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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 27, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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keep sending them over to us. be sure to logon to fox and friends to see all of your dog pictures. >> look forward to seeing those every day this week. thanks so much. and fox and friends ostarts rigt now. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, august 27th, 20 it 13. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us today. big news today because syria, well, it's crossed the president's red line, but what will the president do about it now? this morning he's building a case for a military strike. so will american troops be sent, will it be something else? all the developing details straight ahead for you. and the department of homeland security worker put on administrative leave for running a racist website is now doubling down on his messages of hate. why he says the war has already begun. so why can't he just be fired? because by the way, we're still paying him. and the battle of the sexes.
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remember that tennis match? it was his tore rib and it was rigged? the bombshell that could change history. >> that was an amazing report. >> right. fox and friends starts now. ♪ so the mob got into the billy jean king/bobby rig thing? >> it's inconclusive still, but an amazing report that has never been uncovered. >> we know bobby rigs loved to gamble and he said if you can forgive that dead, i'll throw the match. how would you feel if you're billy jean king, play the match of your life, it's historic and then all of a sudden someone says it's fixed. >> she says it's just a load of you know what. >> she did in the interview.
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and it was really inconclusieni in the end. >> but if you want to know how persuasive bobby rigs can be, watch him on the odd couple. if you watch that, if you've seen the odd couple episode -- >> there actually is one? >> it is unbelievably funny. >> back in the day. so it's good to be back and we have some news to tell you about today. because students at sandy hook elementary head back to school this morning to a new location, a new building. the school has been closed since the suspected gunman adam lanza killed 26 and himself last guess. there is a plan to demolish the school and build a new one, but residents still need to vote. a brave girl who captured the heart of the nation finally going home. sarah murnaghan will be released from the hospital today of a her a double lung transplant. she was dying of cystic fibrosis when her family successfully fought the rules that kept her
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off the adult transplant list. she still needs a machine to help her breathe and is walking short distances now with a walker. there a big problem with president obama's universal preschool program. there won't be enough money to fund it. that's because the $80 billion price tag over the next ten years will be funded by a 98% increase on tobacco taxes, but the problem is not enough people smoke to keep the program running. >> what's wrong with america? >> light up. to real life love story. an ohio couple dies 11 hours apart on the same day in the same room. family members believe harold willed himself to stay by his wife's side until they could at that time next step in that are journey together. he went first, she followed 11 hours later. their grandson will join us live at 8:50 a.m.. >> what a story. looks like we'll do something. john kerry went out yesterday and spoke with remarkable
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passion about the moral obscenity of al assad using chemical weapons on his people. and now this morning the united kingdom also in the form of david cameron says the united kingdom is considering proportional response. we'll do something, it sounds like, but what. >> and the president is getting everyone ready, had a huge meeting yesterday and said let's do a summary and explain to the american people and the rest of the world why we're going to need to take some action. and what the reasoning is behind it. i don't think he's going to the u.n.. i don't think he's going to the congress. which is amazing because president bush was the cowboy. he went to the u.n. and congress. but chemical skal weapons definitely there. 1 #,000 tons. what are we targeting, what is our goal? are we looking to make sure assad is out or looking to turn the country over to the rebels,
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are we looking to hurt assad, are we looking to accepted a message to the rest of the world? >> too many options. >> looks like two to three days of bombing, tomahawk myself iss. >> the united kingdom also making military contingency plans now breaking news this morning that david cameron, prime minister there, has left his vacation early, has gone back to london so no doubt he's getting ready, as well, to speak to the president to talk about exactly what they're going to do. last night there was a lengthy assessment, but it's a good one, on what the options are for the united states now that we're two years in to this situation. here they are. >> the president has two choices if he does an attack which he looks like he's going to do. he can do a demonstration of conscience or he can do a strategic maneuver. it is not about him, it's not the about his manhood, not about
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showing the world that he's strong. this is about whether the united states is going to try to alter the course of the war. if it's not, then he shouldn't do anything. to do a strike or two that destroys a building or would would be worse than useless. when our embassies were attacked in kenya and tanzania in 1998, clinton came out i think he was also in the sven yard, he lobbed a few missiles into empty tanks in afghanistan, it showed the world he was unserious. after that was 9/11. >> i think he has a real credibility problem in his own mind if he doesn't do something. that doesn't mean he has the sleetest idea what the strategic effect of the use of military force will be. i think that red line quotation one year ago a few months before the 2012 election was one of those rhetorical flourishes that the president likes. he never thinks through the implications. we're now going to have military action, i think that's almost
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unavoidable. we have no idea what its impact will be inside syria. >> israelis came out and they have this thing called incredible continin-credi in-credible intelligence. they have a bomb called an agent defeater. the bomb shreds the chemical storage containers in a rain of metal darts and then in-sip rates the chemicals with white phosphorus. so you could destroy all their chemical weapons instantly. >> but you're banking on the fact that they're not moving chemical weapons right now. do you think syria is just sitting around waiting for the united states? they're probably acting, probably moving the weapons right now. >> if they are moving them, i'm sure that we probably have people on the ground or some drones or something like that keeping an eye on them. in the "wall street journal" today, bret stevens has one other option sand that is you have to kill assad. his top lieutenants and his family, as well. anybody who might have a line of
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power. and he writes how can the united states be so bloody minded? remember president obama ran his second term boasting how he got osama bin laden. sure we might miss going after assad. but you might hit him. and if you do, you end the civil war. >> i also would thinks one thing about charles's philosophy is solid, of course he's the deepest thinker you know. but there is something about a guy who lives in a palace who if you could destroy the pal lasz, take out the department of commerce, he's living a life of luxury. he didn't feel the war. if he's sleeping on a mattress and working off stack tables, i think he'll start to feel some of the pain of this ongoing civil war. i think that would send a message. >> make him feel like college student. >> i bet a lot of money on the fact that that is not the plan they're crafting. i think it will be less severe, just try and do something to send a message before they would go anywhere near trying to take out assad. >> ralph peters writes you might as well teach a snake to juggle as have the obama administration
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think strategically. so stand by. now the latest on the senseless murder of world war ii hero delbert belton. the second suspect caught after an intense manhunt and he'll be in court for the first time. anna coyman has more. >> good morning. that's right, in a few hours, 167-year-old kinard will be facing a judge. he faces life behind bars. he's charged with first-degree murder and robbery. he was caught early yesterday morning after a manhunt in washington state. where? hiding in a basement apartment. kinard's father is defending his son. >> he's 00 very good kid and i'm proud of him and i'm not giving up on him. no matter what, they can't tell me my son is a up. no matter what, they can't tell me my son is a killer.proud of up on him. no matter what, they can't tell me my son is a killer. >> the other suspect demetrius glenn was in court yesterday and being held on $2 million bond. he surrendered to police last week. glenn also being tried as an
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adult for murder degree murder and robbery. >> you do the crime, you serve the time. i hope they understand the magnitude of what they did, that they are somewhat sorry or remorseful for having done this. >> and police now say the teenagers beat belton into submission with flashlights simply because the 88-year-old veteran tried to defend himself. and another tragic detail we're learning this morning, the assault left him bleeding from every single part of his face. >> terrible. all right. let's talk a little bit about this. got a thumb of e-mails on this late yesterday. have you heard about this department of homeland security employee, worked for i.c.e. ever since 2009. he has been placed on administrative leave because among his other duties, he was also running a racist website
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called war on horizon where they talk about in order for black people to survive the 21st century, we'll have to kill a lot of white people. his co-workers afraid of him. clearly he is a racist. and now he's on administrative leave with pay. >> since 2009? >> no, he's just been placed on it. he's been an employee since 2009. >> oh, my goodness. because i thought if he'd been on -- that would be a huge story for five years being paid. but still a ridiculous story. why can he not be left go? is this the culture of political correctness that we're so scared to release people because of the ramifications and what might be the end result. it seems that -- i don't want to pronounce his name incorrectly. he says the war is on now. he is not going anywhere. and that he believes what he is doing is completely okay. >> and he uses terms like uncle tom, white sex offenders and
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zionist small acts. so this is a guy who we're still on the fence with what to do with. amazing what you have to do in this world if you work for the wrong department or the right department to get fired. >> reminds me of nidal hasan. remember how many warning signs the federal government had with regard to the scary stuff he was talking about, psychiatrist saying i believe in radical islam and i'll harm people here in the united states. and look what happened. it's the same maybe potential kind of situation. >> i don't know the answer to this, but is he a member of a union? maybe his union is protecting him in that job. but what's interesting is i.c.e. is very clear, they say we do not condone any type of hateful rhetoric or violence of any kind against anybody. >> reading between the lines, that was a go sign to the brain room. >> take his side for a minute. he's on paid leave, so he won't suffer. >> absolutely. he's absolutely learned his lesson since he put that on facebook yesterday. >> why do you think the government has kept this by on
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they defend our freedoms overseas and around the world, but when they come home, our military veterans struggle a different kind of battle, getting the benefits they earn from the federal government. in fact in the year 201 1, the backlog rose 155%. meanwhile the claims processors got more than $5 million in bonuses for doing such a good
3:17 am
job. how in the heck does that happen? the ceo of concerned vets for america joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> and it's worse. we've been detailing it here on the channel how bad it's been, how people need benefits, they contact the government, and it's worse. how bad was it? >> pretty bad and still bad. it's worse the backlog was high he than 600,000. today it's 475,000 veterans waiting in line just for an can initial response. and that's not the appeal backlog. you have another quarter mill waiting for appeals. >> that's yeah we got your note. >> we received your note, this is what we think you might qualify for. and as far as the bonuses are concerned, there is very little for incentives to deliver on outcomes. they're incentivized for process more paper, which means the easy claims they do quickly and the longer more complex claims get pushed to the side and not addressed. >> see, that's the most shocking
3:18 am
things. you'd think the government just goes in order. we got this one, let's deal with it. it's the easy stuff. just sign off on this, but if somebody needed more documentation -- >> i get points toward my bonus for this one, but this will take me all day so that goes aside or shuffle to another regional office. so the overperforming offices get more activity, underperforming ones don't. for example baltimore and oakland, some of of the worst offices have given out the largest bonuses. so the incentives are perverse. and almost impossible for v.a. employees to be fired regards of their performance. >> is this another one of those union things? >> a little bit. the question we ask is who are you with, the work who are can't be fired or the veteran being underserved. at some point you have to emyou power leadership of these regional offices to hire and fire as necessary. if you're underperforming, you're out. because you who loses out, veterans. veterans who have served the country, have earned the benefits and they wait in line over and over again and no one gets fired.
3:19 am
>> the government says they will do a better job. >> don't they always. and they have said that with the v.a. backlog. now it will be fixed in 2015. internally there is already questions about whether that will happen. more money does that equal more results. >> but if you need help right now, you need it right now. >> that's right. >> pleasure to have you here. >> good to be here. coming up on this tuesday morning, bradley manning wants to live the rest of his life as a woman. and wait until you hear what the new york times is doing to make sure he gets his or her way. and obamacare will have men and women paying the same amount for health care. but since women live longer, shouldn't they pay more? we'll tackle that coming up. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible. made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex.
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welcome back. women have always paid more than men for health insurance, but a new guideline in obamacare would change that. you like this story. >> let's see how it ends. many argue since women's health costs are higher and they live longer, they should continue to pay more. joining us, chairman of urology. women should pay more? >> it's not bias. i'm not saying this as a man, but i think that they are using the system a lot more than we are. so they go through a lot of prevent differenpre prevent difference screening, they give birth, pap smears. 70% of health care decisions are made by women. it's the women that bring the guys that say go get screened.
3:24 am
>> but shouldn't that earn us a discount, that we're responsible for getting our men to come to the doctor? and what about the fact that women because they do all this preve preventive care maybe their health issues cost less than men's who don't come to crisis until it's a big deal? >> except women live longer. women live until 81 and men only live to 76. so we're using the health care system much less. also our bodies are completely different. you're more susceptible to stress factors, to other things. and women use the system a lot more. so it costs us more. but i think to fix the whole insurance companies and health system, you have to get the third payor party out of this. if you pay for it, that would be the way to go. we should all have some catastrophic insurance for hospitals, but when it comes to your cat scans, x-rays, doctors,
3:25 am
you have to come in with your credit card or cash and say i would like to see the doctor. that would take care of all of this stuff. by including men in to this and make you pay as much as gretchen is, that's not the a fair system. she sees her doctor all the time. when was the last time you went to see your doctor? >> two years ago. >> and you? >> i've had lyme disease for the last ten days. >> that's what happens. so you're basically paying for her. >> wait a minute p i paid for high lyme disease appointments. i didn't call brian and say spot me 20. >> but based on the new system, they're trying to make every pay the same. >> and it's not right you're saying. because in this case, it's not equal. women are here locknger. you have a better time on earth than we do. you have section years of heaven where you have no men around. >> that's right. we go to our ire roll gueyou'ru age of 45 or 50. and i think the whole system is not working well. this is one of the examples
3:26 am
where men and women are totally -- there is a sex difference when it comes to the health care use. but i really think if you pay for it, you're going to negotiate. finding out where is the best doctor, where are you going to get the better deal on all these extras. that's how you have save money. >> for example maternity costs, that's one of the biggest costs. >> big time. >> but men and women have babies together. so shouldn't men -- >> not always. >> but shouldn't -- just because the mom is now a single mom potentially, shouldn't the man also be responsible for those costs? >> there is no question that we are paying our own dues. there is no doubt about it. and i agree it's a shared responsibility. but just the way the system are. in my field, we only have the prostate. women are breasts, ovary, uterrous, they get checked in every part -- >> yeah. >> now is a good time for you -- >> 1-800-god. can we change the organs of the woman so that she doesn't cost so much? >> hey, guys, we have to counter with some body parts. yell them out.
3:27 am
nothing? i didn't think so. >> we'll see how this will pan out. >> one time in which obamacare says everyone equal when they really are not. thanks, doctor. coming up, the price you pay for guns and ammo about to sky rocket if democrats apparently get their way. details on the bill that would woo tr would trigger brand new taxes. and are the feds helping homeowners? stewart var any ney talking to . stewart var any ney talking to . [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endless shrimp. t's as much as you like, any way you like. try classic garlic shrimp scampi and more. only $15.99, offer ends soon. so come in and sea food differently. now, try seven lunch choices for $7.99. sandwiches, salads and more
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♪ take a close look at the shot of the morgue. a man riding the rails in russia gets his leg stuck in the train door. no one heard his cries for help and he was taken for a wild ride. thankfully the 78-year-old managed to free himself before the train went into the tunnel. what part of his leg is stuck? his pant leg or his foot? >> like an episode of underdog.
3:32 am
again, another russian video. >> you can still get underdog? >> no, because he takes a pill. >> that's his super energy pill. >> it's legal, over the the counter, but it's a bad message to kids to take a pill.the counter, but it's a bad message to kids to take a pill.he counter, but it's a bad message to kids to take a pill.e counter, but it's a bad message to kids to take a pill. counter, but it's a bad message to kids to take a pill. >> is that why you seriously can't find it? >> if i'm wrong, tell me. but i believe i believe that that's the only reason why underdog is not a bigger star. >> that and a went offer t the 30 years ago. 28 before the top of the hour on this tuesday. >> trying to decide if the ft. hood shooter get in for life or death are in for more emotional testimony today. >> we expect more of that emotional powerful testimony today. army process cute tors plan to call another seven witnesses.
3:33 am
prosecutors have to show an aggravating circumstance.cute t call another seven witnesses. prosecutors have to show an aggravating circumstance. they're using testimony from family members of the 13 people who were gunned down here on post in 2009. we heard from one widow yesterday who described trying to tell her 2-year-old son that daddy was dead, really powerful stuff here this morning. we also heard from soldiers who described the emotional and physical wounds that they still continue to live with every day. as for hasan, he showed little to know emotion yesterday. we do expect things to get back on track after court recessed early due to his medical issues. so still a lot to keep our eyes on here at ft. hood. back to you. >> you have to figure he wants death, he wants to an martyr. >> but if you say to yourself don't give him what he want, i don't you want to pay for him to live another 45 years in jail? it will cost us millions to keep
3:34 am
him alive. meanwhile, other stories making headlines. we begin with gun other thanown under fire again. danny davis and will criminal psscrell pushing for major tax hikes. the bill would nearly double the tax on handguns and raise the ammo tax from 11% to 50%. lawmakers say it will generate $600 million a year to help prevent gun violence. advocates, though, vow to fight the bill. >> michigan wildlife officials shot a bear after 12-year-old abby weatherell was attacked. >> it took me down with its paw. i tried to kick it off me and i was screaming and like trying to guard my face and testistuff. it was bigger than me, 200 pounds maybe if that. >> but there's a problem. wrong bear.
3:35 am
the dna did not match samples taken from the clothing. abby had to get nearly 100 stitches, but doing pretty good. bradley manning wants to live his life now as a woman. and the "new york times" happy to help? starting today, the paper will refer to him as chelsea manning. bradley asked to be called chelsea one day after he received 35 years behind bars for leak classified documents to wikileaks. you can see how he looks there as his newfound chelsea. meanwhile it's one ugly answer. contestant in the miss philippines pageant has people talking. listen to her answer when asked which of the five senses she would prefer to have. >> seeing is the best sense that we can ever see because seeing is believing. and believing into what you see is perfect. and out of all the senses, seeing would really be wonderful
3:36 am
because -- thank you. that will be it. >> thank you so much. >> yeah, thank you so much. by the way, she did not win the crown. and those are your headlines from around the world. let's go over to brian who has some updates on the heisman winner johnny manziel. >> yes, but i'm into seeing what happens. johnny manziel on the hot seat? you bet. the texas a&m quarterback met with officials for six hours. it's not known if there will be another meeting. manziel is accused of taking payments f s fos for selling mea items that would violate ncaa policy. brand new allegations that the battle of the sexes between billy jean king and bobby riggs
3:37 am
was rigged. king score him in 1973, but a country club worker says he witnessed a meeting between riggs and the mafia. he says riggs agreed to lose to settle a $100,000 gambling debt. king won the same amount of money for winning. she's shooting down the allegations. one america's biggest speed skating stars side lined from next year's winter olympics because simon cho was suspended for two years after admitting to tampering with the skates of a canadian rival. cho initially denied it, but later blamed it on pressure from the coach. haven't we been through this before? 1-800-nancy kerrigan. right? >> who do you have coming up? >> we have gretchen carlson, jennifer griffen and the latest on the war with syria, and janice dean has a great new book out. yesterday she brought all her children, stole the show. >> they are noisy. >> and nice.
3:38 am
>> absolutely. the new book is called freddie the frogcaster. and now to an extreme weather alert. fire crews making progress against the raging wildfire newer yosemite national park. still more than 234 square miles have burned. that's roughly the size of chicago. you can see the wind whipping the flames above the sequoias. 3,000 men and women are inside the fire zones where the heat can reach more than 800 degrees. >> firefighters also struggling to protect a huge reservoir in san francisco. it supplies 85% of the city's water being slowly polluted with ash. maria has the latest. >> it's a very tough situation out there across parts of california. really the reason is because we have very steep terrain where the wildfire is located. so that makes it tougher for
3:39 am
firefighters to combat the wildfires. and we're also looking at the actual wildfire generating either own winds. so we have erat tech winds and also talk about drought conditions continuing across parts of california. severe drought conditions still in place, so you do have that dry brush in place to continue to fuel the wildfire. we do have areas of rain forecast for parts of southern california, nevada, even up into utah, but most of that rain isn't going to be helping out the wildfire. and temperature-wise, the center of the country, take a look at rapid city, 97 degrees, 96 for so many other cities, as well, from chicago to kansas city and even up into sections of minnesota. so gretchen in your home state, minnesota, it will be a hot one today and over the next several days. >> it's so funny when they say i didn't know minnesota can get so hot. >> yeah, it's still summer out there. so not that unusual, but it is a little bit above average for this time of the year. >> it is indeed.
3:40 am
thank you very much. meanwhile, a brand new twist in the foreclosure crisis sending shockwaves through the financial system. in richmond, california, they want to seize houses worth less than their current mortgage using eminent domain where necessary and then refinance the homes for less than their current value. is that legal? stewart, is that the correct use of eminent domain? >> in my opinion, no. this is a vast extension of government power. let me repeat how it works. the city of richmond seizes privately held mortgages. about 620 of them. it cuts those mortgages, cuts the amount that's owed, and then resells those mortgages to other investors. the homeowners get lower short ganlg payments. arguably the neighborhoods win because there are fewer abandoned homes. but the losers here are those people who own those mortgages.
3:41 am
they have been seized by the government and cut down in size. and would you invest in the future in innercity mortgages if this can happen to you? if the government just take off you? >> who owns the mortgages? >> the banks and/or other invest to yous to whom they have been resold. i don't know exactly who these people are, but 620 mortgages which are being seized by the government. >> do you think it's hostile? i'm trying to make the payments, and all of a sudden the bank takes it back. >> is this what the rules on emnents doue imminent domain are all about? the government seizing private property not for the public good, but private people who will then buy these cheaper mortgages. i think it's not the right way to go. >> here is as it is defined. the power of the government to appropriate private property for public use. >> public use.
3:42 am
>> but this would be private property for private use. >> in my opinion, yes. arguably they're saying the public good because these neighborhoods won't be blighted with foreclosed and an about a do th abandoned homes. i'm not buying it. >> it will be interesting to see if wiit happens because other cities are looking at it. so it could become a trend. >> you'll sweep the table. this could happen across the country if it's allowed in richmond. >> i just heard the banks never want these houses back because then they have to sell the houses and that's not what they do. >> whose side are you on? >> the side of good. can i look without turning on you you? if you challenge the mighty stewart varney.
3:43 am
what a rift. tv news will run with that. >> thank you very much, steve. >> you're welcome. >> and gretchen. >> i have no idea where i factor into this right now. coming up, the project could create thousands of jobs, so why are we hearing about another delay for the keystone pipeline? and then the statistics are staggering. 2 million recalled cars that were not fixed are being sold to unsuspecting drivers. what you need to know so it doesn't happen to you. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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that help nascar win with our fans. (announcer) bring the adventure to their bowl with a whole world of exciting flavs. final decision on the keystone pipeline not expected until 2014? the state department won't have its final report then. are they out of toner? it has short because it crosses the canadian border. the pine line would create 6,000
3:47 am
jobs, but why have people work. and the rodeo clown under fire for wearing a mask of president obama breaking his silence. >> i didn't think anything more of it than what we've done 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago when we've done it with bush and clinton and ronald reagan. >> yeah, no outpouring of anger then. tuffy says he's receiving numerous death threats. some lawmakers say the president's seemingly endless seizure of power is pushing them closer to impeachment. here is tom coburn last week. >> you have to establish the criteria that would qualify for proceedings against the president. and that'simpeachment. i don't have the legal background to know if that rises to high crimes and misdemeanors, but i think they're getting perilously close.
3:48 am
>> and our next guest says this could soon become a reality, co-author of impeachable defenses joins me thousanow. why do you believe president obama may actually face impeachment? >> i don't think it's such apout there claim. president obama has gone around congress, has created his own de facto law from releasing illegal aliens from jail through setting the tone for immigration reform when congress failed to pass the dream act through many questions that a lot of people have about obamaca obamacare. i show how obama has been changing some of the law like with the premiums, with the exchanges, so, yes, it went to the supreme court, but there are still constitutional questions specifically about the way thats's been enacted through benghazi, possible gun running to jihadists, questions that need to be asked there, through fast and furious. and that's just the beginning of
3:49 am
the many not only scandals, but very specific possible impeachable offenses and end runs around congress. >> so for you it's the end around congress, the executive orders that have you upset and you think that that's an impeachable offense? >> i'm not upset. i'm making the case journalistic me. this is not about politics. it's not about summer camp and it's the red team versus the blue team and the red team happens to have more people in the senate, so impeachment is not feasible. to me this is about the rule of law. does the president have the ability to go around congress and create de facto law on so many issues or not. and if so -- >> let me challenge you for a minute. don't all presidents do that didn't president bush have a lot of executive orders, as well? >> yeah, but in general an executive order is to define existing law. what president obama has done and it's not really me accusing him, i quote constitutional scholars, i quote organizations from across the political
3:50 am
spectrum. even the aclu, a lot of people have concerned here. i've heard from progressive leaders by the way who are concerned about some of the chapters on surveillance. so it's executive order not to define law, but to release criminal illegals in the past or to set the tone for immigration reform when congress failed to pass the dream act and that's just the beginning. >> you can find out all it documented in your new book. and you'll make sure every member of congresses that when they come back from break. >> oh, yeah. hand delivering it. >> aaron klein, good to see you. coming up, george zimmerman wants the state of florida to pay up. should the taxpayers have to foot the bill? we'll take you inside the law on that. and then the stats are staggering. 2 million recalled cars that were not fixed are being sold to unsuspecting drivers. what you need to know so it doesn't happen to you. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> brian: you checked your tire and oils. then one thing you might be forgetting. fewer than one third of recalled cars get fixed before they're back on the lot. what can you do to make sure you're never behind the wheel of a clunker, a car that should have been recalled and ignored? we're asking our auto expert, doug browner. i get those cars in the mail. we have a recall on a part. i never remember to do it. >> you're not alone. more than a third of all recalled cars are never fixed. this is really dangerous, brian, because a lot of these cars have safety issues and consumers just don't feel empowered. >> brian: if they're not getting fixed and then i sell my car. i sell it to you and you think, it sounds like it's running good, but i've ignored three or four recalls or never got the notice. >> as a used car buyer, you may
3:55 am
not have any idea. now your family is at risk. people have to remember, you're not recalling -- the auto maker is not recalling the buyer. they're recalling the car. >> brian: they still i'm living at the same address when i was 18. they don't look to follow up. this is what you say to do. locate your vin number. where is that? >> everywhere. most noticeably on the dash. if you're looking from outside the window down, it's basically the car's social security number. it's also on the front of the engine block, on the front of the frame. it's also on your registration. you need to know what that 17-digit number is. >> brian: then you have the dealer, even if i'm buying a used car. what will they find? >> i would call the local dealer right away, read them that 17-digit number and see if there are any open and active recalls and remember, you don't need to be the original owner of the vehicle.
3:56 am
>> brian: right. if i feel i have my car and i have ignored my recalls, i can still go back. is there a sunset on in that recall? >> brian: rarely. they may tell you it expired, but i would challenge that. the dealer will get reimbursed from the auto maker. so this is something the local dealer should want to do. >> brian: i find it fascinating that you not only know about new cars, you also fix cars. you have three repair shops? >> yeah. i'm an auto mechanic. i'll go home and do an oil change. they got me waxing your car outside. >> brian: i appreciate that. you better hurry up and get back. you got two hours to finish up. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up in the next hour of our show, first, they went after conservatives. now the irs has a new target. the veterans at the american legion. the details will make you ill. and one direction feeling a little lonely on the red carpet. the usual mobs of fans didn't show up for their movie premiere last night and the boys were not happy. we'll talk to them in the next
3:57 am
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too small. too soft.
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too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. >> gretchen: good morning, >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, august 27, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. let's talk about syria. it's officially crossing the president's red line. will the u.s. send american troops to strike and in what fashion in details on obama's plan straight ahead. >> brian: another teen killer in court fort brutal death of a world war ii veteran. he heads to court as we learn why these teens murdered an 88-year-old war hero. >> steve: and a toddler alive this morning thanks to one brave tourist. >> he was amazed he's still alive. >> steve: this trip to disney turns into a real miracle vacation. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> there is no need to fear. underdog is here! >> steve: there you go, brian. >> gretchen: all right! that's my favorite show. >> brian: did you like the show? >> gretchen: i loved underdog! somebody e-mailed and said tell underdog cartoons can be viewed on youtube. i got to get with it. >> brian: right. you're checking e-mail. am i right, that underdog is not on the air right now because he takes a pill? >> gretchen: i'm not sure if it's because of a pill or because the animation has so far surpassed his abilities. >> steve: it's a good story. like batman has morphed. superman has morphed into new updated things. apparently the whole idea of a super hero that had to pop a pill, maybe that day has come and gone. >> brian: don't say that, please. >> gretchen: what color was the pill? >> steve: green? >> brian: i don't know. what do you mean? >> gretchen: i'm just wondering what color it was.
4:02 am
if you know what color the pill was, e-mail us. >> steve: oh, they'll know. >> brian: you want to know if the pill helps with his ability with polly pure bread. >> gretchen: sorry. just wondering. let us know. in the meantime, we have the news. military jury could decide if the fort hood shooter should get life or death. yesterday the prosecution called more than a dozen witnesses to testify, including a soldier who hasan shot several times. at least 21 cases of the measles now linked to a texas mega church. health officials expect that number to rise. it was triggered by someone who got the disease overseas and then went to the church. the sick range in age from four months to 44 years old. the majority of them were not vaccinated because the church advocates faith healing before medical intervention. pet owners are coming under fire. two congressmen pushing for
4:03 am
major tax hikes on hand guns gud ammunition. the bill would nearly double the 11% tax on hand guns and raise the tax to 50%. lawmakers say it will generate $600 million a year to help prevent gun violence. gun rights advocates vowing to fight the bill. a nine-year-old british boy being hailed a hero for saving the life of a two-year-old girl found face down in a florida hotel pool. he pulled the toddler's head above water and swam her to the edge of the pool where two good samaritans performed cpr. >> i got really scared, so i decided to try and help her. >> how did you know what to do? >> because me and my brother usually practice, if you ever see someone like that, you have to try and help in any way and you breathe by your nose and mouth. >> gretchen: wow. the orange county sheriff's office awarded the hero with a certificate, a medal and free passes to disney for the rest of
4:04 am
his visit to good job. those are your headlines. >> brian: that's great parenting, to raise a kid that young to act like that. meanwhile, the big story out is the president of the united states virtually confirming yesterday, first through the secretary of state and later through a meeting in which he ordered after the meeting led by james clapper to let's summarize everything and let's let everyone know and why there is military, there is -- we are going to have to give a military response to syria use use of chemical weapons. they used it at least twice, almost a year to the day after we told them not to. >> steve: yeah. after the president said if you cross that red line with chemical weapons, we're going to come after you. we've crossed that red line. so what exactly are the options, military wise? sirianos we're up to something. the united kingdom has already said they are ready with a proportional response, john kerry was out yesterday. one of the military option, well, there are a couple. you could target the chemical
4:05 am
weapons stores, but unfortunately, that would not limit the ability to wage war against the people 'cause they would have other things. you could strike at the headquarters, air bases, stuff like that. but then again, you wind up killing the grunts rather than the people in charge. you could do what bill clinton did back in '98 with desert fox where he sent off about 100 tomahawks and said, well, it's all done and essentially it was nothing. or you could actually try to take out assad himself. if you're going to end the civil war, you might as well kill him. >> gretchen: i think that would be the least likely. >> steve: that would be the best thing to do though. >> gretchen: quite possibly. but i don't believe that president obama or mr. cameron will be deciding on doing that just now. the question is, why wasn't there something done before? i think that's what a lot of americans who are following this story now are asking, because if the red line was crossed last year, why was something not done then, because now we're a whole year past and we really don't know who these rebels are.
4:06 am
remember, we got into a similar situation in libya and look what happened there with regard to benghazi and al-qaeda. just totally back and forth there. charles krauthammer is somebody who loves to analyze these types of things and he has a good brain when he analyzes these things and john bolton as well. here are their thoughts. >> the president has two choices if he does an attack which he obviously looks like he'll do. a demonstration of conscious or a strategic maneuver. it is not about him. it's not about his conscience, his manhood. it's not about showing the world that he's strong. this is about whether the united states is going to try to alter the course of the war. if it's not, then he shouldn't do anything. to do a strike or two that destroys a building or two would be worse and useless. when our embassies were attacked in kenya, in tanzania in 1998, clinton came out, i think he was also at martha's vineyard. he lobbed a few missiles in an
4:07 am
empty tent in afghanistan. it showed the world he was unserious. after that was the cole, after that was 9-11. >> i think he has a real credibility problem in his own mind if he doesn't do something. that doesn't mean he has the slightest idea what the strategic effect of the use of military force is going to be. i have think that red line quotation, one year ago, a few months before the 2012 election was one of those rhetorical flourishes that the president likes. he never thinks through the implications. we're now going to have military action. i think that's almost unavoidable. we have no idea what its impact will be inside syria. >> brian: you can target the lead military guard, the in weapons people. they're in separate spots. there is a bomb that supposedly shreds the chemicals and destroys the agents before they can go out. it's a very sophisticated bomb, but i guess the israelis have
4:08 am
it. >> gretchen: the dicey thing is if you destroy their weapon, they can always get them back. 'cause you got russia and north korea who -- and iran, who would probably supply them again with these types of weapons. it's kind of a slippery slope. >> steve: the other thing about assets and that is if they've got a tank here and something over there, these tomahawk missiles or $1.5 million apiece. so we've got to figure out smartly how we're going to use our assets. otherwise the bill would be astronomical. >> brian: the audacity to ask the military to again act while they're giving cut -- being cut to the bone by the tune of billions of dollars on a daily basis. now they got to quick scramble, get four warships over to the gulf, then get tomahawk missiles. keep in mind, too, that i just wonder there is any convoy that left iraq days before the bombing had chemical weapons in it. if there is some return addresses to baghdad. 'cause i have no idea where they
4:09 am
got these chemical weapons from. >> steve: sure. but they've got something like 1,000-tons. proceed with caution. we'll keep you posted. but it seems like something is about to happen. nine minutes after the top of the hour. now the latest on the brutal murder of that world war ii hero delbert belton n. a few hours, the second suspect caught after an intense manhunt will be in court for the first time. anna kooiman joins us now with the latest. >> good morning. that's right. in a few hours, 16-year-old keenen adams kennard will be facing a judge. we learned he will be tried as an adult and faces life behind bars. he is facing first degree murder and robbery charges. he was caught early yesterday morning after a manhunt in washington state. where hiding in a basement apartment. his father defending his son. >> he's a very good kid and i'm proud of him and i'm not giving up on him. no matter what, they can't tell me my son is a killer and i know he's not. >> the other suspect was in
4:10 am
court yesterday. he's being held on $2 million bond. he surrendered to police last week. glenn also being tried as an adult for first-degree murder and robbery. >> you do the crime, you serve the time. i hope they understand the magnitude of what they did, that they are somewhat sorry or remorseful for having done this. >> well, police now are saying the teen-agers beat belton into submission with flashlights simply because the 88-year-old veteran tried to defend himself. gretchen, brian and steve, belton's daughter-in-law says the savage assault left him bleeding from every part of his face. just grotesque details out this morning. >> gretchen: such a sad story. thanks very much for that update. >> brian: i want to hear their explanation. ten minutes after the hour. have you taken a vacation yet? if not, you're probably going to be taking one this week if you'll be able to take one at all this summer. the new question is, how much will you work when you're
4:11 am
supposed to be off? >> steve: sure, that's the thing. if you pick up your black berry or iphone and you check on your e-mails, suddenly even though you might be on a beach somewhere, you're really back at work. so the big question is, do you do is while you're on vacation or do you wait until you get back and then you have to dig out from underneath a gigantic mountain of e-mail? >> gretchen: there is a new poll out. here is what you said about it. do you, the philosophy of e-mail while on vacation? what did we do before e-mail? 46% -- >> brian: we relaxed. >> gretchen: that's true. or brought your paperwork. 46% dig out from under later. i'm stunned by that. 42% keep up with it every day. i would think more people would keep up with it because i think to a certain extent, coming back -- people expect you even when you're on vacation. hate to say it, to conduct business. isn't that overwhelming when you come back and it's all there, too? >> brian: right. you just have to -- for example, i have at and t.
4:12 am
if i travel out of the country, i have service. but nobody else in my family has it. they have verizon. they don't get it. and they're much more relaxed than i am. >> steve: see, if you wait until you get back to work, then the first day or two you can say to the boss, you know what? i got to deal with all this e-mail you sent me. you got monday and tuesday to do all that. >> brian: what do you do? when you go on vacation, do you shut it all down? take the batteries out? or are you checking two or three times and do you feel better because you don't feel like you're getting hyped? >> steve: i just go through it to make sure a family member hasn't called from kansas or somewhere needing me right away. if not, i don't open any of it on vacation. >> brian: every once in a while i get these ones that are nigerian, like this nigh -- urge he wants, like -- >> gretchen: the word i got that
4:13 am
underdog's pill is white, but that did not appear until episode ten. >> steve: i wonder whether or not underdog was on television during color television. could have been during black and white tv. >> brian: that's true. >> gretchen: we watched an episode in the break and it was color. >> brian: straight ahead, first, they went after conservatives. now the irs, brand-new target, our veterans. the brand-new details ahead. >> steve: and then there won't be any freshmen class at one university this fall. that's because every single applicant failed the admission test. we're talking 25,000 students. how is that possible? >> brian: is it a trick question? >> steve: stick around. "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york city in two minutes [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made. [ pop muzak plays ]
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>> steve: well, another scandal from the irs. the agency accused of targeting conservative, tea party groups is now going after our nation's heros. the irs apparently forcing the american legion to adhere to a strict audit manual or face a really big fine every day. joining us now is the legislative director at the american legend, retired u.s. army master sergeant louis shelly, live from houston where the legion will hold their 95th annual convention. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> steve: we talked about this yesterday. now the american legion is being targeted by the irs? >> we are. we're extremely disturbed by this. if it's one thing that military members know how to do, it's follow regulations. the irs regulation that they publish in order to tell posts how to conduct business specifically says that all they have to do is have a list of their members with a list of the discharge dates. it doesn't mention anything about keeping any type of
4:18 am
discharge forms, dd 2-14 charge paperwork. no reason we would want to keep that information on our membership. >> steve: absolutely. and so we're going to put up right now the irs guidelines. apparently you must provide membership applications, discharge forms, and documents. okay. you always thought it was just a list of the guys and gals who served. but now you got to have all this stuff and in many cases, it probably does not exist with each of the members, right? >> that's true. as a matter of fact, our active duty members, they don't have discharge paperwork because they have not yet been discharged. but they're still eligible for membership in our organization. >> steve: yeah. of course, this all has to do with the tax exempt status and that unit was run by lois lerner. >> that's correct. >> steve: who is currently on administrative leave. she's drawing a paycheck even though she's the one who apologized to tea party and conservative groups for targeting them.
4:19 am
i think she owes you an apology as well for targeting you guys. >> and the truth of the matter is, the regulation that they're using to inspect us is in contrast with the regulation that they're giving us to set up our paperwork system. they tell us that all we need is a list, yet then they come in with an inspection document that says that we have to provide documents that they never told us we need to do maintain in the first place. >> steve: has anybody ever suggested that you had people on your list, on your membership roles who were not entitled to the benefits of the american legion? >> never. since 1919, we've been a veteran service organization that has never had any type of problem with the irs with regard to members being on our roles or on our books that have not deserved the opportunity to be there. >> steve: it is a crazy story and it's too bad they're targeting the men and women of the american legion. that's what it appears is happening. master sergeant louis shelly, thank you very much and good luck with your convention, sir.
4:20 am
>> thank you very much. >> steve: all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us. it is now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. george zimmerman wants the state of florida to pay up. should the taxpayers have to foot the bill? we're going to report and you will decide. and one direction feeling lonely on the red carpet. the usual mobs of fans did not show up to their movie premiere last night. what the heck happened? we'll tell you, 'cause we showed up show-stopping glamour. a little leopard, a lot of roar. our most fabulous jacket collection. only at chico's and down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy.
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4:23 am
>> gretchen: i'm excited to do math. news by the numbers. first, $300,000. that's how much george zimmerman is asking the state of florida to reimburse him.
4:24 am
a state statute allows defendants who win their cases to recoup their legal costs. next, $546. that's how much a patient was charged for a bag of salt water for an i.v. that's 200 times more than it cost to make the six liters of water and 54-grams of salt. finally, 25,000. that's the number of students that's the number of students who took the admission test for the university of liberia and failed. that means there will be no freshman class this fall. what was on the test that all 25,000 people would fail? got to find that out. >> brian: we'll look into it. you're not done yet. >> gretchen: in the meantime, it's been a busy week so far for boy band, one direction. first each night at the vma's on sunday and now a new documentary, which profiles their three-year rise to fame. ♪ >> it's a life change. >> it's amazing. >> we tried to stay away from
4:25 am
the typical boy band things. >> a choreographed routine. >> a bit tight. ♪ as a group, there are people to share an experience with. >> brian: mike is here, in the fox light. he was at the premiere of the documentary and the boy band was on the red carpet. was there a big showing? >> you know, not what i expected. usually for this kind of thing, you expect pandemonium, thousands of girls. but security was so insanely tight and they almost discouraged people -- their own fans from seeing the group. they put up fences around the whole premiere and covered them in black. >> steve: that's crazy because last week they had close to 20,000 people at a concert on the street here in new york city. >> yeah. i think this may have driven some of the thinking behind it in terms of crowd control and all that. but we were there.
4:26 am
there was still a lot of fans there. they did go nuts as you would expect. what a ride this group has had. since 2010, five individual singers went on britain's x factor and simon cowell said you guys would be better as a group. they're number one in 50 countries. they won strong this summer, which is a little controversial. we caught up with all five last night and asked them -- cameras follow these guys all around. what more could fans possibly see? they told us along with ha they thought of miley cyrus disney theme -- >> very vanilla. >> what happened to hannah montana? >> she's got the best of both worlds. >> gretchen: wow. it wasn't quite disney at all. what is this as far as a trend? it seems like a trend where justin bieber did a movie documentary about his life, how
4:27 am
he came to fame. now one direction. is this going to be -- >> yeah. keeps the ball rolling. they signed on for a big multi-stadium tour for 2014. they were shooting last night. so one expects that they will be -- a follow-up. >> steve: they're good. >> yeah. >> steve: the music is cheery and happy. >> they're nice, grounded guys. >> brian: so far. it didn't seem staged. it seemed real. you felt like you got behind the scenes? >> up close and personal, and it was fun. it moved quickly. it's 90 minutes. great for the kids. >> brian: where do we get your interview? >> in the from the photos last night, follow me on twitter. >> steve: you just always are working. >> gretchen: thanks. coming up, fox news alert. we followed her fight for a lung transplant from the start. now sarah murnaghan about to leave the hospital. we're live coming up. >> brian: then, is this really what a college education gets you these days? >> what year did we sign the
4:28 am
declaration of independence? >> i don't know any of this stuff. >> 1964? >> 1776! >> gretchen: yikes. >> brian: unfortunately, there was more where that came from. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible. made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex.
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4:32 am
♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ ♪ don't tip the boat over ♪ don't rock the boat >> gretchen: that's so awesome. it's your shot of the morning. a real whale of a tale. some kayakers off the coast of california were whale watching when the 40-foot long humpback came right up to them. experts say they were likely looking for lunch. the kayakers were not for lunch. >> steve: let me get this straight. we hate anchovies on pizza, but they love them? >> brian: yeah. how do they get them out of the can? >> steve: that's why the kayakers are there. >> brian: i have no idea. a humpback whale on a tuesday. >> gretchen: now to the rest of the stories making headlines. he went to get his wisdom teeth pulled. he wound up dying in the chair. an autopsy revealed 24-year-old man was given six different kinds of sedatives and went into cardiac arrest.
4:33 am
his mother wants the surgeon held accountable. >> i don't want anybody else to have to go through what we have gone through. it is an absolutely senseless mistake. there was not a thing any emt, any surgeon, anybody at any hospital was going to do. everything that happened took place in that office. >> gretchen: the doctor has not commented. the victim's family plans to take legal action. >> brian: bradley manning wants to live his life as a woman. he said that. the "new york times" is happy to help. starting today the paper will call him chelsea manning, so don't be deceived. bradley asked to be called chelsea one day after he received 35 years behind bars for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. he could be out in nine years. could be out in nine years as chelsea. >> steve: she could be out. meanwhile, we followed the story of the pig on "fox & friends." a family in new york fighting to
4:34 am
keep their beloved pig. now the family has been hit with a lawsuit from other residents in their co-op who claim petey the pig is dangerous. the health department of new york ordered him out. the family says there is no way they will say good-bye to him. >> come here, petey. >> he's a pet to all of us. >> brian: what would it mean if he was sent away? >> it would mean a lot 'cause we really love him. >> steve: part of the family. the family has a pig because one child is allergic to cats and dogs, so they got a pig. >> brian: judge shapiro had a pig for years. >> steve: george clooney. >> brian: they raised the judge and george raised them together? >> steve: no. >> steve: no. >> gretchen: highly doubtful. >> steve: separate pigs. >> gretchen: when they split up, they did get custody. let's start that rumor. some college seniors will now have more to worry about than just graduating. they'll have to prepare for an exit exam for prospective
4:35 am
employers. have you heard about this? >> brian: i like this. >> gretchen: about 200 colleges and universities signed up to give the collegiate learning assessment plus. the cla plus test. the test will measure a graduate's analytical problem solving, writing, reasoning and reading skills. the goal is for students to incorporate the results into the resumes that are sent to potential employers. they're voluntarily. but bringing into question whether or not you really need these two or four-year degrees if you're just going to take this test, which is graded by the old sat standards and it's bringing into question whether or not you need college if all you need to do is take something similar to the ged and say hey, look how smart i am to get that job. >> brian: yeah. i think it's true. but i think it's more like passing the bar exam as a lawyer. go to law school. but until you're looked at to be a lawyer -- >> steve: but it's voluntary. you've been in college for four years, you don't want your old man to know you didn't learn
4:36 am
anything. not knowing anything, you know, jesse watters from time to time on the bill o'reilly program goes out and he often interviews co-eds in bikinis and whatnot, asking them world things. >> gretchen: why does he go to the beach all the time? >> steve: tweets. so anyway, he's been doing it for two years. bill o'reilly put together a retrospective of some of the gems. we've even edited it from last night. here is jesse watters hitting the beach and the street to talk to the young people. >> what's the unemployment rate at right now? do you know what the unemployment rate is right now? >> 99%. >> do you know what the debt is right now? >> no. inform me, please. >> 16 trillion. >> oh, (bleep). >> kiss your mother with that mouth? >> i'm actually doing my dissertation on cross dressing. [ laughter ] >> would you vote for him?
4:37 am
>> no, why not? >> 'cause i'm a republican. >> he's a republican. >> oh. >> what year did we sign the declaration of independence? >> i don't know any of this stuff. >> 1964? >> 1864? >> 1776! >> 1776. >> all right. bicentennial. >> i didn't say that. >> who is your favorite sounding father? >> abraham lincoln. >> he's not a founding father, is he? >> no. >> first president? >> i want to get this down on a tape recorder because nobody will believe me. >> are you concerned about this massive national debt? >> he spent the least amount of money than any president. >> obama? >> yes, he did. >> you sure about that? >> i am positive about that. >> what kind of rubbish is that? >> it's been revealed, he looked into the phone records of the associated press recorders. >> maybe he was looking at it in order to make his next move, as far as helping the economy. >> this is your opinion? >> it's a fact! >> i'm going to show awe few
4:38 am
pictures of other presidents. peanut farmer. >> you're not helping at all. >> that's jimmy carter. >> nixon? >> who is that? >> bush senior. >> that hurts, man. >> there you go again. >> jobs that you won't do? >> i won't work in the supermarket. >> so you're trying to find a job. how are you going to make any money? >> i look good. i mean, really good. >> the iranians, what are they doing that's disturbing everybody? >> i don't think they're doing much. >> i don't know who they are. but you're iranian? >> iranians? >> yeah. >> i think we're over there making them mad, man [ laughter ] >> steve: making them mad. >> gretchen: you know what? >> gretchen: you know what? i don't know if we should laugh or cry honestly. like should we just all put our heads down and give up? i mean, we've all got kids. i think it's actually our responsibility as journalists to
4:39 am
try and keep the bar up high on intelligence to try and inform people of what's going on in the world. >> brian: so i think jesse should be obligated after the shoot to go back to the people and hand them books. >> steve: he should tutor them. >> brian: it would cut down the velocity of his pieces. >> steve: that's what's going on out on the beaches with jesse. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. a fox news alert. the girl who captured the heart of the nation is fine lea going home today. sarah murnaghan is about to be released from the hospital more than two months after a life-saving double lung transplant. for the very latest, let's go live to children's hospital in philadelphia where peter johnson, jr., who has been following this story more than anybody else, is standing by live. peter? >> steve, good morning. this is a happy day for sarah murnaghan and her family. her 188th day odyssey is ending. fighting for her life in the halls of congress, going all the way to the white house, and the medical bureaucracy in the
4:40 am
united states, fighting not for one, but for two lung transplants and turning over a rule in the united states that discriminated against children under the age of 12. she will be going home to her newtown home square this morning by ambulance. she'll be greeted by her family, her friends, her brothers and sisters, her cousins, some silly string, queen's tiara that they the next few head. she will need a nurse around the clock to tend to her ventilator, which is helping her breathe as she goes forward. she's getting stronger every day, but she's not there yet. obviously prayers and the concern of her family have helped a lot and the people at children's hospital philadelphia have brought her through really against the odds and against what a lot of people were thinking. we were here on june 6 and june 7 in her room with the family and it was a much, much
4:41 am
different picture. sarah was dying. now she's living. she's living strong. and she's looking forward to hopefully going back to school this fall back in newtown square. it's a very happy day and we will have an up close and personal look tomorrow with sarah and her family, an exclusive here on fox. we've watched this since the beginning and i think america is delighted at this great news today, steve. >> steve: absolutely. and peter, you got to feel good because nobody fought harder to get her those lungs than you did. >> well, we all did here at fox 'cause it was important and necessary. she's one of the brightest, toughest young women i've ever met. we'll hear more from her. i hope we hear more from her over the next 20 years. she's going to be a leader here in america as her family has already been speaking out, showing you can stand up and get things done in this country.
4:42 am
the little people can win, even when the littlest people is a ten-year-old and now 11-year-old, sarah murnaghan. >> gretchen: thanks so much for that wonderful update and we'll see your report tomorrow. let's get a check of our weather, shall we? let's go out to maria molina. good morning. >> good morning. today we're talking about rain across parts of the southwestern u.s. we've been seeing it over the last several days. it is producing flooding and a dust storm yesterday because of the storms rolling through this part of the country in arizona. in phoenix. a lot of stormy weather out there. we have a number of flood watches in effect due to the heavy rain we could be seeing from some of the storms throughout the day today in arizona, parts of utah, and even southern california. temperature wise, the heat wave continues across the center of the country, including parts of the midwest and we could even see severe weather in parts of the great lakes. let's head back inside. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. >> brian: coming up straight ahead on this show, the air force banning yogurt? wait until you hear why. you may want to ban it from your fridge as well.
4:43 am
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reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlar strong. okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. >> brian: new hope for early detection on ovarian cancer by giving women a new blood test. doctors can pick up early stages of the disease with almost 100% accuracy. ovarian cancer is treatable if detected early. but 70% of cases are not diagnosed until it's too late. the air force banning one flavor of a popular greek yogurt called chobani blueberry. has hemp seeds in it. they could screw autopsy drug test. -- screw up a drug test. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much,
4:47 am
brian. we know it's tough for anyone trying to find a job. that's why cheryl casone joins us each week with the top five companies hiring right now across the country. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: let's start with regus. >> the ceo of this company was traveling a lot. he was working at a cafe and thought there has got to be a better way. fast forward, he now has these new offices where you can rent an office, rent a cubicle and a board room. and they're hiring. 140 jobs are opening up. you can make from 50 to $90,000 and per year, and you get benefits. i always think that's a great bonus and something to look for when evaluating something to bring you. >> gretchen: next is striker? >> reconstructive surgeries, spine surgeries, things like that. they make instrumentation and the product. engineers, operators, product developers, marketing, sales. they're part of the s & p 500, 8 1/2 billion dollars company. the company we follow on the business network. again, they do have benefits. that's important as well. >> gretchen: capital one. they have a bank in the bank. >> what is in your wallets?
4:48 am
you've seen the commercials. this is the company. they really want to reach out to sioux fall, south dakota. they took over operations from hsbc in south dakota. they're adding more jobs in that same area. 175 jobs. this is basically one of those companies that's very committed to hiring our heros. they pay 4 1/2 million dollars into the hiring for heros program last year and continuing to look for veterans as well. >> gretchen: good news. let's talk about employment options, inc. >> this is a work at home opportunity. i get a lot of e mails about work at home jobs. e for people that have disabilities, this is a good one. this is what they're looking for. people with disabilities that want to work at home, especially if they want to pick up extra holiday work. it's 1,000 jobs. this is again work at home. 7 to $20 per hour. it's customer service work is basically what it is. but using the phone. >> gretchen: this one is making >> gretchen: this one is making toppers pizza. >> i know. they're look for college kids, too. >> gretchen: that rules us out.
4:49 am
>> anybody in college can afford to eat a pizza. they're specifically look for people, especially college students, indianapolis, minneapolis, cincinnati, dfw, chicago, and they really need pizza makers, they need drivers, assistant managers, marketing analysis, department assistance managers, things like that. they're look for almost 600 college students across the country. >> gretchen: you said dfw 'cause you were a flight attendant. >> i know. >> gretchen: she calls her cities by the code. >> i do. >> gretchen: that's okay. i lived there, so i knew exactly what you meant. if you want to check out cheryl casone's jobs or if you want to e-mail her if you have jobs, it's ff job hunt at >> everything is listed and i won't put more abbreviations on the cities where the jobs are this week. >> gretchen: abbreviations are in. lol. see you later. coming up, have you seen this video? this little kid is heating up the web and he's here live to
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> steve: do any of those talented tykes look familiar? they're some of the most popular kids on youtube this year. >> gretchen: one of those viral video sensation, two-year-old ethan anderson stole the show with his dance moves during his dad's new year's can set.
4:54 am
he joins us with his dad. >> good morning. >> brian: you posted this on your facebook page. >> yes. >> brian: next thing you know, >> brian: next thing you know, it was so viral, it went on a different site right after that called got to? >> a faith-based version of youtube of the it hit there, it hit on takes book. 'cause my wife kept watching it over and over on the plane. i'm going, you're still watching that video? she said there is something about it. about it. when we posted it on video, everybody started sharing it. >> steve: your wife is here. we would love to see if we can recreate it. all right? >> really? >> steve: let's get out of the way. you do your number and we'll see ethan. >> gretchen: go for it. ♪ born out in big city usa ♪ she liked country music real, real loud and her window rolled down ♪ ♪ she wore tight jeans as she danced in heels ♪ ♪ we sang tom petty songs on
4:55 am
blueberry hill ♪ ♪ she told me shut up and kiss me underneath the streetlight ♪ ♪ i said i'm going in november but i never felt this delight ♪ ♪ come on, man! he's still a two-year-old. come on! there we go! you got to warm up. dance! ♪ shut up and kiss me underneath the streetlight ♪ going 'til november but i never felt this alive ♪ ♪ rock'n'roll sunday ♪ . >> gretchen: you're still magical! dad, you're still magical, come on. tell us what happened that night and how it went to a sensation? >> it was a new year's eve performance in irving, texas.
4:56 am
i feel this hug around the bottom half of my legs. i'm like, either my groupies have gotten shorter or something is happening. i look down, it's him. he breaks five feet away from me and just starts going to town. people started videoing it and sharing it. >> gretchen: now he's looking at it. >> steve: you know what? i think the reason he didn't dance today is because here in the studio, there are a million tv monitors and he was watching it. it just goes to show you, these viral sensation, sometimes they happen once and luckily we had a camera to catch it. >> brian: you're a great musician. off great voice. >> i have to come back and do one of those friday shows for you. >> brian: that would be great. >> brian: thank you so much. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: good job. >> good job, man. >> gretchen: can i have one, too? thanks. do you remember this woman? >> everybody in cleveland who minority got obama phones!
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, august 27 already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. syria crossed the president's red line, but what will president obama do about it now? this morning he's building a case possibly for a military strike. will american troops be sent? we're live at the white house with all the developing details for you. >> steve: colin powell says if republicans require i.d.s to vote, they will pay the price at the polls. but what's the big deal? we'll show you all the other places you've got to show i.d. to get things done coming up. >> brian: the government employee who is calling for a war on whites not being fired. he got a suspension with pay. you talk about scared straight.
5:01 am
his response might be worse. "fox & friends," you'll love this news -- starts right now. >> steve: i wouldn't be surprised if the kid is dancing in the green room. >> brian: we're going to keep him for the after the show show and give him another shot as they come back. >> gretchen: that will be great. let's get to your headlines. today the second suspect in the senseless murder of delbert belton will face a judge. 16-year-old keenen kennard will be tried as an adult and faces life behind bars. he was caught yesterday morning after an intense manhunt in washington state. his father defending his son. >> he is a very good kid. i'm proud of him and i'm not giving up on him no matter what. they can't tell me my son is a killer. i know he's not. >> gretchen: glenn faced a judge for the first time yesterday. he's being held on $2 million bond and is also being tried as an adult.
5:02 am
military jurors could decide if the fort hood shooter should get life or death. the sentencing phase will get underway. yesterday the prosecution called more than a dozen witnesses to testify, including a soldier who hasan shot several times. we'll have a live report from outside the courthouse coming up 40 minutes from now. homeland security worker just put on paid administrative leave for running a racist web site. doubling down on his messages of hate. he tells his followers, quote, the war is on and that his operation is under attack from whites and zionists. his web site predicts and advocates a race war, warning of the inevitable clash with whites. their short lived reunion at the mtv music video awards tore up fans' hearts. but don't expect 'n sync to get together any time soon.
5:03 am
♪ >> gretchen: they still got the moves. i love it. bands member lance says the performance marked the first time they played together in 11 years and also the last time! part of the reason? justin timberlake begins his solo tour this fall. bass jokes the closest he'll get to the stage is a seat in the audience. >> brian: do what van halen does and use sammy hagar. >> steve: there you go. isn't lance bass the next in line to go into outer space? >> brian: right. you never know when you will get that call? >> steve: he would have to go with the russians, though. >> brian: that's too bad. fox news alert. president obama is mulling his options on syria and just moments ago, british prime minister david cameron announcing an emergency session of parliament to discuss how it will help. molly henneberg live at the white house with these breaking details. molly? >> brian, gretchen, steve, good morning. yes, the british parliament will be coming back for a session on thursday. they've been called back from
5:04 am
summer recess to discuss the situation in syria. that's just now breaking. the u.k. parliament will be back in session on thursday. also just as the pentagon is doing, the british military is drawing up contingency plans for any possible military action against syria, according to the british government. a spokesperson for a british prime minister david cameron says the u.s. is considering a, quote, proportionate response to deter syria from using chemical weapons in the future. a spokesperson says, quote, any decision taken will be taken under a strict international framework. any use of chemical weapons is completely and outler abhorrent and unacceptable and the international community needs to respond to that. president obama foulke -- spoke to mr. cameron over the weekend. john kerry says the chemical attack should shock the conscience of the world. >> make no mistake, president obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most
5:05 am
heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. >> we're just getting word right now that secretary kerry has told the bbc that the u.s. military is ready to go if the president -- if president obama orders military action against syria. secretary kerry says the obama administration is actively consulting with members of congress on this and already some of them are urging the president to have a very specific objective when it comes to syria. >> our concern should be those chemical weapons preventing them into the hands of hezbollah, preventing them from falling into the hands of al-qaeda. >> jay carney says there is, quote, very little doubt that it was a chemical weapons attack last week. but syria today is telling the international community to prove it. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. now let's go down to our nation's capitol again and there she is, laura ingraham joins us
5:06 am
live. good morning to you. >> hey, guys. >> steve: fronts page of the "washington post" they talk about how apparently the administration is planning some limited response. it would be no more than two days in length and it would be designed to punish the government. all right. so what do you do? do you try to get assad or do you blow up his airplanes? >> first let's review how we've gotten to this place. the president, very herky jerky in his response to what we understood was the use of chemical weapons previous to this and the concern that all these innocent people were being slaughtered in syria. i think the american public is so -- in poll after poll against seemingly against military action because they don't really understand what america's interest is in this part of the world right now. they see it all spiraling out of control. so while -- look, i think we should do what we can to protect the people in syria. we have to make sure that the strikes that we carry out are
5:07 am
such that they do the job that is clearly laid out by the president and doesn't get us bogged down into another military conflict that we really can't win. >> gretchen: don't you think that's one of the reasons action many people would argue, president obama didn't act last year, maybe that he's not as skilled at foreign policy as some may wants him to be. that would be one actor. but -- argument. but the other would be he doesn't want to get into another situation because i bet if you polled americans right now, a huge majority would say we don't want involvement here. what do you think about these amazingly different tactics that he could use as far as one strike at some sort of a base where he takes out some of their weaponry versus taking him out? that's a far different kind of a mission, is it not? >> yeah. i think it is. and gretchen, you pointed out the key fact here. when we say it's going to be two days in length, that seems a little bizarre. i don't think we know at the beginning of military intervention how long the campaign will be.
5:08 am
look, i'm not for putting boots on the ground and i'm very skeptical of our getting involved in any long-term fashion in a place like syria given all the disparate elements that were unsure of and they're motives and long-term goals, but to say two days right off the bat, i think that just speaks to the administration's very confused and muddled response to this from the very beginning. he's going to have to go to congress for military authorization. >> brian: i don't think he is, because he already had a staffer called john boehner, the speaker. on top of that, the two to three days is very typical because he's only announced the surge in afghanistan. he announced the day they were pulling out! so he wants to let everyone know, there is going to be an end to this. in the big picture, remember, the word was that the president ad libbed that line in the speech when he said the red line. we are actually backing up the president's words that he never intended to say, even though you
5:09 am
would think weapons of mass destruction, no matter who was president, that would be our line in the sand. >> yeah. the president gets in trouble when he goes off the prompter. we've seen that happen before. in this case, he drew the red line last year. we didn't really do anything. now it would be absurd if there is verifiable evidence of chemical weapons being used and we don't act now. we haven't mentioned one important fact. china. china has today issued basically a warning against a big military incursion in syria. we see our vulnerability right now on the world stage vis-a-vis china which is on the rise as america is either flat lining or declining in influence. so we have russia, china, we have a lot of chess players on the board right now. america's weakened stance economically and perhaps now militarily will come -- >> brian: if china had a conscious, maybe we'd have a partner in this. nothing seems to bother them except for the economy. >> news flash, china doesn't have our best interests at
5:10 am
heart. >> steve: all right. laura, also colin powell was on one of the chat shows on sunday. he warned republicans, these voter i.d. laws will backfire. it will energize minorities to vote them out of office. but when you look at places where you have to produce a photo i.d. to do things, why not to vote? you need photo i.d. to buy cigarettes, booze, go to an r rated movie, buy sudafed, rent a hotel, board an airplane, open a bank account, a marriage license. why not to vote? >> because desperate people are to portray america as a horribly racist and discriminatory place where we can patronize -- apparently we can patronize an entire class of people for political gain. i think the usual suspects, mostly on the left, are doing this with minority groups, minority neighborhoods where to -- by the way, to get an ebt card, which is a food stamp
5:11 am
card, you have to show i.d to get into this building today, to do the show, i had to show my fox i.d. or another i.d to say that's discriminatory is preposterous. >> gretchen: i think what colin powell was saying was a different kinds of actor, which is -- argument, which is what i want your opinion on. do you think it's perilous for republicans to push so hard against this when it comes to votes? >> if they can't make the argument, yeah. if republicans are so afraid of making a common sense argument in favor of a pure vote -- a pure vote means that the african-american in chicago who has an i.d. and who actually votes, that his or her vote is not diluted or disenfranchised because an illegal alien in another part of chicago goes ahead and votes with a fake social security number or whatever that person does. >> brian: or votes twice. >> or votes twice or three times. the voter fraud issue is something that democrats clearly
5:12 am
don't care about and they're going to push the limit on all of these arguments in part, it's to whip up the vote. i think colin powell is probably right about that, although it would be nice, wouldn't it, if someone with a stature and the grace of colin powell would come forward and say, guys, let's treat ourselves like adults here. let's get our i.d.s and if you have trouble getting an i.d., i'm sure there is a special interest group that will drive you to the dmv to get your id. he could actually lead on this and instead, he kind of parrots the obvious. but that's not anything new from colin powell, sadly lately. >> steve: we'll see what happens. always a pleasure. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you. >> steve: have a great week. >> gretchen: coming up, we're going to continue the conversation about syria. how should the president respond? >> brian: and. >> steve: it's tough to watch. the cringe worthy answer from this beauty queen that has everybody talking this morning. it's one ugly answer.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex.
5:16 am
>> brian: fox news alert. america may be on the verge of another war in the middle east. secretary of state kerry says the south military is, quote, ready to go if obama -- president obama orders action over a chemical weapons attack in syria. what would that attack look like? what should it look like? should we be targeting al assad? commander, commander officer on board the uss cole in 2000 when it was attacked knows all about the middle east, patrolled out there for quite some time. first off, commander, are you for action at this point? >> at this point, absolutely not. i do not believe we built the international coalition, put together an end state nation needs to define and determined who is going to fill the vacuum if we were to topple
5:17 am
the assad regime. >> brian: so you don't think action. even though they used chemical weapons, we told them not to and they've done it at least twice, isn't our credibility on the line? >> it is on the line. but at this point, brian, so they used it. what is the rush? why not take the time to build an international coalition broader than just having turkey, the british and french with us, get a much broader thing. make sure the u.n. has the time they need to confirm it with us so we don't end up looking like it's once again a situation that we had in iraq, right or wrong. but we need that broader consensus throughout the world to take unilateral military action against them. >> brian: all right. however, since we have the bulk of the military hardware and sophisticated machinery, aren't we doing most of the work anyway? isn't their presence cursory? >> we may be doing a lot of the work, but that gives us time to also position assets from other nations in the region to be able to respond in coordination with us. if the objective is to topple the assad regime, let's put the
5:18 am
forces in place throughout the region to be able to attack it. not just lob a few tomahawks from the eastern mediterranean. >> brian: you get the word whether you like it or not, you have to take action. what kind of action would you -- if they asked you for a recommendation, what would you recommend? >> first thing i'd do is you have to look at what the key targets are going to be in order to make the assad regime unable to respond. key communication node, military facilities, command and control facilities, those are the first things to be able to come down. then you have to look at how we can cut off the military forces from communicating throughout the country and begin to collapse them down to a point that we can destroy the assad military. >> brian: you believe they have the ability to shoot down our tomahawks, to take out our f-22s? >> no, i do not. i any at this point, launching from offshore, the ships are going to be safe. shooting down the tom hawk, no country has been able to demonstrate the ability to do that. so overall, they would hit the target. >> brian: four battle warships
5:19 am
enough? >> absolutely not. we need a lot more in there. we need an aircraft carrier battle group station in the eastern mediterranean, and also in the arabian gulf to be able to respond. >> brian: so you're not for action, but if there was action, you know exactly how we could do it and we're capable of doing it. it's going to cost our military that's been sanctioned and cut down a lot of money. >> i think right now, brian, you have to remember, i am for action. but appropriate action at the appropriate time. right now we are not ready and just launching tomahawks is going to be ineffective and do nothing but turn the world against us. >> brian: all right. commander, thanks so much for your time and insight. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> brian: 20 minutes after the hour now. it was a normal appointment for a normal procedure. this morning, brand-new details on the man who died in the dentist's chair. and it's the government program that was designed to help people who couldn't afford a phone. now it's spiraling out of control. it's being abused. why are taxpayers still picking up the tab ♪ turn around
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> steve: got quick headlines for you. gun owners coming under fire. two democratic congressmen pushing a bill to nearly double the 11% tax on hand guns and raise the ammo tax, too, to 50%. those two say they will generate $600 million a year to prevent gun violence by jacking up the taxes. one of america's biggest speed skating stars sidelined from next year's winter olympics in russia. the reason? simon cho was suspended for two years after admitting to
5:24 am
tampering with the skates of a canadian rival. he initially denied it. but later blamed it on pressure from his coach. >> everybody in cleveland who minority got obama phones! keep obama president, you know! he gave us a phone! he's gonna do more! >> gretchen: last year that video went viral, forcing the obama administration to respond, reminding americans that the life line program was started by president reagan. what they didn't say is how much it has expanded now under president obama. since 2001 the cost of the government's life line program has caught rubled, costing 2.19 billion tax dollars last year alone. there is a lack of outrage at the white house, but many americans are fed up. with us is one of them, the editorial editor of the detroit news and he's my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanking for having me. >> gretchen: one of the things we should point out is even though it was enacted under president reagan, one of the
5:25 am
ways it has blossomed under president obama is that we're now talking about cell phones. when president reagan started this, we were talking did land lines. correct? >> correct. actually under president bush, the program was expanded in 2008 to include cell phones. but it has really expanded along with all the other welfare programs during the obama years. it's gone from, as you said, 800 million to $2.1 billion and 41% of that money is estimated to go to phones and services for people who aren't really qualified. it's riddled with fraud and waste and you still can't kill it. >> gretchen: 41%. i mean, come on. americans hear that and they think how can you stand by and allow this to continue? you decided to go out and do your own research, so you sent your intern out to do what and what did she accomplish? >> actually i didn't send her out. she's working now for national review on-line in new york city. jillian melcher. she went to the kiosk in the streets of new york city where
5:26 am
they're signing folks up for the life line program and able to get three of these phones without telling a single fib about her eligibility. obviously she wasn't qualified for the phones. nobody asked her about her income, her employment status. remember, these phones are supposed to go to people who don't have phones and to help them in hunting for a job. at one of the kiosks she was actually talking on her own iphone during the whole interview process. she was able to get three phones. it just occurred to me that, again, once the federal government starts spending money on an entitlement program, there is no killing it no matter how wasteful and fraudulent it turns out to be. >> gretchen: what do you think the solution is? because if you're saying that once there is a federal program entitlement especially, you can't kill it, then what do we do as taxpayers? >> well, as taxpayers, we should be paying attention during this upcoming debate on the budget. when you start hearing talk about gestation and shutting
5:27 am
down the government and tax fairness and people ought to be paying their fair share in taxes, nobody should pay another dime in taxes until programs like this are scuttled, until all the other wasteful programs are gotten rid of. the goa, as i point out in my news column, did a report in 2012 that there is $18 billion of waste in job training programs, federal job training programs. there is not been a move yet to kill those programs or reform them. we've got to make sure the government is spending the money we already give them as efficiently as possible before we give them any more. >> gretchen: i know. what's scary about this is that this particular program is a relatively easy one to see if it's easy to become fraudulent. if you can go sign up and get a phone, that's pretty easy to prove. but there's got to be tons of other federal programs where you can't prove it as easily, but you know fraud is probably going on. correct? >> and remember, that was a key promise of president obama when he came to office. he was going to find ways, find
5:28 am
the fraud, get rid of that and i don't think he can point to any effort to rid the government of waste and fraud. we know it's there. before we start talking about tax hikes, before we start talking about more federal spending, we ought to -- we really owe it to the taxpayers -- to rid the government of waste and fraud. >> gretchen: yep. my frugal nature is agreeing with you. great to speak with you this morning. have a good week. >> good to be with you. >> gretchen: thanks. coming up, did hollywood rewrite history to make ronald reagan look racist? ronald reagan's son, one of my favorite guest, michael reagan, here live to respond. bradley manning wants to live the rest of his life as a lady. how the "new york times," are they helping him out now? that's chelsea on the right. ♪ [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office
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[ cheering ] >> gretchen: that's good with the one hand. it's your shot of the morning. an awesome dance-off at a russian wedding. it's tradition for the grooms to win over his bride with over the top antics. wow!
5:33 am
do you see that parallel kind of flip. >> steve: you know what? this is precarious because if they can do that, this shows they are still a super power. >> brian: absolutely. >> gretchen: it shows that the two of you can't get married in russia. >> brian: right. absolutely! you would be single. >> steve: 'cause we're already married. >> gretchen: of course. i'm being funny. >> brian: the jacksons would have been married a bunch of times. >> gretchen: no doubt. >> brian: and all the boy bands and john legends. >> steve: in other words, menudo should go to russia to get married. >> gretchen: they have strict requirements there. >> brian: thanks to russia, the video coming out of russia, very good. just shred the cloak of communism. >> steve: and make us feel bad about the fact we can't do that. >> brian: right. at least we don't have to wear those funny hats. now your headlines. he went to get his wisdom teeth pulled and died in the dentist's chair. he was given six sedatives and went into cardiac arrest. his mother wants the surgeon
5:34 am
held accountable. >> i don't want anybody else to have to go through what we have gone through. it is an absolutely senseless mistake. there was not a thing any emt, any surgeon, anybody at any hospital was going to do. everything that happened took place in that office. >> brian: the doctor is not commenting. the victim's family plans to take legal action. >> steve: meanwhile, bradley manning wants to live his life from here on out as a woman. >> brian: what was the give away. >> steve: the "new york times" is happy to help. starting today, the "new york times" will refer to bradley manning as chelsea manning. bradley asked to be called chelsea last week one day after he received 35 years behind bars for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. >> gretchen: i have the rodeo clown. >> brian: yes, you do. >> gretchen: i thought that story might have gone away. >> brian: no, it's back. >> gretchen: the rodeo clown coming under fire for wearing a mask of president obama at a state fair in missouri, breaking his silence, speaking out after
5:35 am
receiving numerous death threats. >> i didn't do this to do any hating on anyone. i did it to befunny. i did it to be a joke. this bit, this clown bit has been around for generations. i didn't think anything more of it than what we've done 15 years ago, ten years ago, five years ago when we've done it with bush and clinton and ronald reagan. >> gretchen: and when asked if he's a democrat or republican, toughy said he's just a road show clown. >> brian: yeah. over the top sensitive we've become? we can do it to reagan, bush and clinton, but not president obama. it's tough to watch the contestant in the miss philippines usa packagents has people talking. just listen to her answer when asked, which of the five senses is the most important? >> seeing is the most sense that we can ever see because seeing is believing, and believing,
5:36 am
until we see, is perfect. and out of all the senses, seeing was really be wonderful because -- thank you. all of you. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> brian: she did not win. >> steve: no. >> brian: that was my tag. >> steve: all right. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. maria loves to see the weather and she reports it from the streets of new york. >> brian: how do you know? >> steve: exhibit a, ladies and gentlemen. >> here we are. let's look at the weather conditions across the country. starting with new york city, we do have a couple of clouds in the area. it's a little on the breezy side. there's a slight chance that you can get a couple of showers throughout the morning hours. for the most part, it's going to be a relatively quiet day across most of the northeast. where it's not going to be so quiet is across parts of the desert southwest where we have a number of flood watches in
5:37 am
effect and even some warnings out here because we've been picking up significant rainfall over the last several days out here and more rain is in the forecast across parts of southern california, nevada, and even the state of utah. western parts of arizona. remember yesterday we trial had a dust storm in the city of phoenix in arizona. that's just a big cloud of dust that moved on through and produced dust clouds. temperature wise, heat wave continues across parts of the center of the country, especially the midwest. upper 90s for parts of the dakota examines minnesota. let's head back inside. >> steve: dallas in 990s. it was over 100 every day. >> brian: really? >> they're getting better. low 90s. it's cooler in texas than in minnesota, which is a little strange. >> steve: go figure. >> gretchen: it is. >> steve: go figure. >> gretchen: it is. but it can happen. thanks so much. choose your friends wisely. they could get you approved or rejected for a loan? turns out some companies are now using social data from facebook as a way to determine your credit. i don't agree with this.
5:38 am
"fox business" network's lauren simonetti is live with all the details. your mom always warned you, and your dad, too, be careful when you hang out with. your associates can get you in trouble. now on facebook for a loan? >> it's unbelievable. a lot of companies, complain it's so difficult to get access to credit. what we're seeing is new companies, start-up, kind of filled this space. what they're doing, these companies include lendo and credit check. they essentially look at small businesses who sell on-line or in emerging markets where it's tough to get access to credit. they're look at users' social media profiles. they're seeing not only who you're friends with, but then checking out the friends to see if they're delinquent on a loan and judging you based on that. so there are so many tips that you need to be mindful of because millions of people are on facebook and twitter and use amazon and have pay pal. so when you're filling out an application for a loan, you always want to make sure that you're gray ma'amcally correct. don't use all caps or no caps.
5:39 am
you want to maintain your profiles on amazon and pay pal, things like that because these companies are certainly watching you. it's unbelievable. but the good thing here is that they can get you credit, cabbage is seven minutes if you're approved. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: i understand, my credit is dragging you down. straight ahead, they could not bear to live without each other. this married couple who have been married for 65 years, they die within hours of each other and their grandson credits a miracle from god. he will join us. >> steve: amazing. >> gretchen: then did hollywood rewrite history to make ronald reagan look racist? ronald reagan's son, michael, here to respond to that movie role. >> steve: he's working out after this [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
5:40 am
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5:43 am
>> gretchen: couple quick headlines. military jurors could decide if the fort hood shooter could get life or death. but first we expect to hear more emotional testimony from the survivors and relatives of the victims. our reporter is live in texas with more on what we can expect today. good morning, ann. >> good morning, gretchen. prosecutors are expected to call another seven witnesses. the testimony we heard yesterday was very powerful and emotional. prosecutors, in order to even ask for the death penalty, have to show aggravating circumstances and they're doing that by using testimony from family members of the 13 victims. we heard yesterday from widows describing what it's like to live without their husbands now and how their children will grow up without their fathers. as for hasan, yesterday he was very quiet. it's now a question of life or death for him. we don't know if he will take the stand. that's still a question up in
5:44 am
the air. many are wondering the answer to. so a lot of emotional testimony expected here today that we'll continue to follow. back to you. >> gretchen: thank you so much for that update. let's go over to steve and a special guest. >> steve: thank you very much. did hollywood rewrite history to make ronald reagan look racist? we're talking about the new movie "the butler," it's been number one at the box office for two weeks. many conservatives who have seen it say something simply doesn't add up. >> i'd like to invite you to the state dinner next week. >> i'm going to be there. >> not as a butler. i'm inviting you as a guest. >> but the president prefers for me to serve him personally. >> don't you worry about ronnie. i'll take care of that. >> steve: that part really happened. but who better to tell the true story of president ronald reagan than his son, michael reagan, joins us live. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. that was perfect nancy.
5:45 am
jane did a great job. >> steve: that really happened with the real butler? >> yes. >> steve: if you watch the movie, it looks like your dad was racist. >> it's really sad because if you're reagan, you know him, if you served under any of the presidents, you knew him. it's sad what they've done with his family, making his wife an alcoholic, having an affair. what they say about my father trying to make him a racist, i mean, i wrote an op ed piece, the butler from another planet, because the real butler doesn't fit the character played by forest whitaker. this man came from segregated virginia, got a job at the white house, worked there 34 years, retired in 1986. by the way, that racist president made her mater de. moved him up the school. >> steve: that's the real butler. but the butler in the movie? >> the mother gets raped. the father gets shot. he goes to the white house. he quits his job at the white house, which by the way, nobody ever does. quits his job at the white house
5:46 am
to join his son who has got problems with the vietnam war and racism and all these other things. it's really sad because people who go see it believe somehow it's true and it's so phony. >> steve: why do they do it that way? >> welcome to hollywood. this is their vision of ronald reagan. remember, ronald reagan has been getting a lot of great press lately. people want to see him return. i think this is hollywood's answer saying we don't want him to return. we want people to remember how we want to portray him. >> steve: hollywood doesn't like conservative. >> it's interesting. here is the man who gave them residuals. put hollywood on welfare -- >> steve: your father? >> my father, when he was president, screen actors guild put residuals into place and he's the only actor who has never received residuals because he wrote himself out of the law. >> steve: see? that's part of ronald reagan a lot of people don't know. >> that's right hand reagan. >> steve: that would make a great movie. what are the odds of that happening. >> there is a story there! and a good one about ronald reagan. >> steve: yeah. before you go, you got to tell
5:47 am
bus this bag. >> they give out 30,000 of these bags every year. there is 400,000 kids taken out of their homes every year because of neglect and abuse. i work with child help usa because what's happening is school is starting. we really need to institute aaron's law to make sure that every school in america has a place where kids can go learn about this and have a safe haven, if you will. i would ask people to go to or call 1-800-4 a child. i was abused as a child. i had no place to go. so i worked on this on a regular basis to try and help kids understand that there needs to be a safe haven. we need to institute aaron's law across this country. >> steve: that's a great bag and it will be put to good use. the web site is? >>
5:48 am
>> steve: michael reagan. thank you very much for joining us live today. straight ahead, we've heard stories like this, a husband who dies right after his wife because he can't bear to live without her. but can you really die of a broken heart? up next, a man who says yes, because it happened to his grandparents. ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. dive into labor day with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime.
5:49 am
two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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5:51 am
>> gretchen: learning a u.s. >> gretchen: learning a u.s. attack on syria could come at any time. any time. as putin warns against and the u.k. pauses for a vote. will we go it alone and what happens after that? big question. john bolton weighs in. is the administration stalling on the keystone pipeline. more when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. >> brian: a real love story.
5:52 am
a couple spent 65 years of their lives together and in the end, died just 11 hours apart. >> gretchen: ruth and harold met in third grade and they were together all those years. their family says it was no coincidence at all. here is the grandson of harold and ruth, jeffrey. we're so sorry for the loss of both of your grandparents. but i know you believe that somehow god factored into this, right? >> right. good morning and thanks for having me on. they knew each other their whole lives and they were devout catholics their whole lives and went to sunday mass together. grandma was rarely seen without a rosary in her hand and towards the ends of their lives, grandpa would bless grandma with holy water. that was just kind of the example they showed in their faith and i think that their relationship with god really kind of strengthened their own relationship and you kind of saw that until the very end when
5:53 am
they were together. >> steve: jeffrey, i understand one family member said in the last couple of days before they died, we saw it coming. >> right. grandpa -- both of their health had kind of went downhill in the last year, especially grandpa. he would sleep for almost 20 hours a day. so he was getting very tired, very weak. and we were kind of wondering why is he holding on for so long? finally within that last week, he was just as sick as he was then and grandma came down with a pretty severe infection. so come the last day, my mom and my aunts and they kept on telling grandpa, you know, she's going to go. it's time to let go. it's time to let go. so they said that he became very calm and his health just we want down very quickly from there and he passed away at 7:30 on that sunday morning and then 6:30 that night, grandma's infection
5:54 am
finally got to her and she passed that night. >> steve: so he held on for her? >> right. that's definitely what we that's definitely what we thought over the last year, you know. we always kind of said over the last year, man, we kind of hope and pray that they go together because one couldn't do without the other one and they certainly surprised us by going in the same day. >> brian: i understand you were able to have a funeral -- dual funeral, had them both at the same time? >> right. we had in the same church, all the granddaughters carried up grandma's casket and all the grandsons carried up grandpa's casket. on the drive over to the cemetery, we actually were able to drive past their farm house that they raised six kids in and the current owner actually had his flag at half-staff for both of them, but specifically for grandpa because he did serve in world war ii. >> gretchen: wow. i was just sitting here thinking how blessed i was to have most
5:55 am
of my grandparents around for so long like you did with both of them and the wonderful lessons and memories they teach us. can you share a couple of the memories that you had of your grandparents together all of those years? >> really you kind of think about the little things. that was definitely grandma and grandpa would go over on sunday afternoons, play pinochle, they would have the same swing music, same music on repeat. it was little things like that. then you also remember the lessons that they showed not only from what they told you, but just by the way they lived their lives, the way they raised their family and their relationship with each other. so it's definitely something to take away from them. >> steve: no kidding. he hung on 'til the end for her and now your family feels they're together in heaven. >> yeah. it definitely kind of softened the blow of losing them both at the same time to know that
5:56 am
they're together in a happier place and together and that's really all you can ask for. >> steve: sure. >> gretchen: wow. you hear about these stories happening, but to talk to you and hear your own personal account, jeffrey, thanks so much for sharing your memories and the life of your grandparents who were together 65 years. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> steve: that's a love story. >> gretchen: no doubt. >> brian: meanwhile, we're going to wrap things up with a surprise. i have a bet. >> gretchen: surprise? >> brian: we're going to get that young ethan to dance. >> gretchen: okay. all right. right back. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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♪ >> steve: new year's eve, ethan joins husband dad on stage of the we tried to recreate that viral moment on the television show. didn't work. >> gretchen: ethan, that's you. >> brian: are you going to dance in the after the show show? >> steve: you're darn right he is.


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