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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 27, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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watch this week. thanks to our panel. i'm rick folbaum. keep it right here on the fox news channel. ♪ thanks for joining us. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. >> a shooting spree in south florida, a gunman kills six people and grabs hostages. find out what police are saying about his moivs. >> rick: also tragedy to the hudson as divers have combed the river for a bride to be who vanished after her boat smashed into a barge. >> heather: it is making a comeback. a trend that helped trigger the housing collapse, will
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conditions be different this time around? >> rick: new fallout from an obama administration talking point that has set off a firestorm. the spark accusations that republicans are trying to distract americans from our sluggish economy by focusing on quote on phony scandals. now words over the benghazi attack. irs targeting a group for scrutiny. molly henneberg has more. >> molly: president obama did a couple of speeches this week trying to refocus the national discourse onto the question and jobs. he and his spokesperson repeated why they think it's difficult to stay on that message. >> over the past couple of years in particular, washington has taken the eye off the ball. an endless parade of distractions and political
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posturing and phony scandals shifts focus what needs to be done. >> the point is with an endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals, lord knows what, washington keeps taking the eye off the ball. that needs to stop. >> phony scandals that captured the attention of many here in washington. fake scandals, we have to be focused on the northstar here. the issues that the american people want us to be focused on. >> they point to benghazi and irs and going after groups and nsa surveillance program and justice department targeting journalists as legitimate issues. the obama administration is stonewalling on benghazi. >> this is real scandal. no matter what they try to say, the administration is.
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they are not forthright in coming forward and now they are preventing us from going to the truth. >> molly: joe carney says the irs activity was inappropriate and took steps to stop it. carney says republicans are trying to turn it into a bigger issue than it is. >> rick: the president and spokesman's remarks about phony scandals might be the opening salvo in the bigger battle over the budget. our political panel will debated the looming show down a little later this hour. >> heather: police are investigating a deadly shooting spree in south florida. we're told the gunman killed six people and s.w.a.t. team moved in as talks with the suspect fell apart. dominic has more. >> reporter: just moments ago at a press conference, police describe the deadly behavior of a man who had previously
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been a quiet and remarkable person. the police in northern miami suburbs that pedro varges suddenly set fire to his apartment. and buildings' manager, he shot them and dived back into his apartment and emerged with a .9 millimeter pistol and then went from an irrational rampage. he apparently went downstairs to the apartment below and killed three people inside. another elderly couple were killed and 17-year-old girl, as well. authorities initially thought they were responding to a fire but it became clear it was something else entirely. it turned into an eight hour standoff. he took two people hostage and it was threatening to killer those. that is why the police sent a
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s.w.a.t. team in. they tried to negotiate with him and that was successful. and was going to kill the people inside. that is when they sent the s.w.a.t. team in. police say could it have been a lot worse. >> when we found him in the investigation he still had plenty of live rounds of ammunition left with him. had we not cornered with him and acted quickly and decisively and then entered and engaged him this could have been a much greater tragedy. >> reporter: and police are saying that it was really difficult when the s.w.a.t. teams stormed the apartment. they were trying to save the lives of the hostages while trying to kill the gunman, stop him from killing the
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hostages. displace this was completely irrational act and going to take some time what the motivation was this man no one didn't know much about. he didn't have a criminal background. >> heather: dominic, thank you. >> rick: a tragic boating accident on new york's hudson river involving a bride to be and the best man in her wedding party. the boat crashing into a barge. woman's body recovered and divers are still searching. brian has more. >> reporter: it is turning into a tragic steer for a bride to be and her fiance who were one of six passengers on board the boat when it crashed. the sheriff's office is still searching for mark lemon set to be the fiance's best man. around 1:00 p.m. today they found a body fitting the description of a missing 30-year-old lindsay stewart that was found floating about eighth after mile offshore. police say they cannot
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confirm that is stewart yet, just they found a body. they went missing after a 21- foot boat crashed into anchor construction barge, injuring four other passengers including lindsay's fiance. all four were taken to local hospitals. at least two of the four were wearing life vests. it hit the barge around 10:40 p.m. off the pier. 57-year-old bring knowledge is currently under investigation. lindsay's mom were emotional and her daughter set to be married in august. >> i don't know the details about it. she didn't tell me where she was going. she was supposed to be married in three weeks.
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>> rocklin county sheriff's office said they had anchor lights on but still hard to see at night. they are investigating the possible cause of the crash. >> rick: terrible story, thanks very much. >> heather: political reconciliation, dozens killed in egypt between security and protestors. violence overwhelming field hospitals as they scramble to treat the injured. conor powell has the latest. >> reporter: they have been warning sometime that the military would crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. last night. general called on supporters to take to the streets to give him a mandate to fight terrorism. early this morning, the egyptian military opened fire
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on supporters killing 38 people. other reports that the number was much, much higher. this is the second time egyptian army had a have used deadly force to clear you the pro morsi demonstrations. in total a hundred people have been killed. most have been brotherhood supporters. the obama administration has just about blessed the administration there and they want a quick transition to civilian led democracy. pentagon continues to provide military support to egypt which overwhelmingly goes to the egyptian military. any hopes that to get half of the current crisis seems to be faded. it's a deeply divided country that is racked by bloodshed. there is hope that the sides will come together in the future but right now things are polarized it doesn't look
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like a good situation going forward. >> heather: conor powell keeping an eye for us, thank you. >> rick: it's been a busy day for the pope as he wraps up his trip in brazil. holding mass before a thousand bishops in brazil and his message, get out of the churches and spread the faith to the people. from there was a speech at rio de janeiro when arson gave him a colorful headdress. he placed on his head. he is the first pontiff and will head back to rome tomorrow. >> people are very excited to reach out to him there. >> we are just getting started. a major development in the deadly train crash in spine.
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details on that straight ahead. >> and adjustable rated mortgages making a comeback. with will things turn out better this time. >> heather: and capitol gearing up for a battle over the budget as both parties duke it out. our political panel breaks it all down. >> an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals shifts focus on what needs to be done. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. i guess. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math right? uh-uh. english? her. splanker, pretend we're not related. oh trust me, you don't want any of that.
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>> rick: let's get caught up on the headlines, the driver involved in the deadly train crash in spain now being held on suspicion of negligent homicide. the train was speeding when it derailed on wednesday. at least 78 people were killed. musician j.j. cale he wrote after midnight for eric cap ton, cale was 74. >> and 12 bells ringing in london to mark the birth of the royal baby. duke and duchess of cambridge,
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prince george was born on monday. >> heather: major showdown with the budgeted looming in washington. president obama is headed to capitol hill on wednesday to huddle with house democrats. as we reported at the top of the show the gloves are apparently off between president obama and republicans over the sluggish economy. >> an endless parade of distractions and phony scandals get get in the way of what we need to do. >> president said this week the jobs he has been known to do and under the president's leadership our country has fallen in the new normal, slow growth, high employment and stagnant wages. i think it's unacceptable. >> heather: cal thomas is a syndicated columnist and richard is a former advisor
12:17 pm
to hillary clinton. thank you for joining us. i'm going to start with you. to quote the president, former scandals and political posturing. you saw neil cavuto your world this past week, he had patricia smith on the mother of sean smith who was killed in the attack in benghazi. i again with this question and it's a quote from her in reference to her son, she says the president, he is wrong. my son is dead, how could that be phony? richard? >> look. everybody's heart goes out to somebody like her. no question about it. he is not saying anything about what the circumstances were around her son's death. what the president is saying that the benghazi experience has been investigated by
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bipartisan, frankly mainly republican groups, plenty of congressional committees have looked into it run by republicans. so far there has not been a single fact that has come forward to link the president or anything he did or should have done with what happened in benghazi. it's just like with the irs, we've had tons and tons of hearings and investigation. not been a single fact to link anything that happened with the irs with anybody from the president on down in the white house. that is what makes it phony. you can show the flames on the screen but it doesn't make what happened there anything attributable to president obama. >> heather: the president is not specifying what he believed to be phony. so let's talk about that the irs. let's move it to that. the irs scandal has affected a lot of americans. how should we feel when hear
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the president pivoting on the economy on some accounts about the 14th time he has done that when he doesn't want to address other issues? >> you hit the key. when you are having trouble in one area, you try to change the subject. some presidents go overseas, like this presidential did going to africa. when we have sequestration in the united states. my son has an important job saving lives in washington and he has been furloughed while the president conducts a nonstop campaign. these aren't the scandals that are affected by them. not only mrs. smith but also tea party people that had their applications delayed and in some cases denied for political reasons so they continue be fully involved in the last campaign as liberal groups, there is nothing phony about them but there is a lot of phonyness going on
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in this town. >> heather: i think we would agree that we need to get people back working. we are in what year four of the worst recovery since world war ii. you heard the president speak on wednesday. he has many more speeches planned. have we heard anything knew in his speech that you found promising? >> here is what i heard that was new. i think democrats in attendance would take some sort of notion that the president is going to keep his eye on the ball. two years ago we really walked up to the line of defaulting on our debt. we're now talking about letting the government shutdown. we had an election last year on the question of spending priorities. the president was very clear about spending on infrastructure, on innovation and education.
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governor romney was clear that his agenda was cutting spending. that is where the debate was, the president one bief five million votes and democrats picked up seats in the senate and won in the house than across the board. that has been asked and answered by the public. one final thing. we had a controlled experiment. europe is looking to austerity and they would give their eye teeth in a second. austerity has taken them down the drain. u.s. economy is sluggish but thankfully we haven't gone the european way. >> heather: i have to give you the last word, cal. people have spoken. we have to talk about the poll numbers that are now plummeting for president obama? >> people are still speaking. president's praf8 rating, 50%. in april down to 41% in july. that is a significant drop.
12:22 pm
this approval among independents down to tap% this month. that is a serious problem for the president and democrats in general so people are still speaking, they don't like obamacare and that is what is leading up to the election. this phony shut down business, this is what the democrats do and i don't think it's going to work for the democrats like it worked in the clintonings. >> a lower percentage point of adults working today than when president obama took office. we'll see what happens. >> it's been 60 years tins the truce that ended the korean war. >> heather: to change the way we pay doctors in this country. the new guy is loaded with protein!
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♪ >> rick: welcome back to. coming on the bottom of the hour. new york police saying female body has been pulled from the hudson river that matches the description of the bride to be who went missing after a boat crashed. they can't confirm that body's identity. >> the army psychiatrist released a statement. saying the u.s. government is at war with islam. >> and ford is recalling more than 3300 hybrid cars.
12:28 pm
they discovered during vehicle testing that passengers' heads may not be sufficiently protected in the event of a crash. >> heather: 60 years ago the korean war ended in a truce. more than 33,000 americans were killed in that fighting and president obama marked the event by laying a wreath to honor the brave americans who served. elizabeth prann reports from washington. >> reporter: hi, heather. it's been six decades with memorandums of war are memories are still fresh. marking the end of korean and marking the troops that at one point involved more than 20 countries. honoring the veterans and approximate 2.5 million people that lost their lives, 36,000 of them were
12:29 pm
americans. >> we can say with confidence that war was no -- it was a victory. when 50 million south koreans live in freedom. vibrant democracy in stark contrast to the repression and poverty of the north. that is a victory and that is your legacy. >> as former peace treaty was never signed. they are in a technical of war. troops remain on the divided lines. pyongyang have threatened to give troops into a border town. u.s. continues its presence in the region. >> we remain committed to help ensure peace and stability on the korean peninsula. more than 28,000 soldiers and airmen serve today. >> they remain a close ally to the u.s. the partnership remains a,
12:30 pm
quote, bedrock of stability in the region. >> heather: elizabeth, thank you. >> chris: switching gears, criticism in the way that doctors are paid sparking a new effort to change the system. right now medicare and most rely on doctors to determine what to pay for the work that they do. now some lawmakers are in washington are hoping to thank you kha. members of both parties sponsoring a bill that would reshape the withhold model. jim mcdormott is one of them. one of my first things that caught my attention, this has bipartisan support. you don't see a lot of that these days in washington. >> i think anybody that looks at the national health care system believes that we have to learn to control costs. we've got access of falling care act, but then you've got
12:31 pm
to figure out how to control the costs. that has been illusive over the last 30 or hop years. >> payment that doctors receive when they treat medicaid patients or medicare patients. >> when medicare started back in 1964, the doctors made it a point for them they want to be paid their usual and customary fee. that means they send in their fee and they expect the government to pay whatever they ask for. well, that has been a problem from the very beginning. the costs are going up and up. one of the things that congress did is to establish a committee called the review committee and that committee was to review each procedure and decide how much it should be paid. unfortunately they put under the ama, made up of 31
12:32 pm
specialists and other providers. they decide how much doctors can be paid. so it's really the doctors' negotiating with themselves how much they should pay. that simply has been too loose a system. we're trying to close it down. >> rick: anybody that would call you anti-doctor would be mistaken. you are a physician yourself? >> sure, i know the system in and out. i practiced medicine. i know how it works, but it simply is not sustainable. we have to begin to find a better way to look at how much a given procedure, how much time it takes and how much a doctor should be given for that amount of time of effort. >> rick: who should michael that call. if not the ama or doctors, who, the government? >> there should be -- what we're trying to do in this bill is set up an independent panel. there would be doctors on there because you need expertise about what
12:33 pm
something actually requires, but you have some people that have no financial interest in it. if you have someone for surgeons and one for the neurologists and one more the radiologists. they all have a financial interest in it. we want people that do not have a financial interest that are going to get more or less pay from what they decide on this committee. that is the only way you can get an independent committee that people understand the field and make reasonable judgments on what doctors ought to be paid. >> rick: i've reading response from the medical community and ama admits the system is flawed, but i just wonder what are you are going to run up against if you say the government is going to dictate how much doctors are going to get paid. do you think we're going to run the risk here of discouraging smart young men
12:34 pm
and women from entering the field of medicine? >> no. when we started this, i was in medical school in 1963 when medicare started. we were told this was going to be the end of medicine and socialized medicine when government got in the health care business. it's nonsense. medicare was a salvation for the doctors because it has been a steady source of payment for the care of the elderly of this country. it's never going to be -- there is going to be an argument. the doctor says it's worth hundred dollars, the government says $80. doctors will say i didn't get paid i was owed. at some point we need a negotiation, between the medical profession and the government how much we can tax the taxpayers and pay the doctors what they want.
12:35 pm
they can't be out independent of the negotiation. >> rick: what is the future of the bill? >> there is a small piece of it in the change that is being made in the sgr the sustained growth rate that is going through the congress right now. there is a small piece of it in there, whether we get the larger piece i don't know. something has to pass because we have to do something about the cost of healthcare in this country. one part is fees. we have to face it. >> rick: good to talk to you, sir. thanks very much for your time. >> heather: poorly understood loans that contributed to the housing market collapse, remember those? apparently they are making a comeback. sudden rise for adjustable rate mortgages and what can be done differently this time
12:36 pm
around. plus there is this.... >> do you enjoy being married? >> rick: latest political scandal with good wife standing by her man. why does this keep happening? we'll talk to a married couple. they are hosts of a show called marriage boot camp. we'll get their unique insight on what is going on behind the scenes. mom always got good nutrition to taste great. she was a picky eater. we now i'm her dietitian... ...anlast year, she wasn'tating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great! [ male announcer ] boost drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. and now boost comes in two delicious, new bars. look for them next to boost drinks. [ dietitian ] now, nothing keeps mom from doing what she loves... ...being my mom.
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>>. >> rick: new york police pulling a woman's body from the hudson river. they say it matches the description of a bride to be that went missing after a boat crash. best man in that wedding party also missing. police not able to confirm the identity on the body they found. also in new york, a toddler rescued by a neighbor after she crawled out a window and
12:41 pm
ended up on store awning below. she seems to be okay. and pope francis calling on the clergy to reach out to poor and needy. >> heather: it is back. adjustable rate mortgage. it virtually disappeared after the housing crash largely because it was widening interest rates rather than fixed rate mortgages that caused a lot of homeowners to default on their payments. now with real estate rebounding and home prices rising, adjustable rate mortgages are making a comeback. is history due to repeat itself? scott is is a financial analyst and founder of help save good to see you. adjustable rate mortgages, they are getting popular again. at what cost? >> there is a huge cost.
12:42 pm
in fact adjustable rate mortgages now represent 16% of all mortgage applications out there. that is the highest level of june 2008. you are getting a lower interest rate than a fixed year mortgage. you can lock it in for five years, seven years, that rate could jump as much as 5%. that is going to dramatic increase your monthly payments, but it will allow you to get into a house you may not have been able to forward afford previously. >> heather: so there is a risk involved and people decide to go this route because they anticipate they will be making more money down the road and pay the higher interest rate or move out of the house. what are the reasons people go with the adjustable rate mortgages? >> adjustable rate mortgages have lower interest rates. it allows you to afford a home that might be more expensive. you are assuming that, if the rates rise in five or seven
12:43 pm
years, "a" you'll have more income. that is very risky assumption. you are also assuming that home prices are going to increase in value. that is what caused the financial collapse where people assumed my house is going increase in value. that is not always the case. >> heather: what if you can't afford mixed rate mortgage? >> you need to look at less expensive house. anyone who is considering these adjustable rate mortgages especially if they are on the fence whether they can afford the home they are repeated the risky behaviors. >> heather: are there any circumstances under which the adjustable rate mortgage works? >> if you plan to stay in the home say five years, then it might make sense to lock in the super low rate and leave before it starts to adjust. even in that case you are
12:44 pm
taking on risk. in who knows what can happen in five years. the best way if you have cash on hand to afford the entire home. you can lock in the low rated and take your cash and invest it somewhere else, say the stock market and earn a 6-7% return while paying 3% for the mortgage. >> heather: now this is happening. is history doomed to repeat itself? >> it is. you have to understand that interest rates are going to rise, ben bernanke is about to start this tapering program where it is going to slow down the bond buying back program. anyone looking to buy a home should be looking into the fixed rates especially if they are going to stay there long term. lock in the low rate. for every hundred thousand dollars of a loan 1% increase in that mortgage late is going add $50 a month to your
12:45 pm
payment. >> heather: you mentioned in terms of locking in the fixed rate you were just talking about, what do you need to do in order to prepare for that. before you go to the bank, what do you need? >> first off you have to look at your credit is in perfect condition and check your credit report. go to my fico report and check your score. make sure there are no errors. that could cause the score to decrease and "b" make sure you have your debt paid off. any debt on your credit report, the banks are going to look at that you are too risky to lend money to you. >> heather: what is the score you strive for? >> anything above 760 that will get you mortgage with the lowest interest rate that will save you money. >> heather: thanks, we appreciate it. >> rick: political scandal
12:46 pm
raises some questions about the high profile marriage of anthony weiner and his wife. we'll talk to the hosts of marriage boot camp on we tv. we'll get their unique insights. >> it's a lot of work and whole lot of therapy to get to a place. it was not an easy choice in any way. i made the decision that it was worth it. [ tap ] [ tap ] ♪ 'cause tonight [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me ♪ you and me
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>>. >> rick: an amazing story out of survival out of arizona. he is alive after being hit by lightning while playing golf. he had no pulse and performed cpr on him and incredibly he survived. >> i said, gee, we're silly with heavy clouds, the clouds were dark black. and it was almost disintegrated. i said to dave, i'm the tallest. i took a hit.
12:51 pm
>> you can't change it. >> rick: and he suffered only minor injuries despite the unbelievable experience, he can't wait to go back out on the golf course. you really want to be married to me and you answered yes. >> the computer said deception indicated every time we asked. and number two, were you ever open to me. you answered yes. she said yes, but his body went crazy on that which is deception. >> heather: no shortage of drama on the hit show marriage boot camp, bridezillas. infidelity and trust. >> as anthony weiner's marriage is back in the headlines in a sexting scandal that won't go away.
12:52 pm
joins you jim and elizabeth carol, stars of marriage boot camp. if there a couple that should be a candidates for the show it's the weiners. >> some of the things i look at that and how public this is i'm heartbroken for them. >> rick: main question, why is she still with him? >> now, it's a good question. i can tell you, this we see couples indy felt in marriage boot camp all the time. there is great reason to keep a marriage together. for one thing, i think she feels like she can help him with his problem. >> we think 75% of people when surveyed if their spouse cheated on them they would leave them. that is not close to truth we see couples all the time when where they cheat on them all the time and try to put it back together. >> heather: you are talking
12:53 pm
about cheating. question a lot of people, is sexting, which anthony weiner is alleged to have done cheating? is sexting cheating? >> absolutely. by boot camp standards, anything you do that takes the sexual energy out of your marriage and outside your marriage, we consider cheating whether it's pornography or strip clubs or even flirtation in the workplace and emotionally getting drained. all day long, you are snapping and coming home and we consider that is cheating. >> there is a pattern here. it's not like there is just one, he got caught and repented. we know that he has done it again even after saying, resigning from congress. i just wonder. >> rick: should people in relationships with a spouse or partner that makes a mistake but keeps doing it, should they truly believe that the partner is going to
12:54 pm
be able to stop? >> it takes a long time to rebuild the trust. with anthony, he has a sexual addiction. overcoming that you go through the blame and denial and lying and cheating, it's going to take a lot of work for him. he is getting a lot of good therapy he probably can. >> heather: i have a question in reference to this sexual addiction that we hear a lot about. what is the difference between sexual addiction and just having bad morals? >> sexual addiction is actually a overnot wanting to -- if someone wounded with shame or some kind of fear or hurt. they will medicate themselves with some lined of lewd mod altering stub like sex or alcohol. somebody that stumbles and falls is different category. >> they do it over and over again knowing that it could
12:55 pm
destroy your year or marriage. >> he is truly and addict. >> his wife said it was not an easy decision to stay in this marriage but she decided that she wanted to. it was the best thing for their family. they do have a young child. i imagine that a lot of couples that are having problems decide to stick it out because there are children involved. in your experience, is that a good reason or is that just something that may sort of delay the inevitable once the children get a little bit older the problems are still there and the couple splits up afterwards? >> if the couple doesn't work through the bitterness and anger, it worse for the kids to be in an horrible environment where they are fighting all the time. if they can put it together, it's great for the kids. >> it's a great reason to stay together. it's a very good motivator if they do the work.
12:56 pm
they have to yank out the bitterness and forgive one another and healing agent in each other's lives and move forward in more deeper and richer intimacy. they can get through it. >> rick: they have to do it in the public eye because he is still a candidate for mayor here in new york city. he is going to continue his campaign. thank you so much for joining us. the show is called marriage boot camp bridezillas, it's on we tv. jim and carroll, thanks so much. >> that does it for us. "cavuto on business" takes over at the thop of the hour. >> rick: i'll see you at 6:00 p.m. tonight with arthel nevil. >> heather: bye! they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business
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latest money message from the president. >> this growing inequality. >> this growing inequality of opportunity. >> letters are more inequality. it's inevitable and just. >> inequality will continue to increase. >> major speech on the economy, using the word inequality. is that any way to get america growing? i'm charles payne. to our panel, look at that. charles, your book circle of friends in stores everywhere, go out and buy it now.


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