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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> thank you. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, greta van susteren standing by live to go on the record. greta, take it away. tonight, oh, brother. there is more new accusations against the irs. now, this scandal is spreading. so why is the obama administration still calling it phony? >> it's not phony in our minds. we've been living with this for three years. we had to answer the questions, put all the hours into gathering the information together. >> we have to like look at the facts. there's no evidence of any political decision-maker who was involved in any of those decisions. i think the attempt to try to keep finding that evidence is creating the kind of sense of a phony scandal that was being referred to there. >> an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. shift focus from what needs to be done. >> i haven't heard from the irs
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in well over a year. i think by anybody's book, that would be termed a scandal. >> we know that when you put this much discretion and discretionary power in the hands of a few, eventually it may well be abused for partisan political purposes. that happened here and we've got to get to the bottom of it. >> the irs inappropriately targeted groups by the sound of their name. many from the right side, some from the left side. now, both were wrong. but to bring this into the white house politics, i think, is wrong. >> this is the world of politics, this is a country of politics. from that standpoint, i think they were being badly, earned by the irs scandal, in particular by the irs scandal. they're taking an attack that it's all a phony thing. it's very real and it was admitted. >> if you want to say it's a phony scandal, ask the people who have been targeted, been singled out for unequal and unfair treatment by the irs. this is not phony, i assure you of that. and tonight, the house oversight committee pushing for an investigation into new, yes, new and more accusations against
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the irs. this time groups who already have tax exempt status say the irs targeted them. one of those groups is the leadership institute, its communication director abby joins us. >> hi greta. thanks for having me. >> first of all, tell me what your organization is. >> the leadership institute has been training conservatives since 1979. we have more than 120,000 graduates of our program. and that's why we were so surprised in june 2011 when the irs kicked och a 13-month audit into our tax exempt status that cost us more than $50,000 in legal fees and required more than 23,000 pages of paperwork. >> you already had a tax exempt status. so you were not applying for it, right? >> absolutely. our audit was about our existing tax exempt status. i'm sure of interest to the viewers, occurred from the baltimore office, instead of the now infamous cincinnati irs office. >> whether we like it or not, the irs audits people all the time. some is legitimate.
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i'm curious. what makes you think that your audit was unfair or was targeted because you're conservative? >> well, there's three things, greta. the first is the timeline. the audit of us as an existing organization closely parallels the audits of all the new conservative organizations applying for tax status for the first time. the second is that a new conservative organization, the hawaii tea party was specifically asked about their relationship to the leadership institute and to turn over the training materials that they received from us. the third is the nature of the questions that we received from the irs. so there's either amazing tell ep think occurring across the irs offices or something going on behind the scenes. >> what were the questions you thought were inappropriate or made you suspicious this was an an appropriate political targeting? >> there were a wide range of questions. they started with the applications for our summer internships and the physical work locations of interns. ranging to the ways that we advertised, to the more than 300 events that we host every year.
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to sample correspondence between employers and our staff members for conservative our free jobs listing website. >> do you know of any other organization conservative or liberal got questions similar to that? if liberal groups are targeted and questions that they get, then it would be less alarming. if you're singled out that's a big difference. >> for us, it was the question which we haven't maerd from another group. but more importantly the link between us and the hawaii tea party. that shows the link between the baltimore office, the cincinnati office, the connection being the leadership institute and the timing of the event. >> how did they hook you up with hawaii? it's quite a geographical jump. >> we, just like with other conservative organizations, hosted training events in hawaii with the hawaii tea party. we do that with more than 100 organizations every year. in this case, the question of between the hawaii tea party and between the leadership institute and how they drew that line, we'd love to know that. that's why we support the call for further investigation. because right now the irs has
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all the cards. >> do you intend to push to be part of any of these hearings on capitol hill? >> we've certainly been in communication with hill staff. if you notice the open letter today from congress and isiah and jordan included a number of citations who shared information relating to our audit. we certainly intend to share our experience to help others learn from it and more importantly, to stand up for the hundreds of groups around the country afraid to come forward about their audits. >> what do you think about the president calling it phony? >> i think it's incredibly interesting and i would love to see all of the cards laid on the table on behalf of the irs to start seeing what happens when it happened and more importantly, who knew what when. >> in terms of the fact that he and rest of his -- he's got jack lieu, the treasury secretary and the press secretary that in any way pique our interest? >> i think so.
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in this case, for a further investigation, for more information to come out, the only people who potentially benefit are the american taxpayers who deserve to know what the irs is doing. the only people potentially hurt are the irs and the obama administration. in this case, i'm happy to side with the taxpayers and say we need to have more information. >> abby, thank you and good luck. >> thank you. and it isn't just the leadership institute. the president of another conservative group calling its treatment by the irs pure and simple harassment. michelle easton from the clear booth policy institute joins us. nice to see you. >> hi greta. can you tell me what your organization is. >> we were formed to compare and promote conservative women leaders. >> you've now had an audit. did you have an exemption already and they -- the irs initiated an audit against your organization? >> yes, it was january 2011, i got a call from an agent in richmond. not cincinnati. saying that they had selected 2008 to audit us.
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and i had never -- i never thought it was a coincidence. first that they selected 2008, which was the year i took six weeks off, went off the payroll, resigned temporarily to work for sarah palin and i never thought it was a coincidence that they selected 2011, the year so important in the timing of our country's leadership, and then suddenly, a few months ago, all this information came out about the improper actions of the irs and the pattern of harassment and i said, i knew it wasn't a coincidence. i'm an attorney, greta. i'm extraordinarily careful. i have been for 20 years. and an audit of us, as far as i could see was pure harassment. >> as you know as a lawyer and even as a taxpayer, you know that the irs audits lots of people at different times. what was it that made you think it was a political target besides the timing. were there any unusual questions, did they ask you about any organizations? >> you know, when they tell you they're going to audit you, i said right away, oh, you know,
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why? oh, we can't share that information. did someone file a complaint? we can't share that information. was it random? maybe it was random. they're so secretive about it. tell us. tell us who complained or if it's random, have a public drawing of the random ones. the groups and individuals don't have that stigma that comes with an irs audit. and once we learned the pattern of this, well, then it seemed like it was time to talk about it. because people feel isolated and so stigmatized when they're audited. now we're learning there was a pattern, there were huge numbers of conservative groups denied the exemption and i believe it's probably large numbers of groups who were audited unfairly as we were. there was not any reason in the world to audit the clear booth policy institute. the first thing they asked, greta, they asked for the names of all contributors and the amounts of money they gave. you know they can't get that. that is private information. we had to fight and fight to secure the privacy of our
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supporters. >> i think there's even case law in the supreme court about asking for the names of the membership which prevents it. at least that was improper question. >> yes. >> the naacp versus alabama was the case. >> right. >> the president has said that this stuff about the irs, their phony -- it's a phony scandal. and you say what? >> i say our whole tax sis them america is based on the cooperation of the american people. but we've seen now, we've seen that the irs is really a political institution and i say the irs deserves the lack of confidence that american people really have in it now. >> the president is dismissive saying that you and others are just sort of, you're -- everybody else is drumming this up, that it's silly and phony. >> it's not going to work. the irs is a huge bureaucracy that spreads fear in the hearts of individuals and organizations. when they gang up on one particular part of people, of
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conservative people and conservative groups, there's nothing phony about that. it's abuse of governmental power. >> michelle, thank you very much. good luck. >> thanks. okay. well you've just heard from two groups who say they were targeted by the irs and the obama administration still sticking to its line. calling the irs targeting a phony scandal. just yesterday, treasury second jack lieu defending repeated use of the word phony. >> i think that the piece that the president was referring to is after weeks and weeks of investigations, ig investigations, justice department investigations, congressional hearings, there's no evidence of any political involvement in the decisions leading up to that situation. so the attempts to continue to raise this question in the absence of any evidence is what he was referring to. i think that politics being what it is, it will probably continue. but we have to distinguish reality from the part that is phony. >> former senior adviser
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president reagan, pat buchanan joins us. good evenihey, greta. >> jack lew or secretary lew went through a litany of investigations none of which has been completed but nonetheless is ongoing. your thoughts about what the secretary and president obama and even the press secretary are saying about phony scandals essentially? >> first, let me say bringing up the leadership institute, first audit, was it in 30 years, clear booth louis institute, first audit in 20 years, both in 2011. hundred tea party groups slow walked beginning in 2010. this is done for three years. this is no accident. this is clearly some kind of policy directive and i think it's going forward as a consequence of basically the vendetta that's been conducted against the tea party starting back in 2010 where you would have thought listening to television that we're dealing with people trying to pull off a -- let me mention now that
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this idea of a phony scandal. it's not a phony scandal. the president knows it. his numbers are going down. the respect for the irs is going down. people are following this story. it's continuing along. but they're not getting much help from the mainstream media because it doesn't fit the script. >> you know what i don't understand, pat, is that -- is why, if someone accused me of being the head of a government or an agency or whatever of having a phony scandal and i were completely blameless, i would say, you know what, let's get to the bottom of this. let's dig in. let really have that "transparency" and see what happened. let's identify the people who are doing this. instead to demean the people who are wronged and saying it's phony, these two women, we haven't had a full investigation but they ought to at least be heard. >> not only should be heard. i would hope that representative issa would call for the entire file of the audits of both
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institutions to see if it was from some kind of random selection or it was deliberately targeted. it's odd that both are targeted in 2011. i can tell you what the jack lew and yes the president are doing right now. they're saying to themselves, look, this is a political problem now. some of our guys did something wrong. what we got to do is give nothing more than what they subpoena and can get from us. they're out to damage us. our administration, our reputation. this is sort of like something of a cover-up. they're not going to give out any more information because they've concluded it's political and basically, they concluded it hurts them and they're not going to cooperate. >> i think it would be very helpful if the irs would at least and they can just give us the political numbers. how many liberal groups and how many conservative groups. that would give us some idea. if they're both about equal. then we move to whether or not the irs is targeting people with no legitimate reason. >> exactly right. >> as we go to the next story,
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targeting people for -- just to be abusive is bad. but the first question is whether it's political or not. >> it is. but look, these are very famous -- not famous, they're very well-known respected conservative institutions. none of them is known as any kind of radical. the leadership institute, clear booth loose institute. the latter, i've made small contributions to. my sister speaks to them at girls, women in colleges and things. the idea that they've been targeted, they say it's a coincidence. you're exactly right. let's find out how many of these major political institutions, liberal, conservative, progressive, whatever, were targeted in 2011. let's get the whole list out. that's what representative issa and his staff, because he's a busy man, ought to be doing. >> you know, to me it's sort of mean to make -- whether these women are right or not, they truly believe it. and to demean them and act like it's just phony, you know, it's sort of -- to me, it's like i wouldn't do that.
10:15 pm
i would take them seriously, investigate it and see whether they're right or not. but i wouldn't be dismissive. they truly believe they've been targeted. they may very well have been. i welcome any liberal group on who has been targeted. it's just nasty. >> yeah. what i would do, if i were jack lew and said, look, this happened. that's right, we did the audits and they were random and let's have congress come on in and take a look at the entire file and the paper trail of both these institutions and we want to show you a couple other respective liberal and moderate institutions we also audited because we do this every year, et cetera. come on out and do it. >> in may the president said it was very serious, this is a very serious matter. now he says it's phony. what in the world happened between early may and now? it was so serious and getting to the bottom of it. you tell me. >> he's gone straight into political mode. look, i was in nixon's white house during watergate. i was in reagan's white house
10:16 pm
during iran-contra. i can tell you the mind-set there is this. they're saying, look, that was a mess out there what the irs did. how could they have done it. we might have have been berating the tea party and cult rattly or psychologically so people did it. now they're trying to hurt us. don't give them anything more and counterattack. that's what's going on in my judgment on the part of the president of the united states. it is hurting him and it's hurting the irs. i think that's one of the reasons you're getting the attitude we're getting from president obama. he is sinking in the polls and it's getting to him. >> pat, thank you. >> thank you, greta. now, irs employees are going to make sure you comply with obama care or else. but guess what? they don't want it for themselves. so what's good for the goose is not good for the gander? chief political correspondent byron york joins us. good evening, byron. >> good evening, greta. >> what seems to be the problem? >> this story had origin in
10:17 pm
april. there were news reports that the leaders in congress were talking among themselves about a possible plan, top secret plan to exempt members of congress and their staff from the exchanges that are going to be part of obama care. and this caused a lot of concern, republicans in particular were very upset about it. so representative dave camp, he's a republican head of the house ways and means committee actually, filed a bill which would forbid members of congress, their staff, the president, the vice president and lots of federal employees from being able to get out of these exchanges in obama care and the idea that if they're going to pass this law, they need to be subject to it. now, what's happened is, a number of the unionized workers at the irs have written a letter asking that they not be affected by this. of course, camp's bill hasn't gone anywhere yet. but they want to make sure they remain part of the federal employees health benefits
10:18 pm
program which they're happy with and don't want anything to do with the exchanges of obama care. >> how can that possibly be fair? i mean, it's -- there's something inherently wrong with the people who are going to come down on any american who doesn't get a mandate at the irs. don't give me obama care, i don't want it. but you know what, i'm going to stick you with it. if you don't buy it, i'm going to penalize you. i don't want it for myself because i know it's horrible? >> yeah. it's particularly ironic since the irs will be the organization that's going to be enforcing all of obama care. for democrats, of course, it does -- the ones who voted for obama care, it raises questions of hypocrisy that they want this for the nation and not for themselves. especially since a lot of critics believe that the health care program is essentially designed to eventually push people into the exchanges. because someday when there is an employer mandate, of course the
10:19 pm
president delayed it by a year. when there is an employer mandate, it's basically going to tell employers, large employers at that they have to provide health care for their workers or pay a fine. the fine will be less than the cost of providing the health care which a lot of people think will just cause those business owners to make a rational decision and put people out on the exchanges. >> i don't get the insanity of the democrats who voted for obama care and even the irs enforcing it and making everybody in america do it for whatever reason and they themselves saying but not me. i don't know about you. i think it's outrageous. >> you know the groups that had really good health care programs, like the federal employee health benefits program, like a number of unions that had the so-called -- >> that we paid for. we paid for the hilt benefits that they liked so well they don't want to give up. >> they want it so much, exactly. some of the unions, other unions are unhappy because they have cadillac or gold plated plans.
10:20 pm
>> but the difference is, at least they're paying for their own. it's when the federal politicians who voted it, who like what we pay for, for them, but they don't want to be stuck with it and the irs that's enforcing it and put a penalty on everyone's head who doesn't do it, if they themselves don't want to. i think they're way out of line. i'm taking the last word on that one, byron. okay, greta. should the group that enrolls people in obama care have tax exempt status? the latest on a new complaint filed. the latest live from france. incredible story. a diamond heist worthy of a hollywood thriller. that coming up. another scandal involves the real housewives. not fiction. the scandal everyone is talking about. that's coming up. ♪ hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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okay. listen to this question. should the group that enrolled people in obama care have tax exempt status? one government watchdog group says absolutely not. and is filing a complaint with the irs. cause of action is executive director dan epstein joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> first tell us what is cause of action? >> cause of action is a government accountability group here in washington that's dedicated to fighting government overreach, waste fraud and mismanagement and cronyism in our federal government. >> is it partisan? do you get donations from one party or another. is there a way to figure out which side you're on, on this? >> we're organized as a nonpartisan, nonprofit. we're committed to fighting for greater transparency and accountability in the federal government. that's ultimately why we have focused on enroll america. we've investigated nonprofits and tax exempt entities that receive federal funds and may
10:25 pm
misuse them or may abuse their tax exempt status. we're concerned that enroll america is doing just that. >> what exactly is enroll america? >> enroll america is a tax exempt entity created to enroll americans in uninsured americans in health insurance. and its purpose is to enroll. we have charities in the united states, most american charities are either scientific, religious or educational and enroll america doesn't fit any of those groupings. it's ultimately advised by the corporations on its board, like pharmaceuticals company, blue cross/blue shield of california to enroll individuals who are not insured in health care insurance that's going to benefit those companies, not the american people. >> i mean, that's sort of the hook on the whole thing. isn't it? the fact that they're essentially almost sales persons for pharmaceutical and insurance people are going to make money,
10:26 pm
they're not exactly out there for the public good. it looks like the fox is guarding the chicken coop a little bit. >> that's right. enroll america's main campaign is called get america covered. and it uses both campaigns on the ground as well as enormous amounts of seven-figure ad buys to do one thing and that is to get more americans enrolled. that is not a charitable purpose. that's a financial benefit. >> do you have any idea who their big donors are? >> well, we know that h&r block has given them contributions. we also know that the rob erred wood johnson foundation of johnson & johnson has given them $13 million. in addition to all of that, they have corporate backers who have used enroll america as a pitch point for the obama administration. kathleen sebelius has done a lot of lobbying on behalf of this organization. there's legitimate questions as to whether this organization is
10:27 pm
really just a funnel for lobbying activities. >> when you say h&r block, the first thing i think about is it's going to be managed, this health care through the irs. so i don't know. maybe i'm in a suspicious mood tonight. >> well, you know, i think in many ways we should be suspicious. because this is an organization that has enormous political backing, enormous amounts of money going towards it. it's going to be in charge of really managing billions of our tax dollars come october. >> all right. when are you filing the complaint with the irs? >> we filed it today. it's ultimately going to the exempt organization's division, the same division that unfortunately, engaged in some partisan tactics. we're hopeful that they will review the facts that we raised and ultimately determine that there's reasonable belief to proceed with a further investigation and ultimately revoke enroll america's tax exempt status. dan, i hope you come back and we'll see if they're sitting on it forever or if they rule on it one way or the other.
10:28 pm
at least if they rule on it, you can appeal. you're stuck if they don't. now to the hot button issue. should enroll america have tax exempt status or not? go to greta and vote in our poll. and coming up, this will or at least should unglue you. dead people getting millions and millions and millions of dollars from the federal government. that means you. tax dollars. your hard earned tax dollars getting paid to dead people. that's coming up. not even oceans 11 sequel. a massive jewelry heist going on. the latest from the fr
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10:33 pm
now, how can that be? the hill's eric washington joins us. eric, good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> i come from a farm state. i love farmers. good hard working people. are we really paying taxpayers money to dead farmers? >> it looks that way. the government accountability office, the investigative arm of congress came out with a report today saying it could be up to $35 million or more going to dead farmers. basically, the u.s. department of agriculture has not put the proper systems in place to keep track of where the money is going. they need to compare the money to the social security -- and parts are not doing that. >> i don't know how this could possibly happen. frankly, so the irony is that the farmers that i know back home from wisconsin, they're practical people, they watch their money. they're like -- probably the last people who want to see tax dollars go to something like this. what is the secretary of agriculture doing? why isn't someone paying attention to this? >> the point is, about in 2007,
10:34 pm
the g.a.o. came out and said over the past 12 years, the government paid about $1 billion it estimated to dead people. it's getting better. but they're not fully implementing the recommendations. one of the big problem areas is crop insurance. the government pays crop insurance premiums directly to insurance companies and the risk management agency is not up to the level of other parts of the usda in keeping up with this. >> where is the money going? the dead farmers can't cash the checks. is someone getting the money? >> it is going -- we have direct deposit in this day and age. it's going direct deposit. there have been signatures that mysteriously appeared after people have been -- also it's going directly to insurance companies and gets lost in the shuffle. >> going to insurance companies. doesn't get lost in the shuffle. they know if the money is not going out. if i ran the justice department, there would be an investigation, see whether insurance companies are deliberately looking the other way and taking that money. >> you know, another thing,
10:35 pm
greta, this comes at a really bad time for the big agricultural lobby here in town. the house and senate have been trying to pass a farm bill to reauthorize these programs, pay about $20 billion in subsidies and a lot more in food stamps. the house barely passed a bill this month by three votes. 216 votes. >> >>eric where is the overiet on that. congress is sitting there figuring out who is voting for what. the congressional oversight is -- the secretary isn't doing his job. the congress isn't doing oversight and insurance companies know they're getting a lot of extra money. >> hopefully congress will take a look at this after the gao's come out with the report and maybe someone is watching the show now and gets an idea to hold a hearing. i'm glad i read your article. thank you,erik, loved your article. >> thanks, greta. now to a broad daylight
10:36 pm
diamond heist. $136 million worth. snatched from a glitzy french riviera hotel. tonight the hunt is on for the thief. grn reporter joins us from paris with the latest. katherine, what is the latest on this heist? >> the latest we know is that police are investigating, they're following up every lead that they possibly can. what they have given us, greta, is a lot more information about what actually went down at lunchtime over the weekend. what they're telling us is that the thief acted alone in broad daylight. he entered from the street through a french window that opened directly into the wing of the hotel where the exhibition was being held. he was wearing gloves, a baseball cap and a scarf to mask his face. he stuffed a small suitcase with jewels that were part of the exhibition and then just fled on foot. police are saying that he net all kind of different jewelry, rings, pendants and earrings
10:37 pm
encrusted with diamonds. they say the holdup took place in about a minute, which is quite extraordinary. >> you know what i think is peculiar, in the last three months they had another big jewel heist there. yet, they had three unarmed security there. you think they would know better by then. to me, it looks like an inside job. how would someone know so much, when the jewels would be placed in the case and know how to slip in, slip out. i'm very suspicious that this one came from the inside. >> that is of course what they're looking at. the fact that somebody knew that this particular exhibition did not have outside security guards. they are saying that the police are a little bit furious because they weren't alerted in advance of this exhibition taking place. organizers said they had their own security guards. i mean, let's face it. the hotel is one of the world's most exclusive hotels. in the summer, beautiful summer months, it attracts arab princess, russian millionaires.
10:38 pm
don't forget, greta, this place is famous for jewel heists. not forget, if you're a movie buff, you know it as the location for alfred hitchcock's film about a jewel thief operating in the french riviera to catch a thief starring cary grant and grace kelly. >> we have less than a minute left. whose jewels were these? >> these jewels belonged to a diamond house. they were on show. they were obviously going to be sold at some stage. they were there ready to be sold whenever a buyer came along. a lot of people do follow the jewelry business at the moment. the diamonds are so valuable as you say. but police say, one area that they will be going down is looking at this renowned pink panther jewel thief gang. the story only gets better. this network of thieves apparently one of the prime suspects that held up about 100
10:39 pm
luxury stores around the wofrld in the last ten years. interpol says they've been on the radar since 1999. >> katherine, thank you. fascinating story. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, there is new information tonight about benghazi. someone is getting ready to talk to congress. congressman jason chaffetz will tell you who is talking. the city of detroit may be bankrupt, but the city seemed ready for some lavish spending. wait until you hear on what and ♪ humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems.
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stadium on ice. they're moving ahead for a $440 million arena for the red wings despite the financial crisis. where is the money coming from? >> the legislature approved the funding for the arena. advocates say the project will
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two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? new information tonight about the investigation into what happened at benghazi. republican lawmakers have been pressing the military to allow key commander to testify. this week, it's going to happen. colonel george bristol will appear before congress. congressman jason chaffetz joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. what do you want to have the colonel asked, what types of questions? >> well, he held a key position. you look at the chain of
10:45 pm
command, what happened in benghazi. he was in charge of special forces for north africa. the pentagon hit him for a long time. they told us repeatedly over a long period of time that this person had retired. they didn't have an e-mail or an address. they couldn't get in contact with him. then, voila, it ends up he was still on active duty. now, he's finally on wednesday going to appear before the armed services committee. ha did he know? when did he know it? what was his involvement? what did he know in the lead-up to benghazi, what happened that night and was anything nefarious going on with the cover-up? >> are you telling me that the military lied, pretended that he was unavailable and hid him from you? >> i don't know how many 35-year veterans or 35-year people, colonels, full bird colonel there in the -- somebody actively involved in the marines is mistakenly identified as somebody who is retired, that they couldn't identify him, didn't know where he was.
10:46 pm
ends up he was in woodbridge, a few miles south of washington, d.c., had not yet retired. i find that a bit curious in the whole string of things that have happened. add it to the list of incompetence or deception. it's one or the other. they didn't let us know where he was. they said he actually still is involved. >> which are you suspicious, incompetence or deceitful? >> the fact that we're getting into 11 months. we have four dead americans and don't have an administration to give us the truth. we have a deposition tomorrow, nobody knows about this. it's going to happen. we have a document dump today from the state department, today. they were supposed to -- >> who is being deposed tomorrow? >> well, we'll have to get that later because i agreed not to share their name. but they're going to be coming out. we've been doing these depositions in regular order. we've been trying to get as much information out there. we have to go do subpoenas,
10:47 pm
chairman issa has been good at doing this. we said we'll could a formal interview. but that will happen tomorrow. >> all right. the colonel is going to testify behind closed doors as i understand it. why in the world are you doing it -- will it be done behind closed doors? why not do it open, transparency and if there's something that comes up classified, you can throw everybody out, it's done all the time. instead, there's a sort of washington disease where everything has to be classifieds going on. >> it is a real problem. the overclassification of so many documents and hearings. i think this will be a good precursor. as you see the congress getting into the fall, i know chairman issa, myself, others we're going to have a series of open transparent, in front of the american people hearings on benghazi. >> how about starting wednesday? >> how about starting wednesday with the colonel? >> i didn't set this up. i'm not the chairman of the armed services committee.
10:48 pm
hopefully, they're kind enough to invite me to this meeting. yes, this will be a classified meeting x as we've had other classified ones. i want them in the open. >> i urge every person watching this to write his congressman and senator and stop all this business about everything being classified because it's very, very suspicious to me. anyway, congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. straight ahead, big trouble for two stars of the real housewives of new jersey. are they at risk of trading in their mansions for prison cells? the latest, that's next. >>. >> [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business.
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>> greta: okay, everyone it's time to hash it out. just when the thought real housewives of new jersey couldn't get anymore, well, real, new york post reporting real housewives star hit with an indictment. yes. hit with a dose of reality. the controversial couple now facing charges of bank fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. also, failing to file tax
10:53 pm
returns they can face up to 50 years in the slammer. and remember, our favor rilt grumpy cat? she now has coffee. people magazine reporting grumpy cat gets a coffee drink. she'll probably hate it. the internet sensation has a tasty beverage. the name? grumpaccino, of course. why the long face? and warren buffet channeling willy wonka? warren buffet auctions off all you can eat tour of see's candy. yes, auctioning a tour of the candy store to benefit communities and schools of los angeles. bidding reached $30,000 we hope dental visits are covered under obama care. and mr. robinson did not get the golden ticket maybe willy wonka chocolate isn't enough.
10:54 pm
huffington post reporting a 12-year-old writes bad checks for $3300 worth of candy. yes, caught writing 21 bad checks she was caught and had to repay every penny. and caught, well norkt red handed more like green handed woman arrested for paint vandalism. they caught the vandal who splattered green paint on the washington memorial. okay. now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use hash tag greta don't forget to follow me on twitter skrks gretawire. coming up, rush limbaugh outraged. what has rush so fired up, or, should i say, who?
10:55 pm
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10:59 pm
blame. >> the sole reason for the plight of the middle class is barack obama. nine million fewer jobs. and an assault on the private sector where jobs are created. down sidesing of the private sector. claiming more and more of it. and putting it under government control. he's increasing the costs and regulations and taxes on the business so they have less discretion nairy income to pay people with or hire people with. the value of peoples' homes have plummeted. wages aren't going up. discretion nairy income is shrinking. reliance on some sort of government welfare is on the rise and it a rapid rate this the result of focused poll says the last four and a half years authored by barack obama and the democrats.
11:00 pm
>> greta: that is one of the things we'll ask rush limbaugh about tomorrow night he will be here tomorrow night to go on the record. a full hour of rush limbaugh. hello, i'm andrea tantaros with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." the clintons are being drawn into the anthony weiner sexting scandal. new york post says they're, quote, livid about it. evidently hillary doesn't like being compared to anthony's wife huma. you remember, hillary stayed with bill after his sex ka paids, and she's standing by herman after he sent messages to a bunch of young women on the web. it is not just the


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