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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 29, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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next move concerning to the cries cries. welcome to america live i am shannon braem in for megyn kelliy. the obama administration is weighing the options on the possibility of a military strike to punish syria's reportedous of chemical weapons. congressional leaders are expected to be briefed on the situation later today. recently as two daysing on, it appeared that the u.s. and allies were ready to act at and moment. but today world powers are walking back suggesting that a military strike is imminent. british prime minister cameron said it is unthinkable to support a strike if there is strong opposition in the un. they argue that the political solution can only happen if
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there is a stop in the escalation of violence. israel is bracing for a worst- case scenario. they are deployed to maintain order as this happeneds of people get gas masks and protective kits. israel called up reservist and deployed missile defense bat row with syria and iran striking for any western military action. reporting live from the mideast bureau. hello, leland. >> there is growing fores that the longer the war of words goes on the worse the war will be. especially as iran and syria are making threats that they may have to live up to in terms of a regional war. and russia is sending ships to the med teranea n sea. the un inspectors are looking
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for another inspection. we are told they are going to wrap up their work on friday, saturday morning they leave damascus. while they may issue a respect saying that chemical weapons aroused, unlikely they would say who spectacularly used them something that the united states and united kingdom have already decided. of course, the syrian government denotices it and will strike back at israel. and thousands there lined up in the blistering sun for gas mask in case the promise from assad. and they need gas makes before the missiles start flying. >> my mom keeps telling me to get a gas mask and calling me and telling me and next time i expect to see the gas mask. >> there is a panic because there is news of imminent attack
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sometime today or over the weekend and no one wants to be caught without a mask. >> right now, the israel papers are never shy to speculate the front page. they have battle plans and here the iron dome missile defense is ready to intercept the missiles and the head lone for an attack. any time after tonight. shannon, it is already tonight here in israel. back to you. >> and the tension is growing there. thank you leland very much. >> for days, we heard about military assets moving to syria. america was prepared to strike at a moment's notice and why are we hearing a reluctance to take action. it so manies that lieutenant oliver north. >> we are seeing the evidence of the problem that they had in the administration since the get go. off of the teleprompter he said
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things that he could not back up. redline comment and game changer is over a-year-old. we know they used chemical weapons twice before this. suddenly it is a cause and everybody started it talk about all of the things they knew and amid the observation they leaked so much they need pampers and all of the talk that is going to happen with the cruise missiles and position of the american ships and targets and all coming from inside of the administration ta is prosecuting people for talking about peop people -- benghazi. and people are asking in congress and in israel and even among the sir yap resistance. what next you fire a few cruise missiles. is there an end game? is there objectives besides simply punishing bashar assad
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with what he is doing with chemical weapons and brutuallyizing his own people. suppedenly the brits who were with us and the french who wanted to go it alone and suddenly looking at it and saying oh, gosh, even the arab league is not going to back this and we know the un isn't and we can't find a consensus among nato and you have turkey who is a nato alloy supplying the most radical elements of the resistant to assad. what must happen now, they have to beef up the security in everyone of our embassies in the middle east and africa. they are the target for the 9/11 attack and 9/11 is anniverse verse for the terrorist, it is upon us. whether he does the attack in syria or not. he has to bring the israelis in
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the equation. they are our only allies in that part of the world. instead of briefing congress on a single missile strike, what he ought to do is go with them with a covert poipd finding and senate committee and said i want to recruit a thousand contractors because the intelligence agencies risks and will not do. this recruit and train and field a pro american and pro western resistance freedom from the camps of jordan. you will not find them in the camps of lebanon and turkey and iraq where there are 2.throw million refugee. and get a copy of this bock, he's not going to red guns of august because it is too thick. this is about a president who forgets the attack on 9/11 and forgets the proper measures.
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9/11 is a target against america for the rest of your life and mine. >> what is the purpose of this attack? what is the thought process of the administration? we have telegrapped so heavily in the world that everyone knows position of the ships and what we have on them and tomahawk missiles and what is the purpose if we don't have a direct u.s. special that the president conveys for congress and they are no votes on this. they know it is coming but not aimed at regime change. >> this is bill clinton on steroids. bill clinton did this in 1993 and again in 2,000 and again in 98. bill clinton looked at it and said i am a weak president and i can fire cruise missiles that did nothing and didn't stop terrorism and we have the uss
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cole. and didn't punish saddam hussein that he stopped brutal otherwising his people. you have a weak president who looks in the mirror and all of them except for the mirror that you are making a terrible mistake. you don't have an end game or regime change and support the syrian opposition if you are not going further you better not do it at all. >> it will be something to see how it pans out without the consultation of congress and now includes democrats and republicans a like saying we have to think it out. and that's the purpose of the constitution and balance there to vet out the ideas. >> he's creating with all of the loose talk, he's created a enormous problem constitutionally because he has no authority to do it. >> when we decided to attack down the a chilles laurel we notified congress and in granada
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we briefed congress. the night before but every leader of congress was brought to the residence the night before granada and where u.s. combat was going to free the island and hostages. you had the president of the united states briefing. tip o'neill was angry about it in known 83 when we went to granada and did the same thing before taking out the missile bases in libya in '85 and did the same after the hijackers. if ronald reagan could brief the congress in advance of military operation, surely barak obama can find a way to do so, too. >> we know there will be other briefings via the white house. and we'll watch and see what congressional reaction is to that. >> good to be in the studio. >> and i will check out the book. >> i will leave you one. noil prices are sky rocketing and you know, that means higher
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gas prices, given that syria itself produces very little oil, why the new spoik and how far will it go? melissa francis joins us for that part of the syria fallout. >> a jarring report out of north korea claiming that kim jong-un had an exgirlfriend executed by a firing squad last week. the south korea newspaper said she was condemned for allegedly making a sex tape. it was not only the people in the tape that were punished. here's more. trace? >> cope in mind the exgirlfriend was a big singer in north korea and had a number of big hits and pleaing in one of the prominent orchest ra. and dated kim jong-un ten years ago and his father did not
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approve of the relationship and made him break it up. the singer and musicians were gathered up and arrested and then machine gunned. all 12 of the erpt tainers and then their fellow performers and their families were brought to the execution scene and made to watch and then those families and the other entertainers were is not to prison camps because of guilt by association. experts don't believe it had going to do with the pornographic videos. they believe they were political executions and the erpt tainers may be leaning to a arrival faction. and jealously may have played a part. kim's wife played in the same orchest raas the exgirlfriend and may have been jealous of the ex's continued stardom. all of this is difficult to confirm out of a closed north
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korean government. >> uh-huh. there should be no story that surprises us out of north korea, trace. thank you. >> syria finds itself in the middle of two u.s. aircraft carriers and russia is sending its own war ships in the med terranea n sea. and we'll have the report about the crisis. and keeping an eye in a florida courtroom where three teen agers have a hearing in a bruttial school bus hearing. our legal panel weighs in on the punishment and whether it fits the crime. plus, brand new reaction to the death penalty sentence for fort hod shooter. the death penalty brought relief to some of the families and also brought you something else. we'll show you about the a polls
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process that plays out and why. >> as a christian, i can't wish anyone dead for crimes against me and my family. that doesn't mean i am opposed to the death penalty and the families of the other 13 families want the death penalty they are not perfectly justified. didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> this is a fox news alert out of florida. new developments in the brutal school bus beating caught on camera last month. you will remember three teens accused of viciously beating a 13-year-old classmate. the defendants are facing charges today in the attack. the juvenile justice officials recommended just probation for two of them. they are live in clearwater, florida for more on the case. >> all three of those 15 years old are charged with aggravated
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battery and the judge behind me in the courthouse explaining to all three of the defendants if they were adults they would be charged with second-degree fell no and facing 15 years in prison. not one of the suspects as they approached the courthouse pending the 1 o'clock disposition hearing, not one of them would say anything to the peppering of questions. not a word out of their mouths and only one of the fathers spoke and he didn't say much. prosecutors intend to ask the judge for nine months probation and random drug test and forbid them from ever contacting the 13-year-old victim. that's what they wanted the punishment to be. the judge will dispense judgment if the throw suspects actually do make a formal plea which is yet to happen.
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the school bus driver was widely critized nationwide for not doing going to stop the boating. 50 punches and kicks over a full minute and never got involved or pushed the kids out of the way, but that is what the conflicting school policy said he is have done. his attorney was here to see what happen up stairs and said his client the driver feels badly especially for the victim. he feels for the boyand his family very much and wishes he could do more. school policy kept him from intervening. i spoke to the grand parents of the 13-year-old victim and said he is very afraid and get himself to go on a school bus. his grandmother is driving him two and from schools and he transferred schools and hopefully, he will not so these
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three people again. >> and wooerl bring keith sutherland and former prosecutor fred. >> thanks for having me. >> there are limited options for the juveniles. this kid had a broken arm and beaten up and ended up in the hospital. what could the judge do. there is a lot of back and forth. >> we are curious to so what the judge will do. they could sentence them to juvenile hall which is not a good place for youths to be. kids come out of their worse than when they went in. they are first- time offenders. you have to strike a balance and you don't want to throw a kid away. it was a violent act and the bus driver's attorney said school policy. was it school policy to tell them who they were ratting them out? >> that is a question here. the grandmother would have gone
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here and gotten the kid if he was facing this trouble. the kid told the admen straighters, they tried to force me to get the drugs and they got the information. >> very troubling. that was the one thing you always worried about that witnesses and people find out they are talking to you or law enforcement or the school authorities and what they did was horrible. and fortunately most people unfortunately don't get to see this kind of violence with simple or aggravated assault. the first question is why did we have canning in the country. it was one that was charged with robbery. i agree putting them in with hardened kreminals but i think more than probation is appropriate. >> this is a violent crime whether the first time or 10th
10:21 am
time. it was no average school bus scuffle. >> it happen on the school bus in tront of all of those kids. the victim is demoralized and the kids two years older than him beat the tar out of him. >> he tried to do the right thing. >> we see kids like this and see them when they shot machine in oklahoma or kansas. or beaten up a man. this is early on. the time to stop them from being repeat offenders is today. >> and focus on rehab. nunfortunately with probation, that is not going to happen. they will have frequent flyer miles in the criminal justice system if they don't crack down on them now. >> and breaking news on a massive lawsuit against the nfl. that is next, plus gas prices are climbing because of the show down over syria. how fast and how far in just
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three minutes.
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>> this is a fox news alert involving the nfl. the league and more than 4500 players are planning to resolve the concussion related lawsuit with a $765 million settlement. it would go to medical research. including tony doorset and the familiar fam of pro bowl line baker junior sera u. and many players believe their problems stem from all of those on field concussion.
10:26 am
we'll have a live report on that just a head. growing concerns of the acts of the escalating crisis in syria is having on the price of oil. cost of the crowd is soaring over fores of a u.s. air strike could disrupt the regions oil splois. many americans are asking how long before the price hikes trickle down to their pump. great to so you today. >> thanks. >> let's start. syria itself doesn't produce that much oil why does the price jump? >> they prus a little bit of oil but it is all about the neighbor they are in. they have iraq second biggest oil prouser in opec and turning out 2.throw million barrels a day. and any time you can so a disruption, it is not depend for the one- third of the
10:27 am
world's oil. and the sea waves and the strait of her mos there and suez canal. and any disruption can cause a problem. >> a lost folks wonder what it means next time they fill up a car. will this impact at the pump? >> it already has. and triple a said the price at the pump went up to $0.02 last night. that's based on the big jump in crude oil already. and we have laebor day on our side. we see demand scale back. you stop driving around after summer is over. you are just taking people to school. that decloip in demand is very helpful. it will blunt the impact. but the problem is if it becomes a prolonged swagdz in the pump. >> and how much impact will
10:28 am
spark more of that conversation about co stone and fraking. and they are calling on them to focus on what is going on here at home. >> you have people saying we have crude oil production at 22 or 23 year high. why is this impacting us at all and seeing gas prices go up. we still get half of our oil from outside of the country. we are doing better than before. and we have seen more crude pour in our refinery and so we are some what insulated and we have more gas on hand. but if we had that pipeline, we could get more insulated we'll never be totally safe and oil is a global market. and believe it or not it is helping this time as well. >> bigger and broader impact on the market.
10:29 am
nhigher oil prices and investors go into gold because of the concern and market is jittery. and we saw a decline in the middle of the week. stock market lower and gold prices higher it is not good for the fragile recovery of the economy we are having. >> it is an impact. >> always about money. >> great to so you and see you later today. >> 5:00 p.m. on fox business. >> can you catch melissa every single night and get your if i can. airs 5:00 east were time. >> a new report suggesting that the irs is looking closer in the american legion and targeting our veterans for special scrutiny and dramatic video and amazing stories for inside of a race car that crashed and burst in flames and check it out
10:30 am
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>> fox nows alert both the white house and state department briefings is going on. syria is a hot topic and we'll bring you all of those headlines shortly. we are waiting the obama administration on syria the uss stout is move nothing position in the eastern mediterranean. that makes five u.s. ships in the area and comes that russia is making a move of its own. jennifer griffin has more. >> the uss stout was on a scheduled deployment and will relove one of the four navy destroyers currently on station off of the coast of syria for a period of time there will be five in the eastern
10:35 am
mediterranean. other is the pent dpon decision to cope two aircraft carrier groups assigned to the gulf. both carriers will remain we are told and remember back in february the knave had to reduce the carriers in the gulf because of sequester budget cuts and the pentagon is not concerned about reports from russia is sending two surface war ships to the mediterranean. that was expected. and u.s. officials say they will not deter their planning. what has the pentagon concerned and could delay the timing of a strike is the uk vote in parliment and the decision of the pentagon's main ally to wait until the weapon's inspectors present their findings. >> i said it on a number of occasions, if any action would be taken against syria, it would
10:36 am
be an international collaboration. ndefense secretary chuck hagel returns from a visit from asia friday night. un inspectors are expected to finish their work on friday and slated to finish their work saturday morning. james rosen received information from middle eastern sources about the likely targets which include the assad's rei don't mean and artillery and rocket stores. pentagon sources sdreeb a potential mission as a deter and degrade strike. that's what we are hearing for the officials here in the pentagon. >> thank you very much. first conservative and te party groups and a veteran
10:37 am
organization is targeted bow the irs. the american ledgions who maintain records for all members including the dates and character of their service in the military. if they don't have the required proof, they can be hit with fines of a thousand dollars a day. we'll check in with concerned veterans for america to get a little bit more and your reaction. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about how veterans groups are classified by the irs and they have a special desination. >> they are considered than c3 or 4s and targeted by lois lerner and on the conservative side tea party side. now guyed lines from the irs moans they know where they are going and probably more than the ledgions and vfw. they are requesting for
10:38 am
additional membership documentation. they have maintained membership rolls for years. but the ledgions are not told the new details they need. if an inspector and auditor shows up they are not going to have it and they can be slapped with a thousand a day. that is the ledgion post. they are not awash with cash. it is a huge problem. senator moran is not a letter to the acting leader to the ears why this new policy and did it go by the irs general council and what is the purpose? they are taking notice of this and there is a lot of concerns. nall of the right questions coming from senator moran. why veterans groups and why now? and anything coming from the irs
10:39 am
and lois lerner's department should be suspect. we have enough problems now and targeting veterans groups. i don't know that the ledgion crossed the administration in any particular way. it is likely typical of what government and bureaucracies do. what else can we ask them for and not thinking about the purden of what puts on the post. it would be a service record. they don't maintain that. and you tock it and you would have to secower it because of sensitive information and that is another burden and so the american ledgion knows who their people are and the irs knows who their people are and they have decided to slap on new regulations without telling the post about it. i hope they beat it back quickly. >> the president is speaking to the initial crisis that came out of the irs and were groups and terminology and terms were
10:40 am
targeted and the president said any coined of targeting was inexscowsable. would he weigh in on that? nprobably not. he weighs in on things he is interested in. i don't so him happening. he spoke about the va backlog because of public outcry. he didn't want to own up to. the chance of him talking about it, he will not engage on it and they are patriotic organizations and we know what the tea party groups were targeted. i hope not idea lodgeeccal in nature and would be wonderful for the president to step out on it. >> we'll so if we hear anything from the white house. >> thank you for having me. a montana rape case is getting initial attention after the
10:41 am
judge critized the victim and gave a rapist a sentence of 30 district attorneys, he could have gotten 15 years and reporting on the controversey and whether there are legal options to change that sentence. and plus, yesterday's death penamy brought relief to fort hood victim's families and something else. we'll talk about the complex and lelthy appeals process that has to play out. we'll tell you why. >> anyone whoouses religion to commit acts of terrorism and no god and self interest. as far as his claim he is saved lives. he is deteriorated relationship with u.s. and middle eastern countries. he is a coward and unrepresentant murderer. .
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now reaction to the suspecting of fort hood shooter major nadil hasan. before an execution is date hasan faces years if not decades of appeals and this time he will not be allowed to represent himself. casy is live in fort hood. and has been covering it from the beginning. hello, casy. >> yeah, more on that in a moment. it was four years in the making as you know. a collective sigh of relief yesterday among all of the people whose lives were forever changed on the army post. the court martial was delayed and delayed and frustration grew and finally justice after two hours of deliberation the panel decided that hasan should be executed for the crime. the family of michael ca hill wiping away tears.
10:46 am
the story of heroism emerged from the testimony of witnesses of how he charged hassan with a chair and tried to stop him and killed while trying to protect others. >> this is a long and exhausting process. we are tired and we are hurt. but we are resolved. justice has been served. . >> the sad reality is it could take years if not decade physical hasan dies by lethal injection. hassan did not appeal we should note, it is just standard for any capitol case for the military. a soldier hasn't been executed in this count row since 1961 and 5 sit on death row in kansas. hassan will join them and sit
10:47 am
there while the appeal's process plays out. and military appeals court have overturned 11 of 16 death sentences handed down. and that is why the judge here and the prosecutions worked so hard to make sure every letter of the law was followed so hasan's case is not one of them. shannon in ncasy, thank you very much. >> and joining us now is retired sergeant luns ford who was shot sen times by hasan. and one bullet is still lodged in his back. we'll get your reaction to the sentence? >> well, i am glad they gave him the death sentence, however, i was reading the paper where it was saying the military a pole process which i am aware of. i think that right now, we need to go a head and put him to death and do it swift he because the pain is still there.
10:48 am
i think now we need to rally as a nation to show any other terrorist who has the plans that major hassan has is not successful and we need to stop playing around and dod needs to clar foy this as a terrorist act. now you can no longer say that we have to wait for the trial. that's what we need to do at this point. speaking of that classiction, you lived through this and lost people that you were close to. it was four years ago almost, but remoip us and our viewers about that day and why you think it is properly called a terror attack. >> for one thing major hasan was in arms and one of the safest places in a base is the medical facility.
10:49 am
and for him to cowardly take the lives of 14 individuals, future leaders, and then also destroy the lives of 32 others, i feel as if something has to be done. and it is sad that our government has been hiding behip of work place violence when we don't have one documented case of work place violence in the military at all. i feel that some individuals are afraid their careers may be cut short. that is the nature of the beast. you step up and do your job we would not have this situation where you pass one problem from one base to another base. >> you heard casy talk and you brought up on this as well. you know the a polls process is not optional. it is going to happen and the way the military code is written and hassan will have attorneys appointed on his behalf that may not desire the the way
10:50 am
he wants for himself. you heard the reports that 11 of 16 death sentences in the military have been overturned. this panel, not jorbut panel in the military, they cape back quickly with the verdict and sentence. are you p are you confident this death penalty will be upheld on appeal? >> to be honest with you, i would like to be confident. in a real world, i just have this feeling that they're going to try to drag this on as long as possible. what i would like to say on my word as a man, on my word as nco and my word as being one of the ft. hood family i will not allow this thing to drag on. now is the time for all of us to unite and put pressure on the powers that be to make this a swift task. don't drag this out for decades or for years.
10:51 am
what they're failing to understand is that the sentencing that was given out yesterday, that's not the end of it. we have to live with these pains the rest of our lives. >> sergeant, thank you for your service. unfortunately we have to go. thank you for sharing your story. we'll be right back. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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he say figure figure mercy killing or plain old murder. a kentucky man admits he did fatally shoot his wife saying she asked him to do it because of breast cancer.
10:55 am
>> they've been married about 28 years with adult children and he says his wife was in excruciating pain from breast cancer that had spread from the rest of her body. at 2:30 in the morning he killed her and then called 911. >> 911. >> i just shot my wife. >> what happened again? >> i just -- you need to come out here. >> tell me what happened, sir. >> give me the police. i'm under arrest. >> when police arrived, they found virginia had been shot three times in the face. her husband was taken into custody. in a jailhouse interview he claimed he loved his wife and he did to her what he hoped she would do to him. listen. >> i shot her. >> did you kill her? >> she died from my shots. she told me she wanted me to end the pain. i said, all i've got is what the doctors gave you, the medicine,
10:56 am
the pain pill. she said, no, i've took enough of them. i want you to stop my pain for good. >> we just got off the phone with the sheriff who says that there are a lot of holes in the husband's story. he's very skeptical, for example, there was no will, no agreement on what to do with any of the property. after talking to their adult children, the sheriff learned there allegedly was some domestic abuse in the past and the kids say that their mom was hoping to beat the cancer. he's clearly facing murder charges and a lot more questions still to be answered. >> all right, trace. thank you. >> we are awaiting new statements from the white house on syria, after the administration appears to start moving away from suggestions that military action is imminent. a live report with new details just ahead. fire on the racetrack. a driver loses control of a car,
10:57 am
up in flames. how the driver walked away and raced in the same car just 30 minutes later. how does that work?
10:58 am
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11:00 am
this is a fox news alert. new statements from the white house on the mass killing of innocent civilians in syria. as the administration appears to be pulling back from suggestions that military action is imminent. it's a brand new hour of "america live." i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. the white house saying regardless of any new evidence collected by u.n. inspectors on the ground in syria right now, the president is certain the assad regime is behind the deadly gassing of its own people. and the administration is working on an intelligence report that will say just that. here's white house deputy press secretary, josh ernest. separate from the conversation they're having today, we have discussed our commitment to producing for you
11:01 am
and for the american public to review, an unclassified version of an intelligence assessment about the assad regime's use of chemical weapons in syria. it's my understanding that that report has not been finalized as of this moment. but that we are still on track to produce that report before the end of the week. >> not today? >> i'm not ruling out today. >> live now at the white house, senior white house correspondent, ed henry, fresh off the briefing. it got pretty spirited in there today thanks in large part to you, ed. >> reporter: what's interesting there are tough questions now being asked. obviously, the country's been down this road before about wmd, weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. is it appropriate for the u.s. to intervene now? what evidence does the president of the united states have? josh ernest getting a lot of tough questions on that.
11:02 am
let's walk through a couple important issues here as the president mulls this decision. number one you heard josh ernest say he's not ruling out today we might get this report. that report would be an unclassified version of what the president and his top national security advisors are looking at right now that has enabled them to come out very publicly and forcefully and insist on the record they believe president assad in syria was responsible for this mass chemical attack, killed hundreds of people in syria august 21st. number one. number two, at 6:00 p.m. eastern time tonight, here based at the white house at least. lawmakers won't necessarily be coming here. white house officials led by susan rice national security advisor and john kerry will convene an unclassified teleconference with members of congress. why they're doing that over the phone, this is august recess. these lawmakers are scattered around the country and the world. the president is under great pressure not just from republicans we need to point out
11:03 am
democrats in his own party saying look in 2008 when you ran for office, you blistered the bush administration, blasted them for not consulting with congress enough before using military action. so he's getting pressure from some democrats like jerry nadler of new york to have not just a debate in congress but to actually come forward with a congressional authorization for the use of force. josh ernest, the third and final point i made a moment ago, josh ernest suggested he will go forward with whatever decision he makes without a vote in congress, without votes in the house and senate, number one and number two, without u.n. approval. when i pressured josh ernest on that. he said repeatedly if russia will block the u.n. security council from approving a resolution that would authorize the use of force, basically the president's got to do what he's got to do. that is a lot different than what we heard barack obama and joe biden as vice-presidential candidate in 2008.
11:04 am
at one point joe biden said in 2007 if then president bush moved forward with an attack on iran, separate from syria in the middle east, joe biden would lead impeachment charges against the president. they have gone a long way from that. what they're saying now, there won't be a vote in congress but that instead what the president will do is consult with congress, this phone call at 6:00 p.m. eastern and other phone calls that have already happened. there's a lot of intense action as the president faces a lot of pressure on this decision whether he will move forward or not. you heard him in the pbs interview saying it could be a shot across the bow against syria. there are military experts say a shot across the bow sounds symbolic. they wand to hear from the president directly. we haven't from him beyond the press interview and cnn interview last week directly from the military what the mission would be. >> and it's growing, bipartisan
11:05 am
push for questions, push for answers and consultation with congress and possibly involving them informal activity. that letter that came from the house side was signed on to by a number of democrats as well. does that change the calculus for the white house? >> reporter: it does put more pressure on them. i think you're right. last night, there was a separate letter from the speaker of the house, john boehner, mr. president come forward with what the issue is and directly address the american people. obviously mr. boehner is a critic of the president. there is a separate letter circulated by the democrat from virginia, more than a dozen democra democrats, and it's been growing, along with republicans, that is a rare bit of bipartisanship we can say on capitol hill, saying, look, mr. president, you have to do two things, you have to explain this to the american people, number one and number two, a growing
11:06 am
number of lawmakers want to see a debate and vote in congress, not just a conference call, something we should point out president obama pushed for in the 2008 campaign. >> a great job in the briefing today. thanks for bringing us up to date. >> let's talk to fox news national security analyst and general jack keane, a fox news military analyst. welcome to you both. you have an op-ed today that spells out what our options and consequences are. with those things in mind, word there are a lot of international developments, russia moving warships in the region, iran threatening to take a strike response to israel, what's a good options? >> they're not good at all. one end toppling the assad regime change to the other extreme, do nothing maybe lob a couple missiles into the desert,
11:07 am
call it a day saying therefore president obama has enforced his red line against syria. i do think in washington what's happened in the last 48 hours, the british have backed off, french have backed off, germans have backed off, turks have backed off. the united nations is clearly not going to endorse any military action. at this point, president obama, if he does do some kind of military strike on syria, he's not leading from behind. he is leading exposed and alone in something even his own military is telling him has a very small likelihood of success. >> general, with all those things in mind, does the president press forward? we heard defense secretary hagel say we don't act without an international coalition of some kind. as mentioned, some seem to be cooling off to this idea today. >> that's this administration's policy not to act without and international coalition. i think in my own mind he should have acted by now. he should have informed the u.n., should have informed the
11:08 am
congress, consulted his allies. if those allies who could meet the timeline that he wanted had wanted to participate, should do so and those weapons long delivered. that would have shown a seriousness about this, our intent and also it should have a strategic view to actually push the war in syria to the advantage of the opposition forces, which is possible to do. i'm not suggesting we topple the regime. that's up to the opposition forc forces. we certainly could give them a much better hand using this military action than they currently have. >> we have been telegraphing and warning and publicly hinting at a strike, basically laid it out. we told you how many warships were there, submarines, there's so much talk leading up to this. if the president leading up to this said we've gotten advice and cooled off a bit maybe not
11:09 am
the best time to act. how do we look if nothing happens? >> i think it will look the same way that president obama was going to close gitmo. it never really happened. at this point, looking bad is probably a whole lot -- is preferable to doing something that's not successful. i'd like to say for a second, shannon, take a step back and look at this. we've now been in the middle of civil wars in iraq, libya, now talking about syria, seen something happen in egypt not with military force but with a civil conflict. does the united states really want to keep doing this for the next 30 years? what we're seeing in syria, i think is a harbinger of what happens in the future, you have radical sunnis lining up against radical shiites with us in the middle. if we don't get off middle east oil sometime soon i think we are going to continue to be pulled into the middle of civil wars that have been going on really since cain killed able. >> it has been a long time. general, with word that we have
11:10 am
moved into that area, what kind of message does it send when you have the destroyers, the carriers there? what does it signal to both our friends and probably our one and only ally, israel, in the regio region? >> i disagree with what she's saying. every time it's a civil war, it's futile, it's sectarian. the fact of the matter is the united states has national interests in the middle east. that is a fact. the fact is that iran is attempting to dominate the region. syria is part of that story, so is iraq and so is lebanon. those are real things. they want weapons of mass destruction to enhance that domination of the region. we're not here in this middle of the civil war in our national interest. our national interest is stability in that region. we should be using diplomacy and at times, when we have to, like now use military action in a
11:11 am
limited way to enhance those national interests. clearly, i think we should be leading here. we obviously have the capability to do that. those military forces are there. i just would hope that the national commanding authority, the president, does enough to push this thing towards the national forces and get more out of it than just a symbolic strike. i suspect they will, frankly. >> to the general point, do we have a strong enough national interest the president can -- if he believes that's the case, more effectively communicate to the american public by and large by polling, do not want to get involved in this at all, and to congress at all, where he's got skeptical members on both sides of the aisle, can he convince them of that national interest as the general pointed to all these things linked together. >> they do all link together. we're now at the point 90% of the american public doesn't want to get involved in syria. i think the general is right. our main interest in the middle east is to prevent iran from
11:12 am
getti getting nuclear weapons. i'm not sure this helps, in fact i think it could do just the opposite. if we do military activity in syria just as unsuccessful as libya, iraq was, afghanistan is turning out to be, i don't think the american public will be there when it comes time to try to deal with iran's nuclear weapons program. four strikes? at this point we are not going to get a fifth strike. the real issue is iran and the nuclear weapons program. i don't think if you have a rattlesnake going at you, you go for the tail. i think you ultimately go tore the head. the way you do that is not getting involved in conflicts that will lead nowhere than again yet another failure in the middle east. >> we will stand by and see what action the administration takes. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> we are coming back with much more news right after this break. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
11:13 am
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11:16 am
a controversial sentence from a judge in montana getting national attention. this teacher gets 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old student who wound up committing suicide as the criminal case was still pending. it's not just a sentence that has the folks so angry out there, trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. what upset most folks? >> the timeline is very critical. that teacher you just showed, 49-year-old stacy, was arrested for having sex with stacy morales in 2008, that affair had been going on for months. while the case was pending, she killed herself days before her 17th birthday. her mom said it was a key reason she committed suicide. the prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if the teacher would plead guilty and enter a sex
11:17 am
offender program. he dropped out of the program and violated his parole and put him before the judge. he said when he reviewed police interviews with shareece, she was clearly troubled but in as much control as the teacher saying quote i'm quoting obviously a 14-year-old can't consent. i think people have in mind this was some violent forcible horrible rape. it was horrible enough given her age but it wasn't this forcible beat-up rape. he sentenced to the teacher to 15 years but all but 30 days of it was suspended. the judge says he now stands by the sentence but apologizing for the words he used. listen to him. >> in the rambo sentencing, i made some references to the victim's age and control. i'm not sure just what i was attempting to say at that point but it didn't come out correct.
11:18 am
what i said was demeaning to all women, not what i believe in. and irrelevant to the sentencing. i owe all our fellow citizens an apology. >> the girl's mother says her daughter was made the victim here and there are a number of rallies scheduled in montana to protest this sentence. the county attorney says he'll review this sentence. >> thank you so much. joining us now by phone, marion bradley of the montana chapter of n.o.w., who organized the protest earlier this month, i hardly know where to start. you have the language on the front end that seems to blame this 14-year-old victim who killed herself and the apology seems to pile on. >> can you hear the background? that is the rally outside where the judge is. i am here now. >> i know there have been calls
11:19 am
for his resignation. >> i think most citizens want his resignation. he runs unopposed as a sitting judge. that's not going to happen. how we can remove him the legislature can meet but our legislature only meets once every other year. on top of that we have a judicial review board we are appealing to. people are up in arms and we have about 400,000 people here right now. >> do you feel the comments he made and sentence that he gave will cause other rape victims to be thinking twice about coming
11:20 am
forward? >> absolutely. wouldn't you? if you were before a jury and the jury found the perpetrator guilty and at sentencing you find out the judge is going to give him 30 days. i would think twice about coming forward. i think anybody would. >> marion bradley. thank you for checking in with us from the protest today. >> thank you. >> more on the legal side of the story let's bring in fox news analyst, bob massey.esting becae apologizes for his comments and said they had nothing to do with the sentencing, clearly they influence influenced how he saw this case and gave him only 30 days old when he was 49 years old and the 14-year-old killed herself. surely they can do something with the case? what now? >> following tracy's great report. here's the other thing, shannon,
11:21 am
there's a mandatory law in montana that says any under the age of 16 years old it's a mandatory four year sentence. only two exceptions, the mental capacity of the defendant is one of them. if he was under substantial duress. the question is -- we don't have the judge's final report, how the judgment reads, shannon. we don't know what exception he used, otherwise, this guy should be in jail for a mandatory four years under the law in the state of montana. this judge found and exception. >> there's been a -- quickly, we're almost out of time. there's been this discussion the lost his family, he lost his career, had to give up his teaching license, so he's been punished. >> that's exactly what he must have used as an exception. i talked to the criminal defense lawyer in montana this morning. he said, bob, the only that could have happened he felt those circumstances fell within it. here's the last thing real quick. when this guy violated the
11:22 am
treatment plan, what the judge did instead of going back to the rape charge he saw it as a minor violation of the treatment plan, slapped him on his hand, sent him away, 30 days, see you later. too bad. >> we have to leave it there. more news after this break. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident.
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this is a fox news alert. we're getting new information on last week's market crash. receiling the reason for a massive trading hold thursday lasted several hours. charlie is a senior correspondent with the fox news network. you have details. charlie. >> they're spreading the blame around saying it's their data feed from the new york stock exchange caused the initial problems, then they didn't have their own backup systems to make up for that. they're saying, yeah, it's our
11:26 am
fault, we didn't have the redundant computer systems to deal with this issue but the problem emanated with the rival new york stock exchange. back to you. >> thank you. another fox news alert. this time, it involves the nsl. we're hearing the league and more than 4500 former players are planning to resolve concussion related lawsuits with a massive multi-million dollar settlement. will has the latest from los angeles. hello. >> hi, shannon. this comes one week before the day of the start of the nfl season. a huge settlement over a very controversial issue. the nfl and over 4500 former players have reached a proposed settlement over concussion related lawsuits and it comes with a $765 million price tag. most of the money will go to compensate former players who can show they've suffered some form of cognitive injury in the past. $75 million will go to cover baseline medical exams and the nfl be required to cover legal
11:27 am
costs. the nfl has been accused of concealing concussion studies for decades. it is important to point out with this settlement the nfl is not admitting guilt or liability. a judge will have to approve this settlement at later date. this comes one week to the date of the kickoff next thursday. t the baltimore ravens will take on the denver broncos. >> thank you very much. we're wait ag critical meeting at the united nations could determine how the world responds to the escalating crisis in syria. any minute now the world powers will gather. we will have a live report from the u.n. how did a family reality show about family that sells duck calls become the most popular show on tv? lessons that teaches about the promise of america and why it seems to be connecting with viewers.
11:28 am
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11:31 am
the fox news alert, as we await the meeting at the united nations and the world grapples how to respond to the mass incident in syria with chemical weapons.
11:32 am
five members, u.s., uk, france, china and russia, set to convene any moment now. senior correspondent, eric shawn is live there. hello, eric. >> hi, shannon. that meeting set right this moment called by russia. that could be a very important indication because it could give a clue perhaps russia may float their own draft resolution against any military action. let's look at what we call the stakeout camera outside where the diplomats will likely give us a meeting after this meeting. russia and china saying they would veto any action and want to wait until the u.n. chemical weapons team on the ground in damascus issues its report and findings about the chemical attack. they spent a third day in that neighborhood in damascus where it occurred august 31st taking samples and the samples have to be annualized at laboratories
11:33 am
and that process could take about a week and the team will leave syria on saturday. u.n. secretary moon said they should wait until inspectors release what they've found. here is a spokesman. >> regarding how the team goes about its work, the secretary does expect to have an oral briefing from investigators once they're out of the country. in terms of when they concluded their work and have final findings that will wait for the laboratory analysis that will now take place. >> the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power has been very critical of the security council so far saying in a tweet or message basically, they've had two years to try and resolve this crisis but have not done anything. the u.s. has indicated they could potentially launch a strike without security council
11:34 am
approve as has happened before, president george bush with iraq and president bill clinton with the co kosovo bombing in 1999. live to the state department with an update from there. >> good avenue. we want to emphasize state department officials, white house officials, pentagon officials are emphasizing both on the record and privately that the commander in chief, president obama, has not yet made any decision about the action the united states is going to take in syria beyond the fact there will be an action. sources tell me the likely targtsz of the u.s. campaign will include the delivery systems for bashar al assad's chemicalarsenal. we are said to be striking command facilities located in damascus but also syria short range missile launches looking to conduct strikes against those targets. i'm told bashar al assad's
11:35 am
presidential palace, some of the governmental military locations in damascus will not be targeted because a lot of key systems have been evacuated. a lot of artillery positions in the syrian government are located in mountains outside the city and those will be targeted according to my sources. as i mentioned at the top, officials are declining to speculate on the scope and duration of the campaign, but those options that i just outlined were included in what was presented to the president by the d.o.d., with one source telling me that fits in with what the president has discussed. one concern policymakers have, shannon, although this is going to be by all accounts a narrowly taylor campaign, the u.s. does not want to create the conditions on the ground that allow the wrong sets of rebels to sweep into power and gain access to the very stockpiles centrally at issue here. >> it could be disastrous. thank you. >> thank you. >> >> critics are starting to attack the president how he is handling the crisis in syria.
11:36 am
a new piece in the "los angeles times" says quote one u.s. official briefed on options in syria says he believes the white house would seek a level of intensity just muscular enough not to get mocked but not so devastating it would prompt a response from syrian allies iran and russia. let's talk to our fox contributors. former speechwriter for president george w. bush. welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. >> george, what kind of foreign policy explanation is that? something that will send a message but not really do anything at all. what's the point? >> it's a blind quote. i don't think it is the policy. what's happening is the president is exploring all the options, meeting with generals and deciding what he's going to do. he hasn't made a decision yet. we'll see what it is. the speculation beforehand is basically politics as always right now. >> as we're waiting, that begs the question, have we waited too long? should we have done something
11:37 am
months ago, years ago? the president's been saying the end game is to get assad out of office and stop him from killing his own people. >> james rosen reported that's not as easy to do as some would lead you to believe. you could open up a channel in which the wrong rebels take power and you have an even bigger problem. part of the problem here is i once had a foreign leader say to me the problem with americans is they have to have a white hat and black hat in every conflict. you get in these areas there are no white hats. you could make the wrong step. the president's got to be cautious how he moves here. >> mark, absolutely, there's nothing easy about trying to resolve this conflict and whether or not the u.s. should even be involved in trying to be the resolution to the conflict. what about what the president said as he was campaigning, is this what voters should have expected from him? >> this is a president w who -- this is that quote that you read at the beginning of
11:38 am
this is completely consistent with what administration officials have been saying, they said they're going to do a limited symbolic strike, a shot across the bow, as the president said, won't change the dynamic on the ground, a symbolic strike, reminds me what my old boss president bush said aft after 9/11 asked what he will do. i tell you what i will not do, take a $2 million missile and aim in a tent and hit a camel in the butt. sounds like the only people who need to fear is the camels. a symbolic strike that doesn't have any impact on the ground which is what they said, don't want time pact the ground, it sends a message of weakness. iranians are watching, al qaeda is watching, sends a message of. every single adversary we have had that might test the metal of the united states is watching. when the iranians look and see why should we be worried about red line on nuclear weapons. he sent a red line for syrians
11:39 am
on chemical weapons and just going to do a symbolic trike to change the i dynamics and the wl do something and we can go on with our lives. this is inextricably dangerous because it sends a message to our allies we're not to be trusted and adversaries not to fear us. >> do you think every president who runs a campaign and becomes president of the united states finds the reality very different with the complications and different players once they get that briefing every single day and see what's going on a lot the american people won't know about, do you think maybe it reshapes the way they would campaign and promise to do and this president was all about getting out of iraq and afghanistan. now we have a very volatile situation across the middle east and a lot of u.s. involvement and people his core supporters wouldn't av expected. >> absolutely, there's a difference in being on the campaign trail and president of the united states, commander in
11:40 am
chi chief, and when you send troops into harm's way, there's a totally different weight on your shoulders. i agree with some things mark said. one of the things, we don't know if this will be symbolic yet. people are commenting way ahead of where we are. there will be an action. i don't believe the action will be symbolic. one of the things that happened in the iraq war were there were not enough republicans who challenged the thinking of the bush administration officials going into that and what the intelligence was. you see that a little bit on the democratic side now. too many democrats are sitting back trusting -- you tend to trust the president of your party and trust their judgment, but i think you're going to see -- you're starting to see challenges on both sides right now because this is a very delicate situation and know one wants a repeat of a lone foreign policy in iraq and afghanistan
11:41 am
now. we can't have a third misstep into another conflict. no americans want that. >> mark, really quickly, i have to ask you, as joe points out, there are democrats and republicans both for and against some kind of intervention here. it's split across the spectrum. this president is not known for spending a lot of time wooing the folks on the hill. does he have to do it this time? >> first, before you can woo somebody, you have to have a strategy. it's not clear that the president has a strategy. the problem is he sat on his hands for two years while 100,000 people were slaughtered. what's happened now, al qaeda has come to dominate the opposition, the moderate secular forces have been marginalized. if assad falls you could have an al qaeda backed government come in and take over nuclear weapons. those are their objectives. we need a strategy not to save face, a strategy to marginalize al qaeda, strengthen the secular pro-western element of rebels and make sure assad is replaced
11:42 am
by a regime that is better, not one backed by al qaeda. >> mark, joe, thank you both for weighing in. good to see you. >> thank you. it fast became the most popular program in cable tv history. after we learn that the bearded broad behind the hit show "duck dynasty" had as many viewers as the strange display we saw from miley fire russ at the mtv awards this week, they beat her. how this show that the family is based on became such sensations and legend about self-sufficiency and success and american values. >> the real question is why does "duck commander" have so many numskull employees. >> don't screw it up! >> there went the side. >> hey, hey! f how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent?
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are you going to sit there and fart around or go ahead and put a screw in it? sn>> i thought you were going t help. >> i am helping. >> put a screw in the thing. >> who are you calling an idiot? >> y'all have never built nothing. that's what women talk about. >> we've got this. >> you boys need supervision. >> let me tell you what you don't have is super vision. >> they may lack super powers, but the bearded broad behind the hit show "duck dynasty" appears to have super powers behind ratings. they quickly became the most popular show in duck history. it isn't all duck calls and camouflage as viewers discover lessons in self-sufficiency and american values. and it's kennedy to talk about this. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think about this?
11:47 am
you are looking at the duck folks. people embracing them. their ratings higher than the vmas that got a lot more headlines. their message seems to resonate with viewers. >> you know what their message is, hard working. there are beautiful contrasts between "duck dynasty" and miley cyrus. she's a train wreck. they're entertaining. maybe you're watching them for the first time, padding around your bedroom, this is kind of funny and you like the way they talk and the cz top cover band. they're millionaires, self-made american dreamers makes it all the more beautiful. then you see how their family works and there are a lot of parenting lessons you can pull away, qualcomm nation of discipline and love, obviously yie yields fantastic results. maybe billy ray should have been
11:48 am
works less on his fancy frosted hair -- >> in the back not the front? maybe the needed to pull some around? sn>> the power of the beard. >> maybe he needs the power of the beard. >> self-made, making duck calls in the back shed. now all millionaires and created jobs in the community. the kids are there and disciplined them about using the phones too much and where they're going on their dates and supervising and chaperoning, a lot more than the messages we're fed and track tv. folks are watching the ratings and seeing how much this family is being embraced maybe they would offer more products like this to the average american viewer out there. >> the nice thing about it, wonderful thing about this family, the core of great soa stories on tv tend to be the families that stick together. think about the osbournes,
11:49 am
sopranos, they're non-traditional models. with this family, they're so sweet and so funny. they do what we wish most of us could do all day long, sit around and- >> have fun. >> mess around with our friends. >> they do have a great time. you can see that love. at the end of the show they all gather around and have prayer and eat food together something we don't see as much. a lot of sitcoms these days, family is a joke, dad is a joke. we see very few traditional families happily married and parents with the kids sit down and happily married, a welcome thing. >> maybe they think i get so busy the end of my day, maybe i should make a point to sit down and talk to my kids about what's going on with them. should you model yourselves after what people do on tv, not necessarily, not usually. in this instance, i think there's something really basic and nice to be said for that. >> it's like new moms, i'm
11:50 am
always talking to new moms always consuming information about the best way to raise your kids as if we're all doing something wrong. intuition is the primary thing focus on but this love and intuition is a dream come true. >> there was a piece today what elites what you to think about flyover country and they're dumb and don't know what they're talking about. this family is doing something different and maybe we will see a spin-off. authenticity and reaching for the american dream. >> thank you for coming in. new information on the key to happiness. what is making people happy? find out. and see if it makes you happen. after the break. ♪ don't worry, be happy ♪ don't worry, be happy now.
11:51 am
♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
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>> what makes people happy? a study shows that religion has a lot to do with one's happiness and wheel being. lauren green is live with more on this. >> who would have thought, twitter, great source for social scientist, but 2 million tweets were examined from christians and athiests. and tweets from the pope and pastors and a life coach, and richard dawkins is the author of the god illusion, and
11:55 am
researchers found that christians use more positive emotion words like athiest like love and happy and great, rather than negative emotions like bad, wrong, awful, and that religious people may have a more intuitive than analytical style of thinking. >> one of the reasons that christians are as a rule a happier, more contented, fulfilled people, we have objective meaning for life outside of ourselves. we believe that we were created for a purpose. >> but athiests counter the study is flawed because not everyone measures happiness the same way. >> reality and skepticism and criticism are very positive things. and we tweet about and it we like it. and this is the important thing to get across. athiests tend to like different things than religious people, and we tweet about it because it motivates us more. >> well, those are faith say people are combination of mind
11:56 am
and emotion and thinking and feeling and use both to decide what makes them happy. janet? what makes you happy? >> all kinds of things. certainly for my, my religion is a big part, as well as for you, too. breaking developments now in the crisis in syria. we have just learned that the president briefed house speaker john boehner earlier this afternoon about the latest in this ongoing diplomatic crisis. we'll tell you what they said and what it now means for a possible military strike by the u.s. stay tuned. inch inch ask me what it's like
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12:00 pm
fans decided what the new piece should be. the cat beat out other choices like a guitar, helicopter, and robots, and while many are happy to see the cat it means saying goodbye to the iron. i stayed goodbye to mine long ago. >> thank you. this is "studio b," and right now, all eyes are on syria, as the white house and some of our nation's biggest allies try to figure out what to do about lost week's alleged chemical attacks, but the obstacles may be mounting both here and abroad. the national football league and thousands of players agreeing to a $765 million settlement over concussions. coming up, what it could mean for former players, current players, and all of us armchair quarterbacks. and do you have trouble sleeping? a surprising new study shows just how many americans are popping pills to get a better nigh


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