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tv   The Last Days of John Lennon  FOX News  August 31, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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good night. >> it was a warm december night 30 years ago when a mus muse -- musical icon were steps away from that building. a loen gunman pumps four bullets into the man's back. hello. that man was 40-year-old john lennon on a career upswing during fall, 1980 with big plans but fate would intervene in the form of a deeply troubled madman who would later drug ways mr. nobody
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until i killed the biggest somebody on earth. john lennon rose to fame as a member of the beatles. tlult his career his song writing skills showcased his brutal honesty, willingness to share pain, dreams of peace and sense of hope. that endearing him to millions. join us as we get the inside story from those there during last days of john lennon. brace yourself, here they are. >> in 1960s beatle mania had overtaken the world.
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>> so this is the famous beatles. we need protection. >> give them protection. >> february, 19646789 america ready to escape the gloom hovering over the country after the assassination of president kennedy the previous november. and four lads from liverpool were just the tick yismt. >> what is interesting is how funny they were. >> photographer harry benson accompanied the band. >> there were four of them. if one couldn't think of someone, the other did. >> the tour kicked would have a landmark life performance on the popular ed sullivan show.
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73 million watched. "i wana hold your hand" was selling 10,000 copies a day in new york city alone. it was a whirl wind of publicity for the band and john lennon's first time in new york city. >> looked just across the park. and a young john walk add way.. >> john lennon's love ayair took him from his home city of liverpool, england. >> john grew up in a middle
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class suburb of england. his aunt brought him up, stained glass windows. >> john's friend recalls how in his teams, the rebellious lennon had fallen under the spell of american rock and roll he was listening to jerry lewis ask elvis. john liked the skpej rebellion. >> 1957 a 16-year-old john lennon met 15-year-old paul mccartney when the quarrymen played on a makeshift stage. it took three years skppl changes in personnel and band mates before they became known as the beatles. the ban wrked hard and were signed in 1962.
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the record labels choreographed their image. during the frenzy that greeted them at jfk, few knew 23-year-old john lennon had a wife, cynthia and a 10-month-old son, julian. >> when junin was born john had a choice of being either there, or on the ed sullivan show. and he opted for the sullivan show. >> john's treatment on the birth of julian is inexcuseable. >> his mother was horjs i was away. >> do you have a favorite? >> yes. john. >> the band played to 55,000 fans in the summer, 1965. >> john was wo say, that was the one. that was the one. >> but the constant strain of
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beatle mania took its toll on john lennon. >> its on help was a cry for help. he was unhappy being the beetle at that time. >> summer, 1966. b 52s hammered in vietnam, americans began protesting the war. it was then, that lennon got himself in hot water saying the bale baetels were more popular than jesus. >> don't forget what beatles have said. take your records and paraphernalia to continue ni one of our pick up points in birmingham, alabama. >> while on tour, lennon apologized. >> i said what i said it was wrong. now, it's all this. >> that 1966 tour would be their last. >> they'd been living in a golden tunnel. they worked hard.
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>> despite controversy with their concert days behind them the band produced some of the revolutionary rock music recorded. >> they took this large piece. john pursuits led him to a new love in november, 1966 in a art gallery the still married 26-year-old beatle made a 23-year-old artist named yoko ono. >> you didn't know who he was? >> no. i had no way of knowing. >> john felt imprisonedded by the beatles. when he met yoko it hit him hard. yoko did not give a damn what anyone thought of her and she said be the same as me. >> i was paranoid. 18 months or a year before we got near to each other
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physically. >> but when they did get together in 1968 they became inseparable. that same year the couple was arrested in london for cannibis possession. the charge against yoko was dropped john pled guilty. years later it would come back to haunt them both in new york city. still not seeing much of his 5-year-old son john divorced cynthia and married yoko in march, 1969. their honeymoon took flais an amsterdam hotel room conducting a bizarre bed in for peace. >> we're going to stay in bed seven days. it's a private protest. >> they held a second one two months later. >> you're sitting in bed because it's nonviolent? >> yes. an example of nonviolence. >> people thought they were crazy thoughts. >> we thought it's normal.
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>> when 60s ended so did the beatles. >> the band was falling apart. >> the beatles final album was "let it be". for john and yoko there is no looking back. >> when we return john and yoko decide to settle here in, new york city but some people in new york government were not happy about that decision. if you're looking for help relieving heartburn,
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to devote time and money to the search for kioko. the little girl taken underground by her father living on the run in a religious cult. mother and daughter did reunite in 1994. 1971 richard nixon's president in up state nork a riot claims 40 lives. with a temporary visa john and yoko rented this apartment on bank street in greenwich village. >> john lennon loved new york. he spoke about the sensible of new yorkers how down to earth they were. how real they were. >> the greatest place on earth. if this is rome, i want to live in rome not wales. >> there was a degree of privacy. he made himself public allowing himself to radical causes and attracting the
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displeasure are the -- of the american government. >> early 1970s were a whirl wind of activity. besides making new music he was very vocal in the antiwar movement. he befriended radicals. >> operation service fbi and other agencies. >> these declass byed documents illustrate how the government was focus ond throwing him out of the country. a 1968 drug conviction was one of the tools. >> he had the media and american public defined. it still carries on for a long
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time. >> john and yoko traded downtown for uptown moving into the da coda situated corner of west 72 street and central park west. new labors included lauren bacall but despite appearances all was not well in the lonnon marriage. >> it was impass. between john and yoko. what caused it, i don't know. but there came a time something wasn't working and yoko suggested that john go to los angeles. >> and he did. life in los angeles was a disaster. when he wasn't in drug outed sessions most of his time spent in clubs like the
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troubar. >> he drank too much. if there is anything i could say about my old pal john lennon was a lousy drink. >> his former assistant had become his girlfriend yoko remain mained for most in his mind. >> his only wish was to get back to the only woman he loved in his life, yoko ono. >> i really needed to be with her. i could not survive without her, i just went to pieces. >> intent on getting back together with yoko john returned to new york and it became a year gf news, yoko became pregnant. their son was born on john's
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34th birthday, october 9th. john learned he won his immigration battle choosing family over career. >> i didn't think about music. my guitar was behind the bed. >> i don't have to do anything. i can spend time with my new son and wife. >> it was into early 60s he was signed to a record deal. he was john lennon beatle or ex-beatle. he could rediscover who he was. >> older, wiser, see his own short comings. so determined no one would be closer to his son than he is to sean. five years he chose to foot slogging bairnt a stroller with sean looking after him, putting him to bed, singing him songs being the atentive
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dad he hadn't been at all before. >> years went by, lennon seemed to be enjoying his life style. but competitive rock star still lurking inside him. >> still watching what paul mccartney was doing, what mick jagger was doing. feeling he should be there in the top 20. >> when a deranged beatles fan considered john lennon's words blaspheme began to plot the unthinkable. you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's goo vegas. cute!
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female narrator: through monday, get three years through monday, get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. 1977 new york city becoming epicenter of disco. john lennon embracing his
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roles a house husband, raising sean at the da coata. meanwhile, in hawaii a discovered 22-year-old was intent on killing himself. he was on owed ball kid. >> journalist jim gains spent 50 hours interviewing chapman for "people" magazine he made up friends, little people with play mates. >> like millions of other teenagers he worshipped the beatles. especially john lennon. he began to experiment with drugs like marijuana, cocaine and lsd. >> nothing but a dopehead. i had christ come into my life. >> at age 16 chapman declared himself a born again christian said he was done with drugs and beatles. as a camp counselor chapman's dislike of the beatles
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intensified and he became innocenced at lennon's perceived mockery of christianity and anger bid learics in lennon's classic "imagine" but that was not all. >> on a beach, depressed the college drop out and former security guard tried to commit suicide. >> he went to a beach in waikiki and hooked up a hose to the car. a fisherman came along and found out, found him. stopped him. he went to the mental hospital he was treated and became a worker. >> as a maintenance worker chapman began dating a
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japanese american travel agent. they married in 1979. >> she knew she was married to a troubled person. >> his depression deepened. the little people he imagined were back. his twisted fantasies now including killing a celebrity to make a name for himself. the list included people like johnny carson, elizabeth taylor and john lennon. >> john traveled to bermuda and recorded songs going back and forth with yoko on the phone they were inspiring each other. >> he has prolific. >> what came over mere? you know... a reinvigorated
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lennon decided the time had come to get back into the game. >> there is a big secrecy about sessions. he wasn't sure, and that would be a big embarrassment. a big press to-do. the records didn't come out. >> the exclusive unpublished photos document lennon's -- lennon's first day in a recording studio. the sessions prove productive. lennon worked through fall, 1980 to put finishing touches on what would become double fantasy. >> 60s to survive. >> return of the 40-year-old super star was getting press that fall. in hawaii mark david chapman
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continued his own downward spiral. chapman wrote a book called john lennon's one day at a time. now he said he felt betrayed by the man who sang "imagine no possessions". >> i was angered at phoniness. and thought i want to kill john lennon. chapman also developed an obsession with "the catcher in the rye". >> i'm in the saying i'm the messiah. if you read the book, you'd see i am indeed the catcher of the rye in this generation. >> he would sit naked rocking to the beatles. and thinking, praying
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forgiving hip the strength to carry out the mission. >> coming up, you'll meet the man conducting the last interview with john lennon just hours before his murder. lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> everything is just on the surface, tremendous. i just got depressed again. >> october 23, 1980. mark david chapman quit his job as a security guard in a waikiki condominium signing this log book as john lennon. october 24th, john lennon released his new single "just like starting over".
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later that week, chapman with a 38 caliber gun in his bag moved from hawaii to new york intent on murder. >> the gun. >> but plans ran into problems when prevent bid new york city law from buying bullet was out a proper permit so he flew to atlanta a close friend obtained hollow bullets for his resolver. after returning to new york he abandoned plans and went home to hawaii. >> he called gloria and said he won a great victory. the great victory was a victory between got god and satan, satan saying kill him, kill him, and god saying don't. >> meanwhile, john lennon continued to work on a come back. double fantasy album released november 17th. >> those songs was his
10:32 pm
statement to us about his state of mind, vision and live. >> a kinder, sweeter john lennon. >> you're looking at pictures the photographer took of joan and yoko in their favorite spot november 21, 1980. >> very casual. they were joking around then we walked back to the da coata. i did a shot with the building in the background, then shots in the studio one. >> that same week tannenbalm video graphed a shoot in greenwich village. >> the shot was coming into the room, disrobing and getting in bed pretending to make love. and i was astonished and i couldn't believe what i was saying those pictures were
10:33 pm
just amazing. john, yoko, nude in bed. i said do you know what i like about pictures you capture yoko's beauty. and john face-to-face with me telling me that still touches my heart, to this day. >> back in hawaii mark david chapman made new plans to kill. >> the forces that hadn't been resolved started up again, and he told gloria he had to go back to new york for some self recovery promised he wasn't going to kill john lennon. >> chapman arrived in new york saturday, december 6th. this 1980 interview taxi driver mark snyder told wnew now fox 5 he picked up the killer claiming to be an engineer for roling stones and he had just dprum a recording session. >> he said mccartney were
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there and they met me and told me how much they admire mid work as an engineer. you know? to me this is so ecstatic to think john lennon would tell me how great my work is. >> the killer checked into a $16.50 room at the ymca next night moving to 7th avenue, he stayed in room 2730. >> he staked out john lennon almost three days. and there were fans outside every day. monday, christmas tree preparing to be lit. >> he could not have been more
10:35 pm
positive and more looking forward to doing more music. >> just starting over i'm ready to do all kinds of things. >> my work won't be finished until i'm dead and buried. >> talked about raising sean. talking about it so much, that it was like we're doing a child rearing interview. >> i don't mind talking. so make sure. >> chapman lurked outside with a copy of the new album. and when lennon left around 5:00 p.m. chapman asked him to sign an album. incredibly the moment was
10:36 pm
caught by an amateur photographer. >> no security. just standing out here. >> just saying go back to the hotel. go home now. you know? >> dave gave john and yoko a lift to the studio. >> the ride was just fabulous. we talked about his relationship with paul. and he said he was like a brother. when it's said and done we love each other. >> showman dropped john and yoko off here, there is a recording studio here. john and yoko spent the evening working on her song "walking on thin is" before return together dakota before loem p.m. at the da coat yat killer waited in the shadows as john and yoko exited their limb scene.
10:37 pm
-- limousine. >> just calm, quiet. he walked up and look at me. i looked at him. and walked past me i heard in my head do it. do it. do it. like that. i just pulled the trigger five times. >> four hollow-point bullets hit lennon in the back and shoulder. john managed to climb up the steps where he mum bled i'm shot. before collapsing. >> yoko was screaming everyone was screaming and chapman just opened his book of "catcher in the rye" and started reading. >> on a call came over reports of shots fired in and around the dakota. >> two minutes after receiving the call nypd officer peter cullen and his partner were there. >> a man standing in the street pointing to the archway
10:38 pm
say sthagt man doing the shooting. >> i thought he meant the handiman. he was dressed in old clothes he said not him. him. he pointed to chapman. he says he shot john lennon. my reaction was he did what? >> chapman demeanor was very calm like... he didn't, hadn't done anything. >> i put this guy against the wall next thing this guy says to me is i acted alone. chi thought was a strange statement to make. >> spireo and cullen dealt with chapman officers palma rushed into the dakota security office. >> a woman standing over a body laying face down on the floor. i pushed her out of the way, turned over the body it and was bleeding pro fusely. >> i bent down to see if i can
10:39 pm
get a pulse. there was a pulse. it was faint. >> a police officer came in and said ambulance is 10 minutes out so i just said let's go. we picked him up, i had him by the shoulders and i had his legs and we supported the middle of his body by grabbing his jeans. >> they were trying to put him in their car. but their car was blocked by other police cars and other people that were stopping to see what is going on. >> it was grant's car. >> people outside were saying john lennon was shot. as placing him across the back seat. i asked if he was john lennon and i heard a "yes". lights and siren all the way. >> back at the dakota a frantic yoko ono paul followed them into the street. >> i didn't know it's her.
10:40 pm
she wanted to get in the car but i didn't think it was a good idea. i held skmer say we'll take you in our car. >> they drove yoko to roosevelt hospital preparing to make mark david chapman to 20th precinct. >> we started going in and at one point he said he apologized for ruining our night. i said you've got to be crazy. >> coming up the man who held john lennon's nart his hand. ♪ [ male announcer ] over the last 100 years, tennis has gotten a lot less dainty, rackets less splintery, courts more surfacey. technology made the game a whole lot faster and awesomer. it's kind olike how esurance used technology to build a car insurance company for the modern world. advantage, you.
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after being shot four times john lennon rushed here to roosevelt hospital. he lost nearly 80% of his blood. >> the door slammed open. i looked behind me. >> after a motorcycle accident a news producer allen weiss was being treat forward a leg injury. >> two police officers standing over my bed. one said to another, can you believe it, john lennon. i said what did you say? officer received i didn't say anything. lennon was lying on a bed faced the door where i was, no clothes on. i kept seeing a lot of blood. a lot of blood. >> he was lifeless no, pulse
10:45 pm
no, blood pressure. not breathing. >> doctor steven lynn led his team in a feverish attempt to save john lennon's live. >> we opened the chest and found all blood vessels leaving the heart had been totally destroyed. i literally held john lennon's heart in my hands but waits clear there was no way to be able to repair those blood vessel autos coming down the hallway, is a asian woman on the arms of a cop. and looked like yoko ono to me. >> my partner came in to the waiting room and he said you know it's john lennon in there. then, i looked at her and said had is yoko ono. >> approximately 11 clb r:10 that evening, john lennon
10:46 pm
pronounced dead. >> then, dr. lynn had to face the wife and tell her that her husband was dead. >> i said to her i have bad news for you. your husband has died in spite of our efforts. her response was strong and immediate. and it was... no. can't be. you're lying. tell me it's not true. he's not dead. he was lying on the floor of the emergency department banging her head against the floor. i put my hands behind her head for fear she was going injure herself. >> i said what about sean? you know? he's going to see this on television. she came out of it. she said i've got to get home to sean. >> we realized he was dead we talked about how to get her out of here without all kinds of fanfare. >> outside the hospital was a
10:47 pm
sea of reporters. >> i told her there is a side entrance on 58th street i said go to that door. and you wait there. >> this photo captured him sneaking yoko out of a back door to a waiting patrol car which then sped off at dakota. >> when a arrived there were camera crews people in the street. >> back at e.r.a frantic alan wiess having no luck getting to the phone. he saw an officer who brought him to the er. >> i said i've got to make a phone call. he said why? i said because john lennon has been shot he said who told you? i said i think i saw two officers say that. i leaned over and grabbed a phone. >> after verifying abc broke into monday night football. >> they called howard cosell
10:48 pm
to report john lennon had been shot. >> the word spread so fast. it's incredible. >> at the squadron the interrogation of chapman began. >> first thing he said to us was oh, i like opens. -- cops. you guys are okay. i'll tell you the whole story. no bull. i said okay. fine. >> chapman design sin aid document admit together murder of john lennon but added quote he never wanted to hurt anyone. >> said do you realize what you've done here? he looked and said i killed myself. i'm john lennon. i just shook my head. at that point i wanted to throw him out of the window. >> when we return you'll bhaer words john lennon's killer received in prison many find
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john was one of us, i think everybody was feeling terrible this could happen in nork city. it was an emotional contribute dwrut john. >> he was one of the. >> i think it's hard to feel. >> you're looking to grow very old are you? >> yes. >> i wanted to grow old with him. >> chapman killed john lennon to be someone to capture the glory of john lennon for himself he was sentenced in august, 19816789 he's doing his time here in new york. >> he became fearful someone was going to kill him. he's lived with that fear off and on all the time in prison. >> almost seven years after
10:54 pm
the murder, jim gains brought photographer harry benson to photograph chapman for "people" magazine. it was an eerie encounter for the murderer who had come to america with the beatles in 1964. >> just before we take pictures i want to apologize to you killing your friend john lennon. >> a very, very talented friend of mine. >> chapman is allowed to participate in the family resuming program letting him have conjugal visit was his wife. fox news tracked gloria to her home in hawaii she refused our request for interview. new york state senator was tr
10:55 pm
trying to outlaw the family reunion program. >> we have a murderer be allowed a conjew ca cal -- on -- conjugal visit. >> yoko still writes qlerts to the parole board. her words in a 1990 interview still resonate today. >> you think in the spirit of peace could you sthai in your heart forgive mark david chapman? >> well, i think it's appropriate to a person tried to atas sas nate in jail and forgave him, i understand but i'm not the pope. >> stay tuned for more on the last days of john lennon.
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beatles remain icons and it's been 40 years since they broke up. as big in the digital age as they were. their sean and his mother, cindy and her son, julian posed for cameras. john lennon believed and
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proved music contains the world. good night from new york. >> welcome to "red eye," it's like that's incredible, due to andy levy's untimely death during a freak miniture golf accident there's no pregame report, so let's get to it. she is so hot, go do your home work, i'm here tonight with -- long time. and filling in for andy levy is german scientist, clause, he


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