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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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anyo nin i hammer. do not be a ninny hammer when writing to us. thanks for watching us. remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and jobs to the jobless. this was the moment when the ride to the ocean began to flow and we healed. this is the moment we ended the war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last best hope on earth. tonight the man who promised to heal the planet finds his popularity in a free fall. embarrassing new poll numbers were lee released earlier today.
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he's plummeted a staggering 7 points. it's an all-time low 35%. his failures on the world stage are catching up to him as foreign affairs approval ratings are up 3 points. standing at 40%. it's not surprising, considering his decision to vacation at martha's vineyard while egypt is spiraling out of control. the president did emerge from the shadows of martha's vineyard to deliver a brief statement on the crisis in cairo. he spent all of six minutes, about 600 people dead, thousands injured. he announced the u.s. was canceling an exercise. he took a moment to compare egypt, yes egypt to the united states of america. oh, really, watch this. >> we recognize that change takes time. and that a process like this is never guaranteed. there are examples in recent history of countries that are
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transitioned out of a military government towards a democratic government and did not always go in a straight line and the process was not always smooth. there are going to be false starts. there will be difficult days. america's democratic journey took us through mighty struggles to perfect our union. >> a few short moments after makes those quite ignorant remarks, guess where the commander in chief was spotted. after that, he was playing golf on the golf course. which leaves me with one simple question. is he really that out of touch or does he simply not care? here to help answer the question, patrick j. buchanan, fox news analyst, juan williams. patrick j. buchanan, precipitated this. now he was lecturing the military which is getting rid of the radical islamist. is this the foreign policy that america needs? >> i think the things are out of control in cairo as far as the president is concerned.
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frankly, as far as the united states is concerned. look, i guess we did advise the military not to do what they did which was conduct sort of a tea en man square -- one of the things that will come out of the mess is either the muslim brotherhood or the egyptian military is going to rule egypt. i guess we've got to make a choice. >> i think choice -- is it really a choice, pat? does it have to be the military. they're far more pro america. >> i think it's basically, we've got to put our money on the military. that's why i think we should probably maintain the military communications and the foreign aid to the military. look what the military is doing. they're keeping hamas bottled up, fighting al qaeda in the sinai. they're working with the israelis on that. they're the only force protecting the christians. they did a terrible thing, i think, yesterday. but i think our money has to be ultimately on the military. >> pushing mubarak out, was that
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not a mistake? juan williams? >> you look back on it and you think about the arab spring, you have to say, well, yeah, we were pro democracy. we want democracy. we want to project those american values in the middle east. but yes, if you look at it in the short term, mubarak held that country together, held the islamics at bay. and even though the majority of that country, the majority of egyptians oppose morsi an the islami islamics, they've caused that country to go into something like a civil war. >> juan williams, this president supported mohamed morsi, gave him money, billions of tax dollars, they gave him f-16s, they gave him tanks. this is a guy that referred to the israelis as descendants of apes and pigs and was a 9/11 truther. this was a mistake from day one, juan. tell me why not. >> because we were trying to
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promote democracy. america promoting your values, sean. >> you should listen to what pat said. i think he's right. look what the military is doing. we have to pick sides right now and we cannot side with the muslim brotherhood. >> sean, let me agree with juan to this extent. we didn't give the f n 16s and the vehicles to morsi. he doesn't fly an f-16. that was to maintain our alliance and connections with the military. why do we support to a degree morsi? the guy won a free election. got 50% of the vote. >> there we go. >> 25% from the -- >> buchanan, why would you ever give an islamic radical who thinks israel is the descendants of apes and pigs an f-16? have you lost your mind. >> we gave it to the military that overthrew morsi. >> he's putting in his own puppets in there. >> that's why you take our lines
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to the military for heaven's sakes. >> the military tossed them out. >> because he wasn't successful in getting rid of all the military, juan. that's the reason. >> well, no. look the reality is the military is our force, our most stable force in that country. it is a pro-democratic force and even with what happened yesterday, i hope people don't forget the islamists were ruining that country. the reason most egyptians oppose the muslim brotherhood is the economy was tanking. the society was in crisis and they -- >> let me agree with juan to this extent. i don't think the military is inherently democratic. they have a deep stake over there, which is military dominated. they put in a puppet government basically when they overthrew morsi. when john kerry goes out and says, look, the military was restoring democracy, that provides comic relief to this tragedy. the truth is, again, one of two of these forces is going to rule
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egypt, 84 million people. most important arab country and i think we've got to put our money basically on the military. >> i love both of you. you're missing an important what's that? >> obama supported a radical islamist. not only did he support -- he paved the way for him. >> what is the -- be real. what was the option? >> the option was not to put people -- as imperfect as he was, why did he push him out? >> the arab spring, the arab people were looking for someone they would feel represented all of their interests, democratically. >> that's why they chose democratically. >> sean, let me ask you this. look, i'm not for morsi, the muslim brotherhood, but 50% of the egyptian people voted for him. he went into power. and obama says, look, i may not like the election, but we got to work with these guys. that's the elected government. he tried, they failed. >> pat, i'm sitting here in this
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studio and i told everybody that watches this show that when he was pushing out mubarak, i said there's one organized opposition party which was the brotherhood. he didn't think it would happen. i knew it would happen. now the radical islamist tanks. i don't care what you say. he's still running the country. military and money. that's insanity. the united states giving radical islamists money. that's nuts. >> we're on the other side. we're trying even now to be decent about the military's position. >> we gained morsi's government 1.5 billion -- >> no, no. not morsi. you've got to -- >> you have to realize the real world, real politics option, sean. you can't smear everybody with one brush. >> we'll do business with the radical islamist. that's the definition of insanity. >> oh, man. >> i see radical islam as the
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enemy of america. morsi is in that camp. the brotherhood is in that camp. pat, last word. >> i see al qaeda as our enemy. i didn't like the muslim brotherhood. but we've sent the weapons to the military which did the job on morsi. >> they did in the end. >> there it is. >> but morsi you got to admit was trying to take out the military leaders one by one. >> but he didn't. obviously the military took him out, sean. catch up with the news. >> you're missing the whole point. obama caused this. created this situation. >> oh, stop. >> every time. this is a situation where president bush or obama, anybody -- >> it's a disastrous part of policy. >> kissing his backside. >> look i'm telling you, you brought obama's numbers. the gop would kill to get obama's approval numbers. >> i got to go. >> obama is responsible for a lot but not responsible for the arab spring. >> no. >> thank you both. i still like you, juan, anyway.
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>> thank you, sean. coming up in the show, blatant insensitivity, holding a million muslim march on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. the head of that group is going to justify this insanity. first you get to choose the video of the day. option one is the fourth and final installment of the ad war against hillary clinton. >> mrs. clinton's brother appeared for the first time since it was revealed he took $400,000 in lobby for pardons for two convicted felons. >> i've been in this arena for a long time. >> you can vote on hannity or on hannity. we'll continue. [ male announcer ] house rule number 33. coffee should come in one size.
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without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. welcome back to hannity. the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is a solemn day in this country. this year, while thousands gather in new york, virginia and pennsylvania to remember the lives lost that day, a group called the american muslim political action committee has deemed it appropriate to hold a march at our nation's capitol that day. the group's website is calling it the "million muslim march on 9/11/13." our country was forever changed by the horrific events in new york. the entire country was victimized by the acts done on that day. 12 years later, we continue to
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be victimized by being made villains by every media outlet and anti-islamic -- statements against us as muslims and our religion of islam. our government sits idly by and does nothing to protect our freedoms or there's a constant war on terrorism. congressional hearings on islam in america and its changes to the ndaa law. joining me now with reaction. bridgett gabriel an the founder putting the march together. rabbi elam. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let me start with you. >> this is a very solemn day and we're supposed to remember the victims, their families, the children that lost parents. they never saw them again. you want to turn this into a day about anti-islamic bigotry? >> let me start with this.
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>> i asked you a question. that's a question. >> before i answer your question, let me start with one quick thing. like what -- i'd like to say hello to my friend michael who served in the military. he used to tell me we are not fit in american society but while serving in uniform, we are americans. remembering the day of 9/11, he walked to my room and said, your cousin did it. they blew it up. anyway, the answer to your question that no, it's not really like that way. let's move on and see how we can find out what plan we have. >> here are the victims. i'll ask the question again. this is a day to remember them and their families. they will never see their parents again, never see their loved ones again and you want to make this day of all days radical islamists responsible
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for the attack, you want to make this day about bigotry against muslims? >> not really. we're standing this day to show america that we muslim, we denounce terrorism and we understand with the solidarity denouncing that -- >> that's not what your statement says at all. your statement doesn't say that. brigette, it doesn't say that. >> it doesn't say that at all. that statement is crying victim. we are the victims. that's exactly what they're trying to do. what is amazing, sean, is for all the terrorist attacks against the united states, here just last week, we were dealing with hasan, who shot the soldiers at ft. hood. before that, we have the bombings in boston. instead of the muslim community gathering and one million man march on capitol hill to condemn the radicals that are supposedly killing people in the name of their religion, to condemn
6:18 pm
what's happening to the christian cops in egypt, to condemn the killing muslim on muslim around the world, to condemn the war that cost us billions and instead of coming on television and saying we are americans first, we rebuke anybody who calls infidels, infidels. we rebuke anybody who blows up civilians in the name of jihad. now they're crying victim, the audacity is beyond words. >> will you admit, sir, that -- >> sean, let me answer bridgett. >> sure. >> listen, this is exactly. this is 2013. if you look at the event, what -- exactly the day of 9/11, we muslims became villainized and victimized. it's not us and them. it's we as americans. i myself, i served this country and past 12 years every single
6:19 pm
place feel like i am on -- who blew up that world trade center. >> who did this? radical muslims did this, sir. >> exactly. >> hasn't america bent over backwards to distinguish between islam and radical islamists? if anything, i think this country has bent over backwards and then some to make that distinction. >> okay. i understand. do you understand there are 1.6 billion muslim, 16,000 radic radical -- no no. that give you 0.00 -- >> do you agree that hezbollah is a terrorist group and hamas is a terrorist group? i'm asking. >> what to do with hezbollah and hamas -- >> answer the question. do you think they're terrorist groups? >> you know, if somebody in that group been doing something, violating people life, of course
6:20 pm
they are. it's like kk. >> the charter calls for the destruction of israel. does that sound like a terrorist group to you? >> i am not going to that -- >> are you afraid to say it? >> no. it's not about that. i'm saying. >> you care about -- what about bigotry against the israelis that comes from some of the arab countries, sir? you won't condemn them? >> i condemn. exactly. >> hamas? >> hezbollah i will condemn everybody. i am right here sitting exactly and i will stand for the solidarity of christianity, judaism, all this humanity. >> brigette? >> exactly. >> you know, this one million men march where nidal hasan shot his soldiers, what about when the subway system was blown up
6:21 pm
in new york. where was the million man march when jihad wanted to blow up times square. in the last four years alone, sean, we have arrested on american soil, 226 homegrownterrists, 186 are muslim. not buddhists, not jus, not christians. he's talking about bigotry. what bigotry? our president went out of his way to even change the words out of our counterterrorism training manuals to take out every reference to islamic radicalism, islamic jihadism, because we do not want to offend the muslims. we are the victims here, the americans. we are offended that people have not stood up and condemned radicalism. >> okay. let me tell you this. i don't know how much you know about islam. you know, i've been actually talking -- >> she grew up under islam. >> we know a lot about islam. >> if you know about islam, have
6:22 pm
you met anybody islamic like me. you need to find -- >> i met a lot of -- i have and worked with a lot of muslims. >> they don't follow the actual code of conduct. >> i got to break. i have one last question. do you think sherry a law is extreme? >> if anybody can show me the -- what is the law? >> it's practice in saudi arabia. where women can't drive, where there is a morality or law implemented in iran where people that are gay are killed and rape you need -- women need four male eyewitnesses and things like that. stoned to death. >> what to do with that law -- stoned to death for adultery. that's the real life reality of that law. >> it's the law of the quran.
6:23 pm
>> when we're talking about the platform, what we're talking about here denouncing the terrorism, we want to denounce the violence. >> we got to go. >> coming up, thank you brigette and some of the president's friends in tinseltown, they're turning their back on the anointed one. we'll explain which hollywood celebrities are calling out the president. first, we still need your help to select the video of the day. option number two, a woman was caught red handed shoplifting in texas. she tried to make a run for it across a ten-lane highway. cowboy boots and all. want to see how this ends? log on to hannity or on twitter at sean hannity. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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welcome back it hannity. we have more bad news for the president tonight. some of his most loyal fans and supporters in hollywood are starting to finally come to terms with the fact that he might not be as perfect as they once thought. kris jenner last outed the president for disparaging remarks about her daughter, kim kardashian. >> i bet the president has some friends with 10,000 square foot houses and you probably wouldn't mind going over there, mr. president, while you were asking
6:28 pm
to have a party for you when you were campaigning for dollars to run for president. i think, if i'm not mistaken, that mr. president's job affords him to live in a 55,000 square foot house. so basically, my house will fit in his entry. >> checkmate. moving on. left wing actor, matt damon always had a thing for the president, kind of gets thrills up his leg, he recently told b.e.t. this. >> he broke up with me. there are a lot of things that i really question. the legality of the drone strikes, the revelations. you know, he's got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor. last but certainly not least, conspiratorial director oliver stone took issue when the nsa surveillance programs and he had this to say. watch this. >> obama is a snake. he's a snake. we have to turn on him.
6:29 pm
>> ouch. obama a snake. it appears hollywood had it right on something. there is breaking news moments ago from the "washington post," they said "the national security agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped legal authority thousands of times each year since congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008. according to an internal audit and other top secret documents, most infractions involve unauthorized surveillance of you the american people or targets in the u.s., both restricted by law and executive order." radio talk show host jeanine turner and penny lee, democratic strategist. penny, this has to hurt. i almost feel bad for me as he hangs out in his 8 milli$8 mill mansion he's renting for the week. >> this issue of the surveillance is one that has split the country.
6:30 pm
both democrats and republicans both have issues with it. it has been for the lack of transparency. you have some that feel snowden was a traitor and some feel he's a patriot. this is not only dividing hollywood but dividing republicans and democrats across the board. >> you know, jeanine, it's ironic, he's in an $8 million house hanging out with the elite 1% or 0.01% in the country at martha's vineyard. he lives in a house we paid for. flies in a jet we pay for. helicopter. didn't kim kardashian earn her own money? >> well, yes. i think that's pretty ironic statement for him to say something of that nature when under the circumstances he likes to enjoy his life. i will say, though, that i think with the culture, it is important that we step back and take time with our children and our families to turn everything off and have conversations and bring in faith and say, look, this looks exciting how they're
6:31 pm
living their life. that's not all there is to life. there's more of a purpose. i kind of understand his point a little bit. but as far as the entrepreneurialship and the ability of free enterprise and to grow and aspire and dream and make your own money, that was a inappropriate. >> you think? when did becoming successful, penny lee, become a negative, the evil 1%. they're not paying their fair share. when did that become so bad? i never got a job from a poor person. >> we've all seen this. it's been through -- remember back in the day with robin leach, the lifestyles of the rich and famous. i agree. it is about going back to your children and having those conversations about what are the values. what is the value behind the hard work that it takes to make the riches. what it is to make the entrepreneur spirit and other things. that is a conversation that i absolutely agree. those are the confers we had around my dinner table when we turned off the television and
6:32 pm
when we talked about the character we wanted to be. what kind of values our parents wanted us to see and live every day. >> what about the snake comment janine that oliver stone made? >> the first thing i'll say, i think it's unfortunate he said it on foreign soil. i think it stops in america if we're going to condemn our president, we need to do it here, not on foreign soil. if it had been something about a republican president, we would be up in arms a la the dix i chicks. i think he has a point. we have a government that's tyrannical because it's so big and huge, we have bills that are being passed, like the patriot act. that was too incomprehensible. voluminous, nobody knows what's in t the circumstances are happening, we don't know what's happening. thousands of laws being broken. with bush, we felt okay. safer with it. with obama i feel it's a dangerous situation. >> i do support the patriot act
6:33 pm
as it's written. we brought sense brenner on the program. this was to apply to foreigners or america's in contact that were suspect. this did not have a broad application in any way. i support data mining, but not the way they're doing it. it's against the law if you read the law, penny. >> sean, the whole reason why we had the supreme court case was because it had been violated under george w. bush. >> oh, my gosh. >> you did see the spying or the alleged spying -- i agree, it is pervasive. i agree with you that it has gotten out of control. we have a a court in complete secret with no denial of any warrant out there. it does need to be reigned in. we finally need congressmen and senators who have said they never attended -- couldn't have staffers there. we need them to do their tut is, to have the oversight to track
6:34 pm
these things and put the right safeguards so we don't have this pervasiveness of surveillance. i think the american people are willing to give up soliberties d freedoms. this is beyond -- >> gene sen brenner wrote it. i find this interesting that if it's the health care law, he unilaterally makes the decision whether to support it or not. if he doesn't want to obey the laws, he seems to think he's above it. >> matt damon, i was glad to hear him use the word the constitution. the constitutional law and the checks and balances. that's -- we are under a tyranny now. it's big government, unaccountable. the executive branch need to be kept in check. the obama administration turned out to be really, really difficult for the legislative branch to keep the executive branch in check. that's the danger right now with everything that's happening.
6:35 pm
guys, good to see you both. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. coming up tonight on hannity -- >> conservatives, the republicans. you see, they are concerned about a poor debate performance because they're shaky on the issues. daffy duck is back. brent bozell is back with this edition of media mash. log on to our special companion site. vote for the video of the day. here's option number three. you have to be here to believe this. hollywood actor, ashton kutcher sounding like a conservative. shocking. >> so build a life. don't live one. build one. find your opportunities and always be sexy. i love you guys. us enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪
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here to go through the material, we never run out, president of the media research center. brother brent bozell. how are you? >> how are you? >> we've been outspoken and criticized for taking on radical islamists. you and i have taken on heat, criticism. nbc actually thinks that the boston bombers were right wing conservatives. interesting. watch this. >> the bombing suspects that may not have been the radicals jihadists they were initially believed to be. older brother sawas a right win conspiracy theorist jones. he read white supremacist publications including the first freedom, an alabama-based newspaper that espouses equal rights for whites. the idea that he was motivated by some of the stuff happening domestically in terms of far
6:41 pm
right movements is fairly shocking. tell us about the rise of hate groups in the recent past. >> well, we've seen an enormous rise, not only in hate groups, but in so-called patriot groups or militias really dating back to when barack obama first appeared on the political scene in the united states. in the fall of 2008. >> really? radical islamists who have been conservatives been most critical of? really, they're conservatives? really? nbc news, tom brokaw are you proud? can't make it up. >> if i told you that the moon was made out of swiss cheese, you would find that fairly shocking as well. the problem is that it isn't made out of swiss cheese and nothing they're saying here it true. these are not supremacists who are conservative. these are muslim terrorists. even the brothers would take offense at this. the interesting thing is, this
6:42 pm
isn't the first time msnbc has done this. chris matthews announced that this was domestic and probably the far right wing. why? because it happened on tax day. so it couldn't have been international terrorists. this was the far right. one last point about this. look at the group that they cite who gives the quote. the poverty law center. talk about a hate group. this is a group that has branded as a hate group, a christian group for professing -- >> family research. >> just absurd. now we've got a new law signed into law by the governor of north carolina that you need an i.d. when you vote. okay. why is every liberal think that's racist? watch the media reaction. >> north carolina's republican governor pat mckror i signed that new bill into law today starting in 2016. north carolina voters will need
6:43 pm
government issued photo identification at the polls. the key components of the bill are clearly designed to make voting more difficult for people who tend to vote for democratic party candidates. >> clinton was giving a speech on voter suppression as this bill was being signed into law. she called it the greatest hit of voter suppression. >> this is our governor deciding to join the interposition and nullify us like in the 1950s, strom thurman. he's on the wrong side. it's a fundamental crime against democracy and attack on our voting rights. le are who they sayve an honest they are and put a photo i.d. there. don't we have to do that at airports and everywhere else? didn't you need an i.d. to get into the democratic convention last year? >> look the reason 75% of the public supports this is because it's common sense. the only thing that you're doing is safeguarding free elections. preventing fraud.
6:44 pm
the only thing being repressed is people who are cheating. anybody who talks about voter repreparation, understand, they are supporting people who would vote. let's go to similar narrative all the liberal news network, in this case cnn declaring that a commentator, a majority of americans would vote to keep blacks in the field. jeff zucker, your new network, are you proud? >> continue to have the capital united states have a team with a racial slur as its mascot's nickname, it's in the about political correctness. it's about morality and it just seems to be -- >> not what the fans want as well. >> i'm sure black people, if they were put to a vote, black people would still be out in the field. let's not talk about morality put up to a vote. >> reaction? >> well, once again, eight out of ten americans don't agree with this man. therefore, we're racist. this is the race card is what they always play. aren't you tired of this, sean.
6:45 pm
they play the race card every time someone dares disagree with them? >> now, let's go to -- i thought ed got fired. apparently he's back. he's saying that reince priebus. >> i heard that somewhere. rumors around this businesslike crazy lately. hide his embarrassing gop candidates. watch this. >> reince priebus would like us to believe he's threatening to boycott nbc and cnn in the run up to the presidential election because of planned projects on hillary clinton. however, it might just be a convenient excuse. conservatives, the republicans, you see, they are concerned about a poor debate performance because they're shaky on the issues. that's the bottom line. obviously, there's embarrassment there, correct? >> there's absolute embarrassment. he's trying to hide his candidates, have a crack pot set of candidates in 2016 like in
6:46 pm
2012. he's afraid of that. he's a big cry baby and he's playing to the -- he's saying the horrible, liberal media is after us again. >> a guy that calls women names and stuff -- that's the guy. >> sean hannity, this man went from being primetime on msnbc to getting one hour on msnbc on saturday. a one hour on sunday afternoon. who is the embarrassment now? >> probably a promotion for him. >> good to see you. >> thank you brent bozell. coming up, shining the spotlight on some of the new rising stars in the gop. coming up next, we'll introduce you to two of them. there's still time for you to vote on the video of the day. hannity live at fox we'll continue. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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6:51 pm
the party. joining me is two of the rising stars that were featured today in boston. state speaker of the house t.w. shannon and the network of women founder karen agnus. thank you for being here. >> great to be with you, sean. >> mr. speaker, i'll start with you. defund obama care or not? >> absolutely. as quick as we can. obama care has the potential of bankrupting and e destroying everything that's great about this country. we need to say no and say no quickly. >> you get a 4 out of 4. karen? >> this is one of the issues that we can win with young people. it's going to be tougher for young people to find jobs. it it makes insurance premiums much more expensive. >> karen, what are the other issues that you think the party needs to be focused on in terms they didn't do as well as they
6:52 pm
wanted in the last presidential election? >> one of things the party needs to be doing is targing different groups and break them down into smaller segments. a lot of commentators say women are a lost vote and we should not even pay attention to women. when you break down women into different segments, we can win different groups. we have been able to reach college women across the country by really trying to meet young college women where they are on the campuses. we need to reach people where r they are and not be afraid to break them into small rer s segmen segments. >> interesting the president called sandra fluk, but there's a mayor groping and grabbing all these women in san diego and i haven't heard a peep out of him about that. what do you think, speaker? >> i think this just goes to what is the challenge in this country. that's a lack of leadership
6:53 pm
coming out of washington, d.c. i think if we're going to turn things around in this country, we have to look to the state level. you look at oklahoma the last couple years of e lowering taxes and reforming workers compensation reform, putting cap on bond indebtedness. these are the things that are going to make this country great. our party need no luck further than what's happening at the state level. you have great ideas across the halls of state government. if you listen to the liberal media, they would have you believe there aren't people that look like me that hold conservative values. i didn't learn my conservative values from some talking head. i learned them from my african-american church. so those are the things we have to do to win. >> comprehensive immigration reform or control the border? >> we have to control the border. that's the first thing we have to do.
6:54 pm
we also have to make sure that we're doing what we can to allow people to come to this country who want to come legally. this nation was built on a nation of laws. we have to be governed by laws. not by the rule of one man. >> karen, last word. >> we need to know who is in this country. we need to control the borders. that's key. it's kbraet to see efforts to actually bring the rule of law back into the issue. >> all right. i can see why both of you are rising stars. good to see you both. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. coming up next, your choice for video of the day. you can still vote. we'll continue. this day calls you.
6:55 pm
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welcome back. time to reveal what you have chosen as the video of the day. you selected the video of a foot pursuit between police and a suspected shoplifter. the video was captured by a local tv station. according to reports, the thief had just fled a department store when police gave chase, but abruptly broke pursuit when the women decided to cross a ten-lane freeway to avoid capture and after jumping over several guardrails and near ly getting hit by multiple vehicles, she made her ways a iowa cross without a scratch. according to the police department, she's still on the loose. why done we just blow up the picture and ask, do you know this woman? she's a shoplifter. maybe that will help find her. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. the news continues with greta van susteren to go live on the
7:00 pm
record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. tonight there's breaking news about the nsa. "the washington post" just reporting the nsa has broken privacy rules or overstepped legal authority thousands of times each year since 2008. according to an internal audit, most of the violations are of americans or foreign intelligence officials in the united states. and the "washington post" also reporting that the chief judge of the secret court that's supposed to provide oversight of the government's spying program says the court's ability to do so is limited. john sununu joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> with the news breaking, certainly an expansion of what we have been hearing about the nsa in terms of swpying. your thoughts? >> two things. a lot o


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