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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 31, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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proved music contains the world. good night from new york. >> welcome to "red eye," it's like that's incredible, due to andy levy's untimely death during a freak miniture golf accident there's no pregame report, so let's get to it. she is so hot, go do your home work, i'm here tonight with -- long time. and filling in for andy levy is german scientist, clause, he d
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in tampa a, he is considered an air mattress. it's bill schultz and they are changing the name laughing gas to tom shallue gas. he is so funny. >> a block. the lede, that's the first store. hey, r-2, where is your buddy c-3 po. >> should a feline stop the beilen. two kitten were spotted on subway tracks in new york city. prompting power to be shut down and service halted in parts as workers tried to help the fur balls to safety. an hour and 40 minutes later, b and q trains started to move again. so, were the two kitten lives worth delaying billions of people? new york magazine asked the city's mayoral candidates what they would have done. well a spokesman for the
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republican front-runner joe -- his answer was no. joe does not think a train line should be shut down. christine quinn said chris would have stopped the trains for the kitties. and anthony weiner's camp noted, he will not only stop the trains, he will crawl over the third track to get to them. then he would show his junk to them. he cannot stop, he has a problem. he would show his junk to cats. meanwhile the candidates refused to comment about about the kitten in danger.
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>> you get the impression that people sending the videos are putting their animals in danger, and we will have to stop asking for videos, because it could get ugly at some point. that's a question for my head. should you base your decision as a new yorker, voting for mayor on this kind of question, would you stop a subway system for a kit en? >> first of all, joe, i think it's joe lotta, his nape me is that? thank you, joe, for telling al qaeda just which explosive filled animals that you would be willing to drive over with a train. how are we supposed to prevent terrorism with people giving away our secrets like this. >> that the an interesting perspecti perspective. tom, a troubling one. i don't know if they perfected explosive in a cat machine. >> now that you brought it up.
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>> someone is getting on it. >> he gave them the idea. >> i think you did. >> you are a terrible man. welcome back tracy. is it heartless not to stop or from a detached financial perspective, does it not make sense to not trouble thousands of people? >> so, i think the fact that we are spending so much time talking about this, and we are questioning them and we are taking them away from the issues at hand is the financial problem with this world and the political world that we are living in right now. we waste our time on bs, who knows, make a gametime decision and move on. >> this is our lead story, tracy. >> honestly. >> are you questioning the story choice? >> i'm questioning how we rank what is important as far as the policies go. >> yes, we rank this as the number one story. >> come on, i think -- what if it was benji. >> you know what it is? it's a choice of stop and frisky or stop for frisky.
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hey, andy, i just made that up. your cats never go outside except on a leash, which i think is admirable, do you worry that they get in dangerous situations and do you hope that the subway would stop for your cat? >> put up the pictures, as president obama would say, these could be my kids. >> and i would like to think that the subway would stop for my kids if they somehow wondered on to the track. >> andy has lots of tracks and he considers them his children. that is a problem. >> embrace who you are. >> it's not a problem for me. >> it's probably a problem for the cats. >> not at all. >> bill, we commissioned a fox news poll and most said, if you were on the tracks they would want to keep the trains running even if saving you meant a 5 minute delay, they would trade your life not to be inconvenienced, your reaction to this very real and hurtful poll. >> violent, unnecessary and
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wordy. let me, there's a word for the various candidates that say that they would not stop the train, i believe it called liar. if you have ever been on the train for more than a half an hour, i would agree, i don't care how cute they are. what is the difference between kitten in both size and actuallity, they are rats. the only difference is -- >> no, no, no. >> oh, it's true. >> i'm allergic to the creature, but they are not ras. >> i have to -- this is a very important point. the reason why this subway is stopping for a cat is because it's cuter than a rat. so basically this is lookism, the reason why people -- they won't stop for a rat because a rat is ugly. how is that not lookism. >> rat is not true, rats carry disease. >> so do cats. >> have you heard of feline aids. >> i snorted cat dander one
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time, and i am still having problems. >> if these were puppies yes, kitten no? >> puppies are different. >> is that right, sir? >> puppies adorable. >> you like that they crap all over your place. >> you know what is similar about a cat and a rat? they both get out of the way of the train when the train comes. we don't have to worry. >> that is true, hthey would go hey, what is that big thing? >> are you saying they have fight or flight? it's never been proven. >> it's different from a deer, deer just stop and go like this, that is why i don't understand why there are so many. they are stupid. >> before headlights were implemented, deer lived forever. >> i had no idea. >> i had no idea. i don't know. i agreed with tracy that there are bigger issues. stop and frisk, i'm more concerned how my mayor feels about that. i want him to keep stop and frisk, and not so much about the
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kids. but they did not control the question. >> this is a great day for joe lotta though, because we are saying his name and that's the first time i think his name has been on tv. >> allbeit improperly. >> i love animals. all kinds. >> no, you don't. >> i like kitten. i like cats. >> no you don't. >> i don't. from kit ento before it en, they explained why he was detained. glenn greenwald's partner was held. a lot of outrage was prompted, and now court documents show that david on the left was carrying thousands of incrypted files and unbelievably a handwritten password for one of tho them, he is gorgeous. the few files they have opened so far would quote, cause great harm to their national security and by having a password with
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him, he made access to the documents by terrorists a real possibility. greenwald denies the whole thing, claiming anyone claiming that he had a password to sensitive documents is lying. meanwhile, they were trying to read these encrypted files. >> he that's a smart cat, he would get out of the way of a subway. >> this is an interesting story, i think they did the right thing, but what drives me nuts, greenwald was so outraged over this, but he was using his partner as a mule carrying classified documents t government did the right thing, right? >> that is serious pillow talk,
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the whole problem with the story is, so many people have access to classified information that just should not have it. everyone has special clearance all of a sudden, hell except for me, do you? >> no. >> and people should not have access to all this. we should not have to worry about all this stuff. >> let me ask you, tom, when greenwald was outraged over there, him, that they were trying to intimidate him. but he neglected to mention that are there was all these classifies do you means with had his boyfriend. >> we should be making -- i think there's a politically correct thing going on. what if he had a girlfriend and she was walking around with classified files and had dumb passwords written on pieces of paper, we would be making fun of him, and we should do it now. >> there's a will of political correctness and a lot of them
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agree with greenwald and with the whistle blowing so they treat him -- what did you just do? >> i was thinking of whistle blowing. >> andy go ahead and defend them. you hateful freedom loathing little man. >> okay, here is my main problem. the uk used an anti-terrorism law to stop him. he is clearly not working with terrorists. same problem with the patriot act, where they invoke it no matter whether it's terrorist related. it's a problem, we need to talk about it, but not right now. >> good. >> other problems, gereenwald dd not mention that carrying documents and he kept pointing out that he is not a journalist and miranda said he is bringing this case against the uk, because he believes his rights have been violated and that basic press freedoms are
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threatened by the attempted criminalization of journalistic work. you can't have it both ways. and this is where greenwald is so frustrating. i like what he has done with the snowden stuff, and then it gets this stuff and it's annoying. >> people that know greenwald know that he is kind of, you know, he is a weird dude. >> i disagree with andy. he does not want it both ways. he is happy with dudes. i saw that clearly. >> if i did not see that joke coming i'm as dumb as a cat on a subway. i should call it bill's predictable joke night. no, he is known to be bullying, and he acts out emotionally and then you find out well maybe it's not the way he intended it to be. >> the problem is here, the side that he is opposed to journalistically in this story is the government. >> which makes him the hero.
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>> no, they have not been 100% truthful with us either. so it makes it difficult. >> all right, bill, many wish you were increment ypted. thoughts? >> that is very specific. out of all the ways to kill me, you would encrypt me in a tomb? >> yes. >> okay, agree to disagree america. i was pleased to see glenn gleanwald to quote stand by his man, they are beautiful. >> so -- >> why are you laughing you homophobe. >> it's pillow talk. gay, straight, it's pillow talk. >> i don't want them sending messages to each other or marrying, that's what you are trying to say. send your letters to him, gay america. and england. >> from snichs to stitches, they
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put the fits in outfits. some florida high school students, aren't they all, were barred from wearing school issued uniforms in class. what happened to her head. cheerleading uniforms that is. they are the blurs. the girls have been wearing sleeveless tops and short skirts to class as a game day tradition until kill-joy grown ups got involved. a administrator said, a parent looks at their son or daughter getting dress coded for wearing something short and then they look at the cheer leaders and say, what about that? yes, what about that? i don't know why i said that. according to the district dress code, the skirts have to be mid thigh length and all shirts, tops and dresses shall have sleeves and cover the shoulder. back when he was on the squad, our own bill schultz, he wore whatever he wanted. ♪
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>> bill, what was amazing is how you got along with the rest of the team. >> i did it, those caddy little -- first of all, i'm like, can't we do the same locker rooms? they are all separate but equal. >> quite a profession that you were in for a while there. >> it was an art, greg. approximate profession. this dog and penny thing is for fashion. >> it was a sport and i was like one of those little caddy -- it's a sport. there's more girls getting concussions from cheerleading than any other sport. >> it's an athletic activity but not a sport. >> what the most important is not the concussion but the uniform. tracy, you wore a uniform and you wore it to school. isn't that how you proved that you were better than everyone else? >> no, our job was school spirit, rah, rah, rah, and we
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did it before a big game. >> and there were guys with hormones going, rah, rah, rah too, isn't that the point. >> i was in polyester from head to toe, they went rah, rah, rah in that too. it does not matter at that age. >> it matter at that age, believe me. >> at a catholic school, you are already wearing a great outfit. >> true. if wrestlers are not allowed to wear their singlets to class, why should the cheer leaders be able to wear the uniform? >> i think it's a great look if the wrestlers got to wear a nice sweater over it. no. >> sick thought. >> sweater, sweater, crotch. that is what you are looking for basically. >> this is a problem. obviously, cheer leaders should not be wearing the uniforms to school, they did it when i was in class. any class i had that had a cer
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leader in it, i almost failed the class. it is that hard to concentrate. in fact, i think any class that requires concentration like a science or a math they should be segregated by sex. >> that is an interesting point. >> they is so bar bare i can. what are you talking about? >> they segregated health class, that is where you want to be with the girls. that is fun. >> that's why they segregated you. >> but geometry and math, you need to concentrate, and you can't. because there's a girl that is in front of you, she has a wonderful apple thing, and it is coming through the seat. >> if you move to saudi arabia, you can live like that. >> i want to get away from tom before he grosses everyone out. >> look, tracy is taking off her mic. >> everyone knows what it's like to sit behind a girl in math class with the seat. >> you are sounding like a pedophile. >> i don't understand what the problem is here. i think it's entirely reasonable to say that a uniform is
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appropriate for a activity and not the classroom. i was on the streaking team in high school, they would not let me dress up for class. you didn't hear a word i said. >> no, because i was told, show the shot of tom. >> pop, pop, quiz, quiz, do you know what time it is. success you can achieve it. this year is a clean slate, so don't procastinate you will be the teacher's pet. >> we have an easy button. >> is that my skirt? >> no, no, yeah. [ laughter ] >> look at the expression. what is up, sour puss? why don't you like that? >> i thought that video of bill's was real, now that i have seen this, what i can do with cgi is terrible. >> what was that scarlet letter a that you had? >> that's staples, it's a great company. >> by the way, you are a successful commercial actor, and
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ied i admire your spirit. >> you know what you were not showing? a tan. >> i wish you were in my class. >> frightening to me, i think we are going to take a break, right? how will the stock market fair, we will talk about tracy's book, what do i care, i'm hot. should we start freezing and saving the sperm of
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>> kansas city's grit turned into a hit, well, warner bros., they are not really brothers,
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they are a film industry, they are going to shoot the man of steal in detroit. michigan taxpayers will pay $35 million for the budget, with the promise that the movie will end up generate $131 million for the city. not so fast said the director at the center for public policy. my favorite center for public policy. he said that supporters who talk about economic multipliers have told the daily caller, there's no film program to my knowledge in the country that has returned to taxpayers more than it has taken in. lawmakers and others are blinded by the money. you know it's crooked when it has cat woman clapping. >> an unsolved murder. >> she haslett herself go since
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"dark knight rises." tra tracy, will detroit end up making money on the movie and do you own a cat woman outfit? >> i do. no they will not make money off of this and the people of detroit will get slammed by it. it is happening in connecticut, film industry coming in and residents get screwed. this is what happens and this will not help the people. >> tom, a strong opinion. >> i disagree. >> thank you. >> i do. >> please then, continue. >> these are films, okay, they attract the film to the area and it would not thereby, so there would be no taxes to collect. it's theoretical, they are not losing any money. >> no, wait, tom, if the $131 million is considered an economic multiplier, what about the $131 million that would be in the taxpayer's pocket instead. >> it would not be there, because they would not make the
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movie in detroit. >> if the money stayed with the taxpayers. that is an economic multiplier. >> oh, my god! you are all wrong. here is how it works, tom, i thought you were right at first, i thought that made sense. what they do is, the subsidies are paid for out of the state's budget. so on they are actually taking money that the taxpayers have already paid to the state and basically giving it to the film industry. there was a study done for the michigan state senate that concluded that the film industry does not generate sufficient cost to offset the cost, ie, it's a loser money wise, we are talking about something shooting something in detroit and nobody is getting killed. >> nice point, ironic play on words. bill, detroit must seem like a paradise compared to the cracked out shanti town you live in. >> that was mean. let me get this straight, the daily collar, who does not like
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hollywood and taxes, bases the whole article on one source, and where did it come from? a conservative think tank that supports the tea party, also not big fans of taxes. >> that bad? >> and he claims he cannot think of any program that made any money in any state ever. >> stop with the horrible accent. >> in maine, they had a similar program, generated $1.5 million in direct spending to the state. the program costs $38,000 to administer, that means for every dollar paid to the program, it generated almost 40. >> in 2010, michigan spent 100 -- michigan spent $100 million to generate $59.5 million in private sector activity from movies. so that is a loss of $40 million. >> i do not understand, i contend that i'm right, andy, because, are you telling me that they take money out of the --
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maybe tracy knows this this, do they take the money from the state fund and hand it to the film industry? no, they give them a break. >> if it costs $1,000 to make a move, they have given it for $100. it's lost money. >> not if the film is not there. not if the film is not made in detroit. what you are saying is if they do not give the tax breaks to the companies -- >> that money is for fixing a park or something else, instead, it's going to a hollywood producer. >> this money is going to cocaine and hookers. >> tom, my guess is, if you can consistently lure films to your city, and like new york has, then, in the long run, are it might be good for the city. but if it's just a film here and a film there, you are probable losing money. >> that is the best point. >> detroit, they have all these empty lots. the real estate. >> it's a post apocolyptic movie
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waiting to happen. >> will anybody care that it's done in detroit? >> we are not allowed to say "end of the day" on "red eye." >> in the middle of the afternoon. >> in the beginning of the morning. >> people used to say, i will go to detroit as seen in this movie. of course, in every movie, it's the apocolyptic idea of the city. i agree that it could be an an argument, dustry. considering how hard lit detroit has been, bringing the production there could lift the spirits of the city, which could increase economic activity. >> you mean, ben affleck will be there. >> you know who lifted the spirit of a little city i like to call gotham, bat ma'am.
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think about it. >> this is an interesting topic that i think we ran in the ground. and i don't think that you at home got smarter by listening to us. if that the the case, we have achieved our goal of making you the viewer dumber. >> at the end of the afternoon, your welcome. >> the original name of the show was running it into the ground. >> coming up, i will arm wrestle a snake. yes, i repeat, i will arm wrestle a snake. i am lying, we will do another story. what is a chimp painting and how do i
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>> should we return a loris into chorus, japanese scientists are gagging a sperm bank to help colonize other planets. researches in coyote. go fighting irish. they managed to freeze dry the sperm of chimps on the left, and a slow loris, so adorable, then revive the sample by thawing it gently in water. meaning their stuff could be saved for decades and it's one
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of the -- add to on one of -- wow, it's a long way in the future. but if we can store this information in this way, it could be something that we can take into space. they always say that, why does it have to be taken to space? why? how earthist, how are the loriss taking the news? >> fun to look at. i could watch that even when they are not impressed by me, i just want to get to know them better. they have stuff on their happeneds that when they touch you, they can kill you. it's a weird, they spit on their hands, the saliva and then they, rub it on you? >> they give you a weird disease. >> why are we reproducing these? >> oh, no, no, you send them to the bad alien planet and they go to hug the lorises and the
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lorises go like this and save earth and in a weird way, they are like our starship troopers. >> what the aliens were not bad and were merely misunderstood and were going to give us world peace. >> that won't happen. >> how do you know? >> i have been talking to people. >> in your head. >> yes. the people in my head. sometimes tell me things that other people don't know about. that is not my problem. it's not my problem i'm getting the messages. tom. >> yeah. >> they plan to get samples for this weird sperm zoo. as i like to call it. which was the name of a club back in the '80s. they get samples from elephants, tigers and rhinos, why not great people instead like yourself. isn't this a better idea? >> i'm tired of people focusing on animals. i had a theory and i read the article and i thought, why do they want to send things in space? my theory, money. if you just save sperm and put
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it in the fridge, nobody gives you a grant. but if you put it in space, they need a couple of bucks. >> that's so true. every study can be traced back to money. that's so true. tracy, won't this create a problem later on. who gets to decide what species to reintroduce into a planet? >> right, like bill. >> i can't tell if that was a compliment. >> i thought money as well for a different purpose, japan has been in the you know what for the last ten years. >> i do not know what. >> the crapper. can i say that? >> oh! >> they have no money. of all the things we are spending on, is this -- they have it so backwards. so, the whole thing makes no sense. >> you know what else is backwards, your dirty mouth. aren't you a mother? your dirty stinking mouth -- >> you cannot say crapper. >> you said it again!
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>> you should bleep that word so they feel it's terrible. >> can we change the subject. oh, my word! >> andy. >> i have to hearing in my right ear. i would like to point that out. >> do we want to on colonize other planets with animals and what if they become amazing space beasts. >> i could not decide why we were doing this story and it was because the word space is in there. and you are peddling your space trooper theory. >> these species are going extinct for a reason. stop trying to save the pandas, they are stupid. >> why do we get excited because they are mating? they do not want to mate. >> let them die out gracefully. >> panda lovers send your
11:38 pm
letters to them. >> that's perverted, bill. bill, once dated a slow lloris, are they worth saving. >> i'm still recovering from your ex-rated pie hole, again, i'm sorry america, second of all, they don't need to do this. any scientist worth his salt will tell you in five years we will not need sperm period to clone all types of animals. it's stupid, a waste of time and i don't think it real. and on a personal note, wherever we see those little loris videos, do you know who it reminds me of is doory rothman. we like to call her a slow lori. >> he did not dat date a slow lloris, he -- do we have time to do this story? i have not heard a time cue in
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the entire episode. should the word make us squirm? obama-care. i just coined that by the way. the document used the word shared responsibility payment more than 50 times to describe the noncompliance penalty, this despite the fact that the supreme court in 2012 identified the mandate as a tax. said grover norquist, who is my favorite sesame character. it's such a long phrase people will never say it. >> you know who also lies? this fella a. >> well, that was interesting, i guess. tracy -- >> own it.
11:40 pm
that was very interesting. >> not for me. tracy, what -- why do they have to make up new words? isn't that dumb in. >> so let me clear up my language, it's total bs, it's a tax. it's a total tax and it's more bs that you think you are going to buy this new phrase or coin phrase. anything that the irs is involved in is tax related. it's a tax. >> tom, thoughts? >> i wonder why john roberts ruled the way he did when he -- it made no sense. and he kind of gave them this loophole and now they can go back on it. now they admit that it was not a tax, but it does not matter, we are saltddled with this thing. >> he ruled according to the constitution. >> he thought, i'm not going to overturn it, it's your job, voters, and we let him down. >> i think it's because he is a
11:41 pm
rhino. >> animals cannot be on the supreme court, bill. >> yes, they can. if grover, a muppet can weigh in. then he can. >> the whole thing is unconstitutional. the ruling was that it was constitutional because it was a tax. so, now that it's not a tax, it's unconstitutional and we don't have to use it. so look at that. >> where does that lead us. >> obama-care is gone. >> is it that simple? >> as of this airing when people city the show. it's dead. >> you said the same thing about bill. >> that was wishful thinking. i know, we do have to worry about obama-care in space though. >> as someone who does not have insurance and may get beat up on the street at any time, isn't it more thrilling to live without it? >> no, because i could get beat up on the street at any time and no one will take care of me. this is just a page from the republican playbook, what has we
11:42 pm
been taught about the words with friends, you use different words to get a better reaction from the public and they are just doing that with this. >> workplace violence, man-caused disasters, yogurt. >> thank you. >> we have to take a break, more stuff when we come become, by the way, have you purchased
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>> it's being nifty or thrifty rather nifty, new research shows th that savers have morrow man particular appeal than spenders. savers have more self-control and perspective mates think it will show in other areas like keeping yourself in shape. it's become such a -- this makes
11:45 pm
sense to a degree, being a saver is desirable as long as it does not cross the line and become cheap, am i right? >> i think that saving comes with financial success. that is what we are talking about these days. a lot of people put financial success of one of the top three that they are looking for. >> i disa agree, imagine if you you are meeting her at the bar and you decide, you go, hey, can i buy you a drink and you say, i will get you the well drink. >> no, i disagree, right. women who -- >> did you get a shot of tracy's face on that one? >> too late >> i want think, first of all, i don't think there are expenders and savers, it's a myth. there's people that claim to be savers and they blow it on their house all the time. they are on their lawn, and then there's people that rent, and they spend their money on finer
11:46 pm
things in life. everyone spends all their money all the time. >> i'm a perfect example. i don't like cats, i don't like spending money on cabs, but cabernets, you know, i just came up with that now, sometimes i out clever my own brain. i don't think about it when i'm buying drinks, but when i'm in a cab, i can hear it ticking down and i go, i cannot believe i'm paying for had this. >> because you feel like it's not getting you anything, it's just taking you from one place to another. >> right, it could walk. and the wine, i get something from that. >> this is a function of the economy right now, right? >> totally. >> if the economy were better, people would not think like that as much.think we are more conscs about what we see. you could blow money on your house and spend a thousand dollars on the bottle of wine
11:47 pm
and money in the bank. it comes down to you having a nest egg is what makes them attractive. >> gross. >> why buy a nest egg. >> so you are saying, just date rich guys. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> i think you are. >> andy, are you trying to host that part of the table? the host area is here. i got this from what you said, impeach obama. >> if you are going to impeach obama, this is the reason to use. >> you cannot take it with you. >> true. >> think bit, guys, when you die, you can't take it with you. >> so true. >> i'm a giver. i spend on people and i know a lot of people that don't return it, which is why to andy's point, i'm going to marry a rich guy.
11:48 pm
>> yeah. yeah. if a funny thing too, women and men act different in the beginning of the relationship, the women act better to persuade the man that she is not crazy. >> good luck. >> and then men try to persuade women that he is generous. so, he will like in the first part of the date. hey, let's fly you to vegas, because he wants to sleep with you. he will do that stuff and then in a year, he will be trying to fly your sister to vegas. >> let me host the family, if you and i went on a date, would you expect me to offer 50% of the bill? >> i'm married, tracy. i'm flattered. >> i think guys like to pick up the bill on the first date and i don't think that guys like women who order well drinks and girls do not like guys that order well drinks. >> one thing i have to add, you can not take it with you. >> i have to go. nobody wants to pick up that bill. e-mail us, when you have a video of your
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red eye returns on tuesday, aerial pink. lawrence did he von and tucker carlton. could any chump match the bunk with this nasty monk? a 37-year-old louisiana
11:54 pm
primate uses a tong rather than a brush was a top vote regetter in a chimpanzee contest. winning 10 grand thanks to this chimp painting critics claim was a series of random strokes. other dubbed it a thing. accord together profile on the humane society web site the artist's quote, unique style results in beautiful pieces of art. >> andy doesn't like panda bears, i don't like chimps. he's a dangerous beast. i never liked them. i was scared. >> you know, he was a detective monkey. how could you not like that? >> that chimp ripped off that woman's face. >> and given drug autos yes. >> monkey was on xanax. i don't know all of the facts.
11:55 pm
>> he was on xanax. >> we're running out of time here, let's stick to the story. tracy? thoughts? >> it's silly. no.. >> don't you think... >> this is great for what sit. >> we can replace modern artist was chimps. get rid of modern artists. i'm tired of them. >> why? >> they're pretentious. >> i think put animals book in the zoo. >> yes. where they naturally belong, the zoo. >> put them in their natural habitat. behind bars at the zoo. >> i think when you're thinking here is jackson pollck worked with images naturally please together eye. they capture nature's grandness on canvas. they realized it. i feel confident in saying this. i don't think anyone can prove me wrong. >> i can't prove you wrong.
11:56 pm
>> does it bother you the chimp made more than than you will had -- in a lifetime? >> unnecessarily cool. i am pro elephant painting. it's indictful. a lot of them look like shapes of things against chimp paintings for the same thing tom said. they're vile, murder, they're beast-eating creature autos stick to the topic. >> curious george. >> andy do cats paint? >> no idea. >> i just assume i'm painting in my sleep you wake up and there is... >> paintings, yeah. but i think that is me. >> i don't know. >> the fact this costs 10 grand, i don't do that. it's time to admit modern art is a sham. >> the chimp gets nothing. >> how come we're not blaming louisiana for this?
11:57 pm
>> we have to break a break. the show is over. it's a long break. it's a weekend, i guess. that does it for me. have a lovely labor day. eastert
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
coast, red eye. >> tonight, on huckabee. tonight on "huckabee" -- >> we should be doing everything we can as a country to create more good jobs that pay good wages, period. >> the president talks a good talk but what's the truth about today's job market. >> i have been long-term unemployed for four years. >> this is the first time. >> hundred resumes and one interview. >> i work two pilot jobs. >> it's depressing and it's defeating and it's humiliating. >> tonight the real unemployment numbers and the real stories behind them. and -- >> having the freedom to start your own business because you will know you


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