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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 18, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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why would you give the criminals an advantage over an unarmed citizenry? get out of your elitist egg head tower. put on your big boy pants. >> it's fundamental contract law. every first year law student knows it. something must be given for something in return. it's call consideration. example. you have a house for sale. i give you money, you give me
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the house. apparently president obama was playing golf when they taught that class in law school. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine. thanks for being with us tonight. do you remember right after he was elected, president obama ran to cairo to give his first foreign policy speech where he proclaimed that he wanted to seek common ground with the muslim world. that his was a new presidency. that he was no george bush. >> there must be a sustained effort to listen to each other. to learn from each other. to respect one another. and to seek common ground. as the holy koran tells us, be conscious of god and speak always the truth.
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that is what i will try to do today. >> mr. president, with all due respect, i have news for you. george bush was more popular in the arab world than you are right now. the truth? you're indecisive, unclear and if he canless foreign policy has literally run our relationship with that region into the ground. and here's the rub. you've been giving billions of our dollars to countries who not only give us nothing in return but who literally hate our guts. remember these scenes from last year? and that arab spring where you predicted good things were happening in the arab world? the dawn of democracy is coming? but how long are we supposed to
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wait for that dawn? and how many sleepless nights do we have to go through to get to it? ironically, it was your administration that threw egyptian president hosni mubarak under the bus in spite of the fact that all had been stable and secular during his three decades of his rule. and then you praised the speedy so-called democratic election of president morsi of the muslim brotherhood who then proceeded to suspend the constitution, institute shari'a law and tolerate if not approve of the victimization of christians. and then when the egyptian people had had enough, you still support the other guy right to the very end. your deputy press secretary says that this interim secular government should refrain from violence and resolve differences peacefully with the fanatical muslim brotherhood.
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this after your crack secretary of state had just praised that interim government for restoring democracy. hell, why make friends when you can make enemies by simply being your wishy washy self? and now, that they're under a state of martial law, we tell the new government to resolve their differences through dialogue. really? how would you like it if when the city of boston was on lockdown, and under a state of martial law, the egyptians called on us to resolve our differences with the boston bomber's peaceably. how can one possibly resolve differences with islamist fanatics who burn christian churches, about 50, they say, so far, topple police vehicles and use women and children as human shields. and have as their mantra, with life, with blood, we sacrifice
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for islam. mr. president, now it looks like you're supporting fanatical muslims. and to top it all off, you call on the new egyptian government to release morsi who is now in jail accused of murder. while you're at it, why not ask them to release hosni mubarak? who is residing in the same jail and maybe they can have a go at it again. >> that's right, that's right, we bad. we don't want no [ bleep ]. >> darn right. >> we don't want no [ bleep ]. >> i don't want to take sides here. but it seems to me, mistake number one was sacrificing mubarak, our ally, the one who gave us access to the suez and overflight capability in return for the billions we send him.
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and by the way, why do we even feel the need to make the world safe for democracy? who the hell put us in charge? aren't enough americans suffering? out of work, losing their homes, without having to lose their sons and daughters, too? what are we even doing in iraq and afghanistan? why are we spilling the blood of young american men and women in a part of the world where they burn us in effigy. why are we bringing americans home in coffins? for what? we want to bring democracy to parts of the world who hate us. who despise us, who want to kill us, people whose life mission is to murder as many innocent americans as possible. who are we to tell them what to do? why do we keep getting into these messes? and mr. president, you're no help. >> i say what i mean. and i mean what i say.
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>> no one believes you or your administration. whether it is talking about that despicable video from benghazi or we don't spy on americans, or the irs doesn't target political enemies. no one respects us, no one fears us. you even get bitch slapped by president putin after begging for five weeks after return nsa leaker edward snowden. what's that you say? we don't understand? it's all about oil? that is a bunch of hog wash. i have an idea. how about we the united states of america develop our own energy source. america is fully capable of doing just that. you should have approved the key stone pipeline. you shouldn't waste our money on your political bungler's hair brain solar energy nonsense,
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also known as solyndra, to the tune of a half billion of our dollars. you should develop the technology that allows to us drill for oil and the energy to be sufficient. i'm sure you're probably too busy honing your golf game and going to those high fluting cocktail parties right now reports that you're determined not to allow it in the most pop list country. our one time ally until you showed up to interfere with your vacation. but then again, that's no surprise during the benghazi attack, you went to bed. you never even asked how things were going there. then you fire up air force one to fly to a vegas fund-raiser for yourself. and during the bin laden raid, when you weren't being
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photographed in the situation room, you were in a different part of the white house. playing cards. during the libyan crisis, you were filling out your march madness bracket. then 2010 you were golfing during the bp oil spill. wow! you must be a scratch golfer by now. maybe tiger gave you a few tips when you last played with him. but it's your willingness to send our money to those who do nothing but hate us. that has the whole world laughing at us. and it is not just in the arab countries. throughout the world, your international policies have created a catastrophic loss of respect. in europe, russia, china, japan, and mexico. not to mention the muslim countries. we may have lost their respect,
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and we may have lost their fear, but you don't have to add insult to injury by sending them our money, too. mr. president, i'm sure if you did miss those days in law school, there are a the love places that would let you audit some contract classes. you could even send in the nsa to take notes for you. and coming up, a muslim political action committee wants to hold a million muslim march on, of all dates, september 11. their leaders join m
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we're less than a month away from the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. that day is usually marked with
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solemn ceremonies, remembering thousands of innocent americans who lost their lives. but this year, a group called the american muslim political action committee has decided to hold a march in our nation's capital. with me, the founder of american muslim political action committee, and organizer of the 9/11 muslim march, terror analyst and fox news contributor. all right. good evening, everyone. i will go to you, i just want to clear this up. your name is rabbi but you're not a rabbi. right? >> that's correct. >> now, why the need to march on washington on 9/11? >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and dear judge. this is my, you know, point that the march has been miscoded.
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we are at after 12 years, the muslim community wants to stand with the solidarity with the rest of the american and we want to denounce terrorism, the violence, and we want to honor those 3,000 dead. and getting the condolence to all the victims' family. right now we are looking at -- >> let me just interrupt you for a second. this is so different from what your website says that i have right here. it is so different from what you said on this channel two nights ago. your website says we're demanding that laws be enacted to protect our first amendment that the entire country, muslims, and nonmuslims were traumatized. but after 12 years, we are still being victimized and being made the villains. it is as though you're saying you're the victim. >> no, no, no.
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>> can i interject here and explain? >> no, you cannot. let him finish. >> no, no. it's okay. we are not here to fight we are going to talk in a similar way. right here. >> answer the question. why is your message tonight -- >> i am going to answer. it is not what we are saying is, what fox do, they take apple, make orange them at a -- >> no, no, no. answer the question. i have got right here, your website. where you claim that you are victims and the united states government sits idly by doing nothing to protect us. meaning -- >> exactly. >> no, no. >> one at a time. go ahead. called terrorists. muslims being called terrorists. been victimized, nothing to do with muslim with the terrorism. this country, we have 7 million peace loving muslim. >> all right. let me ask you quae.
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if there are peace loving muslims, why are we waiting until the anniversary of 9/11 to march to protect the muslims? why weren't they out there when major -- let me finish. let me finish. >> that -- no. that was the very first day that muslims been villainized and victimized. do you understand that we have nothing to do with those 19 people? >> what do you want to say? >> thank you very much. i truly apologize for interrupting but this has been since the conception of the idea of the march on 9/11 in washington, d.c. it has been a progress. it did start out and still is a part of the fact that there is an agenda to make the word terrorists synonymous with only muslim. >> are you kidding? >> i'm going to stop you right there. i'll tell you why. i'll tell you why. no, no, no. >> we're not going to do this.
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>> he's committed a terrorist activity. >> let me ask you this question. >> all right. >> the president has basically taken certain words out of our lexicon. terrorism, it is now workplace violence. we are doing everything we can to be politically correct. >> we are changing history in order -- >> let's talk about the president. >> we're history -- >> the president has killed more muslims -- >> killed muslims? >> he has killed more muslims in his five years than bush did in his entire eight. all right? i am by no stretch of the imagination a fan of obama. i am by no stretch -- >> this isn't about obama. this is about your website. >> you made it about obama. >> let me explain something to you. >> obama took out all of these words -- >> i'm not going to do this. cut his mic. go ahead. >> rewriting history to compensate and not offend any muslims in this country. the irony of the situation is
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that would you be able to do any of these freedom to assemble. freedom of speech. you can organize as many marches as you want. you can do it on september 11th, 12th and 13th only in this country. in what muslim country would you ever be able to do that? you want to talk about president obama. president obama refused to call the benghazi attack terrorists when it should have been called terrorists. he rebecause theed to call the ft. hood shooting what it was. he made it workplace violence, bending over backward to make you comfortable you might be villainized but you're villainized by your own people. you don't have to march on the white house. >> i'm going back to you. >> yes. >> you don't deny the fact that as of yesterday, your website made it clear that you wanted to fate injustices being committed against you. >> exactly. >> that's fine. i just want to be clear on this. >> but have you and the muslim
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community come out to talk about some of the wrong that's the fanatics in the muslim community are committing? >> do you understand that muslim community, we cannot speak. we cannot come out and we cannot come out as a fact that our name being villainized in a synonym with terrorism. you are not understanding that a person lake me, i have faced the same thing. past 12 years. i've been facing every day. >> are you aware of the fact that i've got, we have hate crime laws here. even as d.a. i prosecuted people who were victimizing anyone else. whether a muslim or a buddhist or anybody else. so the laws protect you. yet you feel the need to march on washington on this solemn day. any way, stay with us, everyone. more on the proposed 9/11 march. that's the topic of tonight's
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insta-poll. the nix american muslim march. is it a good idea? later, they're watching you. shocking new details
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we're back with the organizes of the million man march set to take place on 9/11. joining us, the new york city fire chief and the father of firefighter jimmy riches who died on 9/11. chief, we're sorry for your loss. but i want to ask you a question. you just heard them. they believe muslims have been
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victimized and made into villains on 9/11. >> i think it is a disgrace what they're doing, deliberately scheduling it on 9/11. i lost my son on 9/11. he is never coming back on my house. they can go back and forth. there were no mosques closed. they got to go free themselves got educated. nobody is bothering them. we miss my son every day. they were murdered by 19 islamic terrorists and they don't know what that pain is like. we live it every day. to schedule a march on 9/11, what are they going to do next? have a parade before the boston marathon? that's a disgrace. i was down there at 9/11. i picked up the body parts. 25,000 body parts. people were crushed to death. my son's body included. i took it out of there on march 25th, 2002. a thousand families that have never recovered anything themselves don't have a cemetery to go through. that's painful that's persecution. we're the victims. not them. and they are allowed to live here in america and do everything they can do. >> and what do you say to that? >> yes, yes. can i interject?
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in a civilian order, if we're going to talk please just listen. we are trying to bring and say that maybe the 19 nut jobs did something. we want to show respect to the family but tame we want to say the people that we are not the problem. that is unfair against us. we are not the problem for them. >> then why do you want to do it on 9/11? when people are mourning their losses. >> am i still muted? >> you are on. >> you feel villainized and i know there are many peace loving muslims out there. and i respect all the peace loving muslims. but your anger is misdirected. there's no reason for you to be going to the white house. you can go to al qaeda headquarters and you should protest there. >> we are trying to do something --
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>> the blood of americans has been spilled for muslims. in bosnia, kosovo, kuwait, afghanistan and iraq. thank you all for being with us this evening. be sure to vote in tonight's insta-poll. do you think the 9/11 muslim march is a good idea? facebook or tweet me. we'll read your answers later in the show. coming up, a new fox poll shows the majority think the nsa surveillance is more likely to hurt americans than help catch terrorists. when we come back, you won't want to miss my take on the latest nsa revelations.
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whoa, dude! you thinkin' what i'm thinkin'? yeah ♪we love to work at nothin all day♪ ♪and we've been taking care of business♪ ♪it's all right whew! ♪taking care of business, saved the day!
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on wednesday. the egyptian government saying it is considering banning the muslim brotherhood. back to justice with judge jeanine. first, we weren't spying on americans.
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>> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not. >> not wittingly. >> well, maybe just a little but not a lot. >> when it come to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your telephone calls. that's not what this program is about. >> what i can say unequivocally is that if you are a u.s. person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls and the nsa cannot target your e-mails. >> then we feignind out, well, e they are but if they are, it is to combat terrorism. >> as i've said, this program is an important tool in our effort to disrupt terrorist plots and
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it does not allow the government to listen to any phone call without a warrant. >> yeah. like the phone call of the boston bombers. i forgot, you didn't know anything about them. even though the russians directed you to them a number of time and tamerlan should never have been allowed in the country and should have been stopped by i.s.e. and the fbi. then again the fbi and i.c. ebs don't have a way of talking to each other. or at left a that's what they say. or you need this program so that you can give the nypd a phone number in that case that they were already on top of. so now the administration says, don't worry. the fisa court protects us. it is only with that court's approval that any calls can be monitored. except enter the chief judge of the foreign intelligence surveillance court.
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he says that his court lacks the tools to independently verify when and how often the government surveillance breaks the court rules that aim to protect americans' privacy. now, according to judge reggie walton, the fisa court is forced to rely on the government and the accuracy of the information they provide to report its own actions. translation? the nsa repeatedly broke our privacy rules, blames computers and programming errors, but the truth is more than 63% of these so-called errors, thousands of them, were not computer errors but instead were overbroad searching of terms as well as not following standard procedure, as well as training issues which means, they are literally breaking the law thousands of times and here's a kick in the ear. the fisa court didn't even know
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about one of the government's collection methods. which they hid from the court. and as soon as the court found out about it, ruled it unconstitutional because it was. but don't worry. the president is not interested in spying on americans. >> i want to make clear once again that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> the operative word there, interested. he didn't say we're not spying on american people. he said we're not interested in spying on american people. now, edward snowden must be laughing in his vodka. it is almost like he choreographed it so that every time the president denies anything, snowden's leaks are able to rebut his lies. to the point where the president of the united states, the leader of the free world, has to have a press conference to tell us how he's going to be even more
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transparent. but even your own party is blasting you for your nontransparency and for the ineptitude. >> this is unsustainable. it is outrageous. and must be stopped immediately. >> it's no wonder that americans by a big margin think the government's electronic surveillance program does more to hurt us by using our private information improperly than it does to help track down terrorists and protect americans. so much, mr. president, for your recent claim with just a little more oversight and transparency, the surveillance program would be nothing to worry about. personally, i think this is creepy and unamerican. and for those of you who were part of the internet google facebook sexting, texting
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generation, you need to think about the inevitable abuses of such actions. do you really think that the collection of not only your phone calls but your passwords, your e-mails, your text messages, and pictures does not create a risk and that there is no chance that this information will be used against you? really? but think about it. what is next? your prescriptions? try getting a job when companies can access everything you've ever done online ever. it's like the movies. this kind of privacy invasion always turns out bad. coming up, more on the nsa spying on americans. what can the president say to spin the newest allegations? and later, a bank of america executive and his assistant girlfriend charged with trying to hire someone to kill his estranged wife. why is wife now suing the bank of america? aid we don't have a
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spying program. this week we learn the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of time. we know our commander in chief likes to say he finds out his information from the news. maybe he was watching from martha's vineyard when story broke yesterday.
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with me, democratic strategist, fox news contributor. all right. i will give you first dibs at this one. how do you defend this administration that started with, we're not doing it. we don't have a program. and every week there is something new. >> i think we've known for several weeks, several months, several years that the united states government takes certain security americanures and collects certain information about different correspondence between people, americans and in this country and overseas as a tactic to prevent us from the kinds of things that, like terroristic attacks. we just spent the previous segment talking about terrorism and has america's interests foremost in mind. while we always need to balance the privacy and the information of americans interesting president also privileges collecting this information in the interests of national security and catching the next bad guys. >> well, seeing as he hasn't caught any so far.
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i think they said for the thousands and thousands they've listened to, looked at, watched at and spied themselves gave us a second number that we were on top of. >> i'm glad to see my good friend making the dick cheney argument. and tony is make have the aclu. >> let me be candid. he denied this even happened. he said we've known for years. he did not know in march. >> he knew but he wasn't telling. >> clearly, judge. >> here's the problem. >> this has been happening -- >> we're not allowed to -- >> that's nonsense. most liberals give up. because it is not correct. look, most americans i would have to think understand that reasonable measures have to be taken to protect the homeland. however -- when you see, when you see, the president according to the aclu and the new york time editorial page, expand a
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bush era policy. >> we know that. they expanded it. but they keep lying. >> what are they learning? they did an you had a why it in ft. mead and they found out over 3,000 americans were intercepted. in one case they put 202 which is the washington area code and they got the phone records. >> how do i answer that? the entire agency that exists within the nsa for tracking these clerical errors. >> this is, what the "washington post" story referred to. tony is referring. is that there were some mistakes that were made. some compliance errors and they have been getting reported to congress. both republicans and democrats have been getting that information. the only reason that information is collected, those compliance errors are collected is because the separate office created within the obama administration in an historic commitment to
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transparency. >> listen to me. more than 63% of the errors in those thousands calls that were picked up was based upon the nsa using overbroad definitions. that mean we don't give a damn about what the law says we can do. we're going on expand the definition so we can listen in. by the way, if you had wrong area code, you don't think the nsa knows the difference between 202 washington, d.c. and 20 egypt? aren't they speaking different languages? >> excuse me. let's use one of hillary clinton's favorite questions. what difference does it make if it was done accidentally or deliberately? >> hold on. >> i'll tell you the difference. the difference is america, is our government spying on americans? >> yes! >> whether it is on purpose or not is not the question. >> really be careful about the language we're using. when we say spying, we are implying sinister motives that i
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don't think even the grandest conspiracy theorists, a certain level of cynicism about our government and not an admission -- >> let's assume that you're right. that people are being cynics. you don't think this information can fall into the wrong hands? edward snowden is in russia with this information. >> if i thought america's privacy is being infringed upon, i would be the first person to sign up. >> it was just confirmed. >> i have been a staunch supporter -- >> you just contradicted yourself. i'm going on buy this man an aclu card. >> mark, tony, we're out of time. we'll bring you back. coming up, did a bank executive try to kill his wife? she says so and she wants him to pay. in more ways than one. this is your last chance to vote in our insta-poll. the 9/11 muslim march?
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>> former bank of america executive is behind bars accused of plotting to hire someone to kill his wife, nancy, amid a contentious divorce. he is with his current girlfriend, wendy moore who used to be his assistant at the bank. they pled not guilty, but now his wife nancy is suing not only her husband, but the bank of america. claiming the company didn't properly supervise lathe am and moore who she said worked on the murder plot while at work. joining me from south carolina for live 5 news, harve jacobson and former federal prosecutor. what's the latest on this?
1:51 am
>> i interviewed nancy lathe am and imagine being told that your husband is orchestrating a plot to have you killed. imagine being the daughter and finding out your father is allegedly putting together a plot to kill your mother. i had to go into hiring body guards and nancy said in fact that if she were at the dproeshry store, she would say if the bullets are headed for my daughters, let me die instead of them. >> let me ask you a question. were they in the little of a divorce? >> yes. nancy filed for divorce in november of 2011 and chris counter filed three months later. it was an awful divorce. he was paying 8,500 a month in child support to nancy. he was in the process of trying to get that reduced and when he lost his job he retired. he was allowed to retire. he asked the judge if he can go into retirement fund to pay his
1:52 am
bills. he was making over $600,000 a year with bonuses and now he has no money and the divorce turned into this. >> one of the problems is that it's interesting what harve just said. he was looking for a reduction in child support which seems as a prosecutor, maybe a motive to have her knocked off. >> this guy has motive and opportunity. the guys who alleged to have committed the crime got arrested. >> and tried to buy heroin. let's make it clear. what we have got is the husband, i guess he is not yet divorced. the husband who worked at the bank. her ex-husband who ended up killing himself in prison and another guy. >> she goes to her ex-husband and hires to watch his back. he is out buying her when he gets arrest and rather than than go to a jail, he tries to roll
1:53 am
over and tell the authorities about this plot to kill this woman. >> harve, is it true that the husband here gave pictures of the wife and teens and all kinds of stuff to this murderer? >> according to the hit packet, they found a photo from his iphone of the house and the cars, also a photo of nancy lathe am taken off the south carolina website, she is a treasurer here in south carolina and documents and maps and supposedly chris's handwriting. they testified they were almost possibleative positively sure it was his handwriting. >> that's the wife. now fred, i will go to you again. why is the wife suing bank of america? >> for the money is the bottom line. >> on what grounds? >> she said they failed to
1:54 am
oversee her husband and for lack of a better term, police him. allow them to plot a murder package. >> did they do it on work computers? >> the iffeds are saying they printed it from his printer and they accessed things from his computer. you know as well as i do, employers are responsible for the acts of their employees within the scope of their employ. i doubt his job description included hire hit men to whack his wife. i doubt it. >> is there a chance of winning that one? >> are no case is ever through. the wife is out spending the money. it ain't happening. >> when i was a da and i had cases like this. you have the wife or the victim who wants to sue someone civilry. i said whoa. the last thing i want is you to sue them civilly, i don't think them to think it's about a motive for money.
1:55 am
why do you think she is doing this now? >> i think she is suing the bank because her husband has no money. and the money is in the bank. let me say one more thing. the defendants except the husband will roll over and testify against chris lathe am and he will go to trial. he will be stubborn and not going to plea. they are probably singing like canaries. >> he will go to jail. that's what got within the statute of limitations. she had two years. >> thanks. now for the results of tonight's poll. the 9/11 march against fear formallily known size the million muslim march. is it a good idea? just about everyone said no. not a good idea until they are marching against radical islam. david writes it will not end
1:56 am
well. wayne said march against fear? fear of what? byron, why not march for something like love. penny said if they are truly american citizens, they should be outraged at what radical muslims did to us on 9/11. peggy said none of them smoke about hasan or the boston bombers or other crimes in this country. i know patriot groups are getting ready to go to that. got help us and what's about to happen. one or two agreed with the muslim march. jerry writes we must so unity. it's a good idea because they won't get 100,000. it will flop and i like that. i will end it on that one. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. don't forget to pick up a copy of my new book, clever fox. a novel that you can find on amazon or go to barnes and noble and follow me on twitter and on
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instagram. like me on facebook. see you next week, same time, same place. depends on me.
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and my team? is 50,000 strong.
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♪ hey! hawkins: this is what it feels like to be part of a team. a winning team. the action team. are you in? get in on the action at are you in? ufc fight night. >> tonight on huckabee, another delay in the affordable care act. we delay things and why not delay it permanently and come up with a role solution. >> unaffordable and unpopular, but is obama care unstoppable. >> what you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs. and listening in on people's phone calls and inappropriately reading e-mails. >> the new report said that the nsa broke the privacy rules and can anything be done to stop the abuse of pour in washington? plus political


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