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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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factor. thanks for watching us tonight. remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. this is a fox news alert, it is a showdown with syria, there are multiple reports that the administration is mulling over options of using military reports in damascus. a senior u.s. official is telling fox news tonight if this does happen, the attack will last hours and not days and that the window to strike is now open. plus, a pentagon official confirms the plans in place at this hour do not include a regime change in damascus. we're monitoring the situation on the ground in israel. their officials are concerned that the assad regime might attack that nation in retaliation for u.s. strikes. that's something that iran has threatened to do as well. some israelis are preparing for
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the worst. benjamin netanyahu said if his country is targeted we will respond and respond with force. joining me now from the white house with more on this developing story. ed henry is with us, ed, what's going on in washington. >> major decisions being weighed at the white house tonight. series of meetings throughout the day. syrian officials vowed that they would fight any u.s. attack at all costs. vice president joe biden joined the course of top officials here in the administration saying today, that president assad and syria was responsible for these chemical attacks and vice president biden suggested there may be unilateral action that could be imminent without congressional or u.n. approval. that's interesting, back in the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate biden said of then president bush, if he attacked iran without approval he should be impeached. the boston globe, we checked
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this, gave all of the candidates in 2008 questionnaires for written questions. we checked them and one focused on whether a president could bomb iran without authorization from congress. then senator obama answered that question by saying, the president does not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. i pressed jay carney on that point today in the daily briefing and also, meanwhile, republicans like john mccain tonight are saying, if there is going to be military action, it cannot be a symbolic action, backing up the president's rhetoric about a red line, it's got to be serious action that decimates assad's military. take a listen. >> do you believe that exists right now? >> i believe it is a threat to the united states. i believe that absolutely allowing the use of chemical weapons on a significant scale to take place, without a
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response would present a significant challenge to -- a threat to the united states national security interests. >> if it's simply that we launch some cruise missiles and do that for three gayes and not have a significant effect on the momentum on the battlefield. it will have a -- an unhelpful effect. if we do it right, and we get the momentum back on -- shifted to our freedom fighters. >> now, tonight there are some democrats who would sharply disagree with jay carney's claim this would be in the national security interest. congresswoman barbara lee remembers she was the only member of congress in either party to vote against the afghanistan war. she's saying tonight there needs to be a debate and vote in congress. i'm told by top obama officials there will not be a debate and vote in congress. they stress here tonight, the president has been consulting with key lawmakers in both parties and also reaching out on the phone, in fact, tonight with
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the british prime minister david cam ron, other key european allies, they believe inside the white house, they're building a coalition for military action, we expect that action within the next few days. >> thank you very much. joining me now on the phone with more on this developing story. ron johnson, senator, in light of ed henry's report and the comments that were made in the past by both joe biden and the president. one has to ask based on their own definition and interpretation of the constitution, do they need to go to congress? let me first say, i don't envy anybody. the task at hand to deal with these incredibly difficult and complex issues. i truly believe that president obama should not only come to congress -- i know it was hope, hope isn't the strategy. he's been hoping the assad regime falls without doing anything. that assembly and coalition of the willing, not takes the leadership position in this issue. now here we are two years later,
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100,000 syrians have been slaughtered. 1.4 million refugees have fled into jordan in lebanon, in turkey. at this point in time, president obama, the commander in chief, he's in charge of foreign policy, he must leave, explain to the american public. i believe he must come to congress and get permission to act. it's not like this is imminent we have to do it tomorrow anyway. he should make the case to the american public of why syria is a serious national security threat. and with all the chemical weapons that the assad regime holds, it is a serious national security threat, the president must make that case. >> this has been going on for 30 months, 100 people now have been killed, and the president was going to lob some cruise missiles in there, and then run the risk that iran and syria will attack israel? that seems to me to be a top priority that we have to consider. >> i think that -- i agree that
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might be worse than no action. because at that point, what price has anybody paid for using chemical weapons. for war crimes. by the way, sean. the civilian slaughter is also war crimes. we've sat by and done nothing to really counteract that, or punish that type of war crime. again, this point in time for america to start to lead -- this president to lead. to come before congress and get the approval of congress to do this, he should be able to make this case, i think if he tries to make it, he'll get the boot from congress. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it, joining me with reaction to this developing story. ann coulter is with us. two big questions i have here. if they're not going for regime change, we have two big questions before us, number one, we have the israelis. now, if iran and syria are saying if they get a cruise missile attack, they're going to attack israel. is the president prepared to
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defend them? >> no. >> and number two. >> let's start with that one. >> wait a minute. we have to consider that. and what's the point then of lobbying missiles -- >> it's very depressing talking about foreign policy, whenever a democrat is president, because they don't care about america's national intraspective. that should be the only concern the man makes -- by the way, i don't think the president does have to go to congress to bomb someone. he's the commander in chief under the constitution, if it were necessary, a commander in chief could do it. i do not think it was necessary. it wouldn't be a war, it would be bomb iing -- i don't think is necessary -- >> well -- >> let's put that aside and go back to syria for a moment. well, i'm right, let's just leave it there and move on. there's a lot of military action the commander in chief can take. i do not think he should take it, i do not think, unfortunately, he's a democrat. and democrats generally they intervene when it is correctly
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contrary to the interest of the united states. they seem to think it's selfish. to do something that will help the united states such as invade iraq, take out a dictator and preside over several democratic elections. no, that they're against. this is now the second time under the obama administration that america has engaged in a military intervention. >> a continuation of a war in one case. solely so that our president wouldn't look like an idiot for something he said. escalating the war in afghanistan. the only reason he did that was that this rhetorical device to attack the war in iraq, say, that was a war of choice, a war of convenience. that's a real war. what does he think he's accomplishing in afghanistan. and here, it's because he said the chemical weapons -- that's a red line. >> the president has painted himself now into a corner. >> yes, that's not a reason for america -- >> here's the second part of
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this, i view any cruise missiles without regime change, this is a therapeutic bombing, he gets to check the column that says, i bombed them because i said i would. >> right, so he doesn't look like an idiot. >> putting israel at risk. 30 months ago, there was opposition that was more secular, more proamerican. they no longer exist. >> it's too late now. >> the likely regime replacing it would be radical islamists connected to al qaeda. >> he's made a mess of it, the same way he did with egypt. we lose a leader, mubarak who was proamerican, who uses his military to kill tests, who was friendly to israel. three strikes and you're out. liberals want to take him out. then we have the muslim brotherhood come in. total conflict there. same thing in libya, thank you george bush, he had just turned the loan -- what's his name, libyan -- gadhafi, he just
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turned gadhafi into america's best friend by invading iraq. gadhafi goes running to england and says, is he going to invade me next, he opens up, says i'm giving up my nukes, my weapons of mass destruction, and that's when obama wants to take him out? democrats do not care about american national security. they're always making this country more dangerous. we are still living with the consequences of the carter administration and what happened in iran. >> we have to take a break, stay there. >> not only that, we're talking about -- >> when we come back, will obama ultimately, if he strikes be helping al qaeda come into power in syria. what is the impact and what is the impact on israel as it relates to the threats by syria and by iran, we'll have more with ann coulter coming up next. also, secretary of state john kerry's remarks yesterday on the crisis in de mass cass, sounded eerily similar to the testimony he gave to congress back in 1971. we're going to play a comparison you won't see anywhere else but
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as we await president obama's decision on syria, the world is still rhealing from the images of the victims of the attacks. while john kerry's tone was appropriately somber, given the atrocities carried out, i could not help but notice it was eerily similar to what kerry said decades ago. decades ago, he was talking about the brave americans fighting in the vietnam war. take a look at this comparison. >> the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, women, children and bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> they relive the absolute horror of what this country in a
9:16 pm
sense made them do. >> by any standard, it is inexcusable and despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured, it is undeniable. >> they told the stories of times that they had personally raped, cut off the ears, cut off heads -- >> i can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up his dead child, wailing while chaos swirled around him. >> cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians. >> the images of entire families dead in their beds without a drop of blood, visible wounds. bodies contorting in spasms. human suffering that we can never ignore or forget. >> raised villages in fashion reminiscent of agagengis khan. >> our since of humanity is
9:17 pm
offended by the cynical attempt to cover it up. >> poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the countryside of south vietnam in addition to the norm ap ravage of war. >> there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> i still -- just out today in paperback, "mugged" from the '70s to obama which is out in book stores today. we all share the outrage, the images. nobody wants to see these atrocities. we have to ask a question. this has been going on for 30 months. there's 100,000 dead people. >> right, he should have intervened before. now, i suspect it's -- i think it's pretty clear, it's too late now. that was the most amazing comparison of clips you just
9:18 pm
showed of john kerry. >> pretty scary, isn't it? >> it's really fantastic, i never thought liberals could learn. at least he's not describing american troops. i must say, we know that actually is happening in syria. it does remind me to go back to another useless democratic president, bill clinton when he went into bosnia, and madeleine albright and secretary of defense cohen claims to us that hundreds of thousands of civilians were being murdered by milosevic and the u.n. goes and digs up bodies and they find a few thousand men of military age. they wanted to intervene in bosnia and specifically said, madeleine albright did, bill clinton did, this is america at its best, because it serves no territorial interest, no national security interest of ours, this is what democrats tell us. and again, the only reason obama escalated a war in afghanistan where there is no point to regime change.
9:19 pm
there are more goats than flushed toilets there, the literacy rate is 19%. the life expectancy is 44. what are we doing in afghanistan, he's allowing americans to die in afghanistan because of a line he used on the campaign trail and that's what's happening in syria now. he said the red line is chemical weapons -- and now that's why we have to intervene? >> what about the slaughter that was taking place in rwanda or the congo. >> there are a lot of places to interve intervene. >> this is what president obama said back in 2007, and it goes back to the authority -- whether you agree or disagree, i want to talk about the hypocrisy. where he said the president doesn't have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to this country. so based on his definition, what he is going to do is unconstitutional.
9:20 pm
>> more proof that i'm right. of course the commander in chief has that power. and it's appalling that the american people would elect that man mmander in chief. but that having been done, obama said, he's going to shut down guantanamo, are you sorry he didn't shut down guantanamo? i think you were right in what you said at the beginning. too late now, would have been good a few months ago. now, it's going to be like egypt again. who's going to come to power? and why didn't he intervene after the election in iran, a couple years ago. when ahmadinejad stole the election. you have peaceful protesters, completely the opposite of afghanistan. prowestern, beautiful country for regime change. obama comes in -- >> i don't see any possible good outcome. either assad stays. the cruise missiles lands on his head and he's gone. the likely successor to him is that will be obama having helped al qaeda get into power in
9:21 pm
syria. how good, that can't be good for israel, the region or america. >> i suspect -- and this is a prediction, so take it with a grain of salt, that the bombing, if he does bomb, and it looks like he's going to, because oh, he said there was a red line. will be the equivalent of the impeachment day bombing under bill clinton. he'll lob a few bombs over there. there's our red line, ha ha wey into a huge confully grags -- >> i call it a therapeutic bombing. he gets to check the box, okay, i upheld my threat. >> look at what happened in egypt, no, we took out a ruler who was good for the united states and put in the muslim brotherhood. do not vote for democrats for commander in chief america, this is what happens. >> ann coulter -- >> "mugged" out in paperback today, good for the beach
9:22 pm
reading, labor day. coming up, our coverage of the showdown with syria continues tonight. and questions if the obama administration, if they decide to use military force, what's going to happen next, who's going to fill the power vacuum if the assad regime is toppled. will al qaeda soon be knocking on the door? first you get to select tonight's video of the day, option number two, courtesy of the conservative group. they decided to enter the contest to help promote obama care for young americans. you want to see it in total, vote on hannity live. here's part of what they came up with. >> obama care, just let guys enjoy premium leather seats so too you'll enjoy paying triple [ male announcer ] america's favorite people wait for this promotion all year long. and now there are endless ways to love it... from crispy to spicy to savory. [ man ] you cannot make a bad choice. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp! as ch as you like, y way you like! you can have your shrimp. and you can eat it, too. [ male announcer ] try our new soy wasabi grilled shrimp or classic garlic shmp scampi.
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. welcome back to this breaking news edition of hannity. we continue to monitor the showdown with syria. an attack against the assad regime could happen within days. my question is this would this just be a therapeutic strike to make the president feel better about himself for drawing this red line in the sand and bungling the crisis from day one. and if a strike is ordered. what happens after the attack is launched, is that going to open the door for al qaeda to fill the power vacuum in damascus?
9:27 pm
our commander in chief better have a plan for the sake of america and our allies. for reaction, leslie marshall. i just read the comments from the president, he said in 2007 that a president wouldn't have the constitutional authority. let's go to the same year, joe biden, listen to what he said. >> i was chairman of the judiciary committee for 17 years or its ranking member. i teach separation of powers in constitutional law. this is what i know. i got together and brought a group of constitutional scholars together to deliver a piece to the united states senate. the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war unless we're attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked. and if he does, if he does, i would move to impeach him. the house obviously has to do that, but i would lead an effort to impeach him.
9:28 pm
the reason for my doing that, i don't say it lightly. i say it because they should understand that what they were threatening, what they were saying, what was adding up to be what looked like to the rest of the world, what we were about to do, would be the most disastrous thing that could be done in this moment in our history that i can think of. >> i'll go back to obama, he said the president does not have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation, that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. lesley marshall, how did they get beyond their own words here? >> first of all, vice president biden was specifically speaking about a war. a declaration of war, which does need congressional approval. we're not talking about -- we're talking about possibly what we did in syria -- we're talking about syria, what we possibly did in libya. which is no boots on the ground. i hate to say i agree with ann coulter on anything, but, yes -- >> that's not a war. that's not an authorization for the use of force? what are we going to call that?
9:29 pm
>> we're not declaring war. >> we're not declaring war. it doesn't mean that conflict isn't existing. let's not play word games here. >> when it comes to the constitution, word games are played. that's what happened in a court of law. that's what happens in a court of law. >> that's a good point. >> and in an international court of law, when you have every single ally. >> i don't care what is -- >> the president has the authority because this is not a declaration of war. >> let me go to brushie. if in fact do you take the threat of iran and syria -- how seriously should we take their threat that if we sent cruise missiles into syria, that they're going to fire at israel? how credible is that? >> it's a very serious threat. they build us over and over again that they're going to retaliate. iran will retaliate. right now, syria is the base of
9:30 pm
iran in that part of the world. iran wants to make sure the lines remain open. iran has the best interest to retaliate, and they will retaliate against israel, they will retaliate against our interest in the middle east. and maybe even anywhere around the world. but here's the problem we have, sean, we don't even know who used nerve gas against their people. we do not know if the rebel used it. we're not sure the assad regime used it. carla deponte, a member of the united nations international independent commission of inquiry on syria came out with a report saying we think it's the rebels who launched the nerve gas and the biological weapons and not the assad regime. >> it's interesting you say that, the u.k. tell graph had a column out today say iing the likelihood that assad used chemical weapons is questionable
9:31 pm
at best. and john kerry is saying it with certainty. if he goes ahead and does this, lesley, if he was, in fact, able to get rid of assad, do you know who's most likely to take his place? because i'll tell you if you don't know. >> well, this is something that america has had a problem with since we've been a nation. we strive for freedom and democracy and push for other countries to have the freedom to vote. with egypt, although we had no military intervention, we had verbal backing and many would say financial backing. we knew that it was the devil you know versus the devil you don't. what was the option, to keep mubarak in power? >> yeah. >> in this situation -- what we want is assad, so i can be clear. our choices when we watch this horrific footage of children lying on the ground writhing in pain from basically what is nerve gas, attacking their central nervous system. >> where is the administration.
9:32 pm
the method of death -- >> might attack israel. i'll have the mind come into power. >> for 30 months, 100,000 people were killed. now it's the method of killing people that has now outraged the international community? >> i didn't hear -- >> 30 months ago, where was there any congressional member on the right asking -- >> there were plenty of people. 30 months ago. >> i want to see those -- >> there were proamericans, more secular, opposition forces that we could have assisted and we missed that opportunity. that window is closed. now the president's saying this is days not weeks bridget and they don't want regime change. i have to ask, what's the purpose? what are they trying to accomplish here? >> exactly, why are we going to spend billions of dollars bombing a country we have no business being in. we are looking at hezbollah and iran on one side. and on the other side, we have al qaeda on the muslim brotherhood. we're going to war because we feel bad because of our
9:33 pm
morality, why didn't we go to war with savannah and congo. 2 million were slaughtered. how come we morally did not feel bad about going and defending the sudanese, but want to go to war in syria. this is a complete manipulation by our enemies to drag us into war. and we cannot be stupid and fall into that trap. >> this is not a war, this is just to say, i checked the box off, i bombed syria, my red line promises -- i have to tell you, if it happens, we're putting our ally in jeopardy, and paving the way for al qaeda, and radical islamists, al qaeda groups to take over. that's a really dumb thing to do, lesley, by any definition. >> that's not what we're doing, sean. >> that's exactly what will happen. i was right -- i'm right about this. >> you may not like the president, but i hope you have confidence in our pentagon, our u.s. intelligence. >> i do, lesley. no military experience?
9:34 pm
no president does that, left or right, you know that. >> at least getting rid of saddam hussein the world was better off. getting rid of assad and al qaeda affiliated radicals in its place. i don't see how we're better off, we all the to stay out of it. >> exactly, we can't go to war. >> coming up next, thank you both, right leer on hannity. we marched because every economic indicator shows gaping white/black disparities. we march for freedom from white supremacy. >> while it should be a day that unites americans some leaders on the left want to keep this country divided. we'll explain that coming up next. we want to hear from you. log on to our special companion site. follow the live show. vote for tonight's video of the day. option number three is the never before seen footage of president gerald ford testifying about his assassination attempt in 1975.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. tomorrow the nation will pause to commemorate the iconic i have a dream speech. rather than celebrate the fact that we have the first african-american president and lawmakers than ever, controversy is overshadowing the day. one of the most outrageous comments comes to us -- >> we march because of trayvon martin, young black martyrs. we march because the united states supreme court has eviscerated the voting rights act for which we fought and died. we march because every economic indicator shows gaping
9:40 pm
white/black disparities. we march for freedom from white supremacy. >> pretty unbelievable before we go through some of the controversial comments. gentlemen, good to see you both. a lot of people, there's been numerous high profile cases that the american people have followed. for example, the president spoke out on the cambridge police acting stupidly, spoke out about trayvon, but yet has not spoken out publicly -- i know he sent a letter to the family later today, about the chris lane c e case. a florida bus beating, three kids, black kids against one white kid. and some people question why he's civil rights leaders, why the president is selective in the instances in which they speak out on. >> you can't speak out in every think by the way that the racial
9:41 pm
cover you would put on those is always the case. certainly not in oklahoma where you had one kid who was white and another who's biracial involved in that shooting, i think there are criminals of all colors and types. i think a lot of this is now sort of popular, and it worries me that we are inflaming racial tensions by trying to voice this interpretation -- >> was there inflaming racial tensions there? >> sure, i think that -- i think there are people who tried to exploit it, i happened to think that the verdict was an injustice to trayvon martin's family. i think there's a dead tried there. but that's my feeling. >> larry, weigh-in. >> well, the black leaders don't like to talk about most of the time it's a black perpetrator and a white victim. it's easier to talk about the instance where a white person does something to a black person. the criminal justice system is not a racist system.
9:42 pm
the department examined 75 issues to determine if it's true. they found out nothing like that, this is 1994 under bill clinton. and yes, the mantra continues that race and racism continues. it just isn't true, we've elected and re-elected a black president. we've had back to back black secretaries of state. if black america were a country it would be the 15th or 16th wealthiest country in the work. >> i agree with what you're saying. black americans need to be aware of things that can move us forward. when you look at incarceration rates in the country and realize that half are black are hispanic, you think, they're not half of the pop laying. and when you look at the reality, day to day, of what goes on, most of the crimes, white crime, black crime, white on white, black on black, it's a
9:43 pm
very small. i think almost single digits, interracial crime in our country. >> that's not true. that's not true. >> it is true. >> and you -- >> one last point -- the category of -- >> no, it's, look, i'm telling you overall. i don't know about -- let me say, historically, if you think back to the history of lynching, of assassinations, of political leaders, that's white on black crime, larry. >> well, if you look at the category of crime of murder, you're absolutely right, juan. almost all murder is same race murder, you look at auto theft, break-ins, home invagus, those kinds of 24i7ks, 40% of street crimes are it whiched by black people. >> i thought we were talking about personal assault, murder, that kind of thing, what you're talking about is poor people. of course, there's a higher poverty rate among minorities. >> again, you talk about things like categories of crimes.
9:44 pm
and the fact is, when you look at certain categories of crime, 40% or so of the perpetrators are black people. quite frequently their victims are white. it's not true that almost all crime is same race crime. it depends on the category. >> i'm not. i think that what you're doing,you're looking at crimes like if you said, auto theft or somebody who pilfered something, what we're talking about, and i think what seanen wattsed to focus on is that example of what happened to that young man in oklahoma. a horrific crime. >> that's one example. >> you have other examples. the kids down in florida. the kid in florida, the white kid in florida said, those guys tried to sell him drugs and he reported, they viewed him as a snitch and beat him up. it wasn't about race, that's all i'm saying. >> everyone says that race is to say it's not about race, and i don't know if that's necessarily the case. to what extent, larry, and i'll give you the last word tonight. 50 years later, in terms of
9:45 pm
self-empowerment and decisions and family breakups and societal pressures and cultural issues, what impact is that having overall in the black community in terms of -- i'm just a believer in individual responsibility taking charge of your life. i believe that every american that does that can succeed in this day and age, am i wrong? >> absolutely. and the number one social parliament in this country is children being raised without fathers. in 1960, 5% of children were raised without problems. that number now is 43%. there's a direct relationship between not having a dad in the home and crime. that is a bigger problem in this country. far bigger than the remaining racism that exists in america. >> let me just say, on this point i agree with larry, and i want to reaffirm -- >> i wish everybody would pay attention to that, as much as they paid attention to trayvon or interracial crime. the fathers, lack of fathers, family breakdowns, the critical
9:46 pm
issue. the civil rights challenge of this generation. >> common ground. common ground here, sean. common ground. >> you guys are ruining the show. >> you know that, but come on. >> coming up, ahead of tomorrow, the 50th anniversary, republicans are doing their part to help honor the dream of martin luther king, jr. what they're doing to reach out to black voters in american. and how one republican is making waves with controversial remarks of his own. you can still vote for today's video of the day. we'll play the winner at the we'll play the winner at the conc you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's goo vegas. cute! waiter! girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding. .
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they've done everything to make this a right wing -- the o'rileys incessantly beat up on blacks, that are feeding the propaganda bill at that blacks are the racists. basically there's no racism in america except it comes from blacks. >> former miss america, and
9:51 pm
democratic strategist. ebony, i have to take that kind of verbal assault and that accusation? when have i ever beaten up on black americans? i don't do that. i believe we're all children of god, i'm christian. >> i don't think you need to take that kind of attack but i think earl's point was there does seem to be this underlying narrative that not you necessarily but some people are moving forward, instances of reverse racism negates -- >> i just think racism is racism. >> i agree with you there. >> but it's a small minority of americans, would you agree with that? >> a small minority of americans that are -- >> are racist, black on white or white on black. >> i don't know about that. racist, perhaps. but hold racial bias toward groups that are different than
9:52 pm
themselves, i think that's a lot more than we care to admit to. >> erika, what do you think if. >> i think from my experience with young voters, they're interested in moving past a lot of these issues and focusing on issues like poverty and access to education. i don't think that's the kind of dialogue they're engaged in at all. >> let me go back, ebony, to you. have i many friends of mine, black conservatives, are called every vicious, vial, hateful name in the book. apparently it's acceptable because it keeps happening. but there is this -- and here's this guy on al sharpton's radio show saying that i frequently beat up on blacks, which is a lie. i don't. i go after people based on their political views. so it really is frustrating to me, why is there that double standard? why are conservative blacks viciously attacked so often?
9:53 pm
why? >> well, i want to speak to that, i'm glad you asked that. i do lean left but for me i would never attack or belittle a black american who chose to side with the conservative party, the republican party. if you are a very strong fiscal conservative, it would make sense you identify with that party. you have strong, radical, religious beliefs, perhaps that party is more attractive to you. i think the problem some people have identifying with the republican party is they don't see, they look at the historical justices they see of some republicans toward black americans. >> party of lincoln. how did the civil rights act get passed by lyndon johnson? al gore's father, how did he vote? he voted against the civil rights act, as did byrd and former leader, former kkk
9:54 pm
member. it was the republicans that helped pass those bills. so is that the history -- >> yes, that's true but you and i both know the 60s johnson said once i pass this legislation, it's going to mean the identity of this party is going to shift. so i think we all know that lincoln being a republican is not the same as a republican today. >> ericia you respond, last word. >> well, i'd say i think we are seeing a change. i'm running for congress as an african-american republican and i have not been attacked for that. and, in fact, people have been very welcoming and receptive. i'm very encouraged, especially in light of where we've come 50 years from now. we have great signs of encouraging progress. >> thanks both of you. coming up, we picked your choice for video of the day. that's next. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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welcome back to hannity, time to reveal the clip of the day, the missouri rodeo clown at the center of the obama mask controversy a few weeks he spoke publicly for the first time. i've had one lady spit in my face. called me a dirty name, spit in my face and walked over. i had somebody want to run my over, threaten to burn my house down. >> if president obama was here, i'd shake his hand. >> we've lost our collective sense of humor.
10:00 pm
the news continues with "live on the record." thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. western envoys telling syrian opposition leaders to get ready. a military response to syria's chemical weapons use could happen at any moment. syrian president assad crossing the red line so will president obama give the green light and when? >> nobody knows what the red line means. nobody know what is crossing it means. nobody know what is you have to do to cross it. nobody knows what's going to be done if you cross it. >> they're under great pressure for the president to act. he drew that red line a year ago this month. >> there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapon line front. that's a red line


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