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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 26, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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these scandals are phony. it's kind of hard to take that. >> we are out of time. you've been great. thank you all for be being with us and let not your heart be troubled. the the fox news channel and we'll see you back here monday night. tonight, a special edition of on the record. are the scandals played in the white house, phony? real really? >> phony scandals. >> i'm here to say this needs to stop. >> well, they don't seem to be fake and a lot of people don't think they're fake and it's a rough statement to make when you say because everybody knows what's going on in washington. >> endless parade of distractions. can't get in the way of -- there's nothing phony and four murdered americans in benghazi and if there is, i encourage
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him -- >> this guy can't do anything but go give a speech, blame somebody else. >> i think it's interesting that he calls them phony scandals when at the time they break, he professed to be concerned about it. >> you don't want the irs ever being perceived of being biased in terms of how they operate. this is something i think people are properly concerned about. i think it is important for us to find out what happened in benghazi and i'm happy to cooperate in any ways congress wants. >> with this scandalous parade and distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. >> phony scandals have captured the attention of many here in washington. >> we need to put behind us the distractions and the phony debates and nonsense. >> know what's going on at the irs. there's a lot of evidence to demonstrate there's a political witch hunt going on in the agency. american people believe there's
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a problem with the irs. people want answers on benghazi. people don't like what the administration did in going after the ap reporters and then try to indict james rosen, our fox colleague. >> with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, washington's taken its eye off the ball. >> washington has taken its eye off the ball. he is washington. >> did you hear the word? phony. both president obama and his press secretary using the same word, phony, to describe very real problems. former alaska governor, sarah palin joins us. good evening, governor. >> hi, greta. you have to ask yourself which one does he consider being a phony scandal. i think this is a trophy, it's not a coincidence that he and his spokesperson are using this term, phony scandal. it's like jonah goldberg asked
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this morning, which one does he consider phony? benghazi, where 200 plus years of honorable military were thrown out the window and we left our own behind to be slaughtered by radical muslims? does he consider a phony scandal when we understand now that our government spies on us and then government lies to us? which one does he consider specifically as a phony scandal? >> do you know what i don't understand, i understand saying something off the cuff and choosing a bad word, it happens us to all of us and we get pounded for saying it, but this was actually, the press secretary saying it on one day when they're supposedly talking about an economic speech and then the president does the same thing and obviously calculates, they got together, but they must know that there are a lot of americans who feel targeted by the irs. we've got brian terry's mother or sean smith's mother.
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why would they think it's okay or smart to do? >> you know, well again, it is all coordinated. these aren't coincidences and the terms they're using and the distractions and diversions that they're kind of shoving down our throats right now. that's pretty sad. gre greta, the bottom line is something's up and what obama is trying to do is run out the clock for some run and their orchestrating chaos, but it's like the stall play in a basketball game. they're hogging the ball and it's unproductive and cowardly and nothing good is going to come from this. and what happens during a stall play is the crowd, they get up and leave. even hard core fans are saying this is cowardly and unproductive and i've got to get out of here. the only fans that aren't going to abandon this play is still the media. they're going to stick with this because they're part of the problem. and it's going to be to the
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debtriment of the profession of journalism and to the free america as we know it. it started back in 2008, when the media decided to just go along to get along with obama. what we saw was a, these attempts to destroy those who were telling the truth, even in the campaign. bringing up the name jeremiah wright and the racist church he leads that obama was a member of for over 20 years. though i was during the campaign running for vp, i was banned from talking about jeremiah wright and obama's friend, bill ayers, the character that he befriended and kicked off his political campaign and the guy's living room. couldn't talk about that. couldn't talk about obama's lack of knowledge and job experience and the things that he said like america had 57 states, things like that. in the campaign, greta, this is
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important for americans to understand. i was not allowed to talk about things like that because those elitists, those who are the bra brainiacs in the gop machine running john mccain's campaign at the time said the media would eat us alive if we brought up these things, so what did that get us? this kind of complacence where we weren't allowed to tell the truth about what this kond candidate was. what it got us was a list of these scandals. this is kind of a red neck version of karl rove, how he uses his white board. and on this list, the scandals that are destroying america, greta. >> i'll tell you what i think is somewhat different as time goes on. i think the credibility of the media and i include myself in the media, that we're hovering near where congress is, which is
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not very impressive and i think that the american people have discovered search engines and when they see that the president said in early may for instance that this tax targeting by the irs was a very serious matter and then they see that lois lerner takes the fifth and now the president's making fun by saying it's funny, american people aren't that stupid. i think at some point, they're going to look at us in the media and think we're just a bunch of fools. they're going to rely on themselves. i would think because they're just not going to buy it. they fact check ut. >> of course. goes without saying. americans are smarter than what the mainstream media is giving them credit for. they're doing their own homework and figuring out the hypocrisy and lies coming from this government. as you listed some of the problems of this hypocrisy and the lies coming from the obama administration, i think so what? what's going to happen?
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well, what are the ramifications of this corrupt and overburdened govrt of obama? nothing is going to happen because the rest in all of this is supposed to be corner stone of democracy, our media and they won't do their job. their lap dogs for barack obama and it's very unfortunate and very, very dangerous that the american people full of hope, full of knowledge, full of patriotism and good intent, we are the ones doing the job that the media could, should be doing for shame that the media's going to continue what they're doing. >> governor, thank you. i'm giving you the last word on the media of what i'm part of. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> first, president obama said the irs target iing is inexcusae and that he won't tolerate it. taking the fifth. so now, whoo why is the president suddenly calling the irs scandal phony? >> obama dismissed a series of
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controversies dogging his administration has phony. there's nothing phony about irs targeting people based on ideology. >> the only thing phony is the administration's response because they continue to pretend that they have not violated our constitutional rights. >> now, these scandals are all phony. >> phony apparently impacts quite a few of us here. i don't know how many thousands of people qualify before we go from phony to real. >> we know from our investigation that this wasn't a few rogue agents in cincinnati. this is a systemic pattern of abuse of power directed from washington by the irs targeting people based on their political and religious beliefs. >> quite frankly, i'm tired of this administration continuing to have these beliefs. why? each time. there's a pattern. nothing here. oh, it's just a couple of people. just move on. that's not true.
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>> did you and other people in this cincinnati office feel they were being unfairly blamed or used to excuse this political activity that was going on in the washington office? >> i can't comment on what others personally, i felt like -- i felt they were blaming us. >> didn't obama say that the irs scandal's so outrageous, could not be permitted? was he lying then or was he lying now? he told everybody how bad the irs scandal was. we just couldn't permit this. but now, that's a phony scandal. >> so, which is it? inexcusable or phony. michele bachmann joins us. nice to see you. >> hi, good to see you again, too, greta. >> let me get your first
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reactirea reaction maintaining this is something he won't tolerate, then lois lerner taking the fifth amendment, so there must be something she doesn't want to say or fears it will hurt her and now, it's phony. your thoughts. >> what we've seen for five year, they have a complete inable inability to take responsible fi tr their policy decisions. whether from the administration or whether it's from some of their political operatives that have also had impact on these decisions. at no time do they want to take responsibility. they want to turn the blame whether it's republicans or someone else, but not them. and i think that's what people are saying they've had enough with. now, the buck needs to stop at the obama desk just like it did with harry truman. >> republicans, democrats,
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democrats versus republican, the political fight, but i take sort of another look at this. i think kind of phony is demeaning to the many americans who feel real pain from this. we had a woman former on last night. she was trying to have a farm and the idea that doesn't matter. it's not important. it's phony. you know what? it's real to the people who are the targets and the whole idea -- it's insulting to them. >> it is insulting, minimizing, it's not validating the concerns that people have. that's absolutely true. but again, it's two prongs here. one is diminish the messenger, but the other part is don't take personal responsibility and again, we're not talking about a therapist. we're talking about the commander in chief and these are serious issues. just economically, the american people, the average household was bringing in $55,000 a year when the president took office.
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now, it's 50,000 a year. there's a tremendous drop in personal income. that's having an impact and especially when you see also the threats that people have to wage reductions, our reductions because of obama care and as a lack of personal responsibility, but it's insulting to people's personal lives. >> talk about the economy and this is what i don't get. the administration starting with jay carney was talking, went out ahead of the president's speeches on the economy and said we know this is important. the speech and economy. we're talking about jobs, but it was he who all of a sudden, injected phony scandals that nobody else did. it was jay carney. then the president a day later, he uses the word, phony scandals. but if the economy is so important, why are they so busy all of a sudden trying to -- the americans who are feeling the pain, they don't, they don't matter that it's just and they're diminishing their own
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message. how can they show us that the economy is an important speech while they're being cheap and doing this phony scandal stuff? >> because all of this got to them. it got under their skin and so, they recognized politically, they read the polls every single morning and they saw that the president is dropping like a rock. in the opinion of the american people. there's only one thing people care about. their own lives and their own pocketbooks and it's not going very well for the american people and who are they going to blame? the commander in chief. and so, what does he do? he turns around and blames the american people. so i don't think his messaging works for him when he talks about phony scandals. that's why i think we just saw the pivot this week and he's got to pivot back to the economy because i think he sees that's the only way back up the polls for him. and after all, that's what it comes down to. where are the polls for him? >> but there's sort of this hidden scandal which is a little bit off the target that nobody talks about. what i think is particularly
10:15 pm
scandalous, you take the tax code, which is created by members of congress that they write the tax koetd code and my guess is that 99.9% of members of congress don't do their own taxes because the it's so complicated so while everyone is having these fights, no one's doing the service to the american people to clean up the tax system, make it fair so, that we understand. there are so many of these sort of scandals about us. not just the words being thrown back and forth between people. there are really awful things going on with this economy and with the irs. >> there really are and this is the 100th anniversary of the imp sigs of the tax code and i think the best birthday gift that we could give to the tax code is end it and aye i'd love to see us abolish the irs. we have two options. we can go at the fair tax, which is a national sales tack, which is a viable option and the president obama stif that everyone would participate in a tax system to the measure of
10:16 pm
their spending in the economy or you could go up where everyone pays at the same rate. big camp at the house, he's been vigorously trying to pursue tax reform. that's something that would grow jobs that would help all of our small businesses, big businesses, individuals. let's focus there. i'm a federal tax litigation attorney. if you want to know one reason why we aren't seeing job growth in economy, greta, it is the tax code. we are the highest taxed nation in the world for job creators. why do that to ourselves? give ourselves an advantage, not a disadvantage. that's something we can all agree on. >> and meanwhile, there's while these sort of scandalous things are happening, so many impacts on americans is that the president and his press secretary are using terms phony. when they mean so much to so many americans. >> devicive and dereszive. >> representative, thank you
10:17 pm
very much. >> it's always great to see you. >> straight ahead, one tea party leader saying it is creepy to be on the list. why it's definitely not phony. that's next. also, it was phony from day one, but the obama administration kept trying to sell that phony, phony story about a video to explain away the again georgibe attack. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st.
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is the irs targeting scandal phony? a virginia tea party leader saying he knows the answer to that firsthand.
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nice to see you, having you back, sir. >> thanks r for having me back. >> well, the president says the tea party, the irs scandal is phony. what say you? >> i say that's a slap in the face. from my point of view, these scandals are not phony. the president is phony. we've got a pretender in chief here. i don't believe he said that. i don't get it. he said right after this scandal broke that it was intolerable and that he wanted to get to the bottom of it. why would he get rid of commissioner miller if this is just a phony, trumped up something? i don't buy this at all and it's a huge insult to american's everywhere. >> it wasn't just a stupid thing someone says off the cuff, they both used the term phony scandal. running the ads two days in a row. what about that?
10:22 pm
do you think they sort of sat around in the white house and thought this would be a good way to present it and basically insult you? >> i do. i think this is an orchestrated talking about. i think carney ought to do his patriotic duty and step down, write a book, tell all and make him rich. i just am infuriated they would orchestrate what to me is undoubtedly a lie. you know, really, the president needs to come clean on who did what, how high does it go, how wide does it go and of course, he can't really do that if he's guilty and i think this might be a sign that this investigation, which is now inside the white house, is getting a little bit too close to the bull's eye for his comfort zone and so now, he's going to predent like it didn't happen. >> did your group get an exception? >> it did, it took two and a half years. the letters were intimidating.
10:23 pm
they start off with under the threat of purgery. they ask 55 illegal, unconstitutional questions. >> what did you think was going through the president's mind when he said a phony scandal? >> i think they're back peddling. >> by using the term, phony scandal? do you think he knew that was going to enrage people that he was going to demean something that's very near and dear to your heart and i've talked to other people who have been targeted. >> these other people, since you brought it up, benghazi, the border agent killed because of fast and furious, the irs scandal, as bad as it is, at least nobody died there, but since you brought it up, i know other people are on this show talking about it, but i've just got to say that i find this doubly infur rating since there have been people who have died in these other scandals and for him to call that phony, ask the families of benghazi victims if
10:24 pm
this is phony. >> is there anything he could do to sort of redeem himself in your eyes? >> he could step down. resign. >> anything short of resigning? >> he could come clean to the american people. to me, president obama has completely dropped the ball when it comes to preserving and protecting the constitution. i don't even think he likes the constitution. we need to get this country back to its constitutional limits. we need to get back to some fiscal sanity, get back to the things that made it the exceptional america that it was. we don't want socialism, obama care, these policies. needs to stop the bullying, stop the chicago still thug tactics and just get the heck out of the way and let the american people, we the people are the king in this country. there's only one room for the king and he's not it. >> would you agree there's room for a fair debate, that the real problem is sort of the tactics, the way it's done? is that the problem? it's not a debate, but rather
10:25 pm
the tactics? >> no, i think we're talking about a fundamental problem, greta. by fundamental, i mean, he believes in principles that the founding fathers never intended. that's why we come up with bad policies like targeting through the irs using the government as a political weapon. that's why we come up with a failed program like obama care because he fundamentally doesn't understand what this country is supposed to be. >> thanks for joining us. >> great seeing you. >> coming up, four americans viciously murdered in benghazi. does that sound like a phony scandal to you? the mother of one of the slain heroes responds to one of the president's latest remarks. that's next. also, phony scandals may be one of the white houses new catch praises. former george w. bush press secretary answers that question coming up. check out huge savings on great gear during the storewide clearance sale at bass pro shops. and bring the kids for our pbr family event
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there is nothing phony about the terror attack on benghazi. four americans died, but they repeatly peddled a silly video. >> in phony scandals can't get in the way of what we need to do. >> did obama tell family members of those killed inbenghazi, a phony scandal, he's telling them that now. >> it's wrong. it's not phony. it's not fake, my son is dead and why is he dead and all i'm waiting for even to this day is for someone to get back to me and tell me what happened. >> if you want to set down with his mother and look her in the eyes and say this scandal's phony -- >> four murdered americans went because we asked them to represent us in a foreign land
10:31 pm
and their world is set on fire and they're murdered in libya. you're going to call that phony? i dare him to look tye woods father in the face and say this is a phony scandal. >> do you think it was a terrorist attack? >> i don't know if that was my first reaction, but pretty quickly as we started to gain understanding in the hours after the initiation of the attack, yes. >> i wish i could wrap it up, look every one of those families in the eye and say this is what was wrong, this is how the administration botched this, but i can't do so until i get the administration to fess up. >> how will history judge the actions or inactions of the maix and the response of the congress to the benghazi attack. >> didn't he make a solemn pledge to the families who lost loved ones in benghazi that he
10:32 pm
was going to get to the bottom of it? why are people there being sequestered and kept away from microphon microphones. >> sean smith died serving his country. his mother says her son's death is not fake, not phony. pat smith joins us. good evening, pat. >> hi, there, greta. sxwl pat, you know, you can never walk in someone else's shoes and now exactly how someone else feels, so i throw it to you. the president had a chance to say that the scandal was phony. tell me, when you hear him say that about phony scandals, what does it feel like to you? >> you know what it feems like. it's totally disgusting when you know different. you don't expect the president to tell you lies like that, right to your face. i don't expect that. >> is it, i meerngs does this surprise you that you're hearing this or is it like look, i'm
10:33 pm
very hard on the administration because that video story was so silly right from the get go that i was surprised anyone believes it as long as some did believe it, i think. >> was i surprised? >> were you surprised that he's come out now and said phony? >> no. i'm not surprised at anything he says anymore because i don't believe him. i do not trust the president. i don't believe what he says, i don't believe his actions. people stop me on the street every day. it must have been at least about 50 different people have done this to me, stopped me on the street, give me a big hug, say we're behind you, keep holding on. one of them even told me i was a democrat until i saw you on tv and now, i'm a republican. this is what's happening out there. he ought to realize that. >> why do you think he said phony the other day? i don't think it was off the cuff because his press secretary said it the day before. it seems to me they sort of
10:34 pm
cooked this one up and said they were going to go out and say it. why do you think he did that? >> to cover it up. to keep it off of that subject so he can get on to his favorite subject. >> which are? >> whatever they are at the time. i don't think any of them are very important. >> did you ever believe that video story back september of last year? >> no. never did. and when i was at the ceremony for the welcoming of the caskets, everybody there told me that story. and even though everybody there knew, they knew that that was not true. but everybody there including the president and hillary and just all of them, they knew that that was not true. >> why do you think they told you that? >> cover up. nobody wants to be -- >> for what end. what difference does it make?
10:35 pm
what was in it for them? >> political. it was political. i believe there's a lot more to this story. i believe it's hillary. and if it's not, let her tell me different. for what i can find out, i believe it was hillary trying to make a name for herself through the arab world and i don't trust her. i don't trust her, the administration. and i've been proven over and over again that they all lied. >> you know, it seems to me -- >> i lost my son. >> it seems to me that if they would, if actually someone would sit down and talk to you and explain to you whatever the truth is, that that would go very far to at least begin to sort of end the pain, but i've seen you on television. i've talked to you in person. you've been here on fox. it's almost sort of endless, it's actually seems mean to me that they won't sort of tell you what happened to your son.
10:36 pm
>> i agreed with that, too. i told them all, every one of them at that ceremony, i said, please, just tell me what happened. if it's classified, whisper in my ear, i'll be more than happy to keep quiet, but at least i'd know, but nobody bothered. nobody even called me. nothing. all they ever told me was that i'm not a member of the immediate family, which also hurt. >> is there anything that the president could do now? after having made the remark about the phony scandal? is there any sort of way he could redeem himself with you? >> they could all redeem themselves with me by telling me the truth because that's all i've ever been after. i want somebody to stand up and take responsibility for what happened and i want to be able to believe it and that's all i'm interested in. why was there no security there? and why were there, there were stand down orders going when people were trying to come and
10:37 pm
help. it was too late for my son, but it's not too late for the rest of the world, for the rest of our people they still have out there and they're still ignoring. they're still throwing them under the bus. i don't understand it. >> have you tried to contact anyone in the state department for instance in the last six or eight weeks and if so, what kind of luck have you had? >> i have not because everything i've heard out of them is not true. i don't believe them. i just don't believe them. >> pat, thank you very much and i hope sometime, i think you know, getting the transparency and telling people what really happened oftentimes goes far to trying to get rid of at least some of the pain. >> well, i will shut up completely if somebody just tells me the truth and is able the prove it. >> pat, thank you for joining us. >> okay, thank you, greta. coming up, the white house sticking with its latest message, blaming the dysfunction
10:38 pm
of washington on phony scandals. is it smart messaging? really? dana perino is here next. and what is the problem with obama care? are business owners buying that one? find out coming up. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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10:43 pm
police found the green paint splashed on the marshall statute. the paint didn't form words or symbols. crews cleaned up the mess during the day and the memorial reopened that night. police are reviewing security camera foot take -- footage to find possible suspects. back to "on the record." for more go to fox an endless parade of distractions and phony scandals can't get in the way of what we need to do. >> what has been lost in some regards because of real issues that we've had to deal with, including overseas, but also because of om phony scandals that have captured the attention of many here in washington only to disaboy. >> president obama and jay carney both pushing the phony scandals line. what is the white house trying
10:44 pm
to accomplish with that messaging? dana perino joins us now. >> hi, how are you? >> good. i always want to give people leeway if something they say is dumb because it's off the cuff, but this looks plotted out. what in the world are hey trying to do? >> and you'll probably see on the weekend shows any democrats out speaking on behalf of the weekend show, they will use it, too. this is definitely calculated, hasn't gone over well and if i were the white house communications team, i would think what a wasted effort it was. earlier in the week, they announced the president would be giving three major economic addresses. they even called them historic. what's the one thing people took away from the president's speech on wednesday? phony scandals. that's the only thing they got out of that. >> you know, from a clinical pr sense, thinking maybe that's a
10:45 pm
bad choice, but i actually feel differently. i meet these people, these tea party people, the benghazi family survivors, people who get targeted, this is actually mean. you know, to demean their pain because the people who hold all the information and could end the pain and who brag about transparency are sort of hiding the ball and then come out and assault as if this doesn't matter to them. i think it's beyond bad pr. i think it's mean. >> in my personal experience, it never worked from a pr perspective to try to tell the media what they were covering wasn't a good enough story to cover. for example, greta, during the bush administration, remember when those seven u.s. attorneys were fired at the end of 2006? for the next two years, every day on the front page of "the washington post" and "new york times," i remember at one point, i tried to say this is ridiculous, this is not even a story. well, it doesn't work.
10:46 pm
it's like rubbing a spot on the wall. plus, when it comes to the irs piece, it was president obama who took the inprecedented step of coming out to the east room, broke into live network coverage in order the say that he was going to demand to get an answer to the question, so the scandal is actually on his watch. and he was the one who said he was going to get to the bottom of it and to dismiss people's feelings, that's really the only thing that came out of his economic speech on wednesday. >> i don't know why no one learns this, to just say yep, i did it and here's what happened. take a beating for the next three hours and usually, some say you shouldn't have done it or that was bad, but when you just hide it, you dodge it, you try to minimize it and now, we've taken the new step to try to make people's real pain seem fake after benghazi, they had the phony, silly video thing. they're the worst hypocrites on that. >> they actually made this bed and i hope they have to lie in it for a while.
10:47 pm
here's another problem, greta. they don't control this issue. when it comes to the irs in particular, there was so much abuse and there are so many victims, people who were targeted for their beliefs and they can try to say there were seven progressive and liberal groups that were targeted and you have hurricanndreds of peop the other side and her feelings were raw, they were real. that's genuine. when you're then the president of the united states saying phony scandal, that actually hurts him much more than it helped him, i think. >> how about having a beer, inviting some of these targets up to the white house and finding out how painful it is instead of insulting them. would that be a way to stem the fall on this and join forces, everybody loves to hate the irs, but why not recognize the problem and sort of give them a nod instead of assault them? >> that would be great advice, but here's the thing. i don't think the white house
10:48 pm
cares. i think that was the message we got from him this week. >> how about jay carney? i don't get jay carney? why did he drink the kool-aid? how do you, i'm just surprised at him going out with this phony message. >> in some ways, i could understand the press secretary saying that more than the president. the president of the united states, remember, that wasn't even an answer to a question. it was written in to his remarks, remarks that i suppose he edited and had input on. when the president gets a speech, there are so many people people that look at that messaging. so, nobody pulled it out of the speech and probably underlined it. it was on purpose that they wanted to try that message out there. >> dana, thank you. straight ahead, it's not just the irs. president obama also choosing republicans of drumming up a phony scandal about obama care. we're going hear from a business owner, what he has to say about you know throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day
10:49 pm
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10:52 pm
despite the plitly motivated misinformation campaign, the states committed themselves are finding the competition and choice are pushing costs down. >> it's not just phony scandals the president accusing republicans of plitly
10:53 pm
motivate add tacks on obama care. many business owners say dangers are too real. talking points ceo joins us now. nice to see you, nick. >> thank you for having me back. >> greta: the president said there is misinformation on obama care and you have 100 employees and tell me is there misinformation by the republicans out there that needs to be straightened out? >> there is a lack of information. i think people need to start paying attention to this, the effect it's going to have on employees. not just the mandate, employees will be affected. one of the biggest changes coming down the pipe is the characterization of employee contributions. historically employees and there are 130 million of us now contribute to our plan whether 10% or 30% a year to the cost of the plan as it relates to the preem yismt that is going to be change skptd employees goring to have
10:54 pm
to contribute a percentage of their gross income you have a $50,000 employee that are paying 60% of the premium. and what is going to happen from a mandate perspective is that companies goring to set up plans that are owners from an economic perspective that will opt out. if once employees opt out, the mandate no longer exists and companies will not pay the $2,000 fine. >> greta: what is the relief you get from january 2014 to january, 15, does it make a difference to you? >> i don't think so. we're planning for 2014. companies are planning ahead now ask we're just assuming it's going to come down and we're going to take advantage of that having one year reprieve. >> greta: what about for your employees? >> well, what is going to happen i think is that all employers will change the economics around the contributions we're going to have to take a look at that as
10:55 pm
well, too. instead of making it a percentage of the cost it's going to be percentage of the income. it's going to get shared. >> greta: the pain is going to get shared. >> greta: nick, thank you. we're going to be watching because it's interesting. >> coming up, phony or real? what do you think about the scandals plaguing the white house? your choice to vote, next. [ male announcer ] at hebrew national, we're so choosy about the cuts of beef
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11:00 pm
that is the hot button issue. go to and vote in the polls. thanks for joining us on this special edition of "on the hello, i'm dana perino with "endeavou andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." with an eye on 2016, one question looms large for the gop. should the party be more conservative or libertarian? the standard bearers of both positions look to be chris christie and rand paul at the moment. the new jersey governor was asked about national security and fired this shot. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines i think is a very


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