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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 31, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> bret: he is okay. if you have a possible kicker video. drop me a link bret baier. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fir, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. really, government? now you come clean about spying on everything we do? and o.j. gets paroled but doesn't get out of prison yet. plus, security screeners at the airport. they are very busy. >> stop with the napping and the disrespect. >> screeners accused of sleeping, smuggling, even doing drugs at work. >> the overwhelming majority of tsa employees are good people. >> shepard: we'll look at the facts. plus, keeping passengers safe once they hit the skies. [chanting]
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>> shepard: tonight, a trip to the flight attendant's academy. this woman tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband. >> how do you want me to do it? >> what is easiest for you. >> shepard: the husband said don't judge her too harshly. >> how be give life for all she has done. >> shepard: judge wasn't quite as understanding. and a deadly jet of water blasts out of the ground and right through a neighborhood. now, we'll show you how it happened. but, first, from fox this wednesday night, tsa screeners doing drugs, drinking, stealing from passengers, and generally dropping the ball will when it comes to keeping us all safe. those are the accusations in a just released report from a government watchdog group. it reports misconduct cases have risen 26% over the last three years. among the cases, a screener who just ran people's bags through the x-ray machine
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without actually stopping to review the images. never even looked. another who stole $80,000 worth of electronics from people's luggage. one agent who abandoned a check point to help one of their relatives smuggle items through security. >> these findings are especially hard to stomach since so many americans today are sick of being groped interrogated and treated like criminals when passing through checkpoints. >> shepard: groped, interrogated and treated like criminals. the tsa defending itself with one official saying he has zero intolerance for employee misconduct. doug mckelway with this story live from washington. hey, doug. >> shep, he may have zero tolerance. that is not reflected in the tsa's enforcement of punishment. of misconduct cases 47% of them were reprimanded. 31% were suspended. 17% were fired. the adjudication process can take months. >> we run an investigation. we look at the circumstances, a recommendation is made for punishment. if it's appropriate, and
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then that individual has an appeal process. and that is taken into account. >> if it is any comfort to the traveling public, the largest category of misconduct, 32% was showing up late for work and improper cases of leave. but even that infuriated congressman john mica, an advocate of privatization. >> that throws the whole system into chaos. people don't show up for work. how you can properly screen folks, mr. lord, for the record is shaking his head in the affirmative. >> it's -- well, i think it depends on particular facts and circumstances. it does have the potential to disrupt screening operation. >> because of agent tardiness, tsa has set up a screening force of 250 separate agents to fill in for all of those missing agents. and that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year. shep? >> shepard: doug, federal aviation officials have changed a rule now in the wake of the recent crash landing in san francisco.
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you remember three people died when asiana airlines jet slammed into the runway earlier this month. now the feds say the pilots with foreign airlines can no longer land side by side with another plane on the airport's two main parallel runways. the faa indicates the new rule is aimed at minimizing distractions. its did not effect domestic carriers at all. once airline passengers board a plane, their safety is in the hands of the crew. ahead, we will take you inside flight attendant training to show you how airline staffers are learning how to protect against all kinds of danger. that's coming up moments from now inside fox report. first, a retiring marine who held a key military post during last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, met with members of congress today behind closed doors. he is he colonel george bristol. he is the former commander of a task force in northern and western africa. republican lawmakers have argued for months now that he has unique perspective on last year's attack that happened on september the 11th, which killed four
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americans, including u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. meanwhile, lawmakers are are also pressing the fbi's previous director james comey to step up the investigation on benghazi. the fbi faced strong criticism immediately after that attack, following reports that it did not begin investigating the scene until weeks after the assault took place. mike emanuel with this news from capitol hill. mike? >> shep, late today, 8 congressional republicans sent a letter to newly confirmed fbi director james comey saying they want an update from him on the benghazi investigation in 30 days. they write, quote: we appear to be no closer to knowing who is responsible today than we were in the early weeks following the attack. this is simply unacceptable. also today the revelation, a television reporter has y benghazi attack suspect while the fbi has not. >> there are literally people running around libya who have responsibility for having committed these attacks or knowledge of it,
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and apparently our fbi is not speaking to them. so, where we are is totally unacceptable as you have described it and what we have said in our letter. and we need answers. >> it has been nearly 11 months since the benghazi attack which claimed the lives of four americans. and there is clearly frustration. nobody has been held accountable. and, still, so many questions. >> to date, little is known why ambassador stevens was at the u.s. consulate in the days leading up to the anniversary of 9/11. even less known is about where the other american facility in benghazi, the cia annex. what was the annex? when was it established? >> wolf is leading the charge, calling for a bipartisan select committee to investigate benghazi, shep? >> shepard: mike, white house press secretary jay carney said today the president has instructed his team to do everything it can to bring justice to those responsible for that attack. well, secretary of state john kerry is in pakistan tonight.
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officials say he will meet with the new prime minister there and other leaders about u.s. drone strikes and the war next door in afghanistan. staffers say they did not announce this trip in advance because of security concerns. prison officials have granted o.j. simpson parole. strangely, that doesn't mean the juice is on the loose. at least not yet. ahead, what has to happen before o.j. walks free. plus, george zimmerman has another brush with the law. you will see what happened on a highway in texas coming up from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over!
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>> shepard: looks like george zimmerman has been spending a little time in texas. a police officer in the city east of dallas stopped him for speeding on saturday. george zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in his glove box. but the officer didn't recognize him at first and asked him where he was headed. george zimmerman responded nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say is that?
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>> [inaudible] >> nu-huh. >> what a coincidence. >> shepard: what a coincidence. the officer let him off with warning. the jury acquitted george zimmerman of murdering trayvon martin earlier this month. o.j. simpson not a murderer but he won parole and not his freedom. a nevada board granted him parole on some of the most serious charges of the kidnapping and robbery case. the former football star and hertz pitch man will not likely be leaving the correctional center. o.j. faces four more years on other charges. including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. jury convicted him in 2008 armed robbery sports two sports memorabilia dealers. o.j. claimed he was trying to get his stuff back. of course, that all came more than a decade after a
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jury acquitted him of the murders of his ex-wife and one of her friends. i spoke with o.j. about that case back in 2000, and asked him whether he would like to take a lie detector test. >> what about now. >> than anybody. >> would you take a lie detector test now. >> not for you i won't. >> shepard: how about are for mr. geld and the fbi. >> if i can benefit for it then i will. goldman and all these guys think i'm guilty. sign off. whatever money is made, o.j. can keep to raise his kids i will do it. >> shepard: didn't happen, of course, the nevada parole board indicated it it made today's decision because o.j. has been behaving well behind bars. will carr live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. will? >> hi, shep, when you talk about behaving well, evidently simpson has earned quite a few brownie points for being a model inmate. last week simpson told the parole board that he has been helping clean the prison gym. he has been coaching in the prison yard and staying out of trouble. according to the parole board today, that led to today's decision. here is the catch.
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at this point simpson won't be a free man until october of 2017 at the earliest that's because he still has time to serve on weapons charges linked to that 2008 robbery when simpson said he just wanted to get his stuff back from those two sports memorabilia dealers. >> make no mistake, i would give it all back to these guys they can have it all to get these last five years back. they have been somewhat illuminating at times and painful a lot of times. >> you might think it's painful from simpson's perspective to find out is he paroled but learned he may still be behind bars for several years. his attorney says today is he very happy and grateful for that decision. and if there saget-out-of-jail free card there is a petition for a new trial. simpson could be let out while the d.a. tries to figure out exactly what to do next. shep? >> shepard: will, prison
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officials say o.j. has had no disciplinary actions against him at all. a prison official and o.j.'s oldest daughter wrote letters of support inmates escape from being caught on tape. investigators say he is armed and dangerous and still on the run as fox reports tonight. it happened early sunday in hot springs, arkansas. that's about an hour drive south and west of little rock. as you will be able to see here, the inmate derek estelle was on the phone when an alleged accomplice distracted the guards there estelle bolted through a small window and took off. there he goes. a guard chased after him but it was too late because he jumped into a waiting car. at the time of this escape, he was reportedly facing 26 different charges, including robbery. the sheriff's office says it's following up on leads. also on the loose today, a guy, the sheriff's office calls the elephant man bandit. investigators say he has scar tissue on his face which he covers with a hood over his head and they tied him to three bank robberies
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in seattle. now they received this surveillance video of the bandit hitting the bank up two weeks ago. can you see him putting on that hood as he enters the building and eventually taking it off as he leaves. the most famous elephant man lived in london in the 19th century. the story of his deformities became the basis of a broadway play. water from a broken pipe blasted from the ground and into the air outside rio. that killed one little girl. hurt more than a dozen and left an entire neighborhood flooded. would you look at this? it happened in a poorer suburb of the city. some streets wound up with more than 6 feet of water on the ground. and 17 homes crumbled. we don't yet know what made the water break happen. a judge has sentenced a woman who tried to hire a hit man to murder her husband. but, before the sentencing, the husband had something to say about his wife and why she is actually a wonderful person for an attempted murderer. plus the yankee star alex
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>> shepard: just a matter of time now and not much. a major bomb is about toll drop on major league baseball. major league baseball is about to announce which of its players it will suspend and which could get even tougher penalties. this is all over the steroid scandal involving a now closed clinic in south florida. the a.p. reports the league has already given the
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player's union the name of those who will punish. it reports an announcement will come at least by friday. three time mvp alex rodriguez, the highest paid player in baseball, like 27 million this year stands to lose -- get the longest suspension. he may get a lifetime ban. a rod is accusing other recruits -- i should say he is accused of recruiting other players to that clinic. the most forgiving husband in the world says his wife is a wonderful person, despite the fact that she hired a hit man to kill him. a judge says she is still going to spend years behind bars. earlier this month, we reported on the undercover police video that showed the wife attempting to hire a hit man. look at this. >> where do you want me to shoot him? do you want an open casket? a closed casket? what do you want. >> open casket. >> i'm going to take him head on then. i'm going to shoot him right in the face. >> okay. >> shepard: shoot him right in the face. okay. she told killing him would
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be easier than divorcing him. here is what her husband feels in court today. >> i wholeheartedly forgive my wife what she has done for acts of hatred. i know that my life is -- wife is is a wonderful person. >> shepard: a wonderful person though she tried to have him murdered. he also described her as godly. pretty understanding over all. we heard from her before the sentencing. trace gallagher with that from our west coast news hub. she asked the judge for some mercy. >> she got some, shep, but only because her husband also asked for leniency because the judge could have sent julia murfield away for prison in life. instead she goes a maximum 20 years in prison. she could be out in less than six. listen to what he she told the undercover cop posing as a hit man, then listen to what she told the judge. >> i can do it any way you want me to. i want to know how you want it done. >> if you can get him outside that would be great.
4:22 pm
>> obviously it could have been worse the crime that i attempted could have been carried out and that alone honestly is the worst punishment should ever have to endure and i will endure for the rest of my life every single day. >> she says the tears she was crying in court were for remorse, shep, not for pity. >> shepard: the husband actually sat with the wife's parents in court. >> well, because after the wife found god now they are all just one big happy family. you have to keep in mind, that jacob murfield actually forgave his wife even though she put a down payment on his murder. planned every detail right down to where the furniture was arranged in the house so the phony hitman would not trip. now, listen to the husband in court followed by the prosecutor, giving him fair warning today on "studio b." >> i know that she is a godly person and that after talking to her, she is very repennive of the sin she
4:23 pm
committed. >> i could tell right away she wasn't very honest and truthful about her remarks to the judge and, quite frankly, there is no way that i would ever put myself in a position to be with that woman again. >> that prosecutor also wondered how reforceful she would be if her husband was dead and she got that $400,000 life insurance policy. shep? >> shepard: trace, right after that husband made the plea on his behalf of his. the wife turned around and mouthed the words thank you. feds giving us close up look at top secret documents about government surveillance programs. at least one page looks like this. helpful, right? now lawmakers and intelligence officials are facing off again on capitol hill. they spy on everything we do. plus, now it's an aide to anthony weiner who is apologizing. for going on an epic rant that i can't repeat on this newscast. we'll give you all we can and it should be plenty. there is word that weiner's
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wife isn't taking extended break for working for hillary clinton. all of that coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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4:28 pm
woman beneath that heavy rubble in an eastern province. the other victim owned a factory that the storm partly collapsed. workers say falling debris hit the owner on the head as they all rushed to escape the building. state media report another billboard crashed down on to a car, hurting two more people: japan. rescuers found the bodies of four climber who's had gone missing on sunday in some central mountains. they were part of a group of 20 amateurs from south korea who it been hiking without a guide. doctors say at least three of them died from hypothermia. india. student demonstrations turned violent in the streets of a central state. protester hes rallied against what they call corruption in the university system and new rules that they claim violate their rights. cops set up barricades and fought back the heavy crowds with water canons. jordan ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shepard: it might be the world's cheapest musical
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instrument. drinking straw. teacher online came one an idea when the student forgot to bring instrument to school. uses nails to make holes in different straws. now he wants to lead the world's biggest straw band and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and the feds just declassified parts of some top secret documents about national security agency surveillance programs. you can see the government blacked out some of the sections. intelligence officials call this a step towards increased transparency. but senators are debating the timing of this new transparency and how much information to release. >> i don't want a situation where the government is transparent only when it's convenient for the government. it's a step forward but you
4:30 pm
get the feeling -- when it's ad hoc transparency, that's not -- that doesn't engender trust, i don't think. >> we should keep in mind then, that every piece of information we make available to the public will be read by determined adversary and that adversary has already demonstrated the capacity to kill thousands of americans even on our own soil. >> top national security officials were back on capitol hill today defending the surveillance programs. just last week, the house barrelly defeated an amendment that would cut the funding for the tracking of all of our phone calls. steve centanni is in d.c. on the top story at the bottom of the hour. what did we learn from these newly released documents? >> shep, they acknowledge the program use something called hops technology. that refers to the hop or jump from scrutinizing one person's phone records to everyone that person calls and then everyone those people call. the result? more than 2 million records could potentially be examined in searching for a single suspect. >> so, what has been
4:31 pm
described as a discreet program to go after people who would cause us harm, when you look at the reach of this program, it envelopes a substantial number of americans. >> the documents also show a reasonable suspicion must exist to access phone records, shep? >> shepard: what else came out of this hearing today, steve? >> well, shep, we heard questions raised about how this leak could have occurred in the first place. you know, edward snowden walked away from an nsa facility with huge amounts of classified data and some are astonished that nobody at the nsa so far has been called to task for that security breach. >> has anybody offered the resign or offer to resign because of this failure. >> no one has offered to resign. everyone is working hard to understand what had happened and put in place the necessary. >> how soon until we know who screwed up. >> we will know weeks and
4:32 pm
months what happened. they should be hold accountable and we will hold them accountable. >> the head of the nsa general keith alexander today revealed the type of surveillance gathered. >> this does not include your phone calls or mine. your emails, nor mine. your sms messages. there is no content. there are no names in the database. no address, no credit card numbers. >> alexander also said the fiz is a court, that special security court does not rubber stamp any decisions, shep. >> shepard: steve, the nsa reportedly has a tool that collects almost every single thing we do on 00 internet. that's according to the guardian newspaper which broke the story of the surveillance leaks in the first place. it reports documents back up ed snowden's claim that he could wiretap anybody from his desk at the nsa, even the president. these documents back that up, despite the fact that they told us emphatically that that was a lie. in fact, tonight, the top
4:33 pm
republican and democrat on the house intelligence committee are denying that. they insist the program targets only terror suspects overseas, not americans. bradley manning's sentencing hearing kicked off today. the army private facing more than 100 years in prison, potentially, because he gave hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the web site wikileaks. yesterday, a judge acquitted him on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. that could have gotten him life without parole. today, prosecutors said the leaks hurt u.s. relations with everybody from foreign leaders to afghan villagers whose names were in those documents. the defense claims bradley manning was a naive whistleblower and some call him a hero who never meant to hurt the united states. officials say the sentencing hearing could take at least three weeks. we're not crying wolf here. so says the defense secretary chuck hagel. but today he laid out some tough warnings about how the next round of looming spending cuts could dramatically hurt the pentagon's ability to do its job. >> if these abrupt cuts remain, we risk fielding a
4:34 pm
force that over the next few years sun prepared, due to a lack of training, maintenance, and the latest equipment. >> shepard: secretary hagel says among other changes the fewer aircraft available. cut several air squad drons and the army may need to reduce troop numbers to numbers we have not seen since world war ii. again, this is from the defense secretary. we cannot confirm. budget cuts are set to take effect early next year unless lawmakers can agree to some sort of solution. president obama paid a visit to capitol hill today for the first time since march, they tell us. back then, he met with members of both parties, today, it was just the democrats. aides say the president wanted to rally the troops, before they leave town for the august recess of six weeks. one lawmaker, who was meeting -- was in that meeting, says the president told them they are on the right side of history when it comes to the healthcare overhaul and immigration. ed henry is our man at the white house. he is live there tonight. ed? >> shep, what the president was trying to do was buck up nervous democrats about
4:35 pm
defending a controversial healthcare law as they head home for that august recess. remember, it was those august town hall meetings in the summer of 2009 that fired up republicans against the health law to begin with. democrats a little nervous about that again. the congressional budget office revealed the mandate of the employer mandate that the president is going to put in cost taxpayers $12 billion. the president noted behind closed doors in these meetings the law will save a lot more money in the long run than that. while republicans are saying the only reason why he was on the hill is he is trying to jump start an agenda that is stalled. take a listen. >> if i had poll numbers as low as his, i would probably be out doing the same thing. >> as we know, there have been a lot of talking points on the other side about the train wreck. he made the commitment this will roll out and we are seeing some good news as we go that dispel that rumor. >> you noted the president only met with house and senate democrats, not with house republicans. for example, who would be
4:36 pm
important in terms of trying to advance his agenda. white house aides say the bottom line is that the chief of staff, dennis mcdonough from the white house met with senate republicans today and they will continue those conversations if they think republicans actually want to work with them. shep? >> shepard: house democrats say they also threw an early birthday party for the president. minority leader nancy pelosi gave him this cake and congress led the crowd in singing happy birthday to you. the president turns 52 this sunday. anthony weiner's spokesperson is apologizing now for calling a former intern names that i cannot say here. the intern wrote in new york daily news about anthony weiner's campaign for new york city mayor. she is on the top left of the front page here of the daily news. she claims lots of staffers only joined the campaign to get close to anthony weiner's wife yuma abidine who is a top aid to secretary of state hillary clinton. yuma is reportedly planning to take a break from that job. sources tell politico it
4:37 pm
will be an extended vacation. not a leave of absence. they say it was in the works before huma be a dean defended her husband news conference last week that was after her husband anthony weiner admitted he kept on sexting other women using the alias carlos danger more than a year after he quit congress that exact same thing. plungeness the polls after the latest scandal. refusing to drop from the race for mayor. jonathan hunt is in our newsroom. there is a lot here, jonathan. go. >> there certainly is. the verbal attack on the former intern came from barbara morgan. she is the communications director for anthony weiner and certainly communicated her feelings about that former intern. saying, among other things, quote: well, take a look for yourself and fill in the blanks as you were, those were the nicer things she said about the former intern. by the way. barbara morgan apologized and wrote on her own twitter account today quote
4:38 pm
not my best day yesterday. should have known better. been better. got to pay up. and alongside that she tweeted a picture of a sware jar with 100 swear jar with $100 bill stuffed into it and a credit card. for her part the former intern said on her twitter account, quote: as to barbara morgan's apology of course i accept it. elivia nuzzi adopted some of the curse words barbara morgan used about her on twitter profile. there is no such thing as bad publicity, shep. >> shepard: it was nice to hear from anthony weiner today as all of this is going on he is he focusing on the issues. >> he is absolutely focusing on the issues so he says. intending right now out on rock away beach queens, new york. he is being asked by voters as well as media at a lot of these events why aren't you getting out? and this has now become his
4:39 pm
answer, listen. >> at a certain point you have got to say, look, i don't quit. new yorkers don't quit. i'm not going to go into the corner arched curl up because someone found out something embarrassing about me. >> a lot of political experts would suggest, shep that mr. weiner may well not make it to that september 10th primary. we shall see, shep? >> shepard: it's interesting to hear that he won't quit. that seems evident. jonathan hunt, thanks very much. an eighth woman is now accusing the san diego mayor, bob filner of sexual harassment. she is telling kpbs television that it happened two years ago in washington. when she met with mayor filner who was at the time a democratic congressman. >> he pulled my hand closer to him and he reached over to kiss me. i turned my head at that moment and on the side of my face i got a very wet saliva-filled kiss, including feeling his tongue on my cheek. >> shepard: that's t.m.i. so far no response from
4:40 pm
mayor filner. last night the san diego city council unanimously rejected his request to, get, this have the city pay his legal bills in a sexual harassment lawsuit from a different accuser. mayor filner is refusing to resign. he says he will start intensive therapy next week for what he once called a monster inside him. some tgi friday locations have racked up quite the tab for serving customers cheap booze in the top shelf bottles. in some cases, folks got cocktails of rubbing alcohol, they tell us. now, the company in charge is paying up in a big way. coming up, the details of the fake liquor fines. but, first, take a look at this. some wild weather in florida. that's a waterspout in the center of your screen touching down last night over tampa. i'm going to it retract that that is not wild weather. that is a daily occurrence off the coast of tampa and fort meyers and orlando -- and everywhere. everywhere but orlando. that's not wild weather. that's what happened when
4:41 pm
new yorkers write about florida weather. my apologies. the guy who shot this video says it formed between two bridges and blew out before reaching damage. we used to laugh about people in new york talking about weather in florida. that wasn't wild. wild happens. that wasn't it could be a different story tonight in parts of oklahoma and the texas panhandle. that one can get wild. rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center. wild. >> i love you did all of that so i didn't have to do it. there might be some more of that kind of wild weather in florida. a few more water spouts today. problem area where we could see more significant weather tonight is across this western parts of kansas down across the panhandles and eastern new mexico. that's where the storm prediction center has a slight risk. they have also issued a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00 tonight. i don't think we are talking about tornadoes tonight. we're going to be talking about severe weather, some large hail, some very strong winds and this area desperately needs rain. some of that rain will certainly be beneficial. tomorrow, however, we will see these storms move a little farther towards the
4:42 pm
north and areas around western nebraska, especially, could be looking at a chance of a tornado tomorrow afternoon. that's the latest from the fox weather center. fox report will be right back. on the streets. [ whisperi and we have home insurance. but if we made a claim, our rate would go up... [ whispering ] shhh. you did it right. you have allstate claim rate guard so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. [ whispering ] are we still in a dream? no, you're in an allstate commercial. so get allstate home insurance with claim rate guard... [ whispering ] goodnight. there are so many people in our bedroom. [ dennis ] talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] ...and let the good life in.
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from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? attorney general announced today a restaurant group has agreed to shell out half a million dollars for serving cheaper booze to customers who paid for the better stuff. and in some cases it wasn't even booze. 8 of that group's restaurants, all of them tgi fridays were among the 29 businesses under investigation. in one case, investigators say workers added food coloring to rubbing alcohol and passed that off as scotch. [ laughter ] anyway, a statement the restaurant group announced the following. we have redoubled our efforts to ensure that all of our restaurants adhere's to friday's extensive bar.
4:46 pm
>> shepard: who orders scotch -- ♪, ♪ >> shepard: american sailors hiring 1500 flight attendants and reportedly a first time a carrier this big has added this many positions since the attacks of 9/11. airline officials say folks sent in 20,000 applications in one week. casey stegall live in fort worth, texas. spent some time at the american airlines training academy. i have seen a preview of this. you should watch your screen. casey to you. >> shepard, it's not my jazz hands. don't make fun of me. once they graduate this 8 and a half week course, they are going to join the more than 16,000 flight attendants currently working for american airlines. we are on board a mockup of a boeing 767. this is, of course, a very real his strange. they can do everything like simulating on board fire emergencies, obviously the operation of the emergency exits because they are all different. and then in this building, there is similarities all over the place. similarities for all five
4:47 pm
types of planes american airlines flies. there is also this nine and a half foot deep swimming pool. this is an actual flight attendant training class underway. this is where they practice all of their water drills. all of their evacuations. again, american airlines tells us the idea is to make this feel as real as possible to get the real deal. >> we want all of our flight crews to have a hands on experience during the training process, so that in the event that something happens in reality, then everything is automatic. >> aa is where you can go to get more information. so far they have had more than 50,000 applicants. this training is happening through the end of the year, shepard. the nearest exit may be behind you. >> shepard: you went down a slide during one of the afternoon hours. where is the slide? >> the slide is over there and we're trying to change it up a little bit.
4:48 pm
we wanted to give you the feel for the aquatic section of the training. no jazz hands. you caught me. fox report viewers have been cheated out a slide. casey, the budget airline easy jet has apologized after it emails passengers to say your flight is delayed for 86 years. that actually happened on sunday. the airline reportedly cancelled a late night flight from switzerland to london but sent passengers this note. we are writing to inform you that your flight will depart 11:00 local time on july 29th, 2099. an airline spokesperson blamed a computer glitch adding, quote, each our new long term fleet deal doesn't take us that far into the future. word tonight that our economy has improved so much it just about doubled expectations in a very important category. details from a federal court. plus, retailers say a judge's decision is a huge win for them. but it could cost all of us money when we swipe our
4:49 pm
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>> shepard: the nation's economy performed so much better in the second quarter, thanks to more consumers opening their wallets and more businesses opening their checkbooks. according to the commerce department. the gross domestic product grew nearly 2% in the last quarter. economists had said they expected it to go up less than 1%. g.d.p., of course, is the total value of all the goods and services that a country produces for a specific period of time. it's one of those main indicators that the economists use to determine the health of any country's economy. but today's news did not effect the markets that much. wall street ended the day decidedly mixed. we may soon have to pay more to use our debit cards. that's because today a judge struck down a federal reserve rule that put a 20%
4:53 pm
limit on the swipe he fees that banks charge retail stores for each debit card transaction. retailers are calling it a victory as you might imagine. they claim that the fed was too lenient on banks when it first crafted that rule back in 2011. of course, the banks argue the ruling will cost them billions of dollars in lost revenue foor banks they are running out of money rich edson is in the d.c. tonight. customers have to pay for it? >> well, you know, customers if they spend a lot more money the banks will make it up. they will make it up by possibly cutting rewards programs. free checking. charge more at atms, they argue it's expensive to provide the convenience of those debit cards. that's why they charge stores a fee for accepting plastic. retailers argue customers win with lower swipe fees. they say the less they pay to banks for swipe fees the less they will pay to customers. banks say consumers can foreabout their savings the retailers are just going to pocket the money. back to you.
4:54 pm
>> shepard: the u.s. and china teamed up for the biggest ever joint crackdown on counterfeit goods. officials say the month long operation seized nearly a quarter million fake electronic products. knockoff of brands like apple, samsung and black bear. black berry. sting netted one arrest. china is finally taking counterfeiting seriously. according to a bipartisan u.s. commission, the counterfeiting cost u.s. businesses $320 billion a year. that's the same amount of u.s. exports to asia every year. the man convicted of going on a shooting spree two years ago in norway brutally murdering 77 people says he is tired of prison. so he has applied to go back to college. we'll tell you what folks at that college have to say about that. next. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event
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>> shepard: a convicted terrorist locked up in prison now says he wants to go back to school. some school staffers are telling him no thank you. a mass murderer who a court convicted of setting off a bomb in norway capital city of oslo in 2011 and going to youth summer camp and killing rampage killing 77 people and wounding hundreds. 21 years locked up. the british newspaper the guardian reports the university of oslo is considering his application despite protests from staff. a prison spokeswoman tells the w brst bc news. if the school accepts him he will use a special internet lookup from prison with lots of filters. a 19-year-old from australia is well on his way to becoming the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world. here is he his live
4:59 pm
tracking web site shows he is currently in wisconsin after taking off from australia a month ago. started one day after the guy who is trying to break the record he finished his trip in 59 days. on this day in 1975 notorious labor leader hoffa went missing. one of the largest unions the teamsters. he reportedly had a dark side. and relationship with the mob. a judge sentenced jimmy hoffa to 15 years in prison for attempted bribery. president nixon excused him after five years on condition that jimmy hoffa would not participate in union activities for a full decade. back in the freely world. hoffa ha h. planned to fight that restriction until he suddenly vanished from a restaurant parking lot in detroit. to this day nobody has found him anywhere. but the mystery began 38 years ago today. and now you know the news
5:00 pm
for this wednesday july 2013. it's august and then they go back to it school. i don't know, i will miss it. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> look why can indict the white family, giiveness and refuses tohe other. >> bill: is the grievous industry getting desperate? looks like it tmplets they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: that's an illinois official spreading a rumor that the chicago police are murdering black children, unbelievable. tonight, we'll continue our reporting on the intense race situation. also ahead, the inside story of president obama meeting with hillary clinton and a revolt among some fast food workers in america. [chanting]


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