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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is the fox report. tonight, did we just get a hint from the obama administration? the latest talking point that the president says the scandals in washington and the headlines are phony. he hasn't said which is phony, but tonight maybe we're getting a hint. and he left their continent a cardinal, returns as the first latin american pontiff. on his last day in brazil, a rock star sendoff for the people's pope. a reported crowd of 3 million, flocking to a mass led by the leader of the world's billion plus catholics. pope francis wrapping up a historic trip with the famous
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copa cabana beach. this visit could not have ended on a higher note. another man of faith returns to the pulpit after a family tragedy. >> for 27 years i prayed every day of my life for god to heal my son's mental illness. >> in minutes, pastor rick warren is back. also a playground for the rich and famous, now a crime scene after a $53 million jewelry heist, with a forensic effort wondering is this the work of the pink panther? i am harris faulkner. we start with the missing bride to be after a boating disaster on a popular recreational river, the facts changing a few hours ago with discovery of a second body pulled from the hudson river a short distance from new york city. we have been reporting since it
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happened friday. people went into the water when their party's speedboat hit a barge. shortly thereafter everyone was accounted for, except for the bride to be and her fiance and best man. the wedding was two weeks away. the driver taken to the hospital. the first body was found of a woman and now we think likely a 30-year-old lindsey stewart. a male body found earlier may be that of the best man, mark lennon. we could hear more by tomorrow. and we're learning four others, including the groom to be were hurt when the boat crashed into a construction barge are still hospitalized. their friend, joe joe johns was behind the wheel and say they believe he was drunk. we have more from the church where the victims were being remembered today.
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lydia? >> reporter: good evening, harris. we're at the good shepherd lutheran church in pearl river, this is where family and friends of the would be bride lindsey stewart gathered to mourn her loss. it is the same church she was set to wed 36-year-old brian bond in just two weeks. it is also the same place where they met as children. we are told lindsey was ten years old when she met him. and today, another tragic discovery was made, a jet skier spotted the body of the would be best man, mark lennon, a mile from the crash. he and the bride were ejected and killed when the speedboat they were riding in crashed into a construction barge near the tappan zee bridge. also seriously hurt, lindsey's fiance, a 36-year-old, and the driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. cops say he was drunk at the time and has been arrested before on drug charges.
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although police say alcohol was a factor, effective as of last night, more lights were added to barges in the area. brian, although seriously injured, is expected to be okay. the other victims not identified are also expected to be okay. they, too, were in the wedding party. for now, that's the latest in pearl river. >> lydia, thank you. to the national security agency snooping on millions of americans. the reporter who first broke that story that the government was monitoring our phone and online activity now claims those same nsa programs allowed even low level analysts to search private records of americans. glenn greenwald that interviewed edward snowden says while there are legal constraints which require court approval, the system itself allows analysts to listen to what they want with little or no supervision.
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a top executive says the claims are exaggerated. >> i was back at nsa last week, spent a couple hours out there with high level and low level nsa officials, and what i have been assured of is that there is no capability at nsa for anyone without a court order to listen to any telephone conversation or monitor e-mail. >> meanwhile, the issue sharply dividing washington. a bipartisan bill that would have essentially stopped the government from snooping by cutting funding narrowly failed in the house this week. but that's not stopping many lawmakers, including several prominent democrats from talking about how to get rid of nsa surveillance of american citizens. peter doos ee with the news from washington. peter? >> reporter: the president's privacy policy is not acceptable to some members of his own party. we've heard from several democrats this weekend that are upset the white house is standing by while the nsa collects phone records from
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everyday americans that haven't been charged with crimes. >> i really believe we should limit this mega data collection. the notion to collect all phone records of people in an area code on the of chance someone may be a suspect at a later time goes way too far. >> and mark udall and ron wyden say in our opinion the government's on-going, overly broad collection is not authorized under a straightforward interpretation of the patriot act or any other law. the white house ought to end this dragnet, sharpen focus on terrorists and spies that threaten our security. they will suffer if the nsa stops collecting data according to republican chair of the house intelligence committee. >> in this program, zero privacy violations, 54 terrorist, violent terrorist attacks thwarted. >> and saxby chambliss says he
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is assured nobody a nsa has the ability to any phone conversation or monitor any e-mail without a court order. harris? >> peter doocy, thank you. anthony weiner is still running for mayor, amid the sexting scandal. now he needs a new campaign manager because the guy quit today. weiner, former u.s. congressman who had to repeatedly apologize for sending explicit text messages to women who were not his wife said today his campaign remains strong. >> i have worked in some campaigns over my life, the most remarkable group of people i have ever been around, professional, and dealt with a presidential level of scrutiny and dealt with a candidate that made some mistakes in his past and they're coming back up now. we're also a campaign that every day is producing ideas, talking about the middle class. >> and could see more trouble coming down the pike. the "new york daily news" reports when he was congressman
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weiner he paid a private investigator $45,000 in campaign cash to investigate the hacking of his twitter account in 2011. he said back then that's where the nasty messages were coming from. that was a lie. he was sending them all along. weiner later admitted he made it up shortly before resigning from congress in the original scandal. add former adviser david axelrod to the list of democrats weighing in. axelrod says anthony weiner needs to, quote, go away, he is not going to be the next mayor of new york. he is wasting time and space, end quote. a major break through for peace in the middle east, after five years of silence, direct peace talks between the israelis and palestinians are set to begin tomorrow evening in washington. that announcement coming today after israel's cabinet approved release of more than 100 arab prisoners. the chief palestinian negotiator said he was pleased about that, although he argues the release is 20 years late. meanwhile, hundreds
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protested in the west bank against the peace talks, saying the palestinian cause will not be resolved, quote, except for by rifle, end quote. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying the inmates will be freed in groups after the talks begin. and talks could go on for several months. in egypt, a country we're watching closely as they tip towards chaos, protesters dying again today. two people reportedly killed who support the former president islamist leader mohammed morsi. a military crackdown that left more than 80 dead this weekend. and today, new reaction from washington on what you're watching there. house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers says egypt's stability is key across the globe. >> it will have real economic impacts for us at home, and clearly it is to the benefit of the entire region, world, united states interest to have a calm and sustained i think democracy
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grow in egypt. >> his remarks come as egypt's interim government issued a new order that could set the stage for more confrontation inside that country. connor powell in the mid east newsroom with more. >> reporter: tensions are mounting in egypt as new military backed transitional government is on the verge of a massive crackdown on muslim brotherhood. yesterday, egypt's military opened fire on peaceful protesters demonstrating in support of morsi. dozens were killed, hundreds injured. however, muslim brotherhood continues its protest, vowing to stay in the street until morsi is released and the military restores him to power. now there are reports that the interim government has granted the military the right to arrest civilians, a power that potentially signals a massive crackdown on the muslim brotherhood could be coming. one senior egyptian official said today that the protests must come to an end.
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u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, called for restraint and for the egyptian military to respect the right to peaceful assembly. his calls have largely been ignored. supporters of the military coup that removed morsi from power justified as a way of ensuring stability in egypt. so far it had the opposite effect. harris? >> thank you. right now, pope francis is on his way back to vatican city, after a groundbreaking visit. look at this. he is in the country with the world's largest populations of catholics. after a shaky start with security scares and logistical trouble, a glorious experience by millions. the pope's message to the faithful. also, pastor rick warren returning to his congregation after a month-long break, after losing his son. pastor warren showing strength by speaking from the heart. >> the day that matthew died,
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ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. right now, pope francis is on the way back to the vatican. had a tremendous final mass during a trip to brazil for world youth day. more than 3 million packed the beach to see the first latin american pontiff. the crowd so big, some pilgrims waded into the water to try to hear him speak. he told them young people can spread the word of god to the fringes of society. >> a lot of excitement. there was a new message urging young people, celebrating like a festival to quote, go forth and build a new world. >> translator: boys and girls, open yourself at the back end of
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history, be protagonists, play for the future, kick it forward. the better world of brothers and sisters, a just world of love and peace, of fraternity, solidarity, always play for the future. >> look at him running them on there. he told brazil's young people protesting against corruption to carry on their effort to change society by offering what he called a christian response. that's a political glimpse of the political tensions. not everyone was wowed by his presence. anti-corruption protesters turned out to slam the church on social issues like abortion, premarital and same-sex marriage. >> we don't want anything to do with the dogma, they're evil and are still claiming our bodies, prohibiting use of condoms. people are still dying of aids.
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>> activists paled in comparison to the legions that saw pope francis. he announced next world day in poland, a native city of pope john paul ii, marking ten years since his death. harris in. >> thank you. an emotional return to the pulpit for pastor rick warren, leader of saddle back church, author of the purpose driven life, and played a huge role in presidential politics. you may recall in 2008 he held a forum when then presidential candidates barack obama and john mccain joined him. pastor warren made his first appearance at his church since his son's suicide in april. he was greeted by a long-standing ovation. for more than 6,000 parishioners, joined by his wife, he spoke about the emotional challenges they faced as a family and their son's battle with mental illness. >> for 27 years i prayed every
4:18 pm
day of my life for god to heal my son's mental illness. it was the number one prayer of my life. and it didn't make sense, what a happening didn't make sense. we had the best doctors, we had the best medicine, we went to the best therapists, we had the most people praying. we have a family of deep, deep faith. it just didn't make sense. >> pastor warren's son matthew shot and killed himself inside his california home on april 5th. he was 27. another community of faith suffering a setback after a horrific accident. the news breaking at this time last night on the fox report, a bus carrying a youth group from a church camp crashed, on an interstate a short distance from their final destination. now we're learning about the three people that died in that, and what the driver says went wrong.
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new information on victims of a deadly bus crash in indiana. this was the scene in indianapolis late yesterday, a bus carrying a group from a michigan youth camp hit a retaining wall and flipped on its side, three people were killed. now we have pictures of the
4:23 pm
victims. the youth pastor of the church and his pregnant wife, courtney. they had a two-year-old little boy who was injured, he is out of the hospital. the other victim, a mom of five was a chaperone on the trip. the accident happened only a mile from the colonial hills baptist church where parents were waiting for children to return. one father rushing to the scene to check on his daughters. >> they saw a lot. they saw some difficult things and they're dealing with it. it comes in waves where they're okay and then it hits them again and you look over, see them grieving. >> comes in waves. 18 teenagers taken to the hospital off that bus, one still in critical condition at this hour we're told. police are trying to figure out exactly what caused this. the bus driver says the brakes failed. the death toll rising today in the deadly train derailment in spain. another person died from her
4:24 pm
injuries. local reports, the victim is an american woman, 79 people now have died. meanwhile, today the train's driver was in court to explain to a judge why the train was going so fast. he is held on suspicion of negligent homicide, but has not been formally charged. witnesses say he admitted to going too fast. investigators must now decide if he is solely to blame, they're also looking into whether the track's emergency safety system should have stopped that speeding train. an active week could be shaping up for wall street. there are things that could have big consequences for your investments. fox senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buck ner has more. >> snow sleepy summer for wall street. plenty could heat it up. including jobs, the fed, earnings. friday we get the jobs report for july, unemployment rate
4:25 pm
expected to inch to 7.5 from 7.6. but that good news may mean bad news for your 401(k). the fed could ease up on easy money policy if unemployment continues to drop. and the central buying has been what brought out stock buyers. s&p 500 probably a part of your retirement plan, up 19% so far this year. the fed's two day meeting could end with a statement wednesday. if recent history is any guide, any hint of an early end of stimulus may upset markets. wall street watching earnings, 131 companies open their books this week. and don't think things slow down as the calendar turns to august. the month has seen a lot of financial crises over the years, and even if there isn't a big event, big investors may take a break, take some profits, which could mean more volatility to any news. back to you, harris. >> brenda, thank you. we have been hearing
4:26 pm
accusations from the white house that republicans are creating, quote, unquote, phony scandals. even the president leveled those charges in the kickoff to a series of economic speeches. but what exactly does the administration mean by phony? well, maybe it just gave us a hint. also a jewelry heist like we haven't seen in a very long time. they're calling it epic. millions of dollars' of bling gone in a second. one expert is wondering if it is the work of a notorious gang. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪
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i am harris faulkner, this is the fox report. it is bottom of the hour. time for the top news. president obama prepared to visit capitol hill this wednesday. a top member of the cabinet questioned on administration claims that congress is obsessed with phony scandals. the obama administration has not officially said which scandals it considers phony. today, treasury secretary jack lew was asked specifically about the irs and its admitted targeting of conservative groups. doug mcelway is live in washington for us. doug, if that's not a scandal,
4:31 pm
what does secretary lew call it? >> reporter: he calls it unacceptable behavior by career people at the irs, all of whom he said have been removed. he explained what the president meant by calling them phony scandals. >> i think that we have to look at the facts. there have been a lot of investigations, there have been a lot of hearings, igs, justice department. there's no evidence of any political decision maker who was involved in any of those decisions, and i think the attempt to try to keep finding that evidence is creating the kind of sense of a phony scandal that was being referred to there. >> republican senator mike lee from utah says republicans plan to keep on digging. >> we know when you put this much discretion and this much discretionary power in the hands of a few, eventually it may be abused for partisan political purposes. that happened here, we have to get to the bottom of it. >> you recall carter hall testified earlier that staff in
4:32 pm
the irs chief counsel's office were notified of the targeting, the chief counsel, william wilkins, one of two political appointees at the irs. harris? >> secretary lew was evasive when chris wallace grilled him about the potential involvement. >> he was. listen to this exchange between chris wallace and lew on fox news sunday today. >> there are 1600 lawyers in the chief counsel's office and there was no suggestion this went to the one political person in that evidence, there's no evidence of it. there has been no evidence of it. >> have you asked him? >> i am leaving the investigation to the proper people who do investigations. i don't think it is appropriate for me to do the investigation. >> told fox news earlier they plan to call irs chief counsel william wilkins to testify at some unknown date.
4:33 pm
harris, back to you. >> doug mcelway, thank you so much. doug, we're going to continue the conversation. joining me with more, byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news contributor. byron, thank you very much. i have been reading what you have to say about this and the accusation that the administration seems to be making that republicans are making up scandals. your response? >> well, what the president said he said in speeches in illinois and missouri and in florida about these being so-called phony scandals, that's really a continuation of the line that democrats have been trying to push here in the capitol, not having a lot of success with that. representative elijah cummings, top democrat on the house investigating committee, you remember in irs scandal a couple weeks ago said we solved the mystery, we know everything, we found out about it, nothing more, everybody move on, nothing to see here. a number of democrats have been trying to proclaim these things over, and they have not been successful. now the president himself is trying to say there's nothing to
4:34 pm
it. >> you know, i'm curious, there's a lot of thought goes into messaging, writing those scripts. going into the weekend, the story seemed to have longevity to it. is this back firing for the president? now what we are talking about, which scandals, mr. president. >> right. he left it pretty unclear, there are several to choose from, the biggest being the irs, benghazi, nsa surveillance and spying on reporters. you have four right there, varying levels of seriousness. i think we ought to think for the moment that the president does believe these are phony scandals. i am not suggesting he doesn't believe that, he probably does, but i think what you're going to hear from the other side from republicans is, for example, on benghazi, four americans were killed on september 11, 2012. that attack on the u.s. facility there. that's real. that's not phony. others were injured terribly. catherine herridge talked to one this week who is still hospitalized after this, and
4:35 pm
then of course you have the families of all of those people. so this isn't phony at all. i think republicans are going to throw that back at the president over and over again this fall. >> again i point to messaging. i think as a journalist we find there are very few words in an economy of words that aren't used because they're meant to be. i know "the wall street journal" peggy noonan is taking issue with that, saying with this hodge podge of speeches, almost a distraction. look at what she had to say, then i want to get your reaction. >> when the white house calls it a pivot, somebody counted up, said it is probably the tenth pivot to the economy the president has done since he came in. i notice in one of the speeches it went over an hour. there was a heck of a lot jammed in. that told me something. it said we're not sure exactly what to say, so we're going to say everything but a speech about everything is a speech about nothing. >> criticism for the president
4:36 pm
and for his administration is you can call things phony or try to outtalk their longevity. >> there's two things to think about. one, some suggested the president is trying to change the subject from the phony scandals that have been taking so much, getting so much attention in washington, but the other thing is the president has as peggy said periodically returned to the economy after drifting to other issues. i mean, all the polls still tell us that the american people's number one concern are jobs and the economy, and look at the president's first term. i mean -- excuse me, first months of his second term here. he has done immigration reform, he has done climate change, done gun control, raised taxes, he has done everything but concentrate on the number one issue of the american people. even if there weren't any of these so-called phony scandals that are bothering him, he still would probably be making some pivot. periodically the white house seems to realize that maybe a light bulb goes off, they say we're not really focusing on what people want us to focus on.
4:37 pm
>> you talk about there were some statistics that came out of the high level and growing levels of poverty in this country. you wonder how do we get off topic of the economy. but i want to pop up words on the screen a moment ago, just to take a look at which scandal you think is most problematic for this administration, because as we tick down them, they can call them phony, but the irs is real. we have seen hearings on capitol hill about the targeting of conservative groups by the irs, and tax exemption office. the benghazi attack is real. byron? >> well, i think the white house has always thought the most serious one for them politically is the irs scandal because the irs touches almost everyone's lives. we almost all have some sort of yearly contact with the irs, and a lot of americans are scared of the irs. so to see blatant political abuse of the irs by the administration is something i think that's going to worry a lot of people and do things like
4:38 pm
damage the credibility of the irs, upcoming irs role in enforcing obama care, going to play a huge role in that. republicans have paid attention to benghazi. it is a life and death issue, and also after that attack, the administration kept up this claim that it wasn't a terrorist attack, it was some sort of spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim video, which just kind of disappeared as the facts came out. so republicans are going to keep pressing these things. i think the white house probably still views the irs as the most serious one. >> so in terms of republicans pressing, i've had viewers ask me what does that tangibly mean. >> take benghazi, for example. what is astonishing about benghazi, it has been what, ten months now, and we have still never heard from anybody who was on the ground that night in
4:39 pm
benghazi. remember, gregory hicks, number two diplomat, told a dramatic story, but he was in tripoli, hundreds of miles away. we haven't heard from anybody that w that was in the u.s. compound in benghazi. republicans are working hard, they say the administration locked down, the administration denied it. i think come september we are probably going to hear from a couple of those people, it might be tremendously dramatic, and we'll finally get a better feeling for what the americans there went through that night. it is going to get a lot of attention. >> interesting you bring up september. september 11th it will be one year since the date that has such meaning to us for so many other reasons as we know. byron, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, harris. turning to another hot topic in washington, d.c. these days, our nation's borrowing limit. we already hit it and failure to raise the debt ceiling as it is called could mean at least a
4:40 pm
partial government shutdown. it is an issue we've seen play out more than once recently. this time, treasury secretary jack lew on the record again here says there will be no strings attached when it comes to paying our nation's bills, and called on congress to raise the debt limit without a long, drawn out fight. that drawing reaction from now republican senator mike lee of utah who says our government cannot keep spending money it simply doesn't have. >> we also have to look how far we have gone in with the federal government. this president seems to be using a one way ratchet, expanding the role of the federal government, even as we are $17 trillion in debt and increasing debt at a rate of about a trillion dollars a year. >> senator lee lashing out at obama care, saying the health care law is not ready for prime time and shouldn't be funded. it sounds like the plot of a hollywood movie. some of the most eye popping jewelry in the world, stolen from a famous hotel where the rich and famous play, and right now no one is saying much about
4:41 pm
how thieves pulled off a $53 million jewelry heist. in fact, they won't even let reporters get close to the crime scene to view it. it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. diamonds and jewels taken. the hotel hosting an exhibit from a diamond house owned by an israeli billionaire. not any more. one expert says this crime follows several recent jail escapes by members of fran's notorious pink panther jewel thief gang. so far, no official word who might be a suspect. italy, the coast guard rescuing 140 migrants, including at least 23 women and children making their way in two small boats across the mediterranean from northern africa. the u.n. says the number of refugees fleeing africa doubled
4:42 pm
since last year. germany. a heat wave gripping the country for a third straight day, people hitting beaches and beer garden to cool off. temperatures could break germany's all-time high of 102. china. their first artificially bred sea lion making public debut at a marine park. this is show you, just two months old, relying on the breeder for food because the mother cannot produce her own milk. he is adapting well, we're told, already loves playing and showing off for fans. that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. caught on tape. brazen thugs break into a school, and what happens next is anything but the innocent joy ride they think they're on now. and a story about a young boy who heard about a lost treasure and went out to find it. what he did next would make any parent proud. [ brent ] this guy's a pro, herbie.
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hurry in to the volkswagen best. thing. ever. event. and get 0% apr for 60 months, now until july 31st. that's the power of german engineering. you heard me talking with our guest, political analyst byron york about poverty in this country. here is what we're learning at president obama tries to pivot again his focus to jobs and the economy. a new study reveals some details about the health of our economy and the actual fate of the american dream. take a look. according to the associated press, four out of five people in america now struggle with near poverty conditions, joblessness, or reliance on public assistance for at least part of their lives. study shows if the trends continue, by 2030, the rate will go to 85%. the study shows while minorities are more likely to live in poverty disparity, disparities in the rate between minorities
4:47 pm
and whites have narrowed since the 1970s. the ap study blames increasingly global economy, wide income gap and loss of good paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the latest trends. summer fire season moves into washington state with a vengeance. buildings destroyed. one fire raging there is 3% contained. it is our top story as we go across america. washington, that fire burning in the northern part of the state. people living in 40 homes and cabins forced out. >> a lot of family and friends up there being evacuated. it is tough, we're a big family out there. >> about 100 firefighters fighting the flames. two hurt but will be okay. new jersey. six mountain bikes belonging to a charity program stolen from a middle school in camden. surveillance video capturing the bandits going for a joy ride
4:48 pm
through the hall ways. the bikes were being used to teach kids to ride. >> what did you think when you heard someone stole the bikes from the program. >> humiliated. >> at the end of the summer bikes are typically donated to the children. >> i don't know how you tell some of the kids they won't get a bike. michigan, a woman reunited with the wedding ring she thought was lost for good. slid off her finger after she fell into lake huron. >> i am waving my hands back and forth and my ring flies off. >> she told police what happened and posted about it on social media. a few days later, she got a call, a 12-year-old from nashville on vacation heard what happened, went on an underwater treasure hunt. >> he heard about it, went into the falls with his snorkel and mask. >> the search a success, now the ring is back where it belongs. california, the annual march of the penguins open to the public for the first time at the san francisco zoo. five baby penguins, each barely
4:49 pm
two months old, waddling to the new home, joining the rest of the colony in the water. the zoo now has 53 of them. that's fox watch across america. a group of terminally ill teenagers trying to make a difference through social media, and providing a lot of inspiration while they do it. we'll explain how. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's fourourse seafood feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscui then choose one of nine entrées plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. offer ends soon, so come to red lobster and sea food differentl ♪
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hundreds of millions of people use social media every day to share their experiences, including some young cancer patients who count on sites like youtube, facebook, instagram to document the fight to live. spreading inspiration and awareness to what terminally ill
4:53 pm
people go through. brian yea not has the story. >> social media giving voice to cancer patients like lauren scott who was diagnosed with undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma in 2009. terminal cancer. a few yearsing a, lola became inspired by youtube stars. started a facebook and youtube and twitter and in stra gram. people's messages give her strength and inspiration. >> the wonderful thing, putting it all out there and being vulnerable. good type of vulnerable. they gravitate toward me, say such nice things. it just makes me happy. >> she's one of 70,000 between
4:54 pm
ages 15 and 39 diagnosed with cancer each year. yet this middle generation is often forgotten. survival rates for teens and young adults hasn't changed in almost 30 years. matthew zackary, founder of it empowers young people with cancer. he battled cancer at 21, wishes he had social media at the time. >> this is a life changing experience and it is difficult enough to be in that age group, so the idea of meeting somebody that's gone through that, that is your age, that gets what that is like, it is transformative. >> you can help lola finish her bucket list, go to her biggest wish, to one may meet singer demi lovato. >> you don't have to battle what they are to breathe inspiration from their posts, it is really special. thank you. some fast paced nascar
4:55 pm
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. nascar's ryan newman making his dream come true, getting a chance to kiss the bricks at indianapolis. an indiana native took wind of the brickyard 400. robbing jimmie johnson getting a win. it was newman that started today, taking the checkered flag in front of his own crowd. kiss kiss, getting all smoochy. that's what i meant. the captain, derrick jeter returned to the yankees lineup with a blame. he blasted a homer on the first pitch on his first at bat against tampa bay. at 39 years old, he missed all but one game this season. he fractured his ankle twice, had a strained quad. struggling yankees beat the rays
4:59 pm
6-5. american brent sned a kerr won the canadian open, it was a wide open field on the links in ontario. he finished 16 under par. here is the twist of the story, why it was wide open. yesterday there was a different leader who left the tournament, hunter mayhan withdrew, his pregnant wife went into labor, called him during the round yesterday. the american golfer dropped everything and headed to the hospital to be with her. the proud papa posted on twitter his wife and new baby zoe olivia are doing well. let's do fox fast forward. some of the big stories this week. president obama going to capitol hill wednesday. we're told the president will meet with congressional democrats to focus on his agenda, including health care, immigration, jobs. friday, the jobs report for july. the unemployment rate expected to inch down slightly to 7.5%
5:00 pm
from 7.6%. that's how fox reports today. i am harris faulkner. thanks for watching. "huckabee" starts in a few seconds. day. now huckabee. tonight on huckabee. tonight on "huckabee." >> with this endless parade of distractions, political posturing, phony scandals. >> by dismissing the benghazi and irs scandals as phony, is the president the win distracting and imposter? >> i look up, there's a rambo guy with a vest and gun pointed at me. >> s.w.a.t. teams raiding homes of americans without search warrants. is the u.s. becoming a police state? and chris christie and rand paul in a war of words, has the battle for the republican nomination for 2016 already begun?


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