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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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is your body holding you back? i want to go running. not with that knee, you're not. i'm fine. fight for your mobility. visit a message from the american academy of orthopaedic surgeons. consulates are closed due to terror threats linked to al qaeda, this as the state departments issue a worldwide travel alert. they specifically point to yemen as their main area of concern. the brits have also closed their
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embassy in yemen. more on the al qaeda threat in a moment, but first to my open. when i was in grammar school, we did paper cutouts ought the time, pumpkins, christmas trees. my favorites were angels. most of you out there probably did the same. even the president. i'll bet barack obama's favorite cutout was a tiger, a paper tiger, and they say life doesn't mimic art. hello and welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thank you for your time tonight. >> there was a time the united states was both respected and feared. today, how, in the eyes of the world we're neither respected nor feared and it's obama's feckless foreign policy that's
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diminished our stature on the world stage. that policy mimics a paper tiger, seemingly dangerous, but in truth, timid and weak. every time there's an issue, we roar and then turn tail and run. but his wars sound really serious. take a listen. >> i say what i mean and i mean what i say. >> yeah, right. like when you said there would be consequences if iran crossed your red line with nuclear enrichment. when you said there would be consequences if syria crossed your redline with chemical weapons. mr. president, is your eyesight okay? having trouble seeing those redlines? hey, maybe you should see your obama care doctor, or did you opt out too? but i want to believe you when
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you sound really serious like after benghazi. >> we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act, and make no mistake, justice will be june. >> there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> hunt them down? who'd you send? this guy? >> look at that forbarren critter. aisle chase him through every state in the union. >> you'll have to chase me if you're going to catch me. i've got my running pants on. >> you sent other the fbi to hunt down the murderers s who killed the four in benghazi except they don't show up. let me let you in on something.
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law 101. you investigate the crime scene immediately before things are contaminated and things are removed. don't they teach you that at quantico? >> everybody trampled that scene. locals, tourists. they got there, but it wasn't safe for fbi to go for three weeks? don't those guys have guns and military backup or did we give all that waway too? or maybe they were waiting for the same backup that the benghazi guys hopes to get on the rooftop but never came. the biggest joke is that those identified by the fbi as responsible for the benghazi attack are flitting around that city, giving interviews in flip flops, drinking straw berry daiquiris, and hanging out in
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hotel coffee shops. and it gets even better. the prime suspect thumbs his nose at the united states and your cracked federal bureau of investigation saying if the fbi wants to talk to me, they know where to find me. but then again it was to that very fbi that russia reported that boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev was a follower of radical islam and was preparing to leave the united states to join a terrorist group in russia. you know. the guy posting those jihadist videos who left the united states to go back to the very country from which he sought political asylum just like russia warned us? this cracked federal agency, however, determined that the boston bomber was really not a danger to americans. but, hey, good news for the
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bureau. yesterday law enforcement officials reported there was little the fbi could have done to prevent the boston bombing. and guess who cleared the fbi? you guessed it. the fbi. now, i've heard the saying, physician, heal thyself, but never fbi, investigate thyself. saying there was no formal way to notify fbi agents of that. no formal way? how about an informal one like a gosh darn phone call? but the poor fbi. the boston bombing is really not their fault. they say they couldn't use surveillance tools like listening in on phone calls for this type of investigation.
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i have an idea. why not just call the nsa and have them do the listening. oh, i forgot. the fbi doesn't talk to other agencies. isn't that whee wi didn't know about 911? the fbi and the cia weren't talking to each other? but things are different now, right? wrong. they wouldn't even tell us in new york city that the boston bomber's nectar gxt target was square. we had to hear it from the police department. so mr. president, when you talked about the most transparent administration in history, i guess you really meant that most transparent would be our phone calls and our records. terrorists, of course, excluded. and this week, 22 embassies and consulates closed because of an al qaeda threat.
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wait a minute. here we go again. you say one thing but you do another. didn't you say in 2010 al qaeda was on the run and we were on its heels? >> hey, if you can complain about your phony scandals, i should be able to complain about your phony accomplishments. so who's on the run now? it looks like the united states. our government can't protect us, so we have to leave muslim countries, which is exactly what they wanted in the first place. so in the end is the united states a paper tiger? >> to me the proof is in the putin. you heard me right. in the putin. real scary guy, huh? putin is so afraid of us that this week he permits traitor edward snowden to remain in
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russia despite five attempts as negotiations to prevent it. do you believe it? the president of the united states bitch-slapped by putin? the most powerful man in the world pushed around by the russian president who pals around with china, iran, and syria. but then again, why not? there are no consequences to our enemies, to those who have vowed to harm and kill americans. there are no penalties. we still send them millions and m-16s and armored tanks, and we move redlines all the time to accommodate them. and we even stand down when our own people are killed. just like in grammar school. when i was done using my paper
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cutouts, i just threw them away. we all know how it ends for the paper tiger. and coming up, 22 of our embassies are currently closed under threat of an attack. tomorrow is the president's birthday. is there a connection? and vote in tonight's insta poll. has obama's foreign policy made us safer? facebook or tweet me at judge jeanine. we'll read your answers later in the show. [ male announcer ] they say he was born to help people clean.
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that kills 99.9% of bacteria. people sure loved having something that's why when it comes to clean, there's only one mr. it's sunday in the middle east and 22 embassies and consulates are closed due to
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terror threats buy al qaeda. we're joined on the phone. jeff lanza is a retired fbi agent. all right. thanks for being with us. gary, i'm going to go with you. although embassies have been closed in the past, it's never been this big or affected so many embassies or consulates. what do you think is going on? >> i'll say this. during the 2 1/2 decades i was in the agency, i saw closures in the middle east frequently in the 1980s and 1990s. maybe not after 9/11. but in the early days when we were fighting hezbollah, we would see a lot of this. >> never like this, gary. >> no. i'd see across the middle east embassies close. it wasn't a big story because the media didn't have the reach in those days. you have a great reach now. >> gary, gary, media reach or not, it's never been this many.
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do we now how specific it is because i'm hearing tonight right now the information is that the major plot is under way, that there is a terrorist team to carry out the plot, it is selected and is in place. do we have any way of knowing whether or not this is a human source telling this or whether it's an electronic intercept? >> well, the intelligent community is not going the let out exactly the nature of their source, but if they have discovered it, they'll have people on the ground working with local liaison services to try to do this. remember also when we close embassies like this, it's not only to protect the americans but the population who's standing out in line. >> i'm going to tell you. that frustrates me. gary, gary, it frustrates me. we want to protect them? we don't protect our own members
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-- >> but you have hundreds killed in these attacks as well. hundreds. >> let me go to jeff lanza. jeff, there is this week -- we find out that so many news agencies have spoken to the guy that your old agency the fbi has said is the main target, that he's the brains behind the attack. he's flipping the bird to us. why isn't the fbi talking to this guy? >> ultimately the fbi doesn't have to report to the government who they're talking to. he could be lying. they may have already talked to him. there could be strategic reasons why they haven't talked to them or an influence that's affecting their ability. >> okay. external influence? how about the fact, jeff? i was in law enforcement for 30 years. how is it that they don't get to the crime scene for three weeks and they're supposed to secure it and understand it and months
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later there are documents they found that the fbi didn't bother to take with them seeing as they were only there for 12 hours. can you even take their part in this lunacy? >> i don't know. it's not a secure place. you have weak protection from the armed. why it took three weeks, i really don't know. it seems like in the other embassy bombings that we had in east africa, the fbi was there immediately. i don't know what the delay was in this case. only has to do with security is what i can imagine. >> all right. let me go right to gary on the phone. gary, you were involved in security. you were involved in kenya and tanzania. how long did it take you to get there? >> i was there in one day. the fbi was there one week later. >> that's even better than three weeks but the point is the fbi always seems to be dragging
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behind everybody else. jeff? >> you're asking me. >> yeah. >> well, again, in this particular case, i doemg know. i know in the east african bombing, kenya and tanzania, it took weeks. may have had to do with a misunderstanding of what was going on. >> it's the same we heard in benghazi. they didn't know what was going on in realtime as if they didn't have the drone and the video and the phone and the audio calls. last question, what we've got now as i understand it, there are thousands of criminals that are breaking out of jails in libya and in a lot of the countries in the middle east and so what we've got are, you know, certainly more people who are in the business of trying to kill us and are willing to do so. do you think, gary, that this will make a difference in terms of the safety of americans or do
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you think this is added to the threat? >> clearly when you have a thousand people break out of a prison in benghazi as they did this week, these are probably some of the individuals who were attacked by the authorities on the embassy. it's bad news. it is horrible. many of the countries are not securing the people we secured. that's why we can't send the guys from gitmo back to yemen. they'll be out in a week. most that have been released are leading the insurgent groups across the middle east. >> has the lack of american responses embolden al qaeda? i mean they know we didn't respond to benghazi and they're bigger than ever even though six months ago they were on their knees. jeff, can you answer that? >> an immediate response is a better way to deter criminal acts. that's not just in terrorism. it's in all types of crimes. they need to look into the
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legislative branch of government and what the specific reasons were for those delays. >> when you say the legislative branch of government you started by saying the fbi doesn't have to answer to congress and now you're saying they need to get into it. jim comey, the new head of the fbi do, you think he'll respond to the investigation in the next 30 days, jeff, yes or no? >> no. because they should be talking to the previous director. robert mueller needs to know the answers to these questions. >> obviously he didn't answer them for ten months. gary, final work? >> look. we've got to respond to these thing anniversary rapidly. sitting and waiting only incurse further attacks. there's absolutely no excuse to not respond to these things on the ground immediately. we should have pursued it and think the administration has dragged their feet because they're embarrassed and there are things they don't want us to
6:20 pm
know. >> sad stuff. gary berntsen and jeff lanza. thank you. >> you're welcome. unless the terrorists are hiding in the sand traps, what is he doing? and more major league baseball suspensions could make former mvp ryan braun's penalty look like child's play. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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migration service has confirmed publicly that they have issued mr. snowden temporary asylum for
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one year and have allowed him to leave the airport. we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful requests in public and in private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. >> terror threats closing our embassies, russia thumbing its nose at us and granting temporary asylum to edward snowden. just two more to the loss column when imcomes to president obama and his foreign policy. good evening, gentlemen. >> thanks for having us. >> i'm going to go right to you. the muslims have always wanted us out of the middle east, so here we are, poof, gone. did they get their wish, ryan? >> you know, i have a lot of family that lives in the middle east actually, and prior to the bush administration, living in places like jordan or abu dhabi
6:25 pm
was okay. you could be there, be american and walk on the street. but after the george bush administration which really trashed our national reputation it's harder to live in places like that. >> are you telling me that this is bush's fault too? you are not allowed to say that on my show. bush is not the one who's -- >> it's the truth. >> by the way, president obama's the one who's got us into a third war, said he'd close gitmo and didn't and keeps sending them, all of these f-16s and everything else. ryan, let's foe council the question. they want us out and we never in the history of this country have closed as many embassies and consulates as we have now, turn tail and run. yes or no? >> if we were told that there is an imminent threat or danger,
6:26 pm
what you would expect the american president to do is close those temporarily to protect the lives of those serve abroad. that's exactly what president obama has done in the case. that's exactly what is the right thing do. i don't know why the republicans are starting trouble -- >> i wish he would have prevented trouble. but, tony, talk to me. isn't this true that muslims are getting exactly what they want? >> judge, when president obama was elected, he went to cairo, gave a speech. this was his first trip. it was called the apology tour. he skipped over israel. went to predominantly muslim countries. that seemed like it was a smart move. guess what? not at all. it showed a softer line. what have we seen next since the president has become president, a nuclear iran.
6:27 pm
we're not responding. russia's dictating middle east policy, we've totally taken back seat to the russians and those. we've undermind our biggest ally israel and told them to go back to the '67 egypt and what did we do? we threw out -- >> we threw him under the bus. let me ask you a question. in not responding to benghazi and all these weak paper threats have embolden ed places in nort africa. >> i think what national security advisers for many years now such as richard clark and folks who have had an eye on the middle east is when we go over and bomb countries into rubble and bomb them back to medieval times, people get angry at us.
6:28 pm
if we blowing things up and people up, we're going to get more people angry. >> isn't it obama who said that -- who expanded the nsa? >> judge, he upped the drone strikes but president obama has been more aggressive in the use of drones than president george wmt bush. >> why is it your thinking then that it's got be president obama's fault. >> what i want to ask tony is do you want to stop the drone strikes? >> not at all. >> oh, oklahoma. >> i would say the only policy is the drone strikes and the intelligence we got to capture and kill osama bin laden. >> and what i would say is when you break -- what i would say
6:29 pm
when you start breaking the gentlemen eva conventions and you blow people up with drone strikes you're essentially creating a terror -- >> we'll take that up. can we bring this back to benghazi real quick? it's a very important matter to remember. we have not done to deal with the benghazi attack. >> no kidding. >> they took the credit for doing it. >> we now that. >> what did we learn from al qaeda? after 911 when we investigated it, we realized the embassy bombings were the canaries in the coal mine. we have not deterred any al qaeda-related threats o ourn embassy. that's why you have to close 22. >> ryan last world, real fast. >> the number one terror attack on american soil happened under the watch of george -- >> that's a low blow.
6:30 pm
>> it's the truth. >> all right. i told you this wasn't about george bush. you know what? maybe next week we'll talk about it. >> iran wasn't nuclear under george bush. >> love you both. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks, judge. >> remember to vote in our insta poll. has the obama safer? we may use your answer a little later. and real trouble for the so-called real housewife. reality bites for teresa and her husband joe as they face a 39-count federal fraud indictment. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast. choose youroup, salad, entree, plus dessert all ju $14.99. me into red lobster, and sea od differently. right now, go to
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dualair technology. at the touch of a button, the sleep number bed adjusts to each person's ideal comfort and support. and you'll only find it at a sleep number store. where right now our newest innovations are available with 48-month financing. sleep number. comfort individualized. headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. in bakersfield. things went wrong. shrapnel went flying. one man's injuries so severe he lost a leg. this is after contractors assured them viewers were safe
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distance away. they looked into the background of snowden. they're now looking into how u.s. investigative services conducts background checks. that company was responsible for giving snowden the all-clear security review. he's wanted on espionage charges but it's free inside russia. i'm harris faulkner. now back to inside justice. >> christopher said i tossed him across the room. i don't remember it. i just got machld i guess it's an italian thing. we just do that. >> that was "real house wive of new jersey" teresa giudice. she's faced all kinds of drama.
6:35 pm
giudice and her husband have been charged. hubby joe also charged with failing to even file tax returns for years. they both face decades in jail. and, joe, not an american citizen could be deported. with me, former federal prosecute read bros. ski and attorney veronica chi cone who's no friend of teresa's. before i get into this 39 hch count indictment, these are not good people. >> no, i would say so. >> you're an attorney. tell me why. >> i'm an attorney. >> your client is joe, someone who sued the giudices, and you ended up getting a verdict against them for how much? >> $267,000. >> i have a list of civil judgments that's asounsing.
6:36 pm
it's almost a half a million dollars and some of these people have been represented by you. i mean the hutzpah is unbelievable. tell me. >> it's their way of life. >> when you're evil, they're evil. are they stupid? think they're pretty smart. i read this indictment. it's a big indictment. >> it's a big indictment. they threw the kitchen sink at these two individuals. they're facing every kind of fraud imaginable. they're talking about bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud. >> what kind of sentence could they face? >> wire fraud. under the stat you'ds when you stack them up, hundreds of years, but in reality the sentencing guidelines apply and they're looking in a range of six to eight years in prison.
6:37 pm
the evidence seems to be compelling. >> just look at the civil part of it. what's amazing is this guy joe who's got the ability to be on television convicted of drunk driving, convicted of driving with a suspended license. there's paending indictment against him for identity theft and forgery and now this 39-count indictment. these aren't stupid people. they've got a racket going on. >> they're criminal masterminds, i think. i don't think they're necessarily smart but they're criminal master mooimds. >> why do you say that? >> because they've been doing it for a long time and getting away with it for a long time. had it not been for giudice's ignorance, he would have paid it back. he tries to get rid of our judgment by way of bankruptcy which was all fraught which is
6:38 pm
why this indictment came down eventually. >> you prosecuted these cases before. what do they have to show and is the reality show where they're out there, you know, parading around as though they're millionaires with three houses no less. does that play into it at all? >> it absolutely does. the government must show essentially that they lied. they lied to banks, they lied to bankruptcy court, they lied under oath when they made false statements about what assets they had. >> you know what else they lied about? they created phony pay stubs. >> when you create phony pay stubs you're basically asking for it if the government ever charges you. it's going to be very hard to overcome that evidence. what's really compelling here is joe is not a citizen of the united states. he's a permanent resident. he's been charged with felonies. >> so he'll be deported?
6:39 pm
>> if he's found guilty, he'll be automatically deported. >> you your time and then you're removed. >> >> then he's removed. >> so it's a complete nightmare. >> monica, what happened to you? you had an individual with bravo television. i do not suggest that they're not responsible but how does bravo play into this? >> what happened was at a bankruptcy trial teresa approached me in open court and kind of attacking me and there was a reporter who witnessed the and put it on immediately. from there it was a whole host of teresa using her bravo platform saying i was unact cal, i was behaving in ways that attack my ability as an attorney which i take serious. >> of course you do. >> bravo calls and says we're having a party, teresa is not
6:40 pm
going to be there would you like to come. >> what happens. >> i go and then they tell me to lea leave. before i leave they ask me some questions. that whole little conversation just kind of stemmed into we're so sorry that you came but you're not invited and you have to leave. >> so you think you were set up? >> absolutely i was set up. >> and you're an attorney do. you have a lawsuit against bravo? >> no. i chose not to even chase this down that road because i mean as a lawyer i represent other people and for me to do it for myself, it was too burdensome on me and too time-consuming. >> so you chose not to. >> i chose not to. >> let me ask you this. as it relates to these people, it appears that they before filing bankruptcy and then in 2009 they pulled it back. >> that's right. >> as a prosecutor it tells me
6:41 pm
something. what does it tell you? >> well, it seems that what was happening here is they were lying under oath in the bankruptcy proceeding according to the allegations and the indictment and they picked up on the fact that there was a criminal investigation and they decided to pull back. >> yeah. they thought that would save them. >> yeah. that tells me they knew the fed wrg onto them. you don't want the feds onto you. >> bravo has a terrific show here. they have a terrific franchise. >> i don't know. >> don't use terrific. money maker. they're victims here too. you can't believe that -- >> absolutely not, no way. >> coming up, we take a break. >> they knew. they knew. >> thanks, monica, thanks, read. >> you're welcome. >> coming up, what will a-rod do? will the yankee slugger continue to fight major league baseball and possibly play? and has-on-'s foreign policy made us safer?
6:42 pm
facebook or tweet me at judge jeanine.
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request test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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i love the game, and this game has been very good to me for a long time, and that's all i've ever done, and i love the game, i appreciate the game. >> yankee alex rodriguez had
6:45 pm
better appreciate baseball over the next couple of days because reports are he'll either accept a long suspension on monday or be banned from the game for life. with me, "wall street journal" sports reporter jeff and former outside council to the new york yankees organization david stone. all right, jeff. what's the latest? >> the latest is they were looking at negotiating a deal to shorten the suspension. the latest is they are going to suspend him starting monday and the rest of this season and the following season. >> is there an agreement? >> it's a suspension. he's going to appeal it is what everyone suspects. >> a two-year suspension, which means he beal 40 when he comes back. what's with the lifetime suspension? now it's just two years? >> yeah. there was a lot of posturing going on. i don't thing that was feasible to have a precedent to kick him
6:46 pm
out of baseball. >> wasn't there a scenario -- and maybe you know this, david. wasn't there a see nay owe that he had been warned about this, that his role in this whole biogenetic stuff is that he had a financial interest in the company? >> there's allegations to that effect and there's allegations that he interfered with the investigation in major league baseball. tried to buy back documents. perhaps tried to interfere with witnesses and so there's a possibility that bud selig could try to invoke this little provision in the cba, the collective bargaining agreement, which would allow him to circum vent the whole process and suspend a-rod for life for a period of time without an arbitration, without an appeal. i think that's unlikely but he does have that right. >> if it's two years, david, and bud selig -- the commissioner comes down and says two years,
6:47 pm
if he appeals that, i mean do you think he's got much shot at appealing that? >> i think there's a couple of problems. recently there was a report that there's maybe a criminal investigation. >> i was going to go there next. is that what normally happens? >> there was a criminal investigation with bailco and barry bonds. i would be concerned if there's a criminal investigation that if i'm representing a-rod and i would try to appeal this, i would have to try to testify under oath and i might, as owe know, judge, having been a former prosecutor, he might have to take a fifth. >> like roger clemens. but roger clemens got out of that one. what else can you tell us? >> it's interesting with the money. there's so much money involved here. that's really what alex rodriguez is negotiating for. he can still make $60 million
6:48 pm
and there's provisions in his contract that if he hits 16 home runs he can tie willie mays. >> for 60 million dollars, i'd try to play. but yankees are sitting on this terrible contract and like arguably the worst contract in sports. >> is that true, david? >> it's one of the worst contract >> why? >> in terms of the amount of money they've been paying and what they got out of it. it's guaranteed for everything unless he's banned for life. there may be an argument if he's banned for two seasons they could try to get out of it. >> but he really hasn't been playing that well. >> no. it's not a good contract even if he wasn't suspended. it's a bad contract.
6:49 pm
he's just deteriorating. >> do you think -- look. i'll ask you both this question. baseball is about making money. do you think they want to suspend this money? do you think they want to enforce it? >> i don't think they want him on the field. the only person who wants him on the field is alex rodriguez. the fans aren't even into this guy anymore. that being said, if he came back and joined the team in chicago, that's a huge rating, must-see event. >> what do you think, david? >> i think that major league baseball, everything they've said, twhanlt him out for the season, out for the playoffs. >> let's talk about that. how many players are getting these suspensions? i mean it's not just a-rod. this is like the whole group. >> it looks like it's about 12. ryan braun won mvp a couple of years ago.
6:50 pm
he took a suspension and that's a valid thing and it's hard to appeal when one guy agrees to the suspension. >> all right. thanks for being with us. 'll see what happens on monday. coming up, we'll pay tribute to one of the most decorated heroes.chance. tonight's instapoll, has obama's policy made us safer? by the way, we're at 99,700 on facebook. we're 300 away from 100,000, and the last person who makes it to 100,000, i'll give them my new book, "clever fox." you know throughout history,
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we're back and now it's time for our instapoll. we asked you if obama's foreign policy has made us safer. lisa writes, according to obama, it has, and that's why we had to clear out our embassies this weekend. gary says, we need to be fair. al qaeda is on the run, warning us right out of our embassy near you. and president obama played golf this morning, leading dinah to tweet, safer on the golf course, maybe. david says, i'm more afraid of our government than outside influences, and maureen agrees. he releases dangerous terrorists from gitmo. his apology tour has weakened
6:55 pm
the united states. and michael says, made the u.s. citizenry feel safer? no. however, it appears to be very safe for terrorists. linda says, he needs to stop already with egypt and syria. let them take care of themselves. charity starts at home, and boy, does our country need help. but a few out there think obama has made us safer. ralph says yes, more safe than that criminal bush did. yeah? three wars later and drone strikes without warnings, indictments or anything else? but i disagree. and then there was willie. you are all -- expletive deleted -- nuts. do you think republicans can do a better job besides going into wars? i just said it. willie, willie, willie. your last name isn't clinton by any chance, is it? now, i now want to pay tribute
6:56 pm
to a true american hero that we lost last week. colonel bud day served in the air force for 35 years fighting in world war ii, korea and vietnam. he spent over five years as a prisoner of war in north vietnam alongside senator john mccain. he earned the medal of honor for defiantly refusing to divulge secrets to his captors, and before his death, colonel bud day earned over 70 medals and awards. colonel day is survived by his wife, four children and 14 grandchildren. colonel bud day, you are a true american hero. and america thanks you. and that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. don't forget to pick up my new book "clever fox," another danny fox novel where young, beautiful
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assistant d.a. dani fox fights for justice, and she gets caught up in the turf war between her office and the feds. but that's nothing like the romantic entanglements she finds herself in, torn between two men. you can find it on amazon or barnes & noble. and remember to follow me on twitter at judge jeanine, and follow me on facebook. now, thanks to you, we have over 100,000 likes on facebook, and the last one gets a copy of "clever fox." see you next week. same time, same place. including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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because we're looking out for you. >> tonight, now is the tonight, now is the single best time and best opportunity to defeat obamacare. >> appealing the affordable care act is wrong. it was wrong the first time. it is wrong the 31st time. >> if the president isn't going to implement the loss, we're not going to fund it. >> welcome to groundhog day in the house of representatives. >> this law is not working. you can take democrats' word for it, you can take republicans' word for it. the house is going to repeal the act for the 43rd time, do you realize that? >> we're wasting the country's


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