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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  July 28, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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survival rate for cancer is 80%. >> paul: all right. that is it for this week's show. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. >> in the news this week president obama taking his economic agenda on the road giving a series of heavily promoted speeches defending his office's handling of the economy and trying to refocus the media attention. >> with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, washington has taken the eye off the ball. >> more details emerge about the irs targeting conservative groups. >> you said you only worked on tea party groups, is that correct? >> in 2010, that is correct. >> why is the mainstream media ignoring the details? "new york times" reporter fights to protect his sources and try to stay out of jail.
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have you met carlos danger, anthony weiner faces the media after admitting to more sexting. how many more passes will the press give him? plus, a mega media blitz for william and kate. covering the coverage next on news watch. on the panel this week, judy miller, monica crowley, jim pinkerton, mel brown and fox news contributor rick grenell. fox news watch is on right now. >> we're actually poised to reverse the forces that battered the middle-class for so long and start building an
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economy where everyone who works hard can get ahead. but here is the big but -- i'm here to tell you that we're not there yet. we all know that. we're not there yet. we've got more work to do. >> rick: president obama in illinois. this the exact same state where back in 2005 when senator obama laid out his economic vision for the country. jim, a lot of times you and fellow conservatives like you have said the media has given the president a free pass. he comes out with this speech, a series of speeches about the future of the country a lot of the media aren't buying it. what do you think? >> you expect the charles krauthammer, he has nothing better to do than to
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campaign. wall street pointed out incomes have fallen steadily. you are right. as john nolte pointed out, all big foot media reporters and had he called it deva-pivot back to the economy. that is a lot of seven stism from his base. >> rick: you mentioned novak with the "washington post" that he wrote the fact that the president needs to go out and talk about bold new aggressive ideas. actually shows that he doesn't have any? >> it was a tough column. even msnbc which just loves president obama was kind of hard pressed to figure out why he would be dwelling on an issue that clearly doesn't play for him very well since average income has fallen by 4% for the middle-class since the end of the recession. that middle-class problem, gat between the rich and poor which is so important,
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reporters don't like to look at it. >> rick: fox news polls, voters were asked if the obama administration made the economy better or worse. you can see here. better only 43%. worse is 44%. compare those numbers to a year ago this time. then people asked have you seen the economy turning the corner? >> 57% of the people say no. president's approval numbers are down, 46%. i wonder if the approval numbers in the media are down, as well? >> i am not sure i would quite go that far but you are right. media has been more skeptical about this latest pivot to jobs and the economy because weekly standard by their count, the idea that the president would expect the media to go along with the idea the 19th speech would be
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different from the previous 18. what we got was the same rhetoric from the president over the last five years. more class warfare. more radical wealth distribution and i if i it felt on deaf ears. at this point the economy hasn't improved. we're nowhere near the kind of growth that the american engine of economic growth and opportunity should be. i think american people are feeling this on the ground. media certainly sees this. the danger zone for any president is when the american public tunes them out and the media get bored with them. dynamic character as president obama is, that is where we are. >> obama still has three and a half years left. consumer numbers are up. stock market is positive. i applaud the fact he is trying and trying to change the conversation from things that are somewhat more trivial to things that matter to the american people.
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>> rick: i don't want to ignore you out there in los angeles. even with all this critical coverage of the president's economic policies, the media is still talking about the republican party and constant attempts to beat down any idea that the president puts out there, like it should be surprising that opposition party would put down the president's ideas. >> yeah, i was going to bring up the fact there is one reporter who didn't get the message. that was jonathan wiseman from the "new york times." let me read to you his first paragraph above the fold in the "new york times" in the set up. the g.o.p. will gut the budget, sharpest cuts in a generation from the g.o.p.. they will hold hostage the budget unless it's stripped. that was the setup. "new york times" are playing right into the campaign rhetoric of this president. >> rick: how do you see it,
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jim? >> again, president suffers from a cynical media that aren't as enthusiastic as they used to be. republicans suffer from relentlessly hostile media that still looks to blame them. brian williams was highlighting the congressional approval ratings and it was all the republicans' fault. >> is there anything the republicans can do to even the playing field a little bit? >> it's very tough for them. they need to come out with a consistent message which this i think they have done in the last few years. it's tough to punch through especially when you are competing with the president. despite the skeptical coverage over the last week is still on the president's side. president believes he has got a huge megaphone and change the subject by it's diversion
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tactics. not they have been covering benghazi aggressively but it's all to change the subject. >> rick: quick break. can the media handle the irs scandal? >> here is here. britain's new prince come niatsd the coverage. net the, two networks here are mum on the widening irs scandal. that is next on news watch. [ brent ] this guy's a pro, herbie. [ herbie ] there's no doubt about it brent,
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if you have certain stomach problems or glaoma, or can not empty your bladd, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swells. toviaz can cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and decreased sweating. do not drive,perate machinery or do unsafe tasks until you ow how toviaz affects you. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. talk to your doctor about toviaz. ♪ >> you think the irs scandal is funny scandal? >> i think what we have seen is inappropriate activity that the president forcefully said he would not tolerate installed somebody at the irs to take care of it. we have seen from the republicans to cherry pick information that seems to be one side of the story. if you look up on capitol hill when chairman issa have
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selectively released information, the full facts show that the story is quite different. i think you can demonstrated by the way that the press has gotten extremely excited about the scandal but dropped it when the facts come out. >> rick: that is jay carney talking to joe scarborough about the irs scandal claiming the press is trying to make something out of nothing. what about that term, phony scandal? >> he didn't think it was phony when it came out. he thought congress and investigators should get to the bottom of it. i think we can degree agree we need to understand the process that got us there. i had a conversation with a reporter about gsa. we all remember gsa. to this day, i don't know what happened there. how is it in the government mind set you can spend millions of dollars. >> rick: republicans have not been able to prove the irs
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scandals went to the white house, that was the white house directives targeting conservative groups. is that why the media is not covering this more? >> no. i think republicans have shown this led to the white house. deputy chief of staff and chief of staff knew about this before they came clean. you do have people in cnn dismissing the whole thing as part of mudslinging. what people like dana do when they dismiss it they don't get to the bottom of the facts. atlanta journal constitution this week put forward a little piece of information that showed three top senior irs officials who work in washington, d.c. they actually live in minneapolis and dallas and atlanta and they are billing them for travel expenses. there is scandal and finding out more details but most is
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dismissing it as partisan mudslinging. >> i totally agree with the media have not been on board and i want to salute peggy noonan with sticking with the story but also explaining it in a clear way to show there was white house involvement. there seems to be. we need more investigation into this. it's an uphill battle with the media. >> rick: i wonder, jim, if there is a problem with labeling things as scandals when maybe they are not scandals. i think everybody has sort of gotten scandal fatigue. they question it, you are a politician, of courser going to call it a scandal? >> fair point. but lois lerner took the fifth and carter hull, outgoing irs official testified it went to washington headquarters. in the previous segment we said the media was flat on the speech in galesberg. the one part they did big up
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is the line that you played earlier. i think you said that is excuse now. the media caravan moves on. >> we still don't have clear data on the suggestion by the left they were targeted in some proportional way, as well. i want to understand that as a citizen. >> here is how you know it's authentic. article two of impeachment against richard nixon was the simple fact that he suggested the use of the irs against one or two political opponents. in this case the irs was actually used not to like rim ard nixon but the irs was used against broad sections of society. that is what makes it potentially most dangerous scandal in u.s. history. when the idea we got new revelations from the media
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research center, the major networks spent one and a half minutes on that when it's going to the doorstep of the president of united states. cbs covered three minutes versus three days of coverage on the royal baby. >> rick: we have the royal baby coming up later. >> we had richard nixon actually involved in a cover-up. >> the articles of impeachment against nixon was suggesting that it happened. >> you ca say that. >> and it not been linked to any of this to obama. next to on news watch a test of freedom of the press. >> former congressman anthony weiner who resigned in shame after a sexting scandal is now in the middle of a new one. and front page news. plus, britain's prince george is the focus of a media tour
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♪ >> chris: this is there is james risen who wrote a book called "state of war." now he has been called to testify in a criminal trial of a former c.i.a. official that is charged with providing him classified information and they appealed to the fourth circuit ruled that risen may not invoke his reporter privilege and keep his source confidential. his response to the ruling, quote, although i am disappointed in the decision i remain as resolved as ever to continue fighting. i will always protect my sources, judy no one notion anything more than you do
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about shield laws and reporters protecting their sources. >> i grieve for jim. i know what he is going through. i think we have to step back for a moment and look at it. there is a long road here ahead judicially. it's pretty clear that his counsel will request an entire hearing by all of the fourth circuit. by all the trial judges and not the three who gave what has been roundly condemned in the press as a terrible outrageous ruling. this is a ruling that i think we haven't had enough reporting on the fact that it flies in the face of other circuits that have said there is a reporters' privilege when it comes to testifying in a criminal trial as opposed to appearing before a grand jury. >> rick: doesn't it support meeting a federal shield law here that would cover it?
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>> that is not a cure all. federal shield law would only set up a balancing test between the government's need to know and reporters' first amendment rights. it's not going to solve the problem. i think the obama administration after saying it was supported it a is now in favor of letting a media shield law go forward. it's not going to help jim. >> "washington post" and "new york times" are making this bed because they have been beflg from the leaks from the obama administration. they will not come down hard on an obama administration that going after reporters. very troublesome to see any administration go after reporters. i think they should go after leakers and leave reporters alone. this administration has been going after reporters like no other and not being criticized because the leakers, those reporters who are benefiting from the leaks are the ones that don't want to get anyone in trouble. >> this case glen greenwamd,
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james risen case and janet's this is probably biggest story on of the year. >> rick: more on that story, but also this week, new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner resigned from congress in 2011 after a sexting scandal admitted tuesday that his online exploits didn't stop. here is how the papers covered the story. carlos danger, referring to his online name and beat in it the daily news, monica, not talking about the stories but the coverage of the story and we're here in the new york media market where it is nonstop? >> it's satisfaction coverage in new york city and nationwide because you can't make it up. from the details of this sordid psycho drama to the names involved, carlos danger the woman he texted, he
12:54 pm
submitted to a scripted in rick grenell's l.a. they would say too unbelievable. i think the coverage is moving a lot of papers because people find it so outrageous. the question what does it mean for his political future going forward. >> a couple of substantive points. there is new york bias in cable news that is frightening. it's much more important story in this category is the one in san diego where a real office holder is accused of significant things as an office holder. second interesting media story is what are seeing a critique of his performance as a member of congress. as a member of congress is around zero. that is what is really important. >> rick: we'll keep on hearing about the story. general consensus it's going to on and on. another quick break, a royal
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♪ >>. >> rick: to the excitement of the waiting media and millions of television viewers, the press finally had their day with the arrival of a new royal baby. then we got his name, george alexander louis of cambridge. reporters spent a week camped
12:59 pm
outside of st. mary's hospital with rumors running at a fever pitch. with flash bulbs and frenzy, william and kate proudly showed them off. can you believe this? there were complaints from viewers over in great britain. royal subject who were watching the bbc and they felt the coverage was overboard and biased in favor of the monarchy. the bbc responded over the past few days, the birth of royal baby has been a lead story for bbc news but our editors have taken care that other stories have been covered, too. we have also been careful to feature a range of contributions and contributors and opinions including those who do not support the monarchy or the attention that this event has caused. you can't please everybody all the time but good luck to the new parents. congratulations. looks like a cute little guy. that is wrap on this fox news
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watch. thanks to our panel. i'm rick folbaum. keep it right here on the fox news channel. a fox news alert. state department has just announced that peace talks between israel and palestinian authority are set to resume in washington. i'm heather childers. welcome to brand-new hour. >> kelly: good to be here. i'm kelly wright. >> heather: and conor powell has more on this. coner? >> a week ago, john kerrey announced that they would resume negotiations over the sort of a final agreement for a peace negotiation, but there weren't much in the way of details accompanying that announcement. now, we know representatives


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