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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 28, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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these hands? they're here for the person who fought in afghanistan. confidential help is just a call, click or text away. >> judge jeanine: would y would you give the criminals an advantage? put on your big boy pants. ♪ >> judge jeanine: from the makers of the washington two step, when you say one thing and do another. the ones who brought you other d.c. game shows like beat the clock. where you don't this get the information in time. don't answer questions and
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think that congress will simply forget about you. like what's my line? they tell you what to say, how to say it and then when all else fails to plead the fifth. big brother reality show. where your every phone call and email is monitored unless, of course, you need more security in benghazi or if you are a terrorist. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. one of the most popular d.c. game shows today is to tell the truth." or to not tell the truth. my favorite, the anti-muslim video caused the spontaneous protest in which four americans were killed. no one changed any of the talking points.
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we never sent assault rifles to mexico. we never had the irs targeted people because of religious or political beliefs. it's just a few rogue agents in cincinnati. we never seize reporters' records or violated the first amendment. notable themes from to tell the truth or not. holder perjures himself before congress. >> that is not something i've ever been involved or heard of or would think would be a wise policy. >> judge jeanine: we now know that was a bold faced live. he was briefed but he actually approved the search warrant request and jump shopped to find a judge to circumvent the constitution. clueless james klap per he
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lies to congress. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all, a million or hundreds of millions americans? >> no, sir. it does not. not witingly. >> in this game show, there is a cost and apologized for lying you get away with perjury. one of the most pem rehabilitate scenes, leon panetta lies about troops not able to get to benghazi in eight hours. >> time, distance the lack of inadequate warning, events that move very quickly on the ground prevented a more immediate response. >> judge jeanine: more immediate response? you never even showed up. since you didn't know how long the fight would last, it proves that you never
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intended to send help in the first place. here is another one of my favorites. >> you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what is going on, without having some realtime information about what is taking place. >> judge jeanine: shame on you. you don't deploy forces in harm's way? what do you think war is? and you didn't know in realtime what was going on? you knew what was going on. and learned lois lerner saying her unit never targeted tea party groups and we heard earlier she knew of the targeting and tried to cover it up. and then, of course, when she is called on it, she....
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> i plead the fifth. i plead the fifth, 5, one, two three, four fifth. how do you say fifth. [ laughter ] >> judge jeanine: they even put their lives in writing like this department of justice letter to congress which reads, your claims that we sanctioned are otherwise allowed, the sale of assault weapons to a purchaser who then transported them into mexico is false.
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then they try executive privilege to block the truth from coming out. ten months later because of congress's dogged pursuit of the truth, even the department of justice admits they lied. you mow who i am talking about the group that just doesn't care. >> when did you talk to the president after your initial meeting around 5:00? when did you talk to him again? >> i'm not sure. >> you know the president went to bed before the attacks? >> judge jeanine: i don't know, sir. >> the group that relies on tv the latest debacle. >> let me take the irs situation first. i first learned about from the same news reports that think i most people learned about it. i think it was on friday. >> judge jeanine: the group
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that doesn't know anything. >> i was not personally aware of any requests. >> we did not know before we had the opportunity to really know what was happening. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> judge jeanine: and to the ultimate, who d gives a damn. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. was it a part of protest or guys out of walk and decided to kill americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> judge jeanine: now a change. the latest administration. >> endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. >> fake scandals that have captured the attention of many only to dissipate. >> phony scandals to shift focus. >> judge jeanine: mr. president, with you'll due respect, if these are
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make believe scandals, why did you tell steven miller acting commissioner of the irs that he had to go? why did you say behavior was outrageous around unacceptable? why did you say that you were fully investigating what happened with security at benghazi? why not accountability review board to assess the security which found to be inadequate if you didn't need to get to the bottom of that atrocity in the first place? by the way, have you been able in your own words hunt down and bring those murderers of americans to justice? i know you didn't send your investigators to benghazi until weeks later when the crime scene had been trampled on and contaminated by just
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about everyone. and there was no a.p. scandal, why an open invitation sent by holder to discuss never again ceasing reporters' records if you didn't do it in the first place? what is that? you had a little extra money left in your budget? of course you have extra money now that the irs isn't sucking down wine and ordering pornography in their presidential suites at our costs. i have an idea. why don't we just audit the irs? you could use the bonus money you are giving their union to pay the auditors. mr. president, with all due respect, americans are fed up with the theater.
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this is not a play. this the is not a movie. this is not a game. our men are dying on foreign soil. hard working americans have lost their jobs. many are unable to pay their mortgages. cities are going bankruptcy. we give citizenship to terrorists and then turn around and blow us up and there is no good ending to this story. mr. president, stop the dancing, stop the denying, stop the lying, stop playing politics and stop gaming us. start leading. if i had my own game show, would it be about the truth i learned growing up in small town america. it would be about justice,
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fairness and honor. all that is great that this country stands for and doing what is best for the american people. there would be no script. no rehearsal, no actors, no soldiers left behind. no one targeted for his or her political beliefs. no one given a free ride, everyone would be held accountable. no one would be allowed to lie and get away with it. that show, my show, i would call it truth and consequences. then again i am sure you never heard of it. coming up tonight the president says they are all phony scandals.
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really? to the american families of those four killed in benghazi, it was real. finally, we'll hear from one of the men from benghazi. and in our insta poll, are benghazi and irs and fast and furious phone any scandals? tweet me at judge jeanine and
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>>. >> judge jeanine: naus fox news exclusive. for the first time one of those that were in benghazi tweets to katherine heritage. >> david was so severely injured in the benghazi attack the ten months later he is still recovering at walter reed medical center. >> having made direct contact,
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we obscuring this photo to respect his request for privacy as he remains focused on the family and his recovery. congressman who is friends with him says he needs time and space to heal. >> he is just a patriot. he'll do whatever his country charges him to do. america needs answers. >> they recovered the body of sean smith going back in the smoking flames multiple times. >> he brought my son out. he went in there when the place was burning. he was hero. he is a hero. >> confidential sources tell fox during the second wave of attacks, he was injured, nearly moving his leg after mortars rained in. he was defending the compound along with navy seals who were both killed. the congressman says the
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state department have frustrated his efforts to meet with him. >> initially they said they were going to be helpful and pretty quickly they turned that off. a meeting scheduled and then i was denied. >> reporter: another republican, frank wolf complains in this letter to secretary kerry that the state department has refused for months to provide names and contact information to benghazi survivors. >> we don't prevent anyone from telling their story. we have facilitated countless hearings and interviews and discussions with members of the congress. >> reporter: with hearings, they believe they are well enough and able to testify because he is only one of the survivors that witnessed both waves of the attack. >> judge jeanine: with me now is former c.i.a. covert operations officer mike baker and terrorism expert and author of the new book "the
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brotherhood." eric. and ubin testified when gregg hicks testified and i was at the hearings. congressman chaffetz was told not to talk to him but at some point it's true. anyway, when this hero testifies it's not going good for the white house, is it? >> no, it's not. that is clearly why some of the few remaining secrets in washington hasn't been leaked is the identities and ability to get in front of these survivors. the other part of it. i have to admit i'm down with the republican leadership being the law isered by the state department. i don't know when the state department did anything. i'm disappointed ten months on the republican leadership hasn't found a way to get these survivors, get their testimony and get some
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answers. >> judge jeanine: go ahead. >> i think david ubin is name that should be known among every american. under a normal administration, he would be presented to the american people hailed for his valor on the battlefield. >> judge jeanine: we are now hearing that ubin was left for 20 hours on the roof. he almost lost his leg and he wasn't recovered for 20 hours. how can they possibly say we did everything we could? >> they can't. i don't think we'll know where president obama 20 hours where david ubben was. >> judge jeanine: we are looking at a diagram where sean smith and donahue were and ubben is the third person on the roof. mike, i assume, did you know about this guy, ubben?
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>> there was talk in the community who was in the team out there. again this information, you have to be careful to some degree some of these people are operating undercover. there are systems in place to get their testimony. we're acting if this is the first time somebody undercover needed to be talked to by members of congress. it's insane. my other point, going to your opening about the phony scandals. if the president didn't intend to put the benghazi story into that pile of his so-called phony scandals, he should say so. otherwise, hard pressed to think of something so incredibly insensitive to call benghazi phony and hurt that it causes families. >> benghazi is still a complete mess today. today we had a jail-break in benghazi, thousand prisoners were released. obama administration wants
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this to go away. >> judge jeanine: it's almost a year and don't know what happened. mike and eric, thanks so much for being with coming up the mother of a border agent killed in fast and furious. does she think the president went too far in calling the scandal phony. and i go one on one with bill o'reilly with his comments on race in america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ doesn't matter if you are black or white ♪
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♪ >> judge jeanine: the president and team obama continue their thing that republicans are creating
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scandals that don't existed. like fast and furious? with me border patrol agent's mother and his uncle, thanks for being with us and our sympathies continue to go to your you and your family? >> when your son was murdered by a gun delivered to mexican cartel, what is your reaction to the president calling it phony? >> i was absolutely furious. i'm thinking my son was out in that desert doing his job that he truly loved. he was a border patrol on a team out there in desert. all he was doing trying to save our country and guard it.
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all this and everything he did was a phony scandal? it just upsets me. >> judge jeanine: it took a long time josephine for their to be any admission regarding the gun that actually severed your son's spine and killed him. what are your feelings about the government now since you suffered the greatest loss a mother can suffer? >> my feelings about the government -- i'll tell how i feel. i have no trust in them whatever. i don't believe anything they say. everything comes out as lies. you get no truth even if you ask for it. >> judge jeanine: it's interesting we have had pat smith the mother of sean smith, they said they lied to her. she doesn't believe the
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president or hillary. ordinary americans who are most vulnerable positions not having the ability to rely on their government to tell them the truth. what do you think the president is saying about phony scandals? >> i think it's outrageous. >> judge jeanine: go ahead. >> we were rather shocked to hear that. having all these scandals lumped together. we do as josephine mentioned have a trust deficit in the administration in this particular administration in that hillary clinton, janet napolitano, eric holder all denied knowing anything about operation fast and furious or as they called it early on in the investigation gun riding into mexico. we found out, indeed, they
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did know about it. dennis burke the state attorney general came to the family and was asked point blank did the gun that killed brian terry come from fast and furious. his response was not. it came from a store in texas. when you find the truth out.... >> judge jeanine: i don't mean to cut you off. but one quick question to josephine. going forward, is there things need to know the day or night your son was killed? >> yes. there is lot i would like to know. i also would like the people responsible being held accountable. most of the people that are responsible are getting promoted. they are getting moved to different locations and
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nobody is accountable for nothing. >> judge jeanine: all right. thank you for being with us. sad part we keep hearing the same thing over and over. in particular, brian's murderer's file was sealed and didn't go to trial. one person pled guilty. i can only suspect that was so all information couldn't come out. coming up, more of the president's union buddies asking to opt out obamacare now on life support. will the g.o.p. pull the plug? and later the one and only bill o'reilly takes on race in america. you won't want to miss my sit down with bill.
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at
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now back to the judge. ♪ >> president has told us he
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is not going to follow the law and if she molt going to follow it the american people shouldn't be required to fund it. people in congress are saying we're not going to fund obamacare. you can criticize this all you want but we're not going to pass a continuing resolution or other measures that makes funding for enforcement and implementation of obamacare. >> judge jeanine: republicans threatening to defund obamacare but they aren't the only ones that wanted out obamacare. even the irs employees union the ones getting jobs to enforce obamacare, the ones who just got all those bonuses, they want out. with me now, democratic strategist, ryan, isn't the delay of the employer mandate an admission by the administration that allegedly affordable care act is not
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affordable but it's a job killer? >> here is what all americans, they should be able to see a doctor. affordable care act is provides millions of americans with high quality affordable health care. >> judge jeanine: if that is the case, why does that union the irs union, why do they want to keep their own health care if the government is going to give better health care? >> the unions are asking that allows them to keep the plan they already have or allows them to keep their subsidy. >> that is hogwash. what the unions are asking to be able to keep the healthcare they have because they don't want the healthcare that ordinary americans are getting. by the way, if that is the case, i think the president lied when he told us that without a doubt, that everyone can keep their healthcare.
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chris, hit it. >> this thing is a high speed crash. i feel sorry for anybody that is left to defend it. the president is barely defending it. it's not just the public sector unions, we have a treasury department union, it would be hilarious if it was so absurd that the irs where they are hiring 16,000 employees to enforce obamacare wanted nothing to do with obamacare. it's not a simple fix if you consider them opting out a simple administrative fix. private sector unions that people were cheerleading for the obama administration saying it will destroy everything they worked for a century possibly including the 40 hour workweek. you got the democratic senator who was the primary author on the senate side it is going to be a train wreck. harry reid agreed with him it's going to be a train wreck. >> judge jeanine: how do you respond to that? 7 million americans are going
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to lose their current coverage, 31 million people will be without insurance and cbo says it's going to cost $2.6 trillion versus 1.3. so the president didn't tell the truth about the cost and he wasn't telling the truth honestly, there is a website you can keep your doctor, your healthcare and your insurance? >> this is exactly what republicans said they didn't want the affordable healthcare do is to change the healthcare plan they already have. i am looking forward to republican members of congress standing arm in around calling for this administrative fix. >> judge jeanine: i would like to see everybody arm and arm with the american people having the same insurance that the rest of us are required to have. the unions who do not but fund democrats coffers. >> why do you hate unions? what is the problem with
1:38 am
labor unions? >> judge jeanine: favoritism ryan and that is what is going on. >> labor unions, they stopped child labor. they got us the 40 hour workweek. >> that was 60, 70 years ago. >> judge jeanine: ryan, thank you. >> coming up bill o'reilly creates a firestorm with his comments on race. what does he think about the reaction? and there is more talk to drugs and crime on the sports pages then there are actual scores. a former n.f.l. player on what is going on
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools
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to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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the average text takes your eyes off the road for nearly five seconds. [tires screeching] stop the texts. stop the wrecks. visit us at ron there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration. african-american family. right now, about 73% of all black babies are born out of wedlock. that drives property and lack of involved fathers leaves to young boys growing up resentful and unsupervised. >> judge jeanine: tough talk from a tough man. public reaction was immediate. it was passionate and was angry. earlier i sat down with bill to talk about race and the firestorm that he started.
1:43 am
>> you had quite a week this week, reaction to the talking points as it relates to george zimmerman case. were you surprised by the reaction? >> no, whenever you shake up the establishment going after the civil rights establishment, you know you are going to get pushed back and they are going to attack you personally. there are a lot to the story. the zimmerman story and then the failure to deal with the persistent problems in the african-american inner cities. >> judge jeanine: you talk about this civil rights industry. why do you think they haven't gotten involved? why do you think, bill o'reilly, have to bring up these issues that really is beginning a dialogue in this country that people haven't talked about? >> it's bad for big. if you put the onus on personal responsibility rather than biased and prejudiced that allegedly white people have for blacks,
1:44 am
your whole power structure dissolves. i want to make this link so everybody understands. we had a juror came out that she believed zimmerman was guilty of murder but there wasn't enough proof to convict him. that was hispanic woman. we should step back on the case, look, the law says "x" and that is why zimmerman was acquitted, but zimmerman may be culpable here. we have too many people said this one did this and this one did that. >> judge jeanine: under the laws of florida there was no culpability based on the proof presented to this jury. >> here is the main point. address von martin would not have been killed, would not have lost his life if he hadn't looked a certain way. >> judge jeanine: wasn't it more this is a closed community. zimmerman is the community watch. this guy was unfamiliar. >> he looked a certain way. it wasn't that he was black.
1:45 am
if he had been well dressed black man in a suit and tie like i have, i don't think there would have been a problem. he looked a certain way. people are afraid of that look. the fear element that trayvon martin, all right, had following him around is real. it's real, that white people and hispanic people, asian people, they fear a certain look. why do they fear that look? because of the tremendous amount of crime associated with the look. >> judge jeanine: it's not just crime associated with the look. it's a fact and statistic, it is the truth. we both agree with that. when you talk about how you resolve this and then you have people come back and they say, you know what, it's not a choice that our african-american families have they have fallen apart. how do you respond to that?
1:46 am
>> it is absurd. >> judge jeanine: if you decide to get pregnant. >> the blackout of wedlock baby is now approaching 75%. what was the difference back in the '60s when african-americans had it far worse than they have it now. it doesn't add up. its personal decision to have a baby out of wedlock. there are making it being african-american women an astronomical rate. >> judge jeanine: what do think? >> i think it's the breakdown of the family and structure and no limits and do what you wanted. >> judge jeanine: do you think the welfare system may be part of it? >> that is not the primary driver. >> judge jeanine: in i'm pregnant and everybody else is going to take care of the baby. >> you will be able to survive but is that prosperous. that is the life you are want. that is the life you are going to get. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting without a father, whether you are black or
1:47 am
white, suicide, being addicted to drugs is so much higher. the rate of teen pregnancies in the african-american community, the kids are clearly suffering. last question. do you have any hope for the future of young african-americans in this country? >> the only way this problem gets solved if a leader like martin luther king emerges. there is no leadership now in the civil rights industry. there is no leadership in washington. so the african-american community is pretty much on its own. >> judge jeanine: if you were president, talk about washington, what would you do? >> absolutely the inner city crime, make eight top priority. i would move in real strong on it. stop it because you can. then i would do a tremendous campaign to urge black american women not to become pregnant out of wedlock. i know there would be black
1:48 am
entertainers that would cooperate in that. you have to make it a priority. right now they are ignoring it totally. >> judge jeanine: all right, bill, thanks again. >> always a pleasure, judge. >> judge jeanine: what is going on in professional sports in murder, drugs and gangs and more. a former n.f.l. star joins me with the latest allegations. ♪ ♪ ♪ ñá@@"d @
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baseball mvp, ryan braun suspended for the rest of the season for violated major league
1:52 am
baseball's drug policy, and rumors are alex rodriguez is next, and he may be thrown out of baseball for life. with me sports and entertainment lawyer who represent professional athletes caught using performance enhancing drugs, and then also mr. manderin who admits he used these in college. you admit you used them. why did you? >> i think it was time to come clean for me, and i came out in 2009, and this was well after my career, and i saw the stuff happening in baseball and football, and for me it was one of those things where if i could help people, especially the youth in football realize that, you know, the peds are a short cut and not the way to do things properly and all the consequences that await you are not worth it, and there is a better way to do things. >> let me ask you, when you used those drugs, was everybody using
1:53 am
them? is this the big secret that everybody knows but the rest of us? >> well, i think in my case, it was probably what i call the worst, you know, kept secret in college football, but i would say 40% of our league in the big ten was on steroids. >> steve, you represented some of these people. what are the prosecutors looking to do? besides, all the sports consequences, what happens to the guys in the end, baseball, football, basketball, you represented them all? >> yes, well, you know, judge, what actually happens is their contracts get wrapped up and the money goes out the door because a lot of these guys, in the nba they have guaranteed contracts and in the nfl you don't have a guaranteed contract outside the signing bonus, so if you actually get caught you could get released and have no new employer.
1:54 am
>> so is there an incentive for any of these guys to point the finger at somebody else, steve? >> absolutely. they try to minimize their own basis and try to clean up their name. these guys have to audition every single day for a new job and contract and your window of opportunity is very small playing in sports, as tony knows, and you have to go out and get the money. if it means that you have to point the finger at somebody, they do. >> when you hear about people liken lance armstrong doing this kind of thing and lying about all this doping, where are they getting this stuff from? is there a secret society? do they get it from their doctor or buy it on the street? tony, where do they get this stuff? where did you get it in college? >> from connections. i think, you know, if you really want something you can get it no matter what it is. there is always the black
1:55 am
market, or i have a tpraepbd of a friend of a friend that knows this pharmacist, and in our case that's what we were after, and you go to a gym, and you can walk into any gym right now and get steroids or find somebody that has that connection with steroids and it's not that difficult, and some of the gyms >> tony, do you agree -- steve, i mean, getting it at gyms and everywhere else? >> yeah, it's accessible, like tony said. a lot of guys are very resourceful, and when you are talking about big money, you will see guys that do whatever it take to get that contract. >> thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> my pleasure. now for the results of tonight's insta poll, and the mast majority, 99% think that you just are not buying it.
1:56 am
sally says this is the pathetic way to try and divert us from the truth. and one says, no, obama believes if he repeats a live often enough it will be true, and if they were phoney, wouldn't hillary resign, and one says i would ask those dead americans, but they can't respond. and there are a few that says republicans are afraid to lose the 2016 elections, and i don't think the sphaer campaign will be about dead americans. and danny fox fights for justice. she is torn between two men and doesn't know everything about them, and what she doesn't know, though, can wind up hurting her. amazon, barnes & noble, "clever
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fox," and follow me on twitter
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madonna all that time ago on r this day. now huckabee. tonight on huckabee. >> with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. >> by dismissing benghazi and irs scandals as phony, is the president distracting and posterring. >> i washing dishes and i lock up and a guy in a rambo vest and pointed a gun. >> is the u.s. becoming a police state? nchris christie and ram paul in a war of words. has the battle for the nomination of 2016 already begun? .


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