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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity tonight." we have uncovered stunning footage of lois lerner from way back in 2010 discussing her agency's efforts to target so-called 501(c)(4) groups. watch this. >> the irs laws are not set up to fix the codes. they can go up and pay for an ad that says -- that's something they can do as long as their
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primary activity is their c-4 activity. so everybody yelling, fix it now before the election. >> you're going to see that video in its eirety when i'm joined later this hour by senator rand paul. also, michelle malcolm will join us. first i'm happy to be joined out of the bunker. the author of a brand new book, the liberty amendments, restoring the american republic. mark levin. good to see you. let's get you out of the bunker there. the book is phenomenal. all right? >> thank you. >> i've read it cover to cover. i want to start with, you believe america is now in a post constitutional period and that there is -- that was anticipated by our framers in 1787. and there is a mechanism that they have created that would allow amendments to begin in the states. i'm not explaining it as well as you. i want to you lay out the case.
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>> i think we have to stop fooling ourselves. i've written other books about political philosophy and conservatism and nonconservatism. you look at the government today. it is not really a representative republic. you have a massive bureaucracy pushing out 3,000 laws every year. nobody has voted for them. nobody knows who they are. you look at the supreme court today. one justice moving one direction or the other. the breath taking laws which have affected the entirety of society. rewriting laws and saying if congress doesn't act, he will act. then you have congress writing these massive laws under the cover of dark, issuing them quickly on matters they don't have any write to legislate about. and conferring enormous authority, delegating to the executive branch. it is not really a representative of public. it is a not a constitutional
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republic. we're on board from the constitution. for 100 years the progressive movement, i call them the state us, have been chiselling away and chiselling away at the constitutional construct. and it is time for conservatives and other americans to say they succeeded. this is why we have top down government. this is why the government is involved in everything from selecting our toilets and our light bulbs and our ables and our toasters. now they're in our health care. they're collecting all kinds of data on us. and i'm saying, i think it is time if americans want to remain free, to start reaquanicquainti ourselves with the constitution and specifically article 5. the amendment process. the framers thought, some of them in particular, that we might reach this point with an oppressive centralized government. you look at the constitution. it is written to prevent this but they feared that politicians would lack virtue and we would
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reach this state. so they left us a legacy. they left us the second amendment process under the constitution. which essentially bypasses congress, bypasses the federal government. and gives the states the power collectively in a convention, not a constitutional convention. a convention the constitution says for proposing amendments to the rest state. >> that's very different though. >> very different. the constitution is not up for grabs any more than congress with two-thirds of both houses recommends amendments. the reason the framers did this is because they said an oppressive federal government, an oppressive congress, is not going to reign itself in with constitutional amendments. and i'm not into amending the constitution willy-nilly. i'm into following the process, the constitution itself grants us. we are the progeny of the
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constitution. this is our heritage. we can beg for all we want. we go beg the supreme court not to issue outrageous decisions based on their own policy preferences. they ignore us. the president of the united states could care less what we think. so this is a way the framers believed for the grassroots, the people engaged with state delegates and state senators to begin a long process of taking our congress back. >> this is an answer to all the people who are watching the status create this all powerful central government, and assault on individual liberty all the people that say what can we do, this is the answer. article 5 provides two methods to make these amendments. explain in total what that means. it has only been used one way. historically. 27 amendments. it has only been used the one way, explain the second way.
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>> two-thirds members can propose it and you need the states to ratify them. there's another way. the second way that is never actually been tried in an effective manner. it is never actually been done. but it has as much legitimacy and authority as the other method. and it bypasses congress. essentially, you need two-thirds of the states to inform congress that they're going to hold a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments as if congress has a meeting and propose amendments. and at that convention, amendments can be debated and discussed and so forth. they don't become part of the constitution unless 3/4 of the states when presented with them adopt the amendments. and i would just say to some skeptics, not a lot but some skeptics who claim to be conservatives and constitutionalists but are basically rhinos and who like the status quo. this is the process the constitution provides for occasions like this.
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if you support federalism, now is the time to do it. if you think states should have more authority, now is the time to do it. this is a juggernaut in the opposite direction. and the circle of liberty is getting smaller and smaller and states have no say in anything anymore. >> you said you took on this project, not because you think the constitution is outdated. you believe it is the opposite. the status have been so successful, you say, that they have disfigured and dismantled the constitution. now, you propose a series of amendments. you write them out. you call them the liberty amendments. let's go through the process of what this would mean and how it would give power back to the states. >> first of all, people would say, don't support the constitution. why do you want to say it? i love the constitution. i revere the constitution. it has been changed. i call this a post constitutional period. quickly an example. obamacare, obvious. congress passed a law. it didn't even have the power to pass.
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the president of the united states signed a law he didn't have the power to sign. they twisted the statute, changed the language of the statute, rewrote the statute and this is going on all the time. >> let me ask you, and follow up on that. lawmakers exempt themselves from obamacare. and the american people, if it is good for them, why isn't it good for them and their staffs? >> because we have these governing masterminds. thessional ruling class. when you look at the framers, there was never supposed to be a professional ruling class. there was this thing called rotation in and out of office. that's why the senator served six years. congressmen, two years. they didn't have term limits because it never even occurred to them that you would have senators serving 36, 42 years, members of the house, 20, 30, 40 years. it didn't occur to them. they felt strongly in a citizen legislature. and it is interesting. thomas jefferson who was not
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there, he ended up supporting it. this issue of rotation. he thought members of the house shouldn't serve more than one year. and interestingly just on that one subject, in most of the 1800s, members of the house served two years and that was it. 50%, there was turnover. so i hear people saying what about continuity? continuity of what? this? >> stay right there. the great one, mark levin. restoring the american republic. we'll have a full hour with mark and a studio audience. is this the way to save america from statism and a centralized government out of control? we'll have more on that friday night. a full hour with mark. when we come back, we'll go through the amendments that he has in the book. and then reaction to what some are calling the smoking gun. newly uncovered footage of irs official lois lerner. also tonight, speaking of video, you get to help select the video of the day. logon and cast your vote.
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welcome back to hannity.
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we're going to respond to this newly uncovered video of lois lerner discussing her agency's effort to target so-called 501(c)(4) groups. is this the smoking gun that we've all been waiting for? you get to see it in its entirety and decide for yourself. we continue with the great one, mark levin. the book is called "the liberty amendments." we're getting into this in a lot of detail friday but i want to give some preview. you're saying the states can propose constitutional amendments. let's go over them. first one. >> well, term limits for members of the house and the senate, because historically, when they created this bicam ral legislature, the senate was supposed to be made up of members who were chosen by the state legislatures, by the way, and i addressed that too. they wanted rotation in and out
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of office because they wanted these people to have a real true understanding of what their constituents were thinking and what they were feeling. as a matter of fact, really, congress is part time. farmers continued to farm. businessmen continued to be businessmen. and you can see the problem today. you have members of congress who represent certain industries or unions or interests, as much or more than their constituents or states. you have an example. let me also talk about the 17th amendment. where you take -- >> you want to abolish it. >> i want to go back to what the framers intended. the senate makes no sense. >> so the first one is an amendment, term limits for congress. you lay out the historical reasons for it. >> 12 years total. one house or the other or combined. >> your second one is an amendment to restore senate to the way we used to elect senators. >> this would be a tough argument. these are ideas that i think
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would help reestablish constitutional republicanism. as the framers intended, and i make the case in each chapter. i don't just throw them out. i draw from the framers. this bicammeral plan was determined by the sherman plan. the senate would be representative of the states. the states would have input in what's going on in the federal government. and in the house of representatives, direct election two years. now we have people sitting 20 years. not representing the states. it is a mishmash. you have this dug-in bureaucracy. >> so term limits for congress, go back to the old way the state legislatures would elect senators. then you say, term limit for supreme court justices and a super majority, legislative overwrite. >> yes. why should one lawyer depending
6:17 pm
on really the luck of the draw, the historical times, the 5-4 vote. for all time set in place cultural, social, economic, whatever policy for the nation. a nation of $310 million people without any recourse what so ever. >> one person. >> it is absurd. that's not what the constitution intended. there is nobody at the convention that argued for that. if that had been the case, there would have been no constitution. the states would never have conferred that kind of power. >> you even said the framers thought that would be the weakest branch. >> they thought that would be the weakest branch. no question about it. i'm not saying eliminate the judiciary or the supreme court. i'm saying in some of the far-reaching societal cases, well, let society have a say. 3/5 of the states or 3/5 of congress having the majority. >> then you have two amendments to limit federal spending and taxing. >> right. >> we won't survive as a republic if we keep spending and you outline all this in great
6:18 pm
deal. >> that may be the longest chapter. all the information is necessary. does anybody really think this congress, this president is going to him itself? have they shown any evidence of that? this president comes to office massively expands spending, and quite frankly george bush expand spending under him with a republican congress. this is not republican or democrat. this is constitutional and originalism. the problem is under republican administrations in congress, under democrat administrations in congress, we have this massive explosion of the federal government. if we don't constitutionally limit that and how much of our private property they can take through taxation, we're doomed. because they are not going to limit it. ? you have an amendment to limit the federal bureaucracy. as you said, they're in every aspect of our life. the federal bureaucracy is the fourth branch of government. they issues 3,000 laws and rules a year. and the people have no say in
6:19 pm
it. so that is a delegation congress gave to them and i say it ought to be delegated back envelop do you believe an amendment to promote free enterprise, protect private property, grant the states the authority to directly amen the constitution. >> right. two-thirds of the states to directly amen the constitution. the constitution has been rewritten and mangled and amended left and right by all three branches of the federal government. i'm talking about a stable, predictable system. still a super majority two-thirds states is not easy. 3/5 would not even sign. these are still super majorities but there needs to be recourse for the people. through representative government. that's what the states were supposed to be. a buffer between them and the federal government. is a we'll go into full detail. come back and we'll do a live
6:20 pm
audience show. the bottom line is there is recourse, it is within the constitution and it begins with state legislatures. in other words, you believe this is the answer for those that say what do we do? >> i believe it is the answer and i believe we conservatives are constitutionalists or americans generally. we have to have the resolve. that the left has. they spent 100 years pushing for this government-run health care and they finally got it. they wonderful take no for an answer. we should spend whatever time it takes to protect our children and our grandchildren and future generations and reestablish the constitution and the liberty that flows from it. >> all right. great book. the liberty amendments. coming up, is this the smoking gun of the irs scandal? video from way back in 2010 has been uncovered with lois lerner. we're going to show you the stunning footage. you will get reaction from
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welcome back. late last week we uncovered the irs enemy i list might go much deeper than we believed. they demanded they release the communications with the tax agency for the past five years. with this new information in mind, john may have uncovered the smoking gun. he found video of disgraced irs employee lois lerner from 2010. on this tape she admits that everyone was screaming at the irs to stop the money park into the 2010 campaigns and elections. watch this. >> last year was the supreme
6:26 pm
court, chipped away, chipped away in the federal election arena. the supreme court dealt a huge blow. overturning a 100-year old president that said basically corporations could give directly to political campaigns. everyone is up in arms because they don't like it. and they can't do anything about it. they want the irs to fix the problem. the irs laws are not set up to fix the problem. they can do straight political activity. they can go out and pay for an ad that for joe blow. that's something they can do as long as their primary activity is their c-4 activity. which is social welfare. so everybody is screaming at us, fix it now before the election. cannot you see how much these people are spending? i won't know until i look at
6:27 pm
their 990s next year whether they have done more than their primary activity as political or not. so i can't do anything right now. >> joining me now live in studio to react to this and much more, his book is out in paper back. always good to have you in the studio. to me this is a huge smoking gun. let's go over this again. everyone screaming about the money because of the citizens united ruling. >> the president said within 30 days, someone was going to be held responsible. do you remember the 30-day report? i think there was one. i don't remember anybody being held responsible. how come lois lerner is still collecting a check? here's what i think. we're researching this. i'm guessing the union contract prohibits firing employees. even for cause. do you remember the teachers in new york city? who were acting inappropriate with students?
6:28 pm
and they were housed in a big, you know, john stossel did this special on it? they were housed in a building for years at a time collecting a check? i'm wondering if lois lerner will work for years at a time collecting a check but no longer allowed to do her job but unable to fair her because of union rules. >> we've come a long way from rogue agents in cincinnati, haven't we? >> you saw the other thing that has come out. a career employio has said it was a political official, a political pointee of president obama who was giving the orders and what's happening with that? >> you're talking about carter hall. this is important to explain that to people. there are two appointees at the irs. and now we know that it went all the way to the top in washington. and it wasn't about rogue agents in cincinnati. so explain that. >> i'm wondering if the e yelling at lois lerner to do more were these political appointees. carter hall was career appointee, correct? >> right. >> and he mention that's it is a
6:29 pm
political appointee at the top appointed by president obama who is the decisions or telling them they needed to go after tea party groups. >> the thing that i think, maybe now we understand a little bit more why lois lerner pled the fifth. because what she is talking about, if you look at the time line, doesn't this right after this is when they started targeting tea party groups? isn't that the exact time line? >> you have to be a little suspicious of miss lerner since ten years before at the fec, george will wrote a column about this saying she told a republican candidate, either you drop out of the race or i'll pursue you. if you drop out of the race, we'll leave you alone. basically bullying, which is what my book is about, government bullies, people using the power of government to bully ordinary citizens. the irs has enormous power to bully people. that's why it should never be used for partisan purposes. >> i wonder if people fully understand. the fec, a lawyer used to work there. didn't they ask to share
6:30 pm
information? >> in 1974 we passed the privacy act. government agencies even for good purposes aren't supposed to share things. originally the social security number was what? a social security number. it wasn't supposed to be used for anything else. now we have a lot of agencies sharing data and it is very concerning to me. i'm a strong believer, we want minimal government. we don't want government everywhere in our lives. we want to impact our lives. >> we just had mark levin on. we've had 27 amendments to the constitution passed but none have passed the other way that article 5 calls for which is through state legislatures. what do you think of that idea in. >> i don't have a problem with it. there are some people concerned about having a constitutional convention, run away. >> this wouldn't be a convention. >> so what i argue to them is, i've testified in favor of a balanced budget amendment in my state legislature. the state legislature can actually write the rules and say, you can only vote on the balanced budget amendment.
6:31 pm
you can restrict what they're allowed to do. the other theory is that you get to 32, 33 states. there's such momentum and congress says we don't really want a constitutional convention. the people do seem to want this amendment and it passes. i think we could do that with thing like material limits. if you ask the american people, when i ask crowds this, every hand raised. republican and democrat. everyone wants term limits. >> what about the issue of defunding? i had senator mike lee and karl rove. they both want limits to go away. he doesn't like the idea of defunding it which i know you're supporting mike lee on. why is this the best method at this time in your mind? >> it is the only method at this time to do anything. and people want us to stand up. i ran on being against obamacare. they asked me at every meeting, stand up and defund it. that's what everybody wants. what i will tell him, i may not be able to guarantee victory. what i will guarantee, i will stand up if the house were to
6:32 pm
defund it. the senate probably won't. so the ultimate compromise is we take it away from obama's agenda and back toward ours which may not be defunneleding it. but you start out with defunding it to maybe get to a delay or maybe to get to where the individual mandate goes away. since the employer mandate is already delayed. why don't we use our leverage by having republican house to at the very least, get delaying the individual mandate. >> well, karl brought up a good point. he said we should be suing. this is the law of the land. >> i would sue. we did sue over the recess appointments. remember the president declared a recess even though we said we weren't in recess? and the court has rebuked him severely. when it goes to the supreme court, i think they're going on say he usurped power that's not his. we should do the same thing here. >> he cannot unilaterally do that. decide that he will select and choose which laws to obey or not. >> you cannot amend legislation
6:33 pm
afterwards. just the president doing that. and he talked about the separation of powers. he said that's where liberty lies. liberty lies in separating the powers. the executive branch is not the legislative branch. >> are you thinking of running for president? >> you won't tell anybody if i tell you? >> i don't want to say between you and me. it got one journalist in trouble. >> i have been thinking about it. we've been considering it. i'm talking to my wife and kids about it. we won't make a decision for probably a year. i think the party is ready for something different in the sense that we need to grow. we need to be more inclusive. we need more black people, brown people, white people work tattoos, without tattoos. we need all kinds of people to get the republican party bigger. we need working people. some of the ideas that are libertarian conservative do appeal to a broader range of people. >> appreciate it. out in paper back. thank you for being with us. coming up next right here.
6:34 pm
>> i hope that, and i say this seriously, i hope that it's based on substance, not the fact that he's an african-american. >> the top democrat in the senate is being accused of race baiting over that stale. you'll get more from harry reid and michelle is live in the studio. you can always visit here is option number three, the lame political ad put out by anthony weiner. remember him in. >> powerful voices have made it clear from the very beginning they didn't want me to win. this is not about what they want. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment.
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6:39 pm
on friday. >> my counterpart mitch mcconnell said at the beginning of the presidency of barack obama that he had one goal. that is to defeat obama and make sure he wasn't reelected. that's how they legislate in the senate. it was really bad. we've been now seven months into this second term of the president's and they haven't changed much. so it's been obvious that they're doing everything they can to make him fail. and i hope, i hope that, and i say this seriously, i hope that that's based on substance, not the fact that he is an african-american. >> here with reaction to these ridiculous comments are radio talk show hosts, thanks for being here. ebony, we'll start with you. to me, this is quintessential. the quintessential attack by democrats.
6:40 pm
republicans hate women. there is a war on women. they want granny to die. they hate old people. they hate children. don't you as a democrat get sick and tired? is that the only way you can win? accuse republicans? conservatives of being hateful? i would be embarrassed if i was a democrat. >> it's absolutely not the only way we can win. but you won't sit here and act like this type of racist epithet does not exist somewhere within the tea party and the republican party. i don't for -- >> name one person. give me a name of one of these people that are racist. >> for a name, how about marilyn davenport? an official with the orange county gop right in my own backyard in california. accepting out e-mails, depicting president obama and his family as ames. >> nobody knows this person. is mitch mcconnell a race? i hope mitch -- this is just an effort to silence opposition. michelle. >> yeah. if you want to talk about racist
6:41 pm
national public figures, how about harry reid? who looks down his nose at hispanics, who of their own free will have chosen to be pro free margaret, pro-life republicans. he said i don't know a single hispanic who would even choose to be a republican. basically, suggesting that you're a traitor if you get off of his liberal plantation. you want to talk about all of the racist comments people have made about every conservative person of color in public life dating back to clarence thomas through condoleezza rice? marc rubio and ted cruz? and ebony, i can tell from you my own experience after 20 years plus in public life, that progressives of power and passive aggressive punks like harry reid are among the most racist people on this planet. >> but michelle, i have to say, you even saying that terminology, liberal plantation. that's borderline to me, too.
6:42 pm
we talk about -- >> borderline what? >> it is -- >> racially insensitive. >> it is undeniable the left claims the mind of every young person of color. because they feel entitled to young people being where you are. and the fact is, that every conservative minority is seen as an anti-tom. an uncle tom. have you condemned this liberal hate speech against people who of their own free will have chosen an ideology that goes against the grain. yes, it is a plantation. >> michelle, michelle, i disagree with the planation but i agree with one point you made. going back to the previous segment where senator paul was saying that the republican party needs to be more racially inclusive. i talk about that all the time on my radio show. >> did you talk about that when harry reid was quoted in a book, talking about barack obama's
6:43 pm
quote, negro dialect? that didn't come out of the mouth of a republican. that was harry reid who said that. >> is that racist? >> who even talks like that? >> is that racist? >> racially insensitive. >> he deliberately tried to use the race card against republicans to deflect from his own legislative failures. >> but speaking with deflection, to be evidenced, let's not act like a couple of weeks ago you've got protesters in arizona calling the president, the 47% negro. >> where was that? and you're pinning that on the entire conservative movement? you want talk to about marginal figures? have you heard al sharpton lately? you want to talk about the main streaming of racism? talk -- let's talk about the way that conservative minorities are demonized every single day by leaders in your own party.
6:44 pm
>> right, but we can't have that conversation and not also address the racism that does exist. i agree with you. any bit of it from the left or the right is unacceptable. ugly and distracting. >> and harry reid is a major troll in washington using his position of power as an encrusted beltway barnacle to exploit racism. that should be detested no matter what your color is and whether you have a d, an r or an i by your name. >> that we can agree about. >> fabulous. a candice, honest discussion of race. >> on that happy moment, good to see you in studio. coming up next, some very tense moments have been caught on tape at the town halls going on around the country. we'll see thwho know what it is face to face with constituents. also your choice for video
6:45 pm
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welcome back. it is beginning to look like round two of the town hall meetings we saw four years ago.
6:49 pm
some very tense moments have already been caught on tape. last week north carolina congressman robert pittinger caused quite a stir at his town hall meeting after being asked about defunding obamacare. watch this. >> where will you vote with mike lee to, and meadows here, to defund obamacare? yes or no. >> is that your answer? >> i want yes or no. >> no. >> if every republican votes against it, it does not get funded. that's a fact. >> no, sir. it has to pass the senate and be signed by the president of the united states. that's all we can do. do you think harry reid will pass that in the senate? >> it doesn't matter. >> we need to show the american people, we stand for conservative values. >> here with reaction to former lawmakers who know xagtly it is what like to go face to face
6:50 pm
with their constituents, j.c. watts and dennis kucinich. >> that last segment, you were a potted plant. you should have let that debate continue. >> i'm trying to help out here. >> all right. i actually likednot, i like the idea they go and meet their constituents whether they agree or disagree. congressman watts? >> i totally agree, sean. you can't control what's going to happen at a town meeting. you go in thinking you're going to get all comers from a to z and you go in prepared for it. i think that's good. i think in the fourth district of oklahoma we converted a democrat district to a republican district simply because -- or town meetings played a big role. we did a lot of them answering questions back with the contract with america when it was not a very pleasant time when we got
6:51 pm
ridiculed and manipulated. but no i totally agree, i think you should face the voters. that's part of being an official. >> i get called names. i know it's hard to believe people say horrible things about me. you and i agreed a lot on issues over the years, although i find you coming more towards my way of thinking lately. you've always been willing to come on the show, battle it out. you never had any fear of this, did you? >> no. i think the importance of town hall meetings is that members of congress not only meet with the people but they tell people where they stand. now, in most of the reports that i've heard over the last week or so, there have been members who have drawn some flack. in most cases they would say where they stood. i think that's important. whether you agree with someone or not on substantive issues, it's important to know where they stand. these town hall meetings give
6:52 pm
people an opportunity not just to vent but to interact with the person who represents them in washington. frankly, it's a government of the people. >> is it so disruptive, we heard before this research, j.c., that there was going to be groups organizing the disruption. at that point it becomes difficult. at that point, counter-productive? >> it does. it's not healthy for the process. but at the same time this is america and those people can do that. i used to have people during my campaigns, they would protest in front of my campaign office or my congressional office. i actually celebrated because they don't get shot or get their arms cut or or legs cut off or put in meat grinders because they disagreed with their congressman. the clip you showed, i don't
6:53 pm
think it was hostile. i think i've seen some hostility by what i've seen in the news clips over the last three or four years. you kind of prepare yourself for the worst. if it gets hostile, you have to be prepared to handle it hopefully in a professional way. >> dennis, you always came on my radio and tv show. why won't your fellow democrats? we've had respectful and passionate debate over the years a little bit. why won't the democrats, why don't they have the guts to come on the show? was i ever that bad to you? >> let me speak from my experience, and maybe anyone listening will understand why i look at it the way i do. i think if i have a point of view, you and i may disagree, it's important to pass the sean hannity test, take a stand on your show and say do you believe it and you offer your point of
6:54 pm
view. lets face it, you're not a patsy, you're pretty hard edged. there's people who prefer not to engage you. that's part of the obligation any of us have to be in public life to mix it up with people who totally disagree with the way you look at the world. >> give me an honest answer. have i overall been fair to you? >> to me, absolutely. i don't have any complaints. >> i think to me, that's my experience. however, if you come to this kind of interview setting with fear and trepidation, that may color the interaction from the beginning. i'm not afraid. i think i learn. i learn from people who look at the world in a different way. >> the people who have trouble, j.c., are people who have trouble when i ask a question and start the bull. that drives me nuts. just give me a straight answer, tell me what you think. >> well, that's a part of the
6:55 pm
business. come election day they know where you stand, so they know what they are voting on. so i think -- again, i think it's part of it. to run from it or say it's hostile, that's part of the business. >> thanks, guys. video of the day, next on "hannity." no, no, no, no. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no! (mom vo) you never know what life's gonna throw at you. if i gotta wear clothes, you gotta wear clothes. (mom vo) that's why i got a subaru. i just pulled up. he did what now? no he's never done that before! oh really? i might have some clothes in the car. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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time to reveal what you the viewers have chosen, the ad to produce the love story, miniseries and documentary about hillary clinton ahead of the 2016 election. take a look. >> i understand. >> because they protest or guys out for a walk and decided they would go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> what happened prior, during, and after the attack matter, and
7:00 pm
it matters to my colleagues at the department of state. >> i love that. great ad. now they have to if they do it. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren standing by live for "on the record." >> okay. what was he thinking? you know photographers don't have an open door to take pictures of the president any time they want. it's staged and choreographed with secret service standing by. this was not spontaneous. why would the president do this for the cameras. it's one thing to take a vacation but is this pose shoving it down the throats of the american people. many are out of work. they can't afford to spend the day working on their golf game in one of the most expenses places to vacation. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i would have


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