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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> fox urgent. members of a church group, most of them teenager on a bus returning from camp caught in a crash outside of indianapolis. the bus was carrying 40 passengers. a concombreigation from colonial hill baptist church and three people have died in this. these are pshths coming in to fox news. at least 26 others hospitalized at this hour. this happen a short timing on. this is interstate 465 outside of indy. there is the bus on its side. survivors were taken to the hospital and some air lifted. witnesses say the bus came off of the highway at a high rate of
4:01 pm
speed and hit a retaining wall as it was trying to round the curve. the parents are asked to go to the church to wait on information. no word on the cause. we'll have updates as we get them. and now another story that is developing at this hour. a boat carrying a briedal party crashed in a barge. manslaughter charges are filed against the man who drove the boat. the couple in that briedal just two weeks away from the big wedding day. terror in an apartment complex. seven people are dead and police are piecing together the gunman's trail of murder after he targeted the building manager and his wife. he ran back in the burning apartment, walked out on to his
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fourth store tore balcony and proceeded to fire 10-20 shots into the street. >> from there, the deadly rampage continued. add to that hostages until the swat team went in and brought it to the end. fox reports and what we just learned about the shooting suspect. >> also, baby on the edge of danger. a little one makes her way out of a window and on to an awn a wning. what would you do? >> and they are known that supporting democrats for office. now the back bone of support is balking in the signature health care law. and what tonight has yups rejecting obama care. >> in florida, a lot of
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information that police in swat garthat brought a stand off to the end. the violence was sudden and seemed to be randol and seven people are dead. including the gunman, police shot them. it was in hialeah north of miami. pedro va rguez on fire. the building manager saw it on fire and went to check it. he shot them and killing them right at the scene. >> he was talking about the apartment manager and his wife. police say va rgues went back in the burning apartment and walked out on the fourth story balcony and started to shooting anyone the bullet hitting a dad who was parking his carrot street. >> the subject ran out of his apartment, ran down to the third
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floor, kicked the door open of an apartment and shot a man and his wife and 17-year-old daughter inside of the apartment. this happened in rapid succession. first the fire department showed up because of the smoke they smelled and scene. vargus was firing shots and firefighters heard gunshots and called police. he took host amgs while police tried to negotiate for their release. what police found next was chilling. >> when we found him, in the investigation, he still had plenty of live rounds of ammunition with him. we not cornered him and acted quickly and decisively it could
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be a much greater tragedy. tonight six victims are gone and the big question why did this happen? eugene ramirez joining us. details are coming out about the gunman, what have you learned? >> well, harris, cops are now focusing on this man's motive. we know he is 42 years old and lives in the apartment building and killed some of the people he called neighbors. he lived here with his mother and was not home at the time it happen. she is now staying with relatives elsewhere. before the insdept and they had never had run ins and problems with the 42-year-old man. listen to what they had to say. >> he doesn't have a criminal history that we have discovered thus far or a history of
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rational behavior from the people we interviewed thus far and he was a quiet man. >> well, what he had despite no history of run ins with the law was apparently a lot of firepower. he had a nine millimeter pistol and rounds of ammunition and magazines as well. discovering that in the apartment where he held two people hostage for hours and timely police were able to take him down. they do know that he definitely was highly armed and ready to combat, not only resident and neighbors in the building, but police officers themselves. hialeah police saying he fired several dozen rounds out from the balcony of his apartment. they are trying to discover what caused him to do this. was it a problem with the building manager which was his first victim or at random? they are looking at what if any
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problems he had with management in the building? if there was a citation and conditions of his residency in the building. and police say, he only lived here for a short time. back to you, harris. >> eugene thank you very much. overseas death toll reportedly keeps rising in the largest ara key ally. egyptian security forces killed supporters of the receiptly departed president morsi and the worst blood shed seen here since hosany mu barak. his main basis of support muslim brotherhood calling what happen today a massacre. and u.s. secretary of state john kerry and egypt allowed them to
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gather defensively in the streets and a short time ago and urging restraint. egypt, you will remember as i said was a co alloy in the region and gave them 1.3 billion in military aid and helped to keep stability there. conner powell has more on in the newsroom. >> there was a sense in the past few days and a violent and deadly weekend in cairo. and they called on his supporters take to the streets and give him a mandate to fight terrorism. his statement was widely understood as a threat to crack down on the muslim brotherhood and they removed former president morsi from power. this is the second time the ejepgz army used deadly force to try to clear out pro morsi supporters. they have stayed silent and
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called for former president morsi to be released and a quick transition to a civilian led democracy. >> the hopes of egypt moving past this is disa poring. now in washington, president obama enters the weekend in the midst of a campaign to draw attention away from phony scandals. the president and his administration repeated that claim. they are blaming republicans in congress for dropping the ball on key issues like the economy. but never once does the president or anybody on his staff explains which of the scandals they consider to be phony? >> the issue sparking a political fire storm in the beltway. critecs say it is an apartment to down play. this has president obama plans to visit next week.
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>> molly, is the president's strategy working. >> harris, the president hasn't said what scandals are phony but they repeated the reason why. >> over the past couple of years in particular, washington has taken its eye off of the ball. an endless parade of distractions and phony scandals and shift focus for what needs to be deputy. >> because of phony scandals that have captured the attention of many here in washington and take the scandals or things like that. we have to keep focused on the north star and the issues that the american people want to be focused on. >> the president will head-on capitol hill to meet with house democrats on the legislative agenda. >> i have heard that the republicans are not buying the phony scandals argument. what did they say? >> the scandals are not phony
4:11 pm
and are serious. and they point to the benghazi attack and irs going after the conservative and tea party groups and justice department targeting journalist. and the obama administration is stone walling on benghazi. >> this is a real scandal and no matter what the administration is trying to sea, that congress is trying to create scandals. the administration is. now they are trying to prevent us from getting to the truth. we will not give up on this. >> jay carney was pressed on which scandals are phony and the president believes that the irs activity was inappropriate and he took steps to stop. it but republicans are trying to turn it into a bigger issue than it is, harris? >> molly, thank you very much. right now, police charged the driver of a party boat with
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manslaughter after a bridal party tragedy. searchers finding a body the description of the bride to be floating in the water two weeks before the wedding day and at this hour, the best man is still missing. they are searching for him and details of what went horribly wrong on a famous american river. >> also, it fell from the sky without warning and landed in some some body's backyard. who is claiming responsibility for a huge missing plane part. stay close. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better.
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>> a party boat disaster in the popular hudsop river. broid to be and best man for the wedding was thrown from the boat when it hit a barge. the driver of the boat was charged with vehiclear manslaughter. he was arrested in the hospital where he is recovering from his
4:16 pm
injuries. the 35-year-old may have been drunk. >> we have problemable cause to believe he operate the boat while drunk. >> the woman's body was not identified yet but they believe it is the 30 year ode broid, and they have yet to find the best man. all of this happening near piermont right up the hudson river of new york city. brian is live in our new york city newsroom with more. >> lindsay stewart and fiance brian bond was on the boat that crashed into the side of a construction barge friday night. the impact ejected them. and 30-year-old mark lenin in the water and injuring others taken to the hospitals and most with head injuries.
4:17 pm
at least two of the four were wearing life vest. leppin is still missing. >> at this hour, it is less and less likely it is a rescue as opposed to a recovery. we have searched with air assets and marine units throughout the course of the day and we have not found anything but the body of a woman we reported earlier. >> the bet hit the barge 10:40 p.m. friday south of the bridge just 25 miles north of manhattan. earlier this morning lipped say's mom carol stewart was emotional, her daughter set to be married in august. >> i don't know the details about it. she didn't tell me where she was going. you know, where they could be. she's supposed to be married two weeks from today. it is just on on it can't end
4:18 pm
like this. >> a sad scene as the investigation continues. police expect additional charges against the drivers of the boat. his bail was set at 250,000 and he will be transported to the rock land county jail when released from the hospital. harris? >> thank you. we are learning that charges may be coming for the driver of the train that killed more than 70 people in the crash. they are holding him on possible negligent homicide charges. he is expected to appear before the judge this weekend. that would be a technical legal hold. dozens more hurt when the high speed train veered off of the track. it was going more than twice the spote limit. one american died, she worked
4:19 pm
from a catholic church. all of her family members survived. another survivors from utah said it was like hell. this is the second time he cheated death and he was a cancer survivors as well. he is, i should say. >> this is a time when words "i am sorry". a woman got home and opened her door. she couldn't. but she was locked out. by the time she got in the house it was ementy. and believe it or not there is a bank that is in trouble for this. we'll fill you in. >> and brave veterans, marking 60 years since the end of fighting on the korean pennsylvania and look at what the world was talking about the forgotten war.
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>> it has been six decade sxtz memories of war are so fresh for many veterans since the ceasefire that ended the act of fighting in the korean war. president obama honoring the sacrifices of the past heroes. elizabeth has more from washington. >> the ceremony marks the anniversary of the hard run truth of the end of the korean war that involved more than 20 countries honoring the distinguished veterans and the millions of people who lost their lives. about 36,000 of them were americans. >> we can say with confidence that was no tie.
4:24 pm
korean was a victrow. they live in freedom and a vibrant democracy and vibrant economies and in stark contrast to the repression and poverty of the north that is correct is a victory and legacy. >> the korean pennsylvania is in a technical state of war and divided in a steal mate. troo troops remain on the line. pyongyang has threatened to relocate the factory. >> we will remain dedicateed to peace and stability. more than 28,000 american soldiers and marines serve in korean today. >> south korea is a close ally. and president obama it said is a bed rock of stability in the pacific region.
4:25 pm
harris, back to you. >> and south and north korea marking the end of the fighting and special parades honoring the veterans and along the demilitarized zone featuring south america and korea. and a massive military parade and performance. and they called it victory day in the war. north korean dictator kim jung-un. and tensions remain at an time high. and north korea conducted the third ever nuclear test and drawing worldwide condemnation and just days later, he also threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the southwest. and in april there was a series of short range missile testing
4:26 pm
in response to the military drills that the north declared was an act of war. >> a toddler wandering in the path of danger. watch her, little one on a second floor a wning and a hero who spotted her from afar on the ground was waiting in the wings. >> president obama signs the signature health care legislation into law. but unions are showing strong opposition to the legislation including one representing the irs. os in charge with enforcing the law. so what is their gripe? . [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? oh, that's the new nissan. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal.
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>> i am harris faulkner. i bus carrying a church congregation crashed in indianapolis. we are told three people died at the scene. many of the passengers were teenagers and that bus was returning from camp. the witnesses say the bus came off the interstate andet a retaining wall and over turned. an arrest with the spode boat carrying a broid to me and her bridal party crashed. the police arrested the driver
4:31 pm
charging him with vehiclear manslaughter. they went to his hospital room to do so. a body was found matching the description of a 30-year-old woman. the best man was thrown in the water. the search will continue for him tomorrow. we are learning more about a deadly stand off in florida. police identified the gunman as pedro varsgus. he set his apartment on fire and then went on random and bizarre shootings. he killed six people in and outside of the apartment complex. hostages were taken and the man held them gun point for three hours and in the end, a watt team shot va rgus and freed the hostages. we have more in the newsroom.
4:32 pm
>> harris tis described as a very fast and rational sequence of events. va rgus stilled them by the time the police arrived. he barricaded himself in with the two hostages and he had run through the complex in a chaotic fashion. he wanted to kill. he had so much a mmo on him. people heard 15 or 25 shots as he killed the two building managers. police think he fired 30 or more rounds before the end of the team. victims are said to be from different families. >> three families and possibly more affected here, harris. the building manager, they are a month away from celebration
4:33 pm
and very sad and moments before they died, they were baby-sitting the grand daughter. he lived with his long- time girlfriend and two children in the complex and the next victims were a family members in a third floor apartment. he shot the look off of the front door to get in and kill them. hialeah is a quiet area it really is. the mayor was in a state of shock when he spoke to the press this afternoon, harris. >> i am heart broken and it is an extremely sad day in the city of hialeah. i feel for the victims that died and victims that lived through this yesterday. the police officer and it was a stressful situation for the whole community. >> something of a mystery as to why he did it. police are relying on neighbors
4:34 pm
for information about him. 90 people living in the complex, they are reloved it was not more terrible than it had been. >> no doubt they are talking to his mom who lived with him as well. >> a state of the emergency declared in north carolina following heavy rain, downpours causing problems and a to the of rain fell in the western part of the state. knocking out the electrical power and flooded hopes and washed out roads and bridges. the pictures say it all. crews are working to rescue people from the fast- moving flood waters and more rain could be on the way. we'll look at meteorologist janice dean. >> pictures say it all. we have a cold front that is interacting with a lot of the moisture from the atlantic. you can see it here and so part of the carolinas are getting inundated with rainfall.
4:35 pm
charlotte getting close to a to the of rain in this area in a matter of hours. flood advisories not only for parts of the midatlantic but north florida. and this is the area we are watching carefully because we are dealing with rising flood waters and area north and west of charlotte and close to a food of rain. so dangerous. and looking at the potential of severe weather in the high plains and parts of colorado and kansas and potential of hail and damaging wind and tornados that is all part and parcel of the monsonnal moisture. and we have a cold front that is pushing across the east coast. look at these temperatures. it is unheard of. 62 and dipping to the 50s overnight and 62 in minneapolis. and moving in to the northeast and so very cool indeed for
4:36 pm
august. watching tropical storm dorian. no more. we'll monitor it. we don't think it will affect the u.s. but tropical storm flossie making a bee line for hawaii. we couldee heavy rain for the big island. harris, back to you. >> i don't often see hawaii in the map. nusually they disa paint because of cooler waters. but this one could hold itself death and we could be dealing with heavy rainfall. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you very much. word continues behind the scenes to roll out health insurance exchanges in a matter of months, there is a push from republicans to remove the irs from his role from enforcing the law. >> the white house delayed the
4:37 pm
employer man date under obama care. the evident is clear, this law is treatening job growth and turning full- time into part- time and on top of the negative consequences of obama care it requires an unholy union from the irs and your protective health information. >> the interesting push and nothing to do with politics and maybe helping out republicans and critics of obama care. union opposition to obama care is growing. the union represents the internal revenue service is warning about the law. edhenrow has the details. >> to hear top advisors to tell it is going just fine and signing new people up for the controversial health care law. >> millions of americans will
4:38 pm
have access to affordable care that they don't have in the place of work and not able to afford in the past. >> but the allies in organized labor don't seem to share the excitement with the national treasury union doesn't want to change for insurance exchanges. they are irs agents tasked with enforcing the health care law. the republican said that the fact that the union is fighting the bill to force them to make the trade, shows that the trades are not advantageous. if the exchanges are good enough for the hard working americans and businesses that the law claims to help, they should be good for president, and vice-president and congressional and federal employees. without changes, the law will
4:39 pm
destroy the health and well-being of our members. >> we are on our way to implementing the affordable care act. >> the president is defending his law. it will not affect workers that have. it >> insurance companies will have to charge you the same rates as everybody else even if you are having a preexisting condition. >> meanwhile, the republicans are divided on whether to defund the entire and the resolution to keep the government running and a strategy pushed by a dozen senate republicans including ted cruz and mark lee and marco rubio. >> if republicans refuse to vote for the resolution to contain further funding of obama care we can stop it. >> richard burr is warning its party if that results in a government shutdown.
4:40 pm
>> it is dumbest as long as he is president it is law. >> house republicans are preparing to slam the law and slow down the number of people signing up and whip up consevenatives. and the stakes are so high for the president he huddled with various hollywood stars like amy pohler to get young people to sign up for the exchanges. >> we would like to check in with our fox affiliates and see if they are working on anything in particular to stand out. >> a good samaritan who sprang in action after seeing a baby where she should not have been. right here in new york. here is the fox affiliate. >> the edge of the rescue is stunning. 18 month old baby girl fell from the wendo and climbed on the a
4:41 pm
wning. a farm so worker saw the incident and prevent her from falling from the ground. it was too short to reach the a wning and he was directed to the child's grandmother. >> when she opened i asked her where is your baby? and i told her, your baby is outside and about to fall off of the roof. i jumped on to the fire escape and on the officer and i went to her and grabbed her by the arm and just snatched her and took her back to the parent. >> the baby was taken to the hospital, police say she is not seriously injured. she believes that she slipped out of the opening of the air conditioning and window. the grandmother was cook at the time of the accident. >> how is the baby? >> he is cook she is home with
4:42 pm
my daughter. >> how did she fall? >> she not fall. >> what happened? >> nothing. >> we are told that the family was talked to and no charges are happening at this time. well, lightning made contact on a golf course and this is what is left of a man's hat. he is able to talk about it next. >> and a chunk of plane fell from the sky and landed in somebody's backyard. we'll tell you where it hit. emotional reaction to the news to grammy award musician jjc ca le has died. he passed away last night. he worked with so many rock gloup groups. he had hits with eric clap ton
4:43 pm
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>> in a few hours, the supply mission will take place 210 miles overhead and a russian cargo ship is scheduleed to dock on the international space station. earlier this happen. it carried nearly 6,000 pounds of splois and including food and
4:47 pm
fuel and science equipment. the flight would be nonstop and there are currently six hours on board of the international space station. awesome. >> and light nining strikes the golf course and in its path a golfer on the fairway. he is alive and talking about it. arizona, that man playing around with three friends in prescott. >> i hit the shot and that is the end of the story. >> he said the sky was dark he and his buddies kept playing. and in the 18th hole it was hit. >> take a look at what happened to his hat and what is left of it. his friends thought he was dead and said he had no pulse. they called 911 and saved his life. he has a ruptured eardrum and nerve damage in his hand but
4:48 pm
will hit the links son. >> in texas a pose of military aircraft falls from the sky in san antonio. and landed in a family's backyard. it was the tail cone of a boeing c17 and air force confirming it broke off in a flight. no one was hurt. ohio, a home seized by a bank. problem is, the repo man got the wrong address. >> they repossessed my house on accident thinking it was the house cross the street. >> the homeowner said the bank told her they blamed a faulty gps. locks were changed and things thrown out. and the she wants them to pay for what she lost. i am not running a yard sale here. i didn't tell them to come in and make me an offer. they took my stuff and i want it back. >> the bank wants to comp state
4:49 pm
the homeowner but the list of items she provided is inconsistent with what was removed. >> and won a million from the lottery? >> the man and his wife bought scratch tickets while grocery shopping and he forgot about them. >> i put the food away and left them in the bag and he tlou them in the trash. he remembered and dug them out and one of them was a million dollar winner. that is the fox watch in america. >> big budgets don't always equal big hits in the box office. and they don't always mean hooray for hollywood.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
this summer blockbuster hits are turning into box office bombs and costing hundreds of millions to watch. that more from hollywood. >> so far it is a summer of wins and big losses and a few films living up to the hype and most movies miss the mark. >> this as the lone ranger is a big box office disappointment. it grossed 490 million and cost 2 215 million to make. >> this was a movie and all eyes were on this. and you couldn't run or hide in if you are the lone ranger if you didn't do well. >> jeff bridges riowa pd is dead in the water and making only 24
4:54 pm
million in the first week compared to the $130 million cast. it is budgeted for 84 million in break two. the white house down has a take of only 93 million and pacific rim is slowly recouping at 190 million cast in the 30 week of release. >> it is an uphill battle the bigger the budget to earn back your dollars. every movie can make money. but when you get in budgets that are over 200 million and marketing and you are looking close to $300 million. there is sound tracks and there is a broadcast rights and video on demapped and all of that will add in and mitigate the damage done by the lack of success in the north american box office. with the block of buster
4:55 pm
advertising, the studio hopes for a big opening. >> in the first weekend, the studio takes the lion's share. if you don't have a opening week woke and sharing more and more of the pie. it is a smaller pie. >> and though millions seemed like a big part that is part of the biz. >> landscape is littered with losses and successes. this is part of the game. >> let's go fishing. >> wow, that is a expensive fishing game. president george. bush said it was the right thing to do. our nation's 41st commander in chief said why he shared his head in soliddarity with the young cancer patient. next. the full story in case you missed it. want to make things more secure.
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>> in case you missedment president bush who shaved his head. theingly one is six years old and has leukemia and as you may know it is an issue near and dear to the president's heart. they lost second child robin to leukemia 60 years ago when she was just four years old and the president speaking in an interview with grand daughter gena said it was simply the right thing to do. the secret service agents tock to the head for the patrick and he thought why not me. >> on this day in 1983 madonna's titled album was released
5:00 pm
madonna with holiday and lucky star and border line. has it been that long? it spent weeks on the billboard charts. madonna all that time ago on this day. now huckabee. tonight on huckabee. >> with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. >> by dismissing benghazi and irs scandals as phony, is the president distracting and posterring. >> i washing dishes and i lock up and a guy in a rambo vest and pointed a gun. >> is the u.s. becoming a police state? nchris christie and ram paul in a war of words. has the battle for the nomination of 2016 already begun? .


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