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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 16, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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horse-drawn carriages. >> a good idea. >> make sure you take your wallet. wallet. welcome to "red eye." i'm geeing gutfeld or as i am known in london. andy levy is off taking care of his sick cat. in for him, america's baby-sitter, liz mcdonald. she has a pre game report. liz, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> greg, what did the white house say about the obama rodeo clown? that's between the white house and me. also are jet packs for real? and do they come in child size for greg? finally what did bill schulz learn about a beach sandcastle competition? sadly, we will find out. back to you, greg. >> that joke about me being tiny sun called for -- is
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uncalled for, especially if you are a guest jism because are you stronger than a storm as governor chris christie would say. >> she is so sweet she gives cavities to candy. it is joel lean -- jolene kent. >> lame. >> how dare you? >> you are getting it from all angles tonight. >> he is so sharp that pocket knives use him to widdle. it is buck sex ton, his real name, the co-host of "the real news" on blaze tv. and his parents tried to sell him on ebay for a sack of old potatoes, my sidekick, bill schulz. and if insightful commentary was a delivery i would wait for him to come on my doorstep. michael money -- moynihan. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg you can finally unbury
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me. >> how long can we ride this bull? all the way to obama's impeachment. the white house has addressed the rodeo clown controversy. spokesman josh ernest, if that's his name, said he had no reaction. as a native of missouri it was certainly not one of the finer moments in our state. meanwhile texas congressman, they have them there, michael, steven stockman has invited pote lar rising performer to come to his state declaring, quote, liberals want to bronco bust, but texans value speech even if it is speech they don't agree with. they don't agree with the speech. could this result in civil war? we asked this cat. >> talk to me. talk to me, jr. talk to me, jr. >> agree to disagree, cat. why do we use these things if we know they are fake. >> that was real.
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>> that was not real. jolene kent, since you mocked me earlier. >> you said my name wrong. >> joe lee. >> that's cool. >> no it is not cool. >> i said jolene. >> no you said jolie. >> do you think with the texas congressman it helps or hurts the situation? >> i think he kind of took the bait. when i saw this i was like, this is unbelievable. why did you actually engage? don't you have something to do in washington? >> so you think it is a bad idea? interesting. michael x the clown controversy is tearing our country apart. should they resign the office of the presidency and save them from shame and embarassment that we haven't endured since the nixon administration? >> it is like an east germany, west germany type thing. it is really tearing at us. i hate this story for a thousand reasons, but mostly
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it is the great fake controversy. we need a great fake controversy. the republican congressman, not only is he not doing his job -- he is a congressman, of course he is not doing his be jo. but he is furthering the story. nothing happened. the guy did a bad comedy act. it wasn't racist. >> between shows and doing it to open the show and pushing it forward -- >> we are doing the show. that's what you are saying. >> this is longstanding rodeo tradition and they should double down this. liberals have no sense of humor. they are only good at making fun of other people. they never think it is okay when the joke is on them. he is going texas size too. they will do this bigger and better and go crazy with this. they should make an example of people who cannot laugh at themselves including and especially the president of the united states. >> there has to be better examples. >> michael, you are about the
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float. >> maybe they can't laugh at themselves, not all of them. but it wasn't funny. maybe i don't get it. >> it is a rodeo. >> i am a coastal elite. >> you are coast ali leet. >> that's why i am not established on this show. i am from brooklyn and the communist party. >> it is about the large animals, not the comedy. >> it is stupid that it was blown out of proportion and a racial thing. i read that it was racist. by establishing that, you can nef make fun of the president -- you can never make fun of the president. that is outrageous. the fact that it is like ma it is a tau sized and we are asking the president for a comment about a rodeo in missouri is stupid. >> let's get bill into this. bill, i wanted to wear a bill schulz mask and go to a clown rodeo, but the mask would happen to be your real face. are you okay with that? joy i don't see how i would be, greg, because i have no face. a lot of these questions while violent are easily answerable before you go to me.
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yes, jolene, you are right. this guy has taken the bait. i don't understand it. he is basically -- the argument would be that, yes, bush masks have been used in rodeos. but i don't remember the congressman calling him over and giving him the key to the district. >> that's because the bush white house understood that bush got so much worse than this. there was stuff the secret service should have investigated , but they wouldn't because he was a republican and republicans just get pooped on. >> and they fall for stupid things like this. this guy actually said we report going to cow down to these liberals. lie liberal he means -- liberal he means missouri and missouri is as liberal a eric's flag pin lapel. >> the first time we had ridicule is the first big step away from blood thirsty civil war. you need to do these things because it is the outlet.
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>> a society that will not accept mockery of the president will turn into a society that doesn't accept criticism of the president. >> do you like how buck said that? you said we need to have clowns dressing up as presidents. >> he translated it into intelligence. >> i know that the bottom line from this whole story, the clown is going to write a book, and it is going to be called "behind the mask." how i took obama's america by the horns. does that sound good? >> does it make you hate the internet? in newspaper days it wouldn't have been a story. >> it is also august which is why we are doing it to start off the show. from masks to machines, should any guy get to fly? jet packs -- or jet backs -- are finally here. let me repeat, i want to die. i'm sorry. i don't know where that came from. a new zealand company developed a jet pack -- jet
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back -- jet pack prototype that was granted permission to begin test flights. they say the certification is a big step toward commercialization of the flying thing-a-ma-bob, his words. the idea is to create a jet pack for everyday use and ordinary people without special pilot training. bottom line, new zealand not even a real place, beat us in the jet pack race. everybody should hang their heads in shame. do you know who doesn't need a jet pack? >> that was interesting. >> now that was real. >> buck, how can we be beaten to the jet pack phenomenon by the kiwis who are named after a fruit? >> it is a terrible deal. they should have it. >> why? >> hold on. i will get there. it is like the jetski. every beautiful beach you have ever gone to you think it is
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quiet, and then some guy is like look how fast i can go on this thing and the jetski is the loudest, most obnoxious piece of machinery created. it ruined tranquil spots all over the world. you will be fly fishing and serene and they will go, did you see that? it is like flying lawn mowers all over. what is going to go wrong? >> i love it. i would jet pack out of here right away if i could. >> is it that bad in here for you? >> no. >> i put on deoderant. >> jolene, you are the business mind here. if this works could it be as big as a segue? >> probably bigger and i wonder if the creator would die on a jet pack. >> way to bring everything down. what do you make of this? >> i think it is great.
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i think it would be like wearing a powerful microwave on your back and something awful would happen. you give it a few chances and it is probably going to be amazing. it is like big phone to small phone. >> that would be great if they tested it on sheep. >> like across the sky? >> yes, beautiful. and i liked your impression of a sheep. >> michael, we see a lot of this stuff in cartoons first. cartoons often predict the future. if you remember the flinstones, you had the flinstones and then you have the cars that kids use with their feet. i think they are called big wheels. i don't know where they are going with this question. i wish you combed your hair. what do you make of this? >> what do i make of a jet pack? >> yes, as a libertarian. >> i am thinking at one point that journalism and then i have to answer questions about do i like jet packs? i love them. >> is this insult "red eye"
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night. >> also when you are asked to barrow what you do do you say i do journalism? >> i usually tell them i make jet packs in new swree land and it -- new zealand and it works eve time. i love jet packs and hope we have them soon. unlike buck i am here to be the opposite of buck. i appreciate the jet pack. what would we have a traffic jam in the sky? >> what could go wrong? >> two details. one is they want to make sure there is no training. you need to get licensed to ride a motorcycle, groundbased,. the libertarian inside of me just died a thousand deaths. and they have a rocket-propelled parachute as your escape pod. >> let's talk about that. what is that? >> i have no idea.
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do you back up? >> when the rocket fails and you are hurdling toward the earth in screaming helplessness, you hit the other rocket that explodes and shoots you into the air because that will be safe. >> i will ask bill. you tried to make a jet pack by eating 20 cans of beans and sticking a funnel up your butt. did that work? >> we are going to find out in about five minutes. camera three, watch me i could be up there. >> the deoderant is useless. >> trust me, thank god you are not wearing white, i tell you. back to the question. when i first heard about this i said like everyone else, haza, haza, it finally happened. i was hoping for a you tall tear yen version. maybe something sci-fi like bobofet or cool. it looked like he duct taped two refrigerators to the side of his back and he is sputtering along no higher than 20 feet.
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i am going to sell this, not buy it. sell, sell, sell. >> you will be in the service industry soon. this is something for celebrities to do cocaine off of basically jie. why do they have to be celebrities ? >> you would do cocaine on the celebrity. >> there are 160 or -- >> there is a good i with one leg and a really nice guy. >> from flying to forgiveness. should prison be shorter because of his disorder? bradley manning apologized for hurting his country saying he didn't believe at the time that releasing classified documents to wikileaks would cause harm. his lawyers argued he showed deteriorating mental health before and during his deployment. he eventually came out to a psychologist e-mailing a photo of himself, this is it, in a wig and lipstick. i have to say looking pretty dam good and writing, quote, my problem. the shrink testified at the sentencing hearing that manning felt extreme mental pressure in the, quote, hyper
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masculine military because of his gender identity disorder. i would rather talk about the case of dog v leaf blower. >> i don't know about that. buck, you were in the cia. you worked for the government. should manning be punished to the fullest extent of the law despite his emotional issues? >> the whole thing about how he didn't realize how much damage he has done to the country, that's juxtaposition to when they said i will take down america and teachers and them a lesson for these horrible things. that was the angel of fury against the united states. and the whole thing about not knowing it would cause damage, the classification system is based on -- there are numbers essentially of what damage it would do to national security if it was disclosed. when you get that access you learn all of that as part of the process. he is just making stuff up as
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he goes along. they do studies in prison more than half of inmates have some sort of disorder. if you are going to give this guy -- let him off easy there is no joke in here. you can't do that for everybody. >> michael, what about you? should the mental health issues play into account? >> it always plays into account. you are trying to establish the mental state of your client. in this case it didn't help. he was convicted on almost every charge. the idea you can use this -- you can use this in any court of the land. did he know what he was doing? clearliment the logs of his conversations with julian assange show that. and he is going to be punished. i think this is a nonissue. you usually bring these things up. we see it it in every major trial, the same with the trayvon martin trial. all sorts of weird strands to mitigate their mental health. >> greg, is mitigate a real word? >> i don't think so. i don't believe a single erred with you said because it made
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sense. >> jolene, what do you make of this whole thing? >> i kind of -- >> you are like tom snyder. >> a limerick, how charming. >> no, it is just a rhyme. >> oh, okay. i am revealing all of my weaknesses here. it is mortar -- more tau fying. i agree with you. obviously there is serious mental health issues and for someone who is willing to take that risk and to reveal all of that information is pretty hard core and there is certainly a lot going on. >> here is my issue, bill. he was a hero and part of the reason he was a hero was because he was gay. now she claiming his sexuality or his issues with sexuality has made him do this. did he throw his identity under the bus? >> what did we say about identity, period? >> you nailed it. >> thank you. this guy has been diagnosed
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with everything from fetal alcohol syndrome to asperger's. and he made a big case about being a head case -- wow that was good -- long, long before all of this hit the fan. and if that's the case and he still had access to all of this highly sensitive material, if he is going down, all of the people that knew this and still allowed him to have this access has to go down with him. >> we have anish -- an issue here with personnel. it is the same thing with fort hood how everybody knew all of that stuff. >> edward snowden, we found out he accesses information when he worked at dell. >> was he the dell guy? do you remember the dell guy? >> what happened to him? didn't he murder a family of five? >> i think he murdered a family of five. >> no he didn't, bill. >> yes he did. >> that's not true. i ran into him at a bar once.
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kind of rude. >> didn't he make out with you? >> he was on a commercial and he was rude to you? >> hard to believe. he didn't know who i was, and then he found out and changed his tune. what am i talking about? coming up, rockwell and davenport and round house. brent sexton talks about other names he thought about having. does drinking make you go broke? in other words does america drinking go broke? yes, i am loaded.
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plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ increase our gloom? well that thing you hate makes you less happy. according to a new study from the university of michigan, go waffle fries, facebook
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predicted a decline in a person's well being. researchers studied a group of adults for two weeks. i have done that without them knowing it of course. and found the more they use the site, the more their life satisfaction levels decrease. including one egghead, yes i called him an egghead, on the surface facebook provides a resource for fulfilling the need for social connection. rather than enhance well being it underminds it. and then he stabbed a family of four. that's why your other joke ruined that joke. >> that horrible joke. >> reeces is turning that phone into pieces. >> you look like somebody who is on facebook a lot.
12:23 am
i don't know. >> wow. >> do you think facebook makes you sad because you look at pictures of people's kids and think, oark god, i hate -- oh god, i hate them. >> a bunch of my friends just had kids. no, i think it is babies and birthdays and books. incredibly annoying. it is great to keep in touch, but if you troll it every day expru on your phone -- i was on the subway where there is no internet connection and people were still scrolling through facebook. it is obsessive. >> you can look at the photos you already downloaded, so i am told. >> you take the subway? which line? what time? tell me later. >> i thought you already knew. >> yes, well i was told to stay 50 yards away from you from a large man who works at fox. bill -- not bill.
12:24 am
mike. are people just sad and lonely to begin with and this exacerbates that? that is a word. >> it is. a good one. did you ask because of my mental condition and my sadness and loneliness? you are proving because you go to facebook because you are sad and lonely and you don't go into the real world. so i think the sample group is tainted that their they are facebook people. you don't even have facebook. >> i am on facebook. defend facebook. >> he was in the cia. the man has a point. however, on facebook, i think that it is great, you just have to look through it as the propaganda that it is. not all of your friends spend their time in tahiti or trekking up the mountains or snorkeling. that's all you see on facebook. it used to be -- it came out when i was on college. it used to be pictures of people that are wasted. but it can validate your life
12:25 am
choices. a lot of exgirlfriends i check in, it is a good thing there is no ring there and i bailed when i did. >> there is a line for that, actually. >> the fact you are trolling for them might say that they were lucky. >> touche. >> there needs to be an app that pops up that says ex-boyfriend is staring at you. >> everyone's worst fear is somehow people would have access to what you are creeping on facebook. i want an app that tells me when buck sexton is on facebook. >> buck sexton sounds like something you do on facebook. >> i just got a sexton. >> oh it is a buck sexton. you need to bring in your hard drive. bill, you belong to book face where you and hobo carl smash each other in the face with encyclopedias. are you sad after each session? >> i won the last round. rip, hobo carl. you get what you deserve on
12:26 am
facebook. i have never done it. i never will. if these people are upset, depressed, good. it is absolutely true. it is ridiculous. i have never done it, i never want to. i want to get back to something important and that is your travel situation. for those who live in new york and you are on the subway. if you see jolene, say something. so everyone else can be aware. just point at her and start saying her name and it will creep her out. i want to see her come to work after that. >> you are talking to the one viewer who is watching, right? >> how dare you? >> she is on fire. >>en fuego tonight. >> i like it. >> you are on at 10:00 a.m. >> that's the one i ride. please everyone ride that one. the point is -- back to buck's point you can't compare your insides to other people's out
12:27 am
sides. people should not feel sad. that's people's various pr stunts and let them do it. >> you should always judge somebody harshly if they have a professional photo as their facebook photo. they decided to get that for facebook. >> personal pr? i post pictures of myself crying mostly. >> that's all you do. >> you know what it is? it is not wrong at all to do facebook. it is nice to keep up with your families and to do what buck does which is it look up people that dumped you. but it is a hole filler. it is a hole filler, and when you are done filling the hole, it is not like you filled the hole. that's why it is depressing. it makes you feel like you did something when you haven't. >> the reason i am not on facebook because i am too busy [bleep]. >> is this like the korean video game champion who died because he didn't stop playing for 48 hours straight? there is something as too much facebook. are cute people superior
12:28 am
to uncute people? she cusses her new book, yes. you smell. i think it will sell. what was bill schulz doing at a sandcastle competition? is it too late to throw in another story because i really don't care.
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how much do we lose on account of booze? according to a new study for the centers for disease control, never heard of it,
12:32 am
excessive alcohol use is costing the united states over $220 billion a year. that's over a small sum of money a day. the authors found that the cost mostly resulted from losses in workplace, health care bills and criminal justice expenses. >> he's drunk. >> i am. all right, in 2006 the damage from drinking ranged from $420 million in north dakota to $32 billion in california. what is so funny? washington, d.c. had the highest per person cost. sounds like this is a job for -- >> lightning roooooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> you are the business expert here. is drinking as big in the u.s. economy as the study suggests? what is your favorite hang your cure? >> i thought you were going to say hangover generator and i was going to say tequilla. i believe we need to make it
12:33 am
better. >> they are making our world better by fracking. they are creating a -- >> tons of it in north dakota. >> that's where the drinking comes from. >> there are a lot of strip clubs in north dakota. a bunch opened. >> they are not taking into account a key economic indicator. we don't have enough people in the country to pay for medic care in the future and social security drinking and population go together like peas and carrots. you take booze out of the equation and you don't have enough people for all of these programs. >> that's right. >> if you don't have a little booze going on how will i get phone numbers from certain ladies? >> you don't need to get me drunk, cowboy. >> i was hammered one time and there was no numbers exchanged. >> you were saying in the green room the only solution was to return to prohibition which is weird considering you are a libertarian. >> i have a carry nation
12:34 am
tattoo on my shoulder blade. this is the dumbest thing ever. i am fine if the cdc wants to quantify stuff. they never want to cut anything that is just waste. they want to cut things that are fun. smoking costs us, drinking. everything that is fun costs money. it costs the state money. this is one of those things that allows the state to get involved in your life. if it controls health care they can tell you what you can eat and what you can consume. screw them. >> that's a good one. >> you should have done a stosi stosill thing. >> what would he do? >> alcohol when you drink it is bad for you? can they do it with a mustache imposed? >> bill, you get drunk off stolen gasoline that you take from cars in the news corp parking lot. do you think it saves america money? >> i think that.
12:35 am
but it is hard to think because of the gasoline i steel from the news corp parking lot. they always do glass half empty. i am glass half full of whiskey. look at the beer, whisk key and wine and look what it gives to the economy. there is so much, anheuser-busch and all of these guys. >> and dialysis machines. >> and let's not discount late night infomercial drunk buying. that alone has saved corporations. >> behind the gdp growth. >> i bought bill's freakanomics. >> i bought theater 2 great beach songs. >> what was it? >> i don't know. when it showed up i thought who did this? i thought back and said i bought a 32-song beach collection. >> were you drinking a margarita at the time. >> when was this? >> in 2002. >> i but one of those -- i got drunk and thought i would get
12:36 am
back into soccer, not that i was really into it, and i got a ball with a string attached to it so i can just play with myself in central park. i got it in the mail like two weeks later and i was like, what in the hell was i drinking? i think it was gasoline. >> i want to get one so i can play with myself in central park. >> who doesn't? the raccoon that gained fame on the internet has been seized by the state. thanks, obama. a tennessee man made his friend rebecca -- weird to name your raccoon after a woman -- but that's all right. he made rebecca a viral star with videos like this. >> can! >> what? >> where are you? >> in the shower. >> where? >> in the shower. >> rebecca.
12:37 am
>> what? >> that is beautiful. >> last week the tennessee wildlife resources agency took that animal away, the little one, not the big one citing a neighbor's complaint. it is always a neighbor. mark brown says the agency only came by because of the web video's popularity. he says nobody took issue with the previous raccoon named gun show. buck, does this not remind you of the anti-islam film maker? >> i don't even know where to go. no -- yes. they need a boost after the entire country cheered the raccoon and tossed him down the stairs. you know what i am talking about? >> how did we not use that video? >> it went viral. it was a cat guy in california. >> i remember this. >> it was attacked by a raccoon and the raccoon was taken and particularly had a jet pack on. it is tossed all the way.
12:38 am
people think raccoons are bad, but if you love them and scrub them down and bring them into the shower with you they can be quite docile. >> i am glad i know that now. thoughts? >> i have a few thoughts. one of the things about this is i thought it was bad in the way that people would protest the sopranos for stereo types about italian-americans. this is a wild white bearded hillbilly who is showering with a raccoon. his previous raccoon is called gun show. this is not good for the people of tennessee, and i am concerned. i always have been with the people of tennessee. he looks like -- >> gandolf. >> darwin. >> santa clause. >> first you have gay marriage and then you will have old guys showering with raccoons, jolene. that is disgusting and immoral. >> you hate love. >> i do hate love. i do hate love because i have so little in my life.
12:39 am
>> that was the initial name of the show. >> it was i hate love and it was going to be an eye -- >> we kept the eyement. >> and took out the hate. >> do you have a response to this? joy i think it is fine. i think it is cool he has a raccoon for a short amount of time. of course it is a danger to the neighborhood probably. it is probably rabid or something. >> it is a clean raccoon. >> that might have been his first shower. >> he could be potty trained for all we know. >> maybe. and if so he should be able to keep it. it is a visual of him with a shower in the raccoon. it is ridiculous and i love it. >> it is beautiful. the raccoon technically is cleaner than you are. >> first when i saw this i thought it was grilling and marketing in the galaxy. terrible movie. and i thought get rid of the raccoon. these are not dogs and cats. i remember when i went home and there was a giant raccoon in front of the garage. i thought i will get out of the car and try to get rid of it.
12:40 am
when i got a shovel to get it away it leaped up on its legs and went after me. these things are bra tall and wild. i don't carry how much you domesticate them they will go back to the way they were. the call of the wild. >> turns out it was actually danny devito. don't leave now. you know what you should be doing? go to am and order "joy of hate. this book is so good that it comes with 300 free pages, page numbers.
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can we talk of granulated rock? created time .org held their second artist sand castle competition. a gold shovel, bottle of booze and $500 check. the winner, jaime eisenstein, won for disappearing sculptures. i wasn't supposed to reveal
12:44 am
that in the intro, was i? we sent a rotting fish to far queens so as to not be here for a few days. here is hoping he gets melanoma. >> more lotion! less with the bough key know top. bikini top. hi, greg. we are over at the rockaways for the second annual sandcastle competition with local artists. there is some local beer and hopefully a lot of local topless chicks. let's talk to the competition. >> what other medians do you work in besides broken up rock? >> i work in all kinds of medias. it is the first time doing sand. >> rock and pipe. -- rock and p. >> what about saysers? >> never scissors. >> well then i can beat you. >>- q. i work in media of love. my number is -- ring me and we can have some fun. >> this is never going anywhere. >> you invited us here and did
12:45 am
not tell us there would be mimes. >> i wanted that to be a surprise. >> you know what else was a surprise? >> the trojan horse. >> sometimes surprises aren't good. tell me what appears to be a giant wool imam moth -- mammoth, correct? >> the sea. >> oh it is a whale. >> if you want me to make the blow hole, i will pop a viagra and we will make it happen. >> we have making a jaws castle. >> jaws castle? my most favorite movie of all time. you go the in water? shark go in the water. >> this is exciting. we have a fox news reporter phil keating straight from florida. phil, what brings you to rockaways? looks like the birds got his time. phil, i am jealous of the locales you do your stand ups for for shepherd. why is there always a palm tree, and why does it look
12:46 am
like you are about to go to happy hour? >> in sexy south beach, what else? a sexy solution. >> what is it? >> "red eye" with greg gutfeld. >> i don't know what that is. >> that's all right. >> we follow boys, boys, boys and shirtless dan party 2013. >> sounds great. >> now we are talking. i stole a salt shaker from white castle one time. i didn't remember it. when i went back everybody would call me salt shaker. can you comment on that? >> are you sure you were drunk? >> are you kidding me? blackout. i think i left with one shoe. >> what are we making apart from a tribute to a famous lucy show? >> am i allowed to say? >> absolutely. you can swear and do whatever you want. take your shirt off. >> how did you win last year? what got the judges? >> the wow factor. >> it blew them away. >> we made a human fountain. >> that's my nickname, the human fountain. >> you would have loved it. >> well you wouldn't have loved me after six beers.
12:47 am
>> we will have a human conveyor belt that will bring pancake patties to the conveyor box and then the launcher will launch them and into the air and the mouth of hung grie, happy people. >> did you conceive this idea on ecstasy? >> two points you have to remember. know your judges turn ons and turn offs. >> you like long walks on the beach. >> congratulations. i knew it was going to be you the entire time. >> if there are bullies on the beach you build it with a giant rock in the middlement that way when they kick it they break their foot. >> bill, there were a lot of interesting people and a lot of knowledge that could have been taken from that. and you missed every bit of it. >> i didn't know what i was
12:48 am
reporting. >> i bribed one of the judges with $5 because i on the guy on ecstasy. and they took it. they didn't give it back. >> so i actually was successful and able to bribe one of the judges. >> now we broke a story and they will have to throw it. >> we will have to re-do the whole thing. >> we are going to re-do the whole show because of that. >> sorry. >> do i have more questions for you or do i just stop caring? >> i stopped caring halfway through it. >> did you build one? >> i did not. i had sand in areas i did not know i had. >> you mean a wallet. >> it wasn't my wallet though. >> you mean a friend? >> these are things that bill doesn't have. >> exactly. >> did you find self-esteem? >> did you find any sand in your career? >> i should have stayed at the
12:49 am
rockaway. coming up, the post game report from liz mcdonald. don't go anywhere.
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12:52 am
time to go back to liz mcdone thald for the post game report.
12:53 am
hi, liz. >> i want to take to you buck first and then talk about the rodeo clown. buck, you said the liberals in the white house have no sense of humor. i don't know why the producers of the show didn't tell me keith olberman was elected to the presidency. >> liberals in general, not just the white house. when you have in your party folks like nancy pelosi, for example and the comedians say there is nothing worthy of mockery here and joe biden is walking around as clueless as mr. mcgoo you think they would find something funny. they are that mean high school crew. >> you mean to tell me that joe biden has never been made fun of? joy not by left wing caw -- >> not by left wing comedians. >> they have made an industry out of making fun of him. >> america's baby-sitter is calling a time-out. bill, you bring up the point that there are other examples
12:54 am
in 1994. george hw there was a rodeo clown and pearl jam's eddie vetter took a mask and spiked it on a mike -- on a mic stand. >> that's edgy. >> greg, you mentioned the clown will write a book "behind the mask, how i took america by the horns" and that book has been written already. that booing is out there. that book is out there. >> i have will have to come up with a different title. >> i thought it was inspiring. there has been untimely death of people who mock god. >> that is true. >> that's something to be aware of. >> mike, you don't like the story, but i wonder if you think the president should call for a beer summit between him and the rodeo clown. >> i think that is a good idea. we need the story to suck up the media oxygen for the next four weeks. i'm sure somebody will be offended by something somebody
12:55 am
else does next week. >> somebody will do something legitimately irresponsible. >> blow something up in iraq that kills 140 people. >> i'm sorry of the -- i'm sorry. i tease this more on twitter than i do real news stories. >> let's go to joling on the jet pack story. you said you want to get on a jet pack right out of here and that it would be great and it would look like it is as powerful as a microwave. that seems like a beam me up trans ponder and not a jet pack. >> i suppose you are right. but my heart is with the hyper loop. i want to get on the high speed rail and go across to china in two hours. >> mike, you said, i hope they make jet packs soon. jay carney said there will be a jet pack made in the united states and basically energized by solar panels and ethanol and unicorn oil.
12:56 am
>> bill, i want to know your jet pack is homegrown. it is basically beans. how many cans of beans does it take you to blow into the air? >> the more you eat the more you -- >> can i go home now? >> you cannot. >> greg, you also made a cocaine crack. celebrities would do the jet pack just to do the cocaine off of it. how much coke would blast you into the strike that toss -- strike that toss fear. >> i don't do that drug anymore. >> yes, you do. >> my point is certain things are allowed for celebrities to buy a novelty items. they take pictures and show up on "us weekly." >> interesting. you said this jet pack would ruin tranquil spots. you are right because it would fly 20 to 25 feet and would probably catch you naked sun bathing. >> it will absolutely catch me naked sun bathing.
12:57 am
think about who has taken to model airplanes and such. those are the people you don't president what buzzing over your house all the time. the flying lawn mower, we don't want it. >> we have to go. thank you, liz, buck sexton, michael, that's it for me. see you next time.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
so have a great time. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ ♪ >> are machines taking over the country? the statistics are frightening. millions are becoming addicted to high tech and now technology is actually killing thousands of americans. we will have a special report. >> bill o'reilly has gone back to one of his favorite talking points, attacking the poor. >> bill: once again al sharpton not telling the truth on national television. once and for awesome we will define this guy for what he is.


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