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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 5, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good song to wake up to this morning. thank you for joining us. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley aiearhardt. we are preparing you for your workweek. we have the latest in the headlines including the worldwide terror alert. first a fox news alert. a train carrying hazardous materials derailed in louisiana forcing the evacuation of nearly 100 homes. more than 20 cars went off the track in the town of lawtell 50 miles west of baton rouge. one is leaking sodium hydroxide if it is inhaled or touches your sin skin it can be deadly. they are not picking up any traces of chemicals in the air. >> an arrest has been made in the hit and run at the venice
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beach boardwalk that killed 10 people and injured 11 others. this is new surveillance video you can see the suspect getting into his car and peeling off and then another camera captures the car speeding through the crowds and people jump to go get out of the way. police say nathan campbell turned himself in two hours after he fled the scene. his motive not clear except it piers he was determined to hurt people. he has been charged with suspension of murder and millions dollars bail. witnesses say he was drive to go kill. i look down and i see this car driving through like there's a girl latched on to the hood of the car and he's swerving and he knocks the girl off of the car and then he is like running into crowds of hundreds of people going out of his way to hit people. >> and the one person killed in the incident a honeymooner from italy. 32-year-old alice groupioni was
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from italy killed after getting married just last month. her husband suffered minor injuries. >> friends say colin fikowski choose to live life on the edge. he was killed after an ice tunnel collapsed on top of him saturday afts he was snowboardi on mt. hood. the five people with him tried to dig through the snow and ice to get to him. after a two-hour search they found the body. >> closing arguments begin in the james whitey bolger child. it is expected to be a long day as the judge granted each side more than 3 hours for the arguments. the notorious mobster fled boston in 1994 one of the most wanted fugitive until he was captured two years ago. bu bulger pleaded not guilt question to 19 murderers money
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laundering. >> closed because of serious terror threats. as al qaeda plans a big significant attack. steve sent any has the latest. >> it is serious and credible and the biggest terror threat in many years. the president is getting regular briefings while the security team holds meetings. keilah americas also in the loop on capitol hill. >> it has been aawfn awful lot chatter that means conversations among terrorists about planning going on. reminiscent of what we saw pre9-11. >> 22 u.s. embassies and consulates were closed because of that threat in the mylesed and afri-- middle east and afri. 19 of those will be closed through out the week out of a caution of abundance.
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it is merely an indication of commitment to exercise caution and take appropriate steps to protect our employees. sources tell fox news al qaeda is planning something big with a public relations plan to maximize the impact after the fact. there's concern about a surgery implanted device possibly being used and they say this is not a dress rehearsal as other white house warnings has been in the past. so far the president's actions have the support of critics. >> it is clear al qaeda may be more of a threat to us than they were before 9-11 now. we don't know what exactly all of the intelligence is but as you heard from the experts on both sides of the i'll and c ai and congress there's a real threat there. >> there goes no word on the exact method or the exact whereabouts. >> steve secentanni live from
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washington. they expect to suspend a rod today. but he could still be in the yankee lineup today. heather nauert is live with the latest. >> an announcement from major league baseball is expected to come at noon today. rodriguez will be suspended for the rest of the season and for all of next season for his ladies and gentlemened connection to a miami clinic peg drugs. he stands to lose $34 million in salary. his attorneys will appeal that suspension. that would allow him to play into september. a rod woucould get a shorter penalty if he gives up a right to floel a grievance. it would be heard by a federal
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regulator. he is pencilled in for the chick white sox. 13 other players also place disciplinary charges for taking form man's enhancing drugs alastairs jessie cruise and peralta are among the stiffest faci facing penalties could be banned up to 50 games. some players expect to serve them immediately. this decision expected to come down at noon today interest time. ainsley? >> a lot of baseball fans waiting for that. >> an extreme. heavy rain shutting down police. this is outside of wichita. take a look. they are getting by. those people enjoy it a little
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bit. residents enjoying relaxation in the rising waters. they expect to see more storms today, though. >> you can only drive through it if you have tires like that. extreme weather across parts of the plains. you mentioned half a foot of rain fell across the areas over the weekend. that's what we are talking about yet again as we head into today. more heavy rain through kansas even into areas of missouri and parts of arkansas. that's what we are talking the potential for severe weather. damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour large hail and tornadoes. large spread area north dakota, south dakota parts of nebraska and also a wide area of kansas especially the person part of the state is what we are looking at the severe weather risk. still on the hot side in texas at this hour it's 85 degrees we
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are talking triple tig gets as we head through the after noovenlt parts of the great lakes and the northeast it is beautiful this morning feeling more like september weather rather than early august weather across the area. current temperatures only 60 chicago and the city of cleveland. you will stay below average in the 70s new york city, cleveland, chicago. it is absolutely gorgeous out there. 103 for dallas 103 san antonio. continuing to be on the hot side. by wednesday 105 add in a little humidity it will feel even hotter than that. otherwise, more storms. a lot of weather to talk about. >> dangerous heat. >> bring in your pets, plants and check on the elderly. >> the july jobs report broadly
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disappointing especially for those full-time well paying jobs. here with more on that and other top business stories this morning. jolene kent fox business network. the 122,000 jobs fell short of july fell against expectations. the jobs created was worse. a disproergs pat numbers were either pay point or low paying retarryls restaurants and bars supplied more than half of the job growth. economists are debating the up siem saying it's unclear if it is for bad and upon returning home from disappointed travel rates to shopping deals. now major banks are getting in on the action. u.s. bank is now offering veteran's checking accounts
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about mow monthly wees and p minimum. t they have pledged a 1,000 vet drans by the end of this clear. wells far go and active retire the soldiers. he ootc aide benefits and a lot more. speaking of money. the jackpot keeps on growing. no power ball weekend soefr the weather. it swelled to more than $400 million. lower than the record 590 and a half million jackpot won by the 84-year-old florida widow. it's not a bad chunk of change. it attracts the infrequent
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picket pbuyer is only what they can describe as life changing. maybe worth a try. heather and answerly back to you. >> i knew you didn't win when you showed up to work. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour a california seek revenge my two ex ploy friends one of them mi-- >> a heartbreaking loss on jeopardy starts a social media firestone. why alex trebek jones him. national average $3.62. so... [ gasps ]
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>> malfunction is being investigated with a skydiving accident. they made a tandem jump on saturday and dispiered. they were found hours later in a remote swamp. the trainer was dead and the student badly injured. jimmy is the nicest guy a person can know. nice, genuine, soft spoken and very safety conscious. >> an autopsy will be performed later today. he leaves behind a wife and
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three children. cleveland kidnapping victim gina dejesus makes her first appearance since escaping from her captor. she didn't want to talk to the media but her father said she is doing great. other parents need to keep fighting for their missing children. >> gina, amanda and michelle are doing beautiful. our work is not done. we have more beautiful children out there that need our help. we have to keep our eyes and ears open. don't let these girls go in vain. >> castro was sentenced to life in prison plus at least 1,000 years for abducting the girls and keeping them captive for over a decade. nsa leaker edward snowden is
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whistleblower or a traitor? general michael hayden and amash have different opinions. congressman amash says he thinks he exposed information congress didn't know about. hayden said he is compromising your safety. >> he may be doing thoifrngs seas we would find problematic and dangerous. we will find those out over time. as far as congress is concerned he told us what we would need to know. >> he told the world including our enemies. he has made it more difficult for security services to keep us safe. >> president obama is expected to announce this week. for that one-on-one if the situation does not change. >> thank you. it is now time to brew on this.
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a 12-year-old jeopardy contestant now saying he was cheated after he loses in heartbreaking fashion. >> well, because he misspelled it badly emancipation he put a p in there proclamation that's unfortunate. the judges are rule against you. >> thomas hurley the third went up going home with 2,000 dollars as the runner up. after outrage from fans jeopardy defending alex trebek's decision. if they were to give credit for an incorrect response however minor the show would penalize the other players. we want to know if you think jeopardy cheated hurley. shoot us an email at we will read them late ner the show. >> give him the extra 3,000 dollars he's a kid and he's
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smart. >> 18 minutes after the top of the hour. they are responsible for investigating after the crime. new reports show fbi agent are allowing certain people who break the law. more than 5,000 times in just one year. why the feds say there's an explanation. take a look at this shocking video a car hitting the curb doing a full flip while cashing through a gas station. what happens to the man inside we will tell you.
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>> the sun is not quite up here in new york city in the distance central park. still dark out there to see at this point. good morning to you and your family. now to the headlines this morning. the man who confessed to the most well-known cases of a missing boy in new york city might go free. prosecutors don't have enough evidence to charge pedro hernandez for the 79 disappearance and murder of 6-year-old etan patz. hernandez confessed that he lured the little boy into the basement of a bodega where he strangled him and dumped the body. the body was never found. the case received national tanks after patz became the first missing child to appear on the back of a milk carton. >> eric hernandez killed in a
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crash. valentine was not wearing a helmet when he was thrown off a motorcycle. he is the second relative of hernandez to die since the investigation against him began. the he has pleaded not guilty to the murderoden lloyd. it could have been an explosive crash out in ohio. the car hits the curb flies into the air lands on top of a bus stop bench barely missing a gas pipe. >> he took out a public telephone and landed on the strongest city bench i have ever seen. >> but get this, the craziest part of all of this. after the car came to a rest the driver gets out and hails a cab. police are cinching for the driver. the car is a rental car. >> hopefully he opted for rental
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insurance. >> he isn't even in preschool yet but the 4-year-old boy has been leblthed comblier of h-- e comblier of his town. >> the mayor is pulled out of a hat. >> any one by way can vote as many times as they want to for a dollar. but the outcome is really up to chance because the door set mayor's name is drawn out of a tub. robert bobby tough campaigned hard to make sure his name was in there as many times as possible. >> you are fright special here. >> yes, i am. >> bite way the toney town doesn't have a formal government. population 22 to 28 whether the minister and his family seem to be in town. >> rb bert t,fts. caught on camera a demolition disaster. a power plant implosion goes
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oh oo >> the worldwide terror threat still in effect. the terror plot the most significant since 9-11. a rod set to learn his fate today. major league baseball expected to suspend the new york yankee this afternoon. that won't stop him from being on the field tonight. we will tell you why. a demolition at a power plant going horribly wrong. injuring the spectators on the scene. an update on their condition straight ahead. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning to you. it is monday. happy monday to you.
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starting off your workweek with you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with a fox news alert for you. a train derails in louisiana forcing the evacuation of nearly 100 homes more than 20 cars went off the tracks in the town of lawtell 60 miles west of baton rouge. one of the cars is seekileaking sodium hydroxide which can cause injuries even death. so far pollution ners were not picked up traces of the chemical in the air. venice beach on the boardwalk left 1 dead and 11 injured. you can see the suspect getting into his car and peeling off. another camera captures the car speeding through the crowds people jump to go get out of the way.
2:32 am
nathan campbell turned himself in two hours after he fled the scene. his motive is unclear except it shows he is determined to hurt people. he is being held with $1 million bail. he was driving to kill. >> i look down i see this car driving through. there's a girl latched on to the hood of the car and he's swerving and knocks the girl off of the car then he is just like running into crowds of hundreds of people going out of his way to hit people. >> the one person killed in this incident a honeymooner from italy. she had just gotten married last month. her sus suffered minor injuries. the permanent a college student accused of plotting to kill ber own boyfriend. she asked two other ex's to kill
2:33 am
him in a hire for murder plot. the university of california riverside co ed went under investigation. she has pleaded not guilty to 6 felony charges. >> they commit nearly 2,000 crimes in tsa. average 15 times a day from selling illegal drugs. >> permitting informants to break the law is the biggest arrest in the end. >> and this little piggy went all of the way home. a wufrn of pig lets running lose on a road in china. a trust carried the bigs free. the road had to be shut down for
2:34 am
a while until most of the pigs were put back in their pen. >> they real lip wanted to get to market. >> all right. on a serious note u.s. diplomats serve through out much of the muslim world will remain closed all this week. it is the result of a terror threat that has u.s. officials bracing for a possible attack. >> some of the facilities reopened this morning. most have not. facilities will remain closed for the remainder of the week. they are under attack. those briefed on the intelligence were struck by the significance. >> some individuals who are maki
2:35 am
making plans such as we saw on 9-11 such as suicide risk or whether they are planning on vehicle born or bombing carried into the area we don't know. >> the response was acquiesce canning the terrists. the measures are worth the ryesic. >> the announcement itself may be designed to interrupt al qaeda planning to put them off stride put them on the back foot to let them know we are alert and we are on at least a portion of this plot line. >> all of this is believed to be linked to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based in yemen. it is not just facilities. americans abroad are told to be extra significavigilant after t of august.
2:36 am
>> doug luzader live from wathe heavy rain across parts of kansas and outside of wichita. half of the rain fell the flooding is so bad emergency reeks are hurt. the area expected to see more storms today. for more on that we agree those women are jot bothered by it all. if it is really bad. you mentioned more than 6 inches of rainfall across the area more showers and thor thunderstorms across kansas. even as far east as sections of missouri parts of arkansas could be dealing with flash flooding today. we are also talking severe weather in the form of damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour and also large hail possible anywhere from parts of
2:37 am
north dakota and the state of kansas. that will be the next days. several inches of rain expected. temperature wise across the great lakes and parts of the northeast. if you head out it will feel fall out there 60 in chicago. cleveland. meanwhile in texas 85 in dallas take a look at the after noon ex in parts of the southern plains. it will stay that way over the next. 105 would be the high temperatures head in also hot 104 degrees. thank you maria. dangerous stuff. >> oh my josh. >> thanks. we are hours away from finding out the fate of alex rodriguez.
2:38 am
he says a rod would be -- they could still have him in their lineup tonight. heather thaurt is live on what happened. major league baseball expected at noon today. he will be released from this season and next season. rodriguez stands to lose about $34 million in in salary. his attorneys have said he will appeal any suspension and that's actually what would enable him to play today. the piles process can take a month. so he could actually end up playing until the month of september. he could get a shorter penalty if he agrees to give up the right to have a grievance. it would be heard before a yankees member. he is pencilled nr tonight's
2:39 am
game against the hick shear house. 13 other players are also facing disciplinary charges for taking performance he knoenhancing dru. johnny peralta they could be beganed for up to 50 paces. th an announceme expected at noon today. >> you have more sports for us? >> more sports headlines with the start of another scandal. the ncaa investigating gon knee my dell. he accused of being said by the fcf earlier if they say he did it a kwaub could be ruled
2:40 am
eligible. the nfl season kicking off with nfl hall of fame game last night. cowboys playing the miami dolphins. most putting on a show. the wow could is won 17-13. the bridgestone invitational over the route of the rest of the field. it's his 8th year again. 79th overnewly. major league championship. >> so happy for those guys. now here's news in hollywood for you. what do you do when you are facing 50 years in prison on dozens of federal fraud charges. hampton. that's what real housewives of new jersey star and her family did over the weekend. giudice posted the picture to insta gram. they are out on $1 million bail due back in court next week. the summer action
2:41 am
blockbuster shot path smurf's two at the box office. the action flick starring narc baldburg. he came in second murph 3rd. when you have a team of makeup style lists this good anyway. jennifer aniston now giving fans at a rare changlabs of what she like in the box. the long time air stylest. it's the same guy who posted the rachel invest shows an thon without any pickup. she looks pretty good for 44. >> doesn't neepd the makeup. she is beautiful. >> fort hood trial will finally get underway this morning. what should we expect to bring the ladies and gentlemened killer to justice.
2:42 am
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>> a power plant demolition goes horribly wrong. . explosio (explosions) >> a spectator had his leg blown off by flying shrapnel from the explosion. four others suffered minor injuries. the wrecking company responsible trying to figure out what happened. hundreds of people gathered early saturday to watch the demolition from a nearby parking lot. a 1,000 foot perimeter had been set up. a piece of shrapnel cut through
2:46 am
the chain link pens cutting the man. they are looking for a miss i go maybe boy who dispierd from a hospital and is indeed in need of medical attention. this is video of the woman bringing the baby to the hospital last tuesday after the child was found unresponsive. police believe the buys father took him but say all of the information he gave to the hospital was fake. it is still unclear if the woman in the video is in fact the baby's mother. ainsley? >> thank you, heather. the trial of psychiatrist major in a nad dal h nadal hassan determin he will defend himself. >> the military trial for major nadal hassan will begin tuesday. hassan is charged with 13 counts of pre-meditated murder and 32 counts of attempted pre-meditated murder. he doesn't deny he performed
2:47 am
health checkups before their deployments in 2009 killing 13 wounding more than 30. he says he committed the worst mass shootings in defense of taliban terrorists. yet the obama administration characterizes it as workplace violence not terrorism because it would jeopardize his right to a fair trial. victims sued staff sergeant shawn manning was shot sex ti - six times at fort hood. >> hassan is openly admitting it makes me angry, makes me disgusted. >> a jury of 13 officers from around the u.s. will have to convict hassan of murder and
2:48 am
sentence him to death. 11 of the last 16 death sentences handed down have been overturn overturned. even if he is convicted there are not years or decades heyed. fox news. the time now is almost 10 minutes until the top of the hour. it's nothing new politicians raking the cash. one problem those donations coming from dead people. >> the late night comedy who is on the other end the creme kratz or republicans? let's see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> coming up on this monday we will have the latest on the terror alert that led to the shut downs of the countries. was this the right move or are we folding in the face of
2:49 am
terror. the kiss kiss department of new york resources raided an an million shelter. how old is tuning young for technology. should i wait for the how soon should your child have a boat? two, three years? 5th armani out on the plaza warming up doing their storm check. starts off in 11 minutes from now. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪
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>> >> around ten minutes till the top of the hour. republicans are getting the last laugh in late-night tv. >> president obama held a press conference earlier today and he said he still wants to close the
2:53 am
guantanamo bay prison facility but he doesn't know how to do it. he should do what he always does, declare it a small business and tax it out of existence. it will be gone in a minute. one month, be out of there. >> according to a new study, president obama was the butt of 288 jokes by late-night comics in the first six months of this year. overall democrats were the target of 713 jokes compared to 417 gags about the g.o.p. it's a joy ride for this fisherman, something he'll never forget. after agreeing to a $20 bet, the fisherman mounted a mole of fish which took off. moles are typically large, docile creatures which can be up to 11 feet long and weigh up to 5,000 pounds. the underwater cowboy friend filmed the thing and posted it on youtube with a description they started as strangers but ended up as good friends. >> that's a fish?
2:54 am
an increasing number of wrinkles isn't enough to may be the elderly frown. a study released by gallop found people get progressively happier after the age of 50. so what is in fact the happiest age? 80 and up. unfortunately, the poll did not uncover exactly what causes happiness in your golden years. lots to look forward to. >> six minutes till the top of the hour. when we come back, ever heard of a pasta raf i an faith? neither have we. more on this outrageous story. >> your last chance to answer our question of the day. we wanted to know what you think about the 12-year-old jeopardy contestant who lost after a minor misspelling. answers up next. ♪
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>> before you leave the house this morning here's a look at what's happening today. at this hour u.s. embassies across the middle east are closed because of a serious terrorist threat. this is al qaeda planned a -- quote -- "big and strategically significant attack." we're hours away from finding out the state of alex rodriguez. major league baseball says a-rod will be suspended but the bronx bombers could have them in their lineup tonight. closing arguments begin today in the james whitey bolger trial. he pleaded not guilty to participation in 19 murders, money laundering and other crimes. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a five-year-old celebrating two years in remission from lung cancer goes on ao touchdown run for the ages. ryan in front of 24,000
2:59 am
fans at the cleveland brown scrimmage. the bad. it seems members of congress are cashing in on dead donors. a u. s-fpl a. -- u.s.a. investigation uncovered dead people contributed to the candidates in 2009. a czech man has won the right to wear a spaghetti strainer in his i.d. the reason he says he's a pastafarian. >> earlier in the show we told you about a 12-year-old boy who claimed jeopardy cheated him out of $12,000 after he guessed the final answer but misspelled emancipation proclamation wrong and was not credited with the right answer. we asked what you thought. here are answers.
3:00 am
cindy said he was not cheated except by himself, a parents or a teacher. learn to spell and learn to lose graciously. >> randy says the topiling. he obviously knew the answer. thank you so much to everyone who responded. >> thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> good morning everybody. it's monday, august 5. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you had a fantastic weekend and you're going to have a great week ahead. fox news alert. 19 embassies will stay closed after a worldwide terrorist threat officials say is the scariest since 9/11. the newest information we have coming straight from al qaeda. >>steve: new details on a disturbing story. we may know why a driver appeared to deliberately plow their car into a crowd of people on one of the country's busiest sidewalks killing a newly wed bride on her honeymoon. details a


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