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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 30, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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one august 1st. >> i remember when they were just born. >> thanks for watching. thank you, dana. see you tomorrow. "special report" coming up next! president obama touts what he calls a new and improved grand bargain for jobs. republicans say one thing is new, a promise the administration made to businesses has apparently been thrown out the window. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama dusted off and polished up an old plan for new spending and a tax code overhaul, and he is challenging republicans to step up to the plate. chief white house correspondent ed henry looks at new efforts to try to get to the still so
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elusive grand bargain. >> reporter: this amazon fulfillment center in tennessee, president obama claims he has a new grand bargain deal, offering to cut corporate tax rate to 28%, in exchange for republicans accepting changes to depreciation rules or one time fee for businesses who hold earnings overseas. new money the president could then use to spend more on stimulus programs. >> i'm willing to work with republicans on reforming our corporate tax code as long as we use the money from transitioning to a simpler tax system for a significant investment in creating middle class jobs. that's the deal. >> reporter: republicans quickly noted the plan wasn't grand, wasn't a bargain, and wasn't even new. >> sometimes it just seems this administration never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to grow the economy. >> reporter: grand bargain 2.0 is hardly concession to republicans since it leaves out entitlement cuts that were included in the original version as sweetener to the gop.
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and it no longer ties corporate tax changes to individual tax reform. john boehner wants small businesses that file individual returns to get in on the tax savings as well. plus then treasury secretary tim geithner unveiled a similar plan in february, 2012, said new revenue would go to deficit reduction, saying, quote, we can reduce distortions that hurt productivity and economic growth, permitting us to lower corporate tax rates in a fiscally responsible way. though the president is now proposing to use new revenue from the changes for new spending on everything from community college training to infrastructure programs. >> it is just a further left version of a widely panned plan he already proposed two years ago. this time with extra goodies for tax and spend liberals. >> reporter: the president ripped republicans noting they have long supported corporate tax cuts but don't want to get on board now because it is his idea, and he sounded like a man who's about to block approval of
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the keystone xl pipeline. >> they keep talking about an oil pipeline coming down from canada, that's estimated to create 50 permanent jobs. that's not a jobs plan. >> reporter: even the business round table gave this lukewarm response, saying they support corporate tax rates, but has to be coupled with cleaning up the individual tax code. they went on to say they're not happy about what they call unrelated spending. bottom line, this plan has little chance of passage. >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. stocks were mixed, dow lost one, s&p 500 gained a fraction, nasdaq up 17. not guilty, that's the verdict in the most serious charge against the army private accused of aiding the enemy by giving troves of secrets to a website. bradley manning was convicted on other charges and faces serious time behind bars. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the rest of the story from fort meade,
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maryland. >> reporter: surrounded by security, bradley manning left military court shortly after the verdict was read. earlier in the day in the courtroom, manning initially seemed at ease as he waited for the decision. as the minutes ticked down to the verdict, he appeared tense, with arms rigid at his side. the 25-year-old showed no emotion as the judge, colonel denise lynn, found him guilty on 20 of 22 counts on espionage charges. he was not convicted of the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. the prosecution had a high threshold to cross. they had to show beyond a reasonable doubt manning knew that by releasing classified information to wikileaks, a third party, he was actually giving intelligence to the enemy, that his actions were deliberate, not simply negligent. >> this was a circumstantial evidence case, and a direct evidence case, but proving somebody's intent is intangible,
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and clearly the government either failed to prove the charge or there wasn't evidence of it that he specifically intended to aid the enemy. >> reporter: while manning's supporters applauded the defense team after the verdict, neither the defense or prosecution spoke directly to reporters. via twitter, wikileaks said dangerous national security extremism from the obama administration. the reporter that broke edward snowden's story said manning's treatment seemed to explain why the former contractor fled the country. >> reporter: there was no immediate response from the obama administration to the manning verdict. he now faces maximum sentence of 136 years in prison, which is effectively a life sentence. that sentencing phase begins tomorrow, and it is expected to take several weeks, bret. >> catherine herridge live at fort meade.
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thank you. another indication tonight of major problems for the veterans administration. it has to do with the construction of new va facilities. correspondent alicia acuna is in aurora, colorado with tonight's edition of it's all your money. >> just overwrought with cost overruns and broken deadlines, and that's not unusual for government projects, but these are hospitals. >> reporter: construction of a new veterans administration hospital in aurora, colorado is running years behind schedule and several hundred million dollars over budget. similar problems exist at va construction projects in las vegas, new orleans, and orlando, combined, cost overruns on these projects are costing taxpayers $1.5 billion. >> no business could operate like this for very long, but of course, the u.s. government is too big to fail, they can operate like this as long as they can keep taxing us and keep printing money. >> reporter: the original plan for the va's colorado hospital had it opening as early as 2008,
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with a cost around $200 million. current estimates project 2015 opening with a $1 billion price tag. >> i think that would be generous. it is extraordinary. >> reporter: it sits in mike kauffman's district. the retired marine major cites a gao report asking whether the va should be allowed to manage its own construction projects in the future. >> the report compared army corps of engineers who built similar facilities and that they are consistently within budget and within, you know, the schedule for completion. so there is a problem with the veterans administration in terms of culture. >> reporter: in a statement to fox news, the va says in part the department has taken measures to implement recommendations from the governments accountability office through several initiatives to improve the scope, cost, and schedule information of major construction projects. >> these extraordinary cost overruns, i think they do
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represent money not being spent on health care for our veterans who have earned those benefits. >> reporter: the construction company says it needs more money in order to accommodate the va's design changes or it wants out of the project. bret? >> thank you. some unusual math about the national debt and how the u.s. government is managing it. fox business network senior washington correspondent pete barns is here to fill us in. >> reporter: treasury reports the national debt is 16 trillion, 699 billion, 396 million dollars, and that it has been that amount since may 18th, more than 70 days, though treasury has continued to stout thousands in bonds. chalk it up to legal cash management, used by democratic and republican administrations alike, when congress has not immediately raised the debt
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ceiling, currently $16.7 trillion. budget rules allow treasury to use so-called extraordinary measures to create wiggle room in national debt accounts. they let treasury keep selling securities and raise cash temporarily. for example, treasury can cut back funding pension and health programs for federal retirees, and can suspend investments in a special foreign exchange fund. but the administration got a little help this time from fannie mae when in june the mortgage giant repaid it more than $60 billion from its government bailout. when treasury bumped up against the debt ceiling in may, it told congress the extraordinary measures would allow it to borrow another $260 billion to keep paying uncle sam's bills until after labor day. the president has been pressuring republicans to approve raising the debt ceiling again now, without conditions like new spending cuts or risk
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railing financial markets. >> i think the president and administration are absolutely doing this to drop the hammer on republicans on the debt fight, on the funding fight. i think they're going to take the high ground. congress only, only congress can pass an extension of the debt ceiling. >> reporter: each time congress has done so, treasury made the federal retirement programs whole. bret? >> okay, peter, thank you. up next, regulating the regulators, but first, here is a live chopper shot from the san diego affiliate kswb, fox 5. the big story there while we are on the chopper shot, officer involved shooting and the on-going search for a suspect as they pan around. also there, the city council voting to sue mayor bob filner over legal expenses as he fights that sexual harassment lawsuit. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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a big gulp for supporters of new york city's ban on sugary drinks. and they ruled the board much health exceeded authority by prohibiting eateries selling them in containers larger than 16 ounces, ruling that's unconstitutional. the city says it will appeal. congressional republicans are once again trying to take an editor's red pencil to the book of federal regulations. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us how in this evening's regulation nation report. >> reporter: house lawmakers are expected to vote ten times this week attacking washington regulations and red tape in what
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they're calling stop government abuse week. majority leader eric cantor told fox over the past year the federal government has continually failed the people who it serves. washington needs fixing and it needs fixing now. he previewed this in the weekly address. >> continued regulation hurt job growth and make your paycheck smaller. >> reporter: u.s. chamber of commerce notes they issued 4,000 regulations a year, says it would be hard to convince any reasonable person that all of that is really necessary. in the senate, republican leader mitch mcconnell expressed frustration that democrats are resistant to regulatory reform. >> in this divided government, you have the democrats pretty much lined up behind the white house, believing what america needs is more regulations, not less, so that's just not an environment that sends a message to the private sector that we need to get going again. >> reporter: today, president obama's new administrator at the
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epa pushed back on that notion. >> can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs, please? >> reporter: at harvard, epa administrator gina mccarthy in her first speech said climate change won't be fixed overnight but will be engaged in the next three years. she said her agency is trying to spark economic growth. >> we need to cut carbon pollution to grow jobs. we need to cut carbon pollution to strengthen the economy. let's talk about this positively. let's approach this as an opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: business groups, including chamber of commerce say they regularly hear from members about the problem of excessive regulation, and argue regulatory reform is the key to creating jobs and economic growth. bret? >> mike emanuel live on the hill, thank you. at least three people are in critical condition after a series of explosions rocked a central florida propane gas
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plant. a few others were less seriously hurt, but apparently could have been a lot worse. three 33,000 pound tanks at the site did not explode. the nuclear industry wants to upsell by downsizing. senior national correspondent john roberts with a less is more story in tonight's energy in america report. >> reporter: in the place where the atomic bomb was developed, the tennessee valley authority is hoping to re-invent the concept of nuclear power. >> if this pans out, we can build this, deploy around the world, would be one of the best investments the government ever made. >> reporter: the utility betting on a nuclear developed by the m-power division. a fraction the size and cost of traditional nuclear plants could replace aging coal units one for one. >> can't fit a big nuclear plant on one of the old sites but
3:18 pm
could fit m power on that, that has a lot of utilities excited now. >> reporter: the idea for modular nukes grew from the merchant marine and nuclear ship savannah, a compact system built in a factory and shipped to the site, would be installed mostly underground, reducing terrorist threat with safety systems designed to eliminate a fukushima disaster. >> we analyze the events of fukushima and laid it against the mpower design shortly after the event happened. mpower would have ridden out a fukushima, even an incident as severe as fukushima. >> reporter: taxpayers have a big stake in the outcome. the government pledged a half billion dollars for research and investment. mpower received 79 million already. critics see the nuclear version of solyndra. >> this administration is giving to the nuclear industry the potential to lose us way more money than we lost with solyndra. this is the industry, the administration picking winners
3:19 pm
and losers. >> reporter: the developers admit there are a lot of unknowns, but pledge they'll be responsible stewards of the taxpayers' perks. >> we're going to watch it closely, work hard, stop it at every point, make sure it makes sense. >> reporter: supporters of the technology say there's huge potential for exports and the jobs that would bring, but the u.s. is at risk of falling behind. the world's first modular reactors are already being built in china. bret? >> john, thank you. still ahead, going after planned parenthood for something other than abortion. first, hillary clinton, front and center. if you're looking for help relieving heartburn,
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get ready for all hillary
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all the time. seen it in the past couple weeks. the drum beat is getting louder for a 2016 presidential run by the former senator, secretary of state, and first lady. and her life story will be all over the big and small screen soon. chief washington correspondent james rosen on whether all this is good for hillary clinton. >> reporter: this was to be the best of times for hillary clinton, free from the rigors of high office to collect awards, give speeches, make money, publish a book, maybe hit the gym a bit, quietly rebuild infrastructure for 2016. >> she has the best of both worlds. she can pull back, do what she wants to do the next year or two, she has a full fledged political operation. >> reporter: but the narrative of hillary clinton's new life may be slipping from her control, the clinton's top aide huma abedin standing by anthony weiner. a company run by rodham stands
3:24 pm
at the center of allegations embroiled president obama's pick for the number two spot for department of homeland security. and clinton is expected to stump in the virginia gubernatorial campaign that pits her financial patron terry mccauliffe against republican attorney general ken cuccinelli. >> i am honored to be considered by the senate for this important position. >> reporter: even the nomination of evan ryan to be assistant secretary of state threatened to revive the clinton era financial scandals in which johnny chun implicated them and gave $50,000 to the chief of staff at the time, maggie williams. >> miss evan ryan went out of the room and come back saying first lady have huge debt to the dnc in christmas of '94. i don't remember exactly a month. could be 80 some thousand
3:25 pm
dollars. my life goes on. i know what they mean by that. >> reporter: ryan denied soliciting that donation. she has been seen in the white house offices of biden and president obama and expected to win the confirmation with ease. >> gay rights are human rights. >> reporter: to be sure, clinton worked effectively since leaving office to choreograph appearances for comments on same-sex marriage and high profile lunch which week with the president and her potential rival, the vice president. the question, is it too soon? >> the election is still years away. is this the right time to have this much frequency in terms of attention on your persona, it is certainly not the way most pr experts would advise you to approach it. >> reporter: then there's a pair of new films, including a cnn documentary planned for theatrical release and an nbc
3:26 pm
miniseries featuring sexy diane lane as the former secretary of state. >> the diane lane miniseries coming up, which by the way starts in 1998, starts in the full part of the monica lewinsky scandal. >> i don't think it will help her at all. quite frankly, networks are doing this, you can kiss a politicians butt so far, at the end of the day, you have to make money. to revisit monica is painful. >> reporter: so changed is today's media landscape from the presidency of bill clinton that some argue may no longer be possible for a figure like hillary clinton to have down time in preparation for a major race. the question is whether clinton herself who opened her twitter account can ride the new wave of agility she demonstrated through the previous guises and roles. >> more on this with the panel. thank you. current secretary of state john kerry says israeli and palestinian negotiators agreed to meet again within two weeks.
3:27 pm
the two sides wrapped up an initial round of peace talks today. >> the parties have agreed here today that all of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation, and they are on the table with one simple goal, a view to ending the conflict ending the claims. >> president obama and vice president biden met with negotiators in the oval office this morning. america's leading catholic cleric says comments about gays yesterday from pope francis do not signal a change in church policy. the new pope answering reporters' questions added, quote, if someone is gay and he searches for the lord and has good will, who am i to judge. today, cardinal timothy dolan from new york clarified saying, quote, in the cat kitch of the
3:28 pm
catholic church it is very clear that homosexual people deserve love, respect and dignity while homosexual acts are immoral. he did add this was a change in tone coming from a pontiff. next in the gravevine, the incredible shrinking furloughs, and giving tax dollars to farmers that are not farming because they're dead. ♪
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delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
3:32 pm
little -- political grapevine. the efforts to cope with the sequester has been exaggerated. civilian employees could have as few as six, not 22 or 11 unpaid days off. defense secretary chuck hagel said the defense department is trying to find other places to cut. the pentagon is not the only place that dire sequester warnings have not come to fruition. last week the irs cancelled one of its five furlough days. a little budget shifting allowed the faa to avoid furloughing air traffic controllers, and as for all of those threats of exceedingly long lines at tsa check points, that has not really transpired either. in yet another example of your taxpayer dollars at work, the government has been spending tens of millions of dollars in subsidies to help farmers who
3:33 pm
have been dead for one year or more. the government accountability office, the gao, estimates the agriculture department sent checks totalling upwards of $32 million between 2008 and 2012 because it had no procedures in place to verify when a farmer died. the report blames the risk management agency for sending $22 million in payments to 3400 people who had been dead for two years or more. and finally, can you guess what's at the top of the summer reading list for high value detainees housed at gitmo? 50 shades of gray. last week, they toured where a dozen or so high profile inmates are housed. he says that group is not religious, not fasting for rahm
3:34 pm
done or reading religious books. the book most requested is 50 shades of grey. i guess there's not much going on, these guys are going nowhere, so what the hell. they report they have thousands of books, magazines, dvds to choose from at the gitmo library including the harry potter series. planned parenthood is under assault again, this time not just about abortion. correspondent molly henneberg tells us about former workers in delaware that say patients are in grave danger. >> reporter: these three former employees at the planned parenthood abortion clinic in wilmington, delaware are not convinced conditions there have gotten any better since the state inspected in april. one compared it to the philadelphia abortion clinic run by dr. kermit gosnell, now in prison for killing babies who survived abortions. >> the similarity between the case of dr. gosnell and planned
3:35 pm
parenthood of delaware is that they both operated extremely hazardous abortion clinics and that their respective states refused to close, despite repeated warnings. >> reporter: the former employees who say they're pro-choice recount stories of rushed, unsanitary abortions, unsterile equipment, poorly trained staff, and patients who were never told they had tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases. >> i would urge anyone who had an std test at planned parenthood of delaware to seek an outside physician. if she's positive, i would urge her to seek justice. >> reporter: but planned parenthood says the former employees are being pushed by pro-life groups to criticize the clinic and to repeat, quote, concerns that have been thoroughly addressed by oversight agencies, including delaware department of health or are incorrect.
3:36 pm
they say these problems exist at abortion clinics nationwide. >> state after state, it is poor women, uneducated women, women on the shadows of society that are getting the least care. >> reporter: this is the same delaware clinic that made headlines earlier this year when five women were rushed to the hospital after botched abortions. the delaware department of health says it last visited the clinic in june and that, quote, conservative actions were in place regarding complaints about procedures and staff. it also says it has no evidence women with positive std tests were not notified or treated. bret? >> molly, thank you. teachers and other employees in one arkansas school district will be packing more than pencils and pens this fall. 20 workers in clarksville will carry concealed weapons. they've undergone 53 hours of training, will legally be considered licensed, armed security guards. last night we ran a story stating former south carolina
3:37 pm
governor mark sanford resigned because of his illicit affair. he in fact finished his term as governor. we regret the error. is it a grand bargain in the works or the same old sales pitch bound for the dust heap on capitol hill. we will talk about the president's newest economic initiative with the fox all stars after the break.
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test test
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i'm willing to work with republicans on reforming the corporate tax code, as long as we use the money from transitioning from a simpler tax system for a significant investment in creating middle class jobs. that's the deal. >> it could actually hurt small businesses and it represents an unmistakable signal that the president has literally backed away from his campaign era promise to corporate america, that tax reform would be revenue
3:41 pm
neutral to them. >> well, the president in tennessee today making this effort he says on a grand bargain, offering to cut the corporate tax rate down to 28% in exchange, in exchange for either a change in the depreciation rules for businesses or a one time fee for businesses who hold earnings overseas, in other words bringing earnings over, they would be taxed on that, and they would use that money, the administration would, on a new stimulus program for a number of different things. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for weekly standard, kristin, and charles krauthammer. charles? >> well, you wonder, obama says he needs the money, whatever he is going to raise from tax reform for investment, which of course means spending on jobs programs. so essentially as he said, i
3:42 pm
think the statement from the white house was programs that will jump start jobs for the economy. how many times has he used the word jump start? i thought the idea of the '09 stimulus or 800 billion was to jump start the economy. at a certain point, every time you say you want to re-jump start, it implies the past ones are a failure. the essence of tax reform is that when you get a surplus of tax income as a result of closing loopholes or for example as he mentioned repatriating money overseas, you use the money in a revenue neutral way to lower rates so you stimulate growth and jobs. >> and they previously signed off on that, or signaled that they were. >> exactly. and the democratic chairman of the senate finance committee has been working on this. he wants this to be his legacy. he is retiring next year. he is working hard on it. the republicans are working hard
3:43 pm
on it. it is one area you get a national consensus on this. but obama wants to blow it up by using the revenue to spend it again on the same old stuff, on bridges and roads and all that stuff that we thought was going to be addressed in the '09 stimulus, it is the same old stuff warmed over. i think it is an attempt to prevent real tax reform, which i think is the ultimate irony. >> kirsten, there was a problem in the first round of the shovel ready jobs, but there are a number of republicans behind infrastructure projects done the right way. your thoughts on the president's pitch today and where it is headed? >> well, it doesn't seem to be headed anywhere because of the way republicans responded to it, you're getting into this back and forth with john boehner complaining that they didn't reach out to him, then they said they did reach out to him, he didn't return the calls. it is starting to sound aggravating to listen to this over and over, watch both sides
3:44 pm
never able to reach agreement. i don't agree that obama wanting to do more infrastructure spending or stimulus suggests the first stimulus didn't work. a lot of economists who think the stimulus did work. at the end of the day, democrats aren't going to support anything that doesn't result in some sort of spending. they don't want the tax cuts without some spending. that's where obama is. he wants to use spending for infrastructure and for jump starting the economy. >> most republicans on capitol hill today said they found out about it through the media. all right. >> there's no reason to doubt that's what happened. and there was this exchange where the communications director or senior adviser now said no, we called them, left a message, they just didn't return our call. it is sort of we now reached this infantile stage of this back and forth. but look, if you think about where the white house wants to take this, i think this is part two of a carefully orchestrated strategy to set up budget debates for the fall. part one, to declare the
3:45 pm
scandals as phony and over. arguing mainly to the washington press corp, trying to make that case. part two, the president as the serious negotiator, somebody that wants to give, the republicans are the ones that never want to talk about compromise. the problem the white house runs into on this particular proposal, it was recognized pretty early in the process, midday today, even by friendly reporters to the white house that this was just a nonplan, phony plan. it is repackaged old stuff. it is what i used to do when i forgot to get my brother or sister a birthday present, and you go back, find your soccer ball and maybe a book and board game, you wrap it all up, make a big presentation that this is what i'm giving you. there's nothing really there. >> on another topic, the president, a new line, maybe a lot of the speech wasn't new but
3:46 pm
this was new, on the keystone xl pipeline. >> they keep talking about this oil pipeline coming down from canada that's estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. that's not a jobs plan. >> 50 permanent jobs is the president's estimate here. and he kind of laughed it off. >> so look, this is ridiculous. even the state department said it would be about 20,000 jobs and that's direct jobs. there are going to be thousands of others depending on it. it is the most obvious policy, receiving oil from canada, reduce imports from other countries. this is the president knuckling under to the greens, and it is all about the politics. he is in a second term. somebody ought to tell him. it is a time you can actually achieve things. >> and he says permanent jobs,
3:47 pm
does this indicate he is not saying yes to keystone? >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know why he would say something like that, it is so absurd. and yeah, he is caving into the environmental people on this issue. >> 50 more jobs than solyndra made. ready or not, it is all about hillary these days. [ male announcer ] you'll never see weekday lunch the same again! it's red lobster's rlunch. seven selections made for your lunch break, like simp tacos and grilled shrimp salad with soup. all jt $7.99. come inoday for rlunch and sea food differently. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
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>> she has got the best of both worlds. she can pull back and do what she wants to do for the next year or two while she has a full fledge political operation. >> this election is still years away. is this the right time to be having this much frequency in terms of the attention on your persona? it's certainly not the way
3:51 pm
most p.r. experts would advise to you approach it? >> the diane lane mini series combings um. starts in 1998. starts in the full flower of the monica lewenski scandal. >> i don't think it's going to help her at all. networks are doing this. can you kiss a politician's butt so far. at the end of the day you have got to get ratings and make money. >> bret: hillary clinton is the talk these days. a little early to be talking 2016 politics but she is the talk because of a number of different reasons not the mention a cnn documentary series. be a dean and anthony weiner story. you have a number of stories. plus, you look at the latest polls as you look at polls 2016 on the democratic side. hillary clinton at 55% in the average real clear politics polls. we are back with the panel. what about this? is all of this attention now a bad thing? kirsten? >> i don't think it makes any difference. i can't imagine that come
3:52 pm
the election many, many years down the road that anybody is going to be looking back at what's happening right now. especially talking about the scandal, you you know, with her aide and her husband in new york city. i can't imagine that anybody will care about that when it comes time to cast a vote for president. >> bret: what about this dust-up in new york? steve or the company run by clinton's brother tony rodham is at the center of these allegations with this homeland security nominee, the number two spot at dhs. >> interesting and outstanding questions on that particular scandal and maybe it leads somewhere or maybe it doesn't. i tend to agree with kirsten. i don't think a lot of this is going to happen right now. serve focused on yuma be a dean and what effect that might have on hillary. i agree with kirsten in three years nobody is going to be thinking about that the bigger challenge she will faces a this moves
3:53 pm
forward gradually, she will have to answer for her time as secretary of state. and if you look at the world today, and you look at the policy initiatives that drove her tenure there, there is not just a lot to say on behalf of it or in favor of it. i think that that picture is likely to look worse in a year or two than it is to look better. when you look around and you look at syria, you look at iran and a potential for a nuke. you look at the many problems that we have not only in the region but globally, that is what she is going to have to run on. >> bret: we also have the nomination of former first lady aide ryan to be assistant secretary of state threatening to revive this talk about the clinton finance scandal back in the 1990s, california businessman johnny chung pleading guilty to federal charges of this $50,000 payment. this is involving evan ryan. which this is what chung said back in 1999 to o'reilly, very quickly. >> evan ryan went out of
3:54 pm
the room and come back saying first lady have a huge debt to the dnc in christmas of '94. i don't remember exactly a month, could be 80-some thousand dollars. might light bulb goes on. i know what they mean by that i want you to know at that time i'm still new kid in town in washington, d.c. i said i be very happy to donate $50,000. >> on the spot you said that? >> on the spot. >> bret: okay. ryan denied any donations. she was cleared by the committees. here is what just a moments ago the state department put out 18 years ago begin ago career in public service evan was working as a 23-year-old assistant answering phones in the white house. she was interviewed during a broad investigation. wasn't the target of any inquiry. two separate republican chaired committees determined she knew nothing about any wrongdoing, end
3:55 pm
of story. she has gone on to serve in high level positions of public trust and secretary kerry looks forward to having her at the state department. charles? >> in terms of hillary this will have no effect. this will be written off. the clintons will say it and the press will say it. old news, old history, 15 years old, like all of the rest of the 1990s and the scandal will be old history. why are you bringing it up again will be the mantra. i think democrats have decided that this is a coronation. i mean, she has a better chance of winning the nomination than george alexander louie has of becoming the king of england. they have decided she is their one hope. and i don't think there is -- her position is unassailable. she has the opportunity to ignore all the hoopla, to make a lot of money in her speeches and declare at any time she wants. in the meantime nobody is going to it enter the field. >> bret: that is it for the
3:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, it's important to have a good news team on a news program. at least to tell you when something goes wrong. this local news anchor in austin needed to make sure the taped piece was actually running. >> thanks for joining us here on ynn this evening. i'm karina. here is tonight's top story. ♪ >> i was so -- there he is. my friend, jennifer, who used to work here, she has another station covered the capitol together. we used to do a dance to that song. in the car. [ laughter ] yeah. he we were pretty awesome. [ laughter ] we just hung out outside work.
4:00 pm
good story. good story. then i found a dollars. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a huge blow to government prosecutors who tried to lock up the army private bradley manning for aiding the enemy. tonight the judge's decision. plus a gas plant blows up. equipment malfunction or somebody's mistake? >> we didn't know what was going on. we just heard these loud booms. it was just constant explosions. >> shepard: the blast lit up the sky as thousands of propane tanks exploded. tonight, why workers say they couldn't activate a key safety system. to coop temperature and track great white sharks. >> he is on