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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday august 8th. we begin with a fox news lart. happeni -- fox news alert. the united states pulling americans out from overseas. we will have the breaking details ahead. >> extreme weather unleashing across the midwest. take a look at these incredible lightening strikes hitting oklahoma overnight. we will show those to you in just a moment. we will have the latest on where the storms are headed next. >> more millionaires stepping forward this morning. another set of winners claiming their massive power ball prize. see who they are and why they are still going to work.
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f "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good friday morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". we start with the fox news alert. new overnight a terror threat forcing the united states to withdrawal all nonemergency personnel from a consulate in pakistan. the state department also urging americans to delay nonessential travel to pakistan. this is not related to the al qaeda threat that just found numerous embassies across the world. speaking of that threat the wall street journal reports the plot was ordered by al qaeda's branch in yemen. intercepted communications reveal the plans for al-zawahri the leader of al qaeda. president obama will hold the a
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press conference before he goes on vacation. another fox news alert. the man a suspected of abducting a teenager and killing her mother and 8-year-old brother may be armed with homemade explosives. authorities warning the public james dimaggio blue nissan versa vehicle may be booby trapped. it was uncovered in the ashes of the burned home. that is where they found the body of tina anderson around a child. she was killed by blunt force trauma being hit by a crowbar. the search expanding to four states including mexico and canada. we will keep you posted. this morning there's a new twist in alex hernandez case. his cousin is behind bars for not testifying before a grand
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jury. she has been in jail since august 1st. she bought a get away bus ticket for another defendant in the murder. police ceased her cell phone and credit card records. >> new overnight two-thirds of the winning power baltic ets have now been claimed. a group of 16 maintenance workers from the state of new jersey and minnesota will share the $448 million jackpot. minnesotian paul white says the improbable win allows him to provide for their family for the rest of their lives. >> i feel this pressure off my shoulders i carry every day. my kids, am i going to be able to pay for them to go to college, am i going to b of the have health issues. all of those things you don't have to worry about it again. >> the lump sum he will take is
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58 million after taxes. in the meantime we are still waiting for the person who bought the third winning ticket to come forward. it was bought at a grocery store in new jersey. >> to an extreme weather alert check out this incredible video it's a light show. a huge storm rolling in over sul saw. night skies light up all over the area. maria molina has more. a lot of rain from colorado to the midwest. >> we have been seeing a lot of heavy rain out here not just yesterday which we saw flooding over missouri and parts of canada. even the last couple days. starting monday we have been talking about flooding over the country. you may be like why are you showing us temperatures. it has a lot to do with why we
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have rain all over. temperatures in the 70s very unusual for the month of august. below average. meanwhile triple tig gets across parts of oklahoma the difference in air masses the moisture across sections of kansas and missouri a big area of high pressure over parts of texas and also louisiana helping produce the showers and storms as well. just in the past 48-hours in the past two-days areas have seen over a foot of rain over sections of missouri parts of arkansas the same across sections of oklahoma and kansas in a short amount of time. the last several days saturday into sunday you are expecting more rain out here locally over 6 inches of rain will be possible. flooding is a major concern. we want to update you. the national hurricane center updated the outlook through out the rest of the summer into snowfall. we are thinking it may be less
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or lower in terms of the extended outlook in terms of how many storms they are predicting. category 3 or above. pretty significant because it's still above average. >> fewer in previous years? >> fewer than previously forecasted in the beginning of the season. stim abo still above average. >> a chilling facebook that says i am going to prison. after shooting his wife jennifer alfonso dead. derek medina posted a picture of her body along with that message. then he went over to his dad's house. >> he just said that his wife picked up a knife on him, they had a big fight and he shot her. >> well, medina eventually turned himself into police. cops found alfonso's 12-year-old
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daughter at home tear fied but not hurt. derek and alfonso divorced after three years of marriage but recently tied the knot again. in a bizarre chilling twist medina has written self help books, including one on marriage and that is called how i saved someone's life in marriage through family problems and communication. okay. >> maybe not buy that book. >> sad news out of hollywood, ez ri easy rider actress karen black has died after a long battle with cancer. >> are you kidding me? (laughter) >> black's break through role was in the 1969 movie with dennis hopper and peter fonda. she starred in five easy pieces with jack nicholson and nominated for an academy award. >> let's talk about washington now.
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more of the same mess at the irs. brand new testimony revealing the embattled agency is still targeting conservative groups. after all of the attention. peter doocy is live for us in washington. what's this all about. >> they would no longer be scrutinizeed by the irs for their political beliefs. there's a new washington piece that contains a transcript between congressional investigator and irs agent. it is a tea party group in the political at cassie case even if no evidence of activity on the application. the irs agent said based on my current manager's direction uh-huh. back in may you remember president obama said he wasn't going to tolerate improper behavior at the irs.
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>> it doesn't matter what political side you are from. the irs has to operate with absolute integrity. the government has to conduct itself in the way that is true to the public for us that is especially true for the irs. >> they want to put lois lerner the head of the irs tax exception commission back on the stand. >> lois lerner she hasn't provided any information. we think she waived her 5th amendment right. i would be in favor of calling her back. if she continues to refuse to answer questions holding her in contempt of the congress. i think that would be appropriate because of lack of information. >> a new fox news poll finds that 59 percent of americans believer the irs scandal is serious. about half as many 33 percent
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say it's a phony scandal. >> peter doocy, thank you so much. the funeral service reportedly used by nsa leaker edward snowden is abruptly shut down. he can't say why. but he wrote a script tick message on the web page saying in part he would not be complicity in crimes against the american people. he went on to say he would not give up without a legal fight. the justice department has not commented. >> testimony is expected to continue at 10:00 eastern in the trial of the fort hood shooter nad nidal hasan. witnesses describe the horrific scene of blood and chaos during the 2009 shooting rampage. michael davis testified that at first he thought that shooting was a drill. then he heard a young lady screaming, my baby, my baby. that was the pregnant private francesca mel lez.
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she was one of the 13 people killed that day. >> more people sign up with smart tv's with the internet. here with that and other business news jolene from fox business network. >> innet tv continues to give cable and satellite providers a run for their money. a new stud dees mate as many as 7 percent of paid tv sub kri skrieshs are likely to cancel their service in the next six months. amazon, hulu hooked up had higher rates potential 8.8 percent say they are highly likely to cut the cord compared with 3.5 percent of those who had not connected to their tv through the internet. the dog days of summer are upon us. investors are trading lightly but this week we are going to get new economic users. the government surplus or
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deficit in june. a surplus of $117 billion. a fiscal year deficit of 512 billion. on tuesday census releases reports on business inventories and retail sales. wednesday the bls bureau of labor statistics released the price index for july. abls releases cpi consumer price index and weekly jobless claims. reports on housing data lots of information as we watch any move for federal reserve that could come as soon as next month. back to school season means even better deals for you. revenues at stores open at least a year rose 3.5 percent in july. according to the international shopping centers. down 5.5 percent in june. consumers are being frugal especially about buying clothing. they are doing well this time of
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year like costco and american eagle. they report sluggish revenue. better deals are underway for all of us shoppers. >> jolene kent glad to hear that better deals. >> a perfect game. the guy needs one more strike to bowl a 300. the ball looks destined to knock down all of the pins. out of nowhere that stupid rack dropped righted down in front of the ball and ruins everything. next a half naked fan rushes on stage at a concert. a fast moving security guard nails him with an nfl style tackle. was that you patti ann? >> a dog that will make your heart melt wihen a pooch as pal has trouble opening the door. he comes over and opens it for him. i like that one. i think that's my favorite. you can tweet them to us at
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foxfriendsfirst or e-mail us at >> i like the dog, too. straight ahead the mysterious death of a college football star finally solved. >> he ran from police until there was nowhere left to go. incredible ending to a high speed chase. of course it was all caught on camera. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. >> good morning. it is 17 minutes after the hour. new details revealing what killed a former college football quarterback on a fishing trip back in may.
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a final report shows colin finnerty died from pneumonia. a combination of pain-killers and degenerative brain disease caused the. finnerty suffered from cte a brain disease that is commonly found in ex football players. it can include paren now yaw and anxiety. doctors say finnerty treated that with prescription pain-killers. he was one of the winningest players in the history of college football. >> so tragic. >> the wildfire burning in in southern california is growing with incredible speed making it difficult for firefighters to get it under control. overnight we have learned it has scorched 14,000 acres. crews estimate nearly 30 homes burned to the ground. five firefighters and residents were injured. college friends of the surviving boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are facing
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obstruction of justice carings. a federal grand jury has indicted the two men that you see right here for allegedly hiding evidence that was related to the april deadly terror attack in boston. both men from reportedly from kazakhstan. the two men removed a backpack that contained fireworks as well as a lap top from tsarnaev's dorm room this after the fbi released pictures from the doctors. >> the hearing for this man convicted terrorist will take place later today. he admitted he plotted to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york city. blaming his terrorist plot on his awkward childhood. he says his constant stuttering made him a loaner and that turned him into an islamic extremist. >> blaming it on teenaged awkwardness. something we all have. >> former senate leader trent
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lott is in the hospital because of a ruptured aten dix. he's in fair condition. the former aid isn't sure how long he will be in the hospital. he is expected to recover. lott is 71 years old and retired from congress back in 2007. >> brand new fox news polls show a majority of americans think obama care is bad medicine for the country. 57 percent of those polled said implementation of the healthcare law has been a joke. that includes 25 percent of democrats. 31 percent said the implementation is going well. nearly 75 percent say they expect obama care to mean higher taxes. more than 60 percent also expected healthcare law will cause the deficit to increase and mean higher insurance costs even though president obama said otherwise. coming up we will tell you about a car jacking suspect leading police on a wild high speed chase. we will tell you about the intense moments that the pursuit
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eventually came to a screeching halt. >> the nfl season is on the way. there are new rules not only for player bus for you the fans. we will let you know what's coming up on game day.
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>> a live look at mid town manhattan on this friday morning. we hope it is starting outright for you this morning. sunday marks 11 months since the deadly benghazi terror attack and brand new fox news poll shows 62 percent of americans questioned feel the obama administration is behind a cover up. 27 percent feel the administration is being open and transparent. despite the white house calling
2:25 am
benghazi a phony scandal 78 percent said it's a serious situation and law americas are outraged at news at suspects have been charged in the attack including the alleged leader have not been arrested. >> according to public safety we have terrorist attack where ambassador and three americans have been murdered. he is roaming around libya libyan authorities haven't picked him up. why isn't he being interrogated why isn't he in custody. if it's important enough to charge him. it's ladies and gentlemened he has been involv-- it's alleged involved, why isn't he in custody? >> a wild police chase ends with a suspect's car crashing and then flipping over. take a look at this. >> he is going 206 to make-- he going to have to make a turn here. look at him on the dirt and through the fence and rolling.
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>> it happened in san fernando in the valley. a man accused behind the wheel accused of car jacking a kia van. after 20 minutes of driving he got out of the vehicle and then surrendered to police. >> also happening overnight we learned that more than a dozen animals have been removed from a pet shop in canada. it's the shop owned by the family friend's house died while sleeping when the pet python fell on them and killed them. he didn't have a permit for other snakes and alligators. >> you plan on going to an nfl game this year? >> maybe. >> all stadiums will be -- fans will be banned from bringing in purses or backpacks. they say if you need any personal items you have to put them in a zip-loc bag or buy the clear bag with the nfl logo. probably cost you about 100
2:27 am
bucks or so. a lot of people are outraged. one woman writing quote ask me to walk in with a plastic sandwich bag ex employeesing -- exposing all of the contents like you are a criminal. the change will make for a safer environment. interesting. >> up next brand new information on the nationwide amber alert. two children still missing after their mother turned up dead. >> the video the airlines don't want you to see. is that your luggage being left out in the rain? mmm. >> first on this day in history what happened? back to the future was the number one movie at the box office. it was the top droesi -- top grossing film of the year earning more than $383 million worldwide. i am alejandro morales, i was seven months old
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and my family moved straight to chicago. america is the only country i have ever known. senior year of high school, i was promoted to city court staff commander, i held the rank of cadet brigadier general. i was head of chicago rotc. i want to be a us citizen and i want to be a marine, i'm gonna be a marine, because i care. i care about this country. i care about those around me, i care about my family, my neighbors. you know, i do want to give back, i believe one hundred percent in what this country stands for. let me earn it, you know, let me serve.
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i just want an opportunity, i just want a chance. to, to show everyone out there that, i am, american and that i will honorably serve this country wearing a marine corp uniform.
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take it from me. the time to think about a security system isn't after something bad happens -- it's before. [ male announcer ] call now and get adt installed for just $99. you could save a lot more than money. hurry, and take advantage of these savings. adt. always there. >> good morning to you. look at that right there. that was a scene over night. we will tell you about that in just a minute. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first". the storm striking overnight and the threat not over yet. we will have the latest on where the storms are headed. >> looks like your government may not have learned a lesson. there is new evidence the irs is still targeting conservative groups. we are live in washington with details. >> another winner stepping
2:32 am
forward to claim their power ball prize. see who they are and why they are still going to work. fox and friends continues right now. >> ♪ >> early morning in manhattan. taking a live look now and hoping it's a good one wherever you are waking up this morning. it is friday august 9th. i am patti ann browne. hope your morning is better than that song was. i am heather nauert. it is half past of hour and we begin with a new fox alert. coming in overnight a terror threat forcing the united states to withdraw all of the knowledge emergency personnel from a consulate from pakistan. the state department urging americans to delay nonessential
2:33 am
travel to the country. the threat they say is reportedly not related to the al qaeda threat but shut down a whole bunch of embassies across the world. speaking of that threat the wall street journal reporting today that that plot was ordered by al qaeda's branch in yemen. intercepted communications say the leader of the branch presented a plan to imam al-zawahri. he is the leader of al qaeda. president obama will have the first press conference since april before he goes on vacation. the terror plots will sure to be a question. >> a man killing ha mom and possibly 8-year-old son may have explosives. authorities are warning the public james dimaggio blue
2:34 am
nissan may be booby trapped. the theory was uncovered in the ashes of the burned out home where they found the body of tina anderson and a child. sources revealing she was killed by blunt force trauma possibly hit in the head with a crowbar. the hunt is expanding to four states and mexico and canada. >> details to tell you about in the case of a federal investigator who vanished earlier this week. you can see the person they are questioning right now. police in oakland, california questioning this guy. they are calling him a man of personal interest. the parole lee was with sandra coke the night she went missing. the two dated more than 20-years ago and recently reached out to her for some sort of help. at this hour investigators say they are searching a local fair ground for clues. >> testimony set to continue at 10 am eastern in the trial of major nidal hasan.
2:35 am
he sat motionless as witnesses described a horrific scene of blood and chaos during his 2009 shooting rampage. at first a man thought it was a drill then he heard a young lady screaming my baby, my baby. it was the pregnant woman one of the 13 people killed. another set of winners stepping forward this morning to claim the massive power ball prize. we now know 16 maintenance workers and a project engineer from minnesota will share the $448 million jackpot. minnesotian paul white says the improbable win gives him the ability to provide for his family for the remembers of his life. >> i feel this pressure off my shoulders that you care rooefr ry day with you. am i going to be able to pay for college? am i going to be able to take care of them if they have health
2:36 am
issues. come on you don't have to wore r reabout it again. >> he will take home a lump of 58 million after taxes that is. in the meantime we are still waiting for whoever bought the third winning ticket. it was bought at a grocery store in new jersey. >> severe storms in the state of colorado turning roads into rivers in just a matter of minutes. dramatic video showing one driver getting rescued firefighters after they aher ca stuck. >> i was turning the corner here on havana and a car was stopped in front of me and my car stalled behind it and it will not restart. the fire department had to rescue me out of my car and carry me out. >> a total of 3 people had to be saved. fortunately they are all okay. maria moline gnaw has a look at the weekend forecast. >> if you live across states of missouri and kansas i don't have
2:37 am
much good news for you. we are expecting more areas of rain today and as we head out into the weekend. the been producing the showers and storms. high pressure continuing in had place across parts of louisiana parts of texas. north of that system you will continue to see the moisture firing up the showers and storms so parts of the texas panhandle. they picked up 2 inches in the past 48-hours. we have been seeing the rain since monday. the ground saturated several days of heavy rain. some spots pick up inches of rain. we have a number of heat advisories still in effect. it feels like 110 degrees. parts of the midwest below
2:38 am
average. 79 over minneapolis. if you live in new york city this one will be a little drier. >> even rescues went on over there because of all of the flooding. >> even though the white house promised the abuse would end nearly three months later we are learning the irs is still targeting conservative groups. peter doocy is live with more. >> the irs was supposed to stop singling people out for their political lease. not much has changed since the original scandal broke. there's a new washington examiner piece that contains a transcript between a congressional investigator and an irs agent where the investigator asked, so, you would treat a tea party group as a political ad cassie case even
2:39 am
if there was no evidence of political activity on the application? is that right? the agent responds based on my current manager's direction, uh-huh. >> president obama said he wouldn't tolerate any more improper behavior at the irs. >> it should not matter what the political spector is from. the fact of the that thor is that the irs had to operate with ashes slut integrity. the government has to conduct itself in a way that is true to the public trust that is especially true for the irs. >> republican law americas this week have been saying they want to put lois lerner the former head of the irs tax exempt division back on the stand. >> lois lerner hasn't provided any information we think she waived her 5th amendment right. i would be in favor of calling her back. if she continues to refuse to
2:40 am
answer the question holding her in contempt of tcongress. i think that would be appropriate. >> the new fox news poll finds 59 percent of americans believe the irs scandal is serious. about half as many say it's a phony scandal. >> peter doocy live in washington, thanks. a dramatic step to keep people from leaking classified documents. the agency ace director announced it will rely on machines rather than people to keep that information classified. listen. >> what we are in the process of doing, not fast enough, is reducing system administrators about 90 percent. it is to make our networks more defensible and more secure. >> the plan was reportedly already in place before the leaks happened. now they say that's being sped
2:41 am
up as a result. >> image looking out of your plane window and seeing this. yikes. a british airways flight forced to make two emergency landings in 24-hours. the first time the wing flaps jammed. they were put on the same plane the next day and it happened again. this time the jet was forced to circle over the saudi arabian desert dumping 20 tons of fuel to help make for a safer landing. british airways is apologizing offering to compensate fliers. don't trust your caller id. don't trust it. we will tell you about a scam that cannot only fake it it can empty your bank accounts. we will explain. hollywood heartbreak. matt damon says he got dumped by the president. ♪ ♪ when i'm halfway into your heart ♪
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you did too, pal! [ laughs ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? ♪ >> the lights still on but the sun slowly rising over manhattan. tgif hope it's a good one wherever you are this morning. >> new criticism of president obama from a former top celebrity supporter. matt damon says he feels like he got dumped by the president. >> he broke up with me. there are a lot of things that i really question, the legality of the drone strike, tbut jimmy carter said we don't live in a democracy. that is a little bad when an ex
2:46 am
president says that. 's got some explaining to do, particularly for constitutional law professor. >> in another interview just last weekday monday says he was disturb -- week damon says he was disturbed by some of his decisions. a train derailment that killed 79 people last month. the head of the rail system says the crew never reported any problems before the crash. data from the black box found that the train was traveling at almost twice the speed limit and the conductor was on the phone at the time of the crash. he has been charged with 79 kount counts of reckless homicide. >>ette heather a nationwide scam has people across the country forking over hundreds in some cases thousands of dollars to avoid being arrested. fox business network diane macedo is here to explain. >> those pretending to be law enforcement officials are
2:47 am
spending money across the country under the guise of collecting illegal signs. they impersonate a local police officer or port official and says they have an outstanding arrest warrant for an unpaid debt for missing jury duty or an unpaid ticket. they convince them to wire it through western union or prepaid credit card to pay it off. they use caller id to make it look like it's from the local police. police in georgia, kansas, oregon and florida investigated scams like this. it is nearly impossible to track down the scammers. u.s. attorneys police and other federal officials are now trying to get the word out about the scam and make sure people know if they don't already notify people about arrest warrants. >> diane macedo fox business, thanks. >> a medical emergency for nast
2:48 am
d nascar driver doan knee stewart. >> it's the video they don't want you to see. passenger's luggage left out in the rain to get all soaking wet. >> let's check in right now with steve doocy on "fox & friends." >> where is the skycap. con on get out there and get the bags. >> coming up on "fox & friends." a witness to the fort hood attack breaks his silence and tells the story you are not here. a store owner fined 30,000 dollars for posting a political sign inside her own shop. how does that happen? game show week continues this time to get money. we did get geraldo rivera. he will play the quiz master. gadgets that will help you get to sleep. the best workout for your pets. all american summer concert series today the eli young band will take that stage here in mid
2:49 am
town manhattan. fox and friends kicks off about 10 minutes from now. stick around. {off-lin
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♪ raindrops ♪ are falling ♪ on my head ♪ they keep falling but there's one thing ♪ ♪ i know ♪ the blues they send >> talk about the unfriendly skies. really ugly right there. u.s. airways baggage handlers in philadelphia caught on camera tossing bags on to the tarmac in the pouring rain just leaving them right there. hope your wedding dress isn't in that one. fliers likely paid at least $25 for that special treatment per bag. the man who recorded it all
2:53 am
says he was outraged. >> it was just like shocking. you couldn't believe what you were seeing at that moment. why unload the plane if you're not going to take the bag and bring them in or transfer them to a cart to take them to another plane? >> absolutely take responsibility for the actions of our employees. that is not how they're trained. this gives us a chance to review our procedure and find out. >> one baggage worker was caught pulling away leaving the luggage on the tarmac. the airline industry made $3.4 billion last year off baggage fees alone. how about that? >> it's like a scene right out of "jaws. "look at these pictures. this baby shark was spotted off the beach in san francisco bay. local aquarium workers have been examining the photos and they say it could be a great white or the closely related salmon shark. the two look so much alike workers say they are commonly mistaken for one
2:54 am
another. >> tony stewart won't return to the track any time soon. the nascar driver is recovering in a hospital in iowa after he broke his leg monday night in the sprint car crash. doctors say stewart or the emergency vehicles -- he needs a second surgery on his leg. stewart's crew say he will be out several weeks and will most likely miss the chase for the cup. stewart was competing in a dirt track race not affiliated with nascar. it apparently pays to be brutally honest. forbes releasing its list of tv's top earners. simon cowell and howard stern bringing in $95 million from june 2012 to this past june. coming in last on the top ten list, judge judy, don't feel too bad for her. she made $47 million. >> they are all brutally honest. coming up next, we'll tell
2:55 am
you about the reason you're gaining weight. this one has nothing to do with your diet. >> you can help us pick out the best viral video of the week. go to "fox & friends" and vote in our poll. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. a terror threat forcing the united states to withdraw all nonemergency personnel from our consolate in lahore, pakistan. the threat reportedly not relating to other embassy closings around the world. >> the man who tried to blow up the federal pwafrbg in new york city will be sentenced today. he faces up to 30 years to life in prison. winners of the powerball workers have come forward. 16 workers in new jersey will share the wings. a 45-year-old minnesota dad claimed his share yesterday. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. there is a new addition at
2:59 am
the wood land park zoo in seattle and it is a baby giraffe. he's already 6 feet tall, weighs 144 pounds and still needs a name. next the bad. blame your boyfriend if you're packing on the pounds. there is a new survey from the u.k. and it claims the number-one reason for weight gain, long-term rip. finally the ugly, a failed attempt to outrun the law. a suspect in mississippi tried to jump into a river to get away from police but there was one problem. he was still wearing handcuffs and then he needed to be rescued. >> time for your favorite viral video of the week. was it the bowler whose chances for a perfect game was shattered by a malfunctioning machine, the naked fan at the concert or a door -- dog who opened the door for his three-legged friend? >> rachel says i'm glad he
3:00 am
got tackled. that is what should when you do something stupid like that. >> kathy tweets how cute is that? what a moment. it looks like man's best friend is also dog's best friend. >> the web page poll was tied between the bowler and the dog. >> have a good weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> great to be here at "fox & friends." it is the ninth of august, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. a dangerous twist to an already disturbing story. authorities warning the california man who allegedly kidnapped the 16-year-old girl after killing her mother and possibly her younger brother may have home made explosive devices and his car could be booby-trapped. the latest on the manhunt. >>steve: the white house called the i.r.s. attack on conservative groups a phony scandal but get this. it could be going on right now. that's right. more o


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