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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  July 27, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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this an exception. >> it is a very good company. i wouldn't make a simple company stock pick. no. >> tell you what. chase us. the cost of freedom continues on the place for business fox. >> an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. >> the phony debates and nonsense. >> the phony scandals that consumed so much attention here. nphony scandals and fake scandals. >> phony and fake. conservative groups say it is very real and so does the irs inspector general and house speaker john boehner. it is clear that the president never tock the irs scandal as seriously as he claimed. the house will continue the investigation in this matter because the americans deserve to know the truth.
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welcome to forbes on fox and go with steve, rick and john, and elizabeth and rich and sabrina. emac, is the president right or wrong? >> no, he is wrong. he said at that time he had no patience with what was going on in the irs. he found it outrageous that the irs must be held accountable. and irs workers are saying this a task force in washington d.c. basically oversaw the political targeting. the head of the irs trying to silence the opposition and didn't like the way the country was run. >> rick, usually when you hear politicians saying it is phoney and fake, usually that means we have hit on something, no? >> only when it is democrats. >> yeah, look. the president is not suddenly saying that the irs targeting of
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conservatives didn't happen. as liz said he acknowledged it. but he is drawing a line to the white house exhibited by the daily caller when they pretended that the irs attorney went to a meeting, which he did in the white house two days before. >> what was the pretense. he was there and we have a picture. >> take a look at that picture. you will see him with three other agency people and at a meeting with the president. they come from all different agencies. >> the fact is, this guy william wiowa lkens is a political appoint ee. and he tock the tea party cases away. you are going no and that is the truth. >> there is a review. >> we don't have the testimony steve because he has not yet
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appeared, steve before the congressional committee and that's why the tea party folks who were targeted and let's play a tape of her. president of a tea party responding to whether it is phony or not. play the tape. >> the only phony thing going on is the narrative that the white house is pushing off to the american people. >> there are 200 organizations like the one she represents that want answers. don't they deserve the answers? >> sure they do. they are dragging it out and slow in releasing the documents and the president saying it is fake is like richard nixon said the watergate was a third rate burglary. the president out in the open in 2010 called for investigations by the irs. a dozen democratic senators did the same thing. they didn't do it secret. they wanted a persecution and they got. it >> john, i tell you what is
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phony and dishonest is the attempt on the part of the administration and media bootleggers as painting it on both left and right. progressives targeted like the tea party. and the inspector general said we did not find evidence that criteria labelled progressives were used by the irs to select potential cases in the 2010 and 2012 time frame. the inspector general himself saying it was not. it is just conservatives they were targeting. >> oh president obama, wouldn't he love for us to forget it and move on? but the obnorthbounds and unaccountable federal agency blunted the obama ground game and anti- president obama ground game and he has to remember there is a lot of emotion tied
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up in every election and this is no different and the scandal is not going away. people want answers. >> rich, we saw the power of the tea party in the 2010 elections. the president and democratic operatives did not want the same in 2012. >> absolutely. when the house is in republican hands it thwarts president obama's agenda and reaches his legacy in history. the former irs shulman visited the white white onepen times. do i think it will get scandal in no. we have the most politicalized attorney general since nixon's john mitchell in erebbing holder. he would fall on a sword before it goes anywhere. >> sabrina, there is a congressional committee that is intend on following it. >> i think we do.
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but rich is right. the president is up in the clouds. at best, he is truly disconnected from the american people and at worst, grossly dishonest. if you look at polls, rasmussen and others 60 percent of the american people think it is real and source and starts and ends in washington. >> rick, i know you don't think the evident is there. hold on a second. the connection of william wilkins. he took the cases away from the cincinnati folks, don't you want to know why he did that and whether he was influenced. >> i think it is fascinating there is no testimony and yet he tock it away. >> he hasn't appeared before congress. they will subpoena him and he may plea the fifth? >> where are you getting the information that wilkins took it away. >> from the cincinnati case
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worker. under testimony and oath. if they lie they will be prosouted. >> let's go to that testimony as it was reported and correct it by no more of a conservative magazine and national review. and the way it is reported by the daily caller was not the testimony. >> emac, anybody, that is not thorough. >> no, no. talk show host >> so did we. >> emacgo a head. >> rick, you are describing that wrong. what they are saying we don't know. i want to know what mr. wilke did. hang on a second and i want to know what doug shulman did. they were in the white white. so what if they had a meeting. janet reno called for a special prosecutor for white water and nixon allowed a special prosecutor for watergate.
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and so why doesn't the president allow a special prosecutor? >> bottom line, there is a lot of information we need to get to and we need that to come out in the open testimony particular he like mr. wilkes. >> we need a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of this. the justice department will not do it. congress will go tank because of the partisan in the house. we need somebody in a real team to get to the bottom of this. there is too much. 200 organizations get targeted. that doesn't happen from a few rogue agents. david, those 12 democratic senators wrote letters. who handled those and how did they respond? >> a lot more questions than answers. and coming up next. >> the law is implemented as it currently stands when we hire somebody new we'll let them know they are part- time and not eligible for the health insurance benefit.
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>> the president insisting his health care law is not creating a part- time work force. whose argument are you buying? we'll debate that coming up next. . refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. i am kelly wright. president obama wrapping up his marks in the veterans memorial. 60 years after it was ended. and pitting u.s. and south korean forces against the north korean and chinese troops. the president called the grim war a victory because it secured a free south korea. >> the driver involved in the deadly plane crash in spain is held on negligent homicide. it injured more than 100. drivers seen here with blood running down his face and out of the hospital and out of the
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hospital and in police custody. we will take you back to forbes on fox. brand now signs of health care law may be flat lining jobs and costing taxpayers more money. the white house is promoting the law and white castle now warning they may only hire part-timers. it is proof it is bad for jobs. >> absolutely. the 50 employee threshold will pl more. you have a business growing and now you will hold it back because of increased costs from the government and in terms of the 30 hour work week, they want to raise it to 40 hours to get people to have full- time jobs. it say job killer pure and simple. those who say you get tax credits and things like.
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that these are small businesses and small margins and it is crushing them. >> rick, a job's killer or not. >> no, there is a study. >> you came loaded for bear here. >> and by the cper. and 0.6. >> by whom by the way? >> center for progressive group. it is a 0.6 percent. >> you got to get your face out of my head. >> your hand out of my face. >> wrero.6 percent of the work forces working less than 40 hours and that's what it was last year. and more interest. two-thirds of those in the group said they are working less hours because they want to. one- third is working less hours because their employer is telling them to. >> sabrina what have you found? >> i am skeptical that people are working fewer hours because they want to in the economy.
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people are realizing that our economic health is at stake and not just the physical health. it is a role problem. it is a minimum essential coverage requirement that obama care said that all employers have to provide a cadillac version of insurance. the reality not every business can absorb. mcdonalds might be able to and white castle may not. they are lowering the number of people they employ. >> morgan we are looking into this. >> i looked at the same study as rick. i don'ts inially believe it is a job's killer and a lot of it depends on the business. and actually if you look at that. 28 million small businesses. less than four percent are in the 40 to 50 staff mark. they will be implemented by the obama care regulation and nine
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out of ten offer an insurance program. i am skeptical. i don't think it will kill jobs but potentially change the jobs that are offered. i don't see it killing jobs. >> it is not for the people who are already working there and not cutting current employees, but new hires are more reluctant to hire people full- time because of the health care law. >> the majority of the job growth came from small businesses. the reason why president obama is the first president to be there in a recovery where incomes have fallen and labor participation rate has fallen, he is pushing the health care man date on to people. he extended the man date because it doesn't work. it is raising costs and when costs go up, businesses hire less. >> john, you have unemployment that is high as ours is. particularly minority youth who are facing a 40 percent unemployment rate right now and
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in is a targeted group and group that is hurt the most by the health care law, right? >> it is not even debatable. it is a job killer. labor is a cost and businesses hire workers because they feel they can get the costs back. ine rick would agree it is going to raise the costs of hiring because of that job creation will go down. this is basic economics. >> stove, is it basic economics? >> it is basic congresses and tax credits and things like that, david, where does the money come from? it is a huge amount of uncertainty and that's why we had a job recovery because small businesses are not doing it. big businesses have the cash and small businesses don't. >> let me ask rick why is it that white castle will be more reluctant to hire people full- time. >> they say it is because of the health care law.
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are they lying? daredin industries did the same thing. when customers told them how they felt about the behavior, they backed off and stopped doing it. >> white castle had no choice. >> by the way, sabrina, i have to bring a personal one. my daughter worked at abber krom bow and fich. everyone who works there is part- time because of the benefits issue. >> actually, i have to agree with morgan. that there are groups that may benefit. younger workers that want part- time and women who could benefit. it is a disaster for job creation and think of the alternative picture could have looked like if we drove insurance away from employer provided it could be a different picture. >> and done something about the lawsuits and all of the malpractices that the president
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didn't want to trust. >> detroit, moving forward and the city city on cashin' in showing them how to save a lot of money without costing taxpayers a dime. first on forbes. want to speed up your screening in the airport pony up. what you have to do to get the tsa to do its job more efficiently. rrn geico's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... are... engineer: are... arrrrrr. arrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. honestly, i feel like i nailed that.
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tsa is expanding the program to everybody. is it worth the price. stocks fit for a prince that get royal returns in 60 seconds. .
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>> we want to jet through security before you fly, now you
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can. tsa expanding the precheck and prescreening service to all passengers. it will cost you 85 bucks for five years and let you keep your shoes and belts and lap tops and liquids in your bag. rich, this is a great idea, why? >> i can't think of a greater bargain than $85 for five years and saving you countless hours in the lines. i wasted hundreds of hours standing in the lines and a complete overreaction to the terrorism threat by the tsa. >> mac, is it good? >> i like the idea. i am sick of the frequent groper program of old ladies and grandmas and kids and military who don't deserve it. by the way, $85 and why not boot up people with the frequent flyer program. my problem is the massive database that needs to be make
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sure they are not terrorist. and it is so what, five years, anybody can slip through the cracks. tsa have allowed knifes and guns into the airports and through the screeners, i am little concern body it. >> stove, it is it a crack in the security? >> no, not if they do it right and i hope they use better judgment here than when they allow axes and machetes on the airplanes. they backed off on that. they have a pretsa program and when it works it is magnificent. the co thing 85 bucks i am like rich, i am glad to pay the government money and get something in return. >> the foes go nowhere but up what about the cost? >> it should be free. it would require less government resources than when they put you through the rigamarole.
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it will save the government money. >> when the government starts a cost plan and tax and surcharge, it ends up going up. >> i agree with everybody on this. i am easy to get along with. i have sharpened by a xe in anticipation of taking it on the plane. of course it is a good idea. they tried it once before. seven years ago that allowed me to skip this. it was wonderful. if they want to do it for free all the better. but it i am willing to pay. >> i am from the government and i want to help. that is the only thing that makes me a little hesitant to accept the plan. >> it is still a good bargain. >> gang, thank you very much. coming up, picking stocks for the world's nowest prince that gives you a royal's size profit. huge savings o n great gear
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>> we are back. with a royal baby finally here, it is time to pick stocks fit for a prince and that could make king- sized profits. emac, you have a mutual follow-upped? >> yes, dodge and cox. they have had a nice steady seven percent return and they are up 18 percent. these dpies are getting smart of what happened in the financial crisis. they are improving their performance. >> morgan, they were hit badly in the financial crisis. >> it is a vol toil fund. still i like them moving forward and i like them. >> vota phone. i think of soimon and garfunkle. you like the stock? >> this is a british telecomstock and they have a princely devdid i understand. >> i am selling it. i did like it and profit margins
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are going down and i liked them and i am raising cash. >> it is time to sell. >> you know my thoughts, i agree. >> have a great weekend. number one business block continues with eric boling and cashin' in >> it is a green light take on detroit public unions and the judge in the motor tea bankruptcy battle and cashin in city city. and how to turn it around and not cost taxpayers a dime. plus tis a cost of obama care don't make you scream, what it does to your personal information will? the exclusive and they speak out on calls for the usa to boycott on russia if they grant edward snowden


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