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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 29, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> steve: tomorrow on the program, america's most wanted host john walsh joins us live. maria is very excited. >> i'm so excited. he's from miami. >> steve: he is. kelly, thank you very much. >> kelly: my pleasure. >> steve: anna, you, too. >> anna: i'll be back tomorrow. >> steve: excellent. see you then. so long, everybody. bill: good morning, everybody. on a monday, fox news alert. tragedy hitting a church group in indiana. youth pastor and pregnant wife among three people killed in horrific bush crash. the driver said he simply could not slow down. the bus went airborne before skidding on the road before slamming into a highway barrier. people on the scene rushed in to help to do what they could. >> first one i came up on, and he was bleeding pretty bad. so i stole somebody's belt best i can remember and got a tourniquet on his arm and tried to help everybody else. tried to get everybody that could walk away from the bus. bill: tough story to begin with. i'm bill hemmer.
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welcome to "america's newsroom." >> i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. that bus was returning from a youth camp in michigan. it was being led by youth pastor brad phelps. he along with his wife. >> the court: any was killed with their unborn child. >> we greef the fact they're not here with us. we miss them. bill: a lot of faith needed here. garrett tenney join us live in chicago. what about the other passengers on board this bus? >> bill, there was about 40 passengers on the bus and most of them were teenagers on the way back from the church summer camp. when the bush crashed there were 26 people taken to hospitals. several were life flighted there. many had head injuries and injuries to the ex-treatments as well -- extremities as well. several people were in critical condition. several remain in the hospital at this time. you mentioned the two victims. chad phelps and his wife
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courtney and their unborn child as well. she was about a month away from delivering that child. the third victim, tony weindorf. she was a mother of five and volunteering as a chaperone on the trip. the mayor of indianapolis said, he was there visiting with families at the church and said it was their faith that is continuing to carry them through this. bill? bill: garrett, any idea how this crash happened? >> reporter: well, you mentioned the bus driver. he told people there at the scene that his brakes failed, that he was not able to slow down. other people that were there on the scene though describe the busing at a very high speed as it was coming off the interstate going to make a left turn when it hit a median and flipped. here is how one woman describe what she saw. >> this bus, came from my left. it hit the concrete median and flipped. >> was it going fast? how fast would you say it was
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going? >> it was going very fast. i have no idea how fast but it was, the light had turned green for the southbound traffic and then the bus just flew into my vision right away and flipped just in an instant. >> reporter: you know, saddest part of that, bill, the bus was just a mile away from the church where they were returning to. bill: wow, that is remarkable. garrett tenney, thank you, watching that story out of chicago our midwest burr row. here is patti ann with breaking news. >> bill, we're also following another tour bus crash. at least 39 people said to be dead now in southern italy after a bus smashed into heavy traffic before plunging 100 feet into a screen. greg palkot is live in london. hello, greg, what is the latest. >> reporter: hi, patti ann. being called one of the worst road accidents in italian history. the italian prime minister calling it a huge tragedy. it happened last night on a winding italian highway through the mountains just outside of
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naples. a tour bus full of folks were come back from a weekend at an area spa and a religious shrine. that is when it got into trouble. that bus slammed into as many as 11 cars before it slammed through the guardrail and plunged down to the ravine. others were thrown from the bus. others were crushed inside. rescue workers got to the scene, trying to cut their way looking for any survivors. incredibly there were survivors, at last count, 10. five children, patti ann. all now in the hospital. >> any idea what caused this crash? >> reporter: cause still unknown, patti ann but they're looking very hard with a technical problem with the bus. one theory that the brakes failed. in fact the driver tried to slow the thing down, throwing it into a different gear. bits of transmission were found on the highway. others thinking maybe a tire blew. anyway the driver himself was killed. there will be an autopsy as well to see whether alcohol or drugs
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were involved. i can tell you, patti ann, however, from personal experience i have been on this highway, it is tricky, it is treacherous day or night. if there are problems with your vehicle at or not. there have been a lot of accidents on this stretch of highway. they're looking hard into this.. >> what a tragedy. greg palkot, thank you. bill: helicopter crash in pennsylvania leaving five dead including a child. the pilot told traffic controllers he was losing altitude before the aircraft vanished from the radar. severe thunderstorms in the area made finding the wreckage difficult but it is not clear if weather play ad role in this crash. >> anytime weather become as factor you're messing with disaster. you have the cloud cover. you had the fog that was -- the temperature dewpoint, that range was so narrow. so again the conditions weren't right. they knew about where that last beep was on the radar and it was basically pinpointed to this area. bill: well the names and ages of
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the victims not yet released. the ntsb investigating how this happened. the push to boost railcar safety hit as major snag. the obama administration is delaying a plan to tighten standards for the type of train involved in a deadly explosion in canada this month. the proposal is intended to fix a dangerous flaw for cars used to commonly haul oil and hazardous liquids. work on the rule began a year before the deadly accident in quebec. it will be roughly another year before it is put in place. bill: there is a stunning new report by the associated press painting a bleak economic picture here in the u.s. take a look at these numbers. it finds four out of five american adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare at some point in their lives. one reason cited? the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs here at home and number of poor people remains stuck at a record level.
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46 million, or 15% of the population. stuart varney, "varney & company" host, fox business network with me now. stuart, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: is this as bad as people think the study suggests? >> yes it is and in fact it is getting worse. middle class people are seeing incomes, real incomes decline. what they can buy with their incomes is in decline. the pace is actually speeding up. for lower income workers it is 4% decline over the obama years. some categories of labor it is worse than that over four years of president obama's first term that speed of declining real incomes has actually seeded up. bill: you look at stock market is booming. we're at record highs. what explains that? >> that is bus ben bernanke is pumping a trillion dollars a year into the economy, 85 billion a month. he is the stimulus helping the stock market and helping the housing market. so far it has not helped the
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economy. bill: take away the ink and perhaps the bulls are not running as much as they have been? >> that's true. bill: others will continue the policy's wrong. you can't keep taxing more and adding regulations then as a result expect growth. what would you say to that? >> i would say, in my opinion that is accurate. this week we're going to get numbers which show the economy is only growing at about 1% pace that is nowhere near good enough. bill: 1%? >> yes. 1%, maybe 1 1/2%. if we had growth of four, five, 6% that would lift all boats and a lot of this, some of this insecurity and joblessness would certainly disappear but in the immediate future it will not happen. bill: where do you get from 1%? that is belgium, baby. >> close. that's true. europe, we're very much like europe. bill: see you at 9:20. >> yes, sir. bill: stuart varney. fbn. check him out on a monday. what is coming up, patti ann? >> we're getting started this
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morning. wild weather across the country, record floods, deadly rain, a major airport losing power it is not over yet. bill: a deadly joyride on the hudson river. new charges are being filed today. >> new questions what happened to the hero in the benghazi attack. he picked up a rifle, defending the u.s. compound, barely surviving the attack. why did it take 20 hours for him to get medical attention? we'll speak to the congressman leading the charge to get answers. >> we need to force this issue to the floor. we do need a select committee to investigate this matter, a committee that has subpoena power. my asthma's under control.
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patti ann: at least one person is dead after overnight fighting in benghazi, libya. violence erupted hours after explosions that targeted two courthouses. one of those buildings was reduced to rubble. at least 43 people were hurt. those explosions came 24 hours after a massive prison break on
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the outskirts of benghazi that allowed more than a thousand inmates to escape. officials say about 100 have been recaptured. bill: looking for answers for a benghazi hero. diplomatic security agent david ubben says he ran into the burning consulate to help recover the body of foreign service officer sean smith. this is during the second wave of the attacks on annex. he followed former navy seals, tyrone woods and glen dougherty who were killed by mortar fire on a rooftop. ubben was stuck on a roof for 20 hours before they arrived. when a chopper did it was not a medical aircraft. some lawmakers are asking for a special investigative committee. to find out what went terribly wrong here. louie gohmert, from texas from his home district. you've taken up the cause in a significant way. you had a lot of contact with him.
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what are you learning? >> well, i've been talking to david for a number of months. just hadn't gone public with it at his request but he is a hero. so were tyrone and glen doherty and tyrone woods on tom of the roof. they were fighting to give cover and did so very heroic. there were other state department employees that helped get him, get his leg tended to. david thought he was going to lose his leg because of the damage done with the mortar round that killed ty and glen but, what really, it gets back to why there was such lax security. why we were unable to get people to them more quickly. why people in washington went to bed knowing they were in harm's way without getting them help they needed. when the embassies were attacked in the clinton administration back in '98 we found, if we found out then why there was such lax security that allowed that we wouldn't have lost four
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people in benghazi last sent. so we need to get to the bottom of it so lives can be saved in the future and the blood of these heros cries out for answers. bill: he is still in the hospital today. that's my understanding, at walter reed. >> right. bill: how serious are those injuries to him? >> well, he had thought he was going to lose his leg because he saw how much of it was missing. and it was tough when they finally got a plane there so late but it wasn't a medical aircraft. but the state department personnel had done a good job of trying to pull together what was left of his leg but there were no painkillers. they weren't prepared for this. and we've got to find out why they were not. bill: and he's requested to have part of his identity not revealed, at least his face anyway. why is that? when will that change? >> he just, he's a patriot. he is former army ranger.
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he just wants to serve his country. he is not looking for glory. he doesn't consider himself a hero though he certainly is. this is just a great american. wonderful wife, two little children and daughter and son i guess about a-year-old now. bill: you've talked to him several times. have you met with him at walter reed and if he is able to tell us publicly, what story will he tell? what will he testify to? >> well, you know the people that were situated as was he have such a limited amount they can tell. they came under attack. it was clearly an attack. it was well-coordinated. the people were well-trained and everybody knew that from the first minute it happened. then it was just a matter of trying to keep as many of the personnel alive as possible. so, they don't have knowledge about why there wasn't security, why there wasn't more
6:17 am
forthcoming help, rescue, anything like that. their testimony i think is not nearly as important to what happened as those around who know why the president didn't get them help. know why secretary clinton would not give them security they needed. those are answers we need to get to, bill. bill: there are hearings, there are hearings we anticipate in the coming months. will he testify? >> right. i think it remains to be seen but let me just tell you, yes, i met him at walter reed. when we go out there as members of congress it is the greatest honor you can have. meet people who are the greatest heroes that i ever run into. they leave their country. they care deeply. that is when i met david on one of those trips. bill: one last question here. there are reports that some have been told not to talk. is he one of them? >> not to my knowledge. he just prefers not to.
6:18 am
he wants to remain private. bill: okay. >> it gets tough sometimes doing quiet work in the state department if you're all over the news all the time. so he just wants to remain private as long as possible. bill: 10 months later, still at walter reed getting medical care. louie gohmert, thank you for your time. with you from your home district. >> always good to talk to you, bill. bill: 18 minutes past the hour. patti ann has more. patti ann: we have new details on the train crash that killed 80 people in spain. the train was clearly speeding and the driver faces serious charges. we'll have the latest. bill: record amount of rain in one city alone, literally shutting down lights in a major airport. what the weather is in store for a large part of the country to come. >> we landed. who knows what happens next. all the computers are down. we don't know if we're booked on another flight. they can't check our baggage.
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bill: new this morning, search crews recover ad second body the day after a boat crash on new york hudson river. what a collision this might have been. lindsey stewart and her fiance's best man, mark leonard when a speedboat, their speedboat hit a barge friday night. they were part of a group heading home for dinner. other strike timms including the groom are expected to be okay. the driver of the boat was drinking and now charged with manslaughter. patti ann: extreme weather hitting a huge section of the country. a record amount of rain in pennsylvania. eight inches in one day. major flooding in nevada. two dead in floods in north carolina a tropical storm
6:23 am
set to slam hawaii with waves up to two stories high. in arizona this terrifying scene. a bus caught in a waffle water ends up on its side. >> apparently what happened was a tour bus that was involved, we believe there might have been 31 people on the bus. that was, in the water, and the people, people apparently were calling and the water levels rose and started pushing the bus down the wash. jamie colby is le in our new york city newsroom with the latest for us. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: nice to see you, patti ann a lot of challenges over the weekend as the wicked weather really swept over the whole nation including two deaths in north carolina. i'll tell you about those first. there were severe flash floods and heavy rains. they were blamed for a death after 12-year-old girl and 48-year-old man. they were swept away swimming in a creek that reached two feet above normal levels. there were two families in
6:24 am
charlotte in the usually calm section of wilson creek saturday evening. but juan albertty and delilah lovett were swept away by the unexpected swift current. both bodies were recovered. one county reporting 130 homes and businesses suffering damage, some of it severe. las vegas too. the normally dry las vegas valley got slammed with more than two inches of rain sunday afternoon. that left vehicles stalled on interstate 215 also resulting in flood watches that extended all the way to northwestern arizona and eastern desert of california. probably the biggest surprise. there is good news today for philadelphia. they're getting dryer weather on the way. they had a record one day rainfall they have not seen since 1999. more than eight inches pouring in just sunday. and the rains caused flash flooding and power outages. even airport delays when
6:25 am
terminal a at philadelphia international airport lost power. look at folks trying to get around in the dark. it went on several hours and backup generators failed. the outlook today, folks are on watch especially in parts of kansas and northern oklahoma and extreme northeast of the texas panhandle, they may get flash flooding and thunderstorms in the forecast and that could last through this evening. we're keeping an eye on all of it here for you on the fox news channel. patti ann. patti ann: lots of extreme weather. >> reporter: be careful guys. bill: a wacky summer weather. that stuff coming out of the gulf for days and weeks at a time. all over the east coast and midwest and back on the east-west yet again. crazy stuff. the treasury secretary getting grilled over the irs targeting scandal investigation. you ask, what investigation? the new questions not being answered as of today. patti ann: and more changes to anthony weiner's campaign for mayor. can he survive? we'll have a panel debating
6:26 am
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6:30 am
agreement in washington. he will be made public at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. then we'll see what sort of deal the israelis and palestinians can cut and where they can move the ball on middle east peace. this has gone on for decades. we'll see whether or not indig is able to bridge the gap that has remained so wide. patti ann? patti ann: anthony weiner's bid to be new york city's mayor is on the ropes. his campaign manager calling it quits following new revelations of weiner's x-rated behavior online with another woman, sidney leathers among others. some democratic heavyweights are now saying he has got to go. here is david axelrod. >> at this point it is absurd. he will not be the next mayor of new york. he is wasting time and space. it is time for him to go away and let new york have its mayors race. patti ann: joining us doug schoen, fox news contributor and a former advisor
6:31 am
to president clinton and tony sayegh, president of talk radio news service and also a fox news contributor. thank you both for joining us. >> sure. patti ann: doug, his campaign manager has now quit. he believed in weiner's political philosophy but sources say he was unhappy he was not told the truth about weiner's behavior after his resignation. what does it say about his leadership if he was not honest with his own team? >> patti ann, i don't think he is honest with anybody, least of all his wife. i think david axelrod is exactly right. this has gotten into the theater of the absurd. this isn't democrats and republicans. this is a sideshow. we really have serious problems here in new york as bob schieffer said the issues and problems with new york resonate nationally. we need a serious debate about serious issues. most of all between serious candidates and that is not anthony weiner. patti ann: tony, analysts are saying the silence from republicans is deafening. do you think it's the right strategy for the gop to stay on
6:32 am
the sidelines? >> of course. if your opponents are going over the cliff, patti ann, let them do it without you hanging on. this is what we're seeing the democrats are beginning to feel very unraveled and shaken by this weiner candidacy. why you saw such strong terms from david axelrod even in today's "new york post," the clintons are coming out and distancing themselves from huma, a former hillary clinton aid and anthony weiner also trying to grasp at straws to make comparisons between themselves and clintons. democrats realize anthony weiner does not only threaten his own candidacy and clintons but could be a damaging symbol for democrats who talk about the war on women when he himself is engaged in salacious and creepy conduct with women. the holy grail is hillary's reputation. you don't want anthony weiner and wife huma going out there making comparisons. democrats rushed to quell much
6:33 am
his candidacy right away and you've seen that from the top on down. patti ann: doug, we mentioned david axelrod, democratic strategist. >> right. patti ann: many other democrats are calling for him to drop off. as tony mentioned the clintons there are he uncomfortable with comparisons between hillary and huma and weiner and bill clinton. what about that? >> i think everybody is uncomfortable. i think anthony weiner's behavior sets a new low for the word tony used was salacious. i would call it irresponsible and unacceptable behavior. this goes well beyond politics. this isn't a marital issue. this is just ridiculous behavior, reflecting somebody who as peter king said is psychologically ill-equipped for a campaign and to serve as mayor. patti ann: tony, bob schieffer, we heard a little bit from him earlier, cbs, this quote is getting a lot of publicity, he is quote, a new-age flasher who traded traditional rain coat that can be opened to shows his wares for a digital camera that
6:34 am
enables him to expose himself for the world, a dubious technological achievement. you know, do you agree with that, a flasher for the 21st century? >> absolutely. with this bizarre online screen name, carlos danger, i've been a campaign manager i always realize my candidate is not the rock the church was built on, never did i think they had a name alias carlos danger this is why it is so bizarre. i'm not defending infidelity but people understand that. i'm not defending prostitution, people know it is world's oldest profession. nobody i know, understanding that posting lewd pictures to yourself to somebody you don't know and if at all and tweeting it repeatedly. this is the offense from last summer, after he already did his first violation, if you will of trust with people, when he got caught back in 2011. so this is a guy who chronically lies. he clearly is not trustworthy
6:35 am
but also a real creep. i don't think anybody from either side should believe he should have nobility of serving as mayor of new york. patti ann: doug, it leads to a question, is it the creepy behavior or lying? during his most recent announcement i warned at time i more would come out. most assumed it would be more incidents before that point, not that he intended to continue the behavior after that point. is it the behavior or the deception that is more serious? >> they're both very serious. the behavior is outrageous. it was outrageous the first time. the lying was outrageous the first time. the behavior continuing after his resignation clearly outrageous. the lying about it, outrageous. to pry to -- try to parse his words and i told you it would come out is absurd. everybody, tony is exactly right. everybody who called for his withdrawal, david axelrod, of course they're right. this guy has to use the language of the day, slink away.
6:36 am
patti ann: doug, tony, thanks for joining us this morning. bill: you know, she is very good friend with hillary clinton as you know. patti ann: right. bill: now the clintons are putting a story out there they are not cool with what has been going on so far. patti ann: yes. bill: the polling numbers came out over just past couple of days he is really in free fall. we'll see whether that continues or he catch as net here. all right, 79 counts of homicide for the driver in last week's deadly train crash in spain. that is one count for every victim. according to the local media reports the engineer, francisco jose garson, admitted to the train was going to too fast when it hit the curve, sending eight cars flying into a concrete barrier. what a scene there. of 79 dead. police are analyzing the data recorders from the train. a memorial service will be held later tonight for the victims as we remember all of them but watching that train come around that bend, clearly speed was
6:37 am
involved at a level it should not have been. tough, tough to watch. patti ann: absolutely. bill: about 20 minutes before the hour. pay to stay jails, convicts get a chance to trade up for nicer digs for prisoners able to cut a check. whoa, we'll tell you what that is all about. patti ann: treasury secretary jack lew challenged over the irs targeting scandal and questions that are not being asked. >> awful lot of time has gone into asking a lost questions of a lot of people. i'm not saying it's done. we will cooperate with all the ongoing investigations. we have and will. i'm just challenging your assertion that something has been shown when no evidence has been produced to show it. >> i'm just wondering why the questions haven't been asked? [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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bill: treasury secretary jack lew out on sunday challenging on "fox news sunday" of irs targeting of conservative groups and lack of any concrete investigations. here is chris wallace
6:41 am
interviewing lew trying to get a very specific answer. does he? >> have you asked william wilkins, the irs chief counsel appointed by president obama what involvement he or his office had in all of this? >> chris, to be clear, there are 1600 lawyers in the chief counsel's office and there was no suggestion that this went to the one political person in that office. there is no evidence 6 it. there has been no evidence of it. >> wait a minute, have you asked him? >> chris, i am leaving the investigation to the proper people who do investigations. i don't think it's appropriate for me to dot investigations. >> somebody in the treasury department asked, has somebody in the treasury department asked he knew about this. >> chris, there is no evidence this went to any political official. >> well, there hasn't been an investigation. the justice department investigation isn't complete. the inspector general never conducted an investigation. he conducted an audit. so where's the investigation?
6:42 am
>> awful lot of time gone into asking a lost questions of a lot of people. i'm not saying it is done. we will cooperate with all the on going investigations. we have and will, i'm challenging your assertion that, something has been shown when no evidence has been produced to show it. bill: senior writer for "the weekly standard," stephen hayes, fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: it was pretty obvious where wallace was trying to go i don't know if he got there is that because there is nothing going on in the treasury department as an investigation or lew did not want to tip his hand? what did you get from that exchange? >> good persistent question from chris and jack lew didn't want to answer the question and the reason is simple. the president has been trying for two weeks to rhetorically declare end to scandals. we heard the white house call them phony scandals. the problem is the facts don't support that allegation. irs scandal is not a phony scandal.
6:43 am
it is certainly not every. there are many, many questions to be asked of many, many, people, including especially william wilkins, who chris pointed out one of the two political appointees at irs who heads the he is the chief counsel at the irs. bill: let's be specific on wilkins's role. what lew insisted there there is no political connection to the irs, to the groups that were filing for tax-exempt status to any of the political appointees within the irs. william wilkins is one of them. is protecting him? or is there no evidence to suggest that wilkins was involved? what do we think? >> it sound like a little bit of both. certainly sounds like jack lew wants to give the benefit of the doubt to william wilkins and i understand why he would want to do that he works for president obama but i don't think we have answers to those questions. if you go back and look at testimony of carter hull, a 48-year veteran of the irs and look what he described in his role, and the reporting that he did for the chief counsel's
6:44 am
office, the demands that the chief counsel's office made, at one point they were asked to draft another letter because of a request that came down from the chief counsel's office, these are serious questions. we need to know who made them t may be the case as jack lew suggests we don't have evidence that william wilkins was that person but we don't know who that person was and we need to find out. bill: so william wilkins is the chief counsel but as jack lew pointed out there are 1600 attorneys in the chief counsel's office. >> right. bill: i mean, any department that has 1100 lawyers, turn around and run but he is saying there is no political official condoned it or authorized it but the testimony suggested all the instructions were coming out of wilkins's office. that is the point you're makeing. >> right. if the white house has to maintain there is no political connection that is what we expect them to argue and may be the case some of these instructions came from these other lawyers but the fact we don't know that and for the white house and for jack lew to
6:45 am
suggest this is not, this is scandals over for the white house to suggest, this is one of several phony scandals for democrats, like, elijah cummings, ranking member on the house oversight to basically pretend this has all been solved i think is silly. it plainly hasn't been solved. express's questioning of jack lew yesterday points exactly to that conclusion. it may not be that william wilkins was running this and this was a split political operation but, we don't know that and we don't have enough information to come to that conclusion. we need that information. it is important. it is not a phony scandal. bill: if this, if the house doesn't investigate this story, does it go anywhere? >> no, i don't think so. this is one of the things i think the president and the white house have been working hard to do in the past couple of weeks. they are trying to convince, in effect the washington press corps and chiefly white house reporters that these are all ginned up scandals by partisan republicans. there is really no there there. you heard that in jack lew's
6:46 am
answers yesterday. and everybody should really move on. they're trying to encourage scandal fatigue among white house reporters. as i say, i don't think that most of the questions that remain out there have been ends ad or even, we have even hints of answers. so i think it requires further digging. bill: seemed like everybody was given the same memo. phony scandal, fake scandal, phony sandal. >> sure. bill: regardless whether or not that was quote, unquote, talking points, is that working? >> it may be. it may being. i think you have a white house press corps generally sympathetic to the president and things he is talking about. he is trying as we saw with his speeches last week to, you know, turn the page or pivot or choose your favorite cliche to talk about the economy and other things other than these scandals. the white house telegraphed this. they told reporters weeks in advance this was coming. they would try to move back to substantive issues in their view. it may work because you have a white house press corps i think
6:47 am
is very sim at the time thick with that objective. bill: we'll see on that. on the irs thing specifically and based on wallace's conversation, the problem a lot of people have looking at this from the outside, if you have got nothing to hide, why are you pleading the fifth? >> exactly right. bill: lois learner was at the hearing and she pled the fifth. >> that is exactly right. there is a basic common sense problem with the case that the white house and liberals in congress are making right now. if there were easy answers to this, if this context suggested there was no political targeting as white house says, we would have heard that from day one. took the white house and democrats in congress basically the better part of two months to come up with that answer. i think what they're in effect trying to do is cloud the issue, muddy the issue so that basically nobody knows really which end is up. bill: what was it like, 291-7, conservative groups to liberal groups. >> yeah. bill: can you buy the potential lodgic that there is such a rush
6:48 am
from the right that they were so upset with obamacare in 2010 that, that they wanted to have their voices heard, and it was because of that that you had some applications for conservative groups versus liberal groups? do you buy that logic? >> no. because i think it has been show that logic was actually not true on substantive basis. lois lerner made the claim very early on after she in effect broke the news at the aba conference. she made that claim early on. it was checked by number of reporters and fact-checking organizations found not to be true. there hadn't been in fact this great surge she talked about. that is one reason why we need to have answers to these additional questions. bill: steven, thanks. stephen hayes, looking at that. reacting to chris wallace. thank you, sir. to our viewers at home, and at twitter bill hemmer. because you asked, bya.
6:49 am
one question, 140 characters if you include the question mark. bya, because you asked. patti ann? patti ann: bill an iconic photo of three firefighters raising a flag at ground zero was nearly excluded from a 9/11 memorial museum. why the creative director wanted to leave out the patriotic picture. bill: holy heist, batman. $50 million worth of gems, gone. the international hunt now for a jewel thief is on. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein... ensure! nutrition in charge!
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6:53 am
the accomodations are about the same as those in county jails but it's, much less crowded with very fuel cells used on any given night. critics say the pay to stay program is eleast it because -- elitist because it excludes those who don't have money. just an idea. patti ann: well, it is like a scene from so many hollywood movies. jewel thieves making off with a staggering $53 million worth of diamond and other gems. the real-life crime drama playing out at a posh hotel in france. the suspects are members a notorious gang who recently escaped from jail. amy kellogg is live now in london. hi, amy, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, patti ann. actually it was one thief at a very high-profile exhibition of diamond and as one police officer, patti ann in cannes put it the raid could not have been more daring. now what police on the trying to
6:54 am
determine right now whether or not there is a connection to this pink panther ring of diamond thieves. a member of which escaped from jail last week in switzerland. now the media reports are putting the value of the stolen diamond at about $50 million however we called the diamond house, whose jewels were pilfered and they wouldn't give us an exact figure. all they would say they're cooperating with police and thankfully no one was injured in the raid. leviexx is self-made billionaire from the former soviet union had a display of diamonds t was a carlton hotel on the storied promenade in cannes. this is the same hotel where the film, in the '50s, to catch a thief was actually filmed. and that starred grace kelly who met her real life prince rainier at that very same hotel. there have been three diamond
6:55 am
heists in as many months in cannes, patti ann. patti ann: interesting. so what more can you tell us about pink panther gang? >> as i mentioned one of its members escaped in another very daring operation in switzerland. a couple of accomplices drove up to the prison. they burst through the barbed-wire fence. they had ak 4s. there were two cars. they set one on fire and the other was the escape vehicle. now we don't know if the man who escaped pulled off this heist in cannes but it is believed to be very possible. "the pink panther" gang, balkan-based, 40-strong, responsible for about $400 million in diamond thefts since 1999, patti ann. patti ann: wow. amy kellogg live in london. bill: they are good at what they do and have someone in the inside. she is tropical storm flossi. in the fox weather center where
6:56 am
that storm is going. president obama with a campaign-style speeches on the economy. but have americans stopped listening? that is the charge from one brit hume who weighs in next. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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6:59 am
morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance. bill: here we go, whole new hour. fox news alert. some of the more significant middle east talks we heard in years met with violent protests already. [shouting] these are images just into "america's newsroom" from the west bank today. demonstrators blasting the renewed talks with israel and calling the release of some 104 palestinian prisoners 20 years too late. reminder making peace in the middle east a lot easier said than done. many have tried it. we'll see whether or not this will be different. brand new hour of "america's newsroom" begins right now on a monday. i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you at home. welcome to you,n: good morning . i'm patti ann browne in for
7:00 am
martha maccallum. israeli and palestinian teams headed to wash for for the first direct talks in three years after israel sprung the palestinian prisoners. opinion is divided in israel. >> it's a good development. i believe that it's the time to by it a chance and to try it again. i hope that things are going to happen this time as we wish they would. >> terrible decision. i don't think that it is not going to bring any good to the israeli nation. patti ann: senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler joins us live from the state department. wendell, what cleared the way for these talks? >> reporter: patti ann the final hurdle was cleared last night when the israeli cabinet voted 13-7 to free 100 palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands. the palestinians called it a goodwill gesture t was controversial decision and triggered protests in jerusalem and ramallah. they include crimes of killings
7:01 am
in the 1980s and '90s and soldiers and women and children n a written statement, prime minister netanyahu said this moment is not easy for me, it is not easy for the ministers and especially the families, bereaved families whose heart i understand. he went on to say there are moments which tough decisions must be made for the good of the country and this is one of those moments. the prisoners were released in four groups depending upon progress in the talks over the next nine months. patti ann? patti ann: wend did he what is the specific goal for these talks? >> reporter: the goal is to build a framework of resolution of the so-called final status negotiations onboarders, future of jerusalem and israeli security and the rights of palestinian refugees. the justice minister will lead the israeli dell division here. long time palestinian negotiator sayeed erekat will lead that side. israelis have the not agreed to
7:02 am
suspend settlement construction during the talks. they reportedly expect to build a thousand new units over the next nine months. palestinians are presidenting for a freeze and the israelis say if they won't accept a palestinian demand start from the pre1967 bored, with understanding of land swaps for larger israeli settlements. patti ann? patti ann: wendell goler live at the state department. thank you. bill: there is yet another showdown brewing over america's multitrillion dollar debt as the white house and some top pubs digging in their heels over how to pay the nation's bills. across-the-board cuts loom and if they can't agree on some kind of a plan. treasury secretary jack lew says the president will not agree to any new spending cuts. >> are you saying that the president would veto a bill, a, resolution to the budget shutdown, the budget crisis at the end of sent that included
7:03 am
$100 billion in new spending cuts? >> what i'm saying is the congress has to write bills to meet the president set forth to start investing in our future and congress can not steal from domestic priorities to fix problems that across the board cuts caused in defense. bill: wow. peter doocy live on the north lawn of the white house. peter, good morning to you. why is the position so firmly against any cuts in the budget? >> reporter: because, bill, as the treasury secretary explained this weekend, the administration feels they have already done more than enough lately to get the debt under control. >> if you look at the amount of deficit reduction we're doing, we were just criticized by the imf for doing too much too soon, do more later and less now. in the international community i came back from meeting with finance ministers around the world. there is i think a consensus in the world community we to focus on growth. you can not just cut your way to growth.
7:04 am
>> reporter: technically, actually already hit the debt limit back in may. the treasury secretary says the government has been using extraordinary measures to pay the bills since then. today the government really runs out of money, bill, sent 30th, got it. pushing towards 17 trillion. can't wait for that day. are republicans changing their strategy based on what secretary lou was talking about on sunday with chris wallace? >> reporter: doesn't sound like it. republicans we're hearing still want any increase in the debt limit to be offset by equal or greater spending cuts elsewhere. we're hearing republicans point to the administration's decision to delay the employer mandate part of obamacare and they're saying if the law isn't ready it shouldn't get any money. >> look, chris, we all know that the government's going to get funded. the only question is whether the government gets funded with obamacare and without it. what i'm saying the president said he is not ready to implement the law. he said the law isn't ready for prime time. if he is not ready, the law is
7:05 am
not ready, we can't fund it. >> reporter: congress is set to talk the august recess gypping next week. so this debt limit fight is likely going to have to wait, bill, until after labor day. bill: it will be a big one based on everything we're seeing the way they stack up. thank you, peter. peter doocy at the white house this morning. >> the city of detroit thinks it has a plan to deal with the budget mess. "the new york times" report that leaders in the largest u.s. city ever to declare bankruptcy are looking to the president's health care overhaul to help cut costs the plan to take the city's retirees who are too young to qualify for medicare and put them on the president's plans. "the times" reports that other cities like chicago are already considering doing something similar. bill: extreme weather now out of hawaii. a tropical storm flossie is now taking direct aim at the aloha state that storm packing wind of up to 60 miles per hour. heavy rains are in the forecast. waves as high as 18 feet.
7:06 am
some folks telling us they have been getting ready for this one all weekend, like this guy. >> provisioning for any possible emergency flossie during her brief stay in the islands. hopefully we'll be just fine. always better to be safe than sorry. today we bought bottled water, extra charcoal. brand new cooler and backup batteries and a brand new lantern. bill: let's hope so. maria molina is live in the fox news extreme weather center, flossie, what is going on with flossie? >> hi, bill. good morning everyone. we're tracking tropical storm flossie. right now maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour. you can see stronger gusts up to 60 miles an hour. we're expecting landfall across the big island across hawaii as we head later on this afternoon also into tonight. we'll see very heavy rainfall out here and potential for flash flooding and also mudslide. keep in mind across the big island we have very tall
7:07 am
mountains. that rain across mountains producing flash flooding and potential mudslides. the same concerns we have across parts of lower 48 we do see across portions of hawaii. we're talking about potential for tornadoes or even waterspouts out here. very rough surf. bill mentioned up to 18 feet high we're talking especially across east-facing shore. that is something to keep in mind out there in hawaii. many people vacation out here. it is summertime. we're looking at dangerous stuff here with tropical storm floss system one of the reasons why it has remained a tropical storm and not intensified there has been very dry air making its way towards the center of the storm civil. we're expecting flossie to continue to weaken as we head into later today and tomorrow. otherwise, very quickly, bill, remember dorian, across the atlantic, this no long ear tropical storm but trying to reorganize itself. the national hurricane center is giving it 40% of rebecoming a tropical storm. we'll keep an eye on it.
7:08 am
bill: that we will. maria molina watching all of that for us. >> >> this: is the first severe storm to hit hawaii in over two decades. the last one was back on september 11th, 1992 when hurricane uniki blew into town. according to the red cross more than 14,000 homes were affected. 6,000 were seriously damaged or destroyed completely. seven people were killed in the storm. 100 others were left injured. bill: crowds turning violent after a popular surfing competition in california. smashing store windows and toppling stop signs in huntington beach. they knocked out, what, the port-o-potties. police in riot gear had to use tear gas and call officers from surrounding communities to restore order. >> there were definitely injuries. i saw a guy beating, gotten hit with tear gas. you know what? i'm sure other people that have been hurt. i heard crying.
7:09 am
people with cuts. people were hit with paint balls. they were hit. whether or not serious injuries. bill: eight people are under arrest according to police. they're pouring over video some posted on social media to see if more arrests could be made. went after the port owe potties. huntington beach, california, that is, patti ann. patti ann: there are new concerns that the president's recent speeches on the economy are falling on deaf ears. some analysts are suggesting that people have stopped listening to the commander-in-chief. we'll have brit hume on that. >> this is one of more iconic photos from the aftermath of 9/11. we'll explain the unbelievable story how this image was left out of new york's 9/11 museum and still might be in the end. patti ann: an emotional sermon from one of the most popular pastors in america. we have the latest on rick warren's return after the tragic loss of his son. >> he was awesome. he felt the love of his
7:10 am
congregation. people wanted to be with him. he is like a family member. he helped us through so much. we wanted to be there for him. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points
7:11 am
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i'm a believer! i'm a believer. go to for locations and learn how to save $10. patti ann:s that store rick warren returns to the pulpit this weekend, months after his son's suicide. the pastor thanked the congregation for its support before delivering an emotional sermon at his california megachurch. >> the 27 years i prayed every day of my life for god to heal my son's mental illness. it was the number one prayer of my life. and it didn't make sense. what was happening didn't make sense. we had the best interests. we had the best medicine. we went to the best therapists. we have the most people praying. we have a family of deep, deep faith. it just didn't make sense. patti ann: warren's 27-year-old
7:14 am
son matthew, shot and killed himself back in april after years of struggling with depression. bill: everybody is, got that family in mind too. trying to recover from that, yeah. our best to rick warren too. he has always been a good friend of ours here at the fox news channel and his family. 14 after the hour. here is speaker beiger. under the president's leadership the country has fallen into the new normal of slow growth, high unemployment and stagnant wages. i think it is unacceptable. but his speech turned out to be all sizzle and no stake. of assuming there is sizzle left after you reheated this thing so many times. bill: tastes like chicken. speaker boehner's on the president's effort to pivot on economy and jobs but is president obama finding a nation that already has tuned out. "wall street journal's" peggy noonan on that on sunday. >> the every intense media environment, every two-term
7:15 am
president gets to a point where the american people stop listening, stop leaning forward hung grillly for information. i think this president got there earlier than most presidents. i think he is in that time now. bill: he has a long way to go still. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst, fresh off vacation. >> good morning, bill. bill: top of the morning as we say. what do you think about peggy noonan? is she on top of the john boehner sizzle running out a bit early and the american people tuning out a president that wants to talk about the economy? >> this eventually happens to most presidents, bill. i can remember lyndon johnson making speeches on vietnam as public support was ebbing away for that conflict and the speeches would command attention. the president always has a big megaphone, a big press corps ready to hear his every word. he can get on national television, big stage. after a while these presidential
7:16 am
speeches become a depreciating asset of and i think the president has reached that point. as most presidents eventually do, particularly with intractable problems that they are not able to resolve. and certainly the sluggishness of this recovery, which began early in his presidency, is a problem he has been unable to resolve. bill: that is interesting. you wonder if in a second term, you get past the midterm elections. then you start to slide toward less relevancy. you think about the last president. i mean, he had hot wars in iraq that were debated for a very long time at the tale end of his presidency. it started to see the economy dip away it did. peggy noonan is making the point that this president reached that appointment earlier than others. >> i wouldn't necessarily agree with that. think about george w. bush on, for a long time, he kept talking about, you know, iraq and pressing forward and the
7:17 am
country, you know, before the 2006 midterm, nothing he said could make any difference. so on that issue he had lost his impact. later came of course the surge and its success and he recovered some of his, his capital on that issue but this happens, this can happen to a president fairly early if it's a big issue and public support fades. bill: how do you become relevant again? >> well you got, what you can't really do and expect to get fresh hearing is to come up with a new packaged set of familiar ideas that have either been, he either can't put into place because the congress won't pass them, or that you have to some extent already put in place and they haven't worked. i think in this case with this president at this stage it's a combination of both of those things. he has some ideas that are not going anywhere and got some ideas such as, spending, that have been tried and they have not produced a robust recovery.
7:18 am
so i think that's where he is on this issue. he is kind of at a deadened. he can talk about it and of course he is a good campaigner, it isble why he keeps going back to the well but i'm not sure how much difference he can make. the next election is one where he and all his personal magnitude and all that goes with him is not on the ballot. so i think that's an additional problem for him. bill: when you heard about the phony scandal line, this came from a lot of people within the administration. it seemed like that was a pivot itself. >> that was a talking point. bill: well, it could have been, but i just wonder if you're out on the stump, trying to talk about the economy, you're trying to hammer home the phony scandal line. does it work? or has it worked or do we know? >> i don't think so because look, the scandals will either be remembered's temporary things that eventually blew over for lack of ultimate involvement by the administration or ultimately scandalous conduct.
7:19 am
there are too many unanswered questions to judge these three scandals that are bedeviling him now. very clearly. so we won't know for a while, if we ever do know what lies at the bottom of these. and the second issue is one really basically to some extent on your screen right there, his approval on the record has diminished. so you can call these scandals phony but people i don't think have decided that's so and saying that isn't going to make it so. talking about the economy is fine and let's people know you're focused on what they're focused on, that is all good but you're expected to deliver some results this is a presidency in bad need on the economy in particular of better results. bill: 47% on does approval number. we'll see how that changes in time. >> yeah. bill: brit, welcome back. we missed you when you were on vacation. we hope you had a great time getting away. we'll see you. >> all the best. patti ann: pope francis getting the rock star treatment in brazil. his tore rick trip across the country wrapping up with a three
7:20 am
million strong mass in honor of world youth day. bill: a major scare in the skies yet again. a packed flight forced to make an emergency landing and here they come. we'll tell you where this happened and what happened. >> i stayed calm some. once we stopped, people were very panicky. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪
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bill: new this morning on the man and search for a man who went over the side after boston ferry. that search now has been suspended. saturday night the man reportedly fell into boston harbor while on a country music cruise. the ferry's owner says they saw a man jump on the railing before the man went over. that employee reportedly tried to stop him but that was too late. patti ann: pope francis getting
7:24 am
the rock star treatment in brazil. his final mass in the bustling coastal city of rio de janeiro drawing about three million worshipers. that is reportedly one of the biggest turnouts for a papal mass in history. jonathan morris is fox news contributor. thanks for being with us. the pope made headlines this morning which we'll get to in a moment but first let's talk about this he is being called the rock star pope but you wouldn't characterize it that way? >> that is impressive of images on the beach. that is four-mile stretch. official numbers out of city hall in rio say 2.3 million young people. think about what rock band, what sporting team, what any cause whatsoever could bring that many young people together. i would say nothing. so is he a rock star? well, i remember seeing him just a few months ago in the vatican before he was pope walking across st. peter's square, alone. nobody was flocking to him. just a few months, before, when
7:25 am
he was talking the local bus in, in argentina, in buenos aires where he lived. so it is not that he is just this rock star personality. he has a pulpit, a huge pulpit. people are seeking spirituality. then he is speaking in a very simple, very straightforward way and calling all of us to task, to live the basics of christianity. patti ann: living it himself as you say, very much a no-frills lifestyle for this pope. so as i mentioned he made some news today. the pope we'll get to this one in a moment where he was criticizing the church for the status quote but there's a quote that i want to get to for a comment that he made today, if we can get to the quote where he is talking about homosexuality. he says, quote, if someone is gay and searches for the lord and has good will, who am i to judge in this is seen as a departure from benedict who signed a document saying men with homosexual tendencies should not be priests.
7:26 am
the media making this, maybe more than it is, you think? >> well, front headline of "huffington post" right now says, breakthrough, colon, pope is okay with gays. the pope has always been okay with every single human being. because god is. and sew, yes, i think he does explain in a very compassionate, direct, way, that we should love everyone and every single person has dignity. that is not saying that the pope is okay with every type of behavior including homosexual behavior. and i think, the ap totally messed this up as well. let me quote, this is from the ap. francis was much more con sill tour saying gays should be forgiven and their since forgotten. you don't need to be forgiven for being gay. we all need to be forgiven for sin. and, so i think it is just poor reporting. yes, i think it is a break-through in the sense that the pope is reaching out to all
7:27 am
people, come initter into a friendship with god but is it suggesting somehow there is conflict between pope francis and pope benedict and pope john paul ii and 2000 years of biblical teaching? no. patti ann: we'll have to leave it there. father jonathan morris. >> thank you, patti ann. bill: what a trip he had. three million on a beach in brazil. those images are unbelievable. patti ann: incredible. >> thank you, patti ann, thank you, father. key roy on the brink, is egypt heading for civil war? [shouting] dozens are dead after violent protests. what can the administration do now? reaction from kt mack far land on that. patti ann? patti ann: her first public appearance after she escaped from a house of horrors. a surprise at a cleveland concert? >> can i mention that you're here, at least? she said, will you go out there with me? i said you can bring your whole
7:28 am
family with you if that makes you feel more comfortable. she said, okay, let's do it.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
bill: egypt is on the brink in a fox news alert, these images just in to "america's newsroom." this might just be the beginning too. the cup's police round finish country's police rounding up more islamist leaders following the bloodiest violence since the ouster of president morsi.
7:32 am
83 of his supporters shot and killed in violent confrontations with security forces in that country. leland vittert watching from our middle east bureau. where is this headed in egypt, lelandsome. >> reporter: nobody knows, bill, at least right now. there is a tense calm that has taken over cairo as both sides lick their wounds and try to figure out what to do next and probably how far they can try and push the other side. the muslim brotherhood has buried most, be if not all of its dead, about a hundred from over the weekend, and there's still a lot of uncertainty about who really shot who this, was it the army, was it the police, was it thugs. but that said, the muslim brotherhood right now seems to be saying inside their mosques. they had threatened to send tens of thousands of people out into the streets towards government installations in order to protest mohamed morsi still being held, the former president who was taken out of office earlier this month by the military.
7:33 am
the army says they will not tolerate these kinds of protests going forward, not tolerating is a are thinly-veiled threat of more violence from the army to come. the question now is who blinks first. the army has instituted all but martial law which they had back in mubarak days meaning the army and the police can go out and involve themselves in mass arrests of people they view who could be contrary to their rule. billsome. bill: what influence do we have? what indunes does the united states government -- influence does the united states government have to stop more bloodshed and reach calm? >> reporter: so far we've seen precious little influence from the united states. the u.s. gives egypt about $1.5 billion a year, and most of that goes to the army. the images that that a came out over the weekend of clashes and, of course, the number of dead that were involved here got a lot of worldwide condemnation, especially strong rebukes from the united states towards the army and and whether this pullback that we've seen over the past 24 hours or so by the
7:34 am
army in allowing the brotherhood to continue their protests but confine them may be the united states trying to broker some kind of deal or at least give time for tensions to relax a little bit rather than have in the turn into a running street battle for days on end, something, certainly, the united states doesn't want to see this what is a very strategic ally there in egypt. bill: leland vittert out of jerusalem. patti ann has more op this now. patti ann: yeah. so the u.s. urging egypt to pull itself from the brink, but can our key arter in in peace with israel do that? k.t. mcfarlane is joining us now, thank you for joining us. you feel egypt's leaders are between a rock and a hard place. >> they are. if they don't establish security, the rest of them -- they don't have the political and economic reforms they need, they don't get egypt on an even keel to develop the economy.
7:35 am
on the other hand, if things go out of control, then they're potentially seeing the muslim brother hood marry up with the most violent radical extremists, hamas, al-qaeda on the sinai we fence la, and you could be looking at a 30-year civil war. patti ann: and al-qaeda definitely trying to get a foothold in there. >> yeah. al-qaeda has set up shop in the sinai peninsula. the leaders have called on the muslim brotherhood people in egypt to say join our fight, join jihad, see? violence is the only way. you tried working within the system, you tried going to democratic elections, you've been thrown out. so come join the fight with us. so the military in egypt -- and we do have an ability, i think, to influence the military, we're very strong with them, we've had long ties for 30 years, a lot of the senior egyptian military officers have, in fact, studied and worked in the united states with the american military, so we should have the ability to talk to them and say, look, you've got to let the muslim brotherhood in on the political
7:36 am
process. at the same time, you've got to establish some kind of domestic order. so it's a really terrible battle for them. patti ann: you believe, though, that the u.s. should be involved because, you know, there are isolationists who say the if this is -- if this is some kind of a civil conflict, we should stay out of it. >> yeah. the thing is that what happens in egypt will affe region. the muslim brotherhood which has been tossed out, their best friends are in the gaza strip to the west of israel. they've already gone and talked to iran about potentially getting in the middle, making sure there's no israeli-palestinian deal. what happens in egypt also, as i said, al-qaeda's set up shop on the sinai peninsula, does al-qaeda then use that position in the sinai, use its position surrounding israel and throughout the region even as far as iraq getting back active in iraq to then have that entire region be in political and economic chaos? and once it starts it isn't
7:37 am
going to stop. it's not only going to affect israel, it's going to affect the world oil trade and affect the united states. as much as the president says we're pivoting away from the middle east towards asia, we're in the middle. patti ann: you mentioned the israeli-palestinian talks, what signs are there that these are different? >> they don't really mean to have lunch, but they're trying to say to you, look, i think you're important in my life, and i would love to get together. the israelis and the pal palestinians -- one-half of the palestinians -- are sitting down to peace talks. i don't think anybody feels it's going to be successful; but it's like saying let's have lunch. it's important to be part of the process to say at least we're trying. if we don't try, then the whole world looks at that and says, well, the united states, you're just pro-israel, you're not really involved here. so it's important to try even understanding it may not have much of a chance for success.
7:38 am
patti ann: k.t. mcfarlane, thanks as always. bill: 22 minutes before the our now. an emotional moment as one of the three women freed from more than a decade in captivity makes her first public appearance. [cheers and applause] >> give it up for amanda berry! [cheers and applause] bill: that is berry greeted with some serious cheers at this weekend's rover fest in cleveland, ohio. she appeared on stage with a performer and some friends before being introduced by the show's organizer who said her reception was likely a highlight for both berry and the crowd of thousands there. >> actually very appreciative. she was very polite. she seemed to be having a good time. bill: her appearance came only a day after her captor, though, ariel castro, pleaded guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. he was sentenced to life in prison. patti ann: well, a nightmare situation onboard a u.s. airplane over the weekend.
7:39 am
what we know and what we don't know about the incident that's forced this flight to the ground. bill: also get ready for this, hillary clinton, four parts. the subject of an upcoming tv miniseries just ahead of the 2016 presidential race. will nbc tell the whole story? [ man ] 5, 4... [ command center ] this is command center. [ man ] ...3, 2, 1. [ command center ] all systems go. [ female announcer ] introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. steam-activated cleaning pads penetrate deep. [ command center ] we have lift off. [ female announcer ] don't just clean your floor. boost it. [ female announcer ] don't just clean your floor. ...and a great deal. grrrr! ahhh! let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 40% off. only at
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be staying inside their mosques.
7:42 am
patti ann: a big scare in the skies, a jet bound for florida makes an emergency landing at a small airport in georgia after the pilot noticed a light indicating a fire in the cargo. more than 150 passengers got off the plane safely. >> there appears to have been smoke in the cockpit so, obviously, they needed to make an emergency landing. we happened to be close to wherever they were, and they landed here in albany. >> i commend these people. they're here now still helping everybody. we don't know where we're going. but we don't care, we're here on god's green earth, and that counts. patti ann: fire fights have not confirmed a fire, but an investigation is taking place.
7:43 am
scary for them. bill: we'll see where it goes too. 18 minutes before the hour. nbc announcing they air a miniseries on the life of hillary clinton. the series will feature the former first lady turned senator and secretary of state. it'll feature the clintons' final years in the white house and will air before the next presidential hecks. what about this? david webb, host of the david webb show and co-sound founder of tea party 365, leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host. good morning to both of you. dave, are you going to watch the four-part series featuring hillary clinton? >> from my point of view, i absolutely have to watch it just so i can know what they've told you. [laughter] we know that nbc would never edit anything for air. when are they going to start this, and does it include old whitewater, the rose law firm? are they going to tell a true
7:44 am
journalistic story, or are they going to have revisionist history of the life of the next president of the united states as they hope -- bill: good point. i don't know how you win on this, leslie, because -- [laughter] what you have in this miniseries will be debated just as what is not in the miniseries. >> well, actually, i don't think it's -- i'm going to win on this, watch, here we go, all right? first of all, nbc wins on this because it gets people like david to watch it, and it might even get people who don't like hillary to weigh in. it's certainly, i don't think, going to affect whether or not she decides to run and certainly who would vote or not vote for her, but i do think they might actually enter into the miniseries. i think, david, you made me laugh when you said is it going to have journalistic integrity. sweetie, as somebody who's watched lifetime television for women too much, what miniseries does have -- >> fair enough. >> like band of brothers or roots or something has journalistic integrity.
7:45 am
they're miniseries for that reason. bill: all right, so we're, we're at the sweetie level. david, where was that four of part series on mitt romney when he was running for the white house? [laughter] >> it must have been on the cutting room floor. it's if cyber oblivion somewhere. look, i'm all for people telling stories, bill, i'm all for history being recanted properly and accurately, so, you know, west wig -- wing redux, maybe that's what this is. maybe it's let's make hillary look like the savior who didn't get involve z in benghazi and, by the way, who's going to play bill clinton and the mistress? bill: i don't think it'll be you, and i know leslie's not going to play the role of hillary, but you do raise an interesting point. the issue of benghazi. you know, whether you put it in or leave it out, leslie, you're going to have questions about what happened. >> you know, my understanding is that in this-inny series is
7:46 am
going to cover when she was first lady during president clinton's second term. she wasn't yet secretary of state, so i don't see how that would weigh in as much on what she did because benghazi hadn't happened yet. secondly, if you talk about travelgate, nannygate, white watergate, there was nothing proven, and that's pretty much what nbc, i think, would put torte in this miniseries, and i think those add the end of the today like her. bill: we'll see if people watch. dave, then you have to do, what, equal time for chris christie and jeb bush and marco rubio? >> right. bill: and rand paul? [laughter] where does that lift in? >> this is going to be the bidsiest production season -- busiest production season for 2016 than we've ever seen in america. i don't expect them to give a fair hearing. it's not their history, and that's not to impugn, these are the facts when it comes to it.
7:47 am
we will watch this, bill. i think they will do a service by ignoring the realities on policy and on issues no matter how much you gloss it over. she's not the next jackie kennedy. she's just hillary clinton who has a series of issues that americans are concerned about. bill: all right. now, leslie, another topic that relates to the clintons, anthony wiener still in this battle for new york mayor, and his wife, longtime associate of hillary clinton. now you've got reports at nbc, reports from "the new york post" that the clintons are trying to say, wait a minute, you know, we don't agree with the strategy that's now being employed by him and his wife. and we weren't the ones to tell her to stand by her man. this is their strategy. what do you make of the separation the clintons are now trying to do on this story? >> i do think they're very different situations. first of all, i'm a democrat, but i'm not a fan of anthony
7:48 am
wiener, and i'm certainly not a fan of what either guy did, and i would have kicked either to the curb, to be honest with you, bill. although hillary stood by his man and anthony weiner's wife did work for her, they saw very different situations. i mean, one was private although in the oval office between consenting adults. anthony weiner snapping his privates and putting it out over the internet manges it very public. also, hillary hillary rodham cls not pregnant, it wasn't a new marriage, and if you remember in the clintons' marriage, there had been infidelities in the past that had been forgiven as well, so anthony weiner has never been and i don't think ever will be our president. bill: dave, what do you think of this? >> i think the women of america should ask themselves a question: if this is acceptable behavior by your husband whether he's president, whether he's a mayoral candidate or a guy who's fixing cars down at the local midas, would you accept your husband having this kind of behavior? and then our political
7:49 am
officials, in our elected officials is it acceptable to not only violate the trust of americans, but lie about it, repeat the bad behavior and then lie about it again? and then the wives stand up there. come on, women of america, what do you say? bill: he's sinking like a stone if the polls are right. david, thank you. leslie, thanks to you. diane lane will play the role of hillary clinton. see you both later. [laughter] patti ann? patti ann: "happening now" is coming up at the top of the hour, and jon scott has a preview for us. jon: i am waiting for that miniseries that hemmer just described there. looks like a war is shaping up, patty ann, between president obama and congress over the budget and raising the debt ceiling. it is the real blockbuster this summer. karl rove weighs in on that. plus, bret baier on the mainstream media. are they dropping the ball on the irs scandal? bob cusack is here to discuss
7:50 am
the president's health care overhaul, and are peace talks really possible between the israelis and palestinians? a big announcement from secretary john kerry just minutes away. we'll have it for you, "happening now." patti ann: jon scott, thanks. bill: we'll get you a dvd copy of that series, all right? for you special. [laughter] pennsylvania path well, are you craving some fast food for lunch? i know you're not, you eat healthy. not so fast, why there may be no one there to take your order today. bill: also, scientists spotting a giant black hole overing over the sun. the story behind the mysterious dark so the. ♪ ♪ the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices,
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slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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bill: if you are thinking of fast food today, your service might be a bit slower than normal. workers plan to walk out for a one-day strike in protest of higher wages. demonstrators demanding $15 an hour which is actually more than double the minimum wage in places like new york. washington post reporting that protests are current hi scheduled to go down in new york city, chicago, detroit, milwaukee, st. louis, kansas city and in flint, michigan. be. patti ann: a lot of places. meanwhile, fast food companies are complaining about rising prices which they say are taking a big bait out of -- bite their profits, and it all has to do with biofuel. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with the latest on this. good morning, what's this dispute about? >> reporter: for decades, patti ann, u.s. consumers enjoyed declining food prices. around 2005 when we started using corn not for food but for fuel, that changed. now according to the usda federal mandates for corn-based
7:55 am
ethanol are dramatically increasing food prices. that has prompted the fast food industry to go to washington. they want lawmakers to eliminate this policy that mandates more ethanol be blended into our gasoline each year. it's supposed to make us energy independent, but the industry says moving food from your plate to your gas tank is hurting your pocketbook. >> the prices are up across the board because corn is in everything. corn feeds cattle, chicken, pigs, so everybody gets that price passed on. >> reporter: studies show a family of four food budget's gone up about $2,000 because of ethanol. patti ann? patti ann: so, william, what do the numbers show about corn production, and what does the ethanol industry have to say? >> reporter: the industry says it's been falsely accused. they blame big oil and the rise in transportation costs, but statistically over the past decade seven times more corn, 40% of what we grow now goes
7:56 am
into your gas tank. and farmers are converting more acres from, say, soybeans to corn. but the ethanol industry disputes that and says that ethanol helps keep gasoline prices down. >> we absolutely believe that the chain restaurants are trying to pull a supersized whopper here because there's just no way that ethanol is driving food prices. >> reporter: so lawmakers are considering this. the mandate will probably not disappear, patty app, but they'll probably mediate a little bit so we don't have as much earth follow in our gas going forward. back to you. bill: all right, get ready. the looming war between the president and republicans on the hill over the budget and raising that debt ceiling. karl rove on what's at stake for both sides in minutes. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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bill: now, before we scoot out of here, you've been doing the "fox & friends" first show.
8:00 am
patti ann: that's right. bill: l five a.m. over. you'll be back on what day? patti ann: i'll be back on thursday, we're doing early risers. i went out on a scalloping boat for six hours. bill: thursday? patti ann: yes. bill: see you then. "happening now" starts now. jon: and we begin with brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: democrats and republicans gearing up for another fiscal showdown on capitol hill, a little groundhog day action, if you will. this could again threaten to shut down the government. plus, dozens are dead after a tour bus loses control and plunges 100 feet off a highway. we'll tell you where it happened. and the travel experience once considered glamorous so many years ago is now anything but. how changes in the airline industry have passengers paying more for less. that's all "happening now." jenna: and we begin with a fox news alert on another big budget battle looming in washington.


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