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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 3, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching. hope to see you here next week. on fox news watch -- >> i've run my last campaign so i don't need to spin -- >> the president claiming no spin in his message about the economy. on the road again, trying to convince american he's the man with the plan and republicans are out to stop him. are the media buying that spin? >> whether it's about the attacks in benghazi and the talking points, attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> mr. obama and his white house guys ramp up their rhetoric about phony scandals. getting too much attention. are the benghazi attacks and irs spying on americans phony? how did the media react?
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nbc and cnn are producing movies about hillary clintclinton. the media can't get enough of anthony weiner as more details emerge about his sorted a connecticut paper takes a at conservatives and fox news with comparisons to the kkk. that got some reaction from the king of cable. >> i'm not going to let this go. >> and teen sensation justin bieber takes a hit for being pro-life. on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. columnist joe pack ka. ellen ratner, talk radio news service bureau chief. and fox news contributor richard grenell. i'm john scott. "fox news watch" is on right now. this with endless parade of
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distractions and phony the point is, with an endless distraction of political posturing. endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals. so far for most of this year, we've seen an endless parade and distractions and political posturing and phony scandals and we keep on shifting our attention away from what we should be focused on. >> the president, as you can see there, is trying to hammer home his theme that he has a plan, just that republicans and these distractions are getting in his way. so what are the phony scandals? >> in the speech again yesterday, president obama mentioned the phony scandals that are part of an endless parade of distractions it can you tell us what phony scandals? >> i'm not going to catalog -- >> irs and benghazi -- >> there was a period where
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there was a lot more energy and focus was paid by some in congress as well as in the media on issues that, while important, are not the highest priority of the american people and they are not scandals. >> all right. so what about phony scandals? how do you define them? jim, the president keeps repeating that line. are the media going along? >> i think it's the jedi mind trick. however, there are some strange eruptions of curiosity. in fact, for example, cnn's jake tapper reportedly, quote, dozens of cia operative, right there in benghazi last year. that was sort of out of the narrative, right? this whole emerging discovery that the relentless campaign of the obama administration to sit on the story. now, cnn had the story and didn't do much with it so it's up to others now to see if they can pick it up. >> is there sort of the "there's nothing to see, move along" sort of trick? >> absolutely. this week was very, very bad in
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terms of distraction quotient for the obama administration. irs, benghazi. when you start polygraphing cia agents once a week when the normal pattern is about 3 to 5 years, you have issue polygraphs that suggest a leak of classified information, you're getting into territory that clearly makes the administration uncomfortable, that obama doesn't want to explore. that suddenly makes this issue a sta scandal. >> you're often a supporter of what this white house does. jay koocarney, the spokesman, ss to suggest the irs targeting of conservative groups was not a scandal. that the benghazi thing was not a scandal. is he right? >> pointer institute points out he did his first interview with "the new york times" in three years -- >> you're talking about the president? >> i'm talking about the president, that's right. and he would not have done it if this was not beginning to affect his base. and some of these quote/unquote
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phony scandals. and you even have people like from the new republic talking about larry summers and what's going on with that. so i'm telling you that this is beginning to affect the base and that's a problem. >> you know, a piece of tape on the doorway to democratic headquarters might have been considered a phony scandal back in the day. nobody died in watergate. four people died in benghazi, right, and that's the line we've heard. the cnn interview, john, this week, is a turning point. it woke the scandal back again. it put back the focus on the fact there have been no arrests in that attack. for viewers who don't know, cnn interviewed a guy would is wanted as potentially a suspect. "the new york times" did, right after the attacks, the guy was having like a fuzzy navel at a cafe. the president once sounded like o.j. he said, we're going to track down the real killers. unless the real killers are somewhere behind the 17th green,
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it ain't happening. >> rick, on president obama's grand bargain, he claims that he has a plan, but republicans keep blocking him and maybe these distractions keep getting in the way. what do you make of that? >> i think this was a big turning point this week. the whole phony scandal comment from the white house and from the president i think was a real overplay and you saw a lot of reporters begin to say, wait a minute, here. not all reporters, but, you know, mark murray, who is a political editor for nbc news, was one of these that's constantly duped by the obama administration. specifically on this story where he offered up what was supposedly a new plan on the economy. and what we saw was it was a campaign speech, nothing new, except mark murray jumped immediately to say, here we go again, the white house is making another concession and the gop is blocking it yet again. yet what we don't see from mark
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murray is his wife works for obama. so nbc has people out front really schilling for the administration and not getting called on it. >> on the irs scandal, jim, john fund from the national review noted this week that obama's admonition next month that we ignore the phony scandals has been picked up by many elite media supporters. asp journalists who has followed the trajectory of such washington scandals know, such behavior is a clue that those looking into the irs scandal might be getting warm. >> a brilliant piece in the national review. at example, again, where the reality is kind of catching up to. another one is the reporter scandal. ask james rosen if he thinks this was a bunch of phony scandals or not. >> ask any reporter. >> but example that the media undercovers these stories. the house committee had a huge report on this and it got almost no attention.
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>> all right. next, on news watch, will it become all hillary all the time? >> lights, camera, action. news out this week that nbc and cnn have plans to make movies about hillary. but how will that news affect the news division of the two networks? can't be good news. details next on "news watch." ♪ when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain.
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do you see her as hillary? that's actress diane lane with richard gere in a scene from "nights in rodanthe." she will play the first lady and former secretary of state in a miniseries. cnn also announced it is producing a feature film on hillary clinton.
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joe, does that surprise you? >> it depends on the timing of all these things, whether this will affect things politically. if these movies are shown a week before the 2016 election, obviously that's a problem. both news organizations at nbc and cnn, chuck todd for instance, we got nothing to do with this. cnn's news division, we got nothing to do with this. cit still, a conflict of interest. where i have a problem is diane lane playing hillary clinton. i think sharon stone would have been a better choice for hillary clinton. i know you think i'm crazy. i think they look a little bit alike at this point in their careers. >> jim, what about it? >> that was a mouthful, huh? >> i can't sit still with that sharon stone thing. look, nbc news might or might not have nothing to do with this whole thing. cooperation kind of thing. but comcast which owns nbc does. the executive vice president of
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comcast raised $1 million for the obama re-election campaign. i imagine he's a big donor. this reminds me of the movie pt 109 released in 1963 where president kennedy hand picked cliff robertson to play him in the movie. >> sharon stone wasn't in that. >> ellen, any problems with that, with these media companies? >> first, it's interesting because larry o'connor pointed out that cnn doesn't have anything but a news division. nbc does have an entertainment division. so that's one thing. why is cnn doing that? secondly -- >> they have a film -- cnn films. >> but if they're going to put it on their network, i mean, that gets a little iffy. >> i read it's to be released in theaters. >> really? it is kind of like princess di. you put her on the cover, people go see it. >> they've also chosen charles ferguson to do the documentary and he did "inside job" which
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won an academy award. his documentary on the financial crisis. he did another very interesting movie on iraq. he is not somebody who's going to bend over backward to be kind to his subject. so i think they've chosen well. >> i was going to say, we're going to have to look at the final cut. if they're going to be very accurate about the scandals and the fact that hillary clinton looked the other way while her husband was having multiple affairs across the entire existence of their marriage and yet claim to be a feminist, then i think we can talk about the accuracy of this. you don't get to allow her to grandstand without talking about all of the problems i think they've had. >> rick, you don't know that's going to happen. this is going to be a documentary. none of us knows what's going to happen. >> the proof is in the pudding. it better be in there if we want an accurate portrayal. >> is it a documentary or are we looking at sort of gauzey, you
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know -- >> bio pic. >> if there's that kind of agenda, then it speaks for itself. >> diane lane proves -- >> -- hillary is already the focus -- >> yeah, but diane lane -- >> she's the only star as far as the election -- >> i was going to say diane lane proves this will be gauzey? who thinks they look alike? no one but possibly hillary clinton. >> good makeup artists. >> or maybe bill clinton. >> next on news watch, who doesn't like a good weiner story? >> i've dishonored my wife, but, six i didn't do anything to you. >> another disastrous week as more details about his sexting get global media attention. the press can't get enough of justin bieber's bad boy antics, but are they out to get him?
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sometimes people say to me this campaign is pretty rough, you may want to quit. i know that there are newspaper editors and otherthat say, boy, weiner would quit. they don't know new york. certainly don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> if you don't live in new york city, you probably haven't seen that commercial. that is weiner's latest ad in wish he shrugs off calls for him to drop out of the race for may here. this, after it came out he sent sexually explicit messages to a number of women. so, rick, is he right? do the editors want him out of the race? he makes great headlines.
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>> i think the media definitely want him in the race because it's a fun thing especially for new york. i think he has every right to run. i think he's ridiculous for rubbing but i think he this wee, though, john in brent barts wee, had such a great piece, reminding us that rachel and others at msnbc that took to andrew breitbart and make this weiner scandal to be another phony scandal. it turned out not to be true. i think we need to remind left they never believed it in the beginning. >> jon: it was democrats that proposed that the g.o.p. was having a war on women. i guess maybe anthony weiner likes women. >> he has his own kind relationship with them. emily miller of washington times is one of many pundits, war on women is in san diego and so on. it's great behind piece in
11:51 am
the "new york times" and amy and andrew about the clinton operation behind the weiners. there is an apartment owned by a clinton donor and they have been orchestrating this. so unfortunately now the clintons are discovering that weiner is frankenstein monster. >> jon: and they have tried to distance themselves this time around? >> last week were talking about that in the absence of reporting hillary clinton be aer teen connection. now, we're investigations into the other women who were sexting with anthony weiner. there is a word for this. it's the hook candidate. >> the editors don't like ted nugent. they don't like his politics. they don't appear to like
11:52 am
conservative or fox news from editorial earlier this week, the same basic message that the kkk has promoted for 148 years is embraced by the likes of ted nugent, fox news, ann coulter, a fringe conservative media and members of our own community. that bit got strong reaction including from this guy. >> the editor of the new haven register matt, the publisher tom wiley. it's owned by the hedge fund. boss is randall smith. we asked those men to discuss that irresponsible editorial. they all declined because they are cowards and they know they can't defend the vile piece of garbage. new haven register should be ashamed. it's lost all credibility. it had better apologize in writing by the end of the
11:53 am
week. >> jon: matt did apologize, writing it was a poor choice of words that created an unfortunate comparison between fox news and kkk. we are sorry for that. so, though it's okay i guess if you have an organization a news organization on even if you disagree with the kkk. >> i wonder how juan williams feels about that. tom wiley is head of nambala, i didn't mean to say that. to put things out like that and pull it back. they sold a lot of more papers and got a loss more publicity and they were irresponsible for saying something like that. >> jon: ellen, you are unabashed lump. is this a signal that liberal media don't like opposing views? >> what my biggest criticism.
11:54 am
they put fox news and they didn't back it up with one thing. >> remember they did apologize. i think that is important to note the apology want a full apology. i exchange emails with matt the editor this week. he did apologize for his editor quality writer. i do think there is a problem that the editorial writer is comfortable enough to say he is outlandish things but they apologized. >> john nolte, he apologizes and does it again. give him credit too. >> jon: how does the stuff get out there in the first place? >> it gets out there, an administration that denied fox news is a news channel. does anybody remember that. not a legitimate news organization. i wonder why liberals get the idea that fox news doesn't break news. >> jon: next on news watch,
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teen heartthrob justin beiber. he is an angel to his fans but maybe not the media. interesting how some people in the media want to take shots at me for no reason. it's all about music. there are lots of reason from
11:59 am
threatening a photographer in london to getting caught on camera smoking manner. the list is long and growing. this week, tv guide published a timeline of his misdeeds. their time line show him speeding through the high-priced neighborhood, showing up late for the concert and awkward comments about anne frank but it includes thoughts about abortion that he gave to rolling stone in 2011. i really don't believe in abortion. i think an embryo is a human. it's like killing a baby. well young more beiber has growing up to do but pro-life views should be appreciated by the media. not lump in with the list of bad boy antics that drag him down. that is wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel.
12:00 pm
i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again next week. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the taxman has been served. chairman investigating the irs scandal serves subpoenas to the treasury department to hand over more documents. we'll have the latest,. >> gregg: hundreds of spectators getting up early to see this controlled plant implosion when something goes horribly wrong


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