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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 1, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> haven't you heard that line before? >> that's how carlos danger rolls. >> see you tomorrow. "special report" with bret baier up next. welcome to "red eye." it's like my dad. toothless, hairless, change in my crawl space. if you keep screaming, i will take the hose out again. don't make me. i can be there in ten minutes. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pregame report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show. >> can't even be bothered to give them different names, can you? >> they don't mean anything to me. >> you've gotten levy. >> why name them when it's temporary. >> anyway, our top story tonight. the scientist responsible for cloning the woolly man mouth
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dolly. impeaching obama straight ahead. anthony weiner's communication director goes foul mouthed over a new piece. we can't tell you most of the words. a british wanna be model sues the national service for making her breasts too big. the story i can't believe we haven't gotten to it. >> i think we'll get to it. >> i think it was safe to tease it. >> it's a story about a woman with large breasts. >> eminently teasable in the business. >> these are stories shows use for the end of the program hoping people will tune in to look at large breasts. >> yes. >> it's a tried and true formula that started with "meet the press." >> is that right? >> yes. >> this is like meet the breast. let's welcome our guests. she's so hot that tobasco sauce sprinkles her on her food. i'm here with kimberly, "on the five." it's on in the afternoon.
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i'm the alpha male. and a begin sue knife. it's my repulsive side kick, bill schultz and if comedic skills were a bike i'd ride him up and down the park several days in front of families and the elderly. comedian, dan schroeder. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. try not to bleep it up this time. >> is everyone bully for all things woolly? did the giant beef stop being deceased? the scientist responsible for the first cloned animal claims the discovery of the 10,000-year-old wolly man mouth's blood puts us one step closer to resurrecting the mammal. sir ian wilmuth cloned dolly the
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sheep and later slept with it. >> what? >> no, i'm kidding. it dawned on me that if you could clear the first hurdle of getting viable cells from man mouths, you could do something interesting. i think it should be done as long as we can provide great care for the animal. shut up, sir ian. somette they cysts are warning of fooling with mother nature. he gets very violent. slap you around and then you go to work and you have to tell everybody you fell down a flight of stairs.
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they're saying, why did you marry a goat. and it roolooks like we can do this. we can do this. the question is should we do this? >> isn't this the beginning of jurassic park? >> it is. >> i don't understand why you're trying to clone something that was huge and decimated a lot of things. this is the worst idea ever. that's like a saber tooth tiger. let's bring back the saber tooth tiger. let's not do that. because we beat it one time. we won. let's just stay in the win column and move forward. >> any extinct species you'd like to see? >> no. i'm okay with everything. i'm okay with everything the way it's going. i don't understand. i get it. people have little nostalgia for animals that disappear but maybe that's how it's supposed to happen. >> that's true. natural selection, evolution, kimberly. bringing back the woolly man mouth go against god, man, and kimberly. >> it's really cool.
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it can keep your child entertained for hours. i'm all for it, actually. >> you are? >> yes. >> i love you. >> it can replace my baby-sitter. >> i don't think the woolly man mouth can be a good baby-sitter. >> it can stalk your child. >> a woolly man mouth hasn't met my child. >> she's amazing. she has a personal instructor at the gym. you're tight. >> why do we think it's going to be a cute flintstones ending. >> you'll have running with the woolly man mouth. you seem like you would like to bring it back. >> i would have wine with it. first of all, i think we need to know what jeff thinks about all of this. if he's cool with it, we should think about bringing back less cool animals. scientists are trying to bring back the bercato that went
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extinct only a month ago. >> you invented a term, let's not go fool woolly mammoth right now. >> go full woolly mammoth. >> if there is another one there will be another one that will despise you. >> no, for years i've been talking about this. for years i've been supporting this. i've never been so angry at you right now. what is better than an elephant? a hairy elephant. simple math. it's like an elephant but better. no longer is the cloning. it will mean a miracle miraculous comeback. we will have big, dumb looking birds that can't fly, that will walk around, aren't scared of humans. they were too stupid to run away from us. this time we'll be kind to them. we will have all of these species that did not exist that
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we have not gazed in for 10,000 years. we will look at them again and say, yeah. yeah, hairy elephant. >> you're all wrong. >> you seem kind of sincere. >> this is the greatest thing. this is the only reason i'm staying alive. i have nothing else to live for. i will wait five more years until this giant snufl luff ifa comes back. >> if we bring back the woolly mammoth, you will commit suicide? >> yes. hurry up. >> here are the consequences of bringing back the woolly mammoth, it will benefit people who are excruciatingly wealthy or the rich people who want to have sex with that. >> that's gross. >> people like bill clinton,
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let's say they want to have orgies with mummies. >> you don't have to bring back a mummy. >> paris hilton will have a baby tear a dak till and then forget about it in her closet and it will die. >> it's a shame michael jackson wasn't around for this. >> exactly. >> we can clone all of the chihuahuas that paris hilton has already zblild there will be pornos made with mummies. they'll bring back mummies and it will be huge. i'm telling you this is where this will go. >> i don't like any of this. >> you don't like -- >> i'll be in my compound, militia waiting for the end. >> if you have a compound, i better be invited. >> absolutely. >> me? >> i can't release that yet on television. it's coming. >> all right. you do look like you would have a compound. >> oh, i absolutely plan on it. >> he lives in a fallout shelter in queens. >> i live under the train. you know how difficult it is? above ground. i had to say that.
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>> from cloners to boners. on tuesday, day of the week, kimberly, the daily news published a less than flattering look at anthony weiner's staff. late that night his communication director barbara morgan went off on nuzy. is that curt cobain? telling her she sucked as an inturn and calling her an f'ing slut bag and other things i can't say. morgan later apologized and tweeted, not my best day yesterday. should have known better. got to pay up. she's got a little at this point jar there, swear jar. meanwhile or weanwhile, huma will take an extended vacation from hillary clinton. a weaner spokesperson says this
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was already planned. clearly the weiner's love controversy like this cat loves affection. >> oh, damn. ow. >> the cat fetish. >> i do not like that video. >> yeah. >> there's something really perverse about that man getting off on that cat. i don't want any part of that life. >> that was anthony weiner. >> that was. >> yeah. >> okay, gill. my theory, this is my theory, because of weiner's history, he can't fire a staffer who does something like this. it would be hip critical. that's why he can't be mayor. people could do whatever they want under him. >> but he doesn't care because he keeps doing bad things over and over again. he sort of just can't help himself, kind of like this guy. so what does he want to do, flash himself, be a freakish perv. i bet he would do the same thing
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even as mayor and he would always pick staffers that did that. >> if he has a large staff, no pun intended him, under him as mayor, somebody could just go off on anybody. he count fire them. he doesn't have the moral high ground, anthony, to do this. what did you make of that tirade? should she have apologized? >> it really doesn't matter at this point. what shocks me is that campaigns fail out because somebody is funding them. at some point, you know, it's got to run out. they're not making it to the runoffs but what's really shocking about this whole thing isn't what she said is that she thought she was off the record. she works for anthony weiner. how could she possibly think anything is a secret anymore? >> that is true. that is true. the money, by the way, they've had the money for a while. they have plenty of money. they can't do anything but campaign with it, correct? >> yeah. basically. >> even if they were to drop out now, all they could use it would be to pay off previous campaign debts. >> yeah. that's why they're doing this, i guess.
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dan, she basically heckled nuzy. what are your thoughts on this. >> i think carlos, i can call you this, spencer danger, mayor danger. >> yes. >> i think we should solve this the old-fashioned way and, ladies, let's just get a big kiddy pool, fill it full of mud and do a little mud wrestling and get to the bottom of this. >> that's sexist. >> i think you mean sexy. >> it's a fine line between sexy and sexist. >> it did sound like a glamorous lady of wrestling promo like they were going to meet in the ring. >> in your mind. >> yeah. you notice this whole behavior thing is infecting everybody. it's lowered the bar so much that people are using the c word which frankly disgusts me, bill. you usually pay older men to call you those names. does it bug you that morgan did it for free? >> no, i actually know barbara morgan. >> you do? >> yes. i have gotten drunk with barbara
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morgan. i may have hit on barbara morgan, successfully or un, you'll never know. she's a great girl. this is exactly the type of girl she is. you are lying because everything she said in that, you all know it was a huge turn on. we love when girls talk that way and the only thing we like more about girls talking that way is when they're talking about it another girl. when they're going to town using c bombs like that on a staff member that probably sucks, it's great. if anything, this helps weiner. my only concern is exactly what i just said, guys love girls with a dirty mouth, and look who she's working for. >> okay, bill. are you buying huma's vacation? >> no. she was given the exit door for a reason. she's political trouble for her. when people see her they think weiner and it's not a good situation for hillary. >> i think about all the relatives and spouses, families
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of employees that had these conversations before joining the weaner campaign and everybody's going, don't do it. he goes, no, no, no, no. >> i'll change. >> they're all going, you a-hole. >> right. >> you did this. what were you thinking? what were you anything i told you so. it's all over new york city. >> they needed a job. >> except the one staffer that said, hey, i'm spicing my life to work for the weiner committee. how awesome is this? i told you it was going to go crazy. >> huma is working for hillary's transition team. hillary left that job six months ago. how long does it take to transition out of there? >> until the money runs out. >> especially if you're not up on your bills. >> especially if you're in thailand. >> they needed to stop the hormone treatment from bill. >> from one scandal to another, did monica and bill enjoy one last thrill. the national inquirer, where i get all of my news, says it's obtained the never before heard
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sex tapes. the nearly 4 minute tape which is about the same time it took bill to -- well, anyway, was allegedly made in november of 1997, a few minutes after their final sexual encounter. on it she tells the president among other things, quote, i could take my clothes off and start -- well, i know you wouldn't enjoy that. i hope to see you later and i hope you will follow my script and do what i want. she then reportedly goes on to ask bubba to enlist barbara curry to arrange a secret meeting between the two. for more, let's go to our secret white house correspondent. >> that's out. >> you should sick paris hilton on him. >> i don't know about that. anthony, what do you make about this tape? it's the national inquirer, but
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i'm willing to bet my house on it. >> the national inquirer is absolutely a reliable source. if anybody was going to get sued, they would and they never do. >> they never do. >> they covered it. they're responsible journalists. i don't know what's the motivation for it to come out. i guess the huma/hillary is selling papers. i'm not quite sure of the newsiness of it. >> the newsiness is it's monica lewinsky. i missed her. >> my god i missed her. i couldn't sleep at night. i missed her at night. i put the audio on my itunes. i had a nice jog. the best part is when they told them they were going to have dinner and a movie. monica, i don't think you know how this works. you're not on the dinner schedule. you have to eat with the president of zambia, not have a box dinner with the girl that was providing him services in higgs office.
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>> exa -- his office. >> exactly. >> can we get a little bit? >> no, monica. >> the president, do you think you might even be seen with me somewhere. >> but it is a good jogging -- >> yes. i'm glad you're jogging. >> oddly enough when you hit the genius button, a lot of u 2. >> you're strange. >> i don't know. kimberly, the inquirer got john edwards right. that's the only example i can think of. >> you're right. they had a lot of stuff on lacey peterson. they'd be out of business. this is a true story. they get it right. they get sued, they win. >> or they pay them off. do you think they have great lawyers, too, though? >> no. truth is a defense. they're dealing public figures. truth is the complete defense to any kind of defamation case. they win. they win. that's why they're still in business. >> bill, monica is now in her 40s. does it bother you that you will
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never reach that decade? >> i've only got two more years. i think i can do it. you know why? because they said woolly mammoth is going to take the spot. call back. i don't understand this story. because did you hear what they said? they said that all of this is monica saying this stuff but bill clinton isn't in the tape. it's all just her. so is she having like a glass of merlot and sitting on her couch half drunk saying this to her imaginary friend while she's recording it. i don't get where she is. >> she had a side saying, you wouldn't like that. her cat bill that she named. >> exactly. >> the whole thing makes no sense. >> you know what this is? this is the pre-selfy selfy. before you had camera phones you tape yourself naked. oh, i'm naked. you should see what i look like. >> i would immediately start to get aroused. i would open my mailbox and there would be a tiny little tape in there to put in and listen to whatever they had to
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say. >> all right. the pre-selfy selfy. pss. coming up, what would happen if all the ugly people died off leaving really only hot people left to reproduce. kimberly gi kimberly gilfoy, "what i call heaven" ice cream and porn. sounds like my kind of story. listen to whatever they had to ice cream and porn.
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get on board for better sleep. it's sleep train's interest-free for 3 event! get 3 years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest-free for 3 event, on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it's an app to help you crap. >> what? >> well, the defending super bowl champions, the san francisco 49ers, new stadium seen here, will have an app that gives fans live updates on how long the bathroom and beer lines are. lehigh stadium is set to open in
12:23 am
2014. they're going to order beer and have it delivered right to their seats. yes, the beverage goes right into your butt. ew. anyway, here's tape from my last super bowl party last year. it was crazy. i lost my wallet. i had to go to the er to find my wallet. >> it said, pause for gay dance party. listen to the prompters. >> do you like 49er fans? good old days, candlestick with those awful bathroom troughs. are we taking the manliness out of the game? now they're nice bathrooms. you used to go to the trough and it would splash all over you. >> ew. >> first of all, you referred to them as the defending super bowl
12:24 am
champions and they lost to the ravens. >> i know. >> that's still not over. >> i know. >> candlestick is where i learned my fear of urinals so i get stage fright now. now i can't pee. >> oh, my god. this is exact -- i grew up in -- >> is that true? >> candlestick did it for me. i used to go when i was like 10 or 12 to candlestick park because i lived in san mateo to see the giants usually on my birthday with my dad. i was talking about this in our editorial meeting. you show up in the bathroom with your shorts. the trough is like right here. >> waist high. >> a guy just hanging out peeing. it's hitting you. you're like, i cannot pee. >> everyone thinks that at niner games, i know san francisco has this awful -- that people assume it's a bunch of people who are like, have some white wine. those are people that move there. i'm talking about the dudes from concord, walnut creek that are big men that work with their hands and they're peeing in a
12:25 am
trough and now i can't pea at the urinal at applebys. >> it took me five years to get beyond that. kimberly -- >> this is a good thing? this is a bad thing that they're moving on? do you guys know how to support an argument. >> it brought back so many memories. he said defending super bowl champions. i got upset. >> we had a troch in soldier field. when i was a kid, my dad and i were in the bathroom. we had a friend of mine who was younger. my dad lifted him up in the trough and my dad next to him said, son, you've got a teenie-weenie thingy. he started crying. my dad got into a fight with him. the troughs are horrible. >> kimberly, you're bare. you've been to candlestick. >> i love the urinals. i was the first lady, i kind of almost own the 49ers. jay leno said i got them into sports, actually. >> really? really? name dropping. what was your favorite
12:26 am
candlestick park memory? >> i love to go to the games. i especially love watching the giants play there. >> the bathrooms. women's bathrooms. >> i didn't play in the boys room. clean and nice and smell nice smelling soaps. >> you had a sky box. you guys have your own bathroom. you didn't have to pay for the food or the beer. >> when i was little. then i went to the sky. i dreamed of it when i was rubbing my hands in the pink soap, one day i will have a sky box so it was a happy ending. >> it is a nice ending. >> this is a good thing. obviously it's a good thing. you can drink and check to see what stalls are empty. >> brilliant. >> it's great. the creepy part is it means somebody is going to be watching the bathrooms all the time and reporting on them. >> i can do that. >> i go to yankee stadium a lot and my 4g never works. maybe it will be better in silicon valley. >> super wi fi because it's google's friend. >> bill, there's an app that tells people when you're in a
12:27 am
bathroom so they can avoid you shooting heroin in a stall and throwing up on everyone. >> i can see why they would avoid them. i can see why they would avoid these. i'm grossing myself out now. why would you ever make fun in an advancement in bathroom technology? it is the equivalent of when indoor technology was invented. i don't like that. in my day we used to pop outside. toughen the cheeks. any advancement in bathroom technology is a good thing. >> the real -- the real advancement is wet wipes. let's face it, man. >> yeah. >> dude, here's the thing. the point of sporting events -- this is such a gross boy show. how did i end up on this one? >> i want to make a point here, kimberly, that youshed listen to. >> wet wipes? >> the point of a sporting event is to teach your bladder to tough it out for long road trips. the seventh inning and go to the bathroom, what you're doing is stretching your bladder which isn't safe. that's great for long drives. >> that's bad for your bladder.
12:28 am
>> it is bad. >> i don't know where you're getting your information. you will go to the bathroom more the more you try to hold it. >> cancer or something. this is not good. >> at men's health i actually asked like five or six doctors, can you die from not peeing? can you actually -- it's hard to do but you can. >> you know what would have been my follow-up question? do your back teeth float? nd a i don't think they do. >> we've got to take a break. >> that should have been our lead. >> pee break? >> amanda bond is dead. tired of people worrying about her. she's timely dead. >> what? >> first a story we almost got to yesterday. something about breasts. .
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she was displeased with her taxpayer breasts saying they wrecked her life. josie cunningham blamed the doctors for making her boobes too big and turning her into a national joke. that's why she wears the big t-shirts. the 23-year-old had the surgery at a cost of 7,000 dd after convincing her doctors that her flat chest made her feel depressed. it's a story that must be discussed and something that i like to call. >> lightening round.
12:33 am
lightening round. >> yes. kimberly, does she have any leverage in this case? >> she has cleavage but i don't know about leverage. >> nicely done. >> thanks. basically the doctor should have said, boohoo, sorry you're depressed, here's 74 dollars, go by a victoria's secrets bra. >> who gets their boobs paid for. >> that's what i said. $34. let me tell you. if i was in charge there would be flat chests running around. >> that is easier for running. >> she became a topless model. she is getting taxpayer botox. is she the worst person ever? >> yes. >> pretty bad. england kind of gets what they deserve here. there's a way out of this for the britts. >> what? >> in england if you file a lawsuit and lose, you've got to pay the court costs. the taxpayers can get their
12:34 am
money back. >> they might have to repossess her implants. i thought that would be an interesting job to have, mr. sotor. >> as someone who has had breast implant surgery, what are your thoughts? >> i thought it was weird. the woman who got an over the top boob job is looking for more handouts. i don't think they do that. >> they don't. >> they're great poets, writers, orators. they read a lot. this girl, i hope one of them pops. >> bill, you actually had surgery to turn yourself into an entire boob and it worked. >> scratch my nipples. i love the line, she's like those doctors made me a national joke. no, i think you did when you called "the sun" and brought publicity to your plight. played yis, we don't like fake boobs. it looks like skin stretched over grapefruit. we happened to be here. we like all shapes and sizes.
12:35 am
she is an american hero. >> she's british. >> i know. next topic, is dep done? johnny depp, is that his real name? >> i don't think so. >> retirement is not too far away. the 63-year-old actor is saying at a certain point you start thinking when you add up the amount of dialogues and i stay for a year you realize that you've said written words more than you've actually had a chance to say your own words. you're a blooem actor. sorry. bleep that out. you start thinking of that as kind of an insane option for a human being. >> are those single? >> johnny depp. >> you have shingles? >> he has terrible problems, doesn't he? >> actually, i really like johnny depp. >> why? >> i don't know. i just find his face so kissable. >> he's a man you would have sex with? >> i would. >> celebrate it. don't cry!
12:36 am
>> i want to go to his island and drink guinness with him and talk. that's all i want to do. if he wants to retire, take me with you, johnny. please take me with you. i just worked kansas city. it was terrible. i can't go back on the road. please don't do this. johnny, take me with you. >> this is very sad. k.g., you love him even though he hasn't made a good movie in almost 40 years? >> well, i like him. i don't know if i love him. i liked him when he was cleaner looking. now he's sort ever resembling schultz. now i'm not too sure about the pirate do, right? >> he looks like something. he looks like a brick store layout. >> i liked it when he was in "21 jump street". >> fair weather fan. >> yeah. >> screw you. >> that was a terrifying aspect of my childhood, that willie
12:37 am
wonka and the chocolate factory. >> i liked him in ed wood. >> anthony, why don't more people realize what a cartoon he's become? >> i mean, he was always eccentric. now he's becoming typical. he's a whining actor talking about how hard his life is and threatening retirement. we might be deprived of the next tim burton movie where he has white face on. we will survive. >> what will be the next tim burton movie he'll miss out on? has he done charlotte's web or -- it's got to be something less creepy but also endearing and somewhat gothic. >> who would play charlotte? i'm carter. it would be a mixture of her face with a seedy eyed spider. certain circus motifs throughout. lots of trees without any leaves on them. looking a little bit storybook. wouldn't be a plot so much as various things to bring creepy
12:38 am
things to the surface. johnny depp would do something to take away from his good looks. >> exactly. >> something. >> i'm not going to lie. that movie probably will be made now and schultz won't get any credit. >> no. >> and who should be the pig? wilbur? the piggy. >> nice. >> that's actually great. >> it will be full circle for him. >> take back the power. >> yes. exactly. >> the power back. >> because that is all about power when you're being sexually harassed by a woods man. >> it's true. >> they're not doing it for gratification. >> no. >> i know that. i know that. >> nothing gay about it. it was about power. when did that baby have the power? >> never. >> thank you. >> never. >> thank you. >> getting to deliverance. >> oh. >> johnny depp would play the canoe. >> bert reynolds should play the part he did earlier except 50
12:39 am
years later. >> bert reynolds would play the tree. >> don't make fun. >> the in bread boys. >> mccally call kin. >> we have to take a break. join us at greg gut field. kimberly's favorite book. >> yes.
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last topic. will they quit the dream of missing porn with ice cream? the "l.a. times" paper reports a porn studio has agreed to stop marketing films that play off of ben & jerry's products. last year the ice cream maker who, let me remind you, are responsible for flavors like chubby hubby sued cavalero over its ben and cherry's theories. the porn maker used packaging that resembled ben & jerry's logo. you'll no longer be able to find titles like boston cream pie and
12:43 am
peanut butter d cup. both star glenn close. do they have a case or did the video company cave in? >> no, ben & jerry's has been very successful whenever they've had any litigation. powerful company. got a lot of connections and this is no surprise. >> what about parentirot parrot. >> i'm surprised they prevailed under those grounds. they're very well known. >> first amendment issue. when will it end? >> call the aclu. >> i don't know what that is. >> you don't want to know. >> dan, you might be -- is anybody here over 30? >> i'm 30. >> all right. do you guys remember whacky packages? >> yeah. >> they don't make whacky packages anymore. >> silly. >> it is. you know why? >> because of this crap. >> when i lived i collected every whacky pack.
12:44 am
had them all over my front door and back door. >> they were fun times? >> they were. >> i don't think i would like to see what that porn star would do with whacky packs. >> i had a question for you, dan. do you agree with ben & jerry's. >> i smoke enough pot that i agree with anything from ben and jerry's. delicious. love all their flavors. >> i like chunky monkey. >> i would fight a family member for fudge brown any. >> i like phish food. >> it's the only kind of phish that didn't jam out for 20 minutes. >> wait until tomorrow morning when you're on the toilet. anthony, ben & jerry's flavors are tailor made for porn titles. is it their fault? >> absolutely. not easy to come up with new and inventive puns. i know they're owned by unilever. this proves that hippies have no sense of humor. >> bill, porn is something that you watch. ice cream goes in a fridge.
12:45 am
since you have no computer or fridge, i would laugh at you. >> i'm not clear how sex works. greg, as we know, revenge is crazy. what they need to do is to get back at them. they need to make a movie and call that ben in jerry. look alike. there's nothing hotter than old fat hippies doing each other. >> thanks for that. thank you. >> oh, my god. >> best show ever. >> gross. >> all right. we learn so much here. okay. do you have a comment on the show? like why is bill here? 5,000 of those a day. e-mail us. it's most of them are from his family. do you have a video of an animal doing something. coming up, the post game report from tv's andy levy. any last requests mr. baldwin?
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do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet?
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factor" thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and i'm also hosting o'reilly on friday. it's a gutfeld o'reilly week.
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brand new "red eye" returns tomorrow. with remy spencer and joe davito. let's go back to tv's andrew levy for the post game report. >> i'll be on the fox news radio show this morning at 11:30. so, there. should we call them woolly mammoths. not the first cloned animal, my man. >> what was the first cloned one? >> i believe they cloned sea urchins in the late 19th century. >> not an animal. >> she might have been the first mammal. >> an urchin is not an animal. >> way back in the '50s. >> really? >> like what? >> things. >> you know what they cloned in the '50s? a lot of hate and intolerance. >> that's true. thank you very much. you're on the right side of thing.
12:51 am
>> yeah. you no he what women would have liked to have seen cloned? equal rights. >> yeah. >> way to go. >> dan i'm with you with not cloning extinct species. i think to a point using dna from extinct animals to make these transgenic creatures where they take some and some from another, like you mix a saber tooth with a little kitty cat. >> ooohhh. >> like when they do a mini doodle. >> i'm changing it. i'm with you, levy. >> that stuff is cool. we're good. >> greg, you said bringing back the woolly mammoth will only benefit rich people. >> bragging rights. very expensive restaurant where you can eat a saber tooth tiger. >> they could feed africa with a couple of them. >> that's true. i hate you with your solutions. >> dolly was cloned in 1996, died in 2003.
12:52 am
she was euthanized after being diagnosed with a progressive lung disease. not uncommon. my theory is they might be allergic to him. >> she was a pack a day smoker. >> i didn't know that. >> when she started dating david spade it fell apart. >> that happens. >> yeah. yeah. >> he just ruined her. she was beautiful. >> yeah. >> dolly was beautiful but she met spade and she looked ragged, horrible. >> yeah. yeah. weiner's director goes on an x rated tirade. this is why he can't be a mayor. people can do whatever they want under him. i think that's what he wants. >> fair point. anthony, i agree that the times director morgan shouldn't have thought she was off the record. maybe the reason she thought she was, the talking points when the
12:53 am
reporter called her to ask her about another story. this was an aside. she said, this is what i've been dealing with all day. she should have never thought it was off the record, but i think that's why. >> i mean, were they besties? she's a talking points writer, she's probably looking for a story. >> you would think. >> bill, you said you know barbara morgan, she's a great girl. >> i do. >> it's 2013, how about great woman. >> oh, bad for me. >> you said huma was not taking just a vacation. kind of odd tuesday night she was seen having dinner with hillary's spokesman and the next day she is taking vacation. >> you're an undercover agent getting all the information. >> yeah, it's very obvious. she should have offered to step aside. >> yeah, i agree. >> be a team player. >> by the way, weiner said he was a lousy congressman with no accomplishments. back in 2008 he introduced hr
12:54 am
4080, a bill that would have amended our immigration law to make it easier for high end foreign models to enter the united states. >> that is true. who can forget that. it was such a bizarre cause. it was like, why is he this? and there's got to be a story behind that. >> i'm just saying before you trash him, remember, he was trying to get us high in models. >> that's such a great thing. >> i'm rethinking my whole thing. >> i know, right? >> i can't believe i forgot about that. didn't we joke about that? >> i think we might have. >> you know what, who cares? >> let's go to the tape. >> the tape of us not doing it. >> lewinsky audiotape. anthony said you're not sure of what the newsiness is. to me, it's the quaintness. it's an audiotape. >> it's like mix tape. >> '90s nostalgia is really ripe. especially late '90s. >> i was having "friends"
12:55 am
flashbacks when i was reading that. will rachel ever get back with that ugly guy? >> a lot of knock turtlenecks. >> david swimmer. >> david swimmer. >> bill, you said you don't get this is because bill is not on the tape. >> my guess is monica made the tape and she thought that the sultry voice would have an effect that the letter wouldn't. >> what we're here to believe is that he wouldn't so much as give her her phone number but she wanted to have a movie with him and have dinner. >> probably she couldn't call him because he was the president. is what i'm thinking. >> recorded lines. >> the president. >> by the way, nobody pointed o you the that one of the things lewinsky says on this tape is that their previous 60 second encounter wasn't enough. >> that's a good point. >> yeah. >> that was pretty long to me. >> try to keep things clean here. >> 49ers, the bathroom and beer lines. you were mad because he referred
12:56 am
to the 49ers as champs and it brought back memories of them losing to the ravens. i purposefully wrote that in there. >> did you? >> yeah. >> watch out. >> look both ways before you cross the street, andrew. british model suing the health service for making her breasts too large. kate, you said if you were in charge, they wouldn't have give her the breast service. >> that sounds mean. i meant it. >> she said being flat chested depressed her. >> who cares. take some prozac and get a bra with some padding. my gosh, how is that our responsibility or the government for the silly u.k.? that's what you do, put on a padded bra. >> take me some prozac. get me one of those water underwire things. >> glass of wine. >> then you dance for rich men. >> oh, that's saturday night. >> makes himself a c and then pops a p. >> i'm done. >> are you really? >> bye-bye.
12:57 am
>> kimberly gillfoy, bill schultz, dan sotur, now it's just me. they've really given up on this show. now it's just you and me looking at each other. >> oddly. >> i'm going to shave tomorrow.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
go back to it school. i don't know, i will miss it. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> look why can indict the white family, giiveness and refuses to care for the other. >> bill: is the grievous industry getting desperate? looks like it tmplets they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: that's an illinois official spreading a rumor that the chicago police are murdering black children, unbelievable. tonight, we'll continue our reporting on the intense race situation. also ahead, the inside story of president obama meeting with hillary clinton and a revolt among some fast food workers in america. [chanting]


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