming up. >> no. that's not for me. but thank you. >> steve: you know a lot of people want that. >> well, you have to talk to some people in my family. [ laughter ] >> brian: right. if asked, would you stay on as police commissioner? >> i really haven't made a decision in that regard. i'm focusing on the job right now. >> gretchen: what about the department of homeland security secretary? [ laughter ] i hate to keep saying that -- >> gretchen: i know, i have to toss it out there. >> i'm certainly flattered by what the president said. it's an important job, but let's see what happens. >> steve: okay. what about if we have an opening for a town cryer. you interested? >> hey, absolutely. >> brian: but he's a red development he's the enemy. >> i can't understand what he said, though. he looked good. >> gretchen: thanks very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: you thought it was bad when irs workers were
5:21 am
dancing on your dime. well, this controversy just got worse. brand-new abuse from the agency to the tune of a million bucks. >> steve: then sunken treasure to longer just a legend: a group of guys from tampa strike it rich. wait 'til you find out what ther found out at the bottom ttrade'si can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company."
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5:24 am
>> brian: days after a woman fell 75 feet to her death on a six flags roller coaster in texas, the park is shutting down a second very similar ride. inspectors won't say what they found on the iron rattler in san antonio, but you can imagine. and it's the craziest video you'll see all day. a crocodile snapping its jaws shut while the trainer put his head in its mouth. some would say why did he do that? the for highing stunt -- horrifying stunts happened in front of tourists. he escaped with some bite wounds
5:25 am
on his face and neck. but his mouth is okay. >> gretchen: you got to love this next story about perseverance. a group of treasure hunts from tampa rain not guilty millions after discovering 60-tons of silver at the bottom of the sea. it was loss on a british cargo ship off the coast of ireland in the 19 40s believed to be worth tens of millions of dollars today. mark gordon is the president of that lucky group, odyssey marine exploration and he's my guest this morning. good morning. >> good morning. great to be here. >> gretchen: as just a token of, i don't know, being a nice guy, you brought me one? >> yeah. absolutely. >> gretchen: this is 80 pounds of silver. how many of these did you find in this latest treasure? >> well, nearly 3,000 in total. we picked up about 1574 this year. and last year 1218 of these bars. >> gretchen: so tell me how it works. this is a fascinating way in which you go and look for these treasures.
5:26 am
who had the rights to that sunken ship and what do they get? >> the process starts with us doing historical research. we have a team great historians. in this case, the british government had actually paid the war risk insurance. this ship was sunk by a you boat in world war ii. so we went to the british government. we made a commercial salvage deal, a standard agreement and odyssey will ends up with 80% of the haul and the british government will end up with 20%. it's a great model because governments need their coffers filled and we have a way to do that now. >> gretchen: wow. you do all the work and they still get part of the profit. you say they're 8500 ship wrecks across the world. of those, how many more treasures could we find? >> we have 8500 just in our proprietary database. united nations estimates 3 million ship wrecks in the ocean. of our 8500, we think at least 100 will be worth 50 million or more. >> gretchen: so you specifically target these ships, then, based
5:27 am
on the manifests from long ago. what kind of information do you see in them? n it's unbelievable. in the case where this bar came from, we had the detailed records that the government had issued when they issued the insurance for this. we had each bar's serial number, weight and purity, so we were able to match it up very specifically. >> gretchen: if you get 80% of the dough from this, 61-tons, okay, do the math for me. >> it's about $35 million this year and we had about $41 million worth of silver last year at current silver prices. >> gretchen: the people who do the dive, do they work on commission? >> every one of our teammates has a piece of the action in the form of equity. we're a publicly traded company. we're all owners of the company. and the other distinction is no one goes down. i worked my way through college as a dive, but now we do it with unmanned robotic submarines. >> gretchen: so the row gots get -- robots get to cash in. fascinating story. it shows perseverance pays off. >> that's right.
5:28 am
a tremendous accomplishment for our team. a lot of perseverance and a lot of creativity to make this happen. >> gretchen: great american story. thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> gretchen: coming up, our own ainsley earhart abducted by terrorists. oh, oh >> oh, my gosh! where are you taking me! don't take me! i'm an american citizen. >> gretchen: more americans wanting to learn how it escape situations like this. so she found out how from the navy seals. plus, has this ever happened to you on a airplane? the woman is in his lap! is she drooling in his lap, too? what happens when sleeping passengers -- oh, my goodness. put up the barrier [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far.
5:29 am
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where you can sit can define your entire yea and what's the most important thinto remember? no face to face contact until we're off of school property. you got this. sharing what you've learned. that's powerful. verizon. get the samsung galaxy s3 for $49.99. >> the royal baby officially welcomed with a 62-gun salute. there is one thing babies love it's the sound of repeated artillery fire. [ laughter ] >> steve: hilarious. there you can see, because they had a royal town cryer. >> oye, oye, oye! >> brian: he sees that red light on, he just rings the bell. >> steve: do you have anything to say? >> yes, i do! i have a proclamation! a proclamation from her majesty, the scene! on the 22nd of july in the year of our lord 2013, we
5:33 am
welcome a future king! the first born of their royal highnesses, the duke and duchess of cambridge, the third in line to the throne. may he be long lived, happy and glorious and one day to reign over us! god save the queen! god save the city of new york! [ laughter ] >> gretchen: how about god save "fox & friends." >> yes, god save "fox & friends." >> gretchen: oh, yes, we need that. >> steve: by the way, there is a story out. did you realize the reason we have a town cryer today is because a couple of days ago, the day the baby was born, that town cryer was not actually invited by the royal family. that town cryer in london crashed the party. >> gretchen: what? >> brian: get out of here. >> steve: guy's name is -- he's 76. tony appleton. he has been the royal town cryer in the past. but apparently he worked with a reporter to come up with what should i say. he thought i'd stand on the
5:34 am
steps 'cause he didn't think he'd get any further and he read it and his picture all around the world. people think, yeah, he was invited by the royal family. nope. he crashed the party. >> brian: by the way, we never booked our town cryer. >> gretchen: no. >> brian: he just showed up and he was wearing that. we keep going to him. what are the odds? >> gretchen: all right. so the queen visited the baby apparently this morning over in london. >> brian: why? >> gretchen: because she's the great grandmother. >> brian: oh,. >> gretchen: i think it was in our news by the numbers that the first time that a great grandmother in royalty has visited the heir in 120 years. >> brian: so let's talk about the odds of what the baby is going to be named because no one can come up with anything. evidently the parents are at at loss. george, two to one. henry 12 to one. arthur is 12 to one and albert is 14 to one. so if they're watching now, will and kate, here are our choice. steve? >> steve: well, i suggested earlier that because the people of england love chutney, chutney would be a good name. >> brian: all right.
5:35 am
>> gretchen: that's very kardashian of you. i thought we were giving serious names. so i realized frances for a boy was is, but frances was diana's middle name. so i thought that would be a nice tribute to her and better than spencer 'cause i'm not sure that the queen would like the name spencer. i'm going frances alex handser. >> brian: randy jackson is my choice because he is royalty to us as the long-time serving judge on "american idol." >> steve: sure. also an idle to us is stuart varney, punishes -- once upon a time a british subject. here he is today. >> i think the middle name may be spencer, which would be diana 's family name. but i reject utterly the idea that he will be called louis. we will not have a king louis in britain, period. >> gretchen: right. >> steve: hear ye. thank you, oh, business cryer, stuart varney. >> gretchen: now for the official name, louis.
5:36 am
no, just kidding. we don't know yet. we don't know when we'll know. but it will probably be quicker than will. >> brian: mark says prince hagry or albus harry. >> steve: no, it's all together. >> brian: how would you have a name that long? >> gretchen: 'cause they get like four names. >> steve: if the kid loves quidditch, that would be an appropriate name. >> brian: i told you my confirmation name, i wanted, mohammed. my family gently talked me out of it. i said what about cassius? they didn't want that either. >> gretchen: can i call your mom to make sure it's a true story. >> brian: oh, it's a true story. >> gretchen: at that point the priest passed out? >> brian: the priest called my house and then didn't ask to speak to me. he asked to speak to my mom. >> steve: mohammed i believe is the most common name in the world. >> brian: michael. >> gretchen: why couldn't you
5:37 am
have gone with highcal? -- michael? >> brian: because he wasn't apheter. i like boxers. >> steve: it will all be -- >> gretchen: that was the last time you were allowed in the church. >> brian: right. they didn't ask me to do confirmation again. >> steve: i understand. meanwhile, 25 minutes before the top of the hour. now it's time for a fox news alert. brand-new reports out of russia that edward snowden will be allowed to leave the airport in moscow. his lawyer is meeting him right now at the airport. he's been in the international zone. lawyers can have the approval documents from russian immigration. snowden has been holed up there since fleeing hong kong last month. snowden applied for temporary asylum in russia last week. the nsa leaker is trying to escape extradition on espionage charges by the united states. >> brian: something different than steve read. the boston cop who released photos of the accused boston bombers, surrendered, stripped of his gun and badge. he's not being fired, but he is
5:38 am
on desk duty while police do a full investigation. >> steve: he's a state trooper. >> brian: right. murphy released the photos in response to the rolling stone cover featuring dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's already served a one-day unpaid suspension. his son calls his dad a hero. >> thought this process he's shown the characteristics that i hope to one day model myself after. if i could be one fourth of the man he is now, i'll be more than happy with my life. couldn't be prouder. >> brian: murphy also getting support from victims of the bombing. this weekend he met with jeff bowman who lost both his legs in the blast. >> gretchen: if you thought the irs learning how to line dance on your dime was bad, well, more bad news. the waste is even worse. a new report from the inspector general reveals the scandal-plagued agency spent $4.7 million on executive travel in the 2011-12 fiscal year. 15 executives alone accounted for more than $1 million in travel expenses and a dozen were
5:39 am
on the road for more than 200 days. >> brian: the friendly skies got way too friendly for one flyer. it could be the most awkward flight ever. this unfortunate flyer wound up with a woman falling asleep right in his lap. [ laughter ] the woman is out cold. he's not sure how to handle it. so he taped it but tries close to a dozen times to lift her up. eventually he does luck out. he gets the tired travel tore sit up in her seat. he's relieved. but it wasn't long before the woman found somebody else to lean on. this guy seems he doesn't care. >> gretchen: we were just wondering if there was drool. did you just see? did you just see? >> steve: i don't know. >> gretchen: look! she wipes her mouth. stay on the video for a minute. here it is right here. >> brian: oh, i don't need to see that. >> gretchen: yuck. >> steve: we asked you, because that's a clear shot of the woman, if you had any idea who that woman was, and i did get an e-mail. i think from tom in ohio, he knew who she was. her name, eileen.
5:40 am
>> gretchen: isn't there a song "eileen"? come on eileen, please stop laying your head on me. okay. we got another news story. >> brian: i lean. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: it takes may while on wednesdays. take a look at this insane video of a flash flood. rushing water collecting tree limbs, bushes and rocks along the way all caught on camera by this self-proclaimed flood chaser. >> okay. yeah. >> this thing is dangerous. >> steve: that's him. >> gretchen: all right. so he's a mud slide flood chaser. kind of like a storm chaser. let's go out to maria. would you have gotten that joke right away, eileen?
5:41 am
>> no, i didn't. it took may while. when you got it, i got it. brian, you're so clever. >> brian: no, it was steve. >> steve: it was an e-mailer. >> brian: i came in second. >> we got the town cryer out here. he's got a pretty good crowd for us. i have mary here from dallas-fort worth and mary, did you know there is a heat advisory in effect in dallas, texas? >> there always is. >> yeah, there always is. always hot out there. what do you think of the weather in new york city? n today is perfect. absolutely perfect. >> absolutely perfect. that's exactly what we're talking, not just in the northeast, but also across sections of the great lakes and the midwest, it is just absolutely beautiful. a lot of sunshine. take a look at some of those high temperatures. 84 will be the high in new york city. 69 degrees in the city of cleveland. otherwise dallas, texas, i found you from there, look at this graphic. that's your extended forecast, low 90s as we head into this weekend. now let's go ahead and head back inside. >> steve: lower humidities in new york as well. thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, what
5:42 am
happens if you were abducted by terrorists? >> oh, my gosh! where are you taking me! don't take me! i'm an american citizen! don't take me! >> gretchen: that is ainsley earhart abducted. learning how to escape situations like this with tips straight from the navy seals. she joins us next. >> brian: then shirley jones saying what she couldn't say before. legendary actress and singer joins us here live. ♪ come on get happy ♪ i'll meet you halfway ♪ pooches and puppies... we are tired of being fed on!
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> steve: it is team building to the extreme. corporate executives working with navy seals to learn the tricks of their trade and ainsley joins us right now. you were a hostage. >> i was. learned how to escape. so the last hour we showed you some of the training that i went
5:46 am
through and now it's time for the final mission when i am taken hostage and the team has to come out and rescue me. check it out. as dusk begins to fall overt mountains of west virginia, navy seals and the corporate executives who have gone through eight days of intense military training prepare for their final test. a rescue mission. ♪ oh, my gosh! why are you taking me! don't take me! i'm an american citizen! don't take me! what are you doing? after i was taken hostage, they tied me up and put me in an abandoned house. >> stay there and keep your head down. >> as i was held hostage, i was trying to remember what i was taught earlier. and i was able to free myself from the restraint. i'm back here!
5:47 am
help me! are you an american? as i made it out of the house, i knew i was safe. i had a greater respect and appreciation for our service members. >> steve: that's great. >> these executives, they all worked for a tech company and they're experts in their field, but this operation really put them to the test. at some points they felt sick. they may or may not have been some tears involved. it was a true boot camp and they all completed it and did a great job. if you're interested if taking these classes and being trained by these seals, you can go to our web site for more information. >> brian: they hire former military men and women. right? >> exactly. some of them are still currently serving. >> brian: how do they tie you up? >> with duct tape. if you're ever tied up, you put your arms together like this while they're duct taping you and then in one swoop, you just
5:48 am
do this and it separates. >> steve: look what you learned. >> i know. i do feel more equipped. >> gretchen: i hope you didn't have nightmares. >> i didn't. they were great. >> gretchen: all right. see you later. you know her best as the beloved mom of the partridge family. there is a whole nother side. she's pulling back the curtain on sex, drugs and rock'n'roll when she hits the curvy couch. >> steve: let's check in with bill hemmer for what happens in ten minutes. >> free ainsley, my gosh. good morning to all of you. ed snowden might walk out of that moscow airport. we are waiting that any moment. a huge oil platform is on fire. that's breaking news. we'll tell you where. would you vote for anthony wiener? serious. the white house says it's tired of, quote, phony scandals. we will debate what is phony and what is not. guess where martha is today. we'll see new ten minutes on
5:49 am
"america's newsroom" i'm jennifer hudson. i hate getting up in the morning. i love cheese. i love bread. i'm human! and the weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it's becae i do. and you can too, with the weight watchers 360 program. the power to lose weight like never before. join for $1. hurry. offer ends july 27th. the weight watchers 360 program. because it works.
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5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ come on get happy ♪ >> gretchen: get happy 'cause you may remember our next guest as one of television's most beloved television moms of the 1970s. now shirley jones is revealing the naked truth about what really happened on the set of that sitcom in her new autobiography. it's great to see you in person on the curvy couch. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> gretchen: you say it took you 79 years to get to the point where you could actually write down some of this stuff. >> yeah. i mean, i don't think i wanted to write a book early on. there wasn't any reason for me. but i'm going to be 80 pretty soon, so i figured if i'm ever going to do it, this is the time. to have people know that i'm a real person and not just show
5:53 am
business. >> steve: sure. your book is frank. >> yeah. >> steve: it's honest. >> yes. >> steve: and it's sexy. >> yes, it is. [ laughter ] >> steve: we've got a breakfast time family audience now. but how would you encapsulate that part of your life? >> i was married to a very sexy man by the name of jack cassidy and i was very young girl and he taught me everything i knew about everything. i was a virgin when i married him. the love of my life, i called him. and it was very exciting being married to him. although he liked a lot of other women and men included during the time we were married, 18 years. >> gretchen: you say you put up with it? >> yeah, i did, because i was very much in love and as i said, he was everything to me at home. it was two lives is what he lived. >> steve: we just saw a picture of you and marty, your husband at home right now watching you. >> yes. 35 years we're married now. >> brian: how were you a mom at the same time? how did you balance your diverse
5:54 am
career with being a wife and mom? >> well, it wasn't easy obviously 'cause i had three -- i have three sons and a stepson and it was not easy. but what gave me really an easy time was when i did the partridge family, it was the reason i took the role, because i got to stay home and raise my kids. up to that point i was all over the world. >> steve: there we see some of the partridge family right there. but it was before that when you were in the movie with burt lancaster. we've got a still frame from that. among other things, you said number one, burt lancaster, some good kisser. >> yes, he was. >> gretchen: you told him the best kisser in the world! >> well, i don't know about the world. >> steve: who are you comparing him to movie star wise? >> i kissed every movie star known to man. >> steve: like? >> jimmy stewart, henry fonda, jimmy cagney, it goes on. marlon brando. it goes on and on. >> steve: and burt lancaster was the guy? >> yeah. >> brian: wow.
5:55 am
>> steve: that particular role is the one that really you wound up winning an oscar for? >> yeah. >> steve: and it changed everything. >> it changed my whole career because -- i had done musicals and they stopped making musical motion pictures. when you were a singer, they didn't think of you as an actress. >> brian: any regrets from taking the partridge family? >> no, i was offered "the brady bunch" first and i said no because i didn't want to be the -- >> brian: who wants six kids running around. >> i was the first working mother. >> steve: on the partridge family, when you were driving the burks were you really a nervous mother driving? >> i was nervous 'cause i had never driven that kind of bus. it was a stick shift in the floor. i learned on a hydro mattic -- >> steve: so you were actually driving it? >> oh, yeah. i had to learn to drive all over again. >> brian: fantastic places. >> gretchen: ladies will be upset about this. you're also frank about plastic surgery. you say you're not going there.
5:56 am
>> no. i've never it. >> gretchen: look how amazing she looks. >> i never will. i got a few wrinkles here and there. >> brian: i think chris chulo should learn that, you don't need plastic surgery, chris. [ laughter ] >> steve: why are you such an adamant no about plastic surgery? >> i don't know. i mean, i think i want to be the way -- i want to see the way i look at every age. i don't want to have anything done. >> brian: joan rivers had plastic surgery, this was just handed to me. [ laughter ] n truth time. other people look great with it, but not for me. >> steve: can you stick around a couple more minutes? >> sure. >> steve: more with shirley jones as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ i think i love you ♪ i think i love you ♪ so what am i so afraid of ♪ i'm afraid that i'm not sure of a love there is no cure for ♪ (girl) what does that say?
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the c♪oice is clear. let busy treats entertain your dog with playful shapes, long lasting layers, savory flavors, and mesmerizing textures. get busy. the world's most entertaining treats. >> hear ye, hear ye! more now from shirley jones!
6:00 am
>> steve: thank you, town cryer. shirley will be in the after the show show. log on now. >> brian: you're going to stick around and talk more about your sex life, right? >> yes. >> steve: she wants to sell books. >> gretchen: see you tomorrow. bill: good morning, everybody. got a fox news alert. an out of control fire burning in the gulf of mexico. natural gas well explodes, burns into flames. only hours after the it forced an evacuation of 44 workers. an ongoing story. as we welcome, would you be the queen today? martha: town crier. >> martha's back. martha: oh, no, let's not go there. good morning, everybody. morning, bill. great to be back. great to be back. bill: she finally had the baby. martha: i know. that's the way babies are. they come when they're


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