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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is the hot button issue. go to and vote in the polls. thanks for joining us on this special edition of "on the record". good night. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> al sharpton is in business for people who put out entertainment harmful to children. the fact is al sharpton is allowing a company that allows black children to distribute his book. >> overwhelming reaction to bill's talking points memo about how some civil rights leaders aren't helping black americans. we'll continue the debate. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. >> laura: another juror speaks out about the controversial zimmerman verdict. we'll have legal analysis of her shocking remarks. >> there are more than -- there are few, i don't have a specific number for you. there were six. i don't believe -- i don't think in total there are
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any more -- >> laura: the list of women anthony weiner sent sexually explicit messages to keeps on growing. why isn't nannies pelosi calling for him to get out of race for new york mayor isn't he waging a war on women? >> was making campaign promises that he had totally changed and i am proof that is not true. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we have a talking points memo later for you in the program. first, there has been an overwhelming response to bill's talking points from last night about the civil rights industry and how some of its leaders refuse to address the real problems in the african-american community. >> right now the unemployment rate among black males, ages 16 and
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19, 57%. it's 25% for white males that age. overall black unemployment 14%. white unemployment 6.6. the reason? in many poor neighborhoods there is chaos, violence and little discipline in the public schools. kids aren't learning. also, with the african-american out-of-wedlock birth rate at 73%, many young blacks are unsupervised and prone to imitate bad behavior. like what lil' wayne puts out. >> pain pill have to put rim on my skateboard wheel >> bill: the parent company of lil' wayne cash money content which markets vial stuff that hurts children is a partner in distributing sharpton's upcoming book. that's right. al sharpton is in business with people who put out entertainment harmful to
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children. >> so bill's contention is that the civil rights industry is simply not addressing the korean why many african-americans are not succeeding in the marketplace. not for two other views on this georgetown professor chris metzler joins us from davey, florida and from l.a. jasmine camnnick who writes on politics and race. bill has made a lot of news over the last week in talking about the zimmerman verdict, trayvon martin, and how the civil rights community of today has responded. what was your reaction to what he said last night, specifically regarding al sharpton and this particular hip hop artist and the kind of stuff he puts out? >> all right. laura, two things. first, you know, looking at the whole cash money family and then publishing a book. some people might think that is a step up. books unlike music require people to actually read.
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thoroughly depends on how you look at that situation. as far as al sharpton goes, you know, not to be disrespectful but white people don't to to tell us who our civil rights leaders are and who to look up to. if you think in any way that al sharpton represents the entire gamut who civil rights leaders are and what issues they are focusing on you would be wrong. other civil right leaders in america addressing all the issues that bill talked in his talking points memo around unemployment and education and so on and so forth. i would say to the people who think that little wayne is a problem and is contributing in any way to that that they should look at what their own engagement and involvement is. all of a sudden it's like white people care about black america. because -- >> laura: jasmyne. let me jump in here. they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. if white folks don't engage you don't really care. if you do engage -- >> -- it's how you engage.
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>> laura: look. i think we are having a conversation about language, approach, right, out of mutual respect. i have heard at love people calling into my radio show who happen to be black who don't like this industry. don't like what it does. don't like what it pumps out especially to young impressionable minds and they're cool people. they are not prudes. they are not like turning off their i pods and not listening to anything. they say, look, we have got to take responsibility for ourselves here. we have got parent kids better. we have got to choose our role models and our leaders, our community leaders in a better fashion. and so i think it's well within folks' right to say look white, black, brown, or whatever, is this really what you want your kids to listen to and professor, you can chime in here too. >> sure. >> laura: al sharpton condemns a lot of these lyrics but there always seems to be side deals going on here in the background. i think that's what o'reilly was getting at. >> yeah. i think it was and i think is he accurate. let me just go back to what was said a moment ago. white people don't tell us
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who our civil rights leaders are. seriously? that's your argument? that's ridiculous. this is not about whether white people are telling us what to do. the fact is that in the african-american black community there are some substantial problems that need to be addressed. this has nothing to do with -- >> -- and white people don't goat lead us on that. >> i'm not done. you had the opportunity to speak. thank you. this has nothing to do with white people taking the mantel and telling us what to do. what bill said was some civil rights leaders, he didn't say all civil rights leaders. and your contention is exactly the problem. rather than looking at policies, practices, and procedures, you are looking at this strictly through a racial lenz. as a result of that, we have been unable to move this conversation anywhere. we had bill clinton's conversation on race. we have had all of these kinds of things. and we are still back to where we are. this has nothing to do with white people trying to rule over us. that is a ridiculous,
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nonsensical argument. >> laura: jazmyne and? >> and that is exactly your right to feel that way. okay? let me make a couple of points compleer. major consumers of hip hop and music like lil' wayans are not only african-americans. over 70% of the consumers of hip hop is white america. maybe we need to change the conversation ask white america to stop support lil' wayne. >> laura: great, i'm all for that. i'm applauding that. jazmyne you and i agree. >> finally on something, laura. finally. >> laura: yeah. jazmyne, we are almost out of time. there are a couple things that are indicators of future success and increase your risk of going into poverty. one is if you are in a stable marriage. two, is if you have a good education. it seems to me that someone like a sharpton or a jackson with their platforms and all their
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action network and all that deal. if they're out there talking about hey, if you are married, if you don't have kids out of wedlock and guys, if you are supporting educational choice, we're going to have more opportunities within our community, we're going to do better. if he has devoted his time to those two issues, marriage, and real educational opportunity, ie school choice, i think al sharpton would make an actual positive difference. and right now i think he is actually reversing a lot of the progress that's been made between the races. and that i think, is a real shame for everybody, black, white, and everyone else. it's great to see you both. jazmyne and chris, thank you very much. >> that's absolutely correct. thank you. >> thank you. bill. >> laura: bill's article is out on this today. be sure to read it on bill o' another juror in zimmerman trial telling the world she thinks zimmerman got away with murder. is she right? we have a legal debate. why isn't nancy pelosi calling on anthony weiner
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, a second juror from the george zimmerman murder trial is now speaking out about the verdict that she and five other women reached earlier this month. >> for myself, he is guilty. because the evidence shows he is guilty. he is guilty of? >> killing trayvon martin. but, we couldn't prove that intentionally he killed him. and that's the way that the law was written. i want trayvon's mom to know that i am hurting. and if she thought that nobody cared about her son, i could speak for myself, i do care. i couldn't do anything about it it i felt like i left -- let a lot of people down. george zimmerman got away with murder.
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but you can't get away from god. and at the end of the day, he is going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. >> laura: joining us now from w. reaction two criminal defense attorneys from new york stacy snyder and from davey, florida, regina tombinascus. it's great to see both of you. that got everybody talking yesterday that's for sure this juror speaking out. regina, let's talk with you. we heard from that other juror b-37 who she thought both men could have stepped back. that both were responsible but that she believed that zimmerman had a right to defend himself. now this juror comes forward and says zimmerman got away with, quote: murder, but then goes on to say we reached the right verdict. can you say get away with murder and reached the right verdict? >> yes, you can actually, because there is no question that trayvon was
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killed by george zimmerman. the issue was whether or not it was self-defense or not. and these jurors had that question posed to them. they had the law. fanned they thought there was nord reasonable doubt there this was murder they should have spoken up in the jury room. not weeks later after media attacks their. system we agree to live by. >> laura: i don't like these post-trial interviews, first of all. i don't find them to be helpful at all. they seem to be a bit self-serving. first of all, murder requires intent. she said well, we couldn't prove intent. but he got away with murder. if you can't prove intent, it's not murder. obviously we have a dead teenager, which is a horrible thing. and a tragic thing. but murder requires certain elements of proof. stacy, you can jump in here. >> sure, yeah. >> laura: for everyone to say ah-ha look this shows
8:15 pm
you the system is rigged. i don't think it shows that at all. i speak a a former white collar criminal attorney. >> not at all. and justifiable killing is never the equivalent of murder under the law the elephant in this room in this verdict is florida stand your ground law. that's where there is confusion. >> it has nothing to did w. stand your ground. they didn't use the stand your ground law in this verdict. >> no, that's not true. >> it's a complete misconception. it's very true they did not stand your ground motion. >> had the stand your ground law in your instructions and the jury were required to follow those instructions. the zimmerman defense did not allude to the law but there are factors in here. because viewer in any other state with the same facts you might have gotten a different verdict. most states you can't use deadly force unless you retreat. and in florida, what happened is we have one man armed with a pack of skittles and one man armed with a gun and florida law
8:16 pm
says the benefit of the doubt goes to the man with the gun. and that is why there is juror confusion. >> laura: there was other evidence though stacy, right? other evidence taken in. >> to support the self-defense claim there was photographs of injuries and forensic evidence. >> laura: the one neighbor that had the best view said he saw one person who looked like it was martin on top and the fact the jury ultimately concluded that martin had been the aggressor, maybe circled around him. who knows, ultimately. but, are a gina, we go back to jurors giving interviews. it almost like they are worried about how history will judge them so they have to run out there and say these things. i really care. i really care. it's not easy to be on this jury and i think they probably came to the right conclusion here, but these interviews, i don't personally like them. i don't think they advance the cause of justice at all. >> i agree. and i really don't think it's good at all. because people who do serve
8:17 pm
on juries now after they render their verdict are going to have to deal with this backlash which is going to make people not want to serve on the jury. we are not going to be able to get a jury of our piers and undermine the entire system. you have to fault law. the law is not based on emotion. it's based on the facts. >> you have such a volatile verdict. why not hear from the jurors what was behind their thinking because the nation is so upset about this. don't you think we should hear something from them? they have the right to speak about how they got there. >> they did say something. they rendered a verdict. not guilty. >> that is a confusing situation. >> >> laura: guys, we are out of time. but their feelings in the end don't matter. the law matters. >> exactly. >> it doesn't. >> laura: thank goodness we have a system that follows thatth pa. horrible crimes committed by illegal immigrants. why the heck doesn't the mainstream media tell the whole story? i have a factor investigation for you. then, as anthony weiner rages a true war on women. some dem colleagues are looking the other way. what's with this double
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, horrible crimes committed by illegal immigrants and how the media report them. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. while major heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens occur regularly in the united states, including a recent horrifying gang rape of a 13-year-old little girl in texas, the media and pro-immigration reform politicians have their sites trained on one comment made by congressman steve king of iowa. last week, when talking about the dream act, he
8:22 pm
said this about illegal immigrants and crime at the border. >> some of them are valedictorians. my answer to that is and by the way their patients brought them in. it wasn't their fault. it's true in some cases. they weren't all valedictorians and weren't brought in by parents. for every valedictorian there is another out there 130 pounds. calves of cantaloupes because they are hauling marijuana across the desert. >> laura: for that comment, king received swift condemnation for from both sides of the aisle including from our republican speaker of the house john boehner who called the comment hateful. well, today on my radio show, i asked congressman king if he regretted his remarks. >> will you apologize for this comment? >> no. i won't do that laura. if i did that, that would further marginalize and that would be a confession that the statement that i made was wrong inaccurate. i think it was an objective
8:23 pm
analysis. i did illustrate it the way it was described to me and the way i have seen it with my eyes. and so i would ask people, what happened to the age of reason? >> laura: now, i wouldn't have worded my problem with the dream act like king did, but the fact is, he exposed a familiar tactic of the open borders crowd. you cite some gleaming examples of successful young illegals while you ignore the indisputable truth about serious crimes our country continues to endure at the hands of young mostly male illegal immigrants. i'm talking rape, murder, robbery and, of course, drug trafficking. so, why don't more reporters press for information regarding suspect's immigration status? i will tell you why. because most reporters are pro-amnesty. that's why. they know that publicizing these crimes would make the public way more skeptical about the current immigration reform efforts in congress. so, consider this story about, yet, another rape of
8:24 pm
a young teen in alabama. note the suspect only referred to as a mexican man. now, i'm going to say what few others will. there is a massive coverup underway across mainstream media outlets regarding the viciousness and frequency of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. representative steve king may be over the top or offensive to many in his phrasing but that's hardly the point. what's truly offensive is when journalists and politicians shade the truth to push their own open borders agenda, leaving hard working americans and legal immigrants more vulnerable and less safe. that's the memo. and now two other views on this. with me in washington, steve cam rot tax the director of research for the center for immigration studies and daniel hernandez, an immigration lawyer who joins from us fort worth, texas. >> how are you, laura? >> let's start with you, mr. hernandez, i'm great. this case of this 13 little
8:25 pm
girl in texas who was gang raped by illegal immigrants, a number of them. some i believe had already been ordered deported came back to the united states. most news organizations we didn't d. research only a few ended up publishing the immigration status of these men who carried out this horrific acted. it could ruin a life forever. not just for a few months but forever. >> sure. >> laura: only a few news organizations actually told us that these people were illegal aliens. do you believe news organizations have a duty to report this information? >> absolutely not. in fact, i think that is the problem. i don't think they should be reporting it. that only -- that is just setting it up to create a bias or prejudice with juries. a crime is a crime. i'm not going to dispute that this is a horrific crime, but, it doesn't matter the race, creed, religion. it's a crime. if you start it off any report talking about what their race is, their color, their religion, all you are
8:26 pm
setting it up for in the news media is to be incapable of getting a fair jury. that's what you are setting up. that shouldn't have anything to do with it. >> so we can't use any statistics about then color of skin, that we are looking for assailant. we can't say color of skin. when we're looking for people or identifying people we can't give this information but we can refer to them as, quote, mexican or quote salvador ran or, quote, asian? this is insanity. they give all sorts of information from the dominican republic. >> i'm not saying i agree with that. i don't think they should be doing any of that. >> laura: okay. so you don't want the american people -- let me get this straight. cam rot tax you have got to get in here. >> let me ask you this. >> laura: you are saying the american public doesn't have a right to know that people who have not supposed to be here in this country some of them are committing horrible acts against the american people. are you kidding me? >> are you telling me then that we should know exactly hot bloomberg glory is that broke in to your house who is a u.s. citizen, too?
8:27 pm
what's the difference. >> yes. i want to know everything we can about them. they're not supposed to be in the united states. >> we have the thing called innocent until proven guilty. >> laura: of course they are. of course they are innocent this he are proven guilty. they are already criminals. they are here ill ely. >> too many places where that -- >> let me say. this it's very relevant if a person is not even supposed to be in the country in the first place. take this guy edwin ramos in san francisco who killed a father and his two sons. now, it took a while, but eventually when it came out that he had been protected by the city that he was someone protected by amnesty policy and currently in the united states illegally, the city revisited that and cut back on it. until the police actually -- or i should say the media actually reported the guy's immigration status triple murder the city didn't realize protecting murders like this and not going against someone just because they were illegal. >> nobody is saying someone is protecting a murderer.
8:28 pm
>> that's is what happened. he committed two violent crimes and they didn't inform ice. he then subsequently went out and exterminated a whole family. that's why it is so important. >> laura: alexander city, alabama, murder suicide illegal immigrant and his girlfriend just happened last month. july, 17-year-old illegal from guatemala charged with murder at a beaumont mall, this was also -- i believe this was also in texas. ramos, no one is saying that all illegal immigrants who are here. they are criminally here. they are not supposed to be here. but no one is saying that they're all committing serious crimes. >> two issues that have nothing to do with one mother. >> laura: no, no, no. mr. hernandez, we are in the process of debating immigration reform based on a series of glowing reports about how illegal immigration is good for the united states. let me tell you who it is not good for. not good for the 13-year-old girl who was gang raped in texas right in her backyard. >> i don't know of a single
8:29 pm
immigration proposal saying let's keep people here breaking our laws. >> probably two or three dui's still be in this country and at love these guys didn't have records before they committed violent crimes. that's the problem. >> neither does the person that breaks in our home who is white, black, or asian. >> laura: there is a massive coverup going on. >> i disagree. >> it matters if someone is illegally in this country. >> i am in court every single day, when i read a police report, that's not what i look for. >> he killed somebody. under the immigration bill. >> laura: i have got to governmental under the immigration bill he would get amnesty. >> i'm sure that's not what you are looking for mr. hernandez. legal citizens many of whom are da lateen know do have a right to know. that is is going to be very important in this debate in the immigration reform. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening, as the list of women that anthony women preyed on grows, some are refusing to tell him to drop his mayoral campaign. where is their outrage on
8:30 pm
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8:34 pm
are a few. i don't have a specific number for you. there are a few. i said at the time of my resignation there were six. i don't believe there have been any -- i don't think in total there are any more. >> laura: now, everyone remembers the phony outrage from the left during last year's election over the right's supposed war on women. well, of course they claim women were under attack by republicans who wanted to deny them healthcare and, of course, restrict their pay. give me a break. and now we have anthony weiner sending disgusting pictures and messages to young women. so, isn't that an actual war on women? so why the heck isn't nannies pelosi insisting he get out of politics? >> should he stay in the race? >> that's up to the people of new york. the conduct of some of these people that we are talking about here is reprehensible. it's so disrespectful of women and what's really stunning about it is they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. >> laura: joining us now from los angeles to respond
8:35 pm
is ebony williams, she is an attorney and a radio host. okay, ebony, i was doing a little yahoo search during the break here. and i put in pelosi and war on women and pelosi has -- nancy pelosi has said that there is a war on women in the way student loans are done. there is a war on women in a fundraising, g.o.p. fundraising. there is a war on women in the budget. and, of course, there is a war on women with the birth control pills being covered or not covered in the healthcare plan. there is all these wars on women going on out there. she won't say whether anthony weiner should step down when he is taking pictures of, you know, whatever we want to -- himself. carlos danger and sending them to women? >> certainly. >> laura: it's embarrassing. what gives? >> well, laura, you know, i will be the first to say, anthony weiner's actions are disgusting. they indicate he has got some childish issues going on and some self-control
8:36 pm
issues. but, ultimately, do i believe the congresswoman is right in that the decision as to whether or not he is fit for political leadership is ultimately up to new york voters. i mean, i think new york city voters. that's the beauty of democracy. i think she should be able to make those decisions for themselves. i trust them to do that. >> laura: you think as a woman. a liberal radio host and nancy pelosi as a liberal leader, i mean, she is the fiercest liberal voice i think in the u.s. house of representatives as a former speaker. that she should just be hands off and say oh, well whatever happens, happens. and -- i mean, the shining light of america, new york city, gleaming new york city to be led by anthony weiner? this wasn't just childish that he did. he has a real mental problem. he has a mental problem, okay? this is not child
8:37 pm
>> it's like it keeps going so they're saying personally. saying should be saying i don't believe -- i think he
8:38 pm
thinks he should get out. >> i would not vote for him. i think he should stay in, laura. i want to give voters an opportunity to make that decision for themselves. >> it's just an opinion. >> no. no. laura,. >> we've got to go, sorry. coming up next the father of edward snowden defending his son. and later comedian andrew dice clay enterers the no-spin zone. those moments minutes away.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, nsa leaker edward snowden is still hiding in a russian airport desperately trying to avoid extradition to america. he will be prosecuted for exposing national security secrets. well, today snowden's father defended him. >> i believe that my son, when he takes his final breath, whether it's today or 100 years from now, he will be comfortable with what he did because he did what he knew was right. he shared the truth with the american people. what we choose to do with it is up to us as a people. are we going to listen to folks like mike rogers and dianne feinstein who say trust us, when we still have someone like james clap his or her lied to congress. is he still being paid. he is still serving this country. he worked directly for the president of the united states.
8:43 pm
we have much work to do. this story is far from done. >> laura: meanwhile attorney general eric holder has made an offer to russia telling him we won't torture or kill snowden if they hand him over. well, joining me from new york with reaction, fox news host geraldo rivera. >> hi. >> laura: geraldo, first his father comes out. snowden's father comes out o, defends him, defends his integrity. surprise is there? >> no. i find it very hard not to be sympathetic to the dad. the dad is doing what any father would do, i think, under the circumstances. my son is a computer nerd and i could see, you know, he and his friends are so behind edward snowden, i could see how there is, you know, kind of ethical or more ambiguity about what he did. look what happened in the congress of the united states yesterday you had 94 house republicans among the most conservative republicans voting for an amendment to the defense appropriations bill to end exactly the nsa snooping program that snow deb exposed.
8:44 pm
so, there is some moral ambiguity. yes, he did what he did in a way that was atrocious. he ran to our enemies. if he had gone to congress and been the whistleblower and exposed exactly what he did expose, it would have been a whole different situation. it's hard not to be sympathetic to that dad. >> laura: i have been to that moscow airport, the food is not all that good. i spent a lot of time in that airport. >> be in the big house. >> laura: geraldo, you make the point about the nsa issue with restricting ability to dragnet on the phone record. interesting, because you had john conyers, liberal, agreeing with conservative raoul labrador. then had you boehner and pelosi agreeing to give the nsa the latitude. this is alice in wonderland stuff. this is through the looking glass. i don't even understand this. >> that is why we are so ambivalent abouted ward snowden. yes, he is a man who exposed these secrets and he ran to china and russia
8:45 pm
and how dare he and he deserves the full weight of the law to crush his egoism and his hypocrisy. on the other hand, he has raised some issues that we couldn't even talk about a week ago or before snowden, rather. if you had spoken or debated the nsa program, you would have been arrested for revealing the nation's secrets. now, everyone is talking about it. a lot of people are very uncomfortable about what the nsa does, so, it is not surprising that the father still generates some sympathy. we want the book thrown at the son but my goodness it's not like he committed some some horrible violent crime. >> laura: geraldo, thanks very much. next on the run down, bill sits down with andrew dice clay who made surprising comments about his raunchy routine when we come right back.
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8:49 pm
>> laura: in the factor original segment tonight, after a long lull in his career, andrew dice clay, the self-described most vial comic to ever walk on stage is making a come back appearing in woody allen's new movie blue jasmine which opens this weekend. the actor recently stopped by the factor where bill challenged him about his raunchy act'. >> bill: you and woody allen both comedians at heart but total opposites. he wanted you in this movie. >> yeah, i mean it was like a freak thing to me because i get a call from my manager, bruce going woody allen wants to meet you tomorrow. i thought he is teasing me, you know, because, to me, i would never think woody would understand what i do. >> but you have all that money. she wanted nothing to do with you now that she is broke all of a sudden she is moving in. >> she is not just broke. she is screwed up. it's none of your damn business, okay? she is family. >> she stole our money.
8:50 pm
>> bill: why did he want you? >> he saw there was a lot more depth to me than what i do as a stand jump, let's say. >> excuse me, is this the land of the line? i said no, moron, it's the front. we are all standing >> i have to be honest. i'm humbled by the whole experience, very grateful for it. acting is what i always wanted to do. that's why i started and performed on comedy stages to like hone characters and develop by own method of acting. it's been a crazy roller coaster ride. people think to be happy with what i've done. >> good. i've been a big critic of entertainers who sell product to children and the stuff is raw, profane, disrespectful. and impressionable children pick up on it. that's a very controversial stance i've taken. >> my big concern not so much
8:51 pm
with comedy and music is more what goes on with the internet because that's the easy access. i'm probably the most vile comic on stage because my persona is a tough talking brooklyn guy. >> wait, i got to feel it, i got to [ bleep ] feel it. shut the [ bleep ] up. >> why did you decide to be so raw in your act? >> once i decided to really delve into stand-up and i would see that a lot of comics really don't understand performance art, meaning walk around, meaning really entertain other than their jokes, so get people to show up. it was am almost like i wanted to put and build a comedic hero. >> jack and jill went up the hill both with a bucket of quarter. jill came down with 2.50, oh! >> when i grew up, there was never a comic that had that
8:52 pm
bigger than life, tough talking attitude. and through the years, it's how the material would build. if you came to see that guy on broadway, it's a show, but because he's a comic, i went through the whole thing with the media for years. who's dice? who's andrew clay? well, that's my stage persona and there have been others. eddie murphy. richard pryor, lenny bruce, only they didn't put the whole persona with it. the big leather jackets with the studs and rhinestones. i really just wanted to give people almost something like from a comic book, a hero. >> if somebody came to you and said, you're talented, very successful. you became the hottest stand-up in the country at one point, but you've coursened the country. how would you answer that? >> i don't feel i did because the people coming to see me are adult and it's all ant the jokes. you know, but what was made out of it years ago is not what it
8:53 pm
is today. because even my material today, it's just as raw and i like performing like that. it's who i am as a comic. >> success justifies that criticism? >> it's not about justifying. it's about people wanting something. if you want pg stuff, there's plenty of it out there. >> last question. woody allen and you on the set. he's a remote guy. kind of just comes in, tells you what to do and you do it. says see you. >> woody does his directing casting the part. it's almost like that's my direction, i got the perfect person to play that role. >> believe me, she knew ginger o kay? she knew. i am just absolutely grateful that i finally got to do the kind of role that i had been wanting to do for 20 years. >> mr. clay, nice to see you as always. >> great to see you. >> don't forget, this weekend is a great time to go to billo' because lots of gear is on sale and members get an additional 20% off, so check
8:54 pm
it out. you can save a bundle and next, a wall street fat cat caught by the feds for allegedly stealing main street's money. two minutes away. [ male announcer ] at hebrew national, we're so choosy about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards that only a slow-motion bite can capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national.
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yesterday, the feds filed criminal charges against one of wall street's biggest hedge funds. sac. claiming they made hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal profits through insider trading. today, sac pleaded not guilty to the charges, but how does this massive wall street takedown affect those of us on main street? joining us from new york to explain, charlie gasparino and the author of circle of friends, a massive federal crackdown on insider trading and why the markets always work against the little guy. >> long title, huh? >> that was a long stubby, a
8:57 pm
long one. charlie, when i first saw this, you think the mighty shall fall. cohen, he is like at the pinnacle of hedge funds. he's a multibillionaire. 25% return of profit. big art collector, philanthropist, but so far, he has not been himself charged. either in any type of criminal way. and the civil indictment is against the company. >> it doesn't hurt he bought a lot of that art and hamptons homes at the start of this investigation. if you look at the complaint and talk to the feds, which i did a lot. my book is about their pursuit of him. thbs what they say. we believe this is a criminal enterprise where he set up the perfect crime and that crime is you know, stuff going on around him, but se het up this system where he is insulated, in their view, in the view of the justice, the obama justice
8:58 pm
department, steve cohen has created the white collar equivalent of the gambino crime family. that's what my book's about. whether it's true or not, he says it's not and we have to be real key here. if he is the head of the crime family, you have to point out, he has not been charged. >> i'm speaking now as a former white collar criminal defense attorney and prosecutors say a lot of stuff. the government will come forward and charge people with 50 count indictments, they'll claim there's $200 million corporate -- and then by the whole time the whole thing unravels, oftentimes, it's not there. i think we have to be careful on this. >> this is not just any government entity. the new york attorney general's office. this is the southern district of manhattan, the place where rue di giuliani reigned for many years.
8:59 pm
that doesn't mean they're going to win this and steve cohen has great lawyers, including ted wells. >> oh, yeah, he's a good one. >> they're going to put up a spirited defense and again, they claim they've done nothing wrong. the u.s. attorney from manhattan knows a lot of chips are on the table for him. he wants to be the next eric holder. >> some political skin in this game. and you take down cohe sends chills down the spine of all the others out there, right? they're all looking over their shoulders. >> and remember, he does thot want to lose, so they usually bring good cases and i'll tell you, they brought this case, the way they brought it, against the firm because they think they can nail the firm. not against him because they don't have the evidence against him yet, but i will tell you this, laura, i think this is my opinion. they're readying one. thaf they have not given up on bringing charges against him. >> oh, boy, and maybe fill him in on the civil side, but
9:00 pm
there's a lot of money at stake for sure. thanks so much. i love your book by the way. that is it for us. thanks for watching. please remember the spin stops g out for you.ause we are always tonight, tweet tweet. the story of the congressman and the underpants. >> we're trying to get to the bottom of where the picture came from. >> i'm not going to talk about this anymore. >> he's not to be trusted. >> the former sexting congressman admits he did send more graphic photos. >> continue to give me a second chance. >> i think he should drop out. >> the cover of "rolling stone" is a place normally reserved for rock stars, but tonight, the magazine is taking heat for maki making him the latest cover. >> bad idea. >> believe in my heart and i will


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