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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 24, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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i'm geraldo rivera reporting that there are a few marijuana accentance in this ad running in a nascar event. >> if you enjoy a good beer there is a similar product you may want to know about. one without all of the calories and serious health problems. less toxic so it doesn't cause happeningovers or over dose and not linked to violence or reckless behavior. marijuana, less harmful than alcohol and designed to be that way. >> as more states vote to prescribe, legalize and de criminalize and federal and
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local cops back off, tonight we asked if it is the end of the era of reefer madness. >> do you still believe this was a plot launched at the highest levels of the government? >> the person who ordered that is the head of the royal household, prince philip. >> the mystery reopened. was there a plot to murder princess diana and her boyfriend, dodi? his father thinks so. >> prince philip is a well known racist at the core. do you think he will accept my son to be the step-father of the future king? there is no way. >> as william and kate celebrate the birth of diana's grandson, prince george, the royal family accuser joins us live from england. and -- >> my heart goes out to the lloyd family. >> as the nfl season apartments an all pro thug stands accused of murder. >> there has been an incredible rush to judgment.
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>> tonight we ask a former star if coaches still do a better job taking players out of the hood than taking the hood out of players. plus -- >> 50 years later mass incarceration. 50 years later we can't get a jobs bill through congress. people are asking me why are we marching? the issue is why did we wait until now to come and march in washington? >> as tens of thousands commemorate the 50th anniversary of dr. king's historic march, most stress the undeniable, persistent social and economic inequality. >> in new york there are black jobless above 50%. it should be stop and employ and not stop and frisk. >> the crippling of new york's stop and frisk today celebrated as a civil rights victor. >> when they say no you can't, pass a real racial profiling bill. we say yes we can. because yes we did two days ago in new york city. >> but as p coulds announce
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they will -- as cops announce they will back off tactics like stop and frisk, only one speaker on the mall in washington reminds the crowd of an uncomfortable fact of life and death. >> we understand there is still work to do when the leading cause of death for black men my age and younger is gun violence. we still have work to do. >> so 50 years after dr. king moved the world with his remarkable speech -- >> i have a dream. >> tonight we debate whether he could have foreseen the nightmare of black on black violence. craig investigates. >> and there is just no question that stop and frisk has saved countless lives and we know most of those lives saved base -- based on the statistics have been black and hispanic young men jie. an angry michael bloomburg reacting in dismay as a federal judge declares stop and frisk unconstitutional and
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then the city council overrides his veto and imposes an inspector general on the police. >> all of you just want to raise your hand if you support stop and frisk? >> with bloomburg retiring this is an election year in new york and these families vic testimony myselfed by gun violence feel they should be crushed by politics. >> to stop gun violence in new york, mothers who have lost children have formed a group called harlem mothers saved. stop another violent end. jackie adams here, the head of this group. unfortunately everyone here has lost a child. >> yes, unfortunately. i would love to keep stop and frisk. already because of the ruling that came down, we have kids out here that is walking this street , and this is real, walking the street already saying, oh i can carry my gun now because i am not going to
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go for stop and frisk and i can sue the police department. that's not good. >> stop the gun violence. stop the gun violence. >> with the eyes of the nation on the big protest march going on at almost the same time in washington, almost a notice was jackie and other anti-gun activists marching in harlem. >> guns down. >> with the odds that a liberal democrat will replace bloomburg, the mod rail republican in city hall, the fear these protesters have is that gun violence will sore. controller john lo so one of the candidates vowing to end stop and frisk and impose the inspector general. >> why take one of the tools away from the police officers? why deprive them of that ability of somebody they believe is carrying a weapon. >> it is about figuring out what the best strategy is. let's be real here. stop and frisk is not the only
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thing cops can do. it is part of community policing and it has been shown to work in other cities. i believe that we can keep people safe and crime low without humiliating hundreds of thousands of people almost all of whom have done nothing wrong. >> each and every one of you has lost a child to gun violence. do you fear that will get worse and the kids will say i can sue the cop and the cop is not going to come after me because i can take him to court? >> absolutely. >> her son was stalked by a man in a hoodie she wish was profiled by police. >> they would have frisk him and they would have got the gun and my son would be alive. so i am for stop and frisk. >> in fairness while these grieving moms want to keep stop and frisk they do see a need for oversight. >> let's not stop and frisk minorities because they are not the only ones committing crimes. >> even though you have these women who live in a community who are talking to the kids, do the kids now feel like they can carry their weapon? >> wait a second, now that's
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not what community -- >> that's what these women are hearing from kids in the community. >> that's not what community policing is about. >> why is it up to mothers who lost their children to go and get these guns off the street? >> because we feel it. we feel the pain. we know what it feels like to lose a child. we are trying to not let somebody else feel the same pain we feel. >> and the efforts of the harlem mothers are not in vein. robin williams received one of the fliers jackie had handed out. >> somebody gave me this paper. i looked at it and said i will do the right thing. >> you could have prevented a terrible mistake by giving a gun -- putting another gun on the street? >> right, right, right, exactly. i almost did that, but i thought about it. the right thing to do is this, i am kind of glad that i seen somebody gave me this paper. >> cops tweeted the picture of the guns and the mother says
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stop and frisk is still necessary to keep even more guns off the street. geraldo? >> the grieving mothers should be getting more attention than they are. coming up, ladies and gentlemen, we will strip away the headlines to see if there is any substance in the new charges that there was a plot to kill princess diana. we will also find out who is behind the ad promoting marijuana during a nascar event. and there were a lot of trayvon martin posters at today's big washington rally. up next, a terrific panel that includes george zimmerman's brother. it debates what role if any race should play the way media reports on crime. we'll be right back.
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ready less of the color of -- regardless of the color of your skin, you have a right as a teenager, as an individual, as a human being to walk and not worry about
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someone following you, someone doing something to you or saying something to you and you end up deceased. >> this is trayvon martin in reverse only worse. this was no where near self-defense. this is cold blooded, first degree, recreational for the fun of it because they were bored, murder. you have two black guys and a white guy in the group. no matter where you look in the media it is not a racial event. there is nothing about -- this is the epitomy of media you are responsibility. -- you are responsibility. >> that of the christopher lane slaying in oklahoma. the guy from australia shot in the back. is the media guilty of
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focusing on race when it fits their split split -- political agenda? i'm sure martin does. it was labeled the civil rights case of the century. he is one of the few conservatives of the civil rights pioneers. reverend degraff is a fox news contributor. robert zimmerman, welcome. all of you, welcome. robert, you are on the wrong ends of the civil rights case of the century, the racial aspect of it was drummed up by the media and now many conservatives are playing tit for tat and they are talking about the black on white crime. how did it affect your family, robert? >> good to be with you all, gentlemen, and thanks for having me, geraldo. i think what is particularly disturbing and when you compare these situations with what happened in george's case with what is happening today when people are pointing out
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the race of people who are committing some horrendous crimes, in george's case it was manufactured. it was fabricated. there was no racial component. there never was. there was ample investigation and there was just speculation and a narrative, a business model if you will, that pays very good dividends to the people who promote it. they said it was a racial event and it permeated and extended into the police department of sanford and the state attorney's office which is outrageous. it does a disservice to the word racism where it does truly exist and does a disservice to us as a country. >> reverend d gee raff why don't you respond. >> we disagree thank you fundamental of the matter. an unarmed black youth was killed. the injustice is that the police we feel did not do their job -- the prosecution did not do their job by
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apprehending him from the onset. it took 44 days of public pressure to make that happen. i accept the jury's verdict, but the fact of the matter is there was an injustice. with the lane situation, it is a horrific crime and a terrible sadness for that family and for that community. but the perpetrators have been apprehended. the system is working. they are not comparable cases in any shape -- >> what about the racial aspect. put aside the fact the prosecutor and the local cops felt because of stand your ground and because of the way the self-defense statute out is written in florida that they had no chance of conviction. i can say with confidence months before the verdict he would never be found guilty. >> was the black community supposed to be sigh lept when an unarmed black youth was killed was this community supposed to be silent? no every community everywhere in this planet protects its young. >> do you feel in the christopher lane case in oklahoma city where you had two two -- two of the three were black or one was i guess a mixed black and white, do
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you feel that should have been made that the race angle should have been made more of in that case? >> no because there are killings in this country every day unfortunately and victims every day. the question is one of injustice. no one is saying there is an injustice being done in oklahoma . >> how do you view reverend degrath'son between these two crimes? >> my old sparing partner, look, i think that the lane case and robert's brother's case are quite different in other ways. robert zimmerman did not have a facebook page or twitter account or whatever it was with anti-black -- >> you mean george zimmerman? robert is close to his brother, but not that close. >> i'm sorry, george zimmerman did not have that. the accused for lane did. one of them did.
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he was an angry, racist, young blackmail. the case that -- black male. the case nobody is talking about that i think is particularly horrific is the case against "shorty" the world war ii veteran, an 89-year-old white man, world war ii veteran and for those who want to use the canard of gun violence, he was beaten to death by flashlights. will we have a waiting period for flashlights? and he was beaten to death by young, black men and that is not even the worse scenario. the worse scenario that no one talks about is the carnage and the black on black genocide that is occurring in our inner cities all across this country. and let me tell you, we will talk about the march on washington tomorrow and it is a wonderful -- all next week and the week after and it is a wonderful moment for country. but i fear that that issue of carnage is not going to be
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brought up. but there is a quiet march that is taking place in our communities across this country. you saw those ladies from harlem . geraldo, i saw your show and a black minister is marching against black on black violence. here in north las vegas, geraldo, a black democrat city councilman, ricky barlow, addressed the black audience and said we've got to talk about this crisis in our communities. >> great. we will talk more about it right here. up next, the panel will react to the fact that no one mentioned black on black crime at today's big rally. then what is up with that ad promoting pot at nascar? that's coming up.
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we must remember generations who carried themselves on a day-to-day
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basis with great dignity in the face of unspeakable injustice, sacrificing their own ambitions so the opportunities of future generations would be assured. but for them, i would not be attorney general of the united states and barack obama would not be president of the united states of america. >> whatever you think of attorney general holder that i thought was the most important thing he said at the rally. america has made great strides in leveling the social playing field. do we still have a long way to go? absolutely, but government can't do it all. we continue now and as promised receive represented degrath, what about black on black crime? >> we can have our own opinions, but not our own facts. the fact of the matter is years ago a million came to washington to talk just about that. since then networks and efforts and communities have sprung up. in new york city, the eagle
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academy has gone into the toughest crime district in the city. >> we featured it last week jie. and we mentor to those young people and we are physically there. that is a movement spreading from coast to coast. we have supported gun control legislation and the interview in harlem -- i am one of the founders of harlem week and it was sponsored by black people about the same issues. we may disagree -- >> then why wasn't it mentioned at the big rally? isn't it a seminole civil rights issue? >> stop and frisk? >> black on black violence. >> black on black crime is part of the social responsibility which reverend sharpton did mention. >> and in vague -- >> as part of the social contest -- >> you mentioned black on black -- >> we are dealing with it in our community and we have been dealing with it in our community. >> back to robert zimmerman. obviously you are not black and you don't come from that community. you have, however, experienced as you said the civil rights machinery. don't you think though many of the people who marched were
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sincere in their feeling that they were being profiled? >> oh, absolutely i do. and i have gone out on the record before saying there is a despair -- disparity in this country and it continues today in treatment and equal justice for all-americans, but particularly for people of color . i do want to say that it is remarkable how this mention by reverend jackson today -- i'm sorry by al sharpton allegedly mentioning in passing the black on black violence is kind of how jesse jackson in passing frowned on the murder of chris lane. we frown on all things like shoplifting or littering. i think what happened to chris lane particularly by the person who is alleged to have done it and the way they felt and openly expressed by their own hand how they felt about white people, hating white people and quantifying that 90% are nasty and as it relates to my brother's case that since the zimmerman court
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is what he called. it he has been knocking out five white people. there is a problem with violence , and it is a problem -- i don't like making it all about race because as we can see from what is alleged to be this individual's own hand, anyone can be racist or have racist tendencies or have the wrong messaging about race guiding some of their actions. so it is a little disingeneral wise. i want to say at the beginning of the george zimmerman case, yes i understand the talking points that reverend joques made that a young black man died and that's what we should take. but the talking po nie t initially was a white man killed a black man. it was then when george was discovered not to be white a race was invented that only applied to george, a white hispanic. i never heard anyone described as that. it was essential to some in the black community making the case foraysism that white be a
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part of the dialogue. >> agreed. where was your dad today? >> my dad is in new york giving a variety of interviews about the 50th celebration. he will be with me here in nevada and we participating in events locally next week. let me say this quickly, he was talking about fact and the facts are that there are 50 young black men -- 50 trayvon martins killed every week in our inner cities and in our cities all across this country. it does not -- i applaud the work the organizations he referenced and the other organizations and applaud fie father -- >> we have to leave it there. i uh preesh you all.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. president obama meeting with his teams saying he has asked the pentagon to prepare military options for syria. they say at least through 55 people were killed in a chemical attack on wednesday. it confirmed it would be the worst use of chemical weapons since iraqi leader saddam hussein gassed thousands of kurds in 1988. in another shocking report from the national security agency some nsa employees are said to have used the fed's power of surveillance to spy on their love interests. the agency claims such activity was rare and mostly involving off seas communications between
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partners or spouses and most incidents were self-reported. the nsa confessed to violating privacy rules thousands of times a year. now back to "geraldo at large." for the latest headlines go to fox while the prosecution of drug traffickers remains an important priority, the president and the administration believe that targeting individual marijuana users, especially those with serious elnesss and their caregivers" is not the best allocation of law enforcement resources. >> if you are an adult who enjoys a good beer there is a similar product you might want to know about. one without the calories and the serious health problems. it is less toxic so it doesn't cause hangoversovers and overdose deaths and not linked to violence or reckless behavior. marijuana, less harmful than alcohol and designed to be that way. >> coming at us from the white house as you just heard the
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feds said they would no longer prosecute small amounts of pot, the spoof beer ad seen at the indianapolis speedway caused quite a stir. they made the ad that aired at nascar and mason joins us from colorado. in gainesville, florida we are joined by dr. scott titlebomb, a spokesman for the drug free america foundation. mason, how did you get the idea to air the ad at nascar of all places? >> well, you know, this is an important message that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. a race like nascar is a great place to get that message out. it is obviously a place where the people attending it and the organizers of the event accept that adults should be allowed to use alcohol responsibly. and we are pointing out that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and it doesn't cause nearly the serious types of
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social problems that alcohol does and it shouldn't be a crime for adults to use it. >> you knew it would cause all kinds of -- all hell would break out when people realized what they were seeing. even though i believe -- don't get me wrong. i believe across the i'd logical spectrum i would like to say i don't know anyone who hasn't tried pot. on the other hand it does have a conservative atmosphere of the people who dig nascar who tend to be from the great heartland. you knew it was going to be a bomb exploding in the social consciousness. you were pretty clever in your placement, weren't you? >> well, honestly i think nascar fans like anyone else in the country, they are smart and they can understand the facts when they see them, and they see that marijuana is safer than alcohol. we saw a lot of interviews with fans asking about the ad. of course they agree. 53% of americans think marijuana should be legal. it should be considered weirder or crazier if someone
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thinks we should be criminalizing adults for using marijuana. >> i bet dr. scott titlebomb thinks that and the continuing efforts by law enforcement to crackdown on pot. do you view the ad with dismay? do you feel you are losing this battle? >> first of all let me correct what you said there on the professor of peaked tricks and psychiatry in florida. i am the medical director of a treatment center, the florida recovery center. when i look at this issue, some of the ad was dis ingeneral us with and is not accurate. in terms of toxicity alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. marijuana certainly has numerous adverse health affects including addiction and impaired driving that is a significant problem and significant mental health yous -- issues for youth. it is associated with
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schizophrenia and worse, psychiatric issues. my concern is with people that struggle with drug and alcohol and co occurring seek trick problems. psychiatric problems. my worry is about those people and the youth. anytime you smoke a substance, that is not good for one's body. the smoking of marijuana, the addiction issues and the other mental health issues and the drug driving are significant issues associated with marijuana. >> i get that, but are you or are you not a spokesperson for the foundation? >> i represent -- are they contacting me? i work in florida as i articulated and i am a professor and a medical director of a treatment center. have been so for 16 years. >> the second part of the question is do you feel are you losing in this battle for the hearts and minds for the american people? indeed medical marijuana is spreading in new jersey with a relatively conservative governor like chris christie. do you feel you are losing? >> i don't -- my job is to treat people that have
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problems and to help educate the public. medical marijuana are drugs that are used for medication a shouldn't be smoked and b shouldn't be voted on. they should be judged by the fda and you should -- there is a policy and protocol to test drugs whether they are search. >> do you deal with the decision not to prosecute small amounts of pot anymore? >> i stay away from the issue. you have to be careful. public policy affects public health. my concern is public health and we have a significant public health problem in this country with addiction, and we have a dramatic increase in the amount of youth smoking marijuana at a much younger age. keep in mind in 19622% of the population used any illicit substance. eighth grader 15% have smoked pot. >> mason, what about that? i will give mason the final word. >> what about the doctor health concerns, mason? >> the doctor seems to be a
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little mixed up. if he is truly concerned about public health, i don't understand why he would not want to allow adults to make the choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol. researchers said the national institute on drug abuse was found far less uh district tiff and it is far less toxic. alcohol contributes to 37,000 deaths alone and marijuana to zero and alcohol leads to violent crimes 1k3* marming marge doesn't. why prefer adults drink when they may want to make the safer choice to use marijuana instead. >> i don't think i am the one confused. >> on that final note, thank you very much. >> it is like gay marriage. the ship has sailed in testimonies of marijuana legalization. like it or not, i think history will point to this period in history as the time it shifted. up next, the princess diana murder conspiracy. we will deal with that with the author of the new book.
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and he won a national college football championship, buttonedded up in jail. what is -- but ended up in jail. what is up with the big time athletes?
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she warned if anything happened to me, be sure that prince philip and prince charles, both are responsible. 10 months before he been murdered. here is the newspaper, one of the most popular newspaper in united kingdom.
7:42 pm
they are planning an accident in my car so charles can marry camilla. and now charles is trying to marry camilla. >> and he did marry camilla. the allegation bise her boyfriend dodi's father faded from the headlines and now comes the princess diana conspiracy that makes the sensational claim that diana was murdered by british special forces on motor bikes mass ask you raiding as paparazzi. the author of the book and he joins us from london in england. the well-known royal expert imogen lloyd webber. umogen willisen -- imogen willisen and then give us more. was diana pregnant with dodi's baby at the time of the accident? >> yes sheerks was, definite -- yes, she was,
7:43 pm
definitely. >> we have a delay. i'm sorry. how do you know that? >> evidence was available before the inquest came along. he is a french radiologist and she had seen a fetus in diana's womb after the crash had taken place. she had stated this quite clearly and then she went off to the united states to be a professor in san francisco. she made the evidence quite some time before. we know for a fact that there was a fetus in the womb. and also a lady who is a nurse at the hospital also saw a fetus and she gave evidence also. >> allen, stop there. the author of "the princess
7:44 pm
diana conspiracy." imogen, the princess was pregnant. >> no, she wasn't. 24r* were three separate exhaustive investigations. one in sphrans and the one in the uk cost the taxpayer about $20 million. diana absolutely was not pregnant. we have these conspiracy theories every august. diana on many levels was our jfk and our marilyn. these conspiracy theories come up. her death was on the 31st of august and they are in fact conspiracy theories. >> allen, point2, wasn't the driver of the vehicle, henri paul, wasn't he drunk and wasn't this a drunk driving, tragic accident? >> no, he wasn't drunk. when the police gave their comments after the crash that henri paul was drunk and the newspaper who said he was drunk is a pig in the uk. they later have proven the police didn't have any
7:45 pm
evidence of his blood levels. they stated it and tried to make it clear to everybody that it was the driver and the paparazzi and trying to shift the idea away from it being an assassination, which it was. >> all three separate inquiries absolutely concluded that henri paul, the driver, was drunk and that he was speeding. what would be the motivation of killing diana? really what would be the motivation -- >> to prevent a muslim from marying the mother of the future king of england? >> that would have been great news for charles. at that moment he was trying to get camilla accepted by the public. camilla that september was to do a charity event for osteoporosis. it set charles and camilla back for years. why would he do that to the mother of his children? absolutely not. it is crazy. >> allen in the book, the central source of the conspiracy is the estranged parents in law of this special
7:46 pm
forces person who is getting a divorce under the most ago craw mown yous circumstance. do you consider that a reliable source? the parents in law? >> that is quite separate from the book. the book has been right for years.,000 of hours of research gone through. that was a pure and amazing coincidence that witness n gave evidence just 10 days ago before the book is due to be released. that is remarkable, but maybe that is looking out at justice. it happens to mirror exactly what i am saying in the book. >> and imogen, do you have his thesis and brought up in these divorce papers that the sas were on the motorcycles and not the paparazzi and they shined a laser beam in hen ri paul's eyes and made him crash. >> it is a shame. we cannot let diana rest in peace and perhaps too busy donating to the charities and
7:47 pm
prince harry was there in her memory. he was in an -- angola for land mines. >> you have been on the -- on a happier note you have been covering the royal baby this week, the first photos. they seem a perfect couple. >> they are and that's very much diana's legacy. she wanted to make the monarch key more approachable and those photos were that. in all that wonderful news we should focus on diana's first grandchild. >> and your reaction to that, allen? >> well, i think we have to look at the facts. there is so much evidence in this book. it will be pushed way under the table. i happen to support william and kate and i wish them the best in the world. there is no issue of attacking the monarch key per say. it is about giving justice to diana. i would like to add a few points to clarify. >> quickly. >> lord scott baker said that there was political intervention to prevent the paparazzi.
7:48 pm
that would prove at the persuade of the court in the tunnel and now it is murder with a guarantee. there are tip plaw mat particular -- >> the book publishes next week and i have to cut you off, i'm so sorry. it will be published next week. don't go away. we will be back after this.
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female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ state buckeyes to a national championship, scoring the winning touchdown in 2002, my next guest has lead a tumultuous life outside football. he did serious time forearmed robbery and other offenses before getting his life together. aside from earning his college degree while behind bars, he also did a lot of soul searching. he has now compiled his jail house writing into an on-line memwior called "my life, my
7:52 pm
story, my redemption." maurice joins us from the town where he earned his football glory, columbus, ohio. how is life now, maurice? >> life is wound will. life is wound l. my faith is in the right place. my relationship with my daughter is in the right place. >> you talk about the growth you had in your personal life since your period behind bars. but what is it about so many urban youngsters like yourself , you get drafted into big league programs like ohio state or into the pros, and yet it seems like in someways, maurice, and correct me if i'm wrong, you can take the kid out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the kid. >> i just believe it is a process of growth. i think a lot of times when we the cultureand growing up in seems to dictate the attitude you use to survive on a day-to-day basis. a lot of times the athletic
7:53 pm
league escalates. in my self-discovery process i realize what i didn't have throughout the process of growing up. my mother was a great woman. she provided for us, but a lot of what goes on in the inner cities is just a lot of misguided energy. some guys fall into it and the image we try to uphold in the neighborhoods, and in my case i had the same mentality going to play football at ohio state. i didn't understand how maurice clarett fit into the big picture. it was about me and
7:54 pm
being from somebo who went down the same roads in order to have some level of growth in your life. >> let me ask you this, maurice, you are drafted by ohio state. there you are a perennial football power house indeed winning the championship in your freshman year and favored to win it again. were they more interested in your football skills than you as a person? did they give you any kind of counseling? did they try to make a surrogate father for you for you to help you walk the straight and narrow? >> my biggest influence at ohio state was coach trestle. coach mentored me throughout the entire process, but then again like the person has to be able to receive it. my thing is the life coach wanted me to live was supportive. it was the life i was supposed to live. the image i had with my friends and my peers or with family members was more important at that time than my career.
7:55 pm
it is crazy to hear it come out of my mouth, but my reputation to my peers meant more to me at that time. i didn't get -- i didn't understand the significance or i didn't believe it would come from my behavior with the lifestyle. >> maurice, aaron hernandez was of -- was a gang banger from bristol, connecticut. like you he seems to have more importance on impressing his old neighborhood corner buddies than on his life. how can you and ohio state and aaron hernandez assuming these charges against him are true, how do you throw away that opportunity to instead embrace the values of the street? >> you have no understanding you are throwing it away. i am not about to assume aaron hernandez is guilty. i don't know the facts of the case. i really don't know anything outside a few things i have seen on tv. what i will say, it is the
7:56 pm
only life you know. i can only say it like that. a person can only do or function in the capacity in which they are. that's the only thing i knew. sometimes what goes on in the inner city is deemed wrong because of the dynamics of a lifestyle. like your irresponsible behavior is not irresponsible in your inner city or the neighborhood in which you live in because there is a different set of rules that govern that environment. when you leave that environment and you get into an ohio state or anywhere else or whatever college campus these guys land on, the behavior it that you have formed over 16, 17 years that dominates you, those are still in play. you don't know how to distinguish who is good and who is bad. you can't blame the guys around you because they don't know any better. it is like a caw loss sal failure. >> my life, my story, my
7:57 pm
redemption. how do people find is it? >> maurice clarett it basically shows the growth mentally. when i give it to people it is the same difference. i give it to people and say this is where i i was at and i still continue to grow. >> i appreciate you coming on. >> thanks for having my. >> maurice, good luck to you. >> one point i want to end with for all of the violence in pro foot loll, -- football players players are no more prone to violent crime than the rest of us, but when they screw up like aaron hernandez apparently did, they let everyone down and not just their family. that's it for us. thank you for watching. have a great week. good night.
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welcome to "red eye." it is like the man in the iron mask if by iron mask you mean latex cat suits. it is not for sale, so return it when you are done. now to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. coming up, warner brothers announces that ben affleck will be the next actor to play batman. our allstar panel debates. and reaction to the news that ben affleck will be batman in the man of steel sequel. and finally who will be the next batman? stick around to find out. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> we are doing a lot of other stories besides that one. >> are we? >> we are doing one about how hate crimes


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