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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good story. good story. then i found a dollars. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a huge blow to government prosecutors who tried to lock up the army private bradley manning for aiding the enemy. tonight the judge's decision. plus a gas plant blows up. equipment malfunction or somebody's mistake? >> we didn't know what was going on. we just heard these loud booms. it was just constant explosions. >> shepard: the blast lit up the sky as thousands of propane tanks exploded. tonight, why workers say they couldn't activate a key safety system. to coop temperature and track great white sharks. >> he is on it.
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he is on it. >> shepard: tonight, the hunt for super predators. >> going under the boat. >> an incredible video of the team in action. plus, a man flies in formation with a b-17 bomber. the jet suit dare devil now in disguise over the united states. but first from fox this tuesday night. the u.s. army private bradley manning not guilty of aiding the enemy with the biggest leak of classified information in united states' history. that is the verdict today from the judge on the most serious charge that bradley manning was facing. of course, the judge did find him guilty on lesser charges of espionage and others. he could get up to it 100 years in prison. the sentencing hearing is set to start tomorrow and today on "studio b," a former military prosecutor, who is now a defense attorney, told me the government has not convicted somebody of aiding the enemy since 1917. >> that was is essentially a case where somebody was disclosing information because they wanted
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americans to be killed. they wanted the enemy to have this information. and, in this case, i think the government just was not able to prove that pfc manning intentionally disclosed this to the enemy. >> shepard: manning supporters demonstrated outside othe courthouse today they see him as the whistle blower, a hero, not a criminal. so do lawyers who just called him naive with good intentions. manning admits he did give wikileaks more than 700,000 documents. prosecutors claim he knew al qaeda would see that information on that, prosecutors for the government lost completely. catherine herridge is on fox top story in the courthouse in fort mead in maryland. what happened in the courtroom today, catherine. >> late today the a.p. picked up comments from the defense indicating that they really felt today's verdict was a significant win for them. we caught a glimpse of the defense earlier today mingling with manning supporters. in that crowd the lead attorney said that he felt today they had won the
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battle but not the war, that manning was not out of the fire yet. earlier inside that courtroom, manning arrived about 10 minutes before the verdict was read. initially he seemed fairly at ease but as the clock ticked down to the verdict he became understandably tense. he rose and stood at attention and looked at the judge directly and showed no signs of emotion. so, after all of the testimony and after all of this evidence we still don't know what private manning's true intentions were for giving all of those documents to wikileaks, shep. >> shepard: and we don't yet know if any time he will spend in prison. that starts tomorrow, right? >> well, that's right. the military system moves very quickly. the sentencing phase begins right here tomorrow at fort mead, it's kind of like a federal case. you will hear from the prosecution aggravating factors and then from the defense mitigating factors. and in this particular case, the defense wants the judge to put out an opinion or a statement so they can understand how she reached the decision that she did, that is not typical in military cases.
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>> we normally don't render written opinions as to verdicts. we just announce it orally and don't explain the rationale. it's somewhat unique. >> the judge in this case, colonel denise lind, she will ultimately decide the sentence he is looking at upwards of 130 years in prison if he gets the maximum prison sentence. but that does seem unlikely at this stage. it will be up to the judge, shepard. >> shepard: catherine, thank you. the wikileaks founder julian assange calls manning's conviction a dangerous precedent. he says giving true information to the public should never be considered espionage. julian assange has also said that he is helping national security agency leaker ed snowden who exposed secret government surveillance programs. ed snowden has applied for temporary asylum in russia. last we heard he was still hanging out in the transit zone at the airport in moscow. well, here at home, firefighters say after explosions at a propane
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plant, some workers walked up to rescuers skin burns on faces chest and arms but they survived. even though 8 people were hurt in the blast, some badly, nobody died. the explosions blasted through the blue rhino propane plant in central florida. it happened last night just north and west of orlando. workers there filled the propane tanks, the kind you might use in your backyard barbecue. you will be able to see all the metal containers scattered around the parking lot. staffers say there were more than 50,000 of those tanks there last night. when they started exploding, a lot of folks got, well, pretty afraid. >> i heard a big thump on the roof and the cat ran like hell because it thought i was going to blame it for something. i went out in the backyard and the sky was just lit up red. >> shepard: people miles away say they heard those blasts. those were just the small propane tanks. they hold less than 4 gallons of propane each. there was also a set of giant tanks like you see here.
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they are on the right-hand side of your screen, those big white cylinders, they hold up to 24,000 gallons of propane. somehow none of those exploded. even though workers say they were unable to trigger a safety protected them. steve harrigan is in our florida newsroom for us tonight. i guess they still haven't figured out why or how all this got started. >> they haven't, shepard. the federal investigation into how this fire exactly started is expected to take several weeks. as that three hour blaze continued to grow with all the explosions, people in the area continued to come out of their houses, some thinking it was possibly a plane crash, others a display of fireworks. >> oh, it was these giant amber, like fireworks coming up from the ground. it was almost like the fourth of july, the ones that come up from the ground, and it was just after boom after boom after boom. some of them got really big and some of them got really small. >> the firefighters actually had to retreat twice it was too dangerous for them to actually get
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close to the flames. that's because those thousands of exploding canisters basically turned into missiles, raining shrapnel down all over the area. shepard? >> shepard: steve, the state agency that oversees this type of facility actually confirms an inspector actually visited of a blue rhino propane plant less than two weeks ago. we got a copy of the report today. it noted the inspector found no violations. the driver of that deraid train that killed 79 people was on the phone and going twice the speed limit when it happened. the train jumped the tracks and hit a concrete wall last night or i should say last week in northwestern spain. a court statement indicates an official from the national rail company called the driver on an official work phone just before the crash to give him information about the route. investigators say it appears to them the driver was looking at a document just before the crash. they also say the train had been going as fast as 119 miles per hour before
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it derailed, before he began to slow down in an area where the speed limit of 50. police have charged that driver with neglect homicide. president obama says he is offering republicans a grand bargain. g.o.p. leaders are saying no deal. of the president is calling for cutting corporate tax rates and closing loopholes to keep companies from paying little or no taxes. obviously that will save money to pay for middle class jobs. republicans want to cut personal tax rates to help family and small businesses. accuse the president of new spending as ransom for tax reform. one republican called it some bargain. here we go again. >> that's right. this the is president's latest start on the comt's economic tour. he was in fulfillment center vitamins to books at
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patti ann browne point he was fist bumping. he had new approach to grand. cutting the corporate tax rated down to 28 years for system other changes would would bring in new revenue that he hopes would pay for spending on new jobs programs. republican leaders say they are not about to approve new stimulus programs while the president fired back that just pushing for the keystone pipeline as republicans are is not enough of a jobs program. take a listen. it's just a further left version of a widely panned plan he already proposed two years ago this time with extra
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is he leaning towards blocking that program, shep. >> shepard: all right, ed. thanks very much. home prices are up in cities across the country according to a new survey. where they jumped more than 20%. but, first, some progress towards peace in the middle east. we will show you what both sides accomplished today and what they need to do next. plus, the salad that made hundreds of people sick. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on a tuesday fox report.
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this happen. he also says the only answer is having two states existing side by side. the palestinians say they are on board with that. and they want their state to include the west bank and the gaza. but the israelis have built dozens upon dozens of settlements there over the years. and that makes it much more difficult to work out a deal. wendell goler with the news at the state department tonight. wendell? >> shepard, the goal is to close some settlements and trade israeli land for the settlements that become part of israel. but the problem gets bigger as more settlements are built deeper into the west bank. some experts think it is still solvable because 80% of the roughly 350,000 settlers live very close to israel. it will take a strong israeli leader to close any of the settlements and it will take a strong palestinian leader it to trade away palestinian land. and once the negotiators decide on borders, they still must decide the status of jerusalem, which israelis and palestinians both claim and the rights
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of palestinian refugees. secretary of state kerry says the region's children deserve a solution. >> i think everyone involved here, believes that we cannot pass along to another generation the responsibility of ending a conflict that is in our power to resolve in our time. they should not be expected to bear that burden and we should not leave it to them. >> president obama met with the negotiators today in the oval office to thank them for trying8hk-n $zw(rb ag. talks in 2010 only lasted a few weeks. this time they have agreed to talk at least nine months. justice minister zipper libney who heads the region. troubled region. people can be afford to be hopeful but not naive. >> shepard: they have promised to hold the next round of talks in the next two weeks in either israel or palestinian territory. they have not yet announced whether they would like the united states to referee.
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health officials say they found one source of a dangerous stomach bug here in the united states that has made more than 370 people sick. it's a bag of salad mix. these 15 states have reported cases of the infection which can trigger flu like symptoms. officials in two of those states, iowa and nebraska have now pinpointed the salad mix as the likely source. they have not revealed which salad mix. but they do say it contains romaine and iceberg lettuce plus red cabbage and carrots. the food and drug administration reports it is still investigating. can you still order large sugary drinks here in new york city at least for now because today an appeals court delivered a major ruling determine whether the proposed ban has any chance of taking effect. we have reaction all around including from the mayor michael bloomberg and then, alcohol. if you have ever tried to drink away your worries, scientists have a big study for us now that concludes,
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>> shepard: sorry, new york. seems you cannot keep restaurants from selling large sugary drinks. because today an appeals court ruled that the city's proposed ban on said drinks is unconstitutional. remember, a judge halted the ban one day before it was set to take effect back in march. he called it arbitrary and capricious. it it would have applied to most restaurants, movie theaters and sports arenas but not to supermarkets and convenience stores. the new york city mayor michael bloomberg called today's decision a temporary set back adding we plan to appeal this decision as we continue to fight against the obesity epidemic. and now booze.
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scientists revealing not one but two big findings from a recent study. now hear this. first, heavy drinking will not directly drown your sorrows. huh? they say hangovers aside, the research shows most people feel more depressed the day after they have had a few. second, the gender angle. researchers say women feel that one day after sadness more often than men and that men are more likely to drink when they are angry and less likely to hit the bar when they are content. valuable stuff. today on "studio b," dr. philip acheatham of new york's winthrop hospital said it all comes back to the brain. >> alcohol effects people in different ways. some people get very high on alcohol. other people get very depressed on alcohol. this is all fact on the brain transmitters and also the circumstances under which you drink alcohol. you drink with food, you are less likely to absorb alcohol. >> shepard: the study appears in the journal of alcohol and alcoholism.
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the feds are investigating half a billion taxpayer dollars an investing them into a new kind of power plant that some people are calling the next generation of america. they're called modular plants. according to scientists the idea is to scale down a traditional power plant to about 20% of its original size. supporters say that makes construction cheaper, faster and more reliable than the traditional plants. critics call it a big waste of taxpayer dollars and warn it could turn into the next solyndra? you'll recall that's the federally funded solar panel maker that went bankrupt. john roberts in atlanta tonight. john? >> shep, it's technology supporters say could really be a game changer in the united states. one that could replace dozens of aging coal fired plants. essentially what it is a mini nuclear plant that could fit into the same footprint as existing coal plant produce about the
4:23 pm
same amount of power. the technology is only in the the research phase right now. it has heavy backing from the department of energy. you mentioned that tune of $500 million and if that sounds familiar, that is almost exactly the same amount of money that taxpayers lost on solyndra. that has the watchdog group taxpayers for common sense saying that the obama administration is now picking winners and losers in the nuclear field with taxpayers on the hook if the texas nothing goes bust. >> a lot of cost questions that we don't know anything about. it just seems like this is just not going to happen without it being incredibly expensive. so we don't want it keep putting taxpayer dollars into this idea that may or may not happen. >> the industry says investing in r and d is exactly what the government should be doing, adding, shep, if this technology pans out, it could turn out to be one of the best investments the government has ever made, shep? >> shepard: scientists say these knew nuclear tests could be built underground
4:24 pm
to reduce any terrorist threat. also boast new safety systems designed to eliminate a fukushima like disaster. anthony weiner says he just wants to focus on the future but is carlos danger as he called himself on facebook still texting women who are not his wife? a reporter asked that very question today and weiner's answer is raising some eyebrows. plus, a couple of reality televisi in court and they could be facing decades in prison. it's very quiet though. surprisingly. they could even get kicked out of our country for good. plus, the dare devil who makes that niagara falls stunt look like nothing. now the guy is walking right into the history books. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office
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i am the ghost of cookies past. residue. so gross. well you didn't use pam, so it looks like you're "stuck" with me. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. >> shepard: hand straps into a pair of rocket wings soars through the sky at 180 miles per hour and tops our news across america wisconsin. he is the swiss dare devil known as jet man. his jet wing suit features four inches and let's him fly up to 12,000 feet high he says his eyes guide his movement. >> it with my move. it's like when you are skiing. when you look, when you are skiing in a turn, you look united states turn. you do that move and it turns. >> shepard: when he is done speeding through the air he uses a parachute to land. yesterday marked his first
4:29 pm
flight over u.s. soil. pennsylvania. a group of kids captured an alligator in a creek about 40 minutes south of penn state university. not something usually see in these parts. they were fishing when they noticed something weird in the water. when they spotted the a foot long gator they jumped into action. >> the first thing that went through my head i didn't want to die i was too young. >> they wanted to bite us but then we got its mouth taped. we carried it probably 150 yards out of the woods to where we could get it in a pickup truck. >> shepard: state wildlife officials came and picked up the reptile. no word how it got there california, giant panda cub celebrating first birthday at the san diego zoo. the bear and parents are on loan from the chinese government to celebrate the zoo keepers gave the cup a special cake made of fruit ice and bamboo.
4:30 pm
>> shepard: a tight rope walker has said a new world record for fastest walk for two hot air balloons in mid-air. somehow this happened in china. the guy lifted off in one of those balloons which was connected to the other with a 60-foot long metal beam when both balloons stabilized a stunt man did this hopped out of the basket and started strolling. that metal beam reportedly just two inches wide. took him less than 40 seconds to make it all the way across. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. carlos danger is reportedly being a little vegas about whether he is still sexting anyone who is not his wife. he apparently did not say yes or no with the new york daily news. a columnist says he asked anthony weiner, quote: there is no -- excuse me, there is no one you are sexting now? and anthony weiner
4:31 pm
responded you can quibble about beginnings, middles, and ends, but what we are talking about is over a year old. the columnist says he also questioned weiner about another woman's shoe and whether that's about to drop. weiner responded i have no idea. he has fallen from first to fourth place among democrats in the new york city mayor's race after admitting that he kept sexting women more than a year after he quit the u.s. congress. but he has thus far refusing to drop out of the race. "the fox report's" correspondent january than hunt in the new york newsroom today anthony weiner commented on reports that the clintons want him to quit. >> yeah, he was asked directly today, shep, at a campaign be event about the clinton's alleged displeasure with with him. here is his response. listen. >> what are would it take to get you out of this race? recommendation let me make it clear i have enormous respect for the clintons
4:32 pm
they have been enormous friends to my wife and to my family. there should be no intent to disrespect. but what i have been trying to make clear is what is posh to me in this race is the ideas that have animated me to run. >> hillary clinton is, of course, very close to mr. weiner's wife yuma abaddine she having lunch with president obama yesterday and today with vice president biden clearly thinking about a 2016 presidential run and there are those who believe that the clintons do not want the whiff of scandal anywhere near them if that pans out. shepard. >> shepard: anthony weiner says he wants new yorkers to decide. >> he does say he wants new yorkers to decide. and if he wants to get a feeling for how they're feeling about him, he could do worse than look at this latest poll from quinnipiac, university. a 3% of likely democratic new york city voters saying he should get out of the race but 40% saying he should remain in it.
4:33 pm
and, in the past hour, shep, mr. weiner has just posted this video on his web site. look at this. >> you know, sometimes people say to me, this campaign is pretty rough. you may want to quit. i know that they are newspaper editors and other politicians that say boy, i guess that guy wiener would quit. they don't know new york. they certainly don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. it appears that for the moment, mr. weiner isn't going anywhere, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, san diego's mayor bob filner is now trying to get city taxpayers to cover his legal bills for his sexual harassment lawsuit. but now the san diego city council is planning to sue him. lawmakers voted unanimously to ask a court to force mayor filner to core any damages and legal fees if he loses a lawsuit. the former aid accuses mayor filner of putting her in a head log. dragging her around like a
4:34 pm
rag doll, unquote and asking her to work without any underwear. six other women claim mayor filner of san diego grabbed, groped or kissed them too. mayor filner has apologized and said he has a monster inside him that he needs help. and that he will get it. but he won't step down. he says he will start two weeks of intensive therapy next week. this is a tragic day for penn state. so says a judge who ordered the university's press and two other former officials to stand trial. prosecutors say the three men engaged in a conspiracy of silence, failed to tell police about accusations the exassistant football coach jerry sandusky molested a young boy in the showers at penn state and then tried to cover it up. they say the three officials exchanged emails proving that they were, inteed, aware that there was apparently abuse. those officials former school president graham spanier, the former vice president gary schultz and the former athletic
4:35 pm
director tim can you recally. as for sanduskyy, is he serving three to six decades in prison after a court convicted him last year on 45 counts of child sex abuse. today an attorney for the former president said we respect the judge's decision even if we disagree with it well, what's left of the tropical storm known as flossie is now fizzling out after it soaked the hawaiian islands with extreme rain and serious waves. the storm weakened to it a depression before it hit land. still, the winds were strong enough to bring down a few power lines, leaving thousands of people in the dark. there are also some reports of some minor damage across the islands. janice dean the weather machine in the extreme weather. not too bad. >> not too bad. informs is i does fizzle out. we are done with her. taking a look at some of the rain fall. tropical storm force winds and high waves for the surfers. but flossie is no more. we are watching what's behind flossie. tropical storm gill, just formed within the last couple of hours.
4:36 pm
we're going to watch gill as well as this area of interest which could become our next tropical depression or our next storm hen henriet. hurricane by friday watching the track about 500 miles east of where flossie was. so we will keep an eye on gill and bring you the very latest. back to you. >> shepard: good job, janice, thank you. a former reality couple free on half a million dollars bond each after they appeared in federal court today. this one is serious. joe and theresa from bravo's hit series the real housewives of new jersey face a mountain of federal charges from bank fraud to tax evasion. today a judge forced them to surrender their passports. neither can leave the state of new jersey or new york. fox news reached out to bravo for a statement but a spokesman had no comment. if convicted, the reality stars could face some serious jail time. more than 50 years in
4:37 pm
prison. there is even talk of a possible deportation. and there is he ridiculous video there were some surprises in this indictment, trace gallagher. >> >> you touched on a big one there, shep. the husband who is not a legal resident of the united states. so, if he is found guilty, he could be defor thed back to italy. on top of all of that the prosecutors say the grand total of these alleged frauds could top $4 million. theresa says she will stand by her husband indicating that she will not testify against him, issuing a statement saying and i'm quoting here i'm committed to my family and intend to maintain our lives in the best way possible which includes continuing my career. as a result, i am hopeful that we will resolve this matter with the government as quickly as possible. of course, most people know her like this, listen. >> prostitution whore [bleep] stupid [bleep]
4:38 pm
>> michelle, by the way, is set to be entering its fifth season. shep. >> shepard: i'm sure it is. can that real housewives show be used as evidence against them for anything other than the obvious? >> the prosecutor was actually asked that and he said he would not comment but the alleged crimes happened between 2001 and 2011. the show began in 2009. so, legal experts say it's a good bet the prosecutors will study those shows. but the bulk of the evidence appears to be the lying to the bankruptcy court the courts and the irs. and there is a significant paper trail. here is the prosecutor followed by the defense. listen. >> the investigation went on for a pretty long time. we're confident that we have enough evidence to convict the defendants beyond a reasonable doubt. >> we have just been indicted so we have got to explore all avenues. right now we are looking forward to defending her. getting evidence from the government and figuring out who it is they are really saying. >> the couple will enter a plea during their next court hearing which is set
4:39 pm
for august 14th. shep? >> shepard: trace, if in prison they will not be able to participate in the real housewives of new jersey, which is, as of today, the number one program on cable in its time slot on sunday nights. that's according to nielsen media research. each episode averages nearly 3 million viewers. well, some television viewers may have changed the channel last night after time warner cable blocked cbs in some areas. here in new york, the company put up this message, little bitty words instead of cbs programming that only lasted a little while before time warner brought back the network. the two companies are trying to negotiate how much time warner should have to pay to carry cbs programs. no agreement yet but the cable company is still letting customers watch cbs at least for now. well, a car slammed into a day care center in kansas city, hurting people, including three kids. that car was a parked of cadillac and police say a driver in an suv rear ended
4:40 pm
it in the building and pushing it through the wall. the crash trapped two thirn beneath the car and the driver to the hospital. authorities say nobody was inside the cadillac at the time and no word on what caused the crash. a college student spent almost five days in a jail cell with no food and no water. he says he hallucinated, drank his own urine and tried to carve a message to his mother into his own arm. now he is getting a big check from the government. plus, home prices just took their biggest jump in years. soaring more than 20% in some cities. that's coming up as fox reports live tonight. [ female announcer ] we love when summer gets hot...
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4:44 pm
food and no water he said he had to drink his own urine to stay alive and that he would die or he fevered he might die so he wrote a farewell message to his mom on his arm in blood today is payday. we first reported on daniel chong's ordeal after drug enforcement obtained him in san diego drug raid in april of 2012. they apparently then forgot about him. just left him there. never charged him with a single thing never, but they let him rot in jail. today his lawyer announced the justice department will pay the 23-year-old $4.1 million in a settlement at least he did not die. wall street end the the day pretty much flat on earning news. tech stocks lifted the nasdaq however slightly to a 12 year high today. you see the numbers there. the nasdaq, that's 17, that's not slight for the
4:45 pm
nasdaq. that's not bad at all. closed up 17. the dow and s&p basically unchanged. anyway, the conference border reports consumer confidence in the he economy fell in july from a five-year high but only slightly. analysts say consumers are still feeling upbeat about the job market's potential in the coming months. but on the housing front, there is some great news if you are looking to sell your place. home prices keep soaring, according to the s&p case schiller home price index. prices in 20 major cities, all the ones they look at were up 12% on average in may compared to a year ago. that's the biggest jump since march of 2006. the peak of the housing bubble. some cities saw gains of more than 20%? >> usual suspects too. san francisco up 24%. las vegas up 23%. phoenix up it 21%. big news for people on the west coast there why? what's going on here? the prices are recovering and they are still down 2 are 5% from the peaks of
4:46 pm
2006, which you just mentioned. essentially, these housing prices are going through the roof because there is so little inventory out there. and interest rates are so low people are diving into the market. so, if you want to buy a house, you better get in there. >> bill: there is a downside though. there always is. >> there is a downside called bebb bernanke is he going to stop putting money into the economy some time soon. he has been putting 85 billion a month into the economy. that can't go on forever. so, when that stops, when he slows down, if the federal reserve ever decides to hike interest rates out there, you better believe the interest rates will rise up, put the brakes oon this. >> shepard: you would think they would. good to see you, jer. >> good to see. >> you tornado hit right near italy's second largest city. more ahead stunning video outside of millan. a popular review web site, one that you may already use rated one restaurant's food as mind blowing and simply divine. the thing is, there is no restaurant here. that's next. meet the newest member of the quicken loans family:
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>> shepard: they probably thought they found a favorite seafood restaurant. instead they got an evening in an alli full of trash cans. after somebody reportedly set out to prove that web sites post business reviews. this happened in britain. a man went into a web site, trip advisory, you probably heard of it, posted a rave reviews for restaurant that doesn't exist. that restaurant quickly climbed to the top half of the ratings all restaurants in the area. trip advisors sent us. this occasionally a he review or business that does not meet guidelines may slip through the cracks and in some rare cases our members can report the material to us: one of the biggest white great white shark expeditions in
4:51 pm
history happening off the coast of cape cod, scientists specially equipped boat say they plan to bag and tag up to 20 great whites in the atlantic ocean: predators have been popping up a lot lately in the waters around new england. experts say they want to learn more about them for science and the public safety. under the program, researchers will reportedly conduct a number of different studies on the captured sharks before releasing them back to sea. molly line with more at woods hole mass, molly. >> this is a great place for great shark research because the local scientists say. last summer. the expedition is being run by a nonprofit group called o search and they are aim by the end of august this very ambitious goal is to capture, tag and then release up to 20 great white sharks 126-foot vessel equipped with a 75,000-pound custom shark
4:52 pm
lift, o search expedition leader chris fisher. >> we will actually capture the white shark, bring it back to the ship and swing it over the lift and pick it up out of the water. keep it out of the water 15 minutes before we execute 12 different research projects before we have water flowing over the gills and water over the eyes. quickly,allow it to. >> they want to share. blog.ting expedition shark tracker on that site. they have tagged 30 sharks all around the world and as they tag the sharks off the coast of cape cod, they will be posting that as well. you will be able to follow right along. shep? >> shepard: molly, about a dozen different shark species reportedly swim the waters or through them around new england every year. experts say rising water temperatures around the cape and growing seal
4:53 pm
population in the north atlantic ocean could be why we have seen some more great whites of late. dramatic video now as people capture what was for them a rare site, a tornado ripping through their town. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. italy. the twister touching down yesterday near millan. at least a dozen people reportedly hurt as the strong winds scattered debris. based on the damage to some buildings, officials estimate the tornado strength between an f 2 and f-3. f 5 is the strongest. south korea. a bridge under construction suddenly collapsed killed two chinese workers and injured another. police say the steel structure crushed the men who had been working on ramp below. authorities are investigating what might have caused. china, 6-year-old boy trapped beneath a home that had collapse an eastern
4:54 pm
province. officials say the roof of the house caved in after days of heavy rain. rescuers used special equipment to lift the debris high enough to crawl inside and pull the kid to safety. they say he had some cuts and bruises but should be okay. israel. bringing books to the beach in tel aviv. the city has set up portable libraries for locals and tourists who want to get a good read in by the water. the libraries feature hundreds of books in five languages. no librarians or library cards. the free checkout plan works on the honor system allowing folks to borrow and return as they please. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: all right, justin bieber; entire government is now ticked off at the beibs and the germans say they are ready to make him pay. that's next. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz summer event is here.
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now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. >> shepard: justin bieber's pet monkey became the property of the german government after he failed to produce papers for it the pop star has just one week to pay 1500 bucks for care of that monkey. otherwise, custom officials say they quote have ways to make him pay. the next time bieber returns to germany. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, prosecutors say a woman charged with vandalizing the washington national cathedral in d.c. was carrying paint when cops arrested her. number four, fire officials say human error malfunction may to be blame for gas plant explosion in florida. secretary of state kerry says israel and
4:59 pm
palestinians, the negotiators there aim to reach a peace deal within nine months. number two, president obama today told republicans he will back corporate tax cuts in exchange for new jobs programs, republicans say no deal. and number one, former u.s. army private bradley manning not guilty of aiding the enemy in the wikileaks case. sentencing for other conviction starts tomorrow. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1945, a japanese subsank the uss indianapolis with a correspond in shark infested waters. days earlier top' secret key pieces of atomic bomb to an island in the south pacific. that tornado split the ship in half. of the nearly 1200 men on board, just 317 survived. soon after the u.s. dropped the first of two atomic bombs on japan, the japanese surrendered three days later. but a blast rocked an american warship 68 years ago today.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news for this tuesday, july the 30th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. we're back for "studio b" tomorrow. noon pacific, 3:00 eastern. back for the "the fox report" tomorrow night and then we will all watch this together. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mr. o'reilly, i would love that have that conversation about protecting yourself behind white picket fences. you were surprised that black people don't throw bananas at each other or swing for trees. >> the grievance industry guess more desperate as nancy pelosi takes up their cause in the house. we will report on this very troubling situation ♪ >> bill: lawsuit against "american idol" by 10 black contestants charging racism. they each want $25 million. e in theegal will analyze bradley manning verdict. >> i screwed up big time. but i think the only thing i ask fr


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