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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 25, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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consistent. you were in it. [laughter] >> go to our tais book page. to our facebook page. >> special report, coming up next. bye-bye. welcome to "red eye." it is like charlie's angels if by charlie you mean greg and angels you mean terrified house boys who may not live to see tomorrow. let's go to andy levy for our pre game report. where are your new glasses? i i don't have them. i can bring tham out -- them out for post game. is anthony wiener -- you can pencil that in for the rest of the week. and they will investigate whether they are following the fennel two phraphanyl in their cooking straight ahead. and a look at the launch of a new social network for happy people. i can only assume it is called
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happy twitter. >> bye. >> bye. she is so hot she is often mistaken for the entire state of arizona. i am here with brooke goldstein. she is here with the children's rice institute, totally made up and a law official that is a front for heroin supply. and you know him as the guy who came to your summer barbecue and drank all of yoer -- your beer and telling stupid jokes and then throwing up in the hot tub. the paul mccurio show is what it is called. he has an interview with the paul mccartney he has been talking about for weeks. it probably so cks, but it is epsiveul sidekick, bill schulz. and he knows brilliant pros like i love donkey shows. i love animals. the great novelist, walter kern. the author of my mother's
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bible, buy it! >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg, please, let me out. i swear i will never tell anyone. >> never happen. we have to get this out of the way paul mccurio has been yaping and yaping because he scored an interview with paul mccartney. i happened to believe youit wasl mccartney and it was angela lansbury. >> i met him. they did a special show and i was walking down to go to the studio and standing against the wall all alone like this was paul mccartney, all alone. can you pretend to be interested? >> i can't pretend. >> i am looking around and there is nobody around him for like 50 feet. completely. i'm like this can't be right. >> do you think maybe he wanted to be alone and he was suffering a private moment
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suffering the loss of a loved one? no, go ahead. >> no, he had just seen "red eye ." come on, somebody on the staff laughed. my entire life is going in slow motion. oh my god, it is paul mccartney. should i say hi? should i not? he is in the hallway with no security. he is like a gazelle on the plains. i did go up and go like that. i put my hand out and said hello it is an honor to meet you. he said what is your name and i said paul. he said that is a nice name. >> he complimented the name paul? he has it you know. >> i know. i just met you. how can you be so hostile already ready to me? >> it is easy, paul. it takes people at least three minutes to get there. >> here is my theory on the paul mccartney here. when he heard the name paul mccurio he thought you were from "strictly ballroom." >> you wrote that down too! that's pathetic.
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and i loved how you asked how things are going with linda. you are a scum. >> so as i am talking to him i am cool on the outside. >> yeah, you are a cool guy. there is nothing on the outside that is cool. i don't believe you had the whole debate about whether i should talk to him or not either. >> i didn't think i could hate somebody so quickly. >> look in the mirror. >> why do i talk? on the inside i'm like oh my god i'm talking to paul mccartney. i said i don't want to be the guy that stays at the party too long. i need to end the conversation. >> you said that? >> he complimented my name and now i can leave. >> this is brutal. can you help a little bit? you are supposed to be a friend. >> did paul mccartney bust your balls on the pod cast show? >> no. >> i also like how you scammed him off on another
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journalist. you gave him to colbert and he was basically trapped. >> he was out there. he was just hanging out. >> he is in a hallway waiting to do a real star show and some guy is like -- paul mccartney is going, holy crap, another weird owe. this is what happened to john. and then you walk in and he goes thank god he just wants me to do a podcast. he is think, podcast? what is a podcast. >> paul is like "catcher in the rye" and freaking him out. >> and a picture of jodie foster. >> did you do the interview? >> yes. he was nice enough to take my phone number and he called me after the show. i have a voice message from paul mccartney and he said i will do your -- >> why are you prouder of the voice message than the actual podcast? >> i actually am. >> you know what, you will never throw that phone away. >> absolutely. i play it every night before i
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make love to my wife i play the paul mccartney. >> he listens to it while he makes love to his wife. >> the one friend i had and i lost him. >> i'm sorry that is terrible. >> as long as he made love to his wife. >> that's true. you would be really happy. brooke, do you have any interest what so ever -- >> i am out of this conversation. >> she thinks she is the drummer. >> i am a fellow lawyer. you can come to my develops. >> absolutely not. >> now i go from a high, high to a low, low. he called me and i screened the call from paul mccartney and i will never get it back. he picked it up, ready to do it. long story short -- >> there is no long story short here. >> shut up. at the end of the day he gets on the phone and of course the first question i asked was you hit yow co, right -- yoko,
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right, you did her? no. i thought about a thoughtful interview and the process. he talks about going from the beatles to wings and how he had to carry the band as opposed of being one of four and they changed their sound. >> we don't have post game wrap up anymore? >> we are doing post game wrap up now. >> we have anthony wiener waiting, the big pinata and we are doing this? >> we are going to end this. >> did did you ask him why he always does this thing? he looks like he is sucking on a -- >> i was this close to him too. >> you were confident of your breath that day. >> that's unusual too. his breath is horrible. there is nothing better than having a complete stranger get close to your face. >> he looked amazing and he couldn't have been a nicer guy. he was so nice.
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>> he was terrified you were going to kill him. >> for his age, a guy in his -- he is 71 and he looks 40. >> it is almost as if he had plastic surgery. >> no, he hasn't had any -- don't talk about my buddy paul that way. >> you are good friends, aren't you? three months it will be exaggerated into a time you played golf with him and you live with him in a condo. >> next week i am interviewing john lennon. can you tell people where they can hear it? >> didn't i already? >> it is on itunes on the sideshow network .tv, paul mccurio show, the paul mccartney interview. bill schulz is on there. i asked you to do it and you didn't return my text. i got paul mccartney to call me back in an hour and two weeks later you haven't return my text. who do you think you are you tiny little man? >> that's because you texted him, but you gave paul mccartney an actual phone call. >> you have a book that will
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end up in the 99 cent bin. nobody cares. >> it started in the 99 cent bi. >> the world needs more books to prop up couches. go write, will you? >> you are just standing on one to look taller, you know. >> you better write a better one than that. all right, well he turned hurt into flirt. the latest batch of anthony wiener sex started when the woman sent him an angry facebook message. this is the woman in question. soon after wiener resigned from congress, the 22-year-old lass wrote to express her disappointment in him. he responded and within a week they went from talking politics to trading nudie pics. it is part of the healing process i suppose. the woman identified as sydney elaine leathers is from indiana and thought wiener was a hero. and the times report says the interactions are, quote, with
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a longstanding pattern, namely turning into x rated exchanges. according to the editor of "the dirty" who spoke with ms. leathers he would demand pictures almost every day. he always wanted pictures with heels in them. he loved her heels. it takes one to know one. voters trust wiener as much as cats trust a stuffed bobcat. >> that is like mccurio's comedy audience. >> i never laughed at a cat video except that one. >> wait until we ask a question. you were patient up until this point. >> are we unfair to wiener because he wants to talk about his vision for a better new york city?
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>> i know, right? of all of the other things we could possibly be focused on, like the real question is why is wiener so unattracted to huma? perhaps it is because she is connected with islamists who want to kill us. perhaps it is because her family members are part and parcel of the muslim brotherhood. i completely agree with andy mccarthy that she poses one of the greatest national security threats in the nation. she has access to the most classified information because of her position with clinton about the muslim brotherhood. its cree is to destroy america from within. the only reason that wiener -- this disgraced man can still run is his connections to huma. >> she can't even pick up the phone and figure out he is texting women. jay i'm sure she knows he is doing it. >> it is part of the cree to
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marry a perv? >> it is the trojan horse. >> it is the trojan something. >> he has no use of them because he is not within 100 feet of a woman. let me ask you, what do you think about this? his numbers are still okay. do people care? >> you know what, there is now nothing he can do to ruin his marriage and nothing he can do to ruin his public image. he has found his base numbers. you know what i mean? he has sought bottom and it is up from here. >> he seeks bottom every weekend. >> they say i am a power bottom. >> i don't know what it means. >> the only difference between you and wiener is women ignore your messages or threaten to call the police. do you have a single coherent thought on this topic? don't mention paul mccartney. >> well, i was talking to paul about it. sir paul.
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i think it actually brings to issue this point which is is sex addiction something that should disqualify something that should be made? they will be like, it is no different than alcoholism. and it should. if you can't hold a job as a manager at hooter's you can't hold a job as mayor. >> there is no evidence he ever had sex. >> but there is evidence he is offered things. he is offered jobs. >> who are we to judge a man who has made the same mistake 80,000 times? is it our place to judge? he says i am a person -- i am a man with a sex addiction. no. you are a sex addiction with a man. that's what you are. you have no ability to control the compulsion. >> he sent another d-pic. after all of that? that is a problem. that is not normal. >> it was a much better angle though. >> i am telling you what, seriously after he had this press conference he went into
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the bathroom and sent another one. >> and then he said i told you we were -- >> what america doesn't want to understand is some of these people are flat crazy. >> to add that narcissism and i love the fact that they say this is his classic mo. he starts off with political conversations for a couple weeks and then it veers into like -- it goes into like, you know i think we will get our budget in time. send me your dirty pictures. >> and who are these chicks that are turned on by the political stuff? >> they are not helping. >> they are part of the problem. >> i think they find it comical. >> have you read the whole thing? it is disgusting. >> it is a lot of texts. at some point you were that woman and she revealed it all because she felt it was right, but at some point she is feeding the bait. not that he is not guilty, but she is thinking i will get him to send as many as he can.
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>> what is the turning point in these relationships where it gets bitter? sending me these pictures and sending me these pictures and then decide you are hurting me. >> that's what it has to bement the fact is -- the big story is he doesn't want to work a real job. he thinks he is better than everybody else. he thinks he can be elect eddie spite his -- elected despite his serious issues. >> i think he has the maturian marriage. >> that is the big story. i feel like it is a set up. he is sending these sex texts or whatever it is to distract from his wife. >>- q. dash. >> that is a piece. >> poor huma and look what she has to cope with. >> she did work in hillary clinton's office. >> do we really want a mayor who says the phrase "do me a
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solid"? that is a scandal right there. >> should we shun being number one? on sunday, a day of the week, by the way paul, the chris matthews show and andrew sullivan openly supported the idea of the u.s. no longer being alone -- a lone super power. take a look. nobody did when they aired. >> the lone super power. are we going to be that 20 years from now? >> with any luck we won't be. we will understand what the founders understood. >> when you leave america and you go back and look at it from over here and you see this giant continent with two vast oceans in between it, and it feels it is paranoid and terrified with the rest of the world and they want to have the enormous complex to control it. you just scratch your head after awhile. >> he reminds me of that thing, that toy you used to buy, the bald guy with the
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magnet shavings and you can shake it. "red eye" obtained tape of andrew sullivan being fed after the show. take a look. >> he is adorable. we don't have much time because we wasted it on you know who. what drives this opinion in your opinion? >> we ray not a continent with two oceans. that's ridiculous. the thing about the anti-americannism and the left is that they never tell us what this post american world is going to be like. they never tell us what the great country is going to be like. who is going to run it? who will be our counterpart? china with the death and the human rights violations, will
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it be the eu beurocracy with its genius and it is the smug hatred. they would say we make mistakes and i have faith in america and i hope we can retain our status and do better. we see our political system as a great experiment and they want us to fail. they are so smug about it. >> they all laughed when he said it. >> oh i am over here on the other side of the pond and making fun of the greatest country that ever was and kicked your ass like a hundred years ago i think. >> and if anybody should know what it is like to have a sprawling empire and then be insulated as a country and everybody stood in line to watch a baby come out of the building. >> misery loves company. misery loves company. i want to oxford with andrew. he has gotten more british than he was when he was living there. if i hadn't known he was in england that could have been a set anywhere in the world.
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some dogs only bark when they are safely behind the fence. come over to america and tell us that. >> i don't want to talk about myself, but i want to the air with andrew manino. >> i studied on-line with a homeless guy. >> it wasn't sir paul mccartney? >> you see everyone uses anti-perrism to their -- americanism to their advantage. dictators use it to get support. smug journalists use it for their own media coverage because they know they will get the spot. >> and in technology isn't it impossible to be an isolationist? >> you are an isolationist. coming up, what does a room full of disappointed people look like? paul mccurio discusses his new book "all of my stand up appearances." >> paul mccartney is awesome. >> can an app help you break up with your significant
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other? i have been struggling with how to tell greg jarrett for months.
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is ed still without a bed? is red tape extending his wait? edward snowden had hoped of leaving the moscow airport when where he has been stuck since 1987. but it was dashed by his russian lawyer that it might not happen. how is he holding up? i can't say he is happy or sad. he is trying to be brave. he added that he would like to learn about russia. i gave him books and he is still in the same shirt and jeans he wore when he
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arrived. that's gotta smell great. the lawyer hopes the bureaucratic issues that held up his asylum finalizes soon. what does living in an airport for a month do to you? ask paul. no. take a look at snowden from this morning. >> i wonder if they dream at all. >> they are dreaming of something. >> that's greg before they put make up on him. >> that was cruel. >> your lips were once stuck in an airport for 12 days. i suppose they can sympathize with snowden even though the rest of your incompetent body can't. >> is there a question? >> brooke, what do you think will happen here? is he ever going to get out of the airport? >> yes, i think he will. i think the russians will play
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with him a little bit. from a legal perspective if i may, i think there is a really important issue here we are missing because we are focusing so much on where snowden is going to reside and how he is avoiding extradition, but what he did and what he leaked what the fourth amendment protected in the digital age. because we have a court order now and the government is dragnetting all of the telephony meta data is how you pronounce it i think. >> is that french? >> i was saying telephony meta data until somebody told me how to pronounce it. they wrote an article called "privacy in the digital age" and we have no fourth amendment protection to anything we voluntarily revealed to a third party. when we have everything, every communication goes through third party provider. everything you up load to i cloud. does that mean we have no fourth amendment protection through our electronic communication?
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>> i actually agree. >> that was in a nutshell? >> you are worse than i am. walter, you love this guy and we went back and now can you agree that he is the anti-christ? >> first i wrote the novel "up in the air" which is about living in the airport. if there is a wolfgang puck or chili's he will be okay. him and assange are now living in rooms with not much natural light. one in ecuador embassy and him in an airport. we need to build a new floating country for cyber exiles. hua wee can let them go there. >> that's a great idea. maybe we can use gitmo. >> snowden i was decemberen -- disenchanted with as an individual, but the nsa story disturbs me. >> we can talk about that forever, so let's do that. >> let's leave it after paul
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mccartney. >> i already asked paul a question. -- >> you know he wants to get a job in russia. enjoy that background check. >> doing what? >> exactly. who is going to hire him? >> betraying people. >> bill, airports is where planes take off and land. i know you have never been on one and i want you to visualize the experience. >> i wrote the book "down in the dirt." i will tell you as troubling as it is, it sounds not too shabby. i think i would like it. the moscow airport, can his punishment be any worse? >> i think all you can say is -- >> the only thing that keeps you happy in the airport is when your options are like nicaragua and honduras and
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bolivia. >> i thnught you were going to say one of your stand up routines. >> you have so much respect for me. >> you hardly listen to anything right there. >> we have to take a break. >> i guess it is just the woman in you that brings out the man in me. not a store, just a voicemail jarrett left for me. did you not see the last piece, greg? a social network for happy people? yes, a social network for happy people and another place andy levy is not welcome.
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you should take every part you are in out of the show. >> they have no hope, but lots of dope. north korea is reportedly caught up in a meth epidemic ssments according to interviews the drug has been spreading across the communist country since 2005. with authors noting that it seems the epidemic has reached remark believe a proportions and keeps growing. unlike mccurio's fan base. the meth craze is said to have started with the wealthy elites including officials before spreading to the mallses and then ultimately bill schulz. shall discuss we not in here. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnnnnd. lightning round.
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>> brooke, as a meth head, you finally have something in common. >> i said i was a fan of "breaking bad." >> wile on meth. >> this to me is a sad story. walter was teaching me a lot about what is happening in north korean embassies around the world. you can explain it as actually dealing the drugs. in north korea it was a government production they have now given up. so it has become a new entrepreneurial issue. there are labor camps and hundreds of thousands of people and if you google north korea there are starving children in the street. and now the population has become addicted to meth? this is terrible. >> i saw this as a fun story. >> really because i was going to make a joke when there is nothing to eat you want an appetite suppressant. >> actually, greg, i am going sit this one out.
12:34 am
>> paul, this is where you make a racist joke about asians. you know about this stuff? >> what, matt? >> i read his story and i am not going to vouch that the consulate of north korea get their job if they agree to deal a certain number of drugs from their consulate and send the money back to north korea. they have a huge ecstasy trade. in fact, i think it was on this show. i am not kidding. i can't say this level of ding degradation is anymore shocking than what we already learned. maybe it is a little better to be on meth in north korea. >> that's my theory. if you were stuck in north korea i would do meth all the time. people in the united states, the greatest country in the world are doing meth all the time. >> they are not exactly in the best neighborhoods in this country. >> what are you talking about? >> people doing crystal meth are well off?
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>> i know a few people. >> where do they live? >> this accounts for why dennis rodman seems normal to these people. >> this accounts for why he went there. >> i think you are right. the average stay in jail if you get caught dealing meth there is like two years. you can go to jail a lot longer than the united states. >> and look at the difference between jail and north korea. >> and you can get a meal. >> there is an upside. you don't have to worry about people building nuclear weapons with the pirated soul music. >> or the flip side is you really have to worry. >> in america you would take apart the toaster. and in north korea you put it together with a nuclear weapon. >> i thought we weren't going to make any jokes, but you can't help it. >> all of the communist leaders were addicted to meth. >> really? >> you can imagine how scary that is.
12:36 am
there was a maniac government and they are all on drugs. >> they will be out of their minds in 2038. >> maybe there is that thing called smoking yourself straight. maybe they will just do so many drugs that they will start to see reason. >> they say religion was the opium of the people. but truly opiates. it is one to grow on, kid. >> all right, according to a new study from loyola merrimont, boys who race with sisters are more likely to reach them as young adults. it teaches them that housework is women's work. that leads to a trough trough decisional view with gender rolls which is a position linked to conservative politics. that is not insulting at all, is it? are you buying this or is this a load of crap? >> first of all loyola merrimont university is the author of all of the studies you hear about.
12:37 am
and i think that is their entire income at this point. the logic would be to eliminate all sisters so that people don't automatically become conservative. >> that's true. >> there is something in the boibl about that. >> paul, i assume that you were an only child because even your parents knew your future siblings would despise you. so they immediately did not have kids. >> we finally hit on something here. they finally found something they felt comfortable doing with women which is helping them breed republicans. it works for anybody. >> somewhere in there was a joke. >> wasn't this study -- it was cloaked on siblings, but it was really a slam on conservatives. >> it makes absolutely no sense. the study itself says that they are more likely to vote when they are young, and then they change their productivity to democrat and the connection they made -- they vote gop
12:38 am
because they think their sisters are good at doing housework. for eve study that comes out again you can find another study that refutes it. >> then we wouldn't have a show. >> but what i truly don't understand about this is why does automatically in these households do the sisters end up doing the dishes. >> they should. >> we can all agree on that. >> i think this is accurate. i do a little research once a month. mark sanford had a sister named sara. richard nixon had a sister. mccarthy, several sisters, but you say there are no republicans in hollywood. dw griffith, a noted republican. >> he had an older sister. so not only is this true, but it is th crop, greg. joy what is my excuse? -- >> what is my excuse?
12:39 am
i only had a brother. >> go ahead. >> i think the study is saying -- -- >> i like his science. the joy of hate is out there. autographed copy and it is a best seller. pick it up unlike paul's stuff. >> good for lighting fires.
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they call it happy facebook. we speak of the unmiserable. is, quote, meant to be a place for photos and status updates about things that make its users happy. pulling off a head stand in yoga class, seeing a butterfly or murdering your grandparents. you know what would make me happy? watching bill schulz get thrown off a building and explode in a wild pack of dogs. and then paul mccurio slips on the end trails and falling on a fence and becoming
12:43 am
impaled and bleeding in front of a laughing audience of thousands. it is the only audience he will have entertained. >> i interviewed paul mccartney. >> i went to school with maria manuno. >> the peak of social media here. >> first of all i want to know how you screen for happiness. do you self-identify as happy? do you say i am happy enough to be on that. or do you say i am sad. >> it sounds so infuriating. the best part about facebook is seeing other people post things. what i hate about facebook are those posts. i am so grateful to be invited. today was such a great day. god, i hate those people. >> if i were to be a part of it, i would infiltrate and try to post things about north korea and try and make everybody sad. >> that's what i like about
12:44 am
brooke. your jokes don't make people happy. are you upset that might exclude you from the site? >> dear, paul mccartney. >> you are sending them 20 snail mail. this thing is so boring. i went to the site and members of the nsa fall asleep while monitoring it. >> i get it. they are board and they fell asleep. that's a really unpredictable ending to a joke. something boring makes somebody fall asleep. >> bill, i want to be a troll on that side. i want to see how people act when they are only with other happy people. maybe they fight. >> i do think it is a lot of crap where people send pictures of what they are doing and everybody is holding back. >> this is an active rule, but you cannot have negativity. that's i guess where anthony
12:45 am
wiener said he should continue to run for mayor. he probably asked. >> a difficult manner and we have killed this segment. last word, bill. your social network launched last week and you are the only user. >> turns out they don't have computers. i ended up doing meth with boxcar willy. i am glad about this. i think there should be more positive tee on the internet, less negativity. i like people that are sincere. this is going to be the new cool. right now i don't have any friends. >> post game report from tv's andy levy. i did him a favor.
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i will be on the o'reilly factor on thursday. coming up on the next "red eye." imogen lloyd webber, no baby talk and sherrod small. >> time to go back to andy levy for the post game report.
12:50 am
>> i will be on barney and company about 10 oocht 30 in the morning. >> he is a nice chap. >> he really is. >> i will be on at 11:30 in the morning. fox news radio don't you know. >> nobody cares. >> i want to start off and paul, great, great story about meeting paul mccartney. seriously. you wouldn't think -- a guy who is a legend would be boring, but you would be wrong. >> i thought it was compelling. >> oh man. does tonight not count on the ratings or something? >> in the green room he said can we just talk about it? >> i think we can call the show "the five" and i'm sure that's how many viewers we had left. >> hang on. i am doing something under the table to you. >> he thought he was compelling and very niece. >> i wish he had been on the
12:51 am
show instead of you. >> i'm sure that would have been interesting. >> it woulds about process and the creative process. >> nobody gives a [bleep]. >> couldn't wear a tie for the big show? >> walter, you think that wiener and hu ma have a manturian marriage. >> i think it is manturian. i think they were programed by advanced techniques to stay together and advance toward power no matter what. >> i guess that's how i define glutonian. >> let's call the whole thing off. somebody had to say it. i had to get there before mccurio. >> you mentioned that wiener's numbers are still okay.
12:52 am
the poll that came out, wednesday shows him leading the race, but that poll was in the field before this week came out. it is interesting to show what the new poll shows. this is a story about the muslim brotherhood. >> it is a story about the muslim brotherhood. that's what we are missing here. >> huma poses the greatest threat to national security in this administration. >> correct. >> which by the way she is not even a part of anymore. >> really? maybe she just didn't declare it. listen -- >> open your eyes. >> there is no doubt that this administration has a pro muslim brotherhood and pro islamist policy. they raise a national restriction. >> i read the piece. >> look through the looking glass. and if you think they don't fit together then it don't hunt. >> i thought her name was huma.
12:53 am
>> you said you think the women involved in the sexting find it comical. if this woman was accurately identified, or she said this and the reason she and wiener met on-line was she posted something how mad he was that he resigned his congressional seat after the first scandal. she thinks he is a hero. >> by the way, has a carlos danger name generator. you enter your name and you find out what your sexting pseudo name is. >> that's bizarre. mine is gretchen carlson. >> mine is brett bier, but it is b-e-a-r. >> it is not even an original -- come up with something creative. if you want to be mayor come
12:54 am
up with something other than carlos danger. >> at least you didn't steal your name from somebody that was strictly ballroom. >> and then you have to change it. >> google paul mccurio. >> how about elliott spits in her eye? >> paul, when you make it dumb like that, let it go. >> they won't be the only super power in 20 years. you say anti-americans never say what they want to replace them as a super power. walter, you just want to know who the other super power is going to be. i could be wrong. i don't think he is saying there is a second super power or america is replaced by another super power. i think he says he hopes there are no super powers. >> it was hard to tell with that thick british accent. i don't know what he was saying. >> you went to school with him. how can you not understand it? >> i love an -- andrew. >> he did say the reach should
12:55 am
decline and then he started to cacklement -- cackle. >> he didn't say i hope china is the super power. >> that's exactly the point. they never give the alternative. >> i agree with you. in his mind there is no super power. in reality that ain't gonna happen. >> it won't be exciting that there is no super powers left. >> there will be a level playing field. >> why can't we all be super friends? >> snowden is still in an airport in moscow. greg, you said his hopes of leaving were dashed by his russian lawyer. >> no, the lawyer just reported they were dashed. he is trying to help them. >> the whole thing is ridiculous. they don't think russia wants to kick them out. it is like a really long boring episode of big brother. it is ridiculous. >> or one of your pod casts.
12:56 am
>> i was just saying how paul was having a discussion with himself. not even the cameraman decided to pick it up. they were like, you know what, we don't care. i am going over here for the rest of this. i have never seen that. >> can we get pinch back? let's get pinch over here. >> you are now off camera. >> i will jump ahead to the north korean meth epidemic. you said it shouldn't be a surprise that people in a miserable country are addicted to meth. on top of that, my understanding is that when you are on meth you don't eat. you are talking about a country where there is no food so it kind of makes sense. >> that was my joke actually before we got suddenly sensitive and decided we didn't want to make jokes. >> it is not even a joke though. i honestly think that may be one of the reasons. >> i know it wasn't a joke. >> have i to go, you guys. let's listen to some of paul's
12:57 am
interview with paul mccartney. let's roll it. >> and you are on a world stage and entire world -- whrap hi. i'm henry winkler.
12:58 am
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♪ ♪ today. if kim could find it -- well -- >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think it's police got a black zimmerman. the question would be whether they beat him to death. >> bill: after making those controversial remarks we wanted it talk to congressman rangel. he told me would coal on the factor but then he ran. however, jesse watters caught up with him. >> you are saying you don't think he got a fair trial? >> an intense interview with rangel tonight. >> i'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place. >> does private behavior matter anymore in politics and should it? we have a robust debate on that. >> ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on


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