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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 11, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> we have learned from the past few minutes, indeed, 16 years old she is safe. her abductor, james dimaggio is dead. killed we believe in an f.b.i. shootout at a camp siet in remote wilderness in idaho. this taking place in the last hour and a half. san diego's sheriff department saying there was a confrontation between
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f.b.i. officers who moved in after he was spotted at a campsite he had made with himself. we don't know whether it was a drone or helicopter. there was a confrontation. there was a shootout and hannah managed to survive. right now she is being taken to a hospital to be inspected to see if she is okay. her father who was very concerned about her appeal to dimaggio to let her go. they will probably be reunited in the morning. moments from now we are expecting a press conference from the f.b.i. and valley county sheriff's department to explain how the tactical operation played out. we'll have details hopefully how dimaggio died but the best news is that hannah is safe. this goes back a week when her mother and brother were killed at the house. he abducted hannah who we
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believe had a long obsession with and vanished for three days. his car was found nearby close to the camping site where they were found. 150 f.b.i. officers and local enforcement going through the wilderness on foot and horseback. finally they were spotted today. hannah was found safe. we'll have more details, back to you. >> judge jeanine: thanks so much for that. we hope to be back with you. on the phone right now, we have brett anderson, hannah's father joins us. brett, are you there? >> yes, i am. >> judge jeanine: i feel terrific. i can't imagine how you feel. talk us? >> i have very mixed emotions. i'm ecstatic that my daughter, we will be reunited. i'm still saddened for my wife and son.
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i'm worried about what my daughter has been put through. i'm very mix of emotions. >> judge jeanine: do we know whether or not hannah is aware of the fact that her mother and brother are dead? >> i am not aware of that yet. that is something hopefully i'll know more about tomorrow and the detectives are looking into that. i want to say something to everybody out there. i am a big advocate of the amber alerts going out nationwide. obviously it helps make a difference and hopefully it will make a difference in a lot more cases. >> judge jeanine: you had an opportunity to see hannah, do you know what condition she is in? is she physically okay? >> all i've heard she appeared to be in good condition that she was going to be taken to be checked out. i have not see her until i
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arrive where i'm going. >> judge jeanine: i assume that you will see her soon. how do you feel about the fact that dimaggio is dead and the fact that your daughter survived? did you ever think that was going to be a possibility in light of the fact that your wife and son were murdered? >> you know, i feel like i have won the lottery. i have no concern and i am worried about my daughter. >> judge jeanine: the thoughts of all of us are with you brett. we certainly agree with you the amber alert is something extremely important for the safety and for the protection of young children. is there anything else that you can tell us that we are not aware of since this is breaking now? >> i only know as much as you do right now. my thoughts are getting ready to go see my daughter.
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you know, kudos to law enforcement. they just did an excellent job and i can never so my appreciation enough to anybody out there that showed us love and support. i love you guys. >> judge jeanine: all right. law enforcement always working quietly behind the scenes. this appears to have been jointed effort by the f.b.i. and local police. there were talk have drones as well as infrared activity to locate this guy dimaggio in an area where there was hundreds of miles of trails. the largest apparently roadless area in the lower 48 states. black bears, wolves all present in that area. brett, are you able to stay with us? >> not much longer. i've got a lot to prepare and get ready here. >> judge jeanine: let me just ask you one more
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question about hannah. is he is the kind, does she have the strength and the ability to be able to look back at this and hopefully at some point put it behind her? >> you know, all we can do is hope and pray. we don't know what she has been through. she is a strong girl. she made it this far. all we can do is hope that whatever help she needs to get through this, we show the love and support and help her through. >> judge jeanine: what do you think you'll say to her when you see her? >> that i love her. >> judge jeanine: all right. thanks so much for that. brett anderson, the father of hannah anderson who is alive and is apparently been taken to a hospital. james dimaggio is dead reportedly in a shootout with the f.b.i. and local police in an area i believe
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in idaho which was an area where apparently the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states. it's an amazing recovery of this young girl who has been through so much. her mother murdered, her brother murdered. her taken into this area by dimaggio who apparently was obsessed with her and is now dead. in any event we will have more as the evening goes on. andrew is joining us now. he is a friend of dimaggio. he joins us from los angeles. now andrew, you were scheduled to be on the show to talk about dimaggio. now you just heard that your friend is dead. so, tell us what your emotions are right now. >> first of all, i spoke to
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laura, jim's sister, the family wishes to express their condolences for all the tragedy that has happened so far. right now, we're asking that they be left alone and people go through me. >> judge jeanine: let's talk about you and james dimaggioever expect this kind of thing could happen? >> yes, i've been express go to the media two nights ago it was my belief he was reacting to the suicide of his father of 15 years ago. the fact that he burned his house down on the anniversary date of his father's disappearance 15 years ago and the fact that i predicted he would kill himself or be killed today. >> judge jeanine: andrew, do we know why his father committed suicide? was there an episode that
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triggered that. >> his father had a long history, troubled history. he was in and out of jail. he had a crystal pseudoephedrine addiction and he took a large. methamphetamine and walked into the desert and committed suicide. >> judge jeanine: why do you feel that james dimaggio. why is it the 15th anniversary has some significance as opposed to the tenth or the fifth? >> you know i'm not only jim's friend. i've been involved in psychiatric work for 22 years. i had two psychiatric corporations and run clean treatment centers. in working with laura and the family, i discovered these dates. i announced to the f.b.i.
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it was clear to me that it fell into the pattern what we often see that have a suicidal plan. often when people are suicidal and depressed they will make a plan how they commit suicide. we ask people that we think are suicidal do you have a plan. >> judge jeanine: did you ask him about that? >> i never had a chance to. i was hoping there would be a chance to completely verify my suspicions. it does appear that all coincides with the dates. >> judge jeanine: did james ever speak to you about an obsession he had for 16-year-old hannah who has been rescued and now at a hospital? did he talk about her? >> he never spoke to any family member, neither laura, her husband or myself about any obsession with hannah.
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there was never any sign even mr. anderson expected he didn't see any warning signs of this coming. if there had we would have intervened. >> judge jeanine: but you as a confident someone with a psychiatric background, no indication that he had any feelings for hannah? how often did you talk with him? >> i must have spoke to him indirectly through barry and barry i spoke at length who is -- barry said the conversation we were planning another camping trip in the next few months. the conversations were pretty much normal. only things we had any indication where he is, there had been a discussion he had been smoking
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marijuana recently and that was troubling. >> judge jeanine: have you seen him with a girlfriend recently. has he talked about women? >> yeah, he had girlfriends but he came from very traumatic family background. mother died of cancer. he left training for submarine work with the navy. then he went off and took and never dealt with these issues. >> judge jeanine: you know what, he should have dealt with the issues instead of murdering and traumatizing people. >> i couldn't agree more. >> judge jeanine: coming up more on the dramatic rescue of hannah anderson. later a fox interview with the bus driver from this the bus driver from this shocking video. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser?
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this is a fox news alert. hannah anderson is safe. suspected kidnapper james did i imagine grow is dead. the sheriff's department making the announcement just minutes ago. >> during an arrest attempt at the north end of moore head lake in idaho, suspect james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an f.b.i. tactical agent assigned to it f.b.i. headquarters unit. hannah and her son was located and she -- anderson will be transported to a hospital in idaho. >> judge jeanine: great ending to a tragic story. hannah anderson is alive and apparently being looked at at a local hospital and dimaggio is dead.
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let's bring in a person that teaches willer necessary techniques. great news. classic example of law enforcement just in there. you've got a marksman who takes this guy out. apparently there is a shootout. what do you know about this? >> i don't know anything about the specifically about the shootout. when the f.b.i. tactical teams do a lot of work in environments such as this. tom has experienced training with individuals like this. it's very important for law enforcement to have this type of training and in this type of a situation. it looks like it worked out ite well. >> judge jeanine: you are a tracker. you are an infamous tracker. you've written many books on this stuff. now, do we have the ability with drones or talk of infla red devices that might identify him. is it easier now. this was dangerous? >> definitely easier now with all the infrared and
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all the technology we have than it was like 30 years ago when it was a person following a set of footprints with back-up. this guy was out of his elements. he was way too deep. the way he approached the situation. what he was carrying in with him. >> judge jeanine: how do we know what was carrying with n with him? >> they say he was packed too lighted for the area. it didn't appear to them to be seasoned. >> judge jeanine: let's talk about hannah. the she has been through a great deal of trauma. the people on horseback that apparently saw the two of them she was not behaving in a way that was not ordinary. what is your take from that? >> she was smart enough not
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to overreact in a situation like that. it's sometimes best not to. >> judge jeanine: work with the guy, do you agree with that? >> absolutely. either the outside cans he had her so brainwashed, kids 16, 17, mom and dad are against me. this guy comes along and i'll take care of you. >> that poor young girl hannah anderson who is alive and well. thanks law enforcement and f.b.i., she is alive and well hopefully she will be fine. thank you so much for being with us. >> coming up the driver of this bus under fire for not stopping a vicious beating. in a fox exclusive the driver joins me live. later, you won't want to miss my opening statement on president obama's press conference yesterday.
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>>. >> judge jeanine: this video showing three teens viciously beating another teen that shocked millions of viewers. he suffered a broken arm and two black eyes and expect a lot more injuries. it took place after a victim reported to school officials that the three 15-year-old attackers tried to sell him drugs. take a listen to the bus driver trying to intervene. >> please, there is nothing i can do. >> that bus driver has come under fire for not stepping in sooner. here to tell his story in a fox exclusive is the bus driver john moody and his
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attorney frank mcdermott. john, you are the driver i am going right to you. you did not intervene. did you wish that you had? >> your honor, this was just a bad situation. it started at school. they let the kids get on the bus in the afternoon and didn't give he heads up or anything that happened so i didn't have a clue. >> judge jeanine: one of the things we didn't know, was the bus moving at the time? >> no, the bus had stopped. >> judge jeanine: was it still on school grounds? >> no, it was on the road. i was stopping to let some off. >> judge jeanine: the three teens, had you had trouble with them before? >> no, i had not. >> judge jeanine: are you
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sorry you didn't intervene? >> well, i'll tell you, i have nightmares over it. i wanted to do something but the policy says the bus driver should not intervene in a fight like that. call it in and get some help. >> judge jeanine: how long did it take to get help, john? >> your honor, i'm not sure, it probably took about five to ten minutes. >> judge jeanine: frank, do you know how long it took to get help? >> it was about three or four minutes that help got out there. i know once he called dispatch, they got on the line and they started calling law enforcement officers out to the scene. >> judge jeanine: john, you made the decision to retire. were you asked to retired or is this something you did on your own? >> it has nothing to do with my retirement. i was going to do that
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anyway. >> judge jeanine: this young boy, 13-year-old, you were very upset as you watched that beating. was there any other students on the bus who tried to help the 13-year-old? >> no, because the bus was just so crowded and kids are not supposed to get involved either. i have 45 kids on the bus. >> judge jeanine: how many? >> about 45 kids on bus. >> judge jeanine: you say the kids are not supposed to get involved. i understa some stood up and used their cellphones to take video. >> yes, they did. that is a no, no. >> judge jeanine: shame on them. but john and frank, thank you for being with us. joining us is prosecutor stacy honowits, everybody is
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if you areous about this horrific beat down on school bus where we put our children to get to school safely. can these 15-year-olds be charged as adults? >> absolutely, judge. under florida law they will be charged with aggravated battery. they intentionally hit the kid and caused permanent disfigurement. they can be waived up to adult court because of the seriousness of the crime even if they didn't have any prior contacts with the criminal justice system. >> judge jeanine: did they have any prior contact. whether there was any juvenile record or prior contact? >> they haven't stated whether that was juvenile record but we'll find out whether they had any contact with the system. >> judge jeanine: is there an obligation for the school bus driver to at least get involved? he said something interesting, he is not supposed to get involved. do you know? >> every school has a
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policy, but they are not causing him with neglect of the child and everybody says why didn't he get charged. he had no obligation. there are lawsuits that he breached his duty. i don't know how successful they will be. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting he came out right away and said the school didn't tell me there was a problem. that makes it clear to me that if there is a lawsuit, the school is probably should be included. finally, the possibility of this child almost being a whistleblower. he goes to school, they are selling pot and beat the hell out of him. i think the school has a responsibility to protect him? >> absolutely. you are going to see lawsuits come out of this. one of those are going to be whistleblower in retaliation for what he was telling. certainly it's going to cause a big ruckus of what
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goes on in school and what will happen. >> judge jeanine: stacy, thanks so much for being with us this evening. we'll have the latest from the dramatic rescue of 16-year-old hannah anderson, her father's reaction in fox news exclusive. later, the political fallout from the president's press conference. one of the irsbozos actually go justice
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with judge jeanine. >> judge jeanine: this week president obama tries to get in front of one of those so-called phony scandals by having an open discussion with the washington press, his first in over three months. it was a tour de force presentation. taken directly from the obama playbook. when caught in a lie, just deny. if the truth comes out, take on a crusade. fix the problem as if you never knew it was a problem in the first place.
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first, we'll go to the sheriff's department. there is a noos conference on hannah anderson. >> special agents with f.b.i. rescue team along with salt lake city division of the f.b.i. observed hannah and suspect near moorehead lake at a campsite. agents moved in to rescue hannah. the suspect is deceased. as a matter of policy the f.b.i. automatically dispatches a review team from washington to review the circumstances surrounding any situation where a special agent discharges a firearm. they will interview witnesses and determine exactly what happened. for this reason, no other details can be released at this time. when incidents like this occur, no one ever really knows where the investigation will lead. in this case our team faced
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a challenging situation. our team of f.b.i. agents valley and aida county sheriff's deputies, u.s. marshals, u.s. border patrol and rest of the entire team worked tirelessly to find hannah. now that hannah is safe and being evaluated in a medical facility, victim specialists are working with hannah and her family to get them the resources they need as they enter this next challenging phase of this incident. as grateful we are she is recovered safely we also remember the other victims in this case that lost their lives. moving forward, the f.b.i. evidence response team along with detectives from san diego county sheriff's department will process the crime scene at the site of the rescue. this will take some time and require a great deal of logistical coordination. as the idaho portion wraps
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up and transitions back to san diego county, we will work with our colleagues both in idaho and san diego and provide them with any continuing supported they might need. it has been said that the greatest weapon against crime is the cooperation of all law enforcement with the understanding of the public. i think this case has proven that. thank you. >> patty bolin, county sheriff. hannah is safe. that was our first priority from the very beginning. we're so appreciative of all all law enforcement partners and members of our community who all played a role in bringing hannah home. thank you. >> i'm the acting public
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information officer for this incident. i also have jason pack with the f.b.i. here. we will attempt to field questions. as the special agent in charge explains there is a special investigative team that comes in, in incidents like this, there is very little information about what transpired this afternoon that is releasable at this time. i'm happy to try to answer questions but please understand that the details are very limited. i don't have any information that they were spotted from the air. i do not have information on that. i also don't have information about whether or not the suspect fired. no, we only have details with a hannah is experiencing right now but our top priority that she is okay in every way possible.
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she was removed from the area by helicopter. was there negotiations between dimaggio and the team? >> this a team that is trained in this situation. i can't release any specifics on what transpired leading up to this. these are the teams that go in, whether or not there is negotiation at that time or not. they are trained to handle these types of situations no matter what transpires. >> from the original spotted on wednesday, where were they found today? >> they were relatively close to the same area. no, she does appear to be doing okay at this point. >> is she in hospital? >> i can't say but she was taken to a local hospital. >> we have reports they were swimming?
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>> i don't have that information. i don't have any specifics on the type of investigative tools that were used at this point. all of that is part of this investigation. >> without talking about the evidence itself, can you give us how complicated and how sensitive the mission this was given the circumstances? >> of course. if there is homicide suspect that was in very rugged area and we had a 15-year-old girl who we wanted to bring home safely. we wanted it to end safely. we wanted her home. that is exactly what happened. as with any of these we want to make sure safety is taken into consideration. we have to look at the tactical issues because of nature of the situation and the land we are talking about. certainly it is a complex search. i don't have any reports of injuries to any of the
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personnel that were on the ground. no, i don't know exactly when that will happen. they will reunite her with family as soon as possible. absolutely. counselors with will be with her and make sure she has as much care as possible. no, i haven't released any of the specific times. so i don't have all of the times on that part of the investigation. i don't the exact directions. this will be our last on camera briefing we will do on this incident. our teams are now demobilized go so a lot of federal teams will be headed back to their home bases. we will continue to send out
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any any updates by email as we goat them. we don't expect any new updates until we get the team in place and they can process that. all other information after today will come from the f.b.i. office in salt lake city. we appreciate all of your help through all of this. you have been very, very helpful in in getting this message out to the community. we thank to everyone that called in tips. this started essentially in earnest yesterday morning. today less than 36 hours later she is safe. hannah is safe, that was the best outcome we were hoping for. we appreciate all of your help. they will continue to process the scene. i don't know when the team will be there, but they will continue to work through the night. >> how many people were on
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the ground? >> that is still under investigation. it's unclear, part of the review team from washington will be coming. we'll look into. unfortunately we won't be able to say anything more about the incident itself. we have to wait on the review team to come in and they will determine the facts. if we release anything publicly and might skew it a little bit. i know it's not good for you all but what is important is that hannah is safe tonight. thank y'all. [ applause ] >> judge jeanine: we are coming out of a press conference on the rescue of hannah anderson who is presently at the hospital.
1:43 am
found out interesting information, from the public information officer saying that they were first spotted from the air. that they had no information as to whether or not the suspect actually fired. that they were relatively close to the area where they entered that wilderness area. that hannah looked okay. there are no reports of injuries to anyone on the ground and that the review team will review the shootout but the good news is hannah anderson is safe and james dimaggio, her abductor is dead. shot apparently by an f.b.i. team. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: an irs official from the cincinnati office, you know the office that targeted conservative groups -- has been promoted! cindy thomas who oversaw exempt organizations is now headed to washington, d.c. to serve as an advisor to the man who replaced the learned lois lerner. it doesn't get any better than this folks. with me, president of the media firm fletcher riley, john riley and my friend republican strategist and fox news contributor tony siaz. john, the program manager at
1:48 am
that cincinnati tax exempt position moved to washington. the president called the behavior inexcusable. is this the interpretation you bring them to d.c. and promote them? >> since the scandal begin, seven people have been fired or run out of office. >> judge jeanine: lois lerner is still getting paid. >> someone was fired. this person.... >> judge jeanine: you know why? paul ingraham the commissioner of the office responsible got promoted and is now running the obamacare. the guy who was going to resign? >> exactly. >> judge, this is cincinnati office that even the head of the irs at the time was responsible for terrible customer service. is this what the head of the office gets? a plum promotion to head
1:49 am
washington? now we are hearing testifying that the acting irs commissioner no procedure has changed that will turn away from the targeting --. >> judge jeanine: john, do we need a procedure. i love this because.... >> the republicans, issa is looking for a smoking gun and all they have a smoking air. even the president said this was something. there are thousands of stories. >> there is zero evidence linking the president or the white house to making these decisions. >> judge jeanine: wait a minute, wait a minute. they are bringing these people to washington and giving them plum positions because they targeted tea party and patriots, i just told you, paul ingraham and cindy thomas. that is just what we know of. it's like benghazi. >> the problem is
1:50 am
accountability. you shall exactly right. it goes back to what the irs commissioner just said. they haven't changed procedures to make sure conservative groups are no longer targeted. they are promoting people who said they are responsible. >> we have a shortened segment. >> i just think the republicans are grasping at straws. >> listen, everybody thinks it's wrong if the irs was targeting people. maybe they were targeting people. >> judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. all right. more on the dramatic rescue of 16-year-old hannah anderson. her father reacts exclusively to my interview ea
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this is the fox news alert.
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after days of searching the multiple states, the manhunt is over tonight. 16-year-old hannah anderson is safe and sound and will soon be headed home. her abductor james dimaggio is dead reportedly in a shootout with authorities. earlier in the show i had a chance to speak with hannah's father almost immediately after the information. ha hannah's father indicated that he was on the way to meet his daughter and although he did not have a chance to speak with her, he would tell her that he loved her. and coming out of the press conference from the idaho sheriff's department, they have indicated that hannah is well. i'm sorry, say it again? all right. the clip that i understand that the clip that we have is from dimaggio's friend. take a listen.
1:55 am
andrew stanwick is joining us now. he is a friend dimaggio and joining us from los angeles. now, andrew, you were scheduled to be on the show to talk about dimaggio, and now you have heard that your friend is dead, so, i mean, tell us what your emotions are right now. >> well, first of all, i spoke to laura, jim's sister, and the family wishes to express their condolences for all of of the tragedy that has happened so far, and right now, we are asking that they be left alone and that people go through me while we deal with their grieving as well. >> okay. but let's talk about you and james dimaggio, and how do you feel about it? he was your friend and did you ever expect that this kind of thing could happen? >> yes, i have been expressing to the media since two nights ago that it was my belief that
1:56 am
he was reacting to the suicide of his father of 15 years ago. the fact that he burned his house down on the anniversary date of his father's disappearance 15 years ago and the fact that i predicted that he would be probably kill himself or be killed today. >> be sure the stay with fox news for the latest in the rescue of 16-year-old hannah anderson. that is it for us tonight. thank you for join g ing us. don't forget to pick up my new book "clever fox" another fox novel with a beautiful assistant d.a. danny fox fights for justice. and also, i was not able to complete my open this evening, but if you go the fox or justice with judge janine on the fox news website, you will see my complete open that i didn't have a chance to read to you. follow me on twitter at judge jeanine and follow me on instagram and like me on facebook. we will see you next week. have a great night.
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tonight on "huckabee" -- as democrats anoint hillary as the next queen, republicans battle in their version of the game of thrones. >> the gop of old has grown stale. >> this strain of libertarianism i think is a very dangerous thought. >> can the gop reunite to ever win the white house again? and remember the president's re-election message in 2012? >> al qaeda's on the path to defeat and bin laden's dead. >> but here's what he said earlier this week. >> al qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threaten our homeland. >> which is it, mr. president? >> former cia


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