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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 26, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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good morning to you. it is july the 26th, and could it be the murder weapon? police releasing brand new pictures of aaron hernandez reportedly holding a gun inside his own home, this as the former patriots teammate tom brady speaks out for the first time about the murder. a fisherman lost at sea for nearly 12 hours lives to tell about it. >> came out and jumped in the water and was we've been looking you for nine hours and i've been looking for you for 12 hours. >> how his boots saved his life. >> that's an interesting one. >> are you waking up after a bad
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night's sleep? turns out you may be able to blame it on the moon. the tossing and turning is linked to lunar patterns. the details you need to hear. the first hour is coming right up. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> early morning here in new york city. you can see some folks already making their way around. good morning, everyone, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. >> thanks so much for starting your day with us and hope you're off to a great weekend already. >> newly released pictures right now. this is former nfl star aaron hernandez caught on his own surveillance cameras holding a gun soon after his friend was shot to death. the images were included in court documents. cops say the photo show hernandez with a gun both before and after 27-year-old odin lloyd
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was killed. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. police say the gun used to kill lloyd has not been recovered. all this while new england patriots quarterback tom brady speaks out about his former teammate. >> there's a very human compassion element that we all have and when it's someone, you know, who has been on our team, you know, you -- it's a very sad thing. >> brady says the team is committed to re-establishing itself on the field and in the community. well, it wasn't the landing gear that failed the southwest flight that crash landed at new york's laguardia airport. listen. yeah. well, it turns out that the jet hit the runway nose first which is not normal procedure. pilots are supposed to land on the rear wheels first. 150 people were on that flight
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from nashville. luckily no one was seriously injured. investigators are still trying to determine if pilot error played a role. we'll keep you posted. and this morning investigators will question the driver of the train that crashed in spain. he was apparently going 120 miles per hour as he headed into a sharp bend where the speed limit was 52 miles per hour. he also bragged on facebook how fast he could drive the train posting this picture of the speedometer at 125 miles per hour. jurors in the george zimmerman trial made a shocking admission. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. he can't get away with god, and at the end of the day he has a lot of questions and answers to deal with.
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>> that's juror b-29 and makes that claim in an interview with abc news, coming two weeks after finding zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the woman who didn't want to be identified by her name says she has trouble sleeping and eating since that acquittal but says her hands were simply tied by a lack of evidence. after that interview sabrina fulton said, quote, it's devastating for my family to hear the comments, comment which we already knew in our hearts to be true, that george zimmerman literally got away with murder. >> the woman at the center of anthony weiner's latest sexting scandal breaks her silence. >> did you ever say to him that you loved him? >> yes. >> so you told anthony weiner that you loved him? >> yes. >> did he ever tell you that he loved you? >> yes. >> she was thrust into the spotlight after a website published information from their steamy chat which occurred a year after weiner resigned from congress, and weiner says there are even more women with whom he
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seconded and he can't say how many. >> there are a few. i said at the time of my resignation there were six, i don't believe -- i don't think in total there are any more, six to ten, i suppose, but i can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> weiner insists he is staying in the race for mayor, this despite mounting calls to drop out and polls showing plummeting support. attorney general eric holder announcing that he's going after the texas voting laws despite a recent supreme court rule that part of the voting rights act was unconstitutional for forcing states to get federal approval for election changes. more now live this morning from washington >> reporter: the justice department opening a new door for battle, and the attorney general announced he wants texas officials to get permission from the federal government before the state can make any additional changes to its voting and election laws, this only one
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month after the supreme court rejected part of the historic 1965 voting rights act. that act does require federal monitoring mostly in southern states and just hours after that supreme court ruling, texas became the first state to react. lawmakers immediately implemented the new voter i.d. law, but attorney general eric holder is arguing that discriminates against latino voters. >> in that ruling the court noted that the parties, and i quote, this is what the court said, the parties provided more evidence of discriminatory intent than we have space or need to address here. this is a federal court that said that. >> reporter: now, governor rick perry criticized holder's moves saying it's an end run around the high courts of the republican lawmakers and accused the white house of bullying the lone star state. >> part of the long-term strategy of this administration is to try to turn texas blue, and they are engaging this this kind of bogus political activity
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to try to raise concerns with regard to things like minority voting. >> reporter: meanwhile, a controversial houston-based voter fraud group called the true vote went further promising legal action in the future. heather, back to you. >> elizabeth, thanks so much. president obama issues a warning to republicans. >> shutting down the government just because i'm for keeping it open, that's not an economic plan. threatening that you won't pay the bills in this country when we've already racked up those bills, that's not an economic plan. you know, that's being a deadbeat. >> well, the president made the comments in jacksonville yesterday. he accuses house republicans of causing gridlock, but on "hannity" last night former new york mayor rudy giuliani asked who is really to blame. >> this is as if he hasn't been president for five years. all of a sudden he's now announcing these policies.
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he's had his policies in effect for five years right now, and we eve got a detroit that's bankrupt, more people on food stamps than ever before in our history, more people in dependency. >> advisers say the president plans to present more specific policy proposals on topics like education and health care in coming weeks. ariel castro returns to court at 10:00 eastern time today, and reports say that he may accept a plea deal in order to avoid the death penalty. the deal right now, life without parole with an additional 1,000 years behind bars. castro is accused kidnapping and torturing three women in that house of horrors in cleveland for more than a decade. it is being called the largest personal data breach ever, and now charges are being handed down. for that and your other business news let's turn to lauren simonetta at fox business network. >> reporter: the largest data breach ever running a hacking
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scheme that over seven years penetrated computer networks of over 17 companies, stealing and selling at least 160 million credit and debit card numbers, hundreds of millions of dollars lost, companies including hartland paper, dow jones, nasdaq and jetblue and 7-eleven were among those targeted. indictments were announced yesterday. two of the five men have been arrested. the other three are fugitives being tracked as we speak. if convicted, they could spend decades in prison, but the consumer alert is to check your credit card and debit card statements frequently. detroit, a city that cannot afford to keep its street lights on, is giving hundreds of millions for a new sports arena for the detroit red wings. in the same week bankruptcy, the michigan state board approved funds for a new hockey arena funded in part with $280 million in public tax money. now, supporters say the new arena will be a catalyst for
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detroit's future creating some 5,000 jobs. and speaking of detroit, what a comeback for general motors. "consumer reports" voting the chevrolet impala the best sedan in the land, judging it superior to more expensive models from japanese and foreign automakers and the first time in two decades that they captured top spot. >> lauren, thanks. if you're just waking up, you may be noticing some ceglie colder temperatures. >> that's sort of a nice change. >> let's check in with maria who is here with your first degree weather update. what about that tropical storm down south? >> a lot of weather headlines. a lot of chilly temperatures in the northeast. feeling more like september. yesterday people woke up to 40s and 0s, very unusual for late july when we should be thinking about things like hurricanes and tropical storms. that's what we're also talking
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about, tropical storm dorion, maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. this storm system is very far away. over open waters over the atlantic ocean and the track is consistent. many computer mott ed eventually agreeing that the storm as we head into tuesday and wednesday could be imparting parts of the southeastern bahamas and eventually we could be potentially looking at impacts across florida or parts of the southeastern coastal united states as we head to late next week. several days out. again, our computer models well agreeing that the storm system is forecast to continue on that track from the west northwest. this is a system we need to continue to watch over the next few days. high temperatures today, rather chilly start to the day across parts of the northeast, but it will be a warmer day in places like new york city, 83. take a look at caribou, maine, 62 degrees for the high temperature. very unusual. texas hot as usual. 99 for your high in san antonio, and today we're looking at heavy downpours across the center of the country and we could be seeing, of course, severe storms
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along this frontal boundary, damaging winds, large hail being the main concern. >> caribou, maine. >> very 60s, very strange for late july. >> we'll talk to you later. it is friday, so we want to know what your favorite viral video of the week is. >> first up, these divers end up as lunch as they get up close and personal with this whale. fortunately nobody was injured. next, a flash mob at the unlikeliest of places. ♪ call me maybe ♪ hey, i just met you and this is crazy ♪ >> all right. a newlywed caps off her wedding with a priceless moment to the tune of carly rae jepsen's hit "call me maybe" and this gymnast brings a real smile to a dolphin's face. look at this. so amused by the cart wheels and everything, and it looks like the dolphin is laughing at one point. >> they really have human characteristics. which video is your favorite? send us your comments. tweet them to us at
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foxfriendsfirst or e-mail them to us at still to come, she thought she was taking fertility drugs but her doctor husband was actually giving her a deadly dose of poison. the murder case that sounds like a made for tv movie. >> and the new survey you just have to hear. the cities with the worst drivers. is it your city? we'll tell you when we come back. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. what's the rush? fby eating healthier,
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[growl] we used to live with a bear. we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well, go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep. tempur-pedic. we're back now at 17 minutes after the hour. and earlier this week, you know, we told you about this story. president obama said he was too distracted by those quote phony
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scandals like the benghazi terror attack to focus on the economy, so here's what americans have to say about that. according to a new fox news poll, 62% of americans polled say that president obama was wrong to not send troops in during that attack. well, less than a quarter of those polled said troops should not have been sent in. president obama said this week that republicans were focused on those, quote, phony scandals, and that's outraged the mother of one of those fallen heros in benghazi. listen. >> it's not fake. my son is dead, and why is he dead, all i'm waiting for, even to this day, is for someone to get back to me and tell me what happened. why did hillary do what she did? why was there no security there when there was supposed to be, and who is the general or whoever it was that called back the troops when they were going to help. >> another one of those victims was glen doherty, and this is never before seen video from a
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reality show called "the wanted." he took part in that four years ago. patti ann. >> he's accused of poisoning his wife with what she thought was a per tilt supplement. it's actually cyanide and overnight we learned that the doctor and researcher at the university of pittsburgh was arrested in west virginia. his wife autumn klein, a neurologist, died in april after falling ill after taking some pills. he's denied any v. faith-based groups say that thema is not doing enough to fund their recovery from superstorm sandy calling it a misguided adherence to the separation of church and state. congress passed a bill for the faith aboutsed group that still needs to get through the congress. a plane crashes into a home in indiana. police say the private plane went down just minutes after takeoff. the owner of the home was inside
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during the terrifying accident. >> suddenly a big sound. i heard big sound in the house. >> she said the house is burning, fire. >> amazingly the two men inside the plane are expected to be okay. the faa is looking into what caused the crash. florida dominates a rather dubious list. the sunshine state has three of america's worst cities to drive in. topping the list, miami. researchers used insurance company records to help them compile the list. they say the more car deaths and pedestrian collisions happen in the magic city. other florida cities on the list, hialeah and tampa. >> the magic city, what they call miami, learned something new. a really amazing story. there was a fisherman lost at sea for nearly 12 hours.
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he was swimming at sea actually. >> yeah. >> he lives to tell about it. >> the swimmer came out and jumped in the water and said we've been looking for you for nine hours, and i was like i've been looking for you for 12 hours. >> how his boots actually saved his life. >> and did you wake up from a bad night's sleep? just blame it on the moon. we'll explain.
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the sun just starting to come up a little bit right there in new york city this morning. good morning, everyone.
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are you having trouble sleeping? well, you may be able to blame it on the moon. it turns out lunar rhythms impact how much sleep we get. researchers say when the moon is full, the average person takes five minutes longer to fall asleep, and they sleep 20 minutes less overall. why? scientists say brain activity drops up to 30% on full moon nights. this makes it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. heather. >> that makes some sense. well, the entire cast and crew of the tv show "glee" came together for a memorial service that honored the she's late store cory monteith. the group included his girlfriend lea michele and they shared moments from the "glee." monteith died from a film and heroin overdose earlier this month. a man lost at sea for 12 hours after being swept off his lobster boat is alive thanks to his foot.
2:25 am
wnyw reporter linda schmidt has that story. >> i'm home now, jake. >> how warm did the ocean feel? >> it wasn't that bad. it was cold. >> reporter: an emotional homecoming for commercial lobber continue john aldrich. and he saw thoughts of his 4-year-old nephew jake that kept him alive. >> it's like i'm no way i'm dying this way. this is how i'm going to go, no way >> reporter: coast guard provided this dramatic photos showing how he rescued john. he drifted to sea for 12 hours in three to four foot waves and used his rubber boots to float. >> just floated, one and each arm and kept it tight and kept me warm. >> reporter: coast guard crews from throughout new england and commercial fishermen were all involved in the search. >> and i saw everyone looking for me and no one saw me. coast guard helicopter. they were all looking away from me, a little to the west.
2:26 am
>> and then thankfully the coast guard spotted him holding on to his boots and a buoy. this is a picture of his sister cheering after getting the great news. >> the coast guard chopper from cape cod came right down and right over me. i'm like holy cow, and a swimmer came out and jumped in the water and he's like we've been looking for you for nine hours, and i was like i've been looking for you for 12 hours. >> that guy is great, what a character, and imagine clinging to one of those lobster pots or buoys out there for so many hours. >> and the boots, of course, so incredible story. >> and you were out there in the same water that day. >> at the same exact time, and we'll have that story. the time right now 26 after the hour. still to come, a possible deadly connection. new reports say the same company that inspected the six flags roller coaster on which a woman died had questionable ties to the amusement park. and talk about a nanny state, one company forcing private workers, telling them
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where they have to invest their money, and this could actually be happening to you. we'll tell you about that when we come back. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o
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bible contains not only the biblical text and notes, but also our declaration of independence, our constitution and george washington's rules on civility and decent behavior. with every order of the patriot's edition of the geneva bible i'm going to give a free copy of my dvd monumental: in search of america's national treasure. visit or call 888-98-geneva. thank you it is july 26th. remember that six flags location where a woman died last week? turns out there's a possible deadly connection. a new report says the same company that inspected that park has questionable ties to it.
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and the federal government already says that it has the right to track your phone calls. well, now it's asking for your personal information, too. we'll explain. >> and talk about a nanny state. one government is forcing private workers to invest their money. could it be happening to you? "fox & friends first" starts right now. and good morning to you. hope you're all off to a great day. people walking around here in new york city already this morning. just 31 minutes after the hour. they are out early. by the way, we've got poison coming up on the plaza later this morning. good morning, welcome to "fox & friends fir."
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newly released pictures show former nfl star aaron hernandez caught on his own surveillance cameras, and you can see right here he's holding a gun, and this was soon after his friend was shot to death. those images were included in court documents. cops say the photos show hernandez with the gun before and after 27-year-old odin lloyd was killed. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. police say the gun used to kill lloyd has not been recovered. this while new england patriots quarterback tom brady speaks out about his former teammate. >> there's a very human compassion element that we all have, and when it's someone that, you know, has been on our team, you know, just -- it's a very sad thing. >> brady says that the team is committed to re-establishing itself on the field and in the community. new developments in the tragic roller coaster death at six flags in texas. the firm that inspected the roller coaster was started by
2:33 am
six flags vice president patrick hoffman. hoffman gave up ownership of the firm when he joined six flags, and so far there have been no allegations of any wrongdoing. the woman fell to her death while riding that roller coaster last week. root, root, root for obama care? the administration drafting the washington nationals mascot to promote the health care law. >> and ready to learn about new options from new americans who are looking for a better deal. >> that video starring health and human secretary kathleen sebelius. threats to shut down the government unless implementation of obama care is halted. patti ann? >> lawmakers in california are pushing a law to force private
2:34 am
sector workers to lose 3% from each paycheck. where would that money go, to a new state fund? the plan guarantees they would be available at retirement age with investment gains. secure choice retirement savings program will be the first of its kind in the face. critics say california has had enough issues managing its own budget to be worried about managing its residents money. >> good point there. he wants to be the fun uncle, and what doesn't? that is what prince harry is saying about his new little nephew. the royal says he wants to make sure that the little one has fun and joked about his baby-sitting services saying they won't come cheap. >> fantastic to have another addition to the family. i only hope my brother knows how expensive my baby-sitting charges are. made sure he has a good upbringing, keeping him out of harm's way and making sure he has fun. >> harry definitely knows all about fun. remember las vegas and all the pictures there in. >> oh, yeah. >> despite a recent supreme
2:35 am
court ruling on the voting rights act the obama administration is taking texas to court over voting law and other states may soon be in its side. more live from washington with the latest. good morning, doug. >> reporter: administration critics say that this is nothing short of an end run around the supreme court and could impact the way elections are run in a number of states, particularly the south. attorney general eric older is taking texas to court over its voting laws, and the legal battles are just starting. >> it is the duty of of today's justice department to continue monitoring jurisdictions around the country for that may hamper these voting rights. >> that is despite a supreme court decision that the part of the nearly 50-year-old voting rights act that required states with a history of discrimination, mostly in the south there, as you can see, receive federal permission for any change in voting laws was simply outdated. states like texas quickly moved to require that voters show
2:36 am
i.d., they say to prevent voter fraud. holder argues it's discriminatory and states like texas should still be treated differently despite the supreme court's decision. his critics call it a case of federal bullying. >> part of a long-term strategy of this administration is to try to turn texas blue, and so they are engaging in this kind of bogus political activity to try to raise concerns with regard to things like minority voting that simply aren't supported by the evidence. >> even though we're talking about the justice department going after texas specifically, other states could be also in the crosshairs. north carolina could very likely be next. patti ann? >> doug, thank you. well, listen to this one. the woman at the center of anthony weiner's latest sexting scandal is now breaking her silence. here is what sydney leathers told the tv show "inside edition." >> did you ever say to him that
2:37 am
you loved him? >> yes. >> so you told anthony weiner that you loved him in. >> yes. >> did he ever say he loved you? >> yes. >> this comes as weiner says there's even more women he seconded with, but he can't say how many exactly. >> there are a few. i said at the time of my resignation there were six. i can in total there are any more, six to ten, i suppose, but i can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> six, 10, throw, also threw out the number three. weiner insists he's staying in the race despite a lot of calls to drop out and plummeting poll numbers. amanda bynes' mom is heading to court today to gain temporary conservatorship over her troubled daughter giving her control over her daughter's personal and financial decision. bynes will stay in a psychiatric hospital for two more weeks as doctors evaluate her mental
2:38 am
health. a legendary prison goes up in flames. joliet prison was made famous by "the blues brothers" movie, in illinois. a large warehouse inside that prison breaking out in flames on wednesday night. the prison was built back in the 1850s, but it was shut down for good in 2002, and the now we're told it's just used for training and also for movie sets. as you prepare to head out door this mornings you may want to grab a coat. that's because despite the fact it's july it's a little chilly out there. >> almost like fall. >> and maria is here with your first degree weather. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we're talking about relatively chilly temperatures across parts of the northeast, and this time of the year you should be thinking about things like hot temperatures or the tropics, and also the possibility of seeing tropical storms and hurricanes, and we actually do have a
2:39 am
tropical storm that we want to tell you all about. this is tropical storm dorian out in the atlantic ocean, and it's still very far away. we're continuing to track it westward, and while intensity in terms of the forecast isn't very confident, we don't know really if it's going to be intensifying or weakening of right now we're keeping it at a 50-mile-per-hour storm eventually as we head into tuesday and wednesday of next week when it could be inpacting parts of the southeastern bahamas, so anyone living across the southeastern united states need to keep an eye on storm system. we're expecting it to keep on the west northwest track. temperatures relatively chilly. minneapolis 66 degrees for the high temperature today and 62 in caribou. meanwhile texas, 99 for your high in san antonio, and we could be seeing showers and storms associated with a strong cold front that's headed eastbound. some isolated severe weather will be possible with this system so, of course, we'll keep an eye on it throughout the afternoon and also the evening. >> maria, thanks so much.
2:40 am
>> a lot of info. >> thanks. >> 39 after the house, and still to come the tallary woman is, the more likely she will get cancer. a shocking new study coming up. >> and the federal government says it has the right to track your phone calls, but now it's asking for personal information, too. i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app.
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there they are, the ladies, they are lining up to meet bret michaels, the head and front man of the band poison. fans showing up there. they will be performing on "fox & friends" for the all american summer concert series coming up in a bit. some news to bring you now and
2:44 am
listen to this one. the taller the woman is, the more likely she will get cancer, that's according to a brand new study out. it found that height was more strongly associated with cancer than other risk factors, including obesity. researchers say that tall women may be at greater risk because of hormone activity or because they have more cells and larger organs. don't know what to do with your leftovers, there's an app for that. a new app called leftover swap will allow you to sell your unwanted food to complete strangers. all you have to do is take a picture of your leftovers and then name your price. >> no way. that's just gross. >> talk about big brother online. there's a new report that claims that the feds have been making secret demand too web firms and they are ordering them apparently to turn over user account pass words. that's a huge deal. >> let's get the details on
2:45 am
that. >> reporter: is the government, the federal government looking for your password? a new report from "cnet," a computer magazine, says major companies have been asked to hand over your precious information, according to two sources. the feds have made covert demand to gain access to user passwords typically stored by encryption, if true, this would allow the government to obtain personal information and impersonate you via their account. when asked google and microsoft would not divulge whether officials made these types of requests but they said they would never hand over password information. they could not see a circumstance in which they would do say and sources also say that the feds have requested encryption algorithms and a string of numbers and letters used to protect your passwords. industry officials close to the company say they have, quote, pushed back coming as former nsa
2:46 am
contractor edward snowden whoakn surveillance awaits asylum in russia. back to you guys. >> thanks. and still ahead, an enormous ship sinks within a matter of minutes while the crew is on board. how they were rescued just in time. >> and hugh jackman, he's returning in his role as the wolverine, but can he slash through the box office? our move critic is coming in to let us know if it's worth seeing this weekend but first to steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends" first. >> thank goodness it's friday. coming up on "fox & friends," geralda riva is here and the gator boys are dropping by and have brought a couple of their friends that will be on the studio firm and new heights at the jersey balloon festival and it's a friday in the summer. our all american summer concert series. bret michaels is going to perform live on our plaza, and we hope you join us if you're in
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midtown. otherwise watch right here on "fox & friends" when it kicks off right now. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track.
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a daring rescue off the coast of ireland, and it's all caught on camera. the coast guard saved all 30 people on board this tall touch sailing ship after it struck rock and started to sink. all of the passengers were treated for sock and mild hypothermia, but they will all be okay. and a heartwarming moment at a memphis children's hospital. ♪ >> that is memphis university quarterback jacob carom playing
2:51 am
music with the little girl, touched by their battle day in and day out. >> their attitude and their spirits, they have so much courage. >> carom goes to the hospital several times a year. >> we, let's talk about the movies now. "the wolverine" is one of the movies trying to claw its way to the top of the box office this weekend so here's a question we all want to know, is it worth your money? kevin mccarthy is a movie critics and fox news contributor and joins us now. objection is it worth the money? >> i'm a huge movie geek and also a big tv geek so seen your appearances on "24" when you were the news anchor so an honor to be talking to you. >> good memory. >> "wolverine," the sixth time that hugh jackman has played this character, the most times a single actor has ever played a comic book hero in film.
2:52 am
james mangold directed this movie. he's a phenomenal director and brings a very r-rated action comic book feeling to this movie. you have a very vulnerable wolverine here and dealing with a relatable character where audiences can actually relate to the guy and my favorite action scene of the year is a bullet train scene where he's on the train leaping over the railing. i was totally geeking out watching the film but the problem is the movie peaks midway through and flattens a little bit and becomes a little mediocre so i did enjoy the movie, but i want to make sure people save money at home. don't see this 3-d. the 3-d is absolutely you a full. it looks terrible. see it in 2-d and stay for the credits after the film for a huge surprise. you can find an interview with
2:53 am
hugh jackman on >> this movie feels very r-rated so do not see it unless you're over the age of 13, a little more violent than pg-13. >> what's your rating? >> 3.5 out of 5. >> another review for you and a movie called "fruit veil station," what's that all about? what's this all about? >> one of the best films i've seen in years. the story of a young 22-year-old man named oscar grant who is shot by a b.a.r.t. transit officer in the bay area and details the last 24 hours of his life. i sat in this film at the end of the film just choked up and speechless in the credits. it will blow you away. michael b. jordan plays the character, phenomenal in the film and deserves an academy award nomination, so does octavia spencer and the director who is 27 years old, his first feature length film. the film is important.
2:54 am
you must see it in theaters. it's mind blowingly great, emotionally gripping and very powerful. one of my favorite films of the year, top five, along with "the way, way back" and "the place beyond the pines." check it out nationwide. >> you're giving that 4 out of 5 stars. >> 4.5 out of 5. >> even better. kevin mccarthy, thanks so much. love having you on. >> thanks so much, heather. coming up on "fox & friends" at 7:20, michael tamara will sit down with the wolverine himself, hugh jackman. i wonder why we didn't get that gig. >> i wouldn't mind it. >> 54 minutes past the hour and we want to tell but this special delivery. fedex workers caught on camera, not exactly handling your packages with care, and the last chance to pick your favorite viral video-of-the-week. the divers almost swallowed up
2:55 am
by the whale, call me maybe wedding party flash dance or the laughing dolphin. we'll have your pick neck.
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two minutes till the top of the hour, and before you leave the house today, here's what's happening. charges have been filed in what prosecutors are calling the largest personal data breach ever. they say more than 160 million credit card numbers were stolen in the scheme. attorney general eric holder is taking aim at texas. he is challenging new voting maps there despite a recent supreme court ruling that found states did not need federal approval to make changes. and "consumer reports" votes the chevy impala the best sedan. the magazine choosing this car over more expensive models. >> go impala. >> now a time to take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. the good for you, big league catch for a little leaguer.
2:59 am
>> oh, wow. >> way to go right there. nathan lewis is his name from california, and he makes the miracle grab, so sign him to a contract right now, somebody out there. police in germany pulling over a swimming pool on wheels. four men were in the bmw that had water pouring out of it. finally the ugly, two fedex workers throwing around people's packages. cameras caught them on camera treating these boxes like they were garbage. a company spokesman says that they will be disciplined. and it's team now for your favorite viral video of the week. was it the two divers nearly getting eaten by a whale, flash mob at a wedding or gymnast putting on a show for dolphins. >> that's what happened when you mess with animals. thomas e-mailed i insisted we have a flash mob at my wedding but my wife would have none of it. looking at that makes me so jealous. >> and just when you think you've seen it all, the girl
3:00 am
went in there thinking the fish would be the entertainment. instead, she became the main attraction. the winner of the web page poll, the dolphins laughing at the gymnast, taking 69% of the vote. that will do it for us. have a great day and weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, everyone. it's friday, july 25th. brand new details about why this train flew off the tracks killing 80 people and why the conductor was bragging about that. meanwhile, president obama doubles down on his brand new talking points. >> the point is with an endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals. >> there's the phony scandals. you know, it's curious though is a few months ago he promised to get to the bottom of those phony scandals, so why has he decided they are phony,


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