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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 29, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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friends first. let's get right to your fox news headlines at this hour. new overnight for you, another american has died from that horrific train crash in spain. the 58-year-old of houston, texas was badly injured in last week's crash. she died sunday. and this morning, the driver of that train is free on bail. francisco garzon has been charged with 79 counts of reckless homicide. he's expected of driving too fast through a tight curve. the train driver had boasted on facebook about driving the train at high speeds. the pilot of that helicopter which crashed and left five dead including a child told air traffic controllers he was losing altitude before he went off the radar on saturday night. the helicopter flew out of upstate new york and we're told carrying three men, a woman and a child. but the victims have not yet been identified. that wreckage was found yesterday afternoon in a rugged
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wooded area of northeastern pennsylvania. the faa and ntsb are now investigating. searchers recover the body believed to to be 9 best man missing after a boating accident. a jet skier spotted 30-year-old mark lemon sunday a day aftert9 missing after a boating accident. a jet skier spotted 30-year-old mark lemon sunday a day afterh9 missing after a boating accident. a jet skier spotted 30-year-old mark lemon sunday a day aftere9 missing after a boating accident. a jet skier spotted 30-year-old mark lemon sunday a day after b missing after a boating accident. a jet skier spotted 30-year-old mark lemon sunday a day after behind lindsay stewart was found. the couple was set to get married in just two weeks. >> my heart bleeds for brian and the bond family and the stewart family. words can't express how deeply sorry we are for them. >> the boat's operator has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. police say that he was drunk at the time and has a prior drug arrest.
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six militants are dead, one appears to be a senior member of the taliban. that strike happening shortly after the men crossed into pakistan from afghanistan. the area is known for a haven for al qaeda, taliban and other extremists. john mccain's heroic prisoner of war cell mate has died. retired colonel george bud day passed away saturday after an unspecified illness. day was held captive for 5 1/2 years before being freed back in 1973. he served as a marine in the pacific can during world war ii and as an air force pilot in the korean and vietnam wars. in a statement senator mccain said this, he was the bravest man i ever knew. and his fierce resistance and leadership set the example for us in prison of how to return home with honor. day earned more than 70 medals including the medal of honor. he was 88 years old. police have just identified the victims of a deadly church
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bus crash in indiana over the weekend. this as investigators look into the possibility of mechanical failure. marianne rafferty has the latest. >> reporter: the congregation is in mourning. >> they're with god in heaven, but we grieve the fact that they're not here with us. >> reporter: youth pastor chad phelps, his pregnant wife and chaperone were killed when their bus overturned roughly one mile from their church. indianapolis mayor ballard says the congregation is coming together to support one another in the time of tragedy. >> some of the teenagers are hurting pretty badly. you can see that in their faces. the adults are helping each other out. >> reporter: in additiondozens been injured. >> back injuries, a lot of contusions, a lot of head and neck injuries.
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>> reporter: the cause of the crash is under investigation. officials say they will examine every aspect of the accident. >> looking at what may have occurred, talking to witnesses. and basically going from bumper to bumper and looking at all mechanical functions. >> reporter: the driver claims the brakes failed. at least one witness says the bus was traveling at a high speed. >> it was going very fast. i have no idea how fast. but the bus just flew into my vision right away and flipped in an instant. >> reporter: the phelps also had a 2-year-old child who was injured and treated and released from the hospital. marianne rafferty, fax news. obama administration doubling down on the president's comments that the controversy surrounding his administration are phony scandals. >> crack li >> jack lew insists it was not political, just bad judgment.
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hi, peter. >> and that's right you c, he w not back down. he stayed in line with the president who earlier this week suggested that conservative groups complaining they were unfairly targeted by the irs are essentially guilty of political posturing. >> we have to look at the facts. there have been a lot of investigations, hearings, igs, justice department. there is no evidence of any political decision maker who was involved in any of those decisions. the intent to try to keep finding that evidence is creating the kind of sense of a phony scandal that was being referred to there. >> but no matter what administration officials say, republican lawmakers plan to keep investigating. >> we know how this works. when you put this much discretionary power in the hands of a few, eventually it may well be abused for partisan political
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purposes. that happened here and we have to get to the bottom of it. >> since president obama wasn't specific about which scandals he thinks are phony, the mother of the late sean smith thinks he was including the attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya where her son was killed because she told fox on friday she's still waiting if someone? washington to tell her what happened in libya that night, but that her son is dead and that's not phony or fake. back to you. >> i cannot imagine what she's going through. thanks so much, peter. and now to an extreme weather alert for you. look at this amazing picture here. a flash flood sweeping a tour bus 300 yards downstream before flipping it over. all 33 people on on board, though, managed to escape. they climbed through windows and swam to dry land. >> the group was heading back to las vegas after some sight seeing at the grand canyon. and maria molina has more on the
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severe weather throughout our country. happy monday. >> happy monday. and yes, we're breaking with this story here of the tour bus that was flipped over. thankfully it had a happy ending. but it goes back to the desert southwest areas that receive a little bit of rain just a couple inches and that is enough to produce flash flooding across those areas. i want to show you your current temperatures. we're talking temperatures in the 50s for so many of you early this morning. rapid city, minneapolis, chicago, it's currently 56 degrees. a chilly 56 degrees in the city of cleech laveland in the end o. and we're tipping to see chilly temperatures during the morning hours there, but you rebound into the low 80s or upper 70s like over in minneapolis. meanwhile texas another hot day. 99 for your high temperature in san antonio. we are talking about the threat of severe storms today across oklahoma, kansas. damaging winds, large hail being the main concern. but another big concern out here is how much heavy rain we're expecting. we're talking about anywhere
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between 8 to 12 inches of rain just today into tomorrow. that's just around the wichita area, areas the south of that. so flooding a concern. tropics, tropical storm flossie expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds to hawaii. maximum sustained winds around 50 miles an hour. stronger gusts of course are so we're expecting that today across the big island and surrounding areas. >> tropical storm ploss ciflosss business. in the middle east, israelians and palestinians will resume peace talks. 144 prisoners will be released. many criticized that move, but netanyahu called it a tough decision but necessary for the good of the country. talks broke off three years ago back in 2010. a prominent pittsburgh doctor accused of fatally poisoning his wife with cyanide will be transported back to pennsylvania to face charges.
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he plans to waive extradition. his wife died back in april after taking the laced supplement that she apparently thought would help them have a baby. were you planning to grab fast food today? service may not be at its best as workers are planning a walkout. for that and all your other top business stories, let's turn to lauren sim nettie. $15 an hour, that's what fast food workers across the country say is a liveable wage. workers at mcdonald's, burger king, wendy's and kfc will walk off the job in seven cities today, including new york, chicago and detroit. the protests are being organized by a group called fast food forward which says no one can survive on 7 at the present t$7 especially if you plan to take a vacation. more cities are upping taxes on
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hotel rooms and car rentals. we'll show you where vacationers can expect to shell out the most in both taxes and fees. it's an extra $40 a day if you're headed to chicago, $38 here in new york. and $35 for boston tourists. those added fees really add up. vacationers dropped $15 billion traveling to florida more than in new york. new york generates $300 million more from taxes. and more disappointment at the domestic box office. the wolverine took in a disappointing $55 million domestically, but $86 million overseas. it's the biggest international debut for that film ever. the timing was tough, it's the middle of the summer, but producers slashed the production costs and have more overseas openings to look forward to. so this can be a big one. back to you. thank you very much, lauren.
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we appreciate it. coming up, a side of john f. kennedy you haven't seen before. the individual why from just before his assassination. and it's been kept a secret for more than 50 years. and then we're going across the country highlighting some of the hardest workers who are waking up just like you at this early hour. up first, the farm. and a quick look at the price you're paying at the pump today. national average $3.63 a gallon. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. a scare in the air for passengers on a flight from iowa to florida. the plane made an emergency landing in albany, georgia after the pilot noted an indicator
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light showed a fire breaking out in the cargo area. all 155 people on board evacuated safely. the airline now busing passengers to their destination, the saint petersburg/clearwater airport. jury selection today for a wounded warier sue to go get his job back at the fbi. justin says he was discriminated against when he lost his job because of a prosthetic hand. he lost it during training in 2004. the fbi says he couldn't effectively perform all of his duties. just tip says he was able to pass every required test and the fbi violated the rehabilitation act of 1973. heather. search crews just recovered a second body in friday's boat crash on new york's hudson river. a bride to be and her best man killed when their boat hit a barge. robert moses is live for us in new york with the latest.
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>> reporter: heather, good morning. a boater found the body of mark lennon about a mile south of where we are in the hudson river. he made that discovery at 11:00 yesterday morning shortly after 11:00 yesterday morning. lennon was to have been the best man in the wedding of lindsay stewart and brian bond next month. a total of six people were on board that boat when it hit a construction barge near the tappan zee bridge on friday night. stewart's body was discovered over the weekend on saturday morning. now back to that best man to be. his brother calls him his rock. >> my heart bleeds for brian and the bond family and the stewart family. words complaint express how deeply sorry we are for them. >> reporter: just an awful tragedy and now the operator of the body identified as 35-year-old jojo john has been
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charged. he was allegedly drunk at the time of this crash. he has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault and it's conceivable that he could face even more charges. that is the latest live from piermont, new york. >> thank you for those latest details. while you were sleeping, alleged mob boss whitey bulger wants the jury at his trial cut off from media, their homes and their families. defense attorneys filed a motion to have the jury sequestered. they claim that all the bad press about their client will influence the jury's decision. bulger faces a sweeping racketeering indictment that includes allegations that he participated in 19 murders. anthony weiner is vowing to continue his run for new york city's mayor despite his latest setback. his campaign manager resigned after weiner admitted to steamy chats after he resigned in congress. he spoke out after visiting a church in brooklyn.
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>> no campaign is ever easy. you want this tough job, you have to be prepared to do the tough things. i'm betting that people are more interested in hearing solutions to their problems than hearing about things in my background. and we'll see if that's the case. >> weiner's chief rival in the case christine quinn also says that he is not qualified to lead the city. well, straight ahead, here is a loaded question for you. how do you make $53 million in diamonds and jewels disappear into thin air? and then do you ever get so frustrated with customer service that you feel like throwing something? if so, this story is definitely for you. stay tuned. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain
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♪ >> makes you feel like singing this morning. everybody he join in. we appreciate you waking up early with us and we'll get to headlines for you from overnight. the coast guard has no plans to resuming the search for a man who fell off a ferry and into the boston harbor. he was on a cruise when witnesses say they saw him goofing off. two passengers tried to stop him, but they were it take late. he fell into the water from the third deck. brand new secret documents
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show the release of the lockerbie bomber was linked to a $400 million arms deal between britain and libya. according to the sunday telegra telegraph, an e-mail says a prison transfer deal would be completed once libya bought a missile defense system. the deal was never completed, but al megrahi was released. officials said it was because he had cancer. al megrahi lived for another three years. the bombing of pan am flight 103 left 270 people dead, many american citizens. xwl police are on the hunt for the thieves who stole $53 million worth of jewels in caan. it happened during a jewel exhibit. local media reports that a gun man walked in, filled a case
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full of jewels and ran off. the crime comes just days after the notorious pink panther jewel thieves actually escaped from prison and this is the third jewel robbery there since may. more than 3 million people packed the beach at copacabana in brazil to see the first latin american pontiff. the crowd so large some pilgrims waded in the water to hear pope francis speak. >> reporter: copacabana beach normally phone for its scantily clad sunbathers the scene for a much more massive turnout greeting pope francis on this last day in brazil. maybe 3 million people came out to see the pope say the final mass of his tour. he had a new message for the masses urging young people to go forth and build a new world.
2:25 am
>> now you must go and transmit this experience to others. jesus calls you to be his missionary disciples. >> reporter: both pope francis and benedict 16 high pressure made young people a priority for the catholic church. >> translator: i came to world youth day with a reason. to change as a person and learn a lot. >> translator: pope francis communicates a message of simplicity and prayer. i think this is really what the church needs. people who are simple and live for love. >> reporter: on saturday, pope francis gave a sermon acknowledging the ongoing struggle of brazilians and a battle over social inequalities. he also spent town in slums in an effort to highlight what the church says is hissiest to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. pope francis returns to rome tonight. before he left, pope francis announced the next world youth day to be held in poland to mark ten years since the pope's
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death. and when we come back, a side of president john f. kennedy that we've never seen before. new video from just before his assassination that has been kept a secret for more than 50 years. and then our first stop on a trip around the country highlighting some of the hard working folks who wake up at this early hour just like you. up first, the farm. but first on this day in history, back in 1981, england's prince charles and lady diana spencer were married.
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good morning to you. it is monday, july 29th. dozens trapped after floods on so powerful they sent this tour bus into a sinking pile of mud. more on the extreme weather that's pounding our country overnight. plus explosive new revelations about the nsa's ability to eaves drop on american citizens. >> the systems allow them to listen to whatever e-mails, telephone calls, browsing history. >> and that's just a part of what the national security agency is capable of. a live report moments away. plus as you know, it's in the easy getting up this early
2:31 am
in the morning, but we're not alone. this week we're highlighting some of the hardest workers rising before the sun. our first stop, heather heads to a farm. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ >> is he only knew what moususi was playing while he's walk down the street. welcome back. it is monday, july 29th. >> anxio little four seasons th morning. thanks for watching fox and friends first. here is a look at your headlines. an indianapolis youth pastor, his preg thapnant wife and moth five have been identified as the victims in a deadly weekend bus crash in indiana. the bus packed with teenagers and their family members on their way home from church camp
2:32 am
just a mile away from the church when that bus ran off the interstate, hit the median and then flipped on saturday. >> church grieves now. they don't grieve necessarily because of the loss, because god tells us in his word to be an september from the body is to be present with the lord. they're with god in heaven right now and we know that, but we grieve the fact they're not here with us. we miss them. >> dozens of others were injured including one teenager who remains in critical condition. investigators are looking into whether mechanical failure could be to blame here. the bus driver told police that his brakes went out just before that crash. new overnight, a tour bus plunges on off a highway in southern italy. at least 37 are dead. reports indicate as many as 49 people were on board when the bus just dove 100 feet off the highway and into a ravine. some witnesses said the bus
2:33 am
sounded like it blew a tire. police are investigating how the driver lost control. video showing the moment a moving car is swamped by violent landslide, swallowed i should say. this happened in china. you can see two men immediately escape from the vehicle and moments later another passenger emerges. and then a fourth person is ven eventually freed. amazingly no major injuries. a brand new glimpse for you into camelot. never before scene footage of john f. kennedy shows him 50 years ago this week just four months before his assassination. here you can series playing a little golf at his family compound in hyannis port. the 15 minute film offers a rare glimpse into the family's life and some of their final joyful moments. here you can see a little caroline on his father's lap. that's coming up. while they enjoy a cruise on the presidential yacht. and then mom jackie later you
2:34 am
can see the president diving into the ocean for a swim. the obama administration renews its vow to reject proposed spending cuts by congressional republicans. jack lew said the president will not sign government funding bills that slash domestic spending or negotiate cuts to reduce the federal debt limit. he said this on on fox news sunday. >> congress has on stop looking at what's the last possible moment. no within can predict and they can't take the risk of making a mistake. they should get back after their time off in august and they should finish their work and get it done so that there is no uncertainty about america's ability to pay its bills. >> congress must pass a continuing resolution before october to avoid a government shutdown. lew did not say if the president would veto proposals or allow the shutdown to happen. this morning we have learned another bombshell revelation in the nsa spying scandal could
2:35 am
come this week. but it could prove just how widespread the agency's ability to eavesdrop on american citizens really is. dwug h doug has the latest on this. >> so can they as leaker edward snowden has alleged listen to our phone calls, read our e-mails? the journalist who broke the story says yes and he will says he'll prove it later this week. >> they're simple screens like shipping clerks use where all an analyst has to do is enter an e-mail address or ip address and it searches that database and lets them listen to the calls or read the e-mails. everything that the nsa has stored. or look he browsing histories or google search terms you've entered. >> there is a growing number of democrats and republicans who think the agency has gone too far, but the nsa still has
2:36 am
widespread support from those who say dozens of terrorist attacks have been thwarted and that privacy violations are no longer a concern. >> in fact we don't monitor e-mails. that's what kind of assures me that what the reporting is not correct. because no e-mails are monitored now. they used to be, but that stopped two or three years ago. >> and as for snowden himself, he remains at the moscow airport. attorney general eric holder has given assurances to russian officials that if he's extrad e extradited, he will not face the death penalty. >> all right, doug, thank you. now an extreme weather alert for you. severe weather turns deadly in the south. rescuers recover the bodies of a 10-year-old girl and 48-year-old man who were swept away while swimming in a rain swollen creek in north carolina. >> and in pennsylvania, heavy rain is causing flooding near philadelphia, trapping people inside their cars. forecasters say that area got
2:37 am
nearly 7 inches of rain in just a matter of hours. and the rain also creating a messy situation at the philadelphia international airport. flooding there knocking out power at terminal a for more than four hours last night. and in arizona, flash floods sweeping a tour bus 300 yards downstream before flipping over. all 33 people on board did manage to escape. they had to climb through windows and swim to dry land. >> maria molina has the latest on the wet weather and where it's headed next. >> good morning. we just had a lot of unsettled weather like you mentioned over the weekend across parts of the desert southwest. we see a lot of flooding out there this time of the year because of the desert, it doesn't made very much, just one to two inches of rain to see flooding in those areas of arizona and nevada. you mentioned philadelphia received about 7 inches of rain. that area set an all-time record in terms of the amount of rain that they received in just one day. so incredible stuff across areas in arizona and even as far east
2:38 am
as philadelphia. currently temperatures on the chilly side across the northern half of the country. take a look at cleveland. it's currently only 56 degrees out there. those people are waking up and it's still july, so you're waking up on the cool side. otherwise this afternoon low seventh 70s in cleveland. 90s in texas. and new york city, a high of 83. in terms of rain, we still could see isolated showers across the center of the country. today you're seeing the threat for severe storms again across parts of oklahoma, parts of kansas and even extreme northern parts of the texas panhandle. a lot of heavy rain is expected out here. that area shaded in purple is about 8 to 12 inches of rain just today into tomorrow. so flooding a huge concern out here across the center of the country, that includes kansas and tropics. pacific, we're talking tropical storm flossie. i know the name is a little strange, but this is a storm system that will produce a lot of heavy rain out here across hawaii and strong winds up to 50 miles an hour, those are
2:39 am
sustained, so you could see higher gusts than that. so something to keep an eye on in hawaii. people out here vacationing of course not the best of weather, but try to make the best of it and it will last about one to two days. >> her name is so cute, but not cu cute if you live in that area. >> just glad it's not a major hurricane. it's not easy getting inthis early in the morning. like you you at home, you're not alone. when that alarm goes off, it might feel like you are. but this week, we'll take you on a trip around the country highlighting some of the hard working folks who rise and shine before the sun just like you do. >> and there are a lot of them. up first, the stop is on to the farm. today i put on my cowboy boots and went to work in long island, new york. take a look. the sun he not up yet, but here at goodall farms, they are putting together stuff that
2:40 am
you'll probably have for your breakfast or lunch including cheese for that omelette, this is how you get it. so i guess this is what you would call cow time on on the farm. you don't even need an alarm clock because when the sun starts to rise, these fellows head this direction, they're following hal which is up there somewhere. and they will be milked next which we'll show you. who are we meeting here? high, big mama. nas nice to meet you. so the rooster's crowed and we're in the milk shed. tell me what's happening here. >> this is nancy. and cows come in, they get a little bit of grain and they're milked. >> here it is a family affair. this farm has been in the family for over 200 years. i want to introduce you to the newest generation. tell me your name. >> katie.
2:41 am
>> haley. >> olivia. >> one of your favorite things to do is work with the goats. >> so we're here in the make room. this is the last stop in the process. we've milked the cows, the yo goats. from the pasteurizer, we move to karen who i'd like to introduce you to. karen is responsible for making the cheese. so i'll put some gloves on and help you with this process. which explain to me what we're doing here. >> we'll be draining the cheese. so you take the curd out, putting it in here. >> and then what? >> and it will be picked up and -- >> continue to drain like this. so we've been here since before the sun came up. you've seen us milk the cows, milk the goats, make the cheese. this is the finished product.
2:42 am
this is some cow cheese that we just were making. and this is covered in nuts and cranberries. and it's really good. so you can see a whole lot of work is done before you have even had breakfast i have a feeling. a lot of the stuff on your breakfast table, the cheese, the milk, due to folks like this. thank you so much for letting us join you today. bye. >> i had so much fun joining they will. by the way, all that work was done, i think that we pulled out of there by 7:30 in the morning or 8:00 a.m.. we were there by 4:00. all that work was already done. so thanks for good daal elemeng. here is some of the fresh cow cheese that we made. they name all the animals, so that was fun. >> and by the time you got out
2:43 am
there, they had already made a run into manhattan bringing prior pro duct to the city. >> and tomorrow we'll go to an emergency room and shadow doctors in the fast paced e.r.. she was there when a gunshot victim came in. and coming up next, republicans say that they have a plan to create thousands of good paying jobs right here in the u.s.. but the president might be opposed to it. detalils when we come back. and alec baldwin known for his meltdowns, one so bad that he had to quit twitter. but this morning, he's back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ some of new york's finest waving and saying good morning
2:47 am
as the sun comes up in new york city. in keepi >> keeping us safe. republicans say the keystone pipeline would be a big jobs generator, but now the president is calling it into question. >> let's go to jolene kent from the fox business network with all the details for us. >> good morning. that's right, president obama is questioning the job creation ability of the keystone pipeline in an interview with the "new york times," he projected the proposed pipeline would not create that many job opportunities saying in a quote, the most realistic estimates are this might create maybe between 2,000 jobs during the construction of the pipeline, which might take a year or two, and then after that we're talking about somewhere between 50 and 100 jobs. the president added the $5.3 billion pipeline designed to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil from canada and north dakota to the gulf of mexico could also
2:48 am
increase prices arguing the midwest could send its oil overseas, as well. the republicans have argued the pipeline would bring jobs and they're pressuring president obama to approve the proposal put forth in 2008. currently the proposal is being studied by the state department, administration's final decision is expected late this year or early 2014, but this certainly clarifies the position of where the president stands on this very controversial pipeline. back to you. >> jolene kent for us. thank you so much. well, according to a new study between 2001 and 2009, about 34 u.s. children went to the emergency room every day after choking on food. 38% of those were babies under the age of one. choking on formula or breast milk. overall for children ages 14 and younger, the most common choking culprit was candy followed by meat, bones, and fruit and vegetables. remember when alec baldwin
2:49 am
went on this that twitter rant said he would never use the site again? guess what, he's back. yesterday he tweeted a link to an article that alleges suspicious circumstances in the car accident that killed michael hastings. hastings was the one that wrote that controversial rolling stone article on general stanley mcchrystal which led to the general's legislation. overnight that tweet was deleted. the army now offering a new unisex combat uniform. the trousers feature wider areas at the hips, waist and back. and they have elastic around the was waistband instead of a pull string. it has narrower shoulders, longer and wider coat bottom. the army says it is also developing body armor flight suits and physical training uniforms for women. do you ever get on frustrated with customer service that you feel like throwing something? if so, this story is for you.
2:50 am
and she is no longer secretary of state, so why is hillary clinton headed back to the white house today? >> but first, let's check in with steve to see what's coming up on fx aox and friends. >> good morning. coming up, colonel allen west will weigh in on on the administration's phony scandals regarding the irs plus donald regarding the irs plus donald plus it's national chicken wing day and we have hooters girls on the plaza. the made in america bus tour stops off as well. we've got a busy morning right here on your channel right here on your channel for news. the house next door. our neighbor's house was broken into. luckily, her family wasn't there, but what if this happened here? what if our girls were home? and since we can't monitor everything 24/7,
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>> seven minutes till the top of the hour. you might say this robber got what he deserved. two burglars break into a store to steal some cigarettes. but as one of them tries to get the goods, the entire shelf falls on top of him. despite the roadblock the duo manages to escape before the cops arrive. do you ever feel like doing this? look. there's a reason for it. apparently you can't blame them. research shows china airports have some of the worst delays in the world. only 18% of flights -- 18 -- out of beijing leave on time. >> looks like the people behind the counter are the ones with the problem. president obama has a date today with former secretary of state hillary clinton. the white house announced yesterday they'll be meeting for a private lunch. no reason has been given for this sit-down but many
2:55 am
democrats are predicting clinton will run again for president in 2016 to succeed president obama. clinton stepped down as secretary of state in february. >> what do you think about this? your hair says more about you than you think? it can impact your self-esteem and even the people you attract. what does it say about you? according to this study, women who have or like straight hair, like tkwepb neglect pal trou -- like gwenth palt row, you are straight. if you have short hair, you're perceived as more masculine. what do you think? >> i think that's a hair-brained study. coming up next, a crook's get-away goes terribly wrong. lets just say he should have checked the car's back seat.
2:56 am
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>> about two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. this morning investigators are looking into whether mechanical failure may be to blame for that bus accident that happened in indiana. three people died in that crash. israelis and palestinians will resume peace talks today. israel's government approved release of 104 palestinian prisoners before the talks. across the country americans are recovering from extreme weather. in arizona powerful floods sent a tour bus into a sinking pile of mud. everyone was okay. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a hometown hero wins in indianapolis. ryan newman grabbed that checkered flab. next the bad, johnny man
3:00 am
zel caught on camera getting kicked out of a frat party at the university of texas. the ugly, police say two armed robbery suspects accidentally stole a get-away car with a six-year-old in the back seat. that girl is safe and sound. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> hello. it is monday, july 29, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. the man in charge of the i.r.s. agrees with the president, the targeting scandal is phony. >> there is no evidence of any political decision-maker who is involved in any of those decisions. >>anna: no evidence? we'd like to know how he knows since the investigation isn't over. jack lew tries to answer that straight ahead. >>steve: just lunch or is it campaign 2016 just getting started? why president obama and hillary clinton are having a private lunch


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