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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 30, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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abu dab ee. our fax dollars going there, not here at home. that's it for us at "the five." see you back here tomorrow. "special report" is up next. welcome to "red eye." it's like naked and if by naked you mean afraid and by afraid you mean naked. let's go to andy levy. what's on tonight's show? >> our top stories, a private eye says bye to bill or hillary. oh, my. all of this as year two of we weiner watch. they're guilty of having a free 911. we'll have a debate straight ahead. a british want to be model sues someone for making her breasts
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to big. >> thanks, andy. >> you betcha. >> i once owned a weiner watch. >> is that right? >> yeah, cheap. >> did it keep good time? >> it did. >> let's welcome or guests. she's so sharp she's not allowed on life rafts. screw you, life raft. i'm here with kennedy. her new book, "the kennedy chronicle" comes out tuesday. that's today because we're live right now and if hilarity were a game of ping pong, i'd smack his balls with a paddle. "in vogue" comes out tuesday, which is today, because we're live. and he's a greeter at landfills. bill schultz. and he can strangle you with his
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eyelids. my former cia operative, gilley began napkin holders, bottle caps. think dilligan, we don't just kill you, we kill you and everyone you've ever met. >> the lede, that's the first story, all yours, rumple stilts skin. >> the clintons want nothing to do with his crotch. according to the new york post which is owned by our parent company, bill and hillary are furious with team weiner's attempts to compare his reckless sexting. the clintons are pissed off that weiner's campaign is saying that
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huma is like hillary. how dare they compare huma with hillary? he was the pervyperp himself. his campaign manager has quit. speaking of clandestine relationships. sometimes love can happen in prison. i think that dog means well. >> looked like a coyould yoteco. >> here's where i'm getting at. if he hired an investigator to
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find the guilty party and he was guilty, isn't that illegal? that's fraud. >> that's my favorite part of the story. he paid for it alleged lip with campaign contributions. $43,000 to a private investigations form. obviously anthony didn't hear about diligence. we are there for all of your security needs. we would have started the investigation and we would have realized anthony was sending those texts and we would have put that into an invoice and charged him $23,000. >> have you ever had a client that says i'm going to pretend to hire you to pretend to find a bad guy which is indeed me to prove to other people which is not me and it is me. never that. you will get people in somewhat of a dodgy background who will say, look, i want you to do an investigation of me, tell me
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everything that's out there. >> you did that for ducy. >> i did that for epsilon. >> he's a thug. >> kennedy. >> yes. >> i don't think you've been with us since the latest weiner stuff. >> i'm on the second week. >> what's your overall assessment? >> my overall assessment is this guy is such a predator of all the scandalized politicians. the fillners, the spitzers. total hypocrite. i think the fact that he's such a predator and he's so fresh off his first scandal. he's texting women. it wasn't mark foley suggestive subtle, sweet. >> yeah. >> i miss mark foley. i loved him. this is a guy who is taking pictures of his naked turgid and sending them to 22-year-old. >> naked turgid would be a great
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band name. >> and k.d. >> and k.d. back when they had the original singer. narcotic could he lep particular so they're getting this new guy, all he does is laugh. anyway, i'm doing a parallel to a band from the '90s. tom, were you shocked at the campaign manager? what happened to loyalty? why would you quit? the only reason to be the campaign manager for anthony weiner is to do something that's undoable. the guy, just starting his career and now he's sunk. you know why? never hire this guy because he bales. he bales on you at the most -- did he think he was innocent a month ago? >> yeah. >> when did he decide to bail? >> yeah. >> he should have done it last week. >> the campaign manager who quit
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of whom you speak worked with hillary clinton on her 2008 -- >> that's it. >> that's another reason. >> baker. >> he told her -- >> they called him and told him to quit. now i know why. also, stay on for possible hires. this is going to have stories. >> the reason to get hired. >> can i tell you something right now? i have the best huma gossip that i cannot share. >> come on, you can't say that. >> do the rhyming game. >> this is the thing that would get me in ubletrey. >> go to the break and you'll punch me. >> i'll do the rhyming game with our viewing public in b block. >> let's stop toying with the audience with information that we can't -- >> is there any better tv? >> here's my theory before we move on. the reason why weiner is doing
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this because he needs to create more of a pass for his kid because now all his offspring is going to get is you're the kid of a stupid idiot. he's trying to create a path. one little aspect. i almost kind of feel bad for him. i feel like he's trying to do this to obliterate. >> that's very for giving. >> the newest sexting victim emerges and says there's probably like 15 more. you can't be a mayor. this is an international scandal. by the way, in my book, which comes out today. i performed a sexual act on the microphone. the mayor was so quick to react
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to distance himself. if he were not completely aroused, it would be okay. >> that's a good point. it all speaks to ultimately whether it's this or mayor fillner or clinton who is the elder states man of the democratic party. it all speaks to the ability of where we can separate character from a public servant as if character doesn't matter. i don't know where we got that. >> got that from you. >> as i was writing on my blog not only was he using campaign funds for the investigation, they're now saying he might have used campaign funds from the nuptuals between him and huma. can we zoom in when i do that. that means when he went to paying for a sham investigation
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he also paid for a sham weddings. >> can i just tell the cameraman, you don't always have to do what bill says. >> my goodness. >> all right. from one mess to the rest. are celebrities drunk or texting their junk? anthony weiner has plenty of company. there were tons of stars. tony parker and eva longoria split after a 19-year-old woman claims she texted her saying do you want a sexier one still. >> please. >> david ducovey and paille leone ended it after he found explicit messages from billy bob thornton. ryan and reese witherspoon split
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after she found explicit messages. and then tiger woods. let's not forget our only andy levy and his scandalous relationship with a nani. >> keep it going. have the cat do it. >> you think that was rigged, kennedy? >> i think that whole thing is rigged. >> you ruined the magic. >> all right. stop. >> thank you very much for that. tom, has sexting declined in light of weiner? will a scandal in a way surface a giant psa. >> it can only increase as we go into the future because people are definitely getting worse. what is it about technology that makes people think they can do stupid things?
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>> yes. imagine in the '70s a guy taking a picture of his penis with his passport next to it and sending it to photo mat and saying, send it to everyone you know. >> how is this any different than going to a park and you see somebody you like and you flash yourself. >> nobody does that. >> that's totally different. >> at least i know i have five different websites in order to get those super hot australian rugby players who i have twin brothers. oh, hot flashes. i knew something was good when all of my gay friends on facebook started putting up pictures of this guy. >> if you put up five different pictures, why do you have to go to different websites? >> because it's blurred. you have to search that out. if you're dumb enough to show your junk to a woman via text
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message, you zdeserve what life is going to give you. >> i think that baker, sexting i guess kind of illustrates human biology, the fact that human biology -- no, the male drive always causes you to do i had did i otic things. especially if you mix with drinking. it makes you do dumb things. you'll be in a bar and you'll try to talk up a girl or you'll try to hit on -- whatever. >> but to tom's point -- >> nothing captures the mindset of a man in the tlal of id. >> i'm on the right -- the more we progress technologically the more we devolve. the more ease of technology we get. >> the stupid things you used to do for example when we were younger were confined to the
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neighborhood, the school, maybe if you did something really stupid the community. >> the pentagon. what your sentence ended up being. >> my point is with the technology and the advances, not only do people feel okay, i don't understand that, now it's national, international. it never goes away. it expands the embarrassment. that has to do with the desensitizing of everyone. >> people are still shocked. >> you will get websites that laugh about it, say it's no big deal that michael jordan's son just tweeted his penis i guess two days ago. >> i heard about this. did he tweet his own or his dad's? >> tony parker's. >> gross. >> i think the behavior itself isn't really what gets us. i think clinton and weiner both, they didn't just do the behavior, they held press conferences, they trashed other
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people. >> right. cover up. >> that's why we want to hold them accountable. they used their office. >> weiner speakieeking the mayo so soon. this was 2011. clinton waited five years. >> i want to get bill into this. you were sending unwanted sex to bill jarrett. you were scribbling it in blood. >> i shouldn't have used blood. it's so easily traceable. that generation does not care. >> they can't afford to live here. >> they cannot. >> do you want to zoom? >> i want to move on because i'm getting bored. from sexting to perplexing, is it a federal case? we told you about an arizona
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high school where kids were supposed to spoof duck dynasty. one student wore a confederate flag as a cape angering some people. while the student removed the cape, that wasn't enough. a reverend filed a complained. now the d.o.e. says they have the authority to investigate the allegation. this is a long story. the department noted that the confederate flag is protected by the first amendment but they'll still look at whether other stuff created a racially hostile environment. speaking of which, this morning an os trish tried to mate with my honda.
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>> if you've never soon an ostrich mate with a honda, this is it. >> my wife told me not to do that. >> third time i've seen that, baker. >> is this federal civil rights investigation really necessary? >> no, of course it's not. this is insane. and this comes from someone who lives in idaho. so every friday is redneck day. and i mean that in a good way. i would gladly spend my time with rednecks rather than the morons from the department of education. this is pathetic. >> kennedy -- >> when i first read the story i thought that they were worried that white people were offended because it was white trash day a and, no, that wasn't the case. it wasn't come to school with the person you most admire. they were hillbillies, rednecks. >> i don't know. >> you don't know. what don't you know?
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you think maybe they had something to this investigation? >> i think that's, you know, investigate benghazi, that's what i say, tom. >> isn't it ironic, greg, that all of this time the administration keeps talking about phony scandals. we've been witnessing phone ji candles with the phony outrage. there is no more racism. the fact is, racism, we might as well say there's no more racism because racism is so small. it's trumped by the phony charges of racismnt of where it doesn't exist. >> i've got to get bill into this because we don't have much time. you ended up at a phony sandals. you bought -- you should have known it was really cheap. >> well, it said for couples only. i should have known there. i would argue this isn't offensive to people of color at all. what was the guy doing? he was wearing it as a cape.
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that doesn't sound like a respectful thing to do to the confederacy. he wrapped it around his greasy neck and you're supposed to think that that's somehow boosting the confederacy to something good. >> you northerners are very, very worried about all of this. >> we are yankees. >> coming up, what should you do if you're bitten by a poisonous snake. mike baker discusses his new book. if you're me, it's sit back and watch the snake die. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah super large breasts. i'd like to thank lou doss for that piece. >> announcer: and now it's time for the daily llama. this has been the daily llama.
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should their votes make them goats? in 2011 the house of reps, which is my favorite gym, passed a bill that had the metta data collection. last week the house barely voted down a program that would have killed it. this time 50 who two years ago voted to authorize it. former george w. bush speech write jer pointed out the flip-flop. he adds that collecting this meta data closes the loop that made the 9/11 attacks possible. anyway, i prefer to focus on this.
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>> by the way, i meant to say nsa, not tsa, the person who made that mistake in the prompter is now going to be punished at my apartment. that's how i do it. >> lucky. >> my monday. he said when terrorist attacks succeed members of congress are the first to demand that intelligence officials need to explain why they failed to, quote, connect the dots. if the program is taken away they need to explain it. >> i'm so tired of the morons we're sending to capitol hill. it's about whatever is politically expaid yent.
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this had nothing to do with the problem, this is what the public was upset about. the great washington game is the congressmen and senators get briefed in on programs constantly. they always know about these things. it's not as if this is the first time they've heard about the nsa programs. they were given a lot of information about these things and the pact they have is when something is exposed in the press, they run to the podium and they express outrage and they demand answers the whole time knowing exactly what the hell's been going on. we put up with it. it kind of goes back to the whole thing of lowering expectations that we talked about before with weiner and the others. >> we just don't care, do we? >> we don't put up with it, mike. we don't put up with it. >> i put up with it. >> go ahead. >> we don't put up with it. we are doing a story and kpl complain about it. >> where do you stand? >> in the summer of 2001 they
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had messages from two of the hijackers. they do the test with the emergency system, show us this information. >> kennedy. >> this is what i will say. thank god for people like justin amash. it failed. it didn't pass. it failed. >> thank god for him. >> thank god for him and rand paul. >> this is a shoddy debate. >> they're right when they make the point, we should be spying, we should be gathering intelligence on terrorists and not all-americans and all phone records and all phone calls. hiding behind the shield of 9/11 for every single political opportunity that comes up be it national security or otherwise is going very tiresome. you know what i like about this -- >> the whole thing, 9/11 is growing very tiresome. >> absolutely not. i interviewed some police
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officers in north loss veg gays say they and their families deserve retirement because of 9/11. >> well, yeah, that's kind of a strange place to go with that whole rant there. >> no, it's not. >> no one's arguing that because of 9/11 we should shut down all civil liberties. >> you are. by the way -- >> let me ask you this. do you believe everything that edward snowden and his advocates and drum beater glenn greenwald have said? >> no. in fact, i think a lot of what snowden's done is very narcissistic. i think that there is -- there's a need for people like that. it's not necessarily with top secret security clearance at those levels within the federal government because they happen to know more technologically than other people that should have that kind of clearance, but i don't disagree with the notion that rand paul and justin mosh
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are putting forward that you don't need to be spying on all-americans and where does it end? and by the way, the other thing is under informed congress people. wow. what a shock. and yet they were briefed and they could have known this if they had paid attention and if they had read the legislation. >> the point was they were informed, they did know about it and they do this. >> then they are hypocrites. >> that was my point. >> i agree with you. >> here's the thing. we have to go. i have under two minutes already here. i have a problem with saying people are spying on people without defining what spying is. if you are looking at data points, that's not spying. to me, kennedy, that's not spying. that's like looking at license plates. >> despite what snowden and a lot of people who have gone completely crazy over this issue and have never been involved in investigations and never peek the behind a curtain to see what the hell goes on, this is not the end of the world. this is not the destruction of all civil liberties. >> it's the erosion of civil lib
12:29 am
bhert tis and that's where it starts. >> every time i do a web search -- if i search for women in wellies and shorts, the next day i see ads for that. >> interethere's a difference b looking at private companies and invasion on facebook. the fact that the federal government is doing it, there is a massive disconnect. >> we should always ask about it. we should always have the discussion but you know what, you know what stops that from happening from an over reaching government is an engaged public and dysfunctional congress, it's not some person sitting in the airport. you should always have this dialogue. >> i like that it's bipartisan. i like that people like ron widen are getting as involved as those dangerous libertarian congressmen. >> kids, i've got to go. i'm sorry, bill, we didn't get
12:30 am
to you. >> i think we should raise awareness after having a dialogue. >> i like that and then a national conversation. >> thank you. >> we've got to take a break. when we come back, we've got lots more stuff. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle
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all right. can she only rise after cutting ties. lindsay lohan is reporting to ditch friends who are a toxic influence as she near the ends
12:34 am
of her rehab. she made two list of pals, good and bad. out of her 100 acquaintances, she has 100? 80 will get the axe. she will kill them all with an axe. >> what? >> that's the only way she can get better, bill. there was a therapy session about toxic friends and influences. that was the title of this show before bill hammer dropped out as a host. such a jerk, that bill hammer. >> lightening round. lightening round. >> i kind of want to keep talking about the tsa, nra, or nsa. i love hammer. isn't hammer critical of lindsay lohan when theoretically every person she knows would put her on the bad person list? >> okay.
12:35 am
toxic persons list? by the way, it's the person who can score stuff in the middle of the night when she's really craving it. >> yes. >> it goes from good to fantastic. >> they'll pull the list out of her dumpster after she throws it away. >> it's all guys that had brief stints in sit comcoms in the '9. baker, which you do, look like steven dorf, and would you take the bad list? >> you have to do something with the little bastards. >> lindsay lohan, every kid should be encouraged. what you want kids to do, she's only in her 20s. >> she's 12. >> you want them to associate with people that are going to pull them up. that's what you should do anyway, even you. >> she could be the -- what i'm saying is baloney. she could be the bad influence.
12:36 am
>> if she's making a -- i can't believe i'm talking about lindsay lohan. >> no. my point being is -- >> you love her? >> everybody should surround themselves with people who lived them up, not tear them down. that's what i'm trying to say. >> richard simmons. >> you're an expert on child stars who take a wrong turn. you have to respect this step towards recovery, yes? >> this is the most invigorating. the big surprise, the 27-year-old actress, she's 27. >> she looks 47. >> i thut she was 45. >> come on, guys. who are you talking about? >> i'm talking about that light that we just shown up there heavily air brushed. >> bill, you also made a cut list but it's parts of your body you plan to cut while you're in the >> a, cool, and, b, it's th only way i can feel, i bram you for that. if she's going to make a toxic friends list i think it would behoove her to write down
12:37 am
cocaine, vodka, barbiturates, all kinds of menthol cigarettes. >> we got the appetizers for the party. >> exactly. you know what, her friends aren't forcing her to do that line of cocaine, her nose is. as a matter of fact, put your nose on the list. >> yes, all right. by the way, who has 100 acquaintances? >> you have more? >> that sounds like a paltry list. >> i see ten people. that's about it. no, i see four. >> all right. >> i see dead people. >> all those twitter friends are not real friends? >> i have no real friends. >> i have the guy who runs the deli. >> deli guy. >> i have -- you're so positive by calling that devastating disease a friend. that's the best way to look at it. >> i have the deli guy. i've got the lady who swipes my card when i go to the gym. >> yes. what else do i have? >> counts your reps.
12:38 am
>> counts my reps. lou dobbs. he doesn't talk to me. when we come back, we'll talk about the joy of hate. amazon's copy.
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>> next topic, last week the lincoln memorial was defaced with green paint. shortly after it happened jim carrey took to switer to offer his dumb opinion. green paint on lincoln memorial, people are getting tired of corporate tiern any disguised as democracy. yes, carrey sounds like an occupy protester. i guess i'll have to start not liking him. one thing i f'ing hate is the
12:42 am
use of tyranny and corporate in a sentence. that drives me nuts. i'm not sure who i'm asking. >> by the way, we have soiled the beautiful bronze statue wet of brian maroney. would jim carrey have thrown a fit? no. would will ferrell be claiming that apple is somehow in ka hoot hoots with kim jong-un? >> could baker be trying to reinvent himself as a slightly not so dumb person? >> i don't understand the statement. i don't understand his politics. on the plane coming out here i was on the bulkhead seat and right in front of me i couldn't get away from it was the tv that sits at there and staires at yo. they were playing the wonderful
12:43 am
burt wonder stone. jim carrey plays a part in that. i was ready to jump. >> you travel with a parachute. >> it's in his hair. hey, tom, carrey seems to know what this vandalism was about. did he just admit that he was involved? >> he may have. >> well, he can kiss good-bye the remake of e"mr. smith goes o washington." >> very good quality. i'm hoping i get to play with it. >> you spin your web and you -- oh, dog gone it. oh, that's right. mary. mary o. i think i'm in the wrong movie. >> but keep going. >> the long arm of james taylor just came and he grabbed me by the scruff of neck. dog gone it, some -- some -- some causes were meant to be
12:44 am
fought. you once believed in lost causes. that's right, mr. payne, yeah, i'm in the right movie now. >> mr. payne. dog gone it. you have the lessons won. >> oklahoma. >> a plane. >> bill, you've slept at the lincoln memorial on many cold nights with hobo carl. is corporate tyranny the reason why people vandalize it? >> no, that was my vomit. it was a rough night. not really aiming when you have as much stuff as mohan puts in one. >> i thought the incredible hulk was -- >> she mumbles it so we don't have to bleep it. >> jim carrey is canadian. he's canadian. enough said. gun control, vaccine, sugar, he can take it all and shove it back in the maple syrup coated p
12:45 am
hole. i said it because someone has it. >> i can't believe it. >> all right. that was poetic. if you have a comment on the show, e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something, go to fox news red ooe. >> tonight's post game report is by cadancing. thanks, dancing. geico's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... are... engineer: are... arrrrrr. arrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. honestly, i feel like i nailed that.
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time to go back to andy levy with the post game report. >> thanks, greg, was i gone? >> there was no post game report over the weekend. >> i was there. >> you were here at 9 table. it was interesting. >> smelling? >> what? >> nothing. weiner junk. mike, regarding weiner hiring a private eye. you said you were surprised he hasn't heard of diligence. it sounds like there's a good reason he didn't hire you. >> well, we would have solved the investigation was my point entirely and we wouldn't have charged him that.
12:50 am
we're very good value for the money. >> see, i don't think he wanted the investigation solved, mike. this is what you're missing. i think he found the premiere private eye. >> because it was him. >> he basically probably went on yelp and found the guy with the most one star reviews and hired that dude. >> i see what you're saying. >> i'm still looking -- >> that's entirely possible. >> he should have hired bill schultz. >> i want you to know that i hired william adolf and there's a picture of him with a pipe from his yellow page ad. i'm bill schultz. i solve mysteries. and anthony weiner has to visit him in his tree house. >> detectives only. >> he can't bring his wife because no girls allowed. >> thank you. >> the public official, did ehire a public dick?
12:51 am
>> we don't have to tweet that out because that has dual meanings. >> i was going to say -- >> weiner hires a dick to look for -- >> we'll stop. >> language. >> shall we start over? kennedy, you brought up spitzer who by the way has to be happy hell about all of this. >> he's even calling for weiner to pull out. he said on "hardball" monday night he told chris matthews he would fire a government employee who would engage in behavior like weiner. how wrong is eliot spitzer and bill clinton giving you advice? >> yeah. it adds to the insanity of the entire story. so unsettling. >> can't we just get them to all go away? that's my question. >> it would be nice. >> diligence. >> yes. that's more than $42,000. >> tom, i want to ask you this.
12:52 am
i don't buy the outrage from the clintons, do you? >> well, i mean, you don't buy that it exists? >> no. you think, what, that an aid was just speaking out of turn or -- >> yeah. how in the world could they possibly sit there and go, we are nothing like them? it doesn't make any sense to me. the thing is, i don't even think that they're real people, the clintons. they're like a commie con of ambition. they see this thing caving so they're separating themselves. they're power fetishes. when you are no longer helpful in getting off on power they kind of ask you to leave the party. so the orgie of, i don't know -- >> power fetishes. anthony and huma are the same. >> eyes wide shut. >> yeah. that couple, the guy that you brought to our power orgy, he
12:53 am
took a dump on the sofa. he's got to go. >> it's eyes wide shut with ugly people. that's what washington is. >> you know what eyes wide shut with ugly people is? eyes wide shut. >> no. >> nicole kid man. >> we got to see nicole kid man tingle. take it back. >> i thought they were upset about this because they were outraged that they somehow thought that hump ma was being compared to hillary and hillary or her aid had to list all of the accomplishments of hillary clinton. they were upset because of course huma is not as clever and grandiose as hillary. >> but as bill clinton said at their wedding that huma was like their surrogate daughter. now all of a sudden they're distancing themselves from her. >> which was nice to say with chelsea standing off to the side. >> you're like our beautiful surrogate daughter. the one we always wanted. by the way, the obvious point here which was made earlier on
12:54 am
other shows that rhymes with "the five" the reason they don't like it is it brings up the past. that's all it is. arizona schools redneck day investigated, here's my problem. i have mixed problems. i don't like the confederate flag but i love the idea of capes coming back. >> theme days during prom week. fun. >> i know. >> i want capes to come back. i don't know. kennedy, you said when you first read the story, they were worried about offending white people. that's not the case. >> it was called white trash day. >> red neck day. they are not the ones who complained to the department of education. the guy who did that, by the way, is a former pro tow jay of al sharpton. shocking. tom, you said you might as well say there's no racism because racism is so small, that's silly. >> the point i was trying to make is we don't need to talk fw
12:55 am
racism because it is dwarfed by the phoney. >> easy for a white guy to say. >> greg quoted me in his book. i said the only people who get hurt by racist talk are the people who say it. >> everyone pretends. >> use sign language. >> wait a secretarond. where do you get off calling anthony lieuy a white guy? where's your proof? >> i hired the same investigator that weiner did. >> the pictures can't be faked? >> the nsa programs, the republicans voting to -- >> completely disregarding the operational value of the program sz. >> right. you said it was all political expediency. >> yeah. >> as far as justin amash puts forward the law, i think he totally believes it. he's a pretty staunch guy on
12:56 am
this stuff. >> but he's wrong. >> that's a separate issue. i don't think this is not political expediency for him. >> you know what, you're right. you can't paint everybody with the same brush and so there are some good public servants up on capitol hill. i don't know that i've ever read anything that they've said. if justin is one of them. >> he 's the most a transparent. every action he puts on facebook and explains. >> because i have to go in a second. on lindsay lohan. greg, you asked if it's hip critical to make a toxic friends list? not at all. if she's serious about getting clean, mike, i know you couldn't believe you were making a serious story on this. >> thank you. thank you, andy.
12:57 am
>> we've got to go. >> thanks, andy. >> kennedy. bill schultz, tom, mike baker. my hero. >> all right. i'm greg. see you tomorrow. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't care about your aches and pains. well, how do you know? did you speak to alex trebek? because i have a policy myself. it costs just $9.95 a month per unit. it's perfect for my budget. my rate will never go up. and my coverage will never go down
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factor which coincidently starts now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what is bill o'reilly talking about the african-american family? it's hard to take much of this race talk seriously. >> bill: al sharpton fighting back from charges he has done little to help the african-american community and, in fact, is now in business with a group that puts out vial rap garbage. we have a follow-up report tonight. >> just because you can have a baby, it doesn't mean you should. especially without planning for one or getting married first. >> cnn anchor don lennon apparently agrees with me about some of the problems that have driving racial division. dr. ben carson on that. also tonight, bernie


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